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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 19, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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right now at 11 -- searching for a hit and run driver in the south bay. two w right now at 11:00 searching for a hit and run driver in the south bay. two women are recovering after a crash near san jose elementary school. good morning and thank you for joining us for our midday newscast. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. we're getting new information about the crash this very minute. nbc bay area's bob redell is near ann darling elementary school. what do you know bob? >> reporter: we just heard from san jose police and they tell us the suspect vehicle is possibly a dark sedan. that's all of the information we have. this collision taking place around 6:40 this morning. this would have been before school started at ann darling elementary at 33rd, not far from
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the intersection at mckee. you can see where the suspect vehicle started to brake. you see the yellow marks, where two women were hit in the crosswalk and ended up somewhere down there. unfortunately, one of the women taken to the hospital is suffering from life-threatening injuries the other has non life-threatening injuries. they are both adults. we did reach out to the school. it is their belief these women are not related to the school they're not teachers parents taking their kids to and from class. because as i mentioned, this happened around 6:40 in the morning, well before class would have started. it does appear they were in a crosswalk, and based on the skid marks, it appears that vehicle was traveling very fast. they brake, it was the impact and then unfortunately, those -- this driver continued on. again, police believe it's possibly a dark-colored sedan. that's all of the information they have. we have spoken to a couple of people who live around this neighborhood. we talked to a man who says that
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people blast down 33rd in front of the school a lot. they tried to get speed bumps here. we talked to a mother who says this is the one crosswalk that does not have a crossing guard. again, this happened early in the morning when you wouldn't necessarily have a crossing guard, because it's before school. but that was something she pointed out. and she also mentioned her own son had been hit in this area within the past couple of years. so again, the mood from neighbors is that this is a dangerous street where people drive too fast and from police they just want to catch this person who collided with these two women and did not stop. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> very concerning there. thank you, bob. police in fremont saying there was an accident at fremont and grimmer boulevard. we added last night's location to a map of 12 pedestrian deaths across silicon valley since the start of november. "the mercury news" mapped the locations. at least five are being called hit and runs. right now we are following
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the developing story, a live look at our big board. and you can see there, the dow jones up 99 points. the markets are close to being watched there as the federal reserve, which is expected to increase interest rates. that announcement is supposed to come within ten minutes. of course we'll let you know what happens as soon as it comes down. and facebook back in the news. this time a controversy about who can see your private messages. >> scott mcgrew, it seems like facebook has a crisis every other day lately. >> every other day. in the past six days, laura, facebook has had three major controversies. that actually does work out to every other day. last week it was who can see your pictures. earlier this week the senate intelligence committee report that saysid russians used facebook. the "new york times" published an investigation that found facebook had granted certain companies broad access to your messages so you can use facebook messenger outside of
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facebook. for instance at one time you could use facebook messenger inside spotify to send your friend a link to a song. something similar to netflix. in a statement, facebook said that allegation was true. it had granted access to companies, but point out that the only way the system would have worked. now, if you're using facebook messenger on spotify, of course spotify would have access to your messages. facebook executives have been called before lawmakers, both here and in europe, over the course of 2018. the biggest facebook crisis this year was cambridge analytica scandal. this morning nbc news is reporting the attorney general of the district of columbia that's washington, d.c. has filed a civil suit against facebook for that violation. facebook has run into serious trust issues both with government and with its users laura. >> thank you so much scott, for the update there. we just learned that the mother from yemen who fought president trump's travel ban and received a visa waiver yesterday from the state department now
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her trip is delayed. she might arrive around midnight. we've been telling you about her family saga over the last few days. she has come to say goodbye, sadly, to her terminally ill son at oakland hospital. her husband tells us she's crying tears of joy to see the child before he dies. >> i'm glad my wife got her visa. >> 2-year-old abdullah hasan has a brain condition and is on life support. doctors say he may only have days to live. of course we're getting closer to the weekend. a lot of people probably likely wondering when the rain will return. >> that's right. taking a live look outside, christmas in the park in san jose. a great place to take your family and friends. meteorologist kari hall is tracking the weather. a lot of people have family and friends coming in. >> yeah. it is going to be a busy time with people heading out of town and coming in. you may still have shopping to do and looking at cloudy skies. this is a look from twin peaks in san francisco, clouds rolling over the city and even patchy
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fog still lingers in the tri valley as well as parts of the north bay where visibility is clear and we see the ten miles, and it looks like there is clear visibility there. our temperatures held down as a result. we are now only feeling some mid 50s in the tri valley. 56 in san jose. and 55 in napa. so still nice and cool as you get ready to head out on your lunch break. around danville we see a few peaks of sunshine around noon and then going into the afternoon our temperatures head up to near 60 degrees. a look at all of our highs, mostly reaching upper 50s to low 60s today. i'm tracking this system set to move in tomorrow for parts of the bay area. i'll let you know what you can expect in your microclimate coming up in a few minutes. >> that's good. like to keep track of that. that holiday travel rush is on. this is a live look at sfo. we just checked, and there is an hour delay for arriving flights. major storms expected to impact tens of millions of americans
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traveling for the holidays. so if you're planning trips on the highways or by air, be prepared to be slowed down by high winds and very heavy rain depending on where you are in our nation. nbc's tom costello at reagan national airport outside washington for more help. >> reporter: hello from washington, d.c. and reagan airport and dulles as well as baltimore international airport will likely be seeing a lot of heavy rain over the next two days. so today will likely be the last day of good clear travel although it is kind of chilly here. we're going to be watching all of the airports up and down the east coast, everything from florida -- so specifically miami, orlando tampa. then we get to atlanta and all the way through the carolinas into charlotte with american airlines and a major hub there. then the rain up into the d.c. area baltimore philly and new york. all of this expected on thursday. on friday we're going to be also watching boston logan airport. now, the highways are also going
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to be inundated with rain. so the major highways east of the mississippi and specifically the i-95 corridor that could be a really soggy mess. that could slow things down but then pick your highway, north, south, east west from the florida line all the way up to michigan and those highways are likely to be affected by heavy rain on thursday and friday. the good news is it moves out of here by saturday. but it's going to be two days thursday friday and heavy rain that could really slow things down on the roads, as well as on the airports. i'm tom costello at reagan national airport. back to you. >> thanks, tom. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. you know the cost of crossing the bridge could rise to nearly $10 in the next five years. and that is more than 20% of an increase. directors at the golden gate highway and transportation district are contemplating five proposals to increase tolls. they say those tolls would help fill a $75 million budget deficit. so the directors will vote
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tomorrow on whether to start a month-long public discussion on proposals to raise the tolls beginning next july with the final increase 2023. and one state lawmaker and long-time b.a.r.t. foe is calling b.a.r.t.'s recent election campaign fine a drop in the bucket. regulators reasonable fined b.a.r.t. $75 hub hundred00 for using public funds to pay for youtube videos. the videos kickstarted numerous improvements. b.a.r.t. claims the ads were meant to educate the public. state senator steve glazer today is calling on b.a.r.t. to receive a maximum fine. he has previously campaigned to ban b.a.r.t. unions for striking and battled with the board. a battle is brewing over future plans for the site of the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire.
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"east bay times" reports a landlord is moving forward with demolition plans. it's been more than two years since the fire killed 36 people in oakland. at the same time attorneys representing victims' families are asking a judge to prevent the owners from selling the building citing an ongoing civil suit. they want to nail down plans for a permanent memorial. the owners are asking to demolish the property because it's a safety threat and they're paying for 24-hour onsite security. a major day in u.s. history. it was on this day 20 years ago that the house of representatives voted to impeach president bill clinton. on december 19th, the house voted to impeach the then president for perjury and obstruction of justice. the charges stem from mr. clinton's efforts to hide an intimate relationship he had with white house intern, monica lewinsky. two months later, the senate fell short of the two-thirds vote needed to remove him from office. clinton went on to serve out his second four-year term as the nation's 42nd president. clinton is the second president in u.s. history to be impeached.
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former president andrew johnson was impeached in 1868 but he too continued to serve in office. coming up, the shutdown averted. the news coming out of washington that might make christmas better for federal workers. plus on fire and on fire again. a tesla catches fire while getting a tire repaired. and then again later at the tow yard. hear from the owner and whether or not he'll ever buy one again.
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the car burst i a tesla model s erupts in flames not once but twice. the car burst into flames in los gatos and was towed last night. this is video of the car burning in dick's automotive transport. santa clara county fire crews worked into the night, helping to keep the battery cool and prevent a third fire. the first fire happened about 2:00 yesterday afternoon. the car's owner took this video minutes after his car was towed to a repair shop in los gatos to
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fix a flat tire. he says he heard a hissing noise and then saw smoke and flames coming from underneath the car. >> no more tesla. because this could have been in the house and we were on vacation and this thing caught fire in the garage the whole house could go under. >> he said it burned while getting the tire fixed and burned again after they towed it to a tow yard. tesla is glad to hear everyone is safe. and the looming government shutdown might be averted. friday's deadline is fast approaching and president trump is signaling a compromise could be in the cards. here is nbc's peter alexander. >> reporter: this morning, washington is barreling toward the holidays with a shutdown looming. ahead of a friday night deadline, president trump remains noncommittal whether parts of the government will shut their doors. >> see what happens. too early to say. sorry. thank you. >> reporter: the white house is now asking federal agencies to
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pony up part of the $5 billion the president wants from congress for a border wall. >> we have other ways that we can get to that $5 billion that we will work with congress. >> reporter: it's an apparent retreat from president trump's initial demand. >> i am proud to shut down the government for border security. >> the end of the day, we don't want to shut down the government. we want to shut down the border from illegal immigration. >> reporter: the senate's top republican expressing optimism. >> are you convinced we will not shut down over christmas? >> yeah i am. >> reporter: still unclear how that happens. with democrats balking at a republican compromise offer. >> i called leader mcconnell and told him, we would not accept their $1 billion slush fund. >> reporter: some republicans already warning about the fallout from failure. >> it would definitely hurt the republican party politically. we will be blamed for this. >> reporter: with democrats set to take over the house in two weeks, this could be president trump's last best chance to fund a wall.
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after years of promising mexico would pay for it. >> and who is going to pay for the wall? >> mexico! >> who? >> mexico! >> reporter: if no deal is reached, the price tag for a shutdown could extend into the billions of dollars. and hundreds of thousands of federal workers will be furloughed or forced to work without pay, just in time for christmas. many are already planning ahead. >> i'm saving money. i'm running up a balance on my credit card that i otherwise wouldn't have to. >> hoping it doesn't happen and if it does hoping to get back to work quickly. rvs will soon be banned from certain san francisco streets. "the examiner" reporting the sfmta is preparing signage saying no to oversized vehicles. wolf street is included and signs are already going up. this comes after those living in rvs were cleared out last friday. but the growing cost of living
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and the issue of homelessness is really becoming a problem across the bay area. the south bay will reportedly get a boost in affordable housing. "mercury news" reports supervisors approved plans to build six new low-cost housing projects. we have some of the design sketches. there you see them. supervisors also approved plans to renovate three other properties. the total cost for the project, $123 million. for the latest developments the county is now committed to funding close to 2,000 new housing units. the san jose city council is taking a big gamble on two tiny home communities. the city is approving a five-year pilot program to see if the tiny homes can serve as a bridge to get people off the streets while waiting for permanent housing. the city is poised to spend $2.1 million on each of those two sites. each will have 40 emergency sleeping cabins built by habitat for humanity. one side is on mayberry road
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across the street from san jose flea market currently a construction yard. the other is the caltrans site at the intersections of highway 101 and 680. right now, looking outside, it is certainly a nice day out there. and i know a lot of people are probably wondering kari is the rain coming any time soon? >> you'll probably be seeing a lot of clouds but no rain as of yet. and it's going to hold off for most of the bay area for the next couple of days. only some spotty showers. here's a live look outside in oakland as we are getting some peaks of sunshine here and there. and not too bad out there, as our temperatures slowly warm up. we are still seeing some patches of fog and clouds near the coast. this is a look at woodside. you can barely see anything past the camera. and our temperatures are mostly in the mid to upper 50s. we have a couple low 60s on the map. let's head toward martinez where our high today will reach up to about 61 degrees. and we'll see the sun kind of peaking out for a little while during the middle of the afternoon. as you check out the seven-day forecast coming up at the bottom of the screen, you'll see we'll have more days like this with highs reaching into the low 60s.
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60 will be the high in cupertino, and as we move toward the east bay hayward 59 degrees and 60 in walnut creek. and some upper 50s for much of the peninsula. redwood city reaching 59 degrees and 57 for the outer sunset. santa rosa going to see a high there of 57 degrees. so we are still seeing the low clouds from the fog that's starting to gradually lift. and then we'll start to see an increase in cloud cover from this storm system that will move closer going into the day tomorrow. so we are going to keep it dry for a little while longer and even as that moves in. it's going to still turn up high waves, so the high surf advisory continues for today, as we are still going to see some of those breakers probably reaching 15 to 25 feet at a period of 17 to 19 seconds. watching out for that let's talk about the rain hour by hour. it shows this system will fall apart as it moves in. but still could bring some light, measurable rain for the north bay starting out late tomorrow evening and the time
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line thursday at 7:00, showers moving into santa rosa and ukiah. and then you can see that as it moves over towards solano county and contra costa county very spotty and light. and this is during the overnight hours between thursday and friday friday. and as we go throughout the day friday, most of us stay dry. so this system is not causing too many problems, even if you have to travel on friday. and saturday we're dry and then a more widespread system will move in on late sunday afternoon, starting in the north bay, and then working its way south as we go into christmas eve, and also on christmas day, it may still linger. so once again, the first system moving in will bring in a potential of very light rain for areas south of santa rosa and then the next one moving in to bring those rainfall totals up to about a tenth of an inch of rain for much of the bay area. so still staying unsettled, travel conditions looking good for saturday. king tide is an issue for our coastal areas, and then for
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christmas eve, we are going to see those showers moving through. still a slight chance on christmas day, and san francisco also watching those king tides for the weekend with highs in the upper 50s. we'll have more on that and also we'll talk about what to expect heading into next week, and i know it's a big raiders game. more on that coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, kari. coming up she directed huge hits like "big" and "a league of their own," but many people remember penny marshall as laverne. and pope francis is delivering a message today about the meaning of christmas. he warned not to make the holiday materialistic. francis challenged catholics to reflect on simplicity silence and prayer over the noise of consumerism. we're back right after this break.
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♪ this little home of mine ♪ i'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪
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remembering all that penny marshal has given to the world. this morning, really all day yesterday, as well when it was announced penny marshall passed away we all remembered her many talents she gave to the world. i put up a tribute on twitter. you can follow me there, laura garcia nbc. what a talent. she died at the age of 75 on monday. >> nbc's miguel almaguer takes a look back at her life. >> 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, schlemiel, schlimazel,
11:25 am
hasenpfeffer incorporated. ♪ we're gonna do it ♪ ♪ give us any chance we'll take it ♪ >> reporter: penny marshall was known for years as laverne in the sitcom, "laverne and shirley" that ran from 1976 to 1983. >> ahhh! >> i think it was a blue collar show. i mean we were working-class girls. we needed to make the rent. it was like people now even. they need to make money. >> reporter: born in the bronx in 1942, penny marshall could identify with that. >> i had a good time as a kid. "laverne and shirley," everything i could remember from my childhood, we put into that. >> reporter: her mother was a dance instructor, and in the '50s, penny performed on tv with the marshalettes on programs such as "the jackie gleason show." >> this is my sister. >> penny with her real sister
11:26 am
ronnie and brother, gary marshall who got penny many of her first acting jobs. also early in her career she made a shampoo commercial with another aspiring actress, farah faucet. >> you know what i think? >> you think you look adorable. >> reporter: in the 1980s, she turned her attention to directing. with hits such as "big" in 1988. ♪ >> let me see what happens. >> reporter: in "a league of their own" in 1992. >> crying! >> there's no crying in baseball! >> reporter: those films grossed over $100 million a piece. a first for a female director. >> these old stereotypes still exact that women don't know how to create a movie for a mass audience. and penny was able to show none of that mattered. >> reporter: married and divorced twice, she is survived
11:27 am
by daughter tracy and remembered fondly in hollywood as an extremely funny and talented woman. miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. >> very nice to look back on her life. >> provided us with a lot of laughs. >> i know. i want to revisit some of those movies. >> have to. coming up her daughter was pushed out of a car into traffic and killed. >> i thought it was just done and over. justice was served, and that was the end of it. >> well the convicted killer the brother of san francisco mayor london breed. we investigate her push to get him out of prison early.
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out around a notorious bay area homicide. there are two family dramas playing out around a notorious bay area homicide. a killer's sister is trying to get him out of prison early. the victim's mother is outraged.
11:30 am
>> primarily because the sister is asking for mercy is the mayor of san francisco. investigative reporter jaxon van derbeken has the story you'll only see on nbc bay area. >> reporter: sandra mcneill's daughter was killed 18 years ago by the mayor's brother. it was a notorious case. a young mother pushed out of a car into golden gate bridge traffic. now mcneill says she's outraged that mayor london breed could be trying to use her position to free her brother some 15 years early with this letter to the governor. >> she's the mayor so she has got a little power so she thinks she can get her brother out. >> reporter: veteran prosecutor turned defense attorney chuck smith says the letter raises all sorts of ethical questions. >> the timing of it obviously, is troublesome. she could have written this letter six months ago when she wasn't mayor. and she didn't. the governorhave had a difficult december.
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one of their students was reportedly killed in a deadly east palo alto shooting last thursday. according to the palo alto weekly this morning.. a
11:33 am
popular teacher also died suddenly on monday. so the district tonight is hosting an open meeting for teachers and parents .. to talk about helping young people in the grieving process. that meeting is scheduled for 6 p-m. this morning, a san jose man is behind bars after allegedly trying to kick in a homeowner )s door claiming to be cop. 66-year-old "charles whittington" is now facing multiple charges including: attempted burglary, impersonating police and possession of methamphetamin e. the incident happened earlier this month on ede lane in milpitas. when the homeowners confronted whittington, he took off. officers later arrested whittington at a nearby business complex. now to a startling dog- napping story with a happy ending. a san francisco man thought he )d lost his best friend forever. he is now putting out a warning to all of us. nbc bay area )s terry mcsweeney is in san francisco with that warning.
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san francisco )s city attorney believes drug makers are contributing to the opioid epidemic. now - he )s seeking financial compensation. dennis herrera yesterday announced a lawsuit against a large group of drug makers. it accuses them of misleading doctors and patients about the dangers of opioids. it also accuses drug makers of creating a public nuisance. the suit asks for money to cover addiction treatment costs .. as well as a change in business practices. it )s likely the claim will eventually be rolled into a class-action. milpitas leaders recently approved a permanent ban on all business tied to marijuana. but - they still need to hash out the fine print on a permanent ordinance. happening today - city council members will hold a special session. the new law will also regulate growing pot for personal-use. it )s supposed to take effect in about 4 weeks. a proposal aimed at helping students go to college for free in san francisco-- is moving forward. voters will make a final
11:36 am
decision on the city college fund in november. if passed, the measure would require the city to subsidize the cost of tuition at city college of san francisco. this comes after the city board of supervisors voted to place the issue on the ballot. the pilot program was set to expire next year. a developing story -- it has been nearly a month since the mysterious disappearance of a young mother last seen on thanksgiving day. while investigators are calling it suspicious... they say there is still very little to go on. police still calling this a missing persons case: no suspects have been named ... but police have once again paid a visit to the mother )s fiance. nbc )s steve patterson reports.
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11:38 am
steve patterson reporting. police are now offering a 25- thousand dollar reward for any information on berreth )s location. the couple )s one year old daughter remains in frazee )s care. elon musk is unveiling a new boring company plan-- that aims to revolutionize the way we travel. musk )s boring company unveiled the first--- one and a half mile stretch of what he hopes will become a network of tunnels that could
11:39 am
move commuters at high speed.undergr ound to avoid the freeways. it )s located next to the space-x headquarters in hawthorne. listen to this if you own a electric car. come january, thousands of low- and zero-emission vehicles won )t be able to drive in the carpool lane without a passenger. the state )s decal program was started back in 2012. it was meant to boost the number of clean air vehicles on the road. but, it actually clogged the h- o-v lanes. so the state legislature passed a measure last year that limits the number of people eligible for these decals. as many as 215-thousand drivers own energy efficient vehicles. recent service closures and longer than normal delays are reportedly taking a toll on muni )s public image. the summer shutdown of san francisco )s twin peaks tunnel was one of muni )s lowlights this year.
11:40 am
a shortage in operators compounded the problems. now .. according to the examiner .. rider satisfaction is taking a hit. a new muni survey finds approval ratings dipped to their lowest level in 6 years. the survey also found riders were 10 percent more likely this year to resort to ride-share services instead. coming up -- toss to kari.
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(every (step (of (the (way during their college adventure. well two friends with each oth ha every step of the way their college
11:44 am
adventure. >> now both have diplomas to for it. nbc's catie beck. . at clarkson graduation wearing cap and gown he really didn't so much, griffin, the retriever, walked with his diploma. attended every single someone who helped me get school. owner brittney earned her master's in occupational therapy. suffered with a chronic pain and says griffin got her to the really shy. shy dog. he was someone i could talk about pain and not be judged. in addition to a floppy ear, the service dog can turn off and on get things of the fridge assist with a and follows a laser to retrieve things like cell phone in an emergency. >> i need help, he's got me, he loves me unconditionally. and speaking of brittney is recently helped with
11:45 am
that too. fiance works for the service agency where she got him. he represents independence love. gave me the ability to live life alone. but in life's small and big ones too we're better with a little help our friends. catie beck north carolina. today we're going to get with the dog. or just have a really great because we're going to see weather. kind of peeks out every and then. not getting all clear a live look outside at golden gate bridge where you see a partly cloudy sky and fog clearing. little bit of a breeze as the kind of flaps in the wind, we are also seeing a lot of out there walking across golden gate bridge and day. kind of breezy as well as take a live look outside in starting out this morning in parts of the tri valley and some fog, now it's partly cloudy with our heading into the 60s for today.
11:46 am
up to about 63 at 4:00. the seven-day forecast coming at the bottom of the screen a lot of 60s as we go the next several days. up to 58 in oakland today. san jose. in livermore expect a high about 58 degrees. very seasonable we will see increasing cloud heading into tomorrow as moves in. a fairly weak storm system across the pacific, and see the wide swath of that will start to move as we go into tomorrow. and at mostly cloudy a few breaks, and then a chance of showers. could see a couple showers and south of that tomorrow night and friday only have a very chance of some showers moving dry for most of the day on as well as saturday. you make plans to travel go or get a lot of those tied up
11:47 am
before it's going to be a day on friday and also on then by sunday, we start to some rain moving in from the and it starts out in the bay around ukiah as well santa rosa moving into napa fairfield at 4:30 in the then we see it becoming more between sunday night monday. it looks now, there could be in the throughout the day on eve. even on christmas day, as moves in. light rain once again with first initial line of moves through. rosa, ukiah one of the places really measuring some then we'll get another round into late sunday into that could bring up to a tenth of an inch of rain santa rosa. nothing significant here. some off and on spotty and then as we look at broncos versus raiders game, home game on christmas eve at 5:15, and there will a chance
11:48 am
of showers. it's hard right now to get a timing on exactly that rain will be coming just be mindful that there be a chance of showers the day tailgating also for the game. going to the sierra weekend, kirkwood is good but a chance of on friday, saturday is going to be a good travel and by sunday another approaching. could bring us some snowfall totals just time for christmas if you are the sierra this to watch the snow fall christmas it will be to watch up to 2 feet snow fall in some of our take a look at our forecast. that's coming up in just a few ighti and marcus?s? thanks, kari. coming up highlighting in it covering up. way one bay area makeup is helping people in the that will make you area proud. it )s a time of year when we
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see and hear a lot about angels. this next story, though, is about it's the time of year when see and hear about a lot of out there but this next )s garv is about angels who year-round. >> helping cancer in a unique and way. bay area's garvin thomas is with a story about lipstick angels in today's bay the star of our is kari stinson a san who tells me she has a number of different but always came back to her passion. makes her part of a bay proud story though, is using that passion to do just relax. to understand why stimson is here at the cancer center doing for patients receiving you really do have lovely well, you first to understand kari's core about makeup. i'm going to go with this. it's not
11:52 am
about up or concealing. and a little bit arabian mixed in. it's the opposite, really. it's about revealing. >> you do this rejuvenating we )ll uplifting kind of treatment and put on a bit of and give them the mirror, oh there she is. kari says doing part of her life long time.was, she says, the icebreaker first helped her connect others as a teenager. because if you know how to eyeliner and nobody else like, you will get invited parties. >> reporter: makeup into career for kari working with on fashion shoots and on their wedding days. kari's mind, the person was always more than what she put on trying to show them beautiful they are if they've lost sight of it is why when
11:53 am
kari about lipstick angels, she immediately, providing makeup and skin care to cancer patients. it's so obvious that my whole was building up to this. i'll go in with a bit of at the very least, sessions are a distraction her clients during the often hours of treatment. but kari says it has revealed itself to be it's not like, oh, look at how pretty i look. look pretty, but a lot is just that that's me. that sick person. i think that can be so it. know that can be so uplifting, i see just sort of the light up in people. >> reporter: and in the end, reminding all of us how these patients are. angels began in california. kari is heading up the bay area just
11:54 am
women. men patients, as skin care hand whatever, to make the feel good. thomas, nbc bay area lovely. you feel good, you do that's right, that's right.
11:55 am
up to an extra 30% off across the store is really going to make for some great gifting. yeah, you're at the real home of craftsman. that's why there's so much to choose from. and take an extra 15% off. ho, ho, ho - yeah!
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the overnight developments as we inch closer to possible government shutdown. the stakes for us here in the bay area. plus: holiday shoppers face a tough choice: buying new or refurbished? our consumer team breaks down your best option. tomorrow from 4:30 to 7. quarterback and bay area native tom brady ties an n-f-l record. brady is chosen for the pro bowl new england patriots' and bay area native,ng tony brady, ties an nfl record. is chosen for the pro bowl the 14th time.
11:57 am
puts brady in elite company, joining tony gonzalez s withmanning bruce matthews olson. 41-year-old has passed for 4,000 yards with 24 would say that's pretty good. grew up in san mateo and sarah high school. to see. all right. a last look at our weather. . good, although it is joining cloudy across the bay going to get some peeks of today, seasonable in the inland valleys. showers moving in as we start the first day of we are going to, of have the shortest of the year hours of on friday. then we're watching for kingcourse, another sign it's and sunday some flooding. then going into christmas scattered showers in the expect more of the for san francisco. all right.our ne much. thank you for joining us as day - next newscast coming up at always get the latestst
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the winner of "the voice" is -- chevel shepherd! you are the winner! >> yes! how great is that? a big night on "the voice. " the 16-year-old crowned the winner of "the voice." welcome to "access live." >> look at that surprise on her face. >> right? >> a great surprise. she was team kelly all the way. kelly back to back wins. >> hey now. >> the queen. >> chevel is here with us today. she's getting the glam treatment. she will be joining us shortly.


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