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tv   Today  NBC  December 22, 2018 5:30am-7:01am PST

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lease the gla 250 for $359 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. good morning. breaking overnight. shutdown. the federal government partially closed this morning after lawmakers fail to come to agreement with the president over funding a border wall. hundreds of thousands of federal workers now without pay just days before christmas. president trump sending out a messages late last night. >> let's get out and let's work together and let's be bipartisan and get it done. >> so what happens now? how long will the shutdown last? we are live in the nation's capitol. under arrest. two suspects in custody this morning in connection with the drone scare in connection that
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shutdown one of the world's busiest airports strands thousands for the holidays. is the travel nightmare finally over? the unkindest cut of all. outrage after a high school wrestler in new jersey is forced to cut his dread locks or forfeit his match. the young man agreeing to do it to help his team. this morning, accusations of racism, it is the referee paying the price. all that plus murder charges. the fianceiance of the c supreme strength, supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg recovering this morning after a lung cancer scare that left her hospitalized. panicked saturday, it's a mad dash to the mall today as more than 130 million people put the finishing or possibly the starting touches on their holiday shopping. today, saturday december 22nd,
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2018. from nbc news this is "today" with chanel jones, peter alexander live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> thank you for joining us. we are glad to have my friend kristen welker. it was so quiet at the white house this week, we thought we would take the show on the road. >> i thought you were going to say it was quiet because chanel's not here. >> it was a busy week in washington, which is where we're going to start. >> there is chaos back in washington, d.c. right now with the federal government now partially shut down. it become official at midnight. lawmakers will be back at it today to try to come to an agreement. >> here's where things stand right now. 800,000 federal employees will not be getting paid during this shutdown. more than half of them will have to report to work. the rest are being furloughed. they won't go to work, but they
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also won't get paid. >> and seven federal agencies are no longer being funded by the government including homeland security and the justice department, but because it's a partial shutdown, several agencies will stay open, and that includes the post office. good news, your packages will still be delivered ahead of christmas. >> among the questions, how did this happen, is there any hope of a deal anytime soon, who's to blame, nbc's white house correspondent geoff bennett has the very latest this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. president trump said he'd be proud to own a shutdown over the border wall and now he's got one. this is the third government shutdown on president trump's watch as lawmakers failed to reach an agreement over border wall funding, the president is demanding. and with days left before christmas, there's little sign as to just when or how trump and congressional leaders will manage to find their way through the stalemate. >> this morning americans are waking up to a federal government that's partially shut
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down with congress at an impasse over president trump's $5 billion border wall demand. congress already approved funding for about 75% of the government, but about a dozen major agencies are dark this morning. during the shutdown, at least 800,000 government employees will not receive their expected paychecks with christmas coming fast. >> it shouldn't be that i have to worry about when i'm going to get paid. >> depending on how long it is, we may notot be able to have certain things during the holidays. >> reporter: roughly 420,000 government workers deemed essential employees will still be expected to work without pay, including tsa agents and air traffic controllers. u.s. custom and border protection agencies, and also u.s. marshals, fbi agents, coast guard employees and forest service firefighters. they'll likely be paid retroactively when the government threopens. another 380,000 will be
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furloughed or forced to take unpaid leave until the shutdown ends. it all comes at the hands of a president clinging to a campaign promise, a border wall, and abandoning the deal lawmakers had already reached to fund th government. earlier eafriday, mr. trump pointed the finger at democrats. >> it's upin to the democrats, it's really the democrats' shutdown. >> ara reversal from what he sa just days ago. >> i am proud to shut down the government for border security. i will be the one to shut it down. i'm not going to blame youu. fo it. >> democrats have said all along they will not fund trump's border pwall. >> president trump, you will not get your wall. abandon your shutdown strategy. >> reporter: add to that cnn discovering a 2015 radio interview in which incoming white house chief of staff nick mulvaney criticized trump's
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border wall. >> with no clear path forward, the president tweeted this video late fridayy night. >> let's getni out. let's a work together. let's be bipartisan, and let's get it done. the shutdown hopefully will not last long. >> and geoff, let's just set the scene there behind you at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. the president's family has left for mar-a-lago. president trump could potentially be spending christmas away from his family and in washington. he's there right now. so what's the mood at the white house, geoff, and could that be a pressure point? >> reporter: i think it'ss safe to say it's cautiously optimistic since you have both the house and senate that will be in session later this afternoon, and we're told that talks will continue. one white house official tells us they're still working out the numbers. might the president accept something less than his $5 billion demand. might he accept steel fencing instead of a concrete wall. it's a possibility the white house officials says they expec the shutdown to last at least
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until sunday. >> i know you're expecting another long day. thank you requester your report. we want to turn to nbc ease national political correspondent, steve kor nknack key, and the pentagon under president obama. gentlemen, good morning. thanks forn, coming in on this holiday weekend. steve, a quiet way to start the holiday, right? what a week. the presidentth we saw, he saide would be proud to own a shutdown. now he's trying to blame the democrats for the shutdown. a lot of this is about a border wall. the most recent polling taken within the last monthla shows tt a majority of americans oppose a wall. soll can the president win on this? who's to blame for b this shutdown? >> you put that number on the screen. what is so striking to me about that, 54 opposed. 43 support. you know what that looks like? donald trump's approval rating. aboutov 43% approve, 54% disapprove. it feelsls like so many issues politics today,y, including the borderwall, the shutdown.
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probably break on that question, whathe side is trump on. he's got that base in the high 30s low 40s that are with him, and then the folks that are against him which continues to count higher than that. >> thatha raises the question about how much leverage the president actually has here and in just 12 days, democrats are going to take over the house, and everyone's saying this is really a preview of what divided government is going to look like, but more broadly, doesn't the president's hand only get weaker here? how does this end? >> right, because democrats are taking over congress. if you let this thing stretch out, your potential to cut a deal on your terms if you're trump maybe goes down a little bit. in terms of what is the way out for trump, if he needs to look at something he's signing and say, look, i am getting a wall here, that also happens to be the bottom line for democrats. they'ree looking at their base, and they're looking at those poll numbers you put up, and they're saying we're not going to give him anything he can say is a wall. they're offering border security wall, he wants a wall. they won't give him one.
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i think democrats know if this goes on a littleil bit, the hou flips to their hands in two weeks. >> wejeremy, begin by recapping the week. the dow has its worst week in a decade. i the president blindsides many of his own national security officials and foreign allies by sayingec he's withdrawing amerin troops from syria. his defense secretary says he's out, and then the government shuts down. we're used to chaos during the trumpp presidency, but how does this week compare to what we've witnessed before? >> i mean, this is the epitome of dysfunction. for those of us who know jim mattis, we always heard him say that he would not quit out of fatigue or f frustration. hefr would stand his ground on policy issues and essentially force the president toue fire h if he thought f the president w going to be doing something that was manifestly not in the interests of national security. along comes president trump. hein makes this precipitous announcement of withdrawal of troops from syria and possibly afghanistan, and jim mattis says i can't abide by that.
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i think your foreign policy is way off the mark and now we've removed one of the main guardrails of the trump presidency. >> follow up on that point, jeremy. obviously thet, entire country, really the entire world watching right now, our friends and foes alike,no and mattis really was seen as the adult in the room. so who a can provide that safeguard at this point, or is there not anyone? >> general mattis is gone. general kelly is gone. those were two of the big three including the chairman of the joint chiefs. general dunford, the three marine four stars who were surrounding the president and making sure he didn'the goo offe rails that he didn't engage in dangerous foreign policy signs. it's a very concerning sign not just here in washington but around the world. >> jeremy, steve, thanks for spending some time with s us. >> great conversation. and also this morning, supreme court justice ruth gabar ginsburg is recovering in the hospital after being treated for lung cancer. matt, what's the very latest?
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>> reporter: good morning, justice ginsburg is recovering in memorial sloan keterring hospital behind me. doctors say she'she likely to b here for the next couple of days. this surgeryre yesterday went remarkably well. there were no real any time an 85-year-old like justice ginsberg goes under surgery like this, it's going to be risky. and people have to be paying attention to this. now at the same time, she had a colarectal labectomy. two cancerous nodules were removed from her lungs. these were just discovered by accident last month after the justice suffered a fall and broke several ribs. so these two nodules are considered cancerous. they are malignant. but it's important that doctors say there are no signs of other diseases elsewhere in her body and they're not going to be recommending further treatment. and this is important. it's a very good sign. of course, the justice has been a true survivor for the last
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several decades. she survived cancer twice before. she had surgery in 1999 and ten years later she went through the early stages of pafrpg ree attic cancer and had surgery for that as well. and, of course, justice ginsberg is known for her brutal morning workout routines. she's a very healthy lady and a very old age and everybody is waiting for her recovery. >> matt, she is a fighter, that is for sure. thank you very much for that. >> we want to turn right now and focus on the busy weekend ahead. all the holiday travelers. what a mess it was on friday for people trying to get to their holiday destinations a little early. hopefully things get better today. by the look of it, it's going to be another long one for a lot of folks. >> it certainly is. that is a lot of planes happening in the air right now. but you know, one in three americans are expected to travel over this holiday. and the massive storm that drenched the east coast yesterday created a major headache for so many people. this was the scene in millford, connecticut.
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the storm was causing flooding all along the coast. look at the waves crashing over there. airports were packed on friday. more than 6,000 flights were delayed and 300 cancellations were reported across the country. and the wet weather also caused chaos on the rails, roads as well. i was stuck in traffic going over the gw bridge yesterday morning because not only is it the start of the holiday weekend but it's also a regular friday commute. so this is what's going on in the sky right now. a lot of planes actually flying. its kind of a good thing considering we did have that storm move through yesterday. there are still about 380 flights delayed and 53 cancellations because of the residual effects of this storm. both in the form of wind and rain and some snow. most of the snow we're seeing is across upstate new york. we have a little lake-effect snow as well. this whole storm system will still continue to produce heavy rain through central and northern new england and we do still have a little bit of light snow across the higher peeks of the appalachians. we are going to see this all pull away as we go into tonight.
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we'll see an improving day for saturday. light snow still possible around the great lakes. that's more lake-effect snow. then this clipper system is going to move in sunday night and monday. that will be just enough to cause a dusting of snow across parts of the northeast. just what you want for christmas. a little bit but not too much. and those will pull away as we go into christmas day. combining the residual snow we have left over in the appalachians and up across upstate new york, we could see two to four inchese need it to soon as we can. thank you. now tos. some overnight breaking news whereom authoriti in london made two arrests in connection withh a drone scare t one of the world's busiest airports, gatwick. it brought traffic at the airport to a standstill for more than a day. nbc's lucy calf nof is in london. >> reporter: british authorities have arrested two people in connection with the criminal use of drones, a man and a woman.
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it's not clear whether these two are the culprits. authorities are still investigating the incident. they've asked the public to step forwarde with more information before the thousands of passengers affected by this drone disruption. the hope is the christmas travel nightmare is finally over. this. morning with two suspects in t custody, britain's second busiest airport is open again. passengers hoping the christmas travel nightmare now over after three days of flight disruptions, cancellations and delays caused by drones. >> we were a bit worried yesterday, but today we're really hopeful that we'll take off and it will all be fine. >> reporter: gatwick airport waw forced to shut down wednesday night after drones were spotted near the runway. sincee then more than a thousan flights canceled or diverted, affecting nearly 140,000 passengers. holiday plans inn ruins. >> we're not going to be going. we're visiting family and friends in denver, and i don't know if we're going to get to go out and see them. >> troops were called in to hunt for the operator as police
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snipers prepared to shoot the drone pdown. the airport reopened on friday, but then another drone sighting briefly grounded flights. as thene popularity of drones soars,s, so does the danger the pose in the skies. watch what happens when a drone smashes into the wing of a plane. this dramatic experiment at the university of dayton highlights the risk of collisions. pilots in the u.s. reported more than 2,000 drone sightings this year, and mexico's largest airline is investigating whether a drone slammed into the nose of one of its planes last week. >> nearly 800 flights scheduled out of gatwick today, more than 120,000 passengers military measures now in place at the airport to ensure that folks can get to their destinations in time for the holidays. >> backys to you. >> thank you for that report. now too a story we have bee following the past couple of weeks. a colorado man sits behind bars this morning charged with killing his fiancee, who is also
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the mother of their 1-year-old daughter. police arresting him on friday despite not having found the woman's body. nbc's steve patterson is at the woodland park, colorado, police station with more this morning. steve, good morning. >> reporter: peter, it'sd been exactlys one month since kelcey berreth first wentfo missing. authorities continue to search for urher, but they do believe e was murdered with enough evidence to make t that arrest. >> after a month of uncertainty and heartache, finally an arrest. friday morning police cornering and carting off patrick frazee from his colorado ranch. the 32-year-old now facing charges ofof first degree murde and solicitation for murder in the disappearance of his fiancee kelcey berreth. >> sadly, we do not believe kelcey is still alive. >> the arrest comes after investigators zeroed in on berreth's home making multiple trips. >> investigators have recovered
5:48 am
a number of items making us suspicious the crime did occur at her residence. >> berreth was seen publicly on thanksgiving day spotted on surveillance video shopping with her 1-year-oldd daughter. she vanished with cinnamon rolls still on the stove, her suv parked in the driveway. police scoured frazee's property for any sign of berreth. the solicitation charge opens the possibility that others may be involved in her death. >> at this time there is only one b arrest. i don't know if there's going o be additional arrests in our future. >> after frazee appeared before a judge who ordered him to be held without bond, his mother and public defender left without comment. this morning the mystery of kelcey's disappearance deepens while the man prosecutors say is responsible for her death sits behind bars. >> frazee's next court appearance is scheduled for new year's eve. the cocouple's 1-year-old daughr wasak taken into protective custody. back to you. story.ible steve patterson.
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and we're going to take a turn andnd turn back to dylan f thehe weather. it was looking like a travel nightmare. >> much calmerr today. i was recommending people wait to travel until today. that storm is pulling away, and elsewhere across the country it's actually fairly quiet, besides a little bit of mountain snow out towards the rockies, most of the a little cloud cover but mostly clear. san jose, 44 drez into the afternoon we're expecting these temperatures in the 40s right now as you head out the door, eventually climbing to upper 60s. by 9:00 we'll keep the clear skies, 40 degrees. tracking king tides if you're heading to the toast. be careful of that high surf. and that's your latest and that's your latest forecast. still to come right here, outrage after a high school wrestler is forced to cut his
5:50 am
dreadlocks right before the match. plus, elon musk unveils his brand new underground tunnel. will it save you from that traffic jam on the way to work sunday? we'll take a look right after this.
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we are back on saturday morning with "the weekly download." the look back at the week that was. >> the headlines dominated by the government shutdown, but a lot of other stories we covered as well starting with the uncertainty on wall street. a rough week for the dow. federal reserve raised interest rates ignoring criticism from the president. and sending stocks into a nose dive. the fed chairman defending its actions. >> political considerations play no role whatsoever in our
5:53 am
discussions. >> cbs announced it will not pay former ceo les moonves a penny of the $120 million receivsevere was owed over the sexual misconduct allegations. moonves denies all non consensual relations. a judge in new york city refused to throw out charges against disgraced harvey weinstein. weinstein claims public pressure, not the evidence, led to the prosecution. facebook under fire. the new york times reporting that the social media giant allowed more than 150 companies to access their users personal data causing an absolute uproar. >> facebook admitted it gave partners like spotify access to users private messages, but deny they did it without user consent. elon musk unveiled his underground tunnel in california
5:54 am
taking guests on the test drive for the first time. >> what this amounts to is an absolute solution to gridlock. >> musk's goal is to help commuters by shuttling them underground with speeds up to 150 miles an hour. touching act of kindness to pete davidson who posted on social media he didn't want to be on this earth anymore. >> "saturday night live" star pete davidson receiving a call of support from dan crenshaw. >> i told him this. everybody has a purpose in this world. god put you here for a reason. >> davidson came under fire last month for mocking the wounded war veteran's eye patch. the two made up the following week. some much the week's most astonishing moments caught on camera. an off-duty officer driving a patrol car hitting a homeless
5:55 am
woman and sped off. came back with his girlfriend insisting she was the driver. a retired police officer jumping into action to save a toddler in the road. and this light in the california sky had people talking. scientists say it was most likely a meteorite. and former first lady michelle obama came to 30 rock to surprise tourists with the help of jimmy fallon. >> you want to see a magic trick? check this out. >> i love that they do it right before the doors shut. >> they can't get out. >> imagine being one of the people in the elevator. >> every time i'm in new york and hop on the elevator and it opens up on floor five. rough crowd. >> i saw conan o'brien in the
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eleva elevator. coming up on "today," haven't finished your holiday shopping yet? we have good deals for you. we look back at the year's biggest headlines to help shape 20 good saturday morning. it is december 22nd. can you believe it? wow. i don't think i've ever seen anything look like this,
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incredible look at the top of the transamerica pyramid. in san francisco i had to blast my defroster this morning. thank you so much for joining us. we have a look at our microclimate forecast. that was beautiful >> we have areas like that, also in the north bay we have low visibility, but then we have downtown san jose where there's no fog. that's typically along the coast. temperatures in the 40s and the wind speeds are calm. in the afternoon, i know you said you had to blast your defroster, but this week you're going to have to blast it even more because we're tracking a cold front that's going to affect your work week temperatures. also a chance of rain. good news, for your saturday, overall very calm. weather in the 40s, eventually into the 50s, low 60s. we're going to enjoy plenty of sunshine leading into christmas, but once christmas day arrives, i am tracking some changes that will impact your outdoor plans. so we'll have all the details on that coming up at 7:00 a.m.
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>> see you at 7:00. thanks. after a seven-hour backup traffic is flowing once again in the south bay after a tanker truck overturned on the freeway. it happened around 6:30 last night at the height of the commute where 280 and 880 meet near stevens creek boulevard in san jose not fair from the exit to valley fair mall. the driver was not injured, but when the emergency crew arrived they could smell gas. inside the tank, 8,600 gallons of propane. it took crews hours to remove the tanker because it's a hazardous material. chp shut down on the free exchanges within a half hour radius. if you have crab on your menu for christmas dinner, you may need to remove it. there is a crab shortage in san francisco just days before christmas with dangerous weather in the recent string of storms,
5:59 am
not enough boats are coming in from our north. swells in recent weeks have surged to 40 feet or more. customers are leaving out of crab shops empty handed. however, if you completed your order by november, we're told you should be fine. coming up this morning on "today in the bay," her late husband's wedding ring lost in a local costco like a needle in a h hay stack. that's a good story you don't want to miss, plus all your top stories and weather for christmas coming up at 7:00. in the meantime, we send you back to the "today" show.
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we are back on this saturday morning, december 22nd, 2018. that's a nice looking shot of rockefeller center. it is game time. we are getting down to the wire. hard to believe three days to go until christmas. so many nice people outside to celebrate with us. let's start this half hour with the check of the headlines. the federal government is partially shutdown. it happened at the stroke of midnight. lawmakers unable to come to agreement with the president over the $5 billion for the border wall. today, at least 800,000 government employees will not receive pay as expected as we
6:01 am
head into the holidays. half of those are expected to work without pay, including the tsa, air traffic controllers and customs agents. lawmakers will work again today to try to reach a deal. two people trapped in the west virginia mine earlier this month have been taken into custody. eddie williams and cody beverly charged with trying to steal copper wire. arrest warrants were two others trapped inside have been issued as well. the widow of dr. seuss has died. autry geisel built up the estate and executive produced films muof her husband's beloved books. geisel died at the age of 97. in case you missed it, look at the screen. this is a driver in slovakia who
6:02 am
is lucky to be alive after hitting a barrier along the highway and flew into the underpass and the car back on the wheels. the good news? he is all right. he passed a breathalyzer test. police think he fell asleep. >> that is luck. also this morning, an investigation is under way in new jersey after a high school wrestler forced to cut his dread locks off minutes before the match. the referee who told him to do it is coming under fire. here is nbc's kathy park. >> reporter: a new jersey referee benched after video of a student having his haircut off went viral. >> to cut somebody's hair off? >> reporter: moments before the match on wednesday night, high school wrestler andrew johnson had a tough choice to make. cut his dread locks or forfeit the match. he chose to compete. >> hurtful.
6:03 am
just wrong. >> reporter: the outrage growing on social media. much of it directed at the referee who gave the ultimatum who said his hair length and headgear broke the rules. on facebook, his mother wrote, hardest thing i have seen. he is good now. that was brutal emotionally. the aclu of new jersey tweeted this is not about hair. this is about race. how many different ways will people try to exclude black people from public life without having to declare bigotry? the referee, who they did not name, won't be allowed to officiate any student sporting events in the district. the association that regulates new jersey high school athletics launched an investigation. wrestling over a controversy call. for "today," kathy park, nbc
6:04 am
news. >> you wonder if he could not put his hair up. >> how did they deal with it in the past? couldn't they cover it up? a lot of people frustrated. let's get another check of the forecast with dylan. >> good morning, guys. i know yesterday was a very rainy day. did you notice how warm it was? temperatures up in the 60s for so many across the northeast. today, a lot of the heat is going to be back to the midwest. temperatures running 10 degrees above average. in boston, you should get up to 53 degrees today. that is 12 degrees above average. on sunday, we are going to lose the warmer temperatures in the northeast. we are back down closer to average with highs in the 40s. we are going to see the warmth try to continue into parts of the midwest. chicago is above average. average is down to 33 degrees. not that warm, per se. as we go through next week, heading to christmas, we will see temperatures stay average in the d.c. area and mid-atlantic.
6:05 am
temperatures in the 40s. nashville close to 60 degrees for wednesday. kansas city at 50 degrees. we've definitely got some fog in san francisco. look at that live camera, 48 degrees right now. all this fog is expected to burn off. by the afternoon we will get mostly clear skies. current temperatures in the 30s for the north bay. santa rosa, 34. napa at 41. down through san jose at 44 degrees. now, overall we're expecting a mostly dry afternoon heading towards the weekend. conditions will stay sunny with temperatures topping out in the low 60s. and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you very much. just ahead, what many call panic saturday. the biggest shopping day of the year. even bigger than black friday. three days to go until christmas. there are good deals out there. we will help you find them right
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oral or nasal. still fresh... ♪ unstopables in-wash scent booster ♪ downy unstopables we are back on saturday morning. just three days before christmas as if you needed reminding. today is what people call panic saturday. time for the procrastinators to start shopping. more than 130 million americans expected to go online or go to the mall. sales are expected to be bigger
6:10 am
than black friday. we have sarah here with us with retail me not. nice to see you. i'll ask about your shopping strategy later. let's start for the folks who have work to do today. talk about the value of in-store shopping and online shopping in the waning days and if you can get it done in time. >> absolutely. we are in the crunch. you have to get out there. a few things when it comes to shopping in store. there are a few benefits. i like to say instant gratification. you are able to touch and ask questions and check that thing off the list when you walk out the door. those are all good things. now, what's on sale now? pay attention to the categories. toys and electronics and clothing and jewelry. retailers stocked up. good news for consumers because they need to move inventory. >> let's talk strategy. you are the expert on these
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things. if you are forming a strategy for today, what is the best way to go about it? >> always keep your eye on the prize. you want to make sure you have the best apps ready to go. mini computer in the pocket. apps are retail me not. a great savings app. the best deals. coupons and cash back. save money on gifts and travel and restaurants. santa's bag. i love this app. it tracks all an of the peopof need to buy for. >> come with us if you can. let's take you home as it were. my friends dylan and kristen. this is the on the couch hope sh home shopping strategy. >> for the folks who feel it is too much to be out with the crowds. what is the option? >> you can do it from home. number one, amazon is your friend right now. a few last minute tips when it
6:12 am
comes to amazon prime. if you are a member, you can pay attention to today. last day for free two-day shipping. tomorrow, last day for one-day shipping. monday, same day delivery. that is easy and convenient. you have to make sure you order by 9:30 a.m. >> get up early. >> that's pushing it a bit. i hope you are wrapped up by then. >> dylan is taking a new strstr. >> this might take more work. you can order online and then there are sales if you go to the store and pick it up. >> a lot of retailers are trying to make it easy for us. who doesn't want that during it time of year? when it comes to prime members, you have same day delivery. amazon prime now. same day delivery. available in over 60 cities. on christmas eve, you have to order by 9:30 p.m. a few other promotions i want to you pay attention to here. also there are things like buy
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online and pick up in store. i'm not sure if you are familiar with that. >> you buy online and pick up in store. you save the time. >> you have curbside pick up. target and nordstrom. you buy online and they dlelive to your car. old navy have teamed up with lyft. if you buy something online from old navy, they will give you a free ride to and from the home to pick up the item at old navy. >> amazing. >> any other deadlines? >> absolutely. a couple of deadlines you want to pay attention to here. u.p.s. and usps. priority mail express. last day for usps. that is today. a premium, of course. u.p.s. pay attention to fedex. this is more expensive. you have same-day shipping on christmas. up to 25 pounds and it is $235. >> the postal service is still
6:14 am
delivering. sar sarah, good to see you. thank you. all right. thanks so much. incredible and inspiring story about a football coach giving life lessons to his players even as h ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the beautiful thing about care, is knowing that it's always there... ...and that it always will be. ♪ get what you need whenever you need it. walgreens. trusted since 1901. with the roomba robot vacuum. only roomba uses 2 multi-surface rubber brushes to clean all your floors. and with patented dirt detect technology, roomba finds dirt throughout your home. if it's not from irobot, it's not a roomba.
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enjoy your prime rib! anyone ever call you, "meat santa"? no, that's... weird. happy holidays. enjoy. next customer? enjoy. for the bake sale? hey guys, where are the cookies bake sale? need to bake in a hurry? use country crock buttery sticks with sunflower oil. there's no softening required, so baking is delicious and easy. ohh! cookies! uh-uh-uh.
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6:18 am
di dyiiagnose theed with a disease. >> he guided his team to a state championship. >> it was the message for the team after the game was over that has people talking. the story from nbc's tammy leitner. >> reporter: the moment the head coach was not prepared for as w.t. johnson watched the team clinch the high school championship. it wasn't that they won 30 games in a row and the second title, but the coach lived to see the day. johnson is battling a fatal disease. contracted after a double lung transplant in 2015. that didn't stop him from coaching. johnston shared emotional words of wisdom in the post game interview with fox sports. revealing what he told the team before the season started. >> we got together in august
6:19 am
before we started practicing. i told them i probably wouldn't make it through the season. i was given eight months to live. >> our father. >> reporter: week after week, the team won and johnston kept fighting. as for the win this week, coach johnston's prayers were answered on and off the field. telling fox. >> i told them this is the last lesson i would ever teach them. how to live before you die. >> reporter: a lesson that is sure to last a lifetime. for "today," tammy leitner, nbc news. >> what an incredible lesson. >> that's one that will stick with those guys
6:20 am
6:21 am
still to come right here on today, the latest on that partial government shutdown and how it will effect you in the days to come. plus in, the final weeks of
6:22 am
2018, we'll take a look back at the year's biggest headlines. >> certainly a lot of them. we'll get to all that and more. but first, these messages. >> yea!
6:23 am
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good saturday morning. it is 6:26. here's a live look outside. wow, beautiful look at just the top of the golden gate bridge. that cloud cover is thick.
6:27 am
thanks so much for joining us. i'm kira klapper. we have a look at our microclimate forecast. is that fog or cloud? >> a combination. >> a little bit of both. >> you know what? some spots are seen and some aren't. it's a mix. this one's crazy, 48 degrees. i promise you this is a live look. back there is the city somewhere. wind speeds are calm. don't worry, all these foggy spots will clear out. 35 degrees in santa rosa. 44 degrees in san jose. but 52 degrees at half moon bay. the ocean kind of helps keep the coastline a little bit watermelon into the overnight hours. here's what the fog and visibility looks like. it's pretty high up, actually, which is why we could still see pretty decent visibility. but look at santa cruz right now, down to about six miles. santa rosa down to eight miles. a lot of that fog is mainly in
6:28 am
through portions of the coast and the north bay. there's a coastal flooded advisory coming up at 7:00 a.m. >> and napa with only a detonator of a mile visibility, yikes. a lot to get to. we'll see you at 7:00. vianey. a seven-hour backup a free is open once again in the south bay, this after a tanker truck overturned and shut it down. it happened around 6:30 last night where 280 and 808 meet near stevens creek boulevard in san jose, not far from the exits to valley fair mall and santana row. when emergency crews arrived, they could smell gas inside the tank. 8,600 gallons of propane was inside. this is video from earlier this morning. took crews more than seven hours because propane is a hazardous material. chp had to shut down all the freeway interchanges within a half mile radius. traffic was backed up for miles. drivers were diverted onto
6:29 am
surface streets. if you have crab in your christmas yum, there's a crab shortage days before christmas. with dangerous weather and the recent string of storms, not enough boats are coming in from the north. swells have surged to 40 feet more more in recent weeks. customers are leaving crab shops empty handed. we're told if you completed your order in november, you should be fine. coming up this morning on "today in the bay," her late husband's wedding ring lost in a local costco. we have the all-out effort to recover it. we hope to see you at 7:00. right now, a beautiful shot.
6:30 am
good morning. shutdown. washington at a stabbndstill afr a midnight deadline came and went. lawmakers fail to come to agreement over funding the president's border wall. president trump delivering this message overnight. >> let's get out and let's work together. let's be bipartisan and let's get it done. >> what happens now? how long will it last? we are live. under arrest. two people charged overnight in connection with the major drone scare at london's gatwick airport. the drones causing chaos and confusion and cancellations stranding tens of thousands of
6:31 am
travelers ahead of christmas. will they make it home for the holidays? and the year in review. 2018 was one for the history books. a rocky year in politics and mother nature's fury and a miracle for a dozen thai boys trapped in a cave. and, of course, another royal wedding. >> i megan take you harry. >> we will look back at it, today, december 22nd, 2018. good morning. welcome back to "today" on saturday morning. a great crowd outside. we will say hello in a moment. we are happy to have kristen welker with us. sheinelle enjoying the holiday off right now. this week was quiet in d.c. we figured to take the show on the road. >> that's right. our work space at the white house is tiny. i don't know what to do with all of this space. it was a very busy day at your other job yesterday.
6:32 am
>> our other job at the white house. we start that with the final half hour. let's begin with the breaking news overnight. the nation's capitol in turmoil today now the government is working in partial shutdown mode. t this officially happened at midnight after the failure to fund a border wall. where do we go from here? geoff bennett is following it. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, peter. president trump is prepared for a very long shutdown, but just how long it takes to break the impasse and reopen the government will depend on who blinks first. this is the third government shutdown on donald trump's watch as they fail to agree on border wall funding he is demanding. with days left before christmas, there is little sign as to how or when they will manage to find their way to the stalemate.
6:33 am
americans are waking up to the government partially shutdown. with congress at an impasse. over president trump's $5 billion border wall demand. congress already approved funding for about 75% of the government, but about a dozen major agencies are dark this morning. during the shutdown, at least 800 thundershowers government employees will not receive their expected paychecks with christmas coming fast. >> it shouldn't be i have to worry about when i'll get paid. >> depending on how long it is, we may not have certain things during the holidays. >> reporter: 420,000 government workers deemed essential employees will still be expected to work without pay. including tsa agents and air traffic controllers. u.s. customs and border agents and u.s. marshals and fbi agents and coast guard and forest service firefighters. they will likely be paid when the government reopens.
6:34 am
another 380,000 furloughed or forced to take unpaid leave until the shutdown ends. this call comes as the president is clinging to the campaign promise. border wall. a deal lawmakers reached to fund the government. earlier on friday, mr. trump pointed the finger at democrats. >> it is up to the democrats. it is really the democrat shutdown. >> reporter: reversal over what he said days ago. >> i am proud to shutdown the government for border security. i will be the one to shut it down. i'll not blame you. >> reporter: democrats said all along they will not fund trump's border wall. >> president trump, you will not get your wall. abandon your shutdown strategy. >> reporter: add to that, cnn discovering a 2015 radio interview which incoming white house chief of staff mick mulvaney criticized trump's border wall. >> to just say build the darn
6:35 am
fence is absurd and almost childish. >> reporter: with no clear path forward, the president tweeted this friday night. >> let's get out and work together and be bipartisan and let's get it done. the shutdown hopefully will not last long. >> the big question is what happens now? both the house and senate will be in session later this afternoon and we're told the talks will continue. now one white house official tells us they are still working out the numbers. the president might be open to accepting something less than $5 billion demand. he may be okay with the wall made of steel instead of concrete. we have to see how that plays out. we know the president is delaying the start of his two-week long vacation at his private mar-a-lago estate since white house officials expect the shutdown to last until sunday. peter. >> postponing that trip although his family is already there. geoff bennett, thank you. we want to turn to the well wishing for supreme court
6:36 am
justice ruth bader ginsburg. recovering in the hospital after treated for lung cancer. matt bradley is outside memorial sloane in new york. >> reporter: good morning, kristen. we are hearing that justice bader ginsburg will be here for the next couple days. surgery went well. there were no real complications. that could change at any minute because we are talking about an 85-year-old and with surgery like this, there is never a low-risk or no-risk surgery. the justice had a pulmonary lobectomy. two nodules were removed from her lungs. they were malignant. it is important to note. doctors say they found no evidence of any other diseases anywhere else in her body and they are not going to be recommending further treatment. this was discovered really by accident because last month the
6:37 am
justice fell and broke a couple of her ribs. they found these nodules doing a routine investigation and trying to repair her ribs. in many ways, it was lucky she fell. so in the next couple days, we will hope that the justice recovers from surgery. she is kind have become a pop icon. that is why we see all of the well wishing pouring in. she has pivotal decisions on the supreme court. beyond that, people are paying attention to her. not one, but two major feature length films coming out about her life this year. there will be a lot of people focuses on the justice in the next couple days and recovery right here in the hospital. kristen. >> matt, that's right. so many people watching closely and hoping she makes a quick recovery. thank you. more to get to this morning, including the travel nightmare that seems to be over for people passing through britain's second busiest airport. two suspects in custody after a
6:38 am
drone scare that brought gatwick airport to a standstill for days. the drama there causing cancellations and disruption and delays. nearly 140,000 people affected. the airport fortunately is now back up and running. finally, you will like this story. spaniards are hoping to strike it rich today with the world's biggest lottery. dishing out, get this, $2.7 billion. it is called the el gordo. that is appropriately named. it means the fat one in english. run hu one person won't win all that cash. the top prize is over $450,000 for a winning ticket with a string of smaller prizes up for grabs. what should you say? let's get tickets to spain? >> i'll take the skinny one for $450,000. >> for sure. dylan is on the plaza. dylan, it is nice to win the lottery. >> especially this time of year.
6:39 am
we are celebrating a birthday. what's your name? >> lila baker. >> how old? >>9. >> you get to celebrate in new york city? >> yes. >> who is with syou? >> my mom and my dad and my brother and my sister. >> i need a big birthday party. let's look at what is going on this holiday weekend for all of you who have to travel. the rain and snow will clear out across the northeast. most of the country actually looks quiet today. except if you go to the pacific northwest. we will see rain and mountain snow. watch the mountain passes. it is cold on sunday. temperatures will start dropping down into the 30s and 40s. little bit of a clipper system develops through the great lakes and into the northeast. that will produce rain and snowshowers. we get lake-effect snow on christmas eve through new york and back through pennsylvania. above average temperatures in the middle of the country. it gets messy in the mountain
6:40 am
west. on christmas day, that moves into the rockies and spotty showers and light snow to make it pretty for your chr we're waking up to fog in san francisco. it's 48 degrees right now. this is a live look at what it looks like in san francisco. here's a quick check of your temperatures. 33 degrees in santa rosa, one of the coldest spots. 45 in mountain view. mid-40s for san jose. take a look at the fog invisibility. limited visibility through santa rosa down to less than two miles. in napa, down to a quarter of a mile. and we have a special guest joining us on the plaza here. jack forbe. former anchor of "today." >> look at the pictures. where did the gray hair come from? >> i don't see gray hair. how is the plaza? >> it is fabulous.
6:41 am
i said before, this was a wonderful job. you know it. i loved being here. having the opportunity to come back and visit is great. >> it is nice to have you here. we are talking about the book "charity on the mountain." tell us about it. >> it is a story i discovered with the plaque outside the courthouse. in the courthouse in 1846, kitty, struggled for her freedom. i spent a year researching it. it was a story of three very different powerful women. a slave, mistress and the richest woman in the county. it turned into an adventure tale. a powerful courtroom drama. most importantly, a relationship story. these three women and an unlikely alliance at a time when now we need the stories which it talks about the power of women joining together. different powerful women in the pursuit of justice. a great story to discover. >> i bet it was. it sounds fascinating.
6:42 am
>> it is out there now. >> all right. awesome. jack, it is nice to have you here. >> nice to be back. >> thanks. guys, back to you. >> congratulations to jack. good to see you. still to come, we look back at the biggest ♪ for years, i thought i was lactose intolerant. turns out i was just sensitive to a protein commonly found in milk. now, with a2 milk®... ...i can finally enjoy cereal again. it's delicious like real milk. because, it is real milk! a2 milk® is... ...real milk from real cows that... ...produce only the a2 protein. i love milk! i'm so happy i found this. a2 milk®, real milk that's easier on digestion. love milk again. gsaturday and stack the savings take $10 off when you spend $50 plus take an extra 15 or 20% off plus get kohl's cash short on time? buy online free store pick-up most orders ready in two hours stores are now open 24 hours
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6:44 am
santana we are back on saturday morning. it is time to take a look back at the stories that shaped this past year. >> there were a lot of them. from the unbelievable year in washington to the excitement of the royal wedding and everything in between. 2018 was one for the record books.
6:45 am
>> let's start with the overnight news. >> the big story this morning. >> let's get to the top story right now. s>> the nation mourns another senseless tragedy. >> 17 people were killed in parkland making this one the deadliest mass shootings in american history. >> craig is in washington d.c. ahead of the massive rally for gun control. >> organizers here calling it the march for our lives. >> the nation waking up to another unthinkable massacre inside a place of worship. ♪ >> my home has been desecrated. >> gunman opening fire at a country dance bar in southern california. >> pulled out a gun and started shooting. >> how many of you? >> 13. >> brilliant.
6:46 am
>> the desperate are race to save the boys. >> all 13 boys pulled from the death trap. >> the fury of florence. >> there is so much rain coming down. >> this area is absolutely pummeled. >> it is crazy right now, guys. >> devastation and destruction. hurricane michael. >> looks like a giant tornado moved through the huge portion of land. >> utter destruction. >> raging wildfires burning through california. >> the most destructive wildfire in california history. >> fallout from the sex abuse scandal of usa gymnastics. >> disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein. in all, nearly 100 women have come forward. >> cbs in turmoil after the network's head les moonves. >> bill cosby behind bars this morning. >> facebook is under fire.
6:47 am
>> mark zuckerberg will testify before congress. >> my mistake. i'm sorry. >> welcome to pyongyang. >> jamie anderson is golden once again. chloe kim reigns supreme in south korea. gold for michaela. >> it was an epic back and forth. >> the long drought is over. >> congratulations to the world series champion boston red sox. >> focus this morning on the london hospital. >> louis arthur charles. >> the wedding the world eagerly awaits. >> i, meghan, take you, harry. >> look! >> congratulations! >> meghan markle and prince harry announce they are
6:48 am
expecting their first child next spring. bombshell indictment. >> russia investigation. >> special counsel is getting closer to the white house. >> steve bannon. >> hope hicks. >> mueller appears to be zeroing in on the question of collusion. >> no collusion. >> one-two punch. >> documents that point the finger at michael cohen and paul manafort and the president himself. >> the caravan of thousands of migrants. >> president trump signs a new order sending troops to the mexican border. >> up sdroar over the immigrati policy. >> the president announcing brett kavanaugh. >> christine blasey ford said she was sexually assaulted. >> do you believe brett kavanaugh assaulted you? >> 100%. >> i was not at the party described by dr. ford. >> i will vote to confirm judge
6:49 am
kavanaugh. >> the porn star versus the president. >> the white house denying president trump had an affair with stormy daniels. >> the bombshell report that his lawyer paid adult film star more than $100,000 for her silence. >> sentenced to three years in prison. >> telling the judge he helped cover up the president's dirty deeds. >> highly anticipated on again and off again summit in singapore with president trump and kim jong-un. >> the president has fired attorney general jeff sessions. >> the departure of white house chief of staff john kelly. >> hope hicks. >> ryan zinke. >> scott pruitt. >> rex tillerson. >> nikki haley. >> james mattis quitting among the rift with the president. >> everybody wants to work in the white house. >> democrats have recaptured control of the house. first time in eight years. >> it is about restoring the
6:50 am
constitution's checks and balances. >> and the senate, republicans pump up their power. >> a contest for who we are. ♪ >> i have spoken at a thousand points of light. of all of the community organizations that are spread like stars throughout the nation doing good. >> we're going to miss you. the best father a son or daughter could have. >> dear gammy, when we lost you, we lost one of the greats. you taught us humility and grace. >> john mccain returning to washington one last time. >> we arfe are fellow americans. >> let's talk about food and eat food. ♪ >> there's nothing like the
6:51 am
thrill when you discover something no one knew before. ♪ r-e-s-p-e-c-t ♪ ♪ you make me feel like a natural woman ♪ >> a lot of greats. >> heck of a year. we wish a joyful new year to everybody and good year
6:52 am
6:53 am
that is going to do it for us on saturday morning. tomorrow on sunday today, willie sits down with j-lo. sits down with j-lo. >> e ♪ he's gonna do it! ♪ you gotta see this! ♪ owen's gonna do it! ♪ i got him. ♪
6:54 am
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6:57 am
bay .... the big rig crash that forced a local freewa good morning. i'm kira klapper. coming up next on "today in the bay," the big rig crash that forced a local freeway to shut down. news this morning overnight crews finally were able to turn the tanker upright. plus, as you head out for your holiday drive, the california highway tropatrol wi be out too. it's a dry weekend here in the bay area even with all this fog. vianey arana is tracking a forecast that may impact your christmas day. good morning.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
it is saturday, december 22nd. here is a live look outside from oakland towards san francisco. beautiful shot there. thanks so much for joining us. i'm kira klapper. vianey arana has a look at our microclimate forecast. that shot was beautiful, but we're not exactly seeing that across the


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