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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 20, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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compared to yesterday at this time. the visibility in the north bay at 9 miles, which is almost clear up. head down to oakland and you see it's zero. it's also zero in san martin and we're down to a quarter of a mile in san jose and in san carlo. we'll talk about what's ahead. it's hard to see on the roads. >> that's what we're talking about. a little more unusual distribution. we typically see fog in the north bay and over here, while that's what we see, it's just crept into oakland where the visibility has gone down to zero. very tough for 880 and 580. highway 30 getting in towards the maze. no problems reported early in the commute. the peninsula off san mateo, 280 into silicon valley as well. let's get a live view out there. our photographer is out there driving. he found a clear patch. this is traveling north into fremont. it's actually okay north of milpitas and a little gap and
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more slowing near auto mall parkway. new details to a shocking story out of san francisco where a police officer is now finding himself on the wrong side of the law. he's accused of robbing a bank last month. thom jensen is outside that office. how were they able to catch that officer? >> reporter: in short, they were able to identify the officer because they have had their eyes on him since 2015 when he was implicated in a department racist text scandal involving nine officers. according to these court records, they were able to identify dowry after he displayed a note to a teller in $500 and $100 bill denominations. internal affairs investigation identified him in part because he was wearing a shirt and shoes
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identical to those he wore in their own surveillance of him over the past few years. a bank teller also identified him from a lineup according to a press release issued by sfpd. he's already on suspension because of the racist texts and lost an appeal to that earlier this year is now in jail. live in san francisco, thom jensen, "today in the bay." >> oh, wow. interesting story there. thank you. now to capitol hill. the house is expected to vote on a short-term spending bill. it will keep the government funded until february. what's businessing is the $5 billion that president trump demanded for his border wall. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live on capitol hill with what's next. >> reporter: what's next is the big question. will president trump sign on of on this compromise with zero dollars from a wall he said mexico would pay for.
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the senate controlled by republicans will not pay for donald trump's border wall, not now. >> the ayes do have it. the motion is agreed to. >> reporter: instead, they agreed to keep the government running through february 8th with no new money. >> so, we can make sure we don't end this year the way we begin it, with another government shutdown. >> reporter: now it's up to the other side. the house is expected to get it on the president's desk before tomorrow's deadline, but with no wall money, will he sign it? >> my understanding is he has accepted the reality of that. >> reporter: the breakthrough came after president trump backed off his demand for $5 billion for the wall. >> this is not an immigration issue any longer. it's clearly a national security issue. the president is right. >> reporter: but when congress comes back in january, democrats will be in charge of the house. they say this ends any chance of building that wall. >> they cannot do it on their own and the house and senate
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will not approve a wall from reprogrammed funds or anything else. >> reporter: president trump isn't giving up, tweeting one way or the other, we will win on the wall. now, the president also tweeting blaming democrats say if they don't give him the wall money, he won't sign off on any of their legislation like infrastructure, which is actually joint between democrats and republicans. he's also now calling the wall steel slabs, which is one of the opportunities up there to beef up border security. >> expect those who are expecting a paycheck will get a paycheck. in a few hours a man charged with killing a woman at a b.a.r.t. station is due back in court. this is john lee cowell who is accused of stabbing 18-year-old nia wilson to death at the macarthur b.a.r.t. station last july. her sister was also stabbed but survived. cowell has not yet entered a
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plea in this case. prosecutors recently said they are still deciding whether or not to seek the death penalty. today marks 50 years since the start of a notorious criminal case that captivated the bay area. the search for the zodiac killer. on december 20, 1968, two teenage others their first date were shot and killed. a letter sent to bay area newspapers came later. police eventually tied seven victims tied to the zodiac killer. threats were made so they canceled the tour. at 5:05, new this morning, two tech companies are not responding to attorney's allegations laid out to the mercury news by a recently fired hsb visa holder. the mercury tells us the man is from india and worked for i u.s. company subcy dairy. they say that worker was forced to make payments and pay his own salary and he was threatened to
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be departed for not complying. the man worked as a contractor for several u.s. companies over three years before being fired in the spring and told to return to india. that suit claims he now suffers from mental anguish and is also seeking compensation for financial losses. this afternoon dozens of people are planning to protest outside an i.c.e. detention center in morgan hill. the rapid response network in santa clara is behind this and they say they are angry over i.c.e. denying immigrants due process. they say last week immigrants were forced to wait five hours in i.c.e. vehicles without access to counsel. we reached out to i.c.e. for comment. we have not heard back. it was just yesterday san francisco supervisors passed a measure to make city college free, but now we're hearing sf city college is gearing up to cancel classes. administrators say they may need to cut as many as a third of
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their classes to maintain an operating budget. they say it will happen over the next seven years. we're now taking you to some live pictures of sfo where it's expected to be a very busy day. in fact, it's predicted to be the worst travel day of the holiday season. massive winter storms on the east coast are not helping at all. hundreds of flights are expected to be delayed or even canceled. experts say that if you haven't booked your tickets yet, fly out on christmas day for the cheapest tickets out there. kari, that might be the best option for a lot of people out there. >> i've flown on a holiday before. it wasn't bad at all. >> you get the whole road to yourself. >> we're starting out this morning with dense fog. if you're hitting the road, you will have to contend with this. the low visibility as we see christmas in the park. it's been spotty. you may not see that your entire drive. it's also very cool as you step out the door with mid to upper
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40s. if you're out the door to san jose, it will be 46 degrees for the next few hours. after 8:00 to 9:00, the fog starts to lift. we'll get sun peeking out and then we'll have a nice day at noon. we're already at 59 degrees, which is about our normal high. can you believe today is the last day of fall. we'll talk about what's ahead for the first day of winter and beyond heading into christmas coming up. like you're trying to look across the street. >> yeah, the street being 880. it's a freeway. we couldn't see a few minutes ago tesla across the fremont. we can now see that. you can see the bank of clouds behind it. definitely a day where fog is impacting your drive. the dumbarton bridge getting one of your rarer fog advisories. same thing for san mateo bridge. patchy, dense fog all over. really a surprise for many people along the peninsula and south bay where some of our friends had trouble getting to the station because they
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couldn't see the streets. the tri-valley moves nicely and it's actually clear right here. sort of an opposite distribution. there's a disabled vehicle around 238 for the nimitz. a disabled vehicle in fog, that could be an added hazard. be careful out there. highway 4 along your commute to 680 into walnut creek contra costa county shows us drive for the sensors and view for the roadway will be a problem. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up here on "today in the bay," last-minute gift ideas plus who is still offering free shipping. we show you this twister yesterday ripping through the community outside of seattle. this morning we're getting new details on how powerful that tornado was and those details are coming up at 5:25. more misery on wall street and a couple of former stanford students become instant billionaires. former president obama spreading some holiday cheer the way he surprised a chicago school. that's coming up next. kari weate
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mike traffic tease the time now is 5:12 and it's really foggy in parts of the bay area. not so bad right here on 101 in palo alto. as you get ready to start out the day, watch out for that fog. we'll see it through about 8:00. and then partly cloudy skies as we head up into the low 50s by noon. we'll take a look at all of our microclimates and even talk about where we can see some rain this evening. that's coming up in less than five minutes. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where the cars are starting to fill in.
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the fog starting to fill in. the low clouds cover above the deck. we'll show you that distribution coming up. a very happy thursday to you. the misery continues on wall street. facebook got pummeled yesterday after more bad press and then the first major lawsuit was filed against it in the cambridcam cambridge analytica scandal. investment makes juul worth about $38 billion. makes the two former stand ford students who made juul multibillionaires. senate voed to pass continued resolution to keep the government open until february, averting the third shutdown of the year. the house still has to pass it. open markets did raise interest
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rates and said they would raise them again in the future. despite president trump's plea not to. the fed says the economy is strong and can handle the hike. >> although some american families and families continue to struggle and some long-term economic problems remain, the strong economy is benefiting many americans. another vote, a bill passed by both the house and the senate that will fund american research in quantum commuting. this is the quantum computing lab at cal berkeley. i'm not going to explain it in the 30 seconds i have, but as important as the invention of the silicon transiter, which obviously led to silicon valley. that's where we get that name. this will be just as big and now there's more money to fund be it. >> that was a pretty good wrap-up. thank you, scott. christmas eve just four days away now, but businesses are still offering free shipping. today walmart and target are
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offering free two-day shipping. best buy says it's offering shoppers free shipping until christmas day. the companies warn you should order your gifts today if you want them by christmas. in southern california, in this particular area, there's no snow involved. instead, holidays involve the water. last night hundreds of yachts and boats lit up the newport beach parade. you can see all of them there. the city has been holding that parade for 110 years. >> looks a little like santa cruz. new video right now, children at a hospital in washington, d.c., as they got a special visit from a really scrawny santa. it's former president barack obama. he came talking to the families and children and came bearing a sack of toys. that little gal did not want to let go. >> oh, look at obama claus. >> i like that. i don't need a white beard and
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all that. >> maybe a red sweater though, sir. >> perhaps. the hat was enough for him. >> so that weather for today, you start out the morning, you'll probably face a lot of fog out there. >> we do have the dense fog advisory in effect for parts of the valley around parts of the bay area. here's a look outside at 880 and fremont where you can see a little bit here. it's not too bad. it gets more dense as you head south or to the north towards oakland. the seven-day forecast coming up at the bottom of the screen. come over and check it out as we take a look at our temperature trend. as our fog clears out, we'll still have partly cloudy skies and head up to the 50s. martinez, still foggy until about 9:00. mostly cloudy through about noon as our temperatures slowly make it into the mid-50s. styling your hair this morning, pull it back in a ponytail and go. it's so humid and with the fog
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and the mist, your hair will stay curly. if you go through with a flat iron, you ma i wasting your time. on the way out the door towards the pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station, it will be chilly with our temperatures starting out in the mid-40s. we have a couple of systems we're tracking here. the first one starting to make its way in and we'll break in more clouds as we go throughout the day. the next one will be here on sunday. we can see the clouds lining up over the ocean. let's time it out for what to expect today. here we are at 8:30 this evening. some green here showing some rain moving through parts of the north bay. this is what the radar could look like. if you had the nbc bay area app, you'll be able to track it and even get alerts as the rain approaches your location. in santa rosa/napa, we're seeing the rain move in. in san francisco there may be a couple of light showers but notice how the rain falls apart once it reaches into parts of the east bay and doesn't reach the south bay. i don't think we'll see any rain in the south bay or parts of the
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peninsula. tomorrow we're dry. saturday we're dry. those are the days of travel, get things done and try to get everything in order before this next round of rain moves in by sunday evening. here we are at 6:00. we see the rain once again approaching from the north. this one looks to make it all the way across the bay area and even linger into christmas eve. i know we have a big game on christmas eve with the raiders. we'll be watching out for a chance of showers. hard right now to still nail down the timing of the rain. just plan on it being pretty soggy out there on monday. then for christmas day, a chance of showers that may even continue into wednesday. it won't be raining the entire time. it will be more off and on and there be be breaks in between. also cooling down with highs in the upper 50s by next week. heading out to mike now, you're giving us a foggy look at the view for drivers. >> exactly. kari is talking about the
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drivers as well. it's 5:18. christmas week we're looking at a lighter flow of traffic. the following shows us down the peninsula into san jose, silicon valley, all socked in or may be socked in in patches, i should say, all throughout the area. let's get a live look with ethan, our photographer who's now our driver this morning. he's traveling 880 south coming into -- through fremont down toward milpitas. you can see the roadway. his view of the roadway is okay but those clouds hover and from time to time, cease approaching warren and mission as you head southbound there. let's get you back to the map. we're talking about this area where he's getting in towards the denser fog and traveleding around from time to time to show us. my concern is with lower visibility, a disabled vehicle like right here, this is north 880. as you approach that split getting over to 230, that split is where they have a disabled vehicle reported on the shoulder. that lack of visibility or less visibility in any spots could be a problem. so far, though, the view through san leandro and -- san leandro
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is just fine. over here through contra costa county where that fog shows up on the road index weather as well. i do advise additional slow and go if you can't see very well. the north bay is looking just fine. dublin through the tri-valley has the low clouds sticking around. back to you. coming next on "today in the bay," new details on just how powerful that twister was that touched down outside seattle this week. plus, let's go on a crews. >> let's do it. >> if they could see it now. carnival adding a new cruise departing from san francisco. we'll tell you where. get crazy good deals at the kmart semi-annual blowout event
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good morning to you. this is our window over free metropolitan right now. if the fog was not there, you could see the bridge there. one of our nighttime directors tweeted a picture from pleasanton,ist thick there. show us what you see. tweet us or facebook. we're learning how strong a twister was that damaged more than 200 homes and sent debris flying through the air on tuesday. it traveled for a little more than a mile close to puget sound near seattle. this is a very rare site for the
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state of washington. this learning we learned it was the state's strongest twister since 1986 with speeds reaching 130 miles an hour. happening today, the man accused of setting a california wildfire that burned 23,000 acres is due in court today. clark pleaded not guilty last week. in august the holy fire burned through parts of orange and riverside counties. it destroyed one home and more than a dozen cabins. if convicted, clark could face ten years to life in prison. it's not often a football superstar shows up as a city council meeting but it happened last night in oakland. and this football player had an important message to say. oakland native and raiders star marshawn lynch spoke briefly in front of the council. he was there to support the building of a new a's ballpark. he said, quote, we're losing the warriors. we're losing the raiders. we best not lose the a's. the a's are trying to build a
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privately financed ballpark near jack london square. travelers won't have to catch a carnival cruise in los angeles anymore. for the first time that cruise ship company is opening a port in san francisco. starting in 2020 ships will sail along the west coast. travellers can take long trips to places like south america and alaska or take a short trip to -- >> encinata and catalina island. oakland police are giving back after collecting for the annual toy drive. today is delivery day. officers will dress up as santa to pass out toys to kids in oakland. this is the 12th year for the santa operation. berkeley police are giving back in time for christmas. >> the department posted these photos of toys collected during
5:26 am
its drive. officers say more than 3,000 items will be delivered to kids impacted by the camp and carr fires in northern california. this morning they'll load two 40-foot-long buses there. >> they don't want to give away the surprise. they're keeping those under wraps. top stories we're following at this hour, including breaking news. a busy european airport shut down as holiday travel kicks into high gear. the reason those flights are grounded. right now, the yemeni mother who fought immigration officials to see her dying son in oakland is now here with her child and her family. >> this is a difficult time for our family, but we are blessed to be together. >> what's next for the family coming up in a live report. and a live look at foggy san mateo bridge. the toll plaza there. you can barely make this out. check out this foggy commute and the forecast, kari and mike, going to have a look at those
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coming up. it's 5:26. rush to work, grab a drink, hurry home. - [cell phone beeps] - stop! don't be on your phone. let someone else take the wheel.
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make a little eye contact. make a plan. it's a busy world out there. we're all in it together. go safely, california.
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you hurry to work, so you can take it slow. - [cell phone beeps] - stop! let's stop looking at pedestrians as a nuisance, and carless objects, and start looking out for each other again. it's a busy world out there. we're all in it together. go safely, california. here )s a live look from our traffic cameras across the bay. you can see san francisco, san good thursday morning to you. here's a live look from our traffic cameras across the bay. you can see the issue a lot of people are having this morning. we're talking about san francisco, san rafael, san jose, fremont, all right there. >> we have crews tracking fog
5:30 am
throughout the bay area. we want to show you the scene at sunnyvale. this is at el camino and lawrence expressway. very foggy there. >> we got video just in minutes ago. the fog is going to be a problem to deal with as you head out for your morning commute. good morning. 5:30. thank you for joining us on "today in the bay." i'm marcus washington. >> breaking news. we had a 3.6 earthquake hit just east of truckee. you're looking at the seismograph that caught it. not a big blip but we wanted to make sure you knew about it. no reports of damage or injury at this point. >> right now we want to toss it to meteorologist kari hall to track what we're experiencing. doesn't look like you're standing in front of anything. >> this is our oakland camera. it is completely covered with a layer of fog.
5:31 am
we're also seeing the low visibility in the south bay. some areas that don't always see the fog are getting it this morning. we're keeping track of that. let's head over towards campbell where we have a cool start with upper 40s. a mix of sun and clouds but it will be a nice day. the dense fog advisory continues until 8:00. you can see here the numbers where the fog is changing. mike, chp warns of the foggy conditions, too. >> they're talking about the bridges. we don't usually have the fog advisory for the dumbarton bridge. we got a clear patch. i can tell. this is the off-ramp from north 880 getting towards the dumbarton bridge. he's turning on dakota which turns to 84. it's clear in this particular spot, i saw dense fog over it when he was traveling past stephenson. as we hit 84 on the straightaway
5:32 am
as he gets on the bridge, passing by the newark off-ramp, it will get foggy. real get you back to the map and show you. overall, things are creeping up. bay bridge, they all have fog advisories for the bay area and bay bridge metering lights are on as well. i advise you to slow it where visibility is tough. back to you. >> thank you very much. breaking news to tell you about. drones have stopped flights at a busy london airport. gatwick airport shut down while police and airport officials investigate reports of drones flying near the airfield. thousands of passengers, as you can see, are being told to hold tight while officials figure out who is flying the drones. police do not want to shoot those drones. they say the drones could -- doing that could be april risk as stray bullets fly around. they do not believe this is
5:33 am
terror-related. passengers are really frustrated. >> the plane crew landed and has been diverted. >> gatwick first closed last night when drones were sighted. it reopened this morning but shut down again in 45 minutes when drones were spotted again. authorities are investigating the drones -- investigating if a drone actually slammed into a plane as it landed in tijuana. a young mother grand a travel ban waiver to see her dying son is now on u.s. soil. bob redell joins us for what will be a very painful reunion, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, kris. after months trying to get an exemption from president trump's travel ban, a mother from yemen has finally been allowed here in the united states to see her terminally ill son, who is being
5:34 am
treated at usf children's hospital in oakland. this was the scene last night as shaima swileh arrived at sfo. she was surrounded by members of the media and supporters within the yemeni community. she chose not to speak and let her husband do the talking. >> this is a difficult time for our family. but we are blessed to be together. i ask you to respect our privacy as we see our son again. >> a dying 2-year-old boy has suffered for the last two months without his mother by his side. for no apparent reason. >> reporter: her husband, ali hassan, is a u.s. citizen from stockton. he's been trying to get his wife a u.s. visa since last year so she can be with her 2-year-old son, abdullah, who's on life support suffering from a rare brain disorder with only days to live, according to doctors. but his mother is from yemen.
5:35 am
three members of congress, wrote letters to the state department asking for a waiver, which was timely granted on tuesday after much publicity worldwide. reporting live in oakland, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> they can find peace now that they're all back together. crossing the golden gate bridge could cost you $10. it will be determined today. they say an increase is needed to make an unexpected $75 million deficit. under the proposal, fast track drivers would see the least increase. if approved, we could see the hike rate -- or the rate hike starting in july of next year. 5:35 right now. a follow-up for you to a deadly crash saturday night in san jose. chp it is a drunk driver caused it. we're learn, that the young man who died is 18-year-old noel
5:36 am
fernandez. family and friends have now started an online fund-raiser to cover his funeral costs. chp says he pulled his car over on the shoulder of 101 near trimbell road and that's when a drunk driver plowed into his car. the driver of the other car is in custody. 5:36. concord police believe a home intruder bent on stealing another man's pot grow paid with that with his life. the shooting happened in the backyard of a home on phoenix street. the homeowner awoke to the sound of his door bell ringing. he then heard someone kicking in the rear door and breaking a window. that's when he fired a shot. the police did not arrest the homeowner. a violent attack in san francisco's tenderloin has one business owner pleading for help from police and considered moving out of the city all together. we should warn you this video is kind of hard to watch. a worker says he was returning from lunch when he captured the moment a man was stomping on
5:37 am
another man's head on tuesday afternoon. this is outside of hvmn office store on mason street. the startup's ceo posted that violent video on twitter. he's asking city leaders for help. he says the neighborhood just needs more foot patrol officers. >> i think it's boiled over to a point of frustration of worrying about our own safety again. we're going out, eating lunch, eating meals, walking in and out of this neighborhood. and it's scary. >> sfpd saw that tweet and officers did stop by to take a police report. the department is in the midst of stepping up efforts in the tenderloin having added a dozen foot patrol officers since november. 5:37. starting next year, the city of san jose will be cracking down on those electric scooters. this is part of a permit program approved by city council tuesday night. the program will give the city's transportation department the
5:38 am
authority to manage scooter companies who operate in san jose. the department will make important decisions like reducing speed of the scooters and requiring companies to keep riders off sidewalks. companies will also have to deploy geofencing to either slow down or even stop those scooters in places of high pedestrian traffic. the program will go into effect in february. well, a mysterious light spread across the sky last night. it has a lot of people questioning, what was it? >> so, a lot of folks thought maybe it was a rocket or a strange cloud formation. now scientists have an explanation. they are saying that this amazing sight was a meteor. it was seen across the bay area and central valley just after 5:30 last night leaving behind a very odd trail. >> now, initially after that meteor occurred, it was a straight trail in the sky. then we had some wind pick up near that and then that helped to move the clouds around and kind of create this looping effect. >> they travel into the earth's
5:39 am
atmosphere around 45,000 miles an hour and caused that white light. a lot of folks talking about that, mike. >> including bruce willis and ben affleck. they were ready with their mining team -- oh, is that a movie? that's a movie. the low clouds, be careful out there. visibility is the big story of the day. we're looking at the south bay. we continue to see the road weather index, this yellow blotch right here move around. it's consolidating down towards 17 and highway 85. we're watching patches in the south bay. we have dumbarton, san mateo and oakland area with an advisory for fog. 880 at hacienda crossing over the freeway. there's a disabled vehicle there. it happens to be relatively clear for the view. if we come across the fog to the area and it's tougher to see like up near the maze, that could be answereded hazard for
5:40 am
folks. be slower on your drive this morning. >> all right. that fog is low to the ground. it will be gone by this weekend hopefully, kari. >> we'll see it off and on. we'll have a couple of storm systems to mix things up and we'll bring in rain chances. saturday we are staying dry. that's your day to get out there. enjoy some time outside. with our high temperatures reaching near 60 degrees. and then on sunday we'll start to see the rain move in in the afternoon to evening hours. slightly cooler air with mid-50s throughout the bay area. we'll also have to watch out for king tides, especially for our coastal areas. what does that mean? we have astronomical high tides because of the pull of the moon's gravity. that makes water pile up along the coast that could cause localized flooding. if you'll be along the coast, heads up about that saturday and sunday. and then if you're going ice skating in san francisco, we'll have some nice weather for that all throughout the weekend adds our high temperatures reach into the mid-50s.
5:41 am
if you're going to the sierra, it will be a beautiful place to be for christmas. hopefully you can get there on saturday or sunday. by christmas eve, those snow flurries and heavy snow will be coming down. if you're going up to lake shasta or around that area, we'll be in the mid to upper 40s. rain returns on sunday. it might be there during the morning. for the tri-valley, nice weekend with partly cloudy skies. good shopping weather except for those spotty showers we'll see early on friday. saturday a mix of sun and clouds and then on sunday, rain coming in later on in the evening. carmel valley also looks great, too, with some highs in the low sxikts partly cloudy skies throughout the weekend. going down to santa barbara, we'll have nice weather there. mid to upper 60s and some great beach conditions, especially for this time of year. we'll be tracking all of this for you. let me know what you're doing. i'm @karihallweather and on
5:42 am
instagram. coming up next on "today in the bay," new this morning, new video just into our news room. a fire at an east bay home leaving a family homeless during the holidays. what the investigation is revealing and a look at the damage left behind. two days until a government shutdown and the military apparently leaving syria. that's a surprise, even to the military. we also have something else for you. a christmas wish granted. what's under the costume that had a young boy crying tears of joy. this little home of mine,
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mike traffic tease right now at 5:45, we're seeing drifts of fog. it's starting to clear up. we can actually see christmas in the park from our camera right there across from clairemont. and then looking at santa theresa, south san jose picking up on patchy fog. we'll be in the upper 40s as you head out the door and upper 50s early this afternoon. parts of the bay area will see some rain tonight. i'll have more on that. what to expect for the weekend coming up in less than five minutes. >> as we look out to the roadways, san mateo bridge, there you go. the sign even says there's fog, if you can read the sign. we'll show you how the distribution shows on our sensors as well. >> thank you very much, mike. quarter to 6:00. new this morning, a very tough start to the holidays for a bay area family. an early morning fire ripped through their home in newark. official it is say it started in
5:46 am
the kitchen near august schilling elementary school. we're getting reports there were four people living in the home at the time. they're all okay but the house is a total loss. a threat of a teacher's strike is looming in the second largest school district in the country. this is video of recent protests. union representing 33,000 teachers in the los angeles unified school district have given a january 10th deadline to settle a long-running contract dispute. the school has offered a 6% salary increase. if no deal is made, this could be the district's first strike in nearly 30 years. outgoing governor jerry brown predicts his successor will have spending problems. he says gavin newsom may have a hard time keeping fellow democrats in check during the first year on the job. he says that it will be difficult for newsom to balance pleasing same party lawmakers
5:47 am
and still remain viable as a political leader. governor brown leaves in january after eight years in office. listen to this. a go-fund me account is on a mission to build president trump's border wall. the account was set up four days ago and already raised $3 million. a purple heart medal recipient and triple amputee veteran created this account. he says his goal is to raise at least $1 billion for the wall. so far more than 40,000 people have contributed. speaking of that wall, who's going to pay for it. the american taxpayer? at least not so far. >> scott mcgrew, the senate passed a bill for the government spending but no money the wall. >> all day tomorrow when the clock strikes midnight, i'm counting today as well, two days, the government would shut down for the third time this year. the senate last night did approve a bill to kick the
5:48 am
argument over and the budget for the wall to senate. there is hopeful talk. >> i think we've got to work together and put the country first. i've said this many times. if we do this, it works out. >> the president tweeted he wouldn't sign any legislation, so don't count this countdown out just yet. the president handed a defeat on the wall. there's no money in that resolution. it was one of his campaign promise but he kept another promise, and that is he's withdrawing troops from syria. the white house released this video on syria. >> we have won against isis. we've beaten them and beaten them badly. we've taken back the land. now it's time for our troops to come back home. >> that's from the white house. the obvious danger in declaring we've beaten isis is it sounds a whole lot like president trump
5:49 am
and the mission accomplish in iraq. the announcement we're defeating syria caught everyone offguard. our allies didn't know, our generals didn't know. "the washington post" says the chairmans of the chief of staff didn't know. mr. trump facing a lot of pushback from his closest allies on this. as coincidence, vladimir putin held his once a year press conference. it's a spectacle. he takes questions from regular citizens. it goes on for hours and hours. really fascinating. in this press conference president putin, agreeing the withdrawal of troops from syria was a good idea. russian troops will stay. we don't think the president will sign it on cr. we'll watch it on twitter. a kindergartner in ohio just got the christmas present he was hoping for all year long. he's sitting on a chair on the left. on the right is a mascot. guess who's underneath?
5:50 am
it's his big brother, ian, hiding in that costume right next to him. they haven't seen each other in eight months because ian is in the army and stationed far from home at ft. riley, kansas. that little guy just overcome with emotion. that's so cute. >> tell ian it's okay to cry. >> she turns him around. >> you know what, a lot of people are talking this morning as they wake up, they go outside and they see the fog. whoa. >> because we don't always see fog in some of these areas. we see it in parts of the north bay and the tri-valley, it's a usual thing this time of year. not so much in other spots. here's a live look outside from at&t park looking towards the embarcadero. the seven-day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen starting in the south bay. as we get a look from north bay. san rafael was foggy yesterday morning but now it's clearer.
5:51 am
visibility down to a tenth of a mile in oakland. we have dense fog advisories for parts of the peninsula, san carlos right now. no visibility head of your headlights. half of a mile visibility in san jose. we're seeing it get worse in parts of the tri-valley and the south county down to a quarter of a mile. as you drive out the door in antioch, it will be in the upper 40s and reaching slowly into the low 50s by noon. it's going to be a very slow warm-up. then we're looking at still some dense fog in parts of the south bay. so, it's probably a good day to just grab a hat and go. also, a nice, warm sweater will keep you warm, especially the start. it's going to be a nice afternoon as we head into the upper 50s and low 60s. we're going to start to see the cloud cover increasing as the storm system moves in. there will be another one right behind that heading into sunday. so, as we time it out, we'll start to see that rain moving in at about 9:00 this evening for the north bay. once it reaches san francisco,
5:52 am
it seems like it just kind of hits a brick wall. it just fizzles out and the rest of the bay area not going to see that rain. friday and saturday are dry. we'll see another round of showers moving in late sunday and continuing into christmas eve. we're watching that forecast for the raiders came on monday. just keep in mind that there will be a chance of showers all throughout the day. kind of off and on. it may not rain the entire game. so, i'll have another update on that. mike, you're keeping an update on what's happening on the roads. it's foggy. >> fog is the story right there. we have no surprises at the bay bridge toll plaza where the traffic flows a little lighter as we approach the end of the year. especially christmas week. we're looking at light traffic next week. the fog has crept down and we can no longer see the bay bridge. contra costa county looks great. slowing for highway 4.
5:53 am
typical commute direction. lightover all. in the south bay you see that concentrated in towards san jose. this is a clearer patch. coming in mountain view through san jose. be careful. back to you. happening now, japan is going to start commercial whaling again. environmentalists are also working to fight it. for many years japan has hunted whales for scientific research and to sell the meat. japan's whaling practices were documented in the film "the cove". coming up, former movie mogul harvey weinstein will be in court. we'll show you the charges he's facing now. in the south bay, puppies stolen from their home. the concerns the owner has this morning. weinstein has a pre-tri
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
hearing after pleading not-guilty to sex 5:56. former movie mogul harvey weinstein has a trial after pleading not guilty to sexual charges. it comes from allegations he raped a woman in a hotel room in 2013. two other charges stem from an incident that he forcibly performed sexual acts on a woman at his manhattan apartment in 2006. weinstein pleaded not guilty to
5:57 am
these charges. the movie mogul's legal team is expected to ask for charges to be dropped and the case thrown out. the search continues for some cute and cuddly puppies that burglars stole last weekend right from inside an east san jose home. the two lab mix puppies were taken from their mother and the rest of the litter. this is surveillance video from a neighbor showing a car pulling up to the house and at least one man going in and coming out minutes later. the owner says the puppies are too young to be weaned from their mother and they're worried they won't get the care they need. >> we feel violated in a sense because it was something very personal. especially because they're so little. they were only 3 weeks old. >> the owner says the mother dog is pretty sad and has stopped feeding the other puppies, believe it or not. the owner is offering $1,000 reward to get those two puppies back. police confirm they are investigating.
5:58 am
notice bay area town wrestles with the idea of regulating short-term rentals. they are looking at drafting rules to see how often homeowners can rent their properties on sites like airbnb. they say at any given time there are dozens of listings. at this point they're not talking about the all-out ban but creating zoning, taxation and other regulations. starting next year the city of san jose will crack down on those electric scooters. the dockless ones. all part of a new permit program that was approved by city council on tuesday night. it will give the city's transportation department the authority to manage scooter companies that operate in san jose. they will make important decisions like reducing the speed of e-scooters and requiring companies to keep riders off sidewalks. companies will also have to deploy geofencing to stop or slow down those scooters in places of high pedestrian traffic. that program will go into effect in february. new video of astronauts are back on solid ground. last night around 9:00 the
5:59 am
russian spacecraft there brought home an american astronaut. she was joined by two men, one from russia, the other from germany. together they conducted science and maintenance aboard the space station. the camp fire displaced a lot of cats and dogs from their homes but now some of them are getting new homes. last night 11 cats and dogs arrived at the san diego humane society. the team spent ten days rescuing the pets. the newly arrived animals will undergo medical checks now and then they'll be put up for adoption. look at that guy. santa's reindeer made a special stop at a nursing home in north carolina and they spread a lot of comfort and holiday cheer there. take a look. it turns out these two reindeer were actually miniature therapy horses. they actually came dressed in santa hat and antlers to spread a lot of smiles. >> folks are like, back in my
6:00 am
day an dereindeer had antlers. a bay area police officer who's supposed to be enforcing the law allegedly caught breaking the law. why this is not the first time he's been in hot water. a local college gearing up to cancel as much as a third of its classes. a new law that's causing the cutback. close but not out of the woods just yet. we'll take you live to washington as the government shutdown still looms. the overnight developments. and commuters are being met by a pocket of dense fog throughout the bay area. right now our crews are checking out all of those problem spots. "today in the bay" continues right now. thanks for joining us on this thursday morning as we kind of wipe the fog away from our eyes, even if we can't wipe it from the roadways. >> that fog is causing problems for commuters. let's get to the culprit of it, the weather there. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking it. is itoi


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