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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 21, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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of those areas. san francisco with some light showers near the bayview district. as we look at what else is going on, your drive this morning may be wet. i'll have more on what to expect and mike, you're also checking out the rain. >> dancing in the rain, this is the richmond to san rafael bridge. sto stormranger shows that rain actually falling. that's what we're showing over here. the red sweep is stormranger, and the blobby activity, that's where the most intense rain is right now. traffic is have i light right now. it's not affecting the volume of traffic, but it will affect your conditions. be careful. an damper roadways, that's about it right now. back to you. breaking news for you.
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a friar breaks out at a san jose apartment complex. we're just learning that one man is dead. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell is live on the seen. what happened? >> that fire is out behind me at the driftwood manor apartments here. as you mentioned, the man who lived in the unit that caught fire did not survive. let's take a look at this video. he lived in the second-floor unit, that was gutted by flames. it started a bit after 4:00 this morning. the batallion chief tells me the apartment was fully engulfed, they pulled the man out unconscious. i spoke to a couple people who lived here. they didn't really know this man. they said he was quiet, kept to himself. here's a rom who lives next door. >> they came in, took down the
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door, and flames were coming out. really bad. a lot of smoke. >> reporter: what were you doing? >> sleeping. i got up really quick, and they knocked on our door and toll us to leave, we had to get out. >> reporter: was there a smoke alarm going out? >> yes. that's why we were bothered a bit. when my husband went out to work, he checked. >> reporter: your family is safe? >> yes. >> reporter: everyone else is safe here at the driftwood manor. it appears the fire was contained in just that one unit. there is water damaged to the downstairs unit. i spoke to the battalion chief and asked him, was there anything suspicion, and he says there's nothing that stands out, but they do have an argon investigator coming out, because someone did die. it's a sad situation.
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indeed. developing, a live look at capitol hill, with the clock ticking down. the president is tweeting about the walls saying, quote -- the democrats are trying to belittle the concept of a wall, calling it old-fashioned. the fact is there is nothing else that will work. i know tech better than anyone. end quote. if neither side budges, the shutdown would take effect at midnight eastern time. president trump is demanding billions saying he'll veto he the budget without any money. tracie potts, what are you hearing? >> first of all, the president has tweeting a storm about this this morning, blaming democrats, saying if there's a shutdown, it's their fault, even though he said he would be happy to take
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credit for that previously, but also putting the pressure on his own party, on reps, to prevent it. stalemate. >> i do not want the government to shut down. >> reporter: it may happen. tonight is the deadline, the house just passed a temporary budgets through february 8th. >> the motion is adopted without objection. >> reporter: including $5 billion for president trump's border wall. nancy pelosi said that could never happen. she was wrong. nancy does not have to apologize, the president tweeted. so proud of you all. now on to the senate. without a few senate democrats on the board, the budget with wall money can never reach the president's desk. >> any measure that funds the government must including border security. it has to. >> reporter: frustrated lawmakers say it's up to the
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president to block the gridlock. get a grip and learn how to govern the country. >> reporter: it's not clear what can happen between now and midnight to keep the government running. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. some tourists may be hold irtheir breath, because alcatraz may be one of the first places to feel the impact. he'll have a live report at the bottom of the hour. the nation's capital this morning still trying to process the latest surprise, the white house departure there of secretary james mattis announcing his plans to retire at the end of february. he says the president deserving a defense secretary more aligned with the president's views. it caught leaders off-guard.
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today a san francisco police officers facing criminal charges of his own, is scheduled to appear in court. they say he robbed a bank last month and got away with $9,000, but's also linked to the department's scandal, and he stole money from an elderly man. this will be his first court appearance in connection with the bank robbery accusations. this deal will change oakland's downtown. the mobile payment company square is expanding to the east bay. according to the "eat bay times" square is leasing the famous uptown complex, just down the street from pandora's headquarters. the company will still keep its building in san francisco, but it will relocate employees to
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oakland any ex year. gatwick is back open, resuming flights an 1:45 this morning. it shout down more than 24 hours after drones were flying around the runway. police say the owner could face a maximum sentence of life imprisonment if convicted. for now thousands of stranded passengers will hopefully get out on a flight. we have a live look at sfo. a clear look. as you guessed, the travel rush is in full effect. we see a lot of people arriving there, crowds packing in last night. it's expected to continue to look this busy for the next few days, especially baas a massive storm is hitting back east. we have already seen hour-lounge delays off new york this morning. kari, that weather is not being very friendly this holiday season. >> we had a lot of fog
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yesterday. we'll stilled have rain that may affect sfo. we're tracking it on stormranger. as we looks at some of the spotty showers moving through the north bay, starting to move into richmond as you make your way out the door. san francisco getting a couple waves of some downpours. it's going to be wet as we go into the next couple hours. here's the way it looks as we go through the rest of the morning. some of the showers into the east bay as well as the peninsula. you may even -- and then the rest of the day we're looking dry. we'll see partly cloudy skies tomorrow. as you make weekend plans, we do have much quieter weather under about sunday night. that one doesn't look too heavy, will you will bring in some spotty showers. i'll be tracking all this. mike you are you're now taking us back to oakland? i noticed a report they had not
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cleared that caltrans work overall green sensors. the traffic volume is light, so it's able to manage okay. right now we see the sensors start to turn. it does show the traffic building up once again. they're doing roadway repair work. because of that, only one lane is officially open still. i will continue to track that it will be cleared by 6:00 at the latest, but i have a feeling they'll clear for the weekend a bit sooner. 5:09 right now. up next on "today in the bay," we are watching wall street against after another day of huge declines. coming up in a live report from cnbc, what stock futures are
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looking like. still making that list and checking it more than twice coming up, how many americans will be at the mall and stories on christmas eve. a new chapter begins, coming up at 5:25, this fire station gets a new life. you're watching "today in the bay." rush to work, grab a drink, hurry home. - [cell phone beeps] - stop! don't be on your phone. let someone else take the wheel. make a little eye contact. make a plan.
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new trublend matte made foundation, in 40 shades. from covergirl. new trublend matte made foundation, in 40 shades. you hurry to work, so you can take it slow. - [cell phone beeps] - stop! let's stop looking at pedestrians as a nuisance, and carless objects, and start looking out for each other again. it's a busy world out there. we're all in it together. go safely, california. happy friday t it's 5:12, we
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are seeing some spotty showers move through. as we look outside. we'll see mostly cloudy skies starting out in the low 60s we'll talk about where we are seeing that rain and also talk about our next round of showers. that's coming up in less than five minutes. some of that rain raw actually falling, it's heavier than that. you -- you can see how it's making the -- we'll extraic that jam in oak lend, coming up. good morning. here are today's top business headlines. wall street is set to open slightly higher this morning. worries about rising interest rates following the fed's latest rate hike, really unnerving
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investors and punishing stocks. shutdowns don't typically do much to the stock market, but they can be harmful the longer they lost. the nasdaq dipping briefly into bear market territory, meaning it's drop 20% from the most recent highs. on today's watch lists durable goods, consumers sentiment and third quarter gdp. are you still trying to find that perfect last-minute gift? you're certainly not alone. a survey finds a quarter of americans say they'll finish their shopping this weekend. for those that missed the december 25th deadline, they plan to take advantage of post-christmas sales. head over to subway. they are giving vouchers for a
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child's ticket to "mary policiens returns" when you buy a kid's meal. the supplies are limited. the voucher is only value for purchased through the fandango app or website. they expire on january 7th. those are your cnbc headlines. >> so you say you know marcus pretty well, frank? >> he does. >> that's my buddy right is there. >> thanks, mike. i think he earned himself a piece of coal. new pictures of santa's elves landing in space. they posted they pictures of her elf on the shelf hanging out in space. she's been at the international space station for almost three weeks now. other parents, you have to up your game. some houses go all out for
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christmas. this is a miracle on me street in baltimore. really truly a big site. i've been there many atimes. from hubcap christmas trees, you can see it's dripping in decor. >> it doesn't feel like christmas until you come here. >> it makes you feel all jolly and happy, and really getting into the christmas spirit. >> they have passed this tradition down for more than 25 years. people drive from different states -- they actually let you go inside the homes. a lot of people come out there. it's a festive time. >> it must be expensive. >> if you own a house on that street, you're doing all right. >> meanwhile, the rest of the baltimore is having a black jowl. >> i know you'd like to buy the house, but let me see some
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examples of your work. >> your decorations don't meet our needs. >> a lot of preesh. >> i think we are going to see some of those showers moving through this morning, but by the time you go to see those lights, the weather will be all cleared out. as you get a look at stormranger, i want to give you a closer look at where the rain is falling give it about five more minutes, and then it will be out of there. and extending over towards richmond, and just now starting to move through martinez. as we get a closer also at san francisco, where we see the yellows, that indicates the heavier rain is falling. as of now, you will step out the door with some soggy weather. fairly quickly and then fall
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apart as it moves off toward the east. if you are making plans ahead to the sierra, tomorrow is your break before this next storm system moves through. that will be the case as we head through the weekend. we'll have a bit of a window for some dry weather. for today, as we track it through about 10:30, we start to see a lot less toffee. it will be drying out fairly quickly. by noon we're pretty much all dry. tomorrow partly to mostly closury skies, and no rain. by send, the next wave the showers starts to move in from the north. it looks like by christmas eve wee see some rain showers off and on, and by christmas day we are clearing out. visibility has remained an issue. we are still looking at patches of fog this morning, but much clearen. oughts head out the door there will be a chance of rain.
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after that mostly cloudy skies, and temperatures in the 50s. at you're styling your hair, just pull it back in a ponytail and go. actual be a curly hair day and a waste if you're trying to keep it straight. we're looking at though temperatures in the up ir50s, low 60s today. once again we talked about the sierra where temperatures now are a little too warm for some snow. also quite a bit of rain, being after sunday into monday, that is when we'll get some could temperatures. so we are going to get some pretty gets snow totals there. and then for us, we are looking at some clear weather. saturday and sunday for the most part looking dry, and also on christmas eve through thursday. mike you are tracking the traffic? >> look, anywhere south of the
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san mateo bridge looks just great. on it does show the activity. it's moved in toward castro valley. we're going to leave that on here, though, because more intensive, of course, and brighter colors for that system. that will affect folks across the carcinus bridge. not quite as bad as a few minutes ago, but you see the puddling near the span, and water falling onto the roadway. and northbound 880 towards 23rd from the coliseum, you are jammed up right now. there's that construction project, but as they get ready to reopen, they'll close all those lanes, and i think that's
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what's going on right now. west 580 is much better than this. back to you. thank you, mike. coming up, we know the senate has been busy, but senators did come together to pass a bill with unanimous support, having to do with a dark chapter of america's history. we'll tell you about that next. a fire station destroyed during last year's north bay fires, rises again. we'll go inside the station, next. ire watching "today in the bay." . you pay more to cross the goln
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gate bridge. yesterday, the bridge district board met to s will you pay more to cross the golden gate bridge? yesterday they met to start discussing the hike. drivers could see it rise to $10. the board says it's to make up an expected $75 million deficit. we will keep you updated on their decision. a dui crackdowns begin tonight. you can expect been check did not points by brentwood and fremont police. contra costa police will also conduct checkpoints. by the way, we're not spilling the beans. they asked that we tell you so maybe you make good choices on the roared. also, the united states has never had a law against lynching. that may soon change.
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back in june, three black senators, clipping couincluding harris introduced a bill to maybe lynching a federal crime. if you can believe this, in the past century congress has voted down every anti-lynching bill introduced. that happened at least 200 times. >> wow. i did not know that part of the story. happening today, after 14 months, a santa rosa fire station destroyed by the fire gets a new start. >> here's youtube video of the new and temporary station 5, which initially opens today. it serves the founding grove neighborhood. the fire destroyed both the older and newer station. well, in case you missed it,
5:26 am
filmmaker ron howard wants to tell the story of rebuilding from the devastating camp fire. he tells "paradise post" he's in the early stages of a documentary. howard has relatives who once lived in paradise. well, is there such a thing as a friendly grinch? i don't know. >> neighbors in whitley county, indiana think, yes. mary shrader is deliver the mail in her greench grin costume. she says it helps take away the stress of delivering mail during this very busy holiday season. and we just got word that santa claus is now in mexico spreading lots of cheer at the aquarium at guadalajara zoo.
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at the sure was a big surprise. >> that's a nice surprise. the top stories we're following for you at this hour, including that sad breaking news in the south bay. a deadly fire, we have new details. plus a live look. we are about 15 hours away from a government shutdown. how it will affect you here in the bay area. and it is getting busy at the bay bridge toll plaza on this friday. we have a check of your tgif traffic and your forecast just mode minutes away. get crazy good deals at the kmart semi-annual blowout event
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it's a blowout! we're makin' room for more! up to 60% off on clothes. blow out! plus, shoes are buy one, get one for $1. blow out! shop awesome deals before they're gone at kmart's biiiiiiig semi-annual blowout event! blowout? get out! it's friday morning, and the last friday before christmas. we're looking live at a gift of rain maybe. live doppler radar, as we're track ago storm making its way through the bay area. thanks very much for joining us. >> right now we want to give you a look at this. some wet stuff there in parts of the bay area. this is a live look at sfo, where it's expected to be a very busy day, but we're not seeing any bess problems, but the east coast airports, they are a mess already.
5:31 am
>> the good news is you may not see any weather-related delays comes out of the bay area. >> so far so good. we are getting a lot of christmas colors here on the radar, especially as we look as parts of the north bay. much of the heavier rain is moving through contra costa county, moving will you concord, lafayette, down to ramon. a couple batching of heavier rain moving through san francisco. we'll see that approaching the trivalley, as you get ready to head out the door, we'll track this rain. the weekend forecast will be in about six minutes. stick with me for the changes. this will better than before. this is a smooth drive from the
5:32 am
coliseum up towards 23rd. i believe they have finally cleared that roadwork on the slab replacement. the southbound side also showed no traffic for a couple seconds, and then a business burst of traffic. we're looking at the toll plaz would, but not big enough to have those metering lights. that's how light the traffic is, guys. >> 5:32 right now. a fire break out at a san jose apartment complex. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell is live at the scene. you talked to the fire investigators. what did they say? >> reporter: just spoke with a san jose fire captain, who tells us when they arrived here at the driftwood manor apartments, this man's apartment unit was fully engulfed. they got the fired out, but once
5:33 am
then did, he was in the bedroom. they pulled him out. he was unconscious, and for about 20 minutes they took turns performing cpr on him. unfortunately they declared him dead. he did not survive this fire. again, as i mentioned this started around 4:00 this morning. the unit was fully engulfed. i did speak to a couple people, i asked, what did they know about the man? they said they didn't really know him h he was by himself. here's a woman who lives next door to the under. >> flames were coming out. it was really bad. a lot of smoke. >> reporter: what were you doing? >> sleeping? got up really quick, and they told us -- they knocked on the door and told us we had to leave. >> was is there a smoke alarm or anything? >> that's why we were bothered a
5:34 am
bit. when my husband got on to work, he checked. >> year family is safe? >> yes. >> reporter: everyone else is safe. the fire department did tell us that they have their arson investigator coming out, which is normal when you have a scene like this where you have someone who died. right now they don't think there's anything suspicious, but they do not know the cause. the fire was contained in that one unit. there's smoke damage and some water damage to additional units. some additional five units are uninhabitable. there's about 15 people who will be without a home temporarily, so the red cross will be coming here to help those people out. reporting live here, bob redell for "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. 5:34. developing, a live look at capitol hill, where the clock is
5:35 am
ticking down. account p.m. our tithe house las actually yesterday approved a budget plan, but it was dead on arrival in the senate, because it included money for a border wall. u.s. lawmakers plan to resume talks today and hopefully deliver a new deal to the president's desk, but so far president trump giving no signs he'll relent on his threat to veto any budget that does not contain $5 billion to start the wall. so what does it mean for the bay area? tom jensen has more on that. tom? >> reporter: well, we're at alcatraz landing here right now, and it will definitely affect the folks here. this is where all those tour boats loaded with passengers go to see the iconic island. business would basically shut down, at least as it concerns
5:36 am
alcatraz island. the interior department is one of the departments involved in the shutdown. i just talked to an employee here. he tells me that's 5,000 alcatraz visitors per day, and they are sold out through this weekend. also affected, the coast guard station at yerba buena island. it's nearly 2,000 other people who work there or train there. it's unclear exactly who will be affected by this impact as far as the coast guard employees, but we do know nationwide it affects about 42,000 employees. you have to also consider the trickle-down effect. you lose all that business from those employees, the service members and the tourists here. that's 5,000 people a day. that means the hotels, the shops, the restaurants, other businesses aren't getting those customers in the door and all of
5:37 am
this, of course, going into the christmas holiday and the new year, and we are just hours away from discovering whether or not there will in fact be a government shut down. we're live in san francisco. tom jensen, "today in the bay." >> make sure you download our you app to get your alerts. we'll send out alerts as breaking news happens. 5:37, a rideshare driver captured this motorcycle crash in san francisco. it was no accident. police say the dash-catch video shows a woman hitting a motorcyclist with her bag on purpose. it happened two days ago. the motorcyclist is okay. police say the woman's excuse was that she thought the driver was too close. >> it is unusual for someone to be so aggressive and strike
5:38 am
someone who didn't touch or assault them. the woman was arrested on charges of aggravated assault. a health warning in marin county this morning, where there's another major outbreak of whooping cough. so as far as there's 200 case of the highly contagious disease. and it's especially dangerous for babies and pregnant women. signs of whooping cough include prolonged coughing fits, fever, runny nose and sneezing. there is a bottomless brunch food scam going around. according to santa clara district attorney, people are paying up for $100 for brunches that never happen. the scam is believed to have originated in a local newspaper. if you've been scam, the d.a. office recommends contacting your bank. a warning for pg & e
5:39 am
customers in the east bay. people are getting calls saying their bill is overdue. it's a recording message that asks them to give a call to an 800 number and give them their address. do not call that number and do not give the credit card information to anyone. the shark' minor league affiliate takes on tucson. it's the fourth annual teddy bears to. this is following their first goal. here's jeffrey vielle. >> all right. jeff, i'm going to feed you a couple bears, there. let's do it. >> now, that is a no-no. please do not kick the teddy bears. they'll actually be given to
5:40 am
underprivileged kids who otherwise wouldn't get a give this time of year. the puck drops at 7:00, but big bears like that -- we don't want that, mike? >> not that big. not that big. >> says you. >> actually that would be a cool bear if someone was inside surprising everybody. >> with more gifts? >> hey, let's help them set the report. they need a lot of help. bring multiple bears. multiple cars are lined up over here. that's one thing that changed, but we also had this rain that's got through the air. traffic was vote light. i've left kari's radar over here, that's where it's the most intense. she'll explain what's going on.
5:41 am
i'm just going to show it to you. as you move south, though. no problems for the light traffic flow, as we expect the friday to be -- before people travel out town. >> may be. >> kari, is the rain continuing for the weekend? it will not, about you we'll see times when it returns. we're starting off with showers, and a clearing out for time for christmas in the park this evening. sunshine and overall some nice weather with upper 50s at 3:00. by 6:00 we're at 53 degrees. just wear something nice and warm out there, and enjoy your time in san jose. looking good with highs in the upper 50s and low 60s. by sunday, we will see the clouds back in, and showers
5:42 am
developing. going ice skating in union scare in san francisco, nice out there, with some dry conditions, and those temperatures staying in the 50s, and then as you had make plans to maybe head to santa cruz, not a bad beach weekend. heavenly will look good, but will have a chance of showers today. better to travel tomorrow while it's dry and also get there on sunday before the snow flurries start to come down against sunday night. russian valley will have the low 60s. for sunday the showers will be back, mostly starting during the afternoon throw the evening hours. coming up, president obama honored in southern california. the special place where you can see his name. and an otter controversy tess monterey bay aquarium. what they said about this animal that has somebody angry.
5:43 am
coming up, going back to the most famous zip code in the world. the cast of "beverly hills 90210" spotted together, and the rumors going around campus now.
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new trublend matte made foundation, in 40 shades. ♪thisi'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪ good friday morning. right now at a:45. let's go to martinez, partly to mostly cloudy skies.
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we are seeing the rain coming through right now as we track it with stormranger, but in a few minutes you'll get a break. i'll be tracking all of this and a closer look at stormranger in less than five minutes. we were tracking our biggest delay of the morning through oakland. it looks like 880 northbound looks like i was moves smoothly, around 23rd, but not backed up at the coliseum anymore. 5:46 into a disturbing case involves young children. this man was arrested last night. police say he's connected to a luge collection of child pornography. police found a trip and found a dropbox account with children. investigators say they linked the account back to him.
5:47 am
a new report shows that thousands of migrant children will spend christmas in overpopulated shelters. >> the felt government has placed more than 14,000 migrant toddlers, children and teens in u.s. shelters. 5400 are in shelters holding. 9800 have been placed in a facility with 100-plus children. in 2018, the same federal program had 2700 migrant kids in its care. governor jerry brown making moves about of he leaves office in just over two weeks. he filed a lawsuit to protect one of his signature actions, which is a prison reform action, which allows inmates to seek early release. a 2020 in addition wife pending would roll back the reforms. too late for the 2018 election.
5:48 am
governor brown contends the measure lacks the signatures needed to move forward. the newly elected l.a. sheriff is set to come through on a campaign promise, removing federal agents from county jails. the sheriff told the l.a. county board of supervisors he also plans to limit the crimes that call forsh although federal i.c.e. agents will no longer have a large presence, the sheriff's department is works on the details. well, the signs are up, and you can now drive down president barack h. obama highway in california. it takes up a portion of state route 134 between glendale and pad deana. he actually lived in pasadena while attending occidental college. so an oblivious otter is now
5:49 am
a part of the latest lesson in watching what you tweet on social media. >> that otter did not tweet anything offensive, but some believe the aquarium did. abby weighs about 46 pounds. abby is big, but the tweet reads abby is a thick girl with the -- we actually had to look it up in the urban dictionary. yeah, some accused the aquarium of fat shaming, others question the obvious racial overtones. the aquarium has apologized. they add that abby is a healthy weight for an otter her age, and i guess they "otter" know. >> that was a dad joke. >> i'm so proud of you. all right. so the weather yao side, a lot
5:50 am
of people waking up do some we had roots. >> we are seeing some spotty showers. but the east bay really catching the brunt of this rain. we had the rain moving through earlier this morning, and parts of northern and center. we're see the rain returning. it's going to be off and on as you get ready to head out the door. check out this forecast. i'll show you what's happening on storm ranger. we're seeing some of the heavier rain moving right along, and then also moving over the hills and parts of the east bay and tri-valley, also see some of the heavier rain through west oakland this will be moving out so let's time it out. we see the scattered showers on
5:51 am
the radar, these by 11:00, we're seeing much of this activity tapering down, and throughout the day, partly cloudy skies, yes, this is the first day of wind. by sunday, late sunday evening, rain coming back. that does continue. let's get out the door this morning, with a chance of showers right about 9:00, partly to mostly cloudy skies, so as you're getting dressed, you do need a nice warm jacket, maybe even one with a hood. and then by the weekend, we'll see the return of king tides. that's the high and low tides along the coast that could cause some flooding, all because of the gravitatation pull of the moon that we will start to attract for tomorrow as well as sunday.
5:52 am
>> we are looking good. much better visibility than yesterday. no slowing right here just north of 680 and 280. our speed sensors did show some slowing that we typically see. there's also a crash northbound 280 just off that interchange, and you see how light that traffic is. easy drive for those speed certainsors, green in south bay, no problem for the tri-valley either. some recent rain has made those roadways yet. there will be slick conditions. highway 4 just shows some slowing and that shows you slicker roadways all the way around. there's the golden gate bridge. happening now, the do that u.s. nuclear envoy says that washington has no intense to ease up the sanctions against
5:53 am
north korea. that meeting comes amid the deadlocked nuclear talks with the u.s. and north korea. north korea says it will never give up its nuclear weapons unless the u.s. first removes what it call a, quote, nuclear threat. and kell, donna, brandon, dillon, the whole gang might be coming back, a possibly reunion rumor of "best hills 90210." why these hov lane stickers are in increasing demand. what you need to know and what you'll want to know, next. majorg
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5:56 am
an appearance on "today" later this morning. his wife talks about keeping his legacy alive through ed family of a fallen soldier is making an appearance on "today" later this morning. >> taylor, who was also it is mayor of north ogden in utah, was killed in an insider attack last month. yesterday a nonprofit organization paid off the taylor family's mortgage in full. this morning his widow jeanie taylor sat down with "today" talking about carrying on his legacy while raising the seven children he left behind. ellie, who is 5, i said, sometimes dad is in iraq, times in afghanistan, sometimes he's just at a meeting and not always
5:57 am
home, about you he's still your dad. she thought for a moment and said, and heaven is way better than afghanistan. >> well, you can hear more from the family of brent taylor later this morning on "today" immediately after this newscast. a south bay community is protesting president trump's immigration policies. folks rallied at the santa clara building. they worry that president trump is now trying to deport members of their community who came to the u.s. after flees violence. an agreement between the u.s. and vietnam in 2008 protected them from being deported. however, the administration maintains it does not protect people who are undocumented or those who have committed a crime. >> maybe they made a mistake, years ago and under the prior administrations they were allowed to staying here, but again because of the change in the administration, they're going to be looking at they people in a different way.
5:58 am
>> local leaders now worry that hundreds of people here could be affected. >> starting january 1st, your white and green hov stick are will be invalid. california has too many people in the carpool lanes. federal laws say speeds must be at least 45 miles per hour, so to clear it up, people will be required to have a red sticker. the dmv says it's got people flooding into the offices. the application are up 35% from last year. >> most of them want it for commute to go to work and come back home faster. something else to consider, electric car drivers will have to choose between the state rebate or the red sticker. well, if you are a fan of broadway, this is the matchup,
5:59 am
it's the sharks and the jets, and at times it was a rumble at the shark tank. fists were flying. nikolai eeler broke a 3-3 tie late in the game. the sharks go on to lose 5-3. if you're among those whose life has never really been the same since brenda, brandon and dillon left your television set, there may be new hope for you. ♪ >> you remember that? tmz is reporting a reboot may be in the works. the former '90s stars apparently recently met up this week to talk about the possibility and they're currently in the process of pitch meetings. it's possible the new version could play on a streaming device or service device. tell you what you think.
6:00 am
right now at 6:00, breakses news after an early morning fire, sadly we now know that one person did not survive. our crew is there. we'll slow you what fire investigators told us moments ago. plus shutdown showdown. the clock is ticking as a battle over money and the border heats up in washington. what the president tweeted this morning to ramp up the rhetoric. and the next wave of rain through parts of the bay area, as skyranger is fueled up scanning the skies. "today in the bay" continues right now. laura. stormranger. >> i like the stormranger. thanks so much for joining us. mike will have a look at the roads, but kari has been tracking stormranger. >> it's been pretty busy as we're seeing some showers


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