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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 25, 2018 11:00am-11:31am PST

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bullets. an officer involved shooting leaves one dead in the south bay-- and just in: at least one witness is questioning the officer )s use of deadly force. it )s monday, december 25th. good morning and thank you for joining us. i )m marcus washington. and i )m kira klapper in for laura garcia. that officer-involved shooting unfolded not too far from san jose city college. it )s a story we brought to you as breaking news all morning long. nbc bay area )s bob redell is live on the scene where he just spoke to a witness, bob ?
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this was around 2:30 this morning. we just spoke to the woman who shot that the suspect crashed into the fence by the school playground and collided with an officer squad car. she says another squad car arrived to sandwich the suspect vehicle between the two police units. she tells us two officers were outside their vehicles yelling commands at the suspects, something we could hear on her video. she says the officers opened fire when the suspect reversed, pulled forward and hit at least one of the cop cars in the
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process. >> at first, if you hear the video that i had, i was laughing, because i thought that was funny, you know, because i'm like this idiot is trapped, he's not going anywhere. you know, they had him. they sandwiched the vehicle. and they just shot him. like, they didn't shoot the tires. they didn't shoot the engine. they shot the person. and i heard it, and i saw it, and it was just -- it's just really disturbing. like, you know, these people are not supposed to do that. they're not -- they're not supposed to be shooting just like that. i mean, he took a life. >> reporter: you think the officers are going to argue they felt their lives were in danger? >> they were not in danger. >> it was ramming cars? >> no, it's a vehicle. he probably has insurance. like, it's a frickin' vehicle. you're going to choose a vehicle over human life? that to me is not morally correct. >> reporter: one suspect was declared dead here at the scene. the other has non life-threatening injuries. san jose police won't comment yet on the specifics of what happened here this morning.
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the santa clara county district attorney's office and the san jose police department's homicide unit are both conducting a joint criminal investigation. the department's internal affairs unit, city attorneys office and police auditor are monitoring this case. reporting live in san jose, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, bob, for that update. now a live look outside. we want to show you the golden gate bridge. as you can see, it looks a little foggy out there. we can barely see. but no rain in sight. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking the weather for us on this christmas day. better shot behind you right there. >> yeah. >> that looks good. >> another vantage point here. and it's nice and clear. with he did have some early morning -- very early morning showers moving through. now people are outside enjoying the sunshine and also the milder weather. all the rain that we had from yesterday evening to early this morning has since moved away from the bay area. so we are seeing the clearing skies now and then this is a live look at christmas in the
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park in downtown san jose. a lot of people out there. and it's going to be a really nice afternoon for enjoying time outside. the kids are enjoying the new toys, or you're heading to christmas in the park, we're going to see those temperatures in the upper 50s for highs. which is about normal for this time of year. as we head through the week, we are going to get some cooler weather for those early morning hours. we'll talk about that. also clear through the new year's eve forecast in a few minutes. >> e hekari, thanks. a homeless man is recovering in the hospital this morning after he was shot while he slept in downtown san jose. this is new video showing police and paramedics rushing to savev him at stockton avenue. according toar investigators, t victim said he was asleep when someone shot into his tent, hitting him in the leg. it's not clear if the victim and shooter knew one another. breaking news.di just into our news room. an 8-year-old from guatemala has died in the custody of u.s. customs and border protection.
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it happened shortly after midnight. according to the agency, the cause of the sboy'sho death hat been determined. however, thehe boy showed, quot signs of potential illness yesterday. and was taken with his father to a hospital in new mexico. there he was diagnosed with a cold and a fever. he was given prescriptions and released back into custody. this marks the second death of an immigrant child in u.s. detention this month. this christmas, president trump is speaking out about the partial government shutdown, and as we head into day four, there's still no sign of a deal. right now signs that read closed hang at some national parks and landmarks. mr. trump says that itt won't over until he has funding for the border wall. the president also said that federal workers have told him to hold out until he gets the wall. democrats and some republicans are opposed to the idea. however, the president says that some people in san diego have asked him to build it. >> california, which has been difficult to deal with, because of the -- the governor.
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very, very difficult to deal with. but the people of san diego came and they wanted the wall built. in fact, i was going to build it last, but then i determined, let's build it. they really wanted it built. >> and some 800,000 federal workers are in limbo. many are furloughed without pay, and the white house officials say that shutdown might last into the new year. this morning, mr. trump also answered questions about the fed, saying that he has confidence, but thinks that interest rates are being raised too fast. this comes a day after major u.s. stock indexes fell over 2%. analysts say that president trump's attack on the federal reserve spooked the markets. >> because they think the economy is so good. but i think that they will get it pretty soon. i really do. i mean, the fact is that the economy is doing so well that they raised interest rates, and that's's as a form of safety. >> today the u.s. stock market is closed, but across the world,
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asian markets are tanking and really taking a dip as investors await wall street's next move. on this christmas day, pope francis is reminding all to focus on simplicity, charity and love. today the pope isok holding a christmas-day mass and blessing. last night on christmas eve, the pope spoke of w greed and how h believes the rich get richer at the expense of the poor. the popest also will hold praye services for new year's eve. now to a story that may sound like a christmas miracle. but all it is, is a lot of hard work. hundreds of volunteers are pulling off an incredible holiday tradition year after year and thise e year is no different in san francisco. >> nbc bay area's thom jensen shows us how the salvation army is able to feed thousands in a matter of hours. >> reporter: two of the 600 salvation army volunteers deliver christmas meals to residents of a san francisco low income housing complex. >> do you want us to put it in the kitchen for you? >> reporter: a treat for more than 4,000 people in the city this christmas.
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>> i think it's beautiful. >> reporter: really spreads the holiday spirit, doesn't it? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: after hours of work in the kitchen preparing 1,500 pounds of ham and a ton of peas and sweet potatoes, volunteers packed them up in boxes and worked together to get them out to homes. 4,100 meals in the hands of the hungry by noon. >> it would be impossible to do this without our volunteers. and they love it. we have several volunteers and their families that come back year after year. >> reporter: people like victor chin, who has been working on this christmas meal chain gang for ten years straight. >> keeps me going knowing that it makes a difference. even though you may not see it, it's always going to make a difference. >> reporter: and lincoln high girls' basketball coach jason lee, who has been volunteering here, along with his players, for 20 years. >> i think as a coach i get a good platform to really encourage them and always think it's a good thing to give back to the community. >> reporter: the san francisco
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salvation army also delivers more than 150 meals every single day, and they're always looking for new blood in their volunteer program. if you would like to help out, go to put in your zip code and find out how you can help in your own community. in san francisco, thom jensen, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, thom. coming up on "today in the bay," much more, including governor jerry brown's response to mayor london breed's request to release her brother. theh request from the mayor an what the governor is plus, some much-needed christmas cheer for victims of the camp fire in butte county. survivors gather for a celebration and healing in the town of paradise. we'll take you there.
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more than 420 following the tsunami that hit indonesia the death toll has grown to more than 420 following the tsunami that hit indonesia without warning over the weekend. more than 1,400 people remain injured. as nbc's sara harmon reports, cleanup and recovery is beginning as search and rescue efforts continue. >> reporter: christmas day brought scenes of devastation in indonesia. more than 400 people dead, hundreds still missing. 15,000 displaced. part of the reason this tsunami was so devastating, people got almost no warning. they had no chance to flee or head for higher ground. the country is now discussing the need for better early warning systems to prevent this kind of thing from happening again. but the danger here isn't over yet. the coastal area is still under a tsunami advisory until december 26th. people are being told they need to stay away from the beach.
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there is a very real risk there could be another tsunami. sarah harman, nbc news, indonesia. christmas comes with continued protests in france. dozens of demonstrators hit the streets of paris, calling for their president's resignation. this is video from last night. christmas eve. and you can see protesters in their signature yellow vests. police kept them away from famous monuments. some were vandalized in protests a few weeks ago. those demonstrations were over a proposed fuel tax, which didn't go into effect. now protesters are rallying against the president's economic policies. and this morning, governor jerry brown is deciding not to get involved in a high-profile bay area case. he is turning down a plea by san francisco mayor london breed to release her brother from prison early. napoleon brown is serving 40 years for killing a family friend back in 2000. as our investigative unit reported last week, mayor breed
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wrote the governor saying her brother's sentence is excessive and should be reduced. but the governor released a lengthy list of pardons, and the mayor's brother was not on it. governor jerry brown also is ordering new dna tests for a death row inmate whose claim of innocence has captured national attention, including that of senator kamala harris and kim kardashian. kevin cooper was convicted in 1985 of killing a southern california couple, including their 10-year-old daughter and her 11-year-old friend. he claims evidence tying him to the brutal murders was planted, and that modern dna tests will prove it. prosecutors say two previous tests clearly show that blood on the t-shirt and hatchet handle came from cooper. the governor says he's not taking sides, and if retesting the dna doesn't clear cooper, then the case should be closed. this morning, a southern california mayor is defending his city's decision to destroy old police shooting and internal investigation records. englewood made the decision at a
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city council meeting earlier this month. that move comes just weeks ahead of the implementation of a new state law, which could allow the public to access those records. however, englewood's mayor says there is no connection between the law and the city's decision to shed the records before they become public. this christmas, survivors of the camp fire in butte county are gathering to reflect. >> all right! all right! there you go. >> this bumping santa at paradise alliance church last night. for some it was their very first time seeing one another since the wild fire plat ended their town in november. children were able to meet santa and mrs. claus, as you saw there, and all enjoyed a choir singing holiday hymns. the church held two services, and both were open to the public. happening now, people along the east and west coasts are waking up to a white christmas. at least they did this morning. snowy weather came from many places, even right here in california.
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this is near kingvale. holiday travelers got stuck with roads there on the mountain pass coming to a standstill for many. and it was a similar situation in truckee, where those chain controls are in effect. all right. time now to check in on our weather. no snow here, but some beautiful sunshine for this christmas day. >> yeah. loving the shot behind you guys. and, yeah, san francisco. i mean, it is just so gorgeous out there for it to be christmas day. >> yeah. >> and we can go outside and enjoy some sunshine. we really don't get any better than that. and we're getting ready for a warriors game today. so here's a live look outside in oakland. if you're going to be heading out, you have some nice conditions, unlike yesterday, where we had to deal with the rain. that storm system was moving through. now it has moved away from the bay area, and even the sierras, starting to get some clearing now as a cold front continues to dip through. but let's talk about how much rain we had in the santa cruz mountains. the highest amount for the bay
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area in ben lomond measuring an inch and three tenths. in san jose, a quarter of an inch. and san mateo, half an inch. san francisco, three quarters of an inch. and half of an inch in santa rosa. so that was pretty good. now our temperatures are starting to warm up. we are in the mid 50s. even 60 degrees right now in fairfield. and as you look at the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, we have a lot of 50s on the way over the next few days, which about normal for this last week of 2018. let's head over toward concord, where our temperatures will be reaching up to 60 degrees during the middle of the day, and we'll be there at about 1:00 through 3:00 and cooling down quickly with some breezy winds into the evening. our high temperatures once again reaching into the upper 50s for half moon bay and san francisco, as well as napa will be at about 58 degrees and 59 for livermore,
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palo alto and in approximasan j. if you are going out to christmas in the park, enjoying time with family, it's going to be 58 degrees at 3:00. if you're there at sunset, the temperatures will start to drop fast. so make sure you have a nice, warm jacket. maybe even a hat, too, as you enjoy the sights in downtown san jose. looking at our temperatures over the next few days, nothing but dry weather on the way. but the main concern will be those chilly temperatures during the early morning hours. the more we go through the week, the colder the temperatures will be. and by saturday morning, we may be waking up to some freezing temperatures and highs only reaching 55 degrees. by sunday, we may have some showers moving into the north bay. and then our high only reaching 56 degrees. for san francisco, a lot of 50s and we started out with some gusty winds this morning. winds will gradually calm down. and then going into the rest of the week and to the weekend, as you make plans for new years, we are going to see those highs reaching into the upper 50s over the next several days.
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so overall, we do have some nice weather after seeing those showers moving through yesterday. kira and marcus? >> thanks, kari. well, this morning for the first time, we hear from actor kevin spacey after sexual assault accusations. according to the boston globe, a criminal complaint alleges spacey sexually assaulted a teenage son at a restaurant in 2016. not long after the boston globe published the story about the criminal complaint, in the past 24 hours, spacey posted a video on youtube in which he appears to be in character as frank underwood from netflix "house of cards." here's some of what spacey had to say. >> but you wouldn't believe the worst without evidence, would you? you wouldn't rush to judgments without facts, would you? did you? >> spacey was removed from the cast after the sexual assault accusations came to light. he is set to be arraigned in massachusetts next month. this year's top-selling gift
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is once again a thin piece of plastic that requires your immediate attention. >> gift cards are so popular, people spent about $30 billion on them this year alone. but did you know certain things could make them worthless. consumer investigator chris chmura is making a list of advice to help you this christmas day. >> merry christmas. chances are high there was a gift card in your stocking or under the tree. the national retail federation surveyed holiday shoppers and found 59% of us expected to give about four a piece and put about $49 on each of those gift cards. here's the thing. thieves are hungry to steal from those gift cards. these days, they don't even need to take the card itself to swipe the value. i'm not going to broadcast their methods, but let's just say they're low-tech and highly effective. we've dealt with several cases where people lost all of the money they parked on their gift cards, and the thief is never found. the solution is to beat the bad guys to the punch. to use your gift cards quickly, before the crooks swoop in and drain them for you. here's more motivation to act
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fast. after christmas sales, why not spend your gift card right away? while everything is on clearance? stretch out that card. just keep buying until the balance is zero. if you have trouble with a gift card that you can't solve yourself, please let us know. maybe we can help. 888-996-tips or online at merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you, too, chris. it might be christmas, but some grocery stores and restaurants are still open. here's what we found. drugstores like cvs and walgreens are open all day today. good news there. so are ihop and denny's. safe way until 5:00, so you still have time to get the last-minute items. and delivery services like uber eats and door dash will also run. target, however, is closed all day. if you are the cook of your family this christmas, you've likely already spent a lot of time in the kitchen. a survey from the food brand three bridges says people spend an average of five hours
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preparing their christmas meal. experts recommend cutting down on that time by making fewer side dishes or buying premade food. another tip or warning, if you're cooking a butter ball turkey today, do not plan to rely on the turkey talk line. it is closed. >> we both thought that was open all of the time. >> i guess they deserve a day off, too. all right. coming up here on nbc bay area, an act of kindness. the unique way one northern california family is giving back to delivery drivers this holiday season, and their reactions are priceless. but first, happening now, some holiday gifts will be arriving late in massachusetts. and you're looking at why. a fedex truck lost control, ended up on its roof. this happened yesterday as that driver was making deliveries. the packages ended up spilling on to the highway. luckily, police officers say no one was hurt. they're still investigating the cause of that crash. we'll be right back with more news right after the break. caugn
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this is definitely a story you want to see, new at 11:00, caught on one porch camera near sacramento, an act of kindness. an elk grove family is doing something extra special for their delivery drivers this holiday season. after drivers drop off the family's packages, they can pick up a treat for themselves. a handwritten note thanks them for making shopping easier, and offers a snack and a drink or two. it's making for some priceless reactions on the family's
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doorbell camera. they are delighted to see delivery workers' surprised faces and get the occasional thank you dance. >> it's hard for me to get out and, you know, go shopping and they're working early hours and late days. and, you know, they're away from their families. >> the family has been putting out the goodies since thanksgiving. they say they got the doorbell camera more than a year ago for safety, but they're happy to be capturing more positive videos. >> pretty cool. >> i love that. i mean, those people are angels for delivering. >> speaking of angels, look at these beautiful angels here! this morning a gift that any parent would love. look at these little babies here. these are brand-new babies, and parents. they're tucked into these stockings. the medical center for women and children in honolulu are celebrating the holiday by providing the babies with home
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made items. they were made by volunteers there. many of those babies were born within the last few days, and will soon get to head home. but, of course, keep the stockings. >> the best stocking stuffer, as we have been saying. and the cherry on top is from hawaii. now back to california. beautiful weather here on this christmas. >> yeah. >> and we all have kari hall to thank for it. >> yeah. i'll take the credit today. nice little christmas gift. here's a live look outside in san francisco. and also from tiburon. it's nice and mild. temperatures in the mid 50s. mostly sunny skies, and take a look at this shot. northstar. >> oh, my gosh! >> if you want to go skiing. i want to see that. >> christmas skiing. they are definitely out there, enjoying that snow coming down. here's a look at our seven-day forecast. we do have some more nice weather on the way. lots more sunshine. >> we like the sight of that. >> looks beautiful. the christmas miracle, but the rain has left us. thank you so much for joining us
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on this christmas day. our next newscast is at 5:00 tonight. >> thank you so much for joining us. merry christmas.
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