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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 22, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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that's next at 11:00. a dramatics take off nearby. an unusual and dangerous situation unfolds a of. right now at 11:00, a dra mattic search as planes take off nearby. an unusual situation unfolds at sfo. news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening and thank you for joining us. the plummers were working underground when things quickly went wrong. one of them doing everything he could to save the other.
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nbc bay area reporter joins us now where he spoke exclusively to one of the plumbers involved. >> he and his co-worker were in the crawl space using a gas powered concrete cutting tool. the fumes from that tool started to overwhelm them. miguel was happy to see his friend and co-worker being loaded into the ambulance. wilson said he was conscious and he said he felt fine. they are part of a team from glad rater plumbing that were in the basement of the area utilizing a large concrete cutting tool. wilson tells me, he heard the motor on the tool stop and looked over to see molina
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unconscious next to the machine. he tried to drag him and after about 100 feet, he p nearly passed out and went for help. they took special precautions during their search. >> the teams went in with full breathing apparatus, at the time, we didn't know what had ruptured. crews finally spotted him. he was crawling and moving. it is a tight space. you are not able to stand up. >> airline passengers are mostly familiar with date gourmet because they cater about 70% of inflig inflight meals out of sfo. >> just before leaving, crews did set up several fans at the basement entrances to this massive building to try to vent any remaining fumes and dust.
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>> reporting live from nbc bay area news. >> thank you for that story. just into the news room, a dozen people are out of their homes after a fire at an apartment complex. this is out of san ramon. no one was hurt. >> a tsunami killed dozens of people today. some viewers may find this video disturbing. >> this is dramatic video of the moment the tsunami hit. you can see a popular rocken band was performing when waves slammed into the stage. one band member and a manager are dead. several others are missing. at least 62 people were killed and 500 others hurt.
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you can see in this video that water, mud, debris all littering the street. a volcanic eruption and undersea landslide are being blamed for the tsunami. we turn to the continuing coverage of the government shut down. a live look at washington where battle lines have been drawn and neither side are bulging. the sticking point is president trump's demand for $5 million for a wall. the democrats have offered him $1 billion. the senate will not meet again until thursday. senator schumer says a vote won't be held until democrats and the president reach an agreement. >> mr. president, president trump, if you want to open the government, you must abandon the
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wall, plain and simple. >> hundreds of thousands of government employees are stuck in the middle of all this. about 380,000 are unpaid leave and another 420,000 are still on the job but they won't get paid until a deal is signed. the shut down is impacting a lot of weekend plans in the bay area. we spoke to locals and tourists who are frustrated because they've been waiting to see those sights for months. >> i wanted to see all the cool ships here. 0 we don't have that really in minnesota. >> she carefully planned her vacation here in san francisco but a last minute government shut down is foiling her holiday. >> i'm just really bummed out that they shut down this great park. >> it is not just aquatic park.
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>> people want to have fun. we can't even enjoy it. thiss sad. >> skr the visitor centers shut down, eej bathrooms. something these people discovered as they headed to the beach. >> i would say it's a pain. >> the bob, president trump won't sign a bill to keep the government open unless congress gives him $5 billion to build a border wall. >> if we don't get what we want through you or the military, i will shut down the government. >> who does she blame? >> everyone but mostly donald trump. >> she is hoping some spg will be worked out so she can salvage some of her vacation. kind of angry. come on government, work together, please. >>le reporting for nbc bay area
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news. >> it has been a difficult week for the trump administration. chuck todd will break it down and more tomorrow on "meet the press." right after 8:00 after "today in the bay." earlier tonight, hundreds came together to light up a christmas tree from bute county. >> the tree is a symbol of recovery. >> every year, we'll get a picture in front of it again. probably when she's in high school, it will be a big tree. >> the bikes for bute county have arrived. 400 bike $and helmets wither collected and delivered this
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morning. we are days away from christmas. if you are planning to travel in the coming days. if you are headed to the sierra, brace for snow. >> we've got rain and snow for christmas eve. it looks like rain now. downtown san jose, a lot of p emout for christmas in the park. thiss what it looks like in lake tahoe. beautiful lights lighting up the night sky. we've got an incoming short wave trough. as it is expected to make an arrival. as we head towards christmas eve, we expect it to bring some rain. we are talking about snow and winter storm watch will be in place. right now, temperatures in the 40s and 50s. we'll talk about the daytime high and the snow.
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>> we'll see you in a bit. thank you. >> the king tides cause problems toer some is people who live close to the bay. it caused flooding in placesic loo more incounty. tides were almost seven feet high this morning. >> i came over to pick up my friend. she's going to italy for the holidays. she needed a ride. much i came over early because she was expecting the king tide. it came up faster than expected. i've been here ten minutes and it rose a foot. >> cal trans says the park and ride lot will be closed through tuesday. >> to a follow up on the attack in palo alto that has the community there on edge. police arrested the man responsible. they tell us a woman was walking on thursday night when this man
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here came up from hint and put a p hand over her mouth. he pushed her in the bushes. neighbo neighbors heard her came and came out and chased had imoff. >> that scene on 280 in san jose, the tanker truck overturned and shut down the through way. happened last night. you see all that back up. it took crews seven hours to take the tanker away at around 2:00 this morning. chp had to shut town nearby b on ramps p p about 100,000 p p p pounds inside. >> when you look at what the first responders use. half mile radius. subpoena police are investigating what caused the
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crash. nobody was hurt. a video gone viral. a teenaged athlete told to make a drastic decision just so he could participate in a wrestling match. what will happen to the referee. >> we'll see you the demand on this super saturday. right now, 40s and 50s on the map. not too bad. i'm tracking incoming rain that will affect your holiday travel plans. i'll have the details coming up. stay with us. of a controversy over a choice a
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new jersey high school athlete had to make thi . new at 11:00, a controversy over a choice a new jersey high school athlete had to make.
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a referee told andrew johnson to cut his dread locks or forfeit. the crowd watched as his hair was hacked off. many see what happened as not just unfair but potentially racist. >> wrong. it is disrespectful and discrimination. >> the backlash on social media was swift and so was the school's response. the referee will no longer officiate the school's matches. johnson won his match and new supporters. tesla may fall short of delivery goals. in a tweet, musk said tesla will cover the tax credit difference if it cannot get everyone their cars by the end of the year. that starts to phase out.
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why the electric it carmaker is scrambling to fill as many possible before january 1. >> it was a mad dash around the malls because it is the last shopping saturday before christmas. the day called super saturday. this video you are watching is from is valley fair. shoppers have once again waited until the last minute. they ordered items on line and came here tonight and picked them up. >> i thought if i brought my son here, it would make me go faster. that was a bad idea. >> hope it worked out. nationwide, today is expected to top black friday as the biggest date it year. shoppers are expected to spend $26 billion. jewelry and luxury goods will be the biggest sellers today.
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>> happening tomorrow, ending an era. the stores at gumps will open for a good time. it opened in 1961. they filed for bankruptcy in august. >> psanta might have dasher and dancer. p saturday the san francisco zoo, people gave name choices. the most popular name is tisel. we might get some is rain or snow? >> hopefully you'll be heading out there before tomorrow night when things can get a little bad.
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also, you definitely want to be cozied up by the fireplace. a beautiful look at san francisco. check out the golden gate bridge. certainly made for a beautiful sight. i tweeted out a picture. this is what downpour town san jose looks like. about six miles an hour. a look at the satellite radar. right now, things are kind of quiet out here. we have a series of a short wave trough coming in that will change our weather pattern. school temperatures. p the south bay as well. we are talking king tides again.
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unfortunately, a coastal flood advisory will remain in effect. you've got to be careful of any south coast al flooding. a look at the future cast by 6:00 a.m. monday morning, we'll get showers moving down south. some rain late sunday night to early sunday morning. into walnut creek, if i take this all the way through the afternoon, you can see, we do get pockets as that sweeps through down into through the san jose area. if you look here, in lake tahoe, heavier downpours. which is why there will be a winter storm watch in effect. especially for higher elevations
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above 7,000 feet. avoid the headache of getting stuck. we'll see a slight chance on actual christmas day. the next seven days, temperatures remain in the 50s. we are in the 60s right now. drop down a little bit only topping the upper 50s. no snow here that's the beautiful day about california. you can go to the snow and the beach but right now, we have those king tides so just watch from a distance. >> thank you. turning it over now. felled plan has a preview of this jam packed saturday. >> the final saturday before christmas. no time to go shopping. not with all the sports going on. the sharks play their rival.
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hi highlights coming up next in sports. trt: 1:34
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outq: "after the break" >> the warriors have four all-stars. the fifth cousins will be joining the team this season. even on the team, every now and then, you need someone from the supporting cast to step up. enter jonas. durant misses. john jonas does not. the tip in and one. this kid was going to have a great game. he hit the three with a career high 23. the mavs fight all the way back and the final seconds. warriors are only up one. kevin durant. warriors finish with the win
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120-116. sharks at the tank. third period, down. cut the lead to one. final minute, same score, san jose with an empty net. shot redirected. the go to overtime. extra session now. what is going to happen? beats martin jones. the second of the game. 3-2 in overtime. major league bail news. p signed to a two-year deal. that's all for sports. i'm dave feldman. more news after the break. being i am a family man. i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic.
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at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
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many people dream of getting a pony for christmas. but what about getting your pony back in time for the holiday? . new at 11:00, many people dream of getting a pony for christmas but what about getting your pony back in time for the holiday. hayward police found this little guy running in traffic. officers had to coax him to safety. and posted this picture on facebook. the pony was not hurt. they are trying to reunite him with his owner. >> glad he's safe. that's dangerous running out into the street. poor guy. it is going to feel like christmas. >> especially because our temperatures will be a couple degrees cooler as we head into the week ahead. into tomorrow, still will be 60s. late tomorrow to christmas eve. we are tracking that rain as that ace sem moves through. early christmas morning, we have
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a chance of p p light rain as well. >> "saturday night live" is next. have a good night and merry christmas.
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>> you're watching c-span. at midnight, it's "interns gone wild." but first, full coverage of the oval office meeting between president trump, rapper kanye west, and football legend jim brown. among the issues discussed were prison reform, education


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