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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 21, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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right now at 6:00, breakses news after an early morning fire, sadly we now know that one person did not survive. our crew is there. we'll slow you what fire investigators told us moments ago. plus shutdown showdown. the clock is ticking as a battle over money and the border heats up in washington. what the president tweeted this morning to ramp up the rhetoric. and the next wave of rain through parts of the bay area, as skyranger is fueled up scanning the skies. "today in the bay" continues right now. laura. stormranger. >> i like the stormranger. thanks so much for joining us. mike will have a look at the roads, but kari has been tracking stormranger. >> it's been pretty busy as we're seeing some showers
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starting to return. yeah, it's back, moving through parts of marin county and central and southern sonoma county, as well as napa and solano counties this morning, and that's where the bulk of the rain is now. also as we get a closer look at the rain that's moving think parts of epps antioch as well as brentwood, we will track all of this for you. pretty busy and wet. all of this clears out, and we will get a nice afternoon. we will be talking also about what else to expect, as you make those holiday plans. that's coming up in a few minutes. mike, how is it looking? >> we'll show you the berkeley curve. over here the traffic is very nice. the metering lights are on. that's late for a friday evening, but we'll talk about forest through the trees, you don't want to miss the raindrops
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right here on the lens. you'll have slicker roadways, showing you the green highlighting, and this part of alameda county, there's also destruction fixing the slab, so you will find some slowing right there. the crew should be clearing right about now no problem, and the rain hasn't been a factor here. if we move down toward south county, i've got to get out of the wade. just a little bit, guys. back to you. >> forefollowing that breaking news, and we're learn that one man is dead. >> bob redell is on the scene. other folks are out of their home, bob? >> reporter: good morning to you marcus and kris. the fire department, the first
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indication is this was not a special fire, but they don't know the cause. because he does not survive, they are sending the arson investigators out here to try to determine a cause. i want you to look at this video. this is where he lived. this is the second-floor unit that was gutted by flames. it started a bit after 4:00 this morning when firefighters arrived, the unit was fully engulfed. they did pull the man out. he was unconscious. they performed cpr for 20 minutes before declares him dead. i did speak to a couple people here they didn't know him. they said he was quiet and kept to himself. >> it's tough on us, on the neighbors. yeah, it's hard on us. we don't like to see bad things happen to people at all. you think about your families and, you know, our guys got in
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there really quickly and did their best. re could you tell us is our number one priority and it's disappointing and sad for everyone involved when things work out this way. >> reporter: the fire department tells us they did get the fire out fairly quickly, but there are five other units that either suffered water, smoke damage or just don't have power. you have about 15 people who will be displaced. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." 6:04 right now. developing out of the washington, a live look at capitol hill where it is clock is ticking down to the federal shutdown deadline. president trump is tweeting out about the wall, saying, the democrats are trying to belittle the concept, calling it old-fashioned.
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it's like the wheel, there is flog better. i know tech better than anyone. well, if neither side budge, the shutdown would take effect at he midnight eastern time. he says that he'll veto any budget without the money. tracie potts is in washington where all that action is taking place. what are you hearing? >> reporter: president trump has been tweeting this morning. he's also blaming democrats if there's a shutdown later tonight, even though he said he would be proud to do it himself. he's putting the pressure on his own party to come up with a solution. stalema stalemate. >> i do not want the government to shut down. >> reporter: it may happen. tonight is the deadline. the house just passed a temporary budget through february 8th. that includes $5 billion for
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president trump's border wall. democrat nancy pelosi said that could never happen. she was wrong. nancy does not have to apologize, the president tweeted. so proud of you all. now on to the senate. >> it can't pass. >> reporter: without a few senate democratic votes, the budget with wall money can never reach the president's desk. the senate's version includes no money for the wall. >> any measure that funds the government must including border security. has to. >> reporter: frustrated lawmakers say it's up to the president to break the gridlock. >> you are in charge of the house, senate and white house. get a grip and learn how to govern the country. >> reporter: it's not clear what can happen between now and midnight to keep the government running. we're hearing from the president. we will hear from the senate. that's where the big decision sits right now. they meet in just a few hours. the white house telling us the president is not going anywhere.
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he had planned to head to florida on vacation later today, but that will be on hold if this budget is still up in the air. marcus? >> tracey, we will continue to follow this one. we are going to watch the ferret government shutdown. a lot of people are asking what would it mean here? now, the nation's capital this morning is still trying to -- happening today a san francisco police officer is facing criminal charges of hills own. federal prosecutors say officer doherty robbed a bank? the city's sunset district last
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month, got away with about $9,000, but also linked to the racist scandal in 2018. this will be his first court appearance in connection with the bank robbery accusation. 6:08, with a live look at sfo. you guessed it, the travel rush is in full effect. i want to show you packed crowd at san jose last night. it's expected to look this busy for the next few days, because massive storms back east, we are already seeing hours-long delays with flights out of the new york, so kari, mother nature not bringing a lot of christmas cheer. >> it's going to cause a domino effect. so far at sfo things are looking good. and we'll see a few spotty
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showers moving through. if you're flying out of the san jose, we're seeing clear visibility, and things are looking good. our temperatures will start out in the low 50s. there will be a chance of rain right about 9:00, and then partly to mostly cloudy skies. in the trivalley there will be a few passing showers, and then we'll be at 58 degrees as they head out of the school and ready for the christmas break. now you're tracking a crash in hayward, mike? >> i am. lighter volume all around. green sensors almost everywhere. so watch those speeds. most places you can go pretty quickly. but be careful here, south 880 down toward a street, there's a crash affecting the fast lane. that will be a factor. you see the highlighted green. that's where we show the weather index.
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miles flewing through concord, sang thing for the eastshore freeway. next up, have fun, but be responsible over the holiday. where chp officers are cracking down starting tonight. also the unlikely place you can get your hands on free mary poppins movie tickets this weekend. and life imitating art. the christmas movie this neighborhood is paying homage to. can you get? you're watching "today in the bay." this little home of mine,
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♪ i'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪
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happy friday. a live look outside palo alto and highway 101. as you start out the day, there will be rain chances throughout about 10:00, and mostly cloudy as the weather dries out. the rain moving through much of the north bay. we'll get a closer look at stormranger and what to expect in less than five minutes. >> just like kari said, visibility and 101 at golden gate bridge, very clear. rain traveling through parts of the bay. slicker conditions. i just saw chp give some flashing lights. someone will get talked to over
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at the toll plaza. no lanes are blocked. good morning, i'm frank holland. here are today's top business headlines. wall street is set to open slightly higher this morning after another day of selling. worries about rising interest rates following the latest fed rate hike and the possibility of a government shutdown, unnerving investors and really punishing stocks. shutdowns can be more harmful the longer they last. yesterday the dow falling 464 points, but it had been down more than 700 during the session, the nasdaq dropping briefly into correction territory. durable goods, income and spending, and third quarter sentiment are of interest. a survey by the national retail federation funds a quarter of americans say they'll fin their christmas shopping
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this weekend. about 7% will still be shopping on examines eve. for those that missed the december 25th deadline have planned to take advantage of post-christmas sales. if you want to score some free movie tickets, head over to subway. when you buy a kid's meal, supplies are limited. the remake of the classic opens this week. the tickets need to be used through fandango. this weekend you it contest true love. go to subway, and see mary poppins. you stick with me, that's true love. >> new pictures of one of santa's elves landing in space. astronaut ann mcclain posted these pictures.
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one shot shows him checking out a spacesuit. the other one shows him tied down so he doesn't float away. you know, some houses they go all out for christmas with their lights there, but this one, look at these houses. this is a miracle a 34th street. it's actually in baltimore, truly a sight to see. it's me street in baltimore. they have hubcap christmas trees, festive flamingos. the street is dripping in the light sauce. >> it doesn't feel like christmas until you come to the miracle on me street. >> they make you feel all jolly and happy. >> i've been there many atimes. that tradition, those neighbors have been doing this for 25 years. i've seen people from philadelphia, which is about a two-hour drive there without traffic, about 30, 40 miles from d.c. come to see that. it is really a sight to see.
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>> mike was saying he was wondering if you have to present credentials to buy a house on that block. i promise i won't go dark. >> i promise. this is all about looking sharp on game day, but the boston bruins hockey team added a christmas twist. they came dressed in full holiday fashion. i like it. >> decked out in holiday suits, ties, love it. i love it. >> some people just threw it all on, like that. >> when you do the whole thing, it's like -- >> you're working christmas day. >> i won't be doing that. >> i saw them for sale at target. >> pick one up for your husband. >> we might do the christmas pajamas. >> the pajamas work. >> so if you're going to be at home throughout the holidays, it's going to be nice, but we will have some waves of rain. we're seeing the first of it
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coming through this morning. it's the first day of winter. it starts at 2:23 this afternoon. mostly across the north bay, as well as the east bay, as we get a closer look, some showers moving through santa rhossa, napa, as we move over toward contra costa county, walnut creek starts out with showers as well. check out the seven-day forecast, while we check out stormranger and see where the rain is pouring. if you will be traveling, keep in mind there will be rain. maybe even the south bay, with a few areas clearing out.
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and then another round of rain sunday night into early monday. that could mean some scattered showers forr ethe raiders game monday. plan for a chance of showers between now and 9:00. mostly cloudy skies, as you get ready this morning, it's kind of a frizzy hair day. just put it into a ponytail and go. if you have travel plans to the sierra, right now it's too warm for many of those locations to pick up on snow. we will see snow late sunday into christmas. it could bring in decent snowfall totals. mike's been tracking the jam that's happening on the nimitz. >> we had traffic flowing nicely in toward hayward.
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it jams up right around 238. you see the green highlighting, but the red sensors is the concern. two lanes are now blocked as crews have arrived on scene, southbound 880. not a lot of details on the crash, but no injuries are reported. the bad news is the jam. now as we zoom out you see the green highlighting all over, where kari just showed you the radar activity. so be careful out there. there are slick roadways. now we put on the radar, and that's what we're talking about. as well as coming once again over toward the east shore freeway, the carquinez awill be wet. coming up next --
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>> airlines are strict with bag fees. we're checking the accuracy of the scales they used for checked luggage. nbc bay area responds is next. rush to work, grab a drink, hurry home. - [cell phone beeps] - stop! don't be on your phone. let someone else take the wheel. make a little eye contact. make a plan. it's a busy world out there. we're all in it together. go safely, california.
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you hurry to work, so you can take it slow. - [cell phone beeps] - stop! let's stop looking at pedestrians as a nuisance, and carless objects, and start looking out for each other again. it's a busy world out there. we're all in it together. go safely, california. season, there )s a good chance you )ll have to pay extra to check your bag. if you're flying this holiday season, there's a good chance you'll have to pay extra to check your bags. also to see if you owe a second
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fee. >> good morning. let's go back to the money first. airlines raked in 4.5 billion fees for baggage. how reliable are their scales? luckily, snippers check these from time to time. so how do -- we looked into it. all 65 oakland at sam jose, they checked 142 -- and found just one that fa failed. but sfo inspectors looked at 333 scales and found 18 that were
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not accurate. five were underweighing bags, 13 were over-weighing them. how do you, the everyday traveler nose which scales to avoid? scales that are overweighs bags get that red tag. they're supposed to be taken out of service for repair, too. a blue tag is taped for underweighing. the scales can still be used, but they're supposed to fix them within a month. 6:25, and the discussion continues. will you pay more to cross the golden gate bridge? drivers could see the cost go up to $10. of course we will keep you
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updated. >> a duismt u crackdown begins tonight. and chp tells us they're conducting sobriety checks starting at 9:00 tonight. >> is there such a thing as a friendly grinch? >> mary shrader delivers the mail, but this week she's doing it in her green grinch costume. she says it helps take away the stress of delivers mail during the busy season. that little guy is just happy to see her. who knew, right? we just got word that santa claus is in mexico. spreading lots of -- you can see
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him dive and do underwater tricks, and it's certainly a big surprise for the kids who thought they were just going to see fish. coming up next here on "today in the bay," we'll take you back to the breaking news in the south bay. a deadly fire, and we'll have a live report next.
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this is a fight. not to the finish. but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause. him. expert care for every new beginning.
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bay area. a live look at our live doppler radar powered by storm r right now at 6:30, rain is coming down across the area.
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stormranger tells part of the story. thank you for joining us. right now we want to get to meteorologist kari hall. >> it's been stuff for some of the bay area. parts of the east bay, as we see a line the showers moving through. and then southern sonoma, napa counties, into marin county, we have also seen the waves of rain moving through from areas just to the east of concord over toward highway 4, extending toward brentwood. we'll see this off and on for the next few hours, and activity will taper down as we start off with the first day of winter with drier weather. . mike? >> that's really the -- the rest of your commute looks great. we do have the we had roads that
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kari is talking about. jammed from just north of 238. two right lanes -- correction -- two right lanes are blocked toward a street. those are the fast lanes as you're traveling down into the area. once you're past a street you're okay toward the san mateo bridge, but even the upper eastshore freeway is moving smoothly. we want to get back to the breaks news we've been following all morning. >> one man died. bob redell is live near near almaden expressway, and we're talking to some of the folks forced from their homes this morning.
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>> reporter: correct. it's the one man who lived in the unit that caught fire who did not survive. the fire department will send out an arson investigators, which is normal in a circumstance like this, to determine what caused the fire here. take a look at this video. this man lived on the second floor they got the fire out fairly quickly, then realized this man was inside. they performed cpr for 20 minutes before declaring him dead. i spoke to a couple people who lived here. they didn't know the man. they said he kept to himself. >> they came in, took down the door and flames were coming out. it was really bad. >> reporter: next door to your
6:33 am
apartment? >> yes. >> reporter: what are you doing? >> sleeping. got up really quick. they knocked on the door and told us to leave. >> reporter: was there a smoke alarm or anything going on? >> yeah, there was a smoke alarm. that's why we were bothered a bit. when my husband got out to go to work, he checked. >> reporter: your family is safe? >> yes. >> so the fire department tells us there are 15 people who have been displaced. we knowed red cross is here and they're going to help with temporary housing. >> there's a bottomless mimosa brunch food scam going around. according to santa clara county's district attorney, people are paying up to $100 for events that never take place.
6:34 am
that scam is believed to have originated in a local newspaper. if you have been scam, the d.a.'s office recommends contacting your bank. a warning for pg & e customers in the east bay. police say folks are getting calls saying their bills are overdue. police and pg & e say do not call that number and do not give your credit card information. also a health warning, where there's another major outbreak of whoop cough. so far there have been 229 cases of the highly contagious disease. it's especially dangerous for babies and pregnant women. signs of whooping he cough include proloansed coug ee eed coughing.
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kira? >> a lot of people are doing whatever they can to help make this christmas a special one for the victims of the fires, especially the children. the alameda county sheriff's department had a goal to collect 100 bicycles for the victims. they already have 400 bikes, plus another $20,000 in sports equipment. volunteers are delivering the first of these bikes this morning beginning at 8:00 a.m. it wasn't just that. last night, take a look at this. this was in chico, an early christmas for the chico boys and girls club. this event is actually an annual event. they almost had to cancel this year, because so many staffers lost their homes in the fire. with resources stretched thin,
6:36 am
nbc bay area's parent company comcast stepped in to make sure the event went off as planned. >> they gave us food, games, santa claus, so we're having a good time. what do you think, bud? >> yeah, it's good. we still have a link on our web page if you'd like to help donate to the victims as well. but they had the day to celebrate. >> just be normal kids. >> thanks. there will be a lot of -- with the sharks minor league affiliates take on the tucson roadrunners.
6:37 am
it's the fourth annual teddy bears to. on following the first goal here are some tips on how to do it and not do it. >> jeff, i'm going to feed you a couple bears. are you ready? >> yeah. let's do it. >> yes, perfect. >> oh, don't do that, you can't take the hockey player out of the hockey player. in the bears will be given to underprivileged children. the puck drops fan at 7:00. teddy bears drop shotly after that. >> why do they always land on their faces. >> that's a good question. cats always land on their feet. do teddy bears always land on their faces? let's hope it's a quick one.
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go barracudas. the rain is coming in. you will need to slow down. in fact, as we show you, the rain versus traveled through contra costa county, now coming back. kari will let you know if that's right on you not. just a little build in the volume. your left two lanes, the two fast lanes are blocked at a street. that's the only backup. everything else is very smooth. >> well, will it clear if you start to hit the road? around the bay area -- >> yes, it will be off and on for today, traveling across the central valley, maybe goods to the sierras maybe be tricky. we do have the chain controls
6:39 am
for highway i-80, and then looking at still some of the scattered showers moving through, but fine if you're heading up or down the grapevine. nice to get out there this afternoon, as our highs reach the upper 50s. we'll cool down fast. we will get some sunshine tomorrow for your shopping or traveling. it's going to reach into the upper 50s or low 60s. on sunday rain will be returning from the coast to the inland areas starting throughout the afternoon, and evening hours, and also into christmas eve. if you're planning on going ice skating tonal. night -- when you bundle up and enjoy your time out there. santa cruz is looking great this weekend with some low 60s and partly cloudy skies. if you're heading toward the
6:40 am
sier sierra, travel will be tricky. tomorrow should be much better, but i'm sure you'll have a lot more company. you'll want to get there on sunday. on sunday night there will be more snow showers coming through. for russian river valley, we'll see a mixture of sun and clouds after that rain clears out. and then more showers on sunday. you'll have nice weather in l.a., the rest of your forecast is looking dry. let me know what you have planned for this holiday weekend. i'll have a look at today's temperature trend coming up in about three minutes. up next on "today in the bay," a new report showing thousands of migrant children will be spending their christmas in overpopulated shelters. the new numbers coming out this morning. also we're about 15 hours away from a government shutdown. we did some checking overnight.
6:41 am
we'll go live to san francisco and show you how it may affect you here. the big board, the dow is up 111 points there. u.s. stocks index futures point to some gain today, but steep losses since the federal reserve decision hiked up interest rates on thursday. you're watching "today in the bay."
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a few swipes of the windshield wipers. as we look at fremont, it's all dry on 880, but there will be a chance of rain through about 8:00 to 10:00, and then partly cloudy skies. we're tracking it all on stormranger. more on that coming up at about 6:48. we're looking at 880 here for the maps, jammed up out of san leandro. half the freeway is blocked by a crash. we'll show you what things are like. the drive time doesn't show too bad heading toward the bay bridge in the opposite direction. developing right now, a live look at capitol hill this morning where things are just as hazy as they look. the clock is counting down to a shutdown.
6:45 am
house lawmakers actually approved a plan yet, but it was dead on arrival in the senate, because it included money for a wall. so far president trump giving no signs he will relent on his threat to veto any budget that does not have the $5 billion to start his wall. what does this all mean for the bay area? tom jensen is live in san francisco with more on the possible impact for your weekend plans and those federal workers who may not get a paycheck. >> reporter: all heading into the holiday. if there is a shutdown, it would have a significant impact here at alcatraz landing because of the 10,000 people who have already paid to take tours of the island. they would be out of luck if there is a shutdown. alcatraz tours are booked 5,000
6:46 am
people a day, but they will be out of luck. if alcatraz -- if there's a shutdown, and it would be closed until the government shutdown is over. as i said, that's 5,000 people also feeted by a shiftdown, the u.s. coast guard station at yerba buena, and the 600-plus active-duty personnel as well as hundreds others who are reservists or who work there as government employees. they would not be get chucks.
6:47 am
6:47, a new report showing that my rand children will spend christmas in overpopulated shelters. the federal government placed more than 14,000 migrant toddlers children and teenager in u.s. shelters. here are the new numb bers. 9800 are in a facility. in 2018 the same federal program had 2700 migrant kids in its care. jerry brown making moves before he leaves officer. he filed a lawsuit to protect one of his actions regards
6:48 am
prison reform. the lawsuit challenges a pending 2020 initiative that would roll back governor brown's reform and would toughen criminal penalties. it was certified by officials, but certified too late for the election. governor brown contends that it lacks the signature to move forwa forward. sheriff alex villaleja says he plans to limit crimes -- although federal i.c.e. agents will no longer have a large presence, the sheriff's department is working out details to continue to transfer inmates who commit more serious crimes to immigration authorities. the signs are up, and you can see there the drive there
6:49 am
for president barack h. obama highway. this is in southern california. that road was authorized in 2017, and takes up a portion of state route 134. this is between glen day and pasadena. president obama lived there while attending occidental college. the otter did not tweet anything offensive, but some believe that the monterey bay aquarium did. the tweet shows a 46-bound otter named abby. we googled it. your typical otter weighs about 20 pounds, but abby is a thick girl with an absolute unit. we had to look that up. on the obvious racial overtones there were questioned. the aconveyor numb has apologized. they add that abby has a healthy
6:50 am
beat for an otter her age. so i guess they "otter" know. a dad joke of the day. sometimes you try to be funny and it doesn't work, but not this time. >> that is a quick change. >> take it away, kari. >> wove some rain moving through the bay area. we head on one of the busiest days of the year. it's the friday before christmas, and the first day of winter. now we are seeing some of the showers that may be slowing you down for your drive. as we get a closer look, we're starting to see some of the showers clear, though we are seeing the showers move through fairfield. contra costa county, you have seen it coming through waves, really starting to pour there. as well as brentwood. we can see how heavy that rain
6:51 am
is coming down on that bridge. and then also as you head toward the east bay, san francisco getting a pretty good amount of rain coming down right now. it's been coming through off and on throughout the past few hours. then we'll start to taper off as we go through the late-morning hours. we're tracking this system and another one is set to move in late on sundays. let's time it out for you. we are going to see some of the rain moving through, and then here we are at 8:30. it's still raining for parts of north bay, east bay, even the peninsula. but may start to make its way into parts of the south bay. and then we're all clear for the rest of the day. tomorrow no showers until about sunday when the next wave of rain comes in late in the evening into christmas eve. we will still have some
6:52 am
unsettled weather, though it won't be raining the whole time. as you make your way out the door in the south bay, we will have a chance of way, and at about 9:00, and then partly to mostly cloudy skies. we take a live look outside. if you're going there this afternoon, it will be a nice one, but getting dressed, you may want to grab something with a hood. you may get caught in some spotty showers. i'm also tracking the kin tides, unusually high tides we see because of the gravitational pull of the moon. it also will possibly cause some coastal flooding. mike, you're back to the one crash in hayward. >> i have fewer crashes. the south bay just starting to
6:53 am
build. now it's recovery down toward a street. thumbs up, this bump right there. the crash has cleelanared, but s take you to our partner waze. it was reported that crash was there. there's a couple reports, another one from tarrytown. waze can help you out no matter where you go. we'll show you the rest of your commute right now. highway 4 alternates slowing, and coming up toward that construction zone should be just fine, no major issues, but there is rain out there. guys, back to you. thank you. 6:53. happening now, an envoy says
6:54 am
washington has no intention of reducing the sanctions against north korea. north korea says it will never give up the nuclear weapons, until the u.s. first removes what it calls, quote, a nuclear threat. and a can be like at the top stories. this is out of the south bay. what investigators are telling you about a deadly apartment fire that's leaving several people without a home. and square is branching out across the bay bridge. we'll tell you where the new building is located as "today in the bay" returns in just two minutes.
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this is a fight.
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not to the finish. but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause. him. expert care for every new beginning.
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here are the top stories on today in the bay-- this deal will change oakland )s downtown. here are the top stories here on "today in the bay." the deal will change oakland's downtown. square is expanding to the east bay. according to "the east bay times" square is leasing the complex, and will keep its building in san francisco, but will relocate about 3700 to 500 employees to oakland. that's a video from south san jose where a deadly fire happened this morning. fire crews tried to revive the man. after 20 minutes, they declared
6:58 am
him dead there. it was a tough time for people there. you know, it's tough on everybody involved. it's tough on us, tough on the neighbors. they know each other. yeah, we don't like to see bad things that that to people at all. you think about your families. our guys got in there quickly, did their best, and rescue is our number one priority, and it's disappointing and sad for everyone involved when things work out this way. >> that fire was contained to just one unit. right now, we want to give us a look at sfo. as you guessed it, the travel rush is in full effect. this is a look at packed crowds from san jose's mineta airport last night. it's expected to continue looking this busy for the next
6:59 am
few days. we are seeing long delays in flights from new york this morning. so far so good here. we know yesterday we had that dense fog. still some showers coming through. we're tracking it on stormranger. the rain is coming down. moving over toward oakland, we will see this starting to taper off. a pleasant afternoon on the way. as kari shod, definitely slick on the golden gate bridge. visibility at times may be an issue. the richmond side also recently hit, and going through contra costa county, and there may be low clouds around. as we come come back to the desk, kari talked about i-80 has
7:00 am
chains for the seer ias. >> do be careful out there. and there are some delays he at the airports, so check for your flights before you head to the airport. have a great weekend. good m. breaking overnight, chaos in washington. shock waves after the abrupt resignation of defense secretary jim mattis, publicly scolding president trump on his way out with an extraordinary rebuke of the commander in chief and his policies. this, as the government hurtles towards a shutdown today. critics say it's up to the president and his party to


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