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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 23, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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a little slick. we )re tracking showers just in time for christmas eve. right now at 11:00, the holiday forecast looking a little slick. we're tracking showers just in time for christmas eve. the news at 11:00 starts right now. thank you for joining me. i'm vicky nguyen. terry has the night off. well, we want to give you a live look outside over san francisco. some places have already seen some showers, but tomorrow a whole lot more rain moves in. tracking the timeline and how it could affect your holiday plans, vianey? >> we have a trough and it's going to move in overnight right into christmas eve. right now in san francisco, you see the beautiful shot, 54 degrees. we had a high of about 59 degrees, and our current
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temperature as you head out the door in the 40s and low 50s. 52 degrees in san jose. 48 in palo alto. but this is satellite radar, and that is showcasing what's to come. so you can see we've still got showers falling, but really off to northern california. the first system that brought light rain early in was very weak, but now we're tracking another system. is going to move in overnight, and we're tracking the timeline for you as we head into early christmas eve and also into the afternoon. we've got an hour-by-hour outlook. i will break down the timing for you. rainfall totals and we've got a winter storm advisory and coastal flood advisories that will be in place. this is all going to affect your christmas eve; but what about christmas day? well, stick around. we'll have the complete forecast coming up. vicky? >> looking forward to it. thank you. you can track with our nbc bay area app. it's free to download. you can get updates on when the rain will hit your naked. traffic is flowing smoothly along 101 right now, but take a look. that was not the case a few hours ago when we took this
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video. shortly before 8:00, a man driving a mazda miata crashed into another car and flipped over. this happened mere menlo park. the driver of the mazda was taken to stanford hospital and arrested for dui. a mother and her 6-year-old child were in the other car. the mom suffered minor injury, but the child is okay. all lineress opened about 9:15. new information about a plumber rescued from the catering building at sfo. we learned that man sought of the hospital tonight. we first broke this story last night at 5:00. two plumbers were using a concrete cutting tool while working in the basement of the catering building. they got overwhelmed by dust and fumes from the tool. one of the plumbers was able to get out, but it took firefighters two hours to find and rescue the other man. wins and losses, championships and heartache. the raiders have experienced it all while playing in oakland. tomorrow night they could be playing there for the last time. fans are trying to come to grips
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with that reality, while some are making one last plea. roz plater is outside the coliseum with details. roz? >> reporter: indeed, i'm here with some of the folks from forever oakland. they have indeed been camped out here just across the street from the coliseum since friday. now they're taking advantage of tomorrow night's game for their high profile message. they wanted the team to stay, but if not, they want to keep the raider name in oakland. the raider nation representing ricky's on the eve of what will likely be the oakland raiders' last game at the coliseum. and for some, it is an emotional experience. >> well, you have to be emotional about it when you follow a team as long as we have followed this team. he's from '69. i'm from '74. >> they're emotional and also nostalgic about the team's long-time home the coliseum. >> it's an older stadium. we all know that. but it still is the oakland raiders' home for all these
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years. >> for two years fans like darryl foley and john luppo have rallied to keep this team here. so this likely last game at the coliseum is hard to swallow. >> i am sad. there is no doubt in my mind that i'm not sad, because it's changed. and i'm against change. >> will you be at the game tomorrow? >> i will be be at the coliseum area, but i will not be in attendance of the game. >> because? >> i will not financially support the nfl any longer. >> reporter: the raiders are headed to vegas, but their new stadium won't be ready until 2020. the city of oakland has sued the raiders over the move. now where will the team play? next season is up in the air. nbc bay area first broke the news friday that the team is in talks with the san francisco giants to possibly play next season at at&t park. >> will you go to vegas? >> yes. >> you're going to go to at&t? >> wherever they go. >> reporter: but first, there is just one more trip to the oakland coliseum monday night.
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now we're told that tomorrow morning, there will be a lot more folks out here with the signs, and they'll have a rally from 9:00 until noon. live from oakland, i'm roz plater, nbc bay area news. >> they're not giving up. thank you. we will have much more in this newscast about the raiders possibly playing in oakland for the last time. later in sports, hear from an emotional jon gruden about what he thinks about one last game in the east bay. new tonight, after a series of nbc bay area investigative reports looking at the toxic clean up at hunters point in san francisco, a change that could affect future development at the former naval shipyard. several banks are reportedly not offering loans for homes there. wells fargo confirms to nbc bay area the bank is not offering loans to buyers at the new development. the chronicle reports that city and chase are also turning down loans. this all stems from concerns over radiation and how the land is being cleaned up. our investigative unit has reported in depth on allegations of fraud and mismanagement. so far 450 homes have been built
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at the site with thousands more planned. now to continuing coverage from washington, where it is day two of the government shutdown. at the u.s. capitol hill, there remains no sign of a deal, and it continues to prove inconvenient for people here in the bay area. sergio keen tquintera joins us what is open at alcatraz. >> reporter: vicky, the popular night tours of alcatraz are unfortunately a victim of the ongoing government shutdown. they will not resume until the budget impasse is resolved. regularly scheduled daytime tours of alcatraz will continue as usual, but behind-the-scenes tours and special night events are continued until further notice. it's a surprise for mary gallup and her grandson. >> i think it's sad because people come a long way to do all this. and when they come, they can't do it. >> reporter: lucky for them, the
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australian pair is booked on a day tour in the morning, which should continue as usual. at one entrance to fort point, drivers kept bypassing a street barrier only to be forced to turn around when they saw the gates were closed, and tourists on bikes didn't know if they were allowed to ride past the gate. fort point is closed but nearly every site in the bay area is open to pedestrians. across the country, those effected the most so far are federal employees who will be furloughed or will have to work without pay. >> we're at their mercy at this point. it's going to be tough for people's budgets. paychecks aren't coming in. they can't be making mortgage payments and other things like that. >> reporter: the battle over a border wall is the big barrier on this third government shutdown of the year under a republican-controlled congress and president donald trump's administration. on the sunday morning talk shows, the president's new acting chief of staff mick mulvaney offered his prediction on how long the shutdown will last. >> i think that is -- it's very possible that this shutdown will go beyond the 28th and into the new congress.
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>> reporter: and today there were some signaling of some softening on that border wall figure, offering to take less than $5 billion, which is what the president has long been pushing. the new congress will be sworn in less than two weeks. of course, nancy pelosi is going to be taking over as speaker of the house, and the newly elected democratic majority has not voiced any interest in funding a border wall. reporting live in san francisco, i'm sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> sergio, thank you for clearing that up. a key figure in president trump's cabinet will leave the white house much sooner than expected. james mattis announced thursday he is stepping down at the end of february, but today the president tweeted mattis is leaving on january 1st. in his resignation letter, mattis was critical of how the president treats allies. he also highlighted their differing views on global security. mattis stepped down a day after mr. trump announced a plan to
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withdraw u.s. troops from syria against the advice of the pentagon. deputy defense secretary patrick shanahan will take over as acting defense secretary. rescue crews are continuing to search for survivors and victims in indonesia. a tsunami slammed the island of java without warning last night. at least 280 people have been recorded today. more than a thousand hurt and dozens remain missing. those numbers are expect to arrive. a volcanic eruption and subsequent undersea landslides caused the tsunami. because there wasn't an earthquake, people didn't have a warning and they didn't have time to get away from the water. >> it's only taken about ten minutes for the tsunami to hit the coast to the west. it took about an hour to hit to the east. but even sow, there was very little time to get a warning out. there are no buoys in this particular area for early warnings. >> adding to the devastation, indonesian officials say this weekend was a holiday, so resorts and hotels along the
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coast in western java were packed with people. helping campfire victims find refuge this holiday season. how a retreat in the east bay is offering some much needed peace and recovery to people dealing with tragedy. and shoppers taking advantage of new laws this year. the popular stocking stuffers that are sure to get people's spirits high. y. our consumer team tells you the one thing to check for with every gift yo a little car could save you a lot of money. our consumer team tells you the one thing to check for with every gift you open this christmas. >> and we'll get you ready to head out the door with weather and traffic. >> today in the bay, monday morning, 4:30 to 7:00. the holid
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--and in the east bay, a story of strangers doing just that for their the holidays are about giving, and in the east bay, a story of strangers doing just that for their neighbors. a local retreat is hosting families who survive the camp fire to give them a break for the holidays. nbc bay area's lili tan reports from danville. >> reporter: at the san damiano retreat, sounds of healing fill the air. the religious refuge in danville, which is usually closed during the holidays, opened its doors to 150 camp fire survivors to relax, reconnect with nature. >> looking at the birds, everything. because everything counts, yeah. and we don't know if today's going to be our last day. >> reporter: and to relay their stories, like myrna. >> i burned my hand and my nose,
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ear, hair. and the first thing was i wish i can call my husband and tell him that i love him and that i won't be able to make it. somehow i saw my kids in the car, and i jump in and i jump through the flames and we made it. and we're here. >> i saw a family come in this morning that looked pretty shellshocked. >> reporter: father charles tally wanted to help evacuees begin healing. >> really, this place has been transformed from a retreat center into really a de facto village for people. >> reporter: for hannah farris and her family, mother nature can trigger traumatic memories. >> when we first got here, we both looked up into the mountains, and we thought oh, that's a lot of tree there's. >> reporter: though only for a moment. >> and now it's like an overwhelming sense of peace. it's been really relaxing, a sense of solidarity, because there are so many other people like us, you know. >> reporter: she says survivors don't know what day-to-day life will ever be, but for now, they'll take it one breath at a
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time. >> it blows me away. human compassion is amazing to me. >> reporter: in danville, he will -- lili tan, nbc bay area news. starting to show signs of everyday life. the butte regional transit bus service will resume tomorrow between chico and paradise. meanwhile, people who lost their homes in the fire are now being allowed to move rvs or tiny homes on to their properties even before the land has been cleaned up. normally people are not allowed back until their property has been cleaned because ash can be toxic. that rule was lifted because of the shortage of housing options. well, looking to score something for that stocking, some people are turning to pot shops for their last-minute gifts. it is the first christmas since recreational marijuana became legal, and pot retailers are seeing their businesses hit some holiday highs. popular gifts include joints and edibles. some shoppers said they would love to be on the receiving end
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of a green gift. >> i honestly think it's going to be one of the biggest gifts people are going to be buying, to be honest with you. i would love some weed for christmas. >> just being honest. dispensaries hope gifting marijuana for christmas helps break the cannabis stigma. an iconic san francisco store is now gone for good. gump's closed its doors for the last time tonight. the store opened in 1861, the same year abraham lincoln was elected president. it was originally a foreign minister and mirror shop, but over the years gump's transformed into a high-end retail destination. shoppers rummaged through the store's final items today. some people say they've been buying gifts at gump's for decades. >> it was a special place. it's hard to put it into words if you hadn't experienced it, which i was there so many times as a child. because there was nothing else like it. it was one-of-a-kind, very unique. they had decorative arts. they always -- you could always find a special gift here. >> retail analysts say the store
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did not keep up with changing fashions. gump's filed for bankruptcy in august. the alameda county fire department's holiday toy drive just wrapped up earlier tonight. people have a chance to donate a new unwrapped toy or make a monetary donation. santa was there on hand for photos. plenty of milk and cookies to share. firefighters talk about holiday safety. hand is the choir from newark memorial high school. they sang. people warmed up with hot chocolate. a cozy event all around. firefighters say the toys are essential for kids in tough times. >> they deserve this opportunity. in case we run across anybody who missed christmas or emergency situation where we give a toy. >> the donations all go to children and families in need. now we turn to a tradition that celebrates what so many consider the most important element of the holiday season, a time for reflection and hope. as nbc's kristen dahlgren explains, churches across the country are making a special effort to embrace that idea with what they call a blue christmas
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service. >> reporter: for some, the holidays can be more silent night than joy to the world. as decorations go up and stores open their doors, so many get lost in the christmas chaos. especially if they're spending the season alone. so churches across the nation are addressing the extra need for reflection, holding special nondenominational services, for those needing a break from all the hustle and bustle. at new york's fifth avenue presbyterian church, pastor kate dunn has held the blue christmas service for the last 14 years. >> we see a lot of griefs this time of year. and we see that the hardships that people face do not stop. >> reporter: at the end of the service, they light candles. >> so what do the blue candles symbolize? >> we invite people forward to light a candle in remembrance of someone they've loved and lost in honor of somebody who they are thinking about, who may be
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going through a hard time. >> reporter: reg mcquay has been a member of the church for the last 28 years. while he loves the season, he also needs time for solace. >> i find it a time to reflect on those individuals that have been important in my life and are no longer here. >> reporter: a vital pause for a moment of peace. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, new york. well, speaking of holiday celebrations, viani is in for rob tonight. it looks like travel could be a little dicey, but we could beseeing a good christmas day forecast. >> if you're going nearby, you're going to be fine. tomorrow if you're going to be driving throughout the day and also heading up to lake tahoe, i think that's probably going to be the biggest concern simply because of the snow and you know how dangerous things can quickly turn, especially when dealing with gusty conditions. look how it looks right now in san jose. we have a beautiful shot of christmas in the park. this is one of my favorites around this time of year. 52 degrees. wind speeds are calm. the temperatures, as you maybe
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head out the door late tonight are going to be in the 40s overnight into 30s tomorrow morning. temperatures 40s and 50s. this is what we're looking out for this. is what we're tracking right now. satellite radar we had a weak system that brought a little drizzle along the coastline and portions of the north bay. now we've got an incoming system. and that is in the form of a trough spinning off in the pacific right now. this is going to make its way wroefr night. storm ranger is up and ready to go. one that storm makes its way in, we'll see that rain, especially using our mobile doppler radar which is very high definition. let me give you some timing for this so you can plan out the day according to the rain. around 7:00 a.m., you notice far northern california, talki ing ukiah, santa rosa. mainly areas north of the golden gate bridge will get showers. not a lot of rain through there. but by the afternoon, right around 1:00 is when we get that line of heavier pockets of rain start to push from north to south. and then if you notice down here, the south we're talking
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hayward, palo alto, san jose, right around 5:00, 5:30 is when we're going see the heavier downpours move through. as the cold front moves in, we'll also notice the winds begin to gust. it's a great time to head to your backyard, tie down patio furniture, and i know a lot of people have christmas decorations out. it will get windy. keep that in mind with your christmas decorations into tomorrow night. once the cold front passes through, there will be a chance of seeing isolated thunderstorms as well boo the overnight hours. however, again, great news because the models are showing dry conditions for christmas morning. so whatever residual moisture might get a couple of light showers early on christmas morning. but it looks like by 7:00 a.m., things will clear nicely. we'll get areas of cloud cover. as far as estimated rainfall totals, so far right now the models are showing us from a tenth of an inch to just under a half an inch, mainly for the mountainous areas. you can see right here using the color key, just a quarter near
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san jose. a little over a tenth of an inch. the san jose area typically falls in the rain shadow. another thing looking out for are the king tides. the coastal flood advisory will remain in effect until 2:00 p.m. tomorrow. california christmas, very normal around here. winter storm advisory. this is going to be the toughest commute. we're talking about an advisory that is going to remain in effect through tuesday morning. so if you had plans to leave tomorrow morning, i would say leave now. maybe tonight into early tomorrow before that system makes its way in. that's more expecting the heavy pockets of rain and the snow showers to start falling up near the mountain areas. as far as your seven-day forecast, we're going to see the temperatures in the upper 50s for san francisco. again, by tuesday afternoon, we're going to see the rain move out quite nicely. if you notice on the map, we dry out for the next couple of days after that, and then looking ahead towards next weekend, it looks like we're seeing a chance of another system moves in. and that may mean something because we do have our new year's eve coming up next week.
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but let's not get to that. let's talk about christmas. christmas is going to be great. >> hang on to 2018 as long as we can. i'm not ready yet. the years are flying by. >> i completely agree. everybody has been good this year. >> good travel advice. thank you, vianey. still ahead, we have liftoff. never gets old watching that. spacex does something it has never done before. the rocket launch making headlines. stay with us. ♪
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of a peninsula freeway for hours. you )re looking at "snapchat" video from the scene this morning. it happened around 3-30 on a deadly crash shut down part of a peninsula freeway for hours. it happened about 3:30 on northbound 101 in san bruno right near sfo. the chp says a man lost control of his suv, hit the center divide and flipped. he was thrown from the car and
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died at the scene. officers say he was not wearing a seat belt. all lanes of 101 north were closed for about five hours during that incident. low income bart riders could soon ride for a discounted price. the transit agency is asking for the public's input on this proposal. here's how it would work. riders would receive a 20% discount on all bart rides. to qualify, though, a family of four would need to be at or below an annual income of $50,200 a year. the program would be funded by the gas tax. if approved the program could count as soon as fall next year. elon musk's spacex delivered a new satellite into space today. >> three, two, one, zero. ignition, liftoff. >> after several weather delays, spacex launched a powerful gps satellite into orbit. this is its first ever national security launch. the falcon 9 rocket lifted off
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from kennedy space center in florida this morning. the cargo built by lockheed martin is the most powerful gps satellite ever built. it's for the u.s. air force. it has an expected life span of 15 years. well coming up in our next half hour, who was behind the travel chaos? the investigation into those drone sightings near a major airport takes an unexpected turn. plus a mysterious outbreak on campus. the virus sweeping through one east coast university that has already claimed one life. i am a family man. i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools
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that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. not to the finish.t. but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause.
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him. expert care for every new beginning. staff announcemen good evening. i'm vicky nguyen. terry has the night off. well, it was another surprising white house staff announcement via twitter today. the president expediting the
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departure of defense secretary james mattis after all that attention on the letter mattis wrote on his way out the door. and some context now. when mattis leaves on the 1st of the new year, there will be seven high level positions this the administration that are either vacant or filled with someone in an acting capacity. here is nbc's national security and military reporter courtney kubi with more. >> reporter: president trump didn't tell mattis himself, instead according to defense and administration officials, secretary of state mike pompeo had to make the call this morning. afterward, the president made the firing public, tweeting deputy secretary of defense patrick shanahan will assume the title of acting secretary of defense starting january 1st, 2019. mr. trump is frustrated, according to several administration sources, specifically at reports which said mattis was the last adult in the room. the two were increasingly at odds, but the president's decision to withdraw troops from syria was the breaking point for the defense secretary. mattis' resignation letter
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offered a clear rebuke of the president's world view, particularly the treatment of nato allies. mattis deserved a secretary of defense whose views were better aligned with him, mentioning his previous firing in the obama administration. given mattis' popularity at the pentagon, other departures may follow. that was courtney kub ireporting. while use reporting are leaving turkey, turkish troops are reinforcing their position along the syrian government. you can see dozens traveling to their new post today. last month president trump announced plans to withdraw from syria. shortly after the president postponed a planned military operation targeting kurdish forces. they have agreed to work together to coordinate the u.s. withdrawal. turkey is pledging to take over the fight against isis in syria. will the man accused of killing a woman at a bart
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station face trial? john lee cowell is charged with murder and attempted murder. police say he stabbed mia wilson to death and injured her sister at the macarthur station in july. cowell was supposed to enter a plea but he may not be fit to stand trial. he wants doctors to evaluate cowell before the case moves forward. the judge is expected to make a decision later this week. new at 11:00, health officials on the east coast are trying to get a handle on what is now a deadly outbreak. an 18-year-old university of maryland student died last month after getting sick with adenovirus. her family says she was taking medicine for crohn's disease which may have weakened her immune system, but now 40 other students are sick. the virus can cause anything from the common cold to deadly pneumonia. the university plans to deep clean dorms over the holiday break, but as students continue to get sick, the campus is on edge. >> there is only one case of a
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fatal -- being fatal. and it's kind of worrying that more people are getting it. >> in october, a different adenovirus outbreak killed 11 children at a pediatric facility. doctors say the best way to avoid the virus is to wash your hands and clean surfaces regularly. london's gatwick airport is back to normal today, but that could change if fugitive drone operators strike again. tens of thousands of passengers suffered through delays or cancellations after two drones flew over gatwick last wednesday. all air traffic had to be immediately suspended while authorities looked for the operators. police thought they caught two suspects, but they released them after an interrogation proved their innocence. >> i'm confident that that arrest was justified. and of course over the last day or so, we have been meticulously investigating their involvement. and i am satisfied now that they are no longer suspects in this investigation. >> police captured one of the drones.
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they're hoping that dna on it will lead them to the operators. change is coming to cuba. the country is replacing its constitution. state media says the new constitution is more business and investment friendly, and it will also impose age and term limits on the presidency. fidel castro and his brother raul ruled the country for almost 60 years. cuba will also add the role of a prime minister. cuban lawmakers approved a draft of the constitution today. it now heads to a referendum in february. coming up next, a christmas story at the border. we'll tell you what happened when a young girl in mexico sent a message to santa in a balloon. the note didn't quite make it to santa, but it did make to it a backyard in arizona. stay tuned for that story. what n
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with the country consumed by the budget battle over a border wall, consider what happened when a man in arizona came across an unusual christmas message and broke down a barrier. nbc's kathy park tonight on a special delivery from santa. >> reporter: 8-year-old diam iwatched her christmas wish list fly away hoping it would get from nogales, mexico to the north pole. the note didn't make it to santa, but to randy heiss. >> i noticed there was something red in up ahead. i could see the note. >> reporter: the winds carried her wish about 20 miles away, across a u.s./mexico border to patagonia, arizona, where randy was hiking. >> it was obvious it was a
11:37 pm
christmas list. the child let the balloon loose with faith that someone would find it. if you happen to find it, you don't turn away from an opportunity like that. >> reporter: with clues from the handwritten message, he traced the letter to nogales, and asked a popular radio station there to help. diami was located within an hour. >> love has no borders. that wall melted away for the day. >> reporter: randy and his wife marcela played santa's helpers, driving to mexico to buy the clothe, drawing spli ining suppr list and making the special delivery. this christmas connection a gift for the couple who lost their own son years ago. >> they gave me such healing joy of seeing their little faces and everything light up. >> reporter: now finding joy again through a child. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: who brought them together with the balloon from beyond the border. kathy park, nbc news.
11:38 pm
>> that's a little bit of a christmas miracle there. well, it's a long-time tradition with san francisco firefighters. the new wheels they gave to hundreds of kids in need. and christmas eve is just a few hours away, and i'm tracking rain but also snow for the sierra. a beautiful shot of squaw creek, lake tahoe. 39 degrees. we'll talk about your daytime highs and a timeline for the rain and snow coming up. christm
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drivers this year. gas prices are dropping across the country. christmas is coming early for drivers this year. gas prices are dropping across
11:41 pm
the country. the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded gas is now $2.43. that's according to but as always, the bay area not faring so well. for san francisco, the average is still $3.61. in san jose, $3.46. in vallejo and santa rosa, it is $3.38. gas prices have dropped nationally by 54 cents, since october. experts say the cheap gas is the result of an increase in global oil production. well, hopefully you are enjoying some time off of work during the holidays, but authorities are warning car thieves aren't taking any time off. more cars are stolen on new year's day than any other holiday. consumer investigator chris chmura has ideas to help you protect your car. >> reporter: that new year's statistic is astounding. 2500 people woke up january 1st to find their cars gone. so we went looking for ways you
11:42 pm
can fight thieves. and you know what? we didn't have to look very far. we're showing you three innovations from bay area companies. a gps insurance gadget, a chameleon license tag, and a camera that can feel a felony in progress. >> whoa. >> reporter: you're watching a car thief in action. the boosting bunch has been incredibly busy this year. by the end of december, they will have stolen 14,000 cars around the bay area, according to the fbi. even if your ride stays put, you're still paying a price for car theft through higher insurance rates. but you can fight back with technology hatched right here in the bay area. what we've seen at least a few dozen car thieves be identified and arrested. >> reporter: andy hodge is ceo and co-founder of owl cameras in palo alto. perched atop the dashboard, the owl cam gives a bird's eye view of your interior.
11:43 pm
but it also contains sensors that can recognize a break-in. any sudden jolt starts the camera rolling, catching thieves in the act. that live video streams to your phone and is stored in the cloud. hodge doesn't want to catch crooks on camera. he wants the owl cam to scare them away. you're hoping a criminal sees the camera and says i'm moving to the next car. >> we have seen a lot of people breaking into cars, and you can tell they didn't know one of these existed, and they look up and pretty much all have this look that goes oh. >> reporter: another new idea to prevent grand theft auto taps into california's quirky obsession with sending messages on license plates. but this isn't driven by ego. instead, it just announces to all the crime that's taking place. >> we can actually show stolen on the plate. >> reporter: resurvivor auto in foster city makes the r plate, a digital license tack that can morph, notably when your car is in the wrong hands.
11:44 pm
>> once you find out that your car is gone, we'll know where it is, because it has gps. it has an lt connections. >> reporter: and if a thief tries to pry the plate off your bumper, you'll immediately get an alert. >> reporter: another gadget tries to block thieves in a round about way. >> it plugs in to the port which powers it. >> reporter: metro miles, sales insurance essentially by the mile. it uses these small trackers to figure out how much you owe. the gizmo goes wherever your car goes, which means if someone takes it on a joyride, metro mile can track where it went. >> you call us up and ask where the car is and we find it. >> reporter: deterrence is the key, but it comes a at price. the owl cam is $350 plus an annual fee. the rplate is $700 plus a monthly fee. metromile's rates vary based on how much you ride. there are some free steps. i know it sounds obvious, but always lock your doors. you'd be surprised how many people don't. never leave anything in plain
11:45 pm
sight, and always try to park in a busy, well-lit area. if you have a consumer complaint to investigate, call us 888-996-tips, or visit >> big problem in the bay area. all right. speaking of thieves, new video tonight of an unusual burglary suspect. police in fort collins, colorado say this woman broke into a business and stole several items, but as you can see, she is wearing something unusual. she tried to disguise herself as rudolph. so they're calling her the red-nosed burglar. police posted video of this on facebook and they put their own version of the song rudolph the red nosed reindeer. they're hoping it will go viral and help them figure out who this lady is. it is a long-standing tradition for san francisco firefighters. and today they handed out 300 bikes to kids in need as part of their 70th annual big bike giveaway. kids and their families got to have lunch, pick out toys, and of course a new bike and a
11:46 pm
helmet. santa obviously there on hand for pictures as well. a and mayor london breed stopped by to help kids pick out the perfect set of wheels. >> it's going to make my christmas better, to know that my son has a bike. he has a little more toys, he is able to come and see some real heroes, firefighters, police, paramedics. so it makes every kid's christmas, and adults too. >> and it isn't just during the holidays. firefighters say they give out more than 100,000 toys to fire victims year round. in fact, they just sent a truckload of toys to people surviving the butte -- the camp fire in paradise in butte county there. all right. let's switch gears now. vianey is in for rob. the very important forecast ahead. we want to make sure santa has clear skies to get through and deliver all the presents, and hopefully christmas day we'll get to go outside and stretch our legs a little bit after opening gifts. >> that's a great point. i think a little rain will be okay in his map. i think he'll be okay. but you know what? if you're running last-minor
11:47 pm
rands tomorrow, vicky, it's going to be raining. i still have to run some errands. san francisco a beautiful shot right now. we have a nice view of san francisco. current temperature trend into the overnight hours. there is a shot of san jose. that's christmas in the park there. temperatures will dip down into the 40s. it's being tobacco cloudy afternoon, but we are tracking some rain moving in. if you notice there is rain in the early morning hours, that's because this system that we're tracking is expected to move in overnight. but the north bay will see the showers first. tomorrow's wet commute mainly in the north bay, not really widespread until the afternoon. here is a look at satellite radar. we're not tracking any major rain moving in through the bay area just now. but when question do see that system move in within the next several hours, storm ranger is ready on top of san bruno mountain. that's our very own mobile doppler radar. before i take you through that futurecast and help you time out the rain, i do want to warn you
11:48 pm
of the king tides. a coastal flood advisory in place until 2:00 p.m. tomorrow. what does this mean? it's the highest of the high tides. san francisco's high tide for tomorrow will be at 11:58 a.m., which means low-lying areas for the coast and bay may have the likely chance of seeing, experiencing minor flooding. we did see some of that in marin county, but overall we're expecting to see that until 2:00 p.m. tomorrow. keep that in mind. all right. now let's get to the oh so important hour-by-hour forecast. people are asking me when is the rain coming. it's going to vary by your location. early on in the morning, mainly in the north bay, by about 1:00, pay attention to this time up here, you can see that heavier pockets start to roll through. that's because that cold front will start to make its move from north to south. and that's going to bring the heavier downpours at times and gusty conditions. so between 1:00 and 4:00 will be the main event. that's when we'll start to see rain moving through san francisco, half moon bay, even down through san jose, hayward,
11:49 pm
palo alto, of course the santa cruz mountains. things of that area see the rainfall totals higher. as far as the evening hours go, gusty winds ahead and behind the cold front we'll see the chance of isolated thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. great news. in time for christmas morning, that rain clears out quite nicely. overnight christmas eve into tuesday, which is christmas morning. so you don't really have to worry about the rain too much for christmas day. estimated rain totals again from the 10th to just under half an inch. a lot of the heavier rain will be falling in lake tahoe. and this is really what i'm more concerned about for all the folks heading out for the holiday travel now. you will see rain, but it is the snow. there is a winter storm advisory in effect until christmas morning. so hopefully you can head out now ahead of that incoming rain and the snow, because look at this. donner, kingville, we're talking about some pretty dwgood snowfa
11:50 pm
accumulations. we dry out after tuesday, and looking ahead, we do get a chance of seeing some rain. but again, that winter storm advisory will be in effect through christmas morning. so if you're going to be heading up to lake tahoe, always, always check the road conditions in case chains are required. you do not want to get caught much the mountains. >> no, it's bad. i've been in this situation. i used to work in reno and coming over 80 on donner pass, you don't want to be stuck in the snow without chains. it's rough. >> hopefully you'll already be there nice and cozy by the fireplace. >> thank you. we have a lot going on in sports tonight. here is dave feldman with a look at what's coming up. >> a busy day of sports ahead in the bay area where the warriors and 49ers and sharks all in action. we'll show you the highlights from oracle. steph curry and crew look to take down the clippers. plus, things got a little chippie in santa clara. the 49ers hosted the bears. all that and more coming up next in sports. happy holidays.
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
11:53 pm
hi, everybody. i'm dave feldman. happy holidays. 49ers had a chance to do something pretty rare today. win three straight games, something they hadn't done since the end of last season when they won five straight under jimmy g. the bears in santa clara. fourth quarter. there is going to be a late hit on mitchell trubisky by marcell harris, who looked like he tried to pull up, but a brawl ensued after. richard sherman comes running in there. he's upset. he is going to take on everybody. richard sherman and two bears ejected. after all that, 49ers' last chance. nick mullens on the move. throws a deep ball, but the ball is out of bounds and uncatchable. probably could have run for a first down, but he didn't. he is upset. 49ers fall to the bears, 14-9. >> i saw the holding when they left. didn't see it until i saw it on the screen. definitely looked like a good call.
11:54 pm
but then i didn't see any of the melee after it. >> can you give an explanation on what triggered sherman -- >> no, they just told me the players that were ejected, and the one player they told us, sherm. did he throw a punch? and the ref told me he wasn't sure. but if you get ejected, it's probably because you threw a punch. so i assume so. >> marcell was going to try to avoid the kid. in this league, they're going to call anything you do on a quarterback. if i don't really care about the rest of it. the quarterback runs, you got a chance. they're trying to protect him as much as you can. but you want to protect him the most, don't run. monday night on christmas eve, the raiders will host the broncos in their final home game of the regular season, which could also be the final game ever at the coliseum. the last of its kind as a dual purpose stadium, and one that holds a lot of special memories for raiders fans, and also jon gruden. >> it's a real football stadium.
11:55 pm
it's dirt, grass. it's got tradition. it's where some of the best games in the history of football have been played. it's where some of the best players in the history of the world played football games at. you know, you walking around before the steeler game. you see frank o'hara and lester hayes and think of some over the battles they had in that place. reggie jackson lighting a torch. there is a lot of things that have happened in that stadium. next question. i get excited. start crying about a stadium. [ laughter ] warriors hosting the clippers at oracle, first time facing the clippers since the infamous draymond and kd blowup. that seems to be water under the bridge. now golden state trying to win the second of a back-to-back and then wait for lebron on christmas. get to the action. it was a good game. we'll pick it up late in the game. the dubs up one, and steph curry is just steph curry. and fouled. he would complete the four-point play. tobias harris tries to tie the
11:56 pm
game off the rim, avery bradley finishes. so we're tied at 1:27. time winding down. tie game. steph curry. a drink with friends can turn into two, and a prescription can be stronger than you thought. stop! there are a lot of ways to get a dui. and a lot of ways to go-- text a friend, call a cab, share a ride. whatever you choose to do, go safely, california.
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it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices, xfinity xfi. a more powerful way to stay connected. enhanced coverage, and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere when you download the xfi app today.
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a drink with friends can turn into two, and a prescription can be stronger than you thought. stop! there are a lot of ways to get a dui. and a lot of ways to go-- text a friend, call a cab, share a ride. whatever you choose to do, go safely, california. if you're going to be driving out tonight and into early tomorrow morning, we are tracking some incoming rain. showers mainly up to the north bay to start, but then widespread rain into tomorrow afternoon along with windy conditions. >> thank you so much for joining us tonight. we really appreciate it, and have a great holiday week ahead.
11:59 pm
12:00 am
this week, we are in st. louis with broadcaster joe buck. >> am i really ready for this? am i capable oof doing a world series? i don't feel you are ever really comfortable. >> he gets his first major league baseball play by play job at 20 years old. by 25 he is calling national football league games and at 27 his first world series. >> my heart was going to jump out of my chest. this was awesome and exciting. >> now with several super bowls and more than a dozen world series on his resume, buck opened up during our 2012 interview about the health scare that nearly ended his career. >> every time i said a sentence i was like i sound awful. >> and the final moments with his late hall of fame father. >> he said i hope my time in


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