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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 26, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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50s. we've got a lot of sunshine headed our way across the bay area, and we'll all have a very chilly start, but we do have even colder temperatures in the forecast. we'll look at that and also talk about when we'll have a chance of rain in the forecast, and mike, pretty quiet in the room for us. >> that's the good news. we know the roads are quiet about you that doesn't mean all quiet reports. minor crash clearing from east 237, just before you get to first street, that's coming into san jose. no slowing shows up on our sensors and no injuries no, problem. the car fire we've been tracking it in the report at westbound 37 around scags island. no problem for the speed sensors. i checked around lucas valley road southbound 101, there may be debris. not sure why it's there. there is the going going and we finally have a shot where there's cars coming across, marcus, so there's traffic. back to you. >> people up and at it. thanks, scott.
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thanks, mike. 35k f still happening, the government shutdown continues into hits fifth day. president trump not budging, neither are democrats over funding the border wall. scott mcfarland on capitol hill, the president spoke to reporters on many topics yesterday, christmas day. what is he talking about when it comes to this shutdown? >> he says no timetable, marcus, until there's approval of a border wall or border fence. you're right, both sides are digging in, which means the fifth day of a government shutdown is likely to lead to a sixth day of a government shutdown. no formal negotiations today. if any negotiations are happening, they're happening behind the scenes, because the senate's not even in session today. the house is not in session. really the only player who is here in d.c. and talking is president trump. he spoke from the oval office yesterday morning, spoke first with military members, then spoke with reporters. he said he wants the wall, wants a fence, wants it to be 30 feet tall in some locations, and he
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says he has spoken with federal workers who have shown support for a border wall or border fence. the white house has not made clear when the president had an audience with rank and file federal workers and hasn't made clear the details of his schedule for the day. the national treasury employees union which represents thousands of federal workers issued a new report saying they surveyed 1600 members and that 80% of those members had concern about paying the mortgage, their rent, or daily household expenses for as long as the government is shut down. all of this raises concerns the markets will be rattled when they reopen in about 90 minutes and raises the prospect, marcus, all of this might continue through next thursday, when a new congress is sworn in, in washington. >> scott, you were talking about local people's economy there. let's talk about the economy. president trump blaming the federal reserve for the huge losses on wall street. what are people saying about that? >> the president says interest rates in the federal reserve are
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to blame for some of the market chaos that's happened over the last few weeks. he says president owe pa ma had it easier with lower interest rates touring his presidency and also says it's a great time for people to buy, that the companies are showing strength in america, all of that hinges on the future of the stock market over the next few days. >> people during this christmas holiday were certainly buying out there. scott mcfarland in washington for us, thanks, scott. it is 5:03 right now. court battle in washington in secrecy, seems to involve special counsel robert mueller and an unidentified foreign company. the mysterious case made it all the way to the supreme court, where the fight began over the summer went to unusual links to keep this secret, ordering reporters off an entire floor. the case presumably involves robert mueller's investigation based on observing the lawyers, including some from his team. foreign company identified only
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as a corporation owned by country "a" is fighting a grand jury subpoena, arguing that it is beyond the reach of u.s. law, but the company was found in contempt of court for refusing to comply with that subpoena and was ordered to pay a fine for every day that it resists. president trump says mueller's investigation is pointless. >> millions and millions and millions of dollars of wasted money. there's been absolutely no collusion. >> the next step here is that the federal government presumably mueller must file its response by new year's eve. new for you this morning, in san francisco, a man arrested for allegedly stabbing an injuring a woman on christmas day is now suspected of stabbing and killing another woman on christmas eve. that victim, a 17-year-old, died. police believe the suspect, michael jacobs, is a transient. he is suspected of both stabbings there because they happened two blocks apart year
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yerba buena gardens. police are not saying what led to the stabbings. san francisco's homicide rate for 2018 now stands at 46, and we still have a few more days left in this year, but that rate is still below last year's, and is on pace to be one of the lowest ever recorded. "the examiner" reports last year, there were 56 homicides and 58 in 2016. however, most recently, the lowest rate recorded was in 2014, and then in 2014 when 45 people were killed. the lowest rate on record goes all the way back to 1961, when 39 people died. 5:05 right now. this morning, we're learning more about an suv stolen from oakland police. that theft swiped a department vehicle, then from there, the officers who were directing traffic outside of the oakland coliseum monday night followed the raiders game.
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now, as the "east bay times" reports the suv was later record in the jingle town neighborhood. it was damaged. this was the second time a department vehicle was taken from the officer this year. 5:06 now, and this morning, a suspected car thief is behind bars following a chase on highway 101. this is 21-year-old franklin molina, who is being held in the mendocino county jail. he led deputies on a chase friday after stealing a car. that chase closed both directions of highway 101 south of leytonville for nearly three hours. deputies tell "the press democrat" that the stolen car had several guns inside, marijuana, and $30,000 in cash. a warning this morning from contra costa county. there's a social security scam going around, and county prosecutors say that victims are getting calls requesting them to unlock their social surety security accounts. they are locked because of criminal activity. scammers ask people to confirm
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their social security number which is then stolen. the ftc says these types of scams are on the rise and never give out your social security number. skiers in the sierra are celebrating a white christmas. as you can see, fresh powder blankets the slopes up at donner ski ranch. snowboarders are happy at squaw valley as well. there they got 11 inches of new snow in the last 24 hours, which is certainly more than they got last year at this same time. we remember that, kari. >> yes, and it's looking pretty good, even as we go into the next week or so, with more snow for the sierra. here we'll see some dry weather and we're starting out with some cool temperatures, all lit up at downtown christmas in the park, but just found out that this will be breaking down today, so don't head out there, and expect to see all the trees, and we are definitely feeling some christmas-like temperatures. look at these numbers. 34 in ukiah. it is 38 in fairfield. 35 in livermore, but it is now
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50 in half moon bay. we'll have a nice afternoon, headed out to diridon station. san jose some low 40s to start and mid-50s by noon. we'll take a look at more of our microclimates coming up. mike, you're taking us to the north bay. >> we talked about debris, i thought south 101 around lucas valley road. it was sketchy romp on the information. the chp of course dependable and they cleared that when they found nothing in the area. we still track that car fire on the shoulder after an earlier crash west 37. no slowing as you approach scags island. green throughout the south bay as well, a nice drive throughout. we'll give you a look at the times coming out of the tri valley. out of the altamont pass only 19 minutes, we rarely except for this time of year see things below 20 minutes, that's a nice, easy drive, but there is company for you, here is our live dublin camera showing you this volume of traffic headed through the
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tri valley. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. coming up here on "today in the bay," we're already talking about the economy this morning. up next, an early look at the numbers before the market opens. live report from cnbc is just moments away. now that christmas is all said and done, how do retailers feel they do this season? coming up, the latest shopping numbers, as we stand right now, and before the returns start coming in? you're watching "today in the bay." thanks to jodi, covergirl has created trublend matte made foundation.
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all right, we're coming up on 5:12, and it is wednesday morning for a lot of people, that means back to work and we'll start out with cool temperatures. let's head toward campbell, 43 degrees at 9:00. normal is 57 for our high temperature this time of the year. we'll be slightly above that today with lots of sunshine. we'll get a look at the rest of our microclimates for the rest of the year, coming up in less than five minutes. on the bay bridge, tail lights headed west, beautifully lit in the background. it's flowing nicely. we have a commute but we don't have problems right now between the east bay and the city. we'll give you a bigger look. good morning. i'm frank holland at cnbc global headquarters. here are today's top business headlines. wall street could see green arrows at the opening bell as traders return from the christmas holiday.
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stocks sold off sharply on monday in what was the market's worst performance ever on christmas eve. the dow dropping more than 600 points while the s&p 500 closed in bear territory, that means it's down 20% from its most recent highs, a steep fall. worries about the global economy, rising interest rates and political uncertainty in washington really continue to weigh on stocks. with many investors out of the office this week, volume is expected to be low, which could exaggerate any market moves. shoppers really delivered for retailers in the final stretch for christmas. early numbers from mastercard spending poll shows total sales excluding autos rose 5.1% between november 1st and december 24th, that's the biggest increase in six years. that suggests the market sell-off and government shutdown is not curbing consumer spending or confidence. online sales were up more than 19%. for the 12th straight year, gift cards were one of the most requested items. here are a few tips how to best use them. first, you want to read the terms and conditions, as some cards are only redeemable at a certain store or
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location. cards can be registered as credit cards on websites listed on the card, which can protect them against theft or loss. if you have an unwanted card, you can always sell it for cash at sites like those are your cnbc business headlines. marcus and kris, back over to you. >> i guess we'll hear some tapping in the newsroom as folks start to register those. that's a good idea, thank you, frank. >> 5:14 for you right now. last night's mega millions drawing if it yields any winners, they'll score the largest christmas day jackpot ever offered in the game's history. now the jackpot sits at $321 million. so grab your tickets and check those numbers and here they are for you. 8, 42, 50, 43, and 2, and the mega number is 6. we've also posted the lucky numbers on our website, to a different kind of paper, you're going to want to get your paper and your stamps ready because it is national thank you note day. this means spending time writing
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out letters for all of the presents that maybe you got yesterday. even though we do live in the computer age, etiquette experts say handwritten notes and drawings go a long way. i say that all the time. here is the way a major league baseball player is saying thank you to his parents. >> kansas city royals pitcher brady singer posted this emotional video of his mom reading the thank you note on twitter. >> the money you spent on traveling, hotel, food and all the gatorades i drank is much more than i could ever give you, but there is something i want to give to you. i am paying off the loans on the bank. also, i paid off all your debt as well. what?! now, instead of trying to save money every week to replace the things -- you can spend it on
5:16 am
yourself. >> wow. >> what a kid. >> we all wish to do that. i know i certainly do. he's really putting that $4.2 million contract to use there, paying off all of his mom's debt, the mortgage there. >> parents spend a lot of money supporting their kids. good for him. >> marcus, you hope to get a $4.2 million contract. >> pay off our bills. >> both, both. all right. right now i'm just look looking for great weather. >> we've got that around the bay area. >> see, winning already. >> it's going to start out cool. here is a live look in dublin. i imagine a lot of the cars have the heater up, because it's been in the 30s moving through the tri valley, and then as we get a look outside in san jose, a nice clear crisp morning, as we start out there, and our temperatures have been in the upper 30s and low 40s, as you get ready to
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head out the door. you need a warmer jacket or a coat, as you get started. that morning commute leaving from pittsburg will be at about 43 degrees and we'll keep the clear skies. no issues with fog there and we're going to see our temperatures going from the low 40s to the upper 50s. i think you may want to take that lunch outside. check out the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, as you get started today, getting ready for the day, maybe just a little extra hair spray. it is a little bit humid to start, but humidity will be dropping so overall, it looks like a good hair day. let's check out our high temperatures for the afternoon with los gatos reaching up to 58 degrees. also up to 58 in milpitas and 58 in walnut creek. lot of upper 50s here and still some breezy winds, it may make it feel cooler today. san mateo we're looking at a high of 57 and also 57 in ingelside. north bay one of the few sides we'll see 60 degree numbers. santa rosa today the winds continue to kick up from the north. if you're planning to head to the beach, you still got a day off, want to spend time with
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family, i think santa cruz will be a nice place to go, as you head over to summer later on this morning, it will be in the low 50s and reaching the upper 50s by early afternoon, still jacket weather, but you'll take in that sunshine and enjoy it. also, kwanzaa celebrations begin today, and it's going to be really nice for everything going on especially in san francisco. it's going to be windy, kicking up winds on friday, but cold weather on saturday, we may even have freezy valleys. by sunday, a chance of showers for the north bay. the rest of the bay area staying dry in san francisco, keeping temperatures only reaching into the mid to upper 50s for the rest of the year. as we head over to mike, you're updating a crash in the south bay. >> a crash, we have basically just that crash that i'm tracking as far as on the blotter here. southbound 101 at 880, near the interchange, a minor crash over on the shoulder. one car went down a little embankment. we're tracking it as the tow truck arrives, no problem for the speeds and no real volume of
5:19 am
traffic traveling throughout much of the bay. the tri valley shows you the same thing. behind me, we have barely any slowing as far as anything besides the green coming through the altamont pass, a smooth drive in toward north flynn road, and then everything's clear over to the dublin interchange, castro valley, no worries. contra costa county green all the way out of the north bay across the bay bridge, and carquinez bridge and toward the bay bridge, there's a light flow of traffic. this is typical wednesday at that time headed to the 520, so we'll see how things shape up. travel times, look at that! 13 minutes, only 13 from highway 4 to the berkeley curve, very light volume of traffic throughout the bay. there's the san mateo bridge, a nice smooth drive, but you do have company, we're scanning the reports because of course we expect there no to be no delays. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up on "today in the bay," a second migrant child dies in u.s. border patrol custody. the unfolding investigation.
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plus a volcanic eruption, a spectacular show in italy as lava spews this morning from its crater. n-t-s-b investigators wil
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5:22 am
arrive on the scene of a 5:22 right now. happening today, ntsb investigators will arrive on the scene of a south dakota plane crash that killed one person and damaged four homes. the deadly crash happened yesterday in sioux falls.
5:23 am
the small engine aircraft only had a pilot inside when it crashed in between two homes in the area. u.s. immigration authorities say an 8-year-old from guatemala died while in the custody of the u.s. government. the father and the child were detained. agents transported the son and the dad to a hospital in almagordo, new mexico, on monday. he was reportedly given medications and released, but then returned later sick and vomiting. the little boy died at the hospital shortly after that. the "today" show is continuing to follow this story, and we'll have much more on this unfolding investigation at 7:00, right after our newscast. new video showing italy's mt. etna volcano erupting. spectacular eruptions lit up the sky and rivers of smoking red lava, as you see right there, streamed down the side last night. scientists in italy say around
5:24 am
130 tremors have rocked the volcano since early monday. the nearly 11,000-foot-tall volcano can burst into action several times a year. a high stakes mystery more than 200 miles above the earth. russian cosmonauts are investigating what caused a hole on the side of the international space station. at first scientists suspected a meteorite strike opened that hole, discovered under external insulation, but now a sinister plot twist, cosmonauts discovered the hole about half the size of the head of a match stick was drilled from inside the capsule. a criminal investigation is not being ruled out at this point. questions investigators want answered, was it drilled while in orbit or did someone access that capsule while it was on the ground? 5:24 right now. i want you to listen this story. new this morning, usually grocery store clerks swipe your credit cards, but this
5:25 am
christmas, a clerk in texas pulled out his own wallet when a woman did not have enough money for groceries. he didn't think anyone was looking but someone actually saw him and posted it on facebook. he got more than 75,000 likes. >> i'm all over facebook and it's just like this whole big thing and i'm like holy, you know, what is going on. >> the taylor whitney show up scholarship heard about the deed and awarded jake or jack $500 there. it turns out that the woman that he helped just paid for someone else's groceries. >> oh my goodness, talking about paying it forward. all right, a police officer in northern colorado spread some christmas cheer purchasing gifts for a little girl whose presents were stolen. 5-year-old layla perkins had a merry christmas because that officer brought her and her sister a doll. the perkins home was burglarized earlier this month and the thieves made off with all the presents wrapped under the tree. an officer filed that burglary
5:26 am
report and then showed up at their home with gifts for the children. that will renew your faith. >> it is. napa police officers are giving back to their community as well. >> dispatchers heard about one family who moved into their empty, new home so they decided to spread christmas cheer by doing this, the dispatchers bought the family all sorts of appliances and presents. you can see the officers delivering the gifts here. the family got a new washer and dryer, dishes, pots and pans and several hundred dollars in gift cards. >> usually you don't give people appliances for christmas. in this case, what a beautiful gesture. >> they can cook and do whatever they need. >> the one time getting a vacuum on christmas is a good idea. >> there you go. coming up on "today in the bay," commuters beware. live report on new laws of the road going into effect in the new year. plus, a shutdown showdown continuing. the local impact the federal
5:27 am
government shutdown is having on folks visiting the bay area. and live pictures now from richmond, as you can see, more people on the road right now. mike will have a look at that commute for you on this wednesday morning. it is 5:27. you're watching "today in the bay." ♪
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christmas in park good wednesday morning to you. christmas in the park ended yesterday, taking a live look, brought so much fun to a lot of people out there.
5:30 am
thanks for joining us for "today in the bay." i'm whereby shalmarcus washingt. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. >> you can go ice skating in san francisco, union square, looks pretty good. look at the golden gate bridge from our sutro tower camera, all clear as we start out but also kind of cool. the cold front moved through yesterday morning, we have some mid-30s for parts of the north bay, and even for our inland valleys. livermore now at 35 degrees and it's 45 in palo alto. headed toward concord how our day shiapes up, 39 degrees unti 7:00 and warms up nicely with sunshine, 58 by noon. we'll look at our microclimates and talk about the weekend in seven minutes. mike, a possible surprise? >> don't look, i got you a car! i got you a car, kari! well, a few cars, very few cars.
5:31 am
there is the surprise over here. very light, but if you're familiar with bay area traffic 26 a couple weeks through the breaks for a lot of schools shows light traffic, especially light today. no metering lights of course, no reason to meter the traffic across that bay bridge. you're still at about 13 minutes from here, highway 4 down the east shore freeway to the berkeley curve. through the north bay a great drive through contra costa county and alameda county. the only crash i'm tracking is 101 at 880, the activity on the shoulder, a tow truck may arrive in the next few minutes, that's why i'm tracking that. that is a great drive, if you have to go to work you don't have to worry about traffic just yet. back to you. 5:31 for you right now. in less than a week, drivers and bicycleists will have to deal with several new laws. >> better know what they are. "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us live from menlo park, if what we need to know if we don't want to get a ticket
5:32 am
for the new year. >> reporter: the new year is less than a week, some laws will affect those riding bicycles as we stand near a bicycle lane in menlo park. the first is gender identification. it comes to applying for your application for your i.d., folks will be allowed to choose male, female or nonbinary. nonbinary is designated as an "x" on their i.d. the next will involve cyclists if they're involved in crashes. it extends helly hit-and-run to cyclists on bath paths so cyclists have to stop at the scene of any accident they're involved in. when it comes to scooter riders, something we talk about, they'll remove the requirements to wear a helmet if you're 18 or older and prohibit riding the scooter on highways at a speed limit greater than 25 miles per hour. that will affect everyone on the road, and also if you're driving a low to zero emission car, you'll get access to a carpool lane regardless of the number of
5:33 am
drivers. i want to point out, that law will sunset in 2023. all these laws will kick in january 1st. reporting live here in menlo park, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> good information there, pete. 5:33 right now. in washington, still no movement on ending the partial government shutdown, which today enters its fifth day that holds up president trump's funds for the border wall. hundreds of thousands of government workers don't know when their next paycheck is coming, that includes many people here in the bay area, including ones that work at some of our iconic landmarks. alcatraz island is opened during the day but night trips canceled and the bustling ft. point under the golden gate bridge is closed. there are chain-link fences covering parking lots in lands in outlook right there, and tourists, they're noticing all of this.
5:34 am
>> i feel bad for those not getting paid, who have no income for how long. >> a credit to the employees who are out here, understanding the situation, and they don't want other people to be affected by it. they don't have to be here. >> president trump has signaled that the partial government shutdown would last through next week. new this morning, contra costa county will now review the first five inmate deaths at its county jails this year. the "east bay times" reports four inmaities died from medical reasons. that includes a vallejo woman, rather a man just days after he was booked into jail. it's not clear if the other deaths are drug related. but we do know that a fifth person, a woman, hanged herself in her cell. there is a hearing on january 3rd where jail officials are expected to testify. an east bay couple is out of their home this morning after it was overcome by flames. firefighters say the people living there are in their late 80s. they were able to get out safely. the flames broke out at a home on first avenue in walnut creek yesterday afternoon.
5:35 am
investigators say the fire appears to have started in the garage. they think a car parked inside had mechanical issues and sparked a fire. those flames quickly spread to the attic and kitchen. >> 5:35. we're learning more about a deadly officer-involved shooting in san jose. police think the people involved may have been connected with another shooting. this all happened early yesterday morning near kelly park. officers found two people there who had been shot, they spotted a female suspect driving away. the driver led them on a chase that ended at the intersection of lee and fruitdale, when the woman crashed the car into a fence. police say she tried to ram a patrol car. officers opened fire, killing that driver, and wounding another woman who was in the car. chief eddie garcia plans to hold a news conference on this case tomorrow afternoon. now to a deadly crash in the east bay which happened yesterday morning on cummings skyway, just north of state route 4 in martinez. the chp says the driver of a
5:36 am
ford drifted out of a lane, then overcorrected and crossed into oncoming traffic that crashed head-on into a nissan, killing the driver of the nissan. the chp is investigating whether drugs or alcohol were a factor. you will be paying more to cross bay area bridges, and the votes are in now for a toll hike, it was voted yes. starting january 1st, drivers will pay an extra $1 on all of our bay area bridges, that's according to the bay area toll authority. they say it will cross $7 to cross the bay bridge. all others will cost $6. except the golden gate bridge bridge which is a different authority all together. the toll authority says this is the first hike in nine years. >> that's supposed to make it better? look, we haven't raised the price for nine years. okay. you will get the treat after you pay that toll getting caught in traffic in a lot of places but
5:37 am
not today. smooth drive right now, beautiful, beautiful green sensors all over the bay. we're tracking the traffic flow through the north bay as well, and over farther north from here, the novato by the dump, you may have a crash on the shoulder directly across from the entrance. it's not blocking the lanes, but that's what's going on for the north bay. besides an easy drive. smooth flow through contra costa county. you see that green out of antioch, pittsburg, bay point, no problem, walnut creek interchange and the east shore freeway, we still see no backup at the bay bridge and we're looking at san rafael throughout the north bay as we talked about the light flow of traffic there, but there are cars. >> a little activity outside maybe? >> we've got a lot going around the bay area as we go into the weekend, last weekend of 2018. how will you celebrate? we'll have some cool weather all around the bay area, especially during those early hours, and even throughout the day. our highs only reach into the
5:38 am
mid-50s, and then on sunday, it will be slightly milder, but there will be a chance of some showers farther off towards the north. elsewhere is looks like it stays dry. we'll be up to 55 degrees for the coast and 56 for the bay. also a lot of kwanzaa celebrations going on especially in san francisco, all day long on saturday, we'll have some really nice weather, kind of cool, though, once again. make sure you wear a nice warm jacket as we see temperatures that will only reach up to about 56 degrees. if you are planning a beach weekend, i think sunday will be the mildest of the three days, but overall, it will be cool and breezy with some mostly sunny skies, all weekend long. if you're planning to go to the sierra, it's going to be great getting there, no issues, as we are not going to see any snowstorms coming in over the next few days. upper 20s, it will be very cold on friday, but by sunday, feeling a little bit better with highs near 40 degrees. also a nice weekend to get out with the family and go hiking, muir woods will be in the upper 50s with some mostly sunny
5:39 am
skies, and some breezy winds, especially on friday. i'll be tracking all of what's going on around the bay area. let me know what you're doing. i i'm at @karihallweather. a new year means new laws not just on the roadways. we'll tell you what you need to know before next week. first come gifts, then come the returns. live report on what you need to know, before you take back those unwanted christmas items. ♪ i don't want a lot more christmas ♪ and if that's on your holiday play list that record "all i want for christmas" is breaking records. we'll show you how much money mariah made.
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rush to work, grab a drink, hurry home. - [cell phone beeps] - stop! don't be on your phone. let someone else take the wheel. make a little eye contact. make a plan. it's a busy world out there. we're all in it together. go safely, california.
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you hurry to work, so you can take it slow. - [cell phone beeps] - stop! let's stop looking at pedestrians as a nuisance, and carless objects, and start looking out for each other again. it's a busy world out there. we're all in it together. go safely, california. right now at 5:42, many people are up and out the door, headed back to work today. we can see a lot more people out up there on the roads on highway 101 and palo alto, as you get ready to head out, grab a jacket, only in the upper 40s and low 50s by noon today. we'll get a look at all of our microclimates and talk about when we may see some rain, coming up in less than five minutes. >> there is the san mateo bridge, like ckari said, folks are headed to work. i'll show you how things are shaping up. your commute is not what you might expect it to be. that's a good thing. >> thanks, mike. all right, so christmas eve, christmas day gone, in the past.
5:43 am
lot of people headed to the stores and malls as they'll be busy this morning shopping or returning those christmas gifts, also taking advantage of a lot of the post-holiday sales. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell is live outside the san francisco premium outlets in livermore. bob, we always see a lot of traffic out there. what can shoppers expect in terms of deals? >> reporter: krist and marcus, big discounts last year, major retailers like banana republic, big lots, macy's, they offer discounts as much as 75% on things like toys, games and housewares. according to a survey by the national retail federation, half of us consumers plan to hit the brick and mo are tar stores and malls today. of those, a fit of us will return or exchange gifts. about a quarter will be using the gift cards we received yesterday for christmas, and about 45% of us will just stay home and shop online instead. even though the stock market has been pummeled lately and there are headlines about a future
5:44 am
recession, consumers do not seem to be holding back when it comes to shopping. retail sales jumped over just 5% this november and december, according to mastercard, that's the largest holiday sales increase in six years. reporting live in livermore, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> all right. that place is going to be packed. >> packed, yep. >> thank you, bob. 5:44 right now. live pictures from downtown san jose and it looks like christmas in the park is still shining bright, but we need to let you know that if you're thinking about stopping by, you're out of luck there. christmas in the park actually ended yesterday, ending to make room for college football championship festivities downtown. the game itself will be held at levi's on january 7th. >> still ice skating, so the whole day is not lost. you can do some fun stuff down there. only on nbc bay area, many memories were made this christmas season, but for one south bay man, they're really
5:45 am
just beginning after a new discovery. >> this is sar jant isaac who was in a touring band in the 1970s in england. he didn't marry, didn't have kids so he thought. turns out a woman reached out to isaac's cousin earlier this year, after an ancestry dna kit match. she was looking for her father. isaac saw her pictures and he said "i knew i was her dad." yesterday he spent christmas with his 41-year-old newly found daughter, kelly wilson, for the very first time. >> i'm thankful for her. it's my best christmas ever. >> wilson says her mom never told her who her biological father was. she doesn't blame anybody, she says. she's just happy to be connected after decades apart. >> a lot of people are skeptical, but i like those tests. >> i like those. dna tests are also being used to potentially release a death row inmate here in
5:46 am
california. the test was ordered by governor jerry brown on christmas eve, because inmate kevin cooper claims he was wrongfully accused of murdering four people back in 1983. >> with the current dna testing technology, we think we'll be able to show that he's innocent. >> brown ordered that test while pardoning 35 prisoners in the bay area, including two who were affected by the camp fire. in the new year, dozens of new state laws will take effect and being lifted from police officer records so one of the new laws will allow public inspection of an officer's records during investigations of police shootings, use of force, sexual misconduct, dishonesty, or even misconduct by an officer. several new gun laws will also become state law that includes a measure that will change the minimum age to buy a rifle or shotgun in california from 18 to 21. the state is taking action against offshore oil drilling.
5:47 am
in 2019, a new california law will prohibit the california state land commission from approving or renewing leases for the construction of pipelines in docks that could be used to increase the production of oil and natural gas in federal waters. this is california's pushback on the trump administration's decision to lift the ban on new oil drilling off the coast. dub nation with you, the warriors reeling this morning after a prime time showdown on christmas, with the lakers. lebron james got hurt in the second quarter, didn't return, but look, the lakers did not need king james. the team blows out our warriors there, 127-101. the warriors play the blazers tomorrow. take a look at this giant piece of christmas art in india. it is the scene of santa claus sitting in ex-to a few christmas trees. see how big he is compared to the people standing there on the beach as well. the artist made it by scrapping
5:48 am
together sand and plastic bottles. that's what the fur is made out of. >> wow. >> that's kind of cool. ♪ make my wish come true, all i want for christmas is you ♪ >> "all i want for christmas requestis mariah carey money. that song made her a whole lot of cash. she made more yesterday for that record-breaking day on spotify, that "all i want for christmas song" that's stuck in your head, it was played almost 11 million times just yesterday on spotify. >> the most any song has ever been streamed in one day, and she's still making money off of that song. according to economists, that song has made more than $60 million in royalties over the past two decades. as if mariah carey needed for money. >> she's so darned cute in that video, too, just like the best she's ever been. >> recently she was singing it with her kids and she was in the
5:49 am
background parts. mama is still actively singing in the background but it was cool. if you could find it online. >> that's a lot of pressure, too. >> i know. they've got a lot to live up to. >> all right, so we're starting out this morning after christmas, showing everyone our pictures, and having a nice start to the morning, as we take a live look outside in san francisco, all clear skies, as you get ready to head out in oakland, maybe headed to the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station, with he'll be in the low 40s. it's going to warm up today with mostly sunny skies. we'll be in the mid-50s by early afternoon and yeah, christmas in the park coming to an end, but we can still go ice skating today. you'll need a coat and maybe a sweater and pants, that will keep you comfortable today. going to the san francisco premium outlets in livermore, it will be nice, sunny. you'll have to lug around that heavier jacket though and i hate doing that while i'm shopping. we'll have some great shopping weather today, with some sunshine, highs reaching into the upper 50s and low 60s all
5:50 am
around the bay area. also kwanzaa celebrations begin today with some upper 50s in the forecast. we'll also see the winds picking up by friday, and look at how cold it's going to be, by saturday morning, we may have some freezing temperatures. that's early heads up to go ahead and get those plants ready for the very cold air that's headed our way. then a chance of showers in the north bay on sunday. as we check out san francisco in the forecast over the next few days, we are going to see a lot more sunshine, just a few more clouds on sunday, and then for new year's day, we are up to 57, which is about normal, as we go into the first day of 2019. mike, a crash in the triva vall? >> we have a crash not really affecting the speed sensor reads. get a second, take it in, folks, look at the green around the bay. 5:50, almost 6:00, and still not really any slowing. we show a little bit of slowing just past grant line road and as we zoom in over here, this is where the overpass is. folks who don't even drive this
5:51 am
every day know there's that expansion right there, you travel over the grant line road overpass there, and that around the area is where we have a big rig, two big rigs on the shoulder. they're on the shoulder, so traffic is moving smoothly out of the altamont pass and catching up with them over here with our live camera in dublin, you see the good volume of traffic continues without any real problems. the lighter volume of traffic means those who have to make the commute this morning, you're met with a smooth flow of traffic. still 14 minutes from highway 4 down the east shore freeway to the berkeley curve and the bay bridge toll plaza really with no backup at the toll plaza. look at the live view, this is great, no problems for the maze and a smooth drive into san francisco from the east bay and vice versa. throughout the north bay, we're looking at a smooth flow as well. there's san rafael southbound 101. marcus, back to you. >> thanks, mike. 5:51 and a developing story out of italy. an earthquake triggered by matt aetna vole caino jolts sicily. the damage was really bad. check it out there, a 4.8
5:52 am
magnitude quake injured ten people and villagers fleed their homes. it also opened up cracks on the highway. officials say the request:is more than a thousand tremors they've had, and add it is linked to aetna's ongoing eruption this week. 5:52. coming up, president trump answers questions from a 7-year-old girl. you may have already heard his response. if you haven't, you're going to want to hear it. also a terror attack on christmas. who is now claiming responsibility. this is not a bed.
5:53 am
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in international news: a mexican governor and her husband, also a mexican 5:55. welcome back. in international news a mexican governor an her husband, also a mexican senator, are killed in a helicopter crash. this happened late yesterday in central mexico. the couple was headed to mexico city. investigators suspect some sort of mechanical failure, but that crash is under investigation. isis is now claiming responsibility for attacks on christmas day in libya. the attacker set off a car bomb blowing up vehicles in tripoli yesterday and opened fire on the foreign ministry building according to a security source. afterwards the attackers got
5:56 am
inside the building and blew themselves up. three people were killed, more than 20 others were injured in those attacks. new video of firefighters rushing to the rescue of people trapped in a burning home in boston, this happened late last night. one person was rescued and revived with cpr, but firefighters say that person later died. another person also died in that fire. a young boy somehow got out and was treated for minor injuries. investigators are still searching for a cause, but initial reports indicate the fire was not set intentionally. coming up right after "today in the bay," nbc reporter tom costello looks at the dangers america's electric grid is facing. here is a preview. >> reporter: good morning i'm looking at tom costello. utilities, power companies, nuclear plants, water companies, what are they doing to ensure that the lights stay on and the water is safe to drink in the event of a massive attack?
5:57 am
we'll looking at all of that, coming up on "today." >> we certainly saw something like that at the met station. after all the drone chaos at london's airport last weekend, an israeli tech company is getting a lot of attention. customers are buying up this anti-drone system called sky lock which detects drones in the sky and then disrupts their frequencies until the drones just drop to the ground. the manager says it's seen a 40% spike in interest since the disruption at gatwick. enthusiasts and collectors are snatching up the iconic no entrance no chains after 1:00 a.m. signs, we checked with similar signs up onnie bay. the moscow metro started selling them yesterday. 7-year-old coleman moya called norad blfr she went to bed monday to see if santa was scheduled to get to her house. >> instead of speaking to santa,
5:58 am
the folks patched coleman into the white house, and that's when she spoke with president donald trump about christmas. now, during that conversation, the president asked the young girl if she still believes in santa. take a listen to the exchange. >> are you still a believer in santa? >> yes, sir. >> because at 7:00, it's marginal, right? >> yes, sir. >> we're not quite sure the little girl understood what the president was saying but judging from her reaction, it seems as though she is still confident in her belief in santa, and as a parent, i'm going, what is the matter with you?! right now, at 6:00 on "today in the bay," day five, no end in sight. federal government still at a stalemate this morning. what it will take to get traction on a deal, coming up in a live report. a new warning in the east bay, the reason people in contra costa county are being targeted by thieves. before you swipe your new gift card, we have some tips to make sure you're getting your money's worth. "today in the bay" continues
5:59 am
right now. thanks so much for joining us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington on this wednesday morning. mike will have a look at our commute which seems really nice. oh, it's marginal, at best. first we look at the weather out there, kari, a nice day today. >> yeah. i'm just moving on from that one. good day to go shopping. lot of people headed back to work. we'll get some sunshine. here is a live look in palo alto. there's a lot more people out there on highway 101 compared to yesterday at this time. we're going to be in the upper 40s through about 9:00, and then some low 50s by early afternoon. it's a cold start as you get ready to head out the door. we'll take a look at more of our microclimates and also what's ahead for the rest of the year coming up in a few minutes. mike, the been aboay bridge is l story. >> i almost did a fortnite dance but there's a lot going on. no backup at the bay bridge, a
6:00 am
smooth drive coming off the east shore freeway, the maze, traffic flow is very light. lot of folks will ease in through the rest of their day but the early commute is at a minimum right now. contra costa county look at that, no slowing for highway 4, the walnut creek interchange across the bridge out of the north bay and just under 15 minutes from highway 4 down to the berkeley curve and again, no backup at the bay bridge as we showed. as we zoom out, you see the tri valley, the peninsula, the south bay, all looking great. i'm tracking one crash which still has a couple of trucks over on the shoulder, 101 at 880, the reason i keep that on the grid is because there's the potential of the tow truck arriving for a lane to be blocked and that's about it. marcus, back over to you. >> thanks, mike. 6:00 for you right now. we begin in washington, d.c., and still happening, the government shutdown continues into its fifth day. president trump not budging, neither are democrats over the funding of the border wall. "today ie


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