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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 24, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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ho, ho, ho. a live look good monday morning to you.
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christmas eve, december this24tr you, ho, ho, ho, a lot of people will hear later tonight. we are live "today in the bay" as we begin this beautiful morning. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kris sanchez. laura garcia is hopefully sleeping in with the kiddos this morning. little bit of fog in the picture behind us. >> we have fog and mist and drizzle, i'm tracking rain as we go into mostly this afternoon. the rain still well to the north of the bay area, if you're traveling maybe going north on i-5 you'll start to see that rain moving a little bit sooner, as we get a look at our hour by hour update by 10:00 to 11:00 a few spotty showers starting to work into the bay area. we'll track the potential of thunderstorms for the afternoon at 5:00, there could be some waves of heavy rain moving in, and a lot of it does taper off for tonight and also looking at how the roads are moving, san rafael, visibility is clear on highway 101.
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i'll get a look at the rest of the microclimates and the roads coming up in a few minutes. we with are working on a developing story in san francisco where one person died and two others were hurt in an early morning fire. >> "today in the bay's" thom n jenson is live in the presidio neighborhood. >> reporter: we talked to the division chief a couple seconds ago. she told me firefighters tried to make entry but the second floor was fully engulfed and a couple trapped on the third floor, an elderly couple. san francisco firefighters had the fire under control and extinguished earlier this morning. at least 75 firefighters and 27 trucks had responded to this call that came in just before 1:00 this morning, but as i said, fire gutted parts of the
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second floor of the multimillion-dollar home and trapped the couple in their third floor bedroom. >> it's very unfortunate any time, christmas morning, one fatality, one possible fatality and one occupant transported and a firefighter that was injured. >> reporter: according to the operations chief mark gonzalez that firefighter was injured when he and another firefighter enered that front door and swept over with flames and debris started falling down on them. he was burned on his neck and hands around the wrist but has already been released from the hospital. now, the other firefighter was not injured but they were knocked back onto the porch as you heard him say and he says that the other resident was severely burned and i learned just a few minutes ago that that other resident is in critical condition. we believe this was an elderly
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couple. we'll try to get more information as it becomes available. they're not releasing the names of the victims here yet as they're trying to find the next of kin and give them notice this christmas eve morning, a tragic fire here in san francisco. we're live in san francisco, thom jensen, "today in the bay." >> thank you, thom. 5:04. the government shutdown enters day three. the white house says it's possible it continues into january. "today in the bay's" susan maginnis has the latest from washington. seems like a lot of people will not be in the counthristmas spi. >> some will not. it is christmas eve and no sign washington will come to any agreement and it all comes down to the president's border wall. ♪ the most wonderful time of the year may not be for an estimated 800,000 federal employees.
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weekend talks between the white house and lawmakers brought no compromise over the president's demand congress fund a border wall. >> there's no path toward him getting had $5 billion to taxpayer money to meet his campaign promise of a bug i big beautiful wall. >> reporter: the president rejects democrats' $1.3 billion offer for border security that excludes a wall. >> the ball right now is in their corner. we made them an offer yesterday afternoon so the senate democrats have the ability right now to open the government and agree to the deal. >> reporter: as talks broke down, large parts of the government closed on saturday leaving some federal employees now working without pay, others not working at all. some lawmakers believe it's less about the border, more about politics. >> this is a made up fight so that the president can look like he's fighting. >> he says it's an issue of border security.
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i think we know it's an issue of his own political insecurity. >> reporter: the senate meets thursday but many see the impasse lasting into the new year. >> 5:05. this is new video just in from hunter's point in san francisco. police tell us they found a man shot to death inside a car not too far from city college extension campus. officers were alerted after a shot spotter activation call just after 1:00 this morning. officers arrived, found a smashed up car from a crash but with a body inside. police tell us they believe that man was shot while he was driving. at this point, no one is in custody. over in the excelsior neighborhood, san francisco police are investigating a deadly shooting saturday night on naples street wean persia and russia avenues. there are no arrests made in this case. wins, losses, championship
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heart aches, the raiders have experienced it all while playing in oakland. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live at the coliseum this morning and bob, word on the street is tonight the raiders might be playing there for a final game. >> reporter: correct, marcus. you can see there's a setup here across from the coliseum where you got one dedicated fan, part of a grassroots active list group called forever oakland, trying to get a new stadium deal for the raiders in oakland or at least get the raiders to keep the name here in the east bay. they plan to rally later this morning across the street where the raiders play tonight in what could possibly be their last game. seeing the beloved team for a number of fans is emotional, especially you consider they've played on and off here until the 1960s. the city of oakland sued the
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raiders over the move. where the tame team will play next season is up in the air. the team is in talks with the san francisco giants to possibly play next season at at&t park. >> i go to at&t if that's where they go. >> wherever they go. >> i am sad. there's no doubt in my mind, it's change, and i'm against change. >> reporter: forever oakland the group behind me, talking about maybe having a rally between 9:00 and noon but that's flexible. it could be earlier and this kickoff 5:15, raiders taking on the broncos. bob redell "today in the bay." >> the last man standing. thank you very much, bob. 5:08. new this morning, a palo alto man is behind bars following a random attack on a woman walking down the sidewalk.
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police say 28-year-old marcello martinez is facing sexual assault charges. this happened saturday a block away from palo alto high school. investigators say he put his hands over her mouth as she pushed her into the bushes and repeatedly punched her. homelessness is becoming a larger problem in sonoma county. more than 3,300 people are homeless, it reveals one of the nation's biggest homeless populations for a suburban community and the issue is statewide as well as you likely know. california reportedly has the largest homeless population in the entire country. one of the biggest toy drives on fisherman's wharf in san francisco kicks off in an hour. it's been collecting christmas toys for children for the past 18 years and this year mayor london breed will be there to help as well.
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drivers can stop by the ball park buffet and deliver gifts until 10:15 tonight. as we approach 5:10 this morning, we start out on this christmas eve with a lot of christmas colors approaching the bay area. we're using storm ranger our mobile doppler radar tracking the rain starting to move through much of northern california and we'll see the rain chances going up as we go throughout the day. as you head out the door in campbell, we could see some rain here by noon as the temperatures reach the upper 50s and that morning commute from antioch starts out cool but once again by late morning, early afternoon we could see some showers moving in. here is a look at the san mateo bridge as you get ready to head out. let's see how the sensors are going around the bay area, starting to see a little bit of slowing on 101, heading north but overall looking good. the east bay drive times are all green, everything is slowing well from highway 4 to the bay bridge, about 14 minutes and 238
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to the bay bridge, 16 minutes and 238 to the bay bridge also looking at about 13 minutes. all good on the roads. we'll talk about the rain coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, kari. coming up here on "today in the bay," we talked about customers waiting for their cars to arrive. many don't have a car today. the offer elon musk is making if the customers miss out on a big tax credit. plus the intense search under way for survivors and victims in indonesia following a powerful tsunami. it is 5:11 now and we'll be right back.
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on your christmas eve at 5:14, we're starting out with clear visibility as we take a live look at tesla this morning in fremont and temperatures will be cool. upper 40s as you head out the door but don't forget the umbrella. we have rain moving in. i'll be tracking that with the hour-by-hour outlook coming up in less than five minutes. good morning, i'm frank h d holland. first off on wall street the markets looking like they'll open up lower this morning, a half day of trading on christmas eve and the markets close at 1:00 p.m. eastern. stocks are coming off a negative week, the worst for the dow and nasdaq since 2008 on concerns of rising interest rates and a
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slowing global economy. elon musk says tesla will reimburse customers if the delivery of their car is made and they miss out on a major tax credit. tax credits for electric vehicles are available for the first 200,000 cars sold by an automaker reduced by 50% every six months until it's phased out. orders placed by october 15th would be eligible for the full 7,500 credit and customers would get their cars by the end of the year. starting on january 1st, that credit drops to $3,750. and of course it's christmas eve and that means millions and millions of kids will have a little trouble falling asleep tonight as they wait for santa. many adults say they have problems getting a good night's sleep on most nights. survey by mattress firm finds the average american pays roughly 300 bucks for a perfect night of sleep. the survey found those who regularly sleep on their backs
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reported having the best quality of sleep. overall the average person gets about 6:17 of sleep per night. i'm frank holland. back over to you. >> i get mine if i split that up, my nap in the afternoon and then at night. >> thank you, frank, merry christmas. grooms usually choose the best man for their wedding. this wedding had a best officer. you can see a new york police officer posing with the happy couple. the couple was on their way to tie the knot when they got into a car crash. no one was hurt but the couple had to get to town howl to get to the ceremony. the officer drove them and served as the official wedding witness. >> a lot of people in the christmas spirit. >> the weather doesn't feel christmassy. >> santa has to get through rain this afternoon and this evening and tomorrow as the kids open up their presents and head outside,
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we're going to have much improved weather. as you get ready to start out it feels muggy, it's been misty and drizzling but the heavier rain well to the north as we track it moving through redding and mt. shasta and eureka and crescent city. the areas well to the north of us will see the rain for the next couple of hours but it starts to make its way into the bay area by 11:00. with some spotty, light rain if you're going out doing last-minute shopping try to go out as early as possible. by 4:00 to 5:00 we'll see some rounds of heavier rain moving in and there may be some thunderstorms moving through. so off and on rain, heavy downpours in the mix and gusty winds. by 10:30 some rain could be hitting the roof and waves of rain coming in. by 1:00 to 2:00 in the morning, a lot of this winds down for the bay area and has the possibility from a quarter to possibly close to half an inch of rain where some of the heavier downpours
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set up and for the raiders game there will be some thunderstorm chances for the tailgaters and by kickoff the storm chances go down but still some scattered showers moving through. as we get a look at the sierra, this is squaw creek where temperatures are in the upper 30s and the rain we're seeing now will change over to snow, the potential of close to a foot of snow inment so of t some of elevations today and for tomorrow, some breezy winds, highs reaching 60 degrees inland. lot of upper 50s for the rest of the week and chilly morning, san francisco upper 50s as well. here is a look at highway 101, golden gate bridge, headed out of the north bay into san francisco, things are looking good. you could tell it is foggy out there. as we look at how the south bay roads are moving we're seeing a lot of green sensors. no issues as of yet. we are looking really good for people heading out the door very early.
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so hopefully you don't have any problems as you make your drive, 580 from grant line to 680 is looking good, about 17 minutes southbound 680 11 minutes and westbound 84 to 680 is about eight minutes so everything is flowing well. let's keep it that way. i'll look at weather and traffic coming up in a few minutes. 5:19. coming up on "today in the bay," the investigation that is under way into who was behind those drone flights that shut down london's second largest airport. plus on the other side of the world, the damage left behind, new ubz numbers and the death toll coming from the tsunami in indonesia. what happened overnight, coming up next at 5:19. you're watching "today in the bay." around the wor
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5:22, right now to a story making headlines around the world especially for people living along coastlines around the globe. the search for survivors continues after a tsunami disaster in indonesia that sent waves slamming the shores near a volcanic island between java and sumatra. new numbers were released a few moments ago and the toll is going up. 373 people are now confirmed dead and 18 peop28 people are s missing. nearly 1,500 are hurt.
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the eruption is suspected of triggering a tsunami, sending waves crashing into packed beach resorts. authorities believe the number of injured and death toll will continue to grow. the new constitution is more business and investment friendly and will also impose age and term limits on the presidency. fidel castro ruled the country for almost 60 years and his brother, raul is the new leader. cuban lawmakers approved a draft of the constitution which heads to a referendum in february. police in britain are trying to figure out who was behind the drone flights that shut down london's second largest airport in england. investigators freed a man and
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woman arrested friday saying they're no longer suspects. they believe someone else was behind the whole ordeal. forensics team are examining a damaged drone nearby. flights are operating normally for now. with the country consumed by the budget battle over a border wall, consider what happened when a man in arizona came across an unusual christmas message and broke down a barrier. >> nbc's kathy park tonight on a special delivery from santa. >> reporter: this 8-year-old watched her christmas wish list fly away tied to a bright red balloon, hoping it would get from mexico to the north pole. the note didn't make it to santa but to randy heiss. >> i noticed there was something red in the grass up ahead and thought maybe it was trash. i could see the ribbon and i knew it was a balloon and i could see the note. >> reporter: the winds carried her wish about 20 miles away across a u.s./mexico bore iter
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to arizona where randy was hiking. >> it was obviously a christmas list. the child let the balloon loose with faith someone would find it. if you find it, you don't turn away from an opportunity like that. >> reporter: with clues from the handwritten message, he traced the letter to knnogales and ask a popular radio station to help. dayami was located within an hour. >> love has no borders. that wall melted away for the day. >> reporter: randy and his wife played santa's helpers, driving to mexico to buy the clothes, drawing supplies and slime on dayami's list and making the special delivery. this christmas connection, a gift for the couple who lost their only son years ago. >> they gave me such healing joy of seeing their little faces and everything light up. >> reporter: now finding joy again through a child. [ speaking in foreign language ]
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>> reporter: who brought them together with a balloon from beyond the border. >> beautiful story there. >> my goodness. >> 5:25 for you right now. spending hours on a plane or a car might send you to the emergency room, that's if you are at risk of a blood clot disorder. bianca castro reports doctors say it becomes a problem this time of year. >> reporter: whether by plane or car, long days of holiday travel can be the perfect recipe for a potential deadly condition. >> the blood clot forms in the leg and can move up into your heart and potentially your lungs and kill you, cause death. >> reporter: this doctor says more people go to the er during the holiday season than any other time. sitting for too long creates poor circulation and a clot will form in the legs. pregnant people and people over aged 60 are at risk.
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>> if you have swelling in one of your legs, see redness around it, if you start to have pain in it, you need to come to the emergency department. >> reporter: treatment can be as simple as blood thinner but it's best to prevent it all together, wearing compression socks like these will help and getting up to move around once an hour can also make a big difference. >> just get up and walk around. we'll do that now during the break. coming up on "today in the bay," wins and losses, championships, heart takes, a live report on what could be the raiders final game here in oakland. plus, the rescue plans for eureka's redwood road which is damaged by selfie seeking visitors. ♪
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it is 5:30, this is the most christmassy picture we could find this morning, looking live at christmas in the park in downtown san jose. if you have some last-minute errands, or if you're traveling to somebody's house, you're going to want to do that early. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm marcus washington. we head over to meteorologist kari hall which is you're tracking some of the rain out there. >> not only that but we have the king tides going on that may cause some coastal flooding. the coastal flood advisory continues from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. in some of the low-lying areas. as we look at storm ranger, we are going to track some light rain this morning, but getting heavier as we go into the afternoon as this weather system
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starts to move its way into the bay area. here is a live look outside in san rafael this morning, highway 101 is flowing smoothly. s with leeacat your traffic maps got an update on the robin williams tunnel may be dealing with some delays as we've got an accident southbound and also going across the golden gate bridge going northbound as well. we're not seeing any major impacts on the roadways and looking at the south bay, roads are flowing smoothly and elsewhere across the bay area. i'll look at what else to expect with weather and traffic coming up in six minutes. breaking news in san francisco, one person is confirmed dead and two more hospitalized, including a firefighter. this happened during an early morning fire. >> "today in the bay's" thom jenson is live at presidio terrace neighborhood. thom, what do you know about these folks?
5:32 am
>> reporter: good morning. i can tell you right now the coroner is on the scene, removing the deceased from the scene. we'll avoid that but tell you that the fire had engulfed the second floor of this home here and firefighters tried to make entrance there on the second floor where the front door was. 75 firefighters had the flames under control and extinguished, when our photographer arrived on the scene, tragically one of the residents was already dead and they found another person severely burned when they made entry. deputy fire chief told "today in the bay" two of his firefighters were met whiith a wall of flame breaking through the thick front too. >> the fire rolled over them and knocked one of them over the porch area there, so that's where the one firefighter got burned and got transported. >> reporter: deputy operations chief mark gonzalez said the firefighter should be okay with
5:33 am
minor burns to the neck and wrist. we do not know -- we know the condition of the other resident, they are in critical condition being treated for severe burns at a local hospital this morning. it's unclear how this fire started. firefighters have remained on the scene going through the debris here. you can see they've removed a bunch of the debris from the home already. they're trying to figure out exactly how it started, and also checking for hot spots inside the wall. they look like they're starting to finish up the mop-up now as many of the trucks have left the scene. we'll try to get more information for you as it becomes available. they are not releasing the names of the victims at this point, still trying to get a hold of family members and let them know what happened here on this tragic fire in san francisco on christmas eve. we're live in san francisco, thom jenson, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, thom. in oakland police are looking for the person who shot and killed another person near a nightclub.
5:34 am
shots were fired around franklin street. motive has not been revealed but a $5,000 reward is being offered for tips leading to an arrest. a high-profile court appearance is set in connection with a killing of a woman at a bate station. police say he stabbed nia wilson to death and injured her sister in july. cowell is set to enter a plea in the case last week but his lawyer told a judge he might not be mentally fit to stand trial. he wants doctors to evaluate cowell before the case moves forward. the judge is expected to announce a decision this week. and traffic is flowing smoothly along 101 on the peninsula. that wasn't the case late last night. shortly before 8:00 a man driving a mazda miata crashed into another car and flipped over. the driver of the mazda was taken to stand fortd hospital
5:35 am
and arrested for dui. the mother and the 6-year-old child were in the other car. the child was not hurt. all lanes reopened about an hour later. a wins and losses, championships, heartaches, the haders experienced it playing in oakland. the team could be playing in the city for the final time tonight. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live at the coliseum with how fans and oakland are coping with this new reality. it's taking a long time to sink in, bob. >> reporter: as you could see behind me, here we are at o dark thirty and a tailgate is set up. forever oakland is a grassroots group of raiders fans who plan to rally later this morning, across the street from the coliseum where the raiders could possibly play their last game. forever oakland wants the team to stay in oakland, at the very least, keep the raiders name here. >> the identity is bigger than
5:36 am
football. the identity deals with charity, the identity deals with having the longest tailgate in the nfl friday through sunday, with how this community has such talent, has such heart and this oakland raider identity brings every race conceivable as one with no prejudice. ♪ >> reporter: for a number of oakland fans, seeing their beloved team leave again is an emotional experience especially when you consider the raiders played in oakland on and off since 1960. the raiders are headed to vegas but the stadium won't be ready until 2020. the city of oakland sued the raiders over the move. you recall nbc bay area first broke the news friday that a team is in talks with the sf giants to possibly play next season at at&t park. tonight the game is set here for the coliseum, just beyond the tailgate there. kickoff 5:15 against the denver broncos and sometime this morning forever oakland will be planning to rally out here again to get the word out, they want
5:37 am
their team to stay or at least the name. reporting live in oakland, bob redell "today in the bay." >> bob, a lot of people are hoping they don't leave too soon. 5:36. after a series of nbc bay area investigative reports, looking at the toxic cleanup at hunters point in san francisco, a change could affect future development at the formal naval shipyard. several banks are not offering loans for homes there. wells fargo confirms that the bank is not offering loans to buyers at the new development. "the chronicle" reports the city and chase are turning down loans, it stems from concerns over radiation and how the land is being cleaned up. our investigative unit has reported in-depth on the allegations of fraud and mismanagement. so far, 450 homes have been built in that site with thousands more planned. 5:37. apparently selfies are damaging california redwood trees. "the mercury news" talked with a
5:38 am
fran redwood environmentalist who said visitors at grove of titans fourth and humboldt county are trampling on ferns. he's putting a plan to protect the trees. it will go toward building an elevated walkway and replanting those damaged plants. brought back to life by a police officer, sergeant bobby chung was at sfo last wednesday, he was told there was an unresponsive woman in the stairwell. he found her on the ground without a pulse so he began cpr. when that wasn't enough, he took out the defibrillator and brought that woman back to life. right now at 5:38, if you're going to work, you'll not have a lot of company on the roads. things are flowing well, except for a few minor issues that we've seen popping up on the maps especially as we head toward solano county on 780
5:39 am
westbound. we have an accident there, so just slow it down and try to get to work safely this morning. if you're traveling southbound 101, things are looking very smooth there, also 101 from 580 to the going going, we've seen an accident there that has since cleared, and so also for westbound 37, sonoma boulevard to lakeville highway, about 13 minutes of travel time, so everything is looking good, a lot of green sensors, just a few minor issues and hopefully won't see any more throughout the morning. the weekend is behind us, the holidays ahead of us. we want to look live at tahoe, maybe your weekend plans are taking you there, looking cold but not a lot of snow on the ground although we hear there is a lot of snow on the slopes and we certainly have seen a lot of pictures from enfriends and famy in our social feeds. >> the snow comes down today, especially this afternoon. if you will be traveling to the
5:40 am
sierra, this storm system that we are seeing well to the north of us will start to change over to snow as we go throughout the day as we see all of this weather system moving in, that will bring in some snow there. we're also going to see the chance of some showers moving through, and clear weather for the rest of the week, so as we head into the weekend, things are looking really good. so if you're planning to go to santa cruz before the new year's holiday, it's going to be in the upper 50s, breezy, but we will get a lot of sunshine. i'll have a look at the storm system moving in, timing it out for you, coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, kari. 5:40. coming up on "today in the bay," the surplus of money in san francisco, the transit agency that could soon benefit from the extra cash. plus the bay area dealing with an uptick in vaping among high schoolers, we'll show you which city that's happening in, and what the city is doing to try to curb that increase.
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rush to work, grab a drink, hurry home. - [cell phone beeps] - stop! don't be on your phone. let someone else take the wheel. make a little eye contact. make a plan. it's a busy world out there. we're all in it together. go safely, california.
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you hurry to work, so you can take it slow. - [cell phone beeps] - stop! let's stop looking at pedestrians as a nuisance, and carless objects, and start looking out for each other again. it's a busy world out there. we're all in it together. go safely, california. the as you get ready to head out toward sunnyvale it will be a cool start with some low 50s but even though we don't see any rain yet, there will be some moving in for the afternoon. so don't forget the umbrella and make sure the windshield wipers are working well. we could be tracking a few thunderstorms. i'll have details on that and also what's ahead for the rest of the week, coming up in less than five minutes.
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new video just coming in to our newsroom showing a nasty accident in alum rock neighborhood. take a look at this. we're told that police and fire crews were called out to white road in florence avenue before 11:00 last night. there are reports of numerous patients taken to area hospitals but we have not independently confirmed that just yet and this video it appears three vehicles were involved including an rv. when we get more information we're sure to pass it along to you. this morning, if you already got your california real i.d., you still need to listen up. the federal government says the california dmv did not comply with two documents for real i.d. that were the requirements for that. more than 2 million i.d.s were processed in the state using a process that apparently doesn't meet federal standards. that means californians who already got those real i.d.s who waited in line, you still have to provide a second form of documentation to prove your
5:45 am
residency when that i.d. comes up for renewal. what a mess. >> oh, boy. 5:44 right now. san francisco's unexpected windfall may soon be replacing aging muni trains. according to "the examiner" the city will have $415 million from property taxes to spend. the transportation agency which runs muni is said to be served up to $38 million of the funds. the agency's director and mayor london breed are now both proposing using the cash to speed up the already planned purchase of over 150 new light rail vehicles to improve muni service. some wildfire survivors are turning to vaping to deal with stress. according to "the press democrat," santa rosa city schools say they are seeing more high schoolers vaping, the county received an anti-tobacco grant for more than $1 million. schools are expected to spend that on vaping detectors, signs
5:46 am
and counseling. so this is the day before christmas day, christmas eve, and maybe you're anticipating what gifts you'll get tomorrow. you might have to make some decisions about what to do with the gifts that maybe don't fit or you don't want or maybe just don't like. nbc's chris clackham has information on gifts that need returning. >> reporter: this year's survey of holiday shoppers by the national retail federation ask a lot of questions about retailers return policies. >> and one-third of shoppers said it was really important for the store they choosed to shop at to have an easy return policy. >> donna rosato and staff at "consumer reports" rated the best and worst return policies at retailers nationwide and found many willing to make returning as painless as purchasing. >> a lot of companies now do want to make it easier and will give you a free shipping label to tend send it back if you need
5:47 am
to make the return. >> reporter: that's the case with online as well as in-store purchases. >> you don't have the gift receipt or anything? >> reporter: but she says consumers also have to help to make it easier for the store to honor a return. >> what you want to do is check the return policy. the most generous stores give you unlimited time but that's unusual. >> reporter: usually you'll have at least up to 30 days to make a return, which is also easier with a receipt and with gently opened packaging. >> some retailers will not want you to return the gift unless it has the original tags and sometimes the original packaging. >> reporter: so rip up the gift wramg, not the gift, until you're sure it's the gift you really want. chris clackham, nbc news. the partial government shutdown can't shut down this holiday tradition. as you can see, norad is
5:48 am
tracking santa's christmas journey. the u.s. military has done it every year for the past 63 years and in a tweet, norad says 1500 volunteers will keep an eye on mr. claus this year. san that ta has a workshop t post offices in the country. they help santa read hundreds of letters from young boys and girls. >> we have some that ask about mr. and mrs. claus and they want to know how rudolph and the reindeer are doing and the elves. >> that's so cute. most of the letters list what kids want for christmas. the elves help santa read all of his letters in time. >> he's busy. it's good to have helpers .
5:49 am
>> i'm looking forward to tracking santa onnorad. it gets the kids ready for bed because as soon as santa gets close, okay, time to go to bed. >> heads up. >> please can everybody just go home and go to bed. >> only thing is, santa has to fly through some rain in the bay area later on this evening. as we track it right now, we have storm ranger, not norad. we'll see some showers moving through, mostly light showers now but you can see the heavy rain moving through northern california, even some snow in higher elevations near mt. shasta. here is a look at christmas in the park, you need an umbrella and we start out with cool temperatures so long sleeves. be mindful we will see showers moving in and the time laine brings it into parts of the bay area with spotty showers around 11:00 to 12:00 and getting heavier, here we are at 4:00
5:50 am
this afternoon, a lot of bright reds and yellows there, showing heavy rain, maybe even some thunderstorms rumbling through, especially the north bay and over toward the east bay, and then we are going to see this gradually tapering off later on tonight as we'll see some scattered rain starting to taper off by early tomorrow morning. by the time they get up and unwrap the presents tomorrow morning, things are going to be clearing out. we're looking at the potential of about a quarter to maybe even half of an inch. once again, christmas in the park not a good time to go during the middle of the day. we have some thunderstorms moving through and still some rain into the evening. maybe you'll be able to check it out tomorrow, once everything clears out, we'll get sunshine, breezy winds. highs near 60 degrees inland and for san francisco, more of the same. so today really the only day we'll have to worry about those rain chances in the forecast. here is a look at the golden gate bridge, can't really see anything because we do see the low clouds and fog, the mist and
5:51 am
drizzle and also had an issue going through the robin williams tunnel. there's still that injury collision there, we'll see if that amounts to anything. also in solano county 780 we've seen some minor crashes causing a delay and for the south bay, everything is flowing well. so i'll be tracking all of this and the rain and we'll talk about it coming up again in a few minutes. >> looking forward to that, kari. 5:51. happening now, gas prices are dropping across the country, according to for san francisco the average ises itis $3.61 a gallon. in santa rosa $3.38. gas prices are dropping nationally by 54 cents since october. experts say cheap gas is the result of an increase in global oil production. coming up next on "today in the bay," hundreds of thousands of pounds of ground turkey under recall this morning over
5:52 am
salmonella contamination. one person died, dozens more are sick. what you need to look for, coming up next. if guac mow lay is on the menu, the fda says wash the avocados even if you don't eat the peel. we'll tell you why, coming up. you are watching "today in the bay." valley - the search is on n
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5:54 am
5:55 am
inmate who escaped from folsom state prison. officials say "justin franks" disappeared from a minimum security fa the search is on for an inmate who escaped from from fulsome prison. justin franks disappeared from the compound late saturday nights. he's sfr san bernardino county and serving a burglary sentence. he was due to be released in june. unfortunately during the holidays jennie-o is recalling ground turkey because of a possible salmonella contamination. packages marked with p579 on the front and use by or freeze by of november 12th and november 13th. the products were sold here in california as well as a dozen other states. the cdc says more than 200 people are sick or have gotten sick and there are reports at least one person died here in california, after consuming that turkey product so do check your
5:56 am
freezers and refrigerators. while checking the fridge this morning, wash your avocados. that is the new warning from the fda because a study shows nearly 20% of avocado skins tested positive for listeria. the fda says a thorough washing should do the trick, even though you don't plan on eating the peel, when you cut it, you get whatever is on the outside on the inside. health officials on the east coast are trying to get a handle on a deadly outbreak involving students. an 18-year-old university of maryland student died after getting sick with a virus. she was taking medicinefor crohn's disease. the virus can cause a common cold to deadly pneumonia. the university plans to deep clean dorms over the holiday break. as students continue to get sick the campus is on edge. >> there's only one case of
5:57 am
fatal, being fatal, and it's kind of worrying that more people are getting it. >> in october, a different adeno virus outbreak killed 11 kids at a pediatric facility. the best way to avoid the virus is to wash your hands and clean surfaces regularly. low-income b.a.r.t. riders could soon ride at a discount. the transit agency is asking for the public's input on this propos proposal. riders get a 20% discount on all b.a.r.t. rides but to qualify a family of four has to be at or below the annual level of $50,200 a year. the program would be funded by the gas tax. if this is approved, the discount would begin as early as the fall of next year. parts of butte county leveled by the camp fire are starting to show signs of everyday life.
5:58 am
the butte regional transit bus service will resume between chico and paradise. people who lost their homes in the fire are allowed to move rvs or tiny homes onto their properties even before the land is fully cleaned up. normally people are not allowed back until the property is cleaned because the ash can be toxic. the rule has been lifted because of the shortage of housing options. looking to score something for that stocking? some people are turning to pot shops for last-minute gifts. this is the first christmas since recreational marijuana became legal and some retailers are seeing them hit holiday highs. shoppers would love to be on the receiving end of the green gifts. >> i think it's going to be one of the biggest gifts people will be buying, to be honest with you. i would love some weed for christmas. >> they hope gifting marijuana for christmas breaks the cannabis stigma. iconic san francisco store is gone for good. gump's store closed its doors for the last time last night.
5:59 am
the store opened in 1861, the same year abraham lincoln was elected president. it was originally a frame and mirror shop but over the years, gump's transformed into a high-end retail destination. shoppers rummaged through the store's final items and some say they've been buying gifts at gump's for decades. gump's filed for bankruptcy in august. 5:59 right now. it's a longstanding tradition for san francisco firefighters. >> yesterday they handed out about 300 bikes to kids in need as part of their 70th annual big bike giveaway, 70 years. kids and their families got to have lunch, pick out toys along with a new bike and a helmet, because they're all about safety. santa was there for pictures. mayor london breed stopped by to help kids pick out the perfect bike. >> it's going to make my christmas better so know my son has his bike, he is able to come and see some real hero firefighters, police, paramedics, so it makes every
6:00 am
kid's christmas. and adults, too. >> it is not just during the holidays they do this. firefighters give out more than 100,000 toys to fire victims year round. they sent a truckload of toys to kids in paradise. right now at 6:00 and new this morning, one person is dead and two others are rushed to the hospital, this after a fire rips through a home in an exclusive san francisco neighborhood. live report from the scene coming up in just moments. and shut down showdown. the government still partially closed with thousands of government workers going without paychecks, as we head into the holidays. we are live on capitol hill with what's happening at this hour. plus -- >> i am sad. there is no doubt in my mind that i'm not sad. >> final play? could today be the last day oakland raiders will play at the coliseum? fans are out there already this moin


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