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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  December 23, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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but he could have run for a first down, and he didn't. 'niners fall 14-9. >> he should have ran and got the first down for the football team. >> bears had five more first downs, 'niners were more efficient. rushing yards the biggest difference. chicago turned it ivory twice. the 'niners, once. the 'niners, first of all, they were playing an 11-win team. back to that final drive. mullens knew it right away. is that just an experience thing? >> yeah, it's an experience thing. but when you break the huddle. you have to look to see where the first down marker is just in case someone's not open to catch the football, you have to use your legs. big mistake that he made. >> he just said he made the wrong belay. >> but the right play is get the first down by any means necessary. it's the last drive of the game, you have nothing to lose, get the first down with your legs. >> this is one reason they lost.
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another reason they lost is red zone issues. they've been in the red zone over 40 times. only 13 towns >> and they struggled all year in the red zone, whether it's running the football in, coaches making the wrong call. they've been struggling to get it in. they should have won this game with a last-minute field goal today. >> it is time now for our favorite moment brought to you by park city, utah. remember where you were when the 49ers had their first takeaway. cohen fumble and the defense rallied to take it back. the fumble was covering the first takeaway since october 28th against the cardinals for six straight games the defense failed to cause a turnover. defense has been much improved the last two games. one per win against the seahawks, one for a loss today against the bears. how improved is this unit
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playing a lot of young people? >> they're very much improved. they're very much improved because they don't have a sense of entitlement. they want to put on tape that they belong on this team and next year they want to have yan opportunity to compete for starting jobs. that's why they're playing so well. >> there were some fights and i know you're no stranger to contact when you played. in the fourth quarter, drama. mitch trubisky took off running, he's allowed to do that. but the bears had a problem. richard sherman comes flying into the picture, number 25. he's upset. sherman, miller, bellamy, all ejected. what did you make of the calls here and what happened? >> i thought it was the right
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call. harris has to be smart here, understanding it's a smig situation in a football game. this quarterback is not going to run you over, he's going to slide or get out of bounds. i like what richard sherman did. when something happens on the opposition sideline, it's going to be a bunch of guys ganging up on your teammate. >> we don't know if he threw a punch. kyle shanahan supported that he did. isn't there a better than fair chance you're going to get kicked out? >> there's a better chance if you throw a punch that you won't get kicked out. italy it was open hand like a shove, but they said it was a punch. anytime they think it's a punch, they're going to eject you. >> you've never been ejected? >> not once. all my hits were legal. >> good for you. when we come back, we'll talk the oakland coliseum. what is the future?
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welcome back to xfinity sports sunday. treats for all your warriors fans. it's lebron james and the lakers at oracle. our coverage begins at 3:30 with a special warriors edition from sportsnet central. tune in immediately after the game for the best warriors coverage around only on nbc sports bay area. the raiders host the broncos in their final home game of the regular season, could be their final game ever at the coliseum. the last of its kind, one that holds a lot of special memories for raiders fans didn't one jon gruden. >> it's a real football stadium. it's dirt, grass, it's got
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tradition. where some of the best games in the history of football have been played, where some of the best players in the history of the world played football games at. you know, walking around before the steeler game, you see frank harris and lester and reggie jackson light ago torch. a lot of things happened in that stadium. next question. i don't want to start crying about a stadium. >> did you ever get sentimental about a stadium? >> i was a little sentimental about candlestick. >> you played in the last season there? >> the last season there, being there for three years, understanding the great players that played in that stadium, the sacrifices they made, the blood, sweat, and tears. as you are competing and playing against the best players in the world and making playoff appearances, you understand the mystique of candlestick and the coliseum is the same way.
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>> you saw the coliseum many times on television. do you agree it was an old-school blood and guts stadium? >> remembering bo jackson, john modden, even when he was coaching and calling the games there, just a great place to play. it's a sad thing, a sad moment when there's so much history and legacy and so many great players that laid the foundation. it's tough to see it go. >> you realize that now. now you're sitting in this seat. will the raiders realize that when they're playing there? did you realize it with candlestick? >> i think we did, especially when you walk in the locker rooms and you have buckets catching the rain drops that are falling. and guys like jerry rice and joe montana and dwight clark, a lot of these guys dressed in that same locker room, they walked on that carpet because it was never changed. you understand walking up and down those stairs that you are in the presence of grens. >> lonnie lot, yeah. a million of them.
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it's the denver broncos and the raiders part d eux. denver's numbers aren't all that much better say for the turnovers, which is huge. denver plus 9. oakland, minus six. big, big difference. raiders make moves too. remember this guy, nairnt peterman, released by buffalo last month after throwing three touchdowns with a 1-7 record? he is now an oakland raider. also this week, raiders were shut out with zero selections, the only second time in franchise history. cook got the biggest snub because he was an alternate. this is probably what happens when you have only three wins on the season. you just don't get a lot. we'll go around the nfl from key
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games that were played today to determine the postseason. donte and i back in a moment.
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coming up next, rain hits the bay area just in time for the holiday. how long the wet weather will stick around. emotions running high for raiders fans. how they're taking action ahead of what could be the team's last game in oakland. and giving the gift of pot. the new christmas shopping rush in california, that's coming up next. make sure to tune in next sunday as the 49ers season wraps up. taking on the rams. the show starts at 12:30. postgame immediately after the
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game only on nbc sports bay area. dave feldman and donte whitner. we'll start by showing at you colts highlights taking on the giants am colts trail by 14 early, but they came back. colts down 10. max scores. cuts the deficit to three. slips it to chester rogers. then eli manning. he's picked off. colts win 28-27 to take over the 16 in the nfc playoff picture. eagles claim to slim playoff hopes hosting the texans. foles fires over the middle. jeffrey, clowny with the big hit, flagged for roughing the passer. >> i don't see it. i don't like these rules. >> they're protecting the qb too much? >> too much. >> moments later, 20-yard pickup. eagles in field goal range. elliott lining up with the
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35-yard field goal attempt and it's good. eagles are winners 32-30. saints would lock up the number one seed in the nfc with a win over the steelers fourth quarter, saints down. to michael thomas. saints up three. great catch. great throw. back come the steelers. saints recover and win 31-28. they clench home field advantage. donte, my first question is, are the saints your number one team? are they the team to beat in the nfl? >> saints are the number one team to beat. they're the number one buy in the any kind of. watch other games and teams prepare for you a week early. it's tough to beat them in our
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stadium. breeze is playing at a high nfl level. >> you said you thought he was the mvp? >> i do. at his age what he's doing with that young football team, the year he's been having with those guys, it's going to be hard to beat them especially in that dome. >> if herrethey're the number o team, if the saints don't win it, who does? >> chicago bears. >> really? >> chicago bears. >> 49ers could have beaten the bears today? >> but they don't travel well. you have to understand that. if you have to play against that defense and that running game, it's tough to beat them in the playoffs because he's going to be prepared, he's going to have that defense prepared. they travel well. they pack well. they're going to be a hard out with the playoffs. >> of course? >> i always like new england. people saying tom brady is looking old, do not believe the hype. tom brady is preyed brady and they'll be prepared. they cannot beat them in their
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house in the playoffs. >> last thoughts on the 49ers finale at the rams. the rams may be playing their starters. they may need to win that game. what's your take on what happens in that game? >> the last three weeks they've been playing playoff football and matching their intensity. i expect them to come out and match the l.a. rams intensity. i expect the same thing as far as the young guys coming out competing and showing a lot of energy. >> good stuff, donte. happy holidays. you watch 49ers pregame? you were by far the best dressed guy. jeff and papa tried. you stole the show. for donte whitner, i'm dave feldman. thanks for watching. happy holidays. i am a family man.
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you have to be emotional about it when you follow a team as long as we have followed this team. i'm from '74. >> right now, some christmas gloom for raiders fans preparing to watch what is likely the last game at the coliseum. thousand raider nation is handling it and taking action. plus, day two of the shutdown and day two of frustrations. the latest from washington and here in the bay area as the shutdown creates headaches for many people trying to enjoy their holiday weekend. first, we are tracking rain
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that will affect your christmas holiday. the news starts right now. thank you so much for joining us on a special edition of nbc bay area news. we're on early because of sunday night early. i'm vicky nguyen. christmas eve will be a wet one. we are tracking rain just in time for the holiday. live look outside over san francisco, the storm clouds are forming. in fact, we have already seen showers in some places. vianey arana is tracking the time line and how it could affect your holiday plans. hey, vianey >> hi, vicky. the first system was off to the north bay and it was a weak system. now looking out for two troughs, one in the pacific. these folks are having christmas in the park enjoying the dry conditions while they can. current temperatures in san jose, 54 degrees. this is what our temperatures are across the board. 51 in mountain view. 54 down near the hayward area. live look at satellite regarada.
9:20 pm
saw drizzle along portions of san francisco, mainly north of the golden gate bridge. widespread showers, periods of moderate to heavy downpours and gusty conditions, isolated thunderstorms. we do have our own storm ranger sitting on top of san bruno mountain. i'll break it down for you coming up. >> looking forward to it. you can track the forecast with our nbc bay area app, free to download. get updates on when the rain will hit your neighborhood. we turn our attention to breaking news now involving a not to merry commute right now. this is a live look at traffic just starting to move again on northbound 101 at willow road in menlo park. a car flipped over before 8:00 causing that sea of red lights. all lanes reopened a few minutes ago. emotions are running high in the east bay. 24 hours from now the raiders
9:21 pm
could be wrapping up the last game they ever play in oakland. it's a bittersweet weekend for raiders fans as memories come flooding back of so many great games. nbc bay area is outside the coliseum tonight with fans making one last plea. roz? >> reporter: they are indeed. i'm here with forever oakland. they are camped out just behind me here, literally right across the street from the coliseum. they are taking advantage just before this crucial game to put this high-profile message out, and that is they want the team to stay, but at least they want to keep the raider name in oakland. the raider nation representing at rickey's on the eve of what will likely be the raiders' last game at the coliseum. for some, it is an emotional experience. >> you have to be emotional about it when you follow a team as long as we have followed this team. he's from '69. i'm from '74.
9:22 pm
>> reporter: they're emotional and nostalgic about the team's longtime home, the coliseum. >> it's an older stadium, we all know that. but it's still the oakland raiders home for all these years. >> reporter: for two years fans like these two have rallied to keep the team here. but this last game is horde to swallow z swallow. >> i am sad, there's no doubt in my mind that i'm not sad because it's changed and i'm against change. >> reporter: will you be at the game tomorrow? >> i will not be in attendance because i will not financially support the nfl any longer. >> reporter: the new stadium won't be ready until 2020. where will the team play? next season is up in the air. nbc bay area first broke the news on friday that the team is in talks with the san francisco giants to possibly play next season at at&t park. >> will you go to vegas?
9:23 pm
>> yes. >> will you go to at&t? >> wherever they go. >> reporter: but first there's one more trip to the oakland coliseum monday night. now, we should tell you that tomorrow morning from 9:00 until noon you will see a lot more folks like the folks out here with these signs lobbying to keep the raider name at least in oakland. for now we are live in oakland, i'm roz plater. >> we'll have more on this about the raiders possibly playing in oakland for the last time. later in sports, hear from ground ground on what he thinks of the potential final game in the east bay. continuing coverage from washington where it is day two of the government shutdown. at the u.s. capitol there remains no sign of a deal and it continues to prove inconvenient for many here in the bay area. sergio quintana is with us. sergio?
9:24 pm
>> reporter: unfortunately the night tours of alcatraz are a victim of the ongoing federal government shutdown. they will remain suspended at least until the impasse ends. regularly scheduled daytime tours of alcatraz will continue as usually, but behind-the-scenes tours and special night events are suspended until further notice. it's a surprise for mary and her grandson? >> people come a long way to do this and they can't. >> reporter: lucky for them, the australian pair is booked on a day tour in the morning, which should continue as usually. at one entrance to fort point, drivers kept bypassing a street barrier only to be forced to turn around. tourists on bikes didn't know whether they could ride past the gate. fort point is closed to vehicles, but every national park site in the bay area is open to pedestrians. across the country, those affected the most so far are
9:25 pm
federal employees who will be furloughed or will have to work without pay. >> we're at their mercy so it's tough. paychecks aren't coming in. they can't make mortgage payments. >> reporter: the battle over the border wall is the barrier on this third government shutdown of the year under a republican-controlled congress and president donald trump's administration. on the sunday morning talk shows the new acting chief of staff mick mulvaney offered his prediction on how long the shutdown will last. >> i think that is -- it's very possible the shutdown will go beyond the 28th and into the new congress. >> reporter: this morning administration did offer to take less than 5 blond$5 billion, wh the number president trump has been pushing if the democrats negotiate. nancy pelosi will be taking the gavel as speaker of the house, and the newly elected democratic congress hasn't voiced any interest in fund ago border
9:26 pm
wall, live in san francisco, sergio quintana. a key figure in president trump's cabinet will leave the white house much sooner than expected. defense secretary james mattis announced thursday he's stepping down at the end of february. but today the president tweeted mattis is leaving on january 1st. mattis' resignation letter was critical of the president's treatment of easily and highlighted their different views on global security. he stepped sundown a day after the announcement to withdraw troops from syria against the advice of the pentagon. patrick shanahan will take over. now to a much needed breather for campfire evacuees. many have been living with friends and family or shelters for more than six weeks since the fire starred. a retreat is helping dozens of survivors get away, hosting them for the holidays. lili tan went to danville and has this report.
9:27 pm
>> reporter: at the retreat signs of healing fill the air. the religious revenge in danville, which is usually closed during the holidays opened its doors to 150 camp fire survivors to relax, reconnect with nature,. >> looking at the birds, everything, because everything counts, yeah. and we don't know if today's going to be our last day. >> reporter: and to relay their stories, like this woman. >> i burned my hand and my nose, ears, hair. i wish i could call my husband and tell him i love him. somehow i saw my kids in the car and i jumped and i drove through flames. we made it and we're here. >> i saw a family that came in this morning that locked shell shocked really this place has been transformed from a retreat
9:28 pm
center into really a kind of de facto village for people. >> reporter: for this woman and her family, mother nature can trigger traumatic memories. >> when we first got here, we looked up into the mountains and we thought, oh, that's a lot of trees there. >> reporter: though only for a moment. >> now it's just like an overwhelming sense of peace. it's been really relaxing sense of solidarity >> reporter: she says survivors don't know what day-to-day life will ever be, but for now they'll take it one breath at a time. >> it blows me away. human compassion is amazing to me. >> reporter: in danville, lili tan, nbc bay area news. we are tracking rain for your christmas holiday. we'll have a full forecast when we come back right after this break. ♪
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. we're back with vianey arana who's in for rob tonight. vianey, a little bit of a mixed bag, but good news for christmas day. >> a couple things going on in
9:31 pm
terms of your holiday travel, especially if you're heading to lake tahoe. looks like the rain might do us all a favor. but let me take you through this time line. beautiful shot of sutro tower in san francisco. the golden gate bridge there, no fog to worry about. this is what satellite radar looks like right now. this is what we're tracking. we saw a very, very weak weather system kind of push on through earlier today bringing some very light showers to portions of the north bay. overall not a very active radar. you can see very light scattered showers. but a trough in the pacific we're looking at, christmas eve, storm ranger scanning. it's not picking up a lot. but once the rain moves in, it will give us high resolution data. highs tomorrow will be in the upper 50s, low 60s. let me take you through that hour-by-hour outlook. for your morning commute the rain will be making its way in,
9:32 pm
but a lot of heavy rain will be off to the north bay. if we see light scattered showers for the monday morning commute, it will be very light. by the afternoon we're going to see widespread light to moderate rain. around 1:00 we'll see a cold front sweep from north to south. this is where we'll see heavy pockets of rain. between 1:00 and 5:00 we'll see strong gusty conditions picking up. you see the pockets where the red and orange color is. that's moderate to heavy downpours sweeping through. gusty conditions will pick up and you'll see isolated thunderstorms behind that cold front as that begins to clear out. notice the time line. christmas eve into tuesday morning, that's christmas day. the majority of that rain completely clears out, drying out just in time for christmas day. so santa's going to get a little rain christmas eve, but my christmas morning it should be cleared out. king tides, once again we'll be under a coastal flood advisory for tomorrow. this will be in place for 2:00
9:33 pm
tomorrow. high tides will vary by location. this is going to be bring the potential concern for possible flooding, especially for low-lying areas along the coast and bay. we've seen flooded areas along marin county. if you're going to the sierra, that winter storm watch was updated and it was kind of upgraded to a winter storm advisory. this is going to be in effect through tuesday morning. until christmas morning, which means if you plan on driving up there tomorrow, check those road conditions. we're expecting possibly 6 to 12 inches, that means for elevations above 7,000 feet we'll get a greater chance. this is going to be great fresh powder for christmas morning. here's a look another what we can expect. main event will be for tomorrow. i did put a very early morning slight chance. when i mean early, if you wake up between the hours of 4:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m., you might catch a light drizzle christmas morning. mainly a dry christmas day. i'm going to get rid of that
9:34 pm
icon. wednesday, thursday, and friday we dry out. and then by next sunday we get another chance of seeing rain move in as we begin to close out 2018. we get ready for 2019, crazy to say that. inland areas, also expect to see a dip in temperatures as the cold front sweeps through. again, that main rain will be moving in christmas eve and then christmas day we're going to clear out and santa will have a clear path down your which i ch >> vianey, thank you so much. now we turn to tragedy overseas where the death toll continues to climb in indonesia after a tsunami hit without warning. 280 people are now dead. more than 1,000 are hurt. the water surged onto the island of java not interest far from the capital city of jakarta. >> reporter: there was no warning when the tsunami struck in indonesia, no time to get away because there was no
9:35 pm
earthquake. authorities believe it was triggered by an undersea landslide at the anak krakatau volcano. it had been erupting since july, but the balloon and high tide could have contributed to the disaster. >> it would have only taken ten minutes for the tsunami to hit the coast to the west to about an hour to hit to the east. but even so, still very little time to get a warning out. >> reporter: the tsunami waves struck at 9:30 p.m. local time saturday night. it was a holiday weekend in indonesia, so the reporters are & tourists hotels long the sunda strait in western java would have been packed with people. the tsunami ripped up and down the coast of indonesian islands north and south of the volcano. rescue workers continued to comb through the rubble for survivors. hundreds of homes, boats, and vehicles severely damaged. >> people, they need drinking water, they need the blanket
9:36 pm
because they are now staying outside their homes and also in the shelter. >> reporter: officials expect the number of victims to rise as more information comes in. nbc news, london. new tonight after a series of nbc bay area investigative reports looking at the cleanup of hunter's point, a change that could change the development. several banks are reportedly not offering loans for homes there. the chronicle reports that wells fargo, city, and chase are all refusing to offer loans to buyers at the new development. it stems from concerns over radiation and how that land is being cleaned up. our investigative unit has an in-depth report on the allegations of fraud and mismanagement. so far 450 homes have been built at the site with thousands more planned. it is the end of an era. an iconic store in san francisco closed its doors for good tonight. gufrpz opened back in 1861, the same year abraham lincoln was
9:37 pm
elected president. the store was originally a frame and mirror shop, but over the years it transformed into a high-end retail destination. shoppers rummaged through the store's final items today. some say they have been buying gifts there for decades. >> it was a special place. it's hard to put it into words. if you haven't experienced it, which i was there so many times as a child. because there was nothing else like it. it was one of a kind, very unique. they had decorative arts. you could always find a special gift here. >> they filed for bankruptcy in august. retail analysts say the store wasn't keeping up with changing fashion. still ahead, people taking advantage of new laws this holiday season. the popular stocking stuffers that are sure to get people's spirits high. we'll be right back. people are
9:38 pm
9:39 pm
with last minute gift ideas this year. some are buying marijuana for people are getting creative with last-minute gift ideas this year. some are buying marijuana for stocking stuffers.
9:40 pm
with recreational marijuana now legal in california, sales are on the rise for the first christmas since legalization took effect. pot shops are certainly seeing a spike in business. people are buying joints and edibles as last-minute stocking stuffers. some shoppers said they would more than happy to receive marijuana for christmas. >> i think it's going to be one of the biggest gifts people will be buying to be honest with you. i would love some weed for christmas. >> gifting marijuana for christmas they say will break the stigma. gas prices are dropping across the country. the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded gas is now $2.43 according to gas the bay area not so lucky. for san francisco the average is $3.61. san jose, $3.46. in vallejo and santa rosa, $3.38. gas prices have dropped 64 cents
9:41 pm
since october. b.a.r.t. is working to help low-income riders. the transit agency is asking for the public's i didn't want. riders would receive a 20% discount on all b.a.r.t. rides. to qualify, a family of four would need to be at or below an annual income of $50,200 a year. the program would be funded by gas tax revenues. elon musk's spacex delivered a new present into space today. >> three, two, one, zero. ignition. liftoff. >> after several weather delays, spacex launched a powerful gps satellite into orbit, it's first ever national security launch. it lifted off from kennedy space center in florida this morning. the cargo built by lockheed
9:42 pm
martin is the most powerful built for the u.s. air force. it has an expected life span of 15 years. a lot going on in sports tonight. here's if he woul here'sfeldy. >> our busy day of sports ahead with the warriors and 49ers and sharks all in action. we'll show you the highlights from oracle as steph curry looks to take down the clippers. plus, things got chippy in santa clara when the 49ers hosted the bears. all that and more is coming up in sports. happy holidays.
9:43 pm
9:44 pm
hi, everybody. i'm dave feldman. happy holidays. 49ers had a chance to do something pretty rare today, win three straight games. something they haven't done since last season when they won five straight. bears in santa clara, fourth quarter. harris looked like he tried to pull up, but a brawling ensued after.
9:45 pm
richard sherman comes running in there. he's upset. he's going to take on everybody. richard sherman and two bears ejected. after all that, 49ers' last chance. nick mullens on the move. throws a deep ball, but the ball is out of bounds and uncatchable. probably could have run for a first down, but he didn't. he's upset. 49ers fall to the bears 14-9 >> i saw the holding when they left. didn't see the late hit. i saw it on the screen. definitely looked like a good call, but i didn't see any of the melee after. >> did they giving you an explanation? >> no, they just told me the players that were ejected. i said, did sherm throw a punch and the ref said he wasn't sure. but if you get ejected, it was because you threw a punch. >> first, marcel was trying to avoid the kid. in this league they're going to
9:46 pm
call anything you do on the quarterback. at the end of the day, if you don't want your quarterback getting touched don't run the quarterback. they're trying to protect him as much as they can, but you want to protect them most, don't run. >> monday night on christmas eve, the raiders will host the broncos in their final home game of the regular season, which could also be the final game ever at the coliseum. the last of its kind as a dual purpose stadium. one that holds a lot of special memories for raiders fans. also ground ground. also ground groujon gruden. >> it's dirt, grass, got tradition. it's where some of the best players in the history of the world played football games at. you know, you're walking around before the steeler game, you think about some of the battles they had at a place. reggie jackson lighting the torch. there's a lot of things that
9:47 pm
happened in that stadium. next question. i don't want to start crying about a stadium. warriors hosting the clippers at oracle, first time facing the clippers since the infamous draymond and cd blowout, that seems to be water turned bridge. now golden state trying to win the second of a back-to-back and lebron on christmas. we'll pick it up late in the game. dubs up one. and steph curry is just steph curry. and fouled. he would complete the four-point play. tobias harris tries to tie game and bradley finishes. we're tied at 127-127. time winding down. tied game. steph curry, off the wrong foot off the glass. steph curry finished with 42. cd kd at 35. sharks played arizona. that game went to a shootout,
9:48 pm
unfortunately coyotes win. that's it for sports. i'm dave feldman, more news after the fwraek. lot of money. our consumer team tells you the one thing to check for with every gift you open this christmas. and we )ll get you ready to head out the door with weather and traffic. today in the bay. monday morning from 4:30 to 7.
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9:50 pm
. new video to show you tonight of on unusual burglary suspect. maybe one of santa's helpers. police in fort collins, colorado, say a woman stole several items, but you can see she tried to describe herself as rudolph. they're calling her the red nos nosed burglar. they are hoping the attention will get someone to recognize her and report her. the alameda county fire department's holiday toy drive wrapped up earlier tonight. people had a chance to do not a new unwrapped toy or make a monetary donation. the firefighters talked about holiday fire safety. some people enjoyed hot chocolate while listening to the
9:51 pm
newark high school choir sing carols. >> just in case you run across anybody that missed christmas or an emergency situation happened, we give toys to brighten up their day. >> they grant holiday wishes for children and families in need. vianey arana is back. deserve rain, but we want it to stay away for the holiday. >> we do. this is going to be one of those systems that's going to kind of swoop on through. you're going to notice it christmas eve, but i think you're going to like my forecast. overall you could see a nice look at squaw creek, lake tahoe. if you're going to be traveling up to lake tahoe, the biggest impact will be on your commute. tonight is your best night to make it up there before the storm makes its move. 39 degrees right now, nice and peaceful. beautiful way to wake up with the christmas snow coming down on tuesday. it's going to be perfect. san francisco, 54 degrees right now. we had a high of 59 degrees. beautiful skies out there, but this is satellite radar. this is showcasing our incoming
9:52 pm
system. this is a prof in ttrough in th. that's expected overnight into tomorrow. earlier we did see very light showers. it was a very weak system far off to the northern california area. we still have showers pushing through. ukiah saw showers, santa rosa, even light drizzle along the san francisco area. but we do have our own storm ranger. this is up scanning on top of san bruno mountain. once the system moves in tomorrow, we will have plenty to track. let's talk about your daytime highs. in terms of your temperatures, similar to today. if you enjoyed these cooler temperatures, that's what we'll get for tomorrow. oakland, low 60s. south bay, 61 degrees. here's the also very important hour-by-hour outlook. here's what you can expect. morning, rain returns. mainly in the north bay. as far as your morning commute goes, the ukiah, is it a rows area, likely to see the heaviest
9:53 pm
of the downpours. by 1:00 that's when we get the system coming in. this is going to start from north to south between the hours of 1:00 and 5:00. you see the line made its way down south. pockets of heavy downpours into san jose, morgan hill. as that cold front passes through, we're also expecting breezy to windy conditions. so the gusty conditions will pick up. that could be bad news for all of your christmas decorations if you have any of those inflatable toys or santas or reindeer. definitely want to unplug those because you definitely will see the winds pick up. we're going to keep a close eye on that. notice the time line through 7:00 a.m., rain completely makes its exit just in time for christmas morning. santa's going to encounter rain on his way in, but he should be fine. christmas eve king tides, still talking about the coastal flood advisory because it's been reissued. it will be in effect until 2:00
9:54 pm
p.m. tomorrow. that means unfortunately we'll continue to see the possibility of minor flooding, especially for low-lying areas and the bay. winter storm advisory, again, this is going to be the biggest impact in terms of that holiday commute. that has been upgraded to a winter storm advisory, so we're going to watch the advisory until tuesday morning. we're talking about 6 to 12 inches possible. right now the model are showing us higher totals in kingville, which will have fresh powder just in time for the week of christmas and the last weekend of 2018. if you notice my seven-day forecast, i took out the icon of rain because that early morning slight chance looks like the models are clearing it out completely by 7:00 a.m. overall a very merry, dry christmas is expected into tuesday, not just for san francisco, but inland areas. nice and cool and toasty, so you can turn on the fireplace and enjoy family and friends. you don't have to worry about your christmas lights getting wet unless, again, put away those inflatable things on
9:55 pm
christmas eve because they're going to fly away. we don't want that. we don't want to see flying santas everywhere >> travel, just be careful if you're heading out tomorrow as many people do. >> i will be one of those. >> thank you. it has been a long time tradition with san francisco firefighters. the new wheels they gave to hundreds of kids in need. stay with us. we'll be right back. today they 0
9:56 pm
9:57 pm
bikes to kids in need. it's a strags for san francisco firefighters. today they gave away 300 bikes to kids in need. this year marks the 70th big bike giveaway. kids got to have lunch, pick out toys and that new bike and helmet. san francisco mayor london breed also stopped by to spread some holiday cheer. >> it's good to give back to the community. not everybody is as fortunate as us as firefighters and other people. >> it's going to make my christmas better to know my son has a bike, he has a little more
9:58 pm
toys. he's able to come and see real hero firefighters, police, paramedics. it makes every kid's christmas, and adults too. >> great to see the turnout there with the first responders and all the gifts from the community. the firefighters say they give out more than 100,000 toys to fire victims all year round. in fact, they just sent a truckload of toys to paradise where all the families struggling after the camp fire. christmas is almost here and the forecast looks pretty good. >> should be fine for santa. >> thank you so much for joining us for this special edition of nbc bay area news. see you back at 1:00.
9:59 pm
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warren winiarski: i wanted to know about this beverage which had spoken to me, said, "listen to me." i wanted to see what it was saying. ♪ debbie zachareas: the bay area has really the most diversity of everything. it's a winemaker's dream to be able to have flexibility that you don't have if you are making wine in burgundy. randall grahm: gastronomically, we are sitting on top of the world. rolando herrera: the passion, the love for mother nature, for the dirt, the earth, it really all started here in napa valley.


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