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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 24, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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kid's christmas. and adults, too. >> it is not just during the holidays they do this. firefighters give out more than 100,000 toys to fire victims year round. they sent a truckload of toys to kids in paradise. right now at 6:00 and new this morning, one person is dead and two others are rushed to the hospital, this after a fire rips through a home in an exclusive san francisco neighborhood. live report from the scene coming up in just moments. and shut down showdown. the government still partially closed with thousands of government workers going without paychecks, as we head into the holidays. we are live on capitol hill with what's happening at this hour. plus -- >> i am sad. there is no doubt in my mind that i'm not sad. >> final play? could today be the last day oakland raiders will play at the coliseum? fans are out there already this morning preparing to say good-b
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good-bye. our bob redell is with them as well. let the tailgating begin. "today in the bay" continues right now. and a good morning to you on this christmas eve. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kris sanchez. laura garcia and mike inouye are off. kari hall, we need to track the radar this morning. >> this morning we're tracking some rain and it will move in later on this morning, possibly some thunderstorms today, so that may really slow you down on a very busy christmas eve. here is a look at only some spotty, light rain moving in. some of the heavier rain and a few heavy downpours moving through far northern california, so if you're traveling, heading up i-5 going north it will be wet and in the bay area, starting to see the rain moving in later on this morning into early afternoon. you see the waves of that red and yellow moving through, potentially some thunderstorms in time for the afternoon. i'll be tracking that as well as this activity comes through in several rounds as we go through
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today, and then winds down tonight. here is a look at san rafael, as we get a look at our traffic maps, and we are seeing everything flowing smoothly except for a few problem spots. not as many people out theren othe roads. it's good news if you have to work today, you don't have to deal with the usual traffic. i'll talk about the rain moving in for this afternoon, more on that coming up in a few minutes. thank you very much, kari. 6:02 now. developing story in a prestigious san francisco neighborhood this morning, where one person died and two more were hurt following an early morning fire. >> "today in the bay's" thom jenson is live in presidio terrace neighborhood. what is the latest here? >> reporter: good morning. we do know that the fire chief is now on the scene here. we're hoping to get more information from the chief in just a couple seconds. what we know right now is that when firefighters arrived on the scene, we're in the 3800 block of clay street in san francisco in the presidio terrace
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neighborhood. they tried to enter the front doors here and were met with a wall of flame as they went through the front door. they had 70 firefighters and 27 trucks on the scene when they got here and when our photographer arrived, they had the fire pretty much out but the fire had gutted parts of the second floor of the multimillion-dollar home and tragically trapped into the third floor was the elderly couple that lived in the third floor bedroom. >> very unfortunate any time christmas morning, one fatality, one possible fatality and one occupant severely burned transported and also a firefighter injured. >> reporter: the firefighter who was injured was taken to the hospital, treated for minor burns and has been released. the other person who was injured here is in critical condition at a local hospital. we'll try to get you more information as it becomes available. they're not releasing the names of the victims right now. still trying to get a hold of
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next of kin but we will update you as it becomes available. thom jenson, "today in the bay." >> a sad story, thank you, thom. we'll go to washington, d.c., for our other top story. the ongoing government shutdown entering its third day. the white house says it's possible the impact between president trump and congress will continue long into january. "today in the bay's" susan maginnis is live on capitol hill. you're hearing about all of this, this morning. >> yes, that is what we're hearing. looks like there is not a solution to this any time soon. here we are christmas eve and washington is nowhere closer to solving the impasse, and it all comes down to the president's border wall. ♪ the most wonderful time of the year may not be for an estimated 800,000 federal employees. weekend talks between the white house and lawmakers brought no compromise over the president's demand congress fund a border wall.
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>> there's no path toward him getting had $5 billion to taxpayer money to meet his campaign promise of a big, beautiful wall. >> reporter: the president rejects democrats' $1.3 billion offer for border security that excludes a wall. >> the ball right now is in their corner. we made them an offer yesterday afternoon so the senate democrats have the ability right now to open the government and agree to the deal. >> reporter: as talks broke down, large parts of the government closed on saturday leaving some federal employees now working without pay, others not working at all. some lawmakers believe it's less about the border, more about politics. >> this is a made up fight so that the president can look like he's fighting. >> he says it's an issue of border security. i think we know it's an issue of his own political insecurity.
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>> reporter: the senate meets thursday but many see the impasse lasting into the new year. susan maginnis, nbc news, washington. >> 6:05. this is new video just in from hunter's point in san francisco. police tell us they found a man shot to death inside a car not too far from city college extension campus. officers were alerted after a shot spotter activation call just after 1:00 this morning. officers arrived, found a smashed up car from a crash with a body inside. police tell us they believe that man was shot while he was driving. at this point, no one is in custody. over in the excelsior neighborhood, san francisco police are investigating a deadly shooting saturday night at 11:45 on naples street between persia and russia avenues. there is no motive at this point and we do not know of any arrests made. at 6:06, wins, losses,
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championships and heartaches, the raiders have experienced it all while playing in oakland. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live at the coliseum this morning where the fans are lined up and bob, what is the atmosphere out there? >> reporter: we've already got one group that's tailgating out here across from the coliseum. good morning to you there, marcus. this is called for oakland, a group of dedicated fans trying to keep the team here in oakland with the in you stadium deal or at least getting the raiders name to stay here. they plan to rally later this morning across the street from the coliseum where the raiders play tonight what could be their last game here. for a number of fans seeing their beloved team leave again is an emotional experience especially when you consider the raiders have played in oakland on and off since 1960. they are headed to vegas but the new stadium won't be ready until to 2020. the city of oakland sued the
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raiders over the move. nbc bay area first broke the news on friday that the team is in talks with the giants in sf to possibly play next season at at&t park. >> i go to at&t if that's where they go next year. >> wherever they go. >> i am sad. there's no doubt in my mind, it's change, and i'm against change. >> reporter: so again, this grassroots group, forever oakland, which is set up across from the coliseum, plan to rally one last ditch effort to try to get the word out that they want the team to stay here at least the name, plan a rally later this morning. kickoff tonight 5:15. raiders versus the denver broncos in what could be the last raiders game in oakland. reporting live in oakland, bob redell "today in the bay." >> a big win would be something nice for the fans.
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thanks, bob. new this morning, a palo alto man is behind bars following a random attack on a woman walking down the sidewalk. police say 28-year-old marcello garcia martinez is facing sexual assault charges. this happened saturday a block away from palo alto high school. investigators say he put his hands over her mouth and pushed her into the bushes and repeatedly punched her. homelessness is becoming a larger problem in sonoma county. we sifted through a congressional report which shows more than 3,300 people are homeless, it reveals one of the nation's biggest homeless populations for a suburban community and the issue is statewide as well. you may not be surprised to hear that california has the largest homeless population in the entire country. let's head outside to oakland, a live look right now at pictures from 880, near the coliseum. we have some scattered showers
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out there, but for the most part, the roads are pretty dry. >> it's cold out there, though, as we're looking live from our downtown camera in san jose. you see christmas in the park. we can tell you more shelters will be opened for the homeless. they're called warming stations. santa clara county opens them up when the temperature drops less than 40 degrees at night, county also says more beds will be available in san jose. kari, are we talking about a chilly christmas eve? >> it's mostly after this front that will bring us the chance of thunderstorms today and once that passes, it will be very cold over the next several days especially during the early hours. we were just talking about the raiders game possibly being the last one here at home, kickoff set at 5:15 and there will be some thunderstorms and heavy downpours moving through for tailgaters but then the rain chances start to back off headed into the evening. fairly active weather pattern with storm ranger tracking it.
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we're seeing scattered showers and looking at some of the rain that continues to move through and also dealing with the king tides this morning that may cause some coastal flooding starting at about 10:00 this morning until about 2:00 this afternoon. here is a look at our forecast. we'll talk more about this. look at how the roads are moving this morning. as you get ready to head out, we're seeing light traffic on most of our roads, just a couple of minor issues. our south bay drive times looking good on northbound 101, going from 85, we have a drive time from san jose to mountain view of about 18 minutes. i'll talk more about that seven-day forecast and what else is ahead coming up in a few minutes. coming up here on "today in the bay," customers waiting for the cars to arrive and this morning, many of them still don't have those cars. well, we'll tell you about the offer elon musk is making this morning, if the customers miss out on a tax credit. coming up, the intense search under way for survivors
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and victims in indonesia, following that powerful tsunami. it is 6:11 now. we'll be back in a few minutes.
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>> happy christmas eve. we're at 6:14 and we have dry weather as we take a live look at christmas in the park in downtown san jose. even though it's not raining
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now, in willow glen, we'll see rain chances going up by early afternoon, and normally we're up to 58 degrees, that's about where we'll be. we'll talk about the rain, even potentially some thunderstorms. more on that in your christmas forecast in less than five minutes. good morning, i'm frank holland at cnbc global headquarters. here are today's top business headli headlines. wall street the markets looking like they'll open up lower this morning, a half day of trading on christmas eve and the markets close at 1:00 p.m. eastern. stocks are coming off a negative week, the worst for the dow and nasdaq since 2008 on concerns of rising interest rates and a slowing global economy. elon musk says tesla will reimburse customers if the delivery of their car is delayed and they miss out on a major tax credit. tax credits for electric vehicles are available for the first 200,000 cars sold by an
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automaker reduced by 50% every six months until it's phased out. earlier this year tesla said orders placed by october 15th would be eligible for the full $7,500 credit and customers would get their cars by the end of the year. starting on january 1st, that credit drops to $3,750. and it's christmas eve and that means millions and millions of kids will have a little trouble falling asleep tonight as they wait for santa. many adults say they have problems getting a good night's sleep on most nights. survey by mattress firm finds the average american pays roughly 300 bucks for a perfect night of sleep. the survey found those who regularly sleep on their backs reported having the best quality of sleep. overall the average person gets about 6:17 of sleep per night. i'm frank holland. those are your cnbc business headlines. back over to you. >> some kids will want more than that, they'll go to bed early tonight. that's for sure. >> big surprise in the morning. merry christmas, frank. now to everybody's favorite
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golden girl, showing you this for a reason, talking about women and retirement. according to nationwide retirement institute women are not saving as much as they should for their golden years. in fact, only 12% say they are confident in the amount of money they have socked away. more than 70% say they're worried about retirement. experts say women need to put more money away, considering that women get paid less for the same job as their male counterparts. take a look at this, first he was forrest gump and now buying burgers for stainingers. tom hanks was caught in this facebook post buying lunch at in and out burger for customers there. he's in the drive-thru in l.a. and paid and went inside to the unt str restaurant and dined with his wife and signed hats and took selfies with everyone. >> did he pay for a bunch? >> a few cars there. >> thank you! >> that's nice. >> it is nice. >> maybe he started out with
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one, now you go i have to the next one, i don't know. that was really nice of him. >> that's pretty cool. nice to see people doing acts of kindness. >> she's screaming out "thank you, mr. hanks." hopefully you see something nice going on today on this christmas eve and someone doing something nice. some rain moving into the bay area and storm ranger showing that most of the bay area is dry, with the exception of a few spotty, light showers moving through, some pochy fog, the heavier rain as you travel north. if you're driving today trying to get to a family member's house before the christmas holiday, it is going to be wet and turning much more unsettled into the afternoon. this is the way it shapes up. by 11:30, we're starting to see spotty, light showers moving in and it will be getting heavier as we go into the afternoon, so at 4:00 to 5:00, potentially some thunderstorms are moving through. we see a lot of bright reds
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there showing some intense rain, possibly some rumbles of thunder and then it continues to move through parts of the north bay, as well as the south bay, this is very scattered and you'll track it if you have the nbc bay area app looking at the radar and getting alerts before that rain moves into your location. we'll see this activity starting to get a little bit less widespread but still some rain chances into midnight, and also as you're putting the kids to bed tonight, it is still going to be raining in some spots. not all of us seeing that rain but as we look at how much rain we may measure, .75 in fremont and napa, it depends on where some of the heavier rain sets up. as that rain moves in, just throw on a hat and go. don't need to worry about the frizz factor today. it will be a frizzy hair day. if you're driving to the sierra, right now a lot of what we are seeing coming down has been spotty rain but this will change
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over to snow today, and there is the potential of getting up to 14 inches of snow in some of our resorts, like kingvale and twin bridges and kirkwood. tomorrow breezy winds, cool air, highs near 60 for the high but starting out cool. we'll have more cool mornings over the next few days. san francisco today is our chance of rain, still dealing with the king tides late morning in through early afternoon and a lot of sunshine as we go into the weekend, with highs reaching into the mid-50s. here is a look at the san mateo bridge this morning, as you get ready to head out. not seeing any major issues there, and as we look at how the traffic sensors are showing up on the bay area wide map we are only seeing a few minor issues and some fog, if you will be traveling out of the bay area, headed through the central valley and as we get a closer look at the south bay, everything is flowing well, only a few minor slowdowns but much less people out there on the roads this morning, if you have
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to work, maybe leave a few minutes later. i'll look at weather and traffic coming up in a few minutes. coming up next here on "today in the bay," the investigation under way into who is behind the drone flights that shut down england's second largest airport. plus on the other side of the world from there, the damage left behind and new numbers in the death toll coming just hours after a deadly tsunami in e indonesia. before you toss the boxes this holiday season we have a 30-second pause to maybe save you some money. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura, "nbc bay area responds," next.
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you hurry to work, so you can take it slow. - [cell phone beeps] - stop! let's stop looking at pedestrians as a nuisance, and carless objects,
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and start looking out for each other again. it's a busy world out there. we're all in it together. go safely, california. 6:24 for you right now, and $638. that's how much the average person will spend on the holiday gifts this year, so your family's collection of stuff is likely about to grow. >> okay. well, before you toss the packaging, make sure that you do one thing consumer investigator chris chmura is showing you before new year's. >> good morning. it's simple. your one task is to fill out the product registration card, please. i'm going to give you three good reasons that could save you some money. first, some products now extend your warranty, but only if you register. i did this with a tv. the registration stretched our warranty two years.
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second, defects. if today's gift ends up on tomorrow's recall list the manufacturer won't know where to send you a notice unless you take 30 seconds to fill out that card and third, class action lawsuits. sometimes problem products lead to court cases and compensation for consumers like you. but the judge can't inform you unless they've got your address from, you guessed it, the registration card right there. i've been talking for about 45 seconds now ,which is 15 seconds longer than it will take to fill out the card. please do it. should you have trouble let us know 888-996-tips or visit >> so the grocery stores, malls all open for last-minute shoppers here in the bay area. >> we have you covered if you're wondering which stores are open. marcus, here is your list. valley fair in oak ridge malls are open until 6:00. safeway is open until 7:00 this evening. targets are open latest they are
6:26 am
open all the way until 10:00. those poor people. according to the national retail federation, 7% of people will be out for christmas shopping today. >> right after the show, let's go. grooms usually choose a best man for their wedding but this wedding had a best officer. take a look at this picture. you can see a new york police officer posing with the happy couple, so here is what happened. the couple were on their way to tie the knot when they got into a car crash. no one was hurt but the couple needed a ride to the town hall. the officer drove them and served as the official witness. >> that's sweet. you see the groom going, he looks unhappy, maybe because it was his fault. >> i hope not. >> i know. we don't know. good for them. coming up next on "today in the bay," the top stories we're following for you, including a really tragic story in san francisco, where one person died after a fire ripped through a home. two other people were hurt.
6:27 am
we have thom jenson live at the scene with a live report next. championships and heartache. live report on what could be the raiders final game in oakland. bob redell is live at the coliseum. if you are flying out this morning, kari hall is checking the current conditions at sfo, and other bay area airports. she'll join us with a cis mass eve forecast in case you're traveling by land as well. you're watching "today in the bay."
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and a good monday morning, and it is christmas eve. take a look here, christmas in the park has provided so much fun to so many people over the last few days there. right now, we want to take a look at the stock market. >> this is ringing the bell the nutcracker cast, that is beautiful. big contrast in terms of the stocks. it was the worst week for stocks. the dow and the nasdaq since 2008, the s&p 500 since 2011. the dow fell more than 400 points friday to its lowest close of the year. let's hope 2019 is a little better, but we're not retiring until we're 150. >> good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us on this christmas eve morning. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kris sanchez.
6:31 am
we have some rain out there, storm ranger scanning the skies. >> as you step out the door right now, a live look in fremont at tesla, still working this morning on christmas eve and as you get ready to head out, some upper 40s stepping out the door. we will start to see the rain chances going up by early afternoon, some scattered showers that will get heavier as the storm moves in. pockets of heavy rain through for more than california moving in as we go throughout the day. here is a look at san francisco, golden gate bridge, where it is wet. we already have some light rain coming through, some low visibility in spots. we are seeing a lot of green sensors but a few issues. the slick roads farther to the north and tracking an issue on 880 that may be slowing people down around san jose. so i'll have a closer look at
6:32 am
that, what else to expect around the bay area, coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. now to san francisco this morning, one person is confirmed dead and two others are hospitalized, including the firefighter in an early morning fire. >> "today in the bay's" thom jenson is live in the presidio terrace neighborhood. thom, good morning to you. what a sad way to start this day. >> reporter: so sad. good morning. i have a few new details after talking to the fire chief. she told me what a witness confirmed, told me just a short time ago that the elderly couple who lived here were up in the third floor bedroom area, trying to escape this fire that had them trapped up there, and had started on the second floor, and there was no way for them to get out. they tried to get a ladder up to the couple, but just as firefighters got to them, fire overtook that whole third floor, and they had to back off. fire officials on the scene earlier told us that it was just impossible for that couple to
6:33 am
get down that second floor. there was 75 firefighters on the scene, 27 vehicles. they got here quickly trying to get this extinguished. deputy fire chief told me that firefighters tried to make entrance to the front door, that's where that injury occurred, when they blasted through that front door, they were met with a wall of flames. >> they got in, the fire rolled over them, and knocked one of them over the porch area there, so that's where the one firefighter got burned. also got transported. >> reporter: we do know the condition of the female occupant of this house, we understand this is a couple, a man and a woman. the man was deceased when firefighters were able to get in there. his wife is at the st. francis hospital at the burn center getting treated right now. we understand severe burns. she is in critical condition. family members have just arrived on the scene. they've asked for their privacy right now, as they are just
6:34 am
beginning to cope with this on this christmas eve morning, coming to the scene, called to the scene to find out that their relatives one of them deceased, another one in the hospital in critical condition on christmas eve. we're live in san francisco, thom jenson, "today in the bay." >> thanks, thom. new video just coming in to our newsroom along the sonoma coast and it's telling. car plunged off of a cliff on highway 1 north of bodega bay. one person is confirmed dead. parts of highway 1 are closed as that investigation into what caused the crash gets under way. we don't know if anyone else was hurt. 6:34 now, and in oakland this morning, police are looking for the person who shot and killed another person near a nightclub. the shots were fired around 9:40 last night on franklin street.
6:35 am
motive in this shooting has not been revealed by police. $5,000 reward, however, is being offered for tips leading to an arrest. also a high-profile court appearance is set this week in the connection with a young woman at a b.a.r.t. station. john lee cowell stand nia wilson in july. last week his lawyer told a judge he might not be mentally fit to stand trial. he wants doctors to evaluate cowell before that case moves forward. the judge is expected to announce his decision on this issue this week. traffic flowing smoothly along highway 101 right now, but this is what it looked like last night late. shortly before 8:00 in the evening, a man driving a mazda miata crashed into another car and flipped over.
6:36 am
the driver of the mazda was taken to stanford hospital and arrested for dui. the mother and the 6-year-old boy were in another car. the mother suffered minor injuries. the child was not hurt. all lanes reopened around 9:15 last night. 6:36. wins, losses, championships, heartaches, the raiders experienced it all playing in the coliseum in oakland. the team could be playing in the city for the final time tonight. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live at the coliseum with how fans and oakland are coping with this new reality. bob? ♪ >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus. you could see behind me that guy right there, grizz jones, diehard oakland fan, founder of forever oakland, grassroots group of fans trying to keep the team in town, it's a one-man party but thinks the next couple of hours his buddies will be here and they'll rally to keep
6:37 am
the raiders here in oakland before they play what could possibly be their last game here. forever oakland wants the team to stay in oakland, not move to vegas or at the least keep the raiders name here. >> it's an identity. the identity is bigger than football. it deals with charity. the identity deals with having the longest tailgate in the nfl friday through sunday, with how this community has such talent, has such heart and this oakland raider identity brings every race conceivable as one with no prejudice. >> reporter: for a number of oakland fans, seeing their beloved team leave again is an emotional experience especially when you consider the raiders played in oakland on and off since 1960. the raiders are headed to vegas but the stadium won't be ready until 2020. the city of oakland sued the raiders over the move. now where the team will play next season is up in the area. you recall nbc bay area first broke the news friday that a team is in talks with the sf giants to possibly play next
6:38 am
season at at&t park. forever oakland would love them to stay here in the east bay, if not the team itself, at least the name. right over there is the coliseum, 5:15 tonight, kickoff against the denver broncos. again, this could be the last time the raiders play here in oakland. reporting live here in oakland, bob redell "today in the bay." >> all right, bob, we know a lot of people are looking for a big win tonight. after a series of nbc bay area investigative report, looking at the toxic cleanup at hunter's point in san francisco, a change that could develop. several banks are not offering loans for homes there. wells fargo confirms that the bank is not offering loans to buyers at the new development. "the chronicle" reports the city and chase are turning down loans, it stems from concerns over radiation and how the land is being cleaned up. our investigative unit has reported in-depth on the allegations of fraud and mismanagement.
6:39 am
so far, 450 homes have been built in that site with thousands more planned. brought back to life by a police officer. sergeant bobby chung, who you see in this video, picture right here, in the middle, watt at sfo last wednesday when he was told there was an unresponsive woman in the stairwell. he found her on the ground without a pulse so he began cpr. when that wasn't enough, he took out a defibrillator and brought that woman back to life. >> wow. you wonder who uses them, good thing it was there. >> good thing. right now, as we get ready to head out on the roads, at 6:39, we're seeing overall light traffic around the bay area and some roads are wet. we have a crash there, and unknown injuries. so that may slow you down, as we head over toward the east bay, check out our drive times on
6:40 am
westbound 80, everything is flowing well, 580 westbound from 238 to the bay bridge, a 15-minute drive and for northbound 880, we are seeing all green sensors, meaning traffic is flowing smoothly. >> all right, we want to go to tahoe city, see if the weekend plans are taking you there, it looks cold for sure but there's not a lot of snow on the ground. however, kari, we hear there's a lot of snow on the slopes. >> um-hum. >> what santa would like. >> right now it's rain but if you're driving to the sierra, it will change over to snow. as the storm system moves in, and cooler air arrives swas wel. this is a look at storm ranger, tracking spotty, light rain. as i widen out the view, northern california as well as the northern sierra, seeing some of the rain moving through. as we go throughout the next several days, we will see
6:41 am
improving weather for christmas, and even for the weekend, but it's going to be cool and breezy with some sunshine over the next seven days, after the storm system moves through, and we are going to keep those morning temperatures quite chilly. if you're starting to make plans for the new year's weekend, headed to santa cruz, it will be in the upper 50s with mostly sunny skies and if you're going to heavenly over the weekend, we will see some drier conditions, but dealing with that dicey weather today, that may make travel very treacherous. so i'll have an eye on that. also we'll talk about our temperature trend and when the rain arrives, coming up in about three minutes. >> thank you very much. coming up next on "today in the bay," a dmv do-over. why you'll need two forms of i.d. to replace or get a new real i.d. card, even if you already got one. plus there are reports of several people hurt in the south bay after a crash along the foothills. the new video and what we know. santa will not like seeing
6:42 am
the dow down nearly 200 points on what will be a holiday trading day. we'll follow the markets for you and we'll show you what we know, coming up next.
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6:44 am
right now it's 6:44 and your christmas eve, if you're getting ready to head out the door, we are looking at dry conditions, looking at christmas in the park in downtown san jose. as we head over toward campbell, even though we start out dry, rain will be moving in, so don't
6:45 am
forget the umbrella, and even a chance of some thunderstorms by early afternoon. i'll be tracking that, also we'll talk about when this clears up, that's coming up in less than five minutes. new video coming into our newsroom, showing a nasty crash in san jose's alum rock neighborhood. look at this. we're told that police and fire crews were called out to white road in florence avenue just before 11:00 last night. there are reports of numerous patients being taken to area hospitals, but we have not confirmed that just yet. in the video it appears at least three vehicles were involved, including an rv. when we get more information, we will pass that along. now to a live look at capitol hill, where it's day three of a government shutdown there, weekend talks between the white house and lawmakers brought no compromise over the president's demand that congress fund a border wall. >> the white house says it is possible this impasse between
6:46 am
president trump and congress could spill into january. as talks broke down, large parts of the government closed saturday, leaving some federal employees now working without pay. some of them not working at all. an estimated 800,000 federal employees are being impacted. incoming white house chief of staff mick mulvaney says the president backed away from the $5 billion he demanded, but rejects the democrats $1.3 billion offer for border security, which excludes a wall. >> the ball right now is in their corner. we made them an offer yesterday afternoon. so the senate democrats have the ability right now to open the government and agree to the deal. >> the senate meets thursday but many folks see this impasse lasting into the new year. that is when a new congress is seated with the house having a democratic majority. and here in the bay area,
6:47 am
we're keeping an eye on the impacts of the shutdown. regularly scheduled daytime tours at alcatraz will continue as usual, but behind the scenes, tours and special night events are suspended until further notice, and ft. point is closed to vehicles but nearly every national park site in the bay area is open to pedestrians. 6:47 right now. despite the possible government shutdown, lady liberty will continue to welcome the huddle of masses in new york. governor andrew comeaux says the state is shipping in $65,000 a day to keep the statue of liberty at ellis island open. cuomo says monuments generate about $1 million a day for the local economy. if you already got your california real i.d., listen up. the federal government says the california dmv didn't comply with a two-document real i.d. requirement.
6:48 am
more than 2 million i.d.s were processed in the state using a process that doesn't meet the federal standards. californians, if you already got your real i.d., you have to provide a second form of documentation to prove your residency when your i.d. comes up for renewal. san francisco's unexpected windfall may soon help replace aging muni trains. according to "the examiner" the city will have $415 million from property taxes to spend. san francisco municipal transportation agency which runs muni is set to be served up to $38 million of the funds. the agency's director and mayor london breed are now both proposing using that cash to speed up an already planned purchase of 150 new light rail vehicles to improve muni service. some woould fire survivors are turning to vaping to deal with the stress and according to "the press democrat" santa rosa
6:49 am
city schools say they're seeing more high schoolers vaping as well. in order to curb this, the county received an anti-tobacco grant more more than $1 million. the schools are expected to spend that on vaping detectors, signs and counselors to talk the kids out of it. santa has a workshop at every post office in the country and some of his elves are working extra, in texas, at the post office there. every year they help santa read hundreds of letters from young boys and girls. >> we have some that ask about mr. and mrs. claus and they want to know how rudolph and the reindeer are doing and the elves. >> a lot of the letters are detailing what kids want for christmas. the elves certainly help santa read all of the letters in time. the partial government shutdown could not shut down this holiday tradition. as you can see, norad is still tracking santa's journey this
6:50 am
christmas eve. the u.s. military says it has done this every year for 63 years, and in a tweet, norad says about 1500 volunteers will keep an eye on 34 claus this year, we track it all as in 24 seconds he will be in taiwan, st. nick there. already delivered 1.164 billion toys around the world. he's headed to the u.s. very soon. why don't you get some sleep, 8, 12 hours from now? >> i don't know, kids are really interested in going to bed early christmas eve. >> that's okay with mom, right? so this morning, we are tracking rain and santa's going to have to get through the showers that will be here in the bay area later on this evening. as we start out, we are tracking the rain with storm ranger, that's our mobile doppler radar. you can see swatches of green on the openinsula and san francisc. parts of the north bay, light
6:51 am
rain is moving in. the main storm system is well to the north of us as we are tracking heavy downpours approaching redding. if you are traveling out of the region, make sure you have the windshield wipers working well. even getting out the door in antioch, we start out with cool temperatures, some upper 40s at 7:00 and look at this, the rain starts to move in right at about noon and will continue off and on throughout the afternoon so here is a live look outside at 101 in san jose, as you look out the window, and you're getting dressed this morning, grab something with some long sleeves, at least to put on over your clothes, it will be a little bit more festive today at the office and grab the umbrella as well. we are going to start to see the rain moving in. at noon, we are seeing spotty, light showers moving through parts of the bay area, and it's just going to kind of come through off and on but look at how much activity we have on the radar, especially for the parts of the east bay, south bay, the peninsula and san francisco, at
6:52 am
5:00, it's really coming down, even a chance of some thunderstorms in the mix as well. and then by 6:30 to 7:00, we see much less rain, but still some chances here off and on, even through 11:00 to midnight, and then early tomorrow morning, as the kids are waking up, probably before sunrise, we are going to see that storm system moving out. rain totals will reach from a quarter to possibly three-quarters of an inch of rain in napa. it depends on where some of the heavier rain sets up and then tomorrow, we have breezy, cool weather, highs near 60 degrees. those morning temperatures are going to be chilly, even as we go into the weekend, expect 30s in san francisco after the rain today and the king tides, it may cause some coastal flooding. we're going to see much improved weather for christmas day. here is a look at the bay bridge. things are very light here and we haven't seen a lot of activity going on, but you can see that the rain is coming down there. you can see the rain coming down in that light, the street lights
6:53 am
there, and as we get a look at how the roads are moving on our maps, we've had a lot of green sensors but just tracking one minor issue as you approach the bay bridge toll plaza headed over from emeryville, we've seen that slow things down just a bit but overall picture is looking good for the bay area, as you get ready to head out on this lighter commute this morning. i'll have a quick look at the forecast coming up a little bit later. >> thank you, kari. 6:53 right now. happening right now, gas prices are dropping across the country, good news, if you're headed out of town, according to in san francisco, the average is $3.61, and san jose $3.46, and vallejo and san jose $3.38. gatt pri gas prices are dropping nationally 54 cents by october. experts say cheap gas is the result of increase in global oil production. coming up a look at top
6:54 am
stories. and why investigators are spending so much time combing through a car of a man who was found dead this morning. plus hundreds of thousands of pounds of ground turkey recalled. one person is dead, dozens more sick. what you need to look for in your refrigerator, that's coming up next. we're back in just two minutes with more news. 6:54. before you head out the do
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6:56 am
6:57 am
here are the top stories on today and good morning. welcome ba welcome welcome back to you. an elderly man died and his wife is critically burned after an early morning fire in presidio terrace neighborhood. this is a live look at the scene in the exclusive neighborhood. the victim's family members just arrived on scene a short time ago along with firefighters who have been there since 1:00 this morning. the couple got trapped in their second floor bedroom after the home caught fire. at least 75 firefighters and 27 trucks responded to that call. we can tell you a firefighter was also hurt suffering minor bur burns. at this point, we don't know how the fire started but check your smoke alarms this morning, folks. hunter's point in san francisco, police telling us they found a man shot to death inside a car not too far from
6:58 am
city college extension campus. officers were alerted after a shot spotter activation call after 1:00 this morning. they found a smashed car from a crash with a body inside. police tell us they believe the man was shot while he was driving. no one is in custody. new this morning, and unfortunately during the holidays, jennie-o is recalling more than 160,000 pounds of ground turkey because of possible salmonella contamination. if you buy that product, look for packages marked with p579, this is on the right front of that, and the use or freeze by dates of november 12th and 13th. the products were sold here in california as well as dozens of other states. the cdc says more than 200 people have gotten sick. there are reports that at least one person here in california has died after consuming the
6:59 am
turkey product. one of the biggest toy drives on fisherman's wharf kicks off in an hour, run by lefty ooul foundaodoul foundati. this year mayor breed will be there with carollers. drivers, just drop off your gift through 10:15 tonight if you have it in your heart. c christmas eve, no snow in the forecast for santa, but rain. >> we have rain coming in ramping up into the afternoon, even a chance of thunderstorms, breezy winds and clears out as the kids open up their presents on christmas day and the adults too. here is a look at the commute this morning. overall we've had light traffic, but one issue on 880, one injury collision and we'll keep checking on that, but so far, traffic is flowing smoothly around steven's creek. >> we know you'll be watching
7:00 am
the radar and tracking santa with the help of norad this morning. last we checked he's over taiwan. >> he's headed to hong kong in the next minute. good morning. breaking overnight, desperate good morning. breaking overnight, desperate search. crews racing against time to find survivors after that powerful tsunami in indonesia. nearly 400 people now killed, more than 1,000 hurt. the disaster hitting with little warning, turning popular tourist areas to waste lands. we're live with the very latest. holiday heave ho, president trump sends outgoing defense secretary james mattis packing, saying he will leave his post next week, two months earlier than expected. this morning their growing war of words. no deal. the government shutdown now entering day three with both sides warning c


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