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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 26, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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valley killed in the line of duty. we )re just receiving this photo breaking news right now at 11:00, a police officer in the central valley killed in the line of duty. we're just receiving this photo of 33-year-old newman officer singh. just a few moments ago. he was a husband, just recently became a father. and right now, an intense search be is under way for the suspect who opened fire on the officer just an hour east of the bay area. and good morning and thanks for joining us for our midday newscast. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez. we first told you about this story as it was breaking on "today in the bay" and you probably heard those chp alerts buzzing your cell phones trying to get your attention this morning. we sent nbc bay area's bob
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redell to the scene where he is right now. what can you tell us about the suspect? still on the run? >> reporter: correct, kris and marcus. i just spoke with law enforcement. they still have not yet identified the man who shot and killed newman police officer singh during an early morning traffic stop in this neighborhood behind me. you can see singh's police vehicle, his suv, the lights still on, still parked in the same spot where he pulled over the suspect. you can see detectives are collecting evidence from that car. this is who police in the sheriff's department are looking for. take a look at your tv screen. you can see, he is a slightly heavy set man with a short buzz cut on both sides of his head. these images are from a surveillance camera, from a convenience store. a camera also captured an image of the suspect vehicle, a gray dodge ram pickup with an extended cab and custom wheels. it has a paper dealer tag with a
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title, ar auto. detectives are trying to locate that business. it was around 1:00 this morning, officer singh pulled over this man for reasons that are still unknown. he radioed in the vehicle description and the paper tag info. then he radioed back shortly thereafter, shots fired. as many as five shots, according to a neighbor i spoke with. singh's partner arrived a short time later to find him outside the vehicle on the ground, suffering from gunshot wounds. he sadly died later at the hospital. officer singh was 33 years old with the newman police department since 2011. he was a canine officer who specialized in drug enforcement. his dog was with him this morning but wasn't hurt and is with police. >> it's tough. you know? you've got to go home and tell your families and people hear about it and somebody is doing his job. he did a traffic stop, we don't know why, what he was investigating, but simply working the day after christmas. actually probably started his
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shift christmas day. and just patrolling the streets of newman. and, you know, now we're here. >> reporter: that was the pio at the sheriff's department. that agency is handling the investigation so the newman police department can cope with this tragedy. the deputy you just heard from, he knew officer singh, says he was a native of fiji, was here living, quote, the american dream. loved camping, fishing and family, especially his parents, brother, wife and 5-month-old son. again, he was a new father. again, now, this is the man who law enforcement are looking for. captured on surveillance camera. buying beer in a convenience store a few blocks away moments before the shooting that happened around 1:00 this morning, an hour after christmas day. reporting live here in newman, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> such a sad story, bob. thank you so much for that update there. when we learned about the officer being killed, we sent out a push alert. make sure you download our nbc bay area app.
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this way you can get that breaking news on your smartphone. new at 11:00 this morning, back here in the bay area, a family finding the body of their loved one on the side of a south bay freeway this morning after he went missing on christmas day. nbc bay area's pete suratos is live. and pete, what did the chp tell you about this case? >> reporter: good morning to you, kris. we're getting new details from chp on exactly how the family members found this victim on the southbound side of 85 near fremont avenue. you see behind me, you have still got a scene where folks have driven by this morning. this is what's taking place because family members found their family member, a victim in a car accident last night. they found them right here in this area of sunnyvale. i want to go ahead and show you guys some video from our chopper this morning where you saw quite a backup this morning, much different than what we're seeing at this point right now, guys. but according to chp, they're saying the driver actually got into a solo car accident on the
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opposite side, northbound side of 85. and at that time they're saying the car was unoccupied. when police arrived there last night, they weren't able to find anyone. so they concluded the scene at that time. it was actually the family members this morning that located their family member, this victim in this car accident, on the southbound side this morning. now, here's chp giving us more details on exactly how that victim ended up where we're standing. >> the party was injured due to that collision and self-extricated so they got themselves out on the northbound side of 85. and then they walked over -- got over the center median wall and walked across the lanes of traffic on the southbound lane of 85, and ended up on the right-hand shoulder of the freeway here, and that's where they unfortunately deceased, due to the injuries from that collision. >> reporter: emotional time for the family as you can see in that video on the side of the freeway, consoling each other. chp is investigating also how the family members were able to
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go to this location, this spot that family member this morning. at this time they're saying there is no foul play when it comes to this investigation. so they aren't searching for a suspect at this time. live here in sunnyvale, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> okay, pete, thank you. developing story. a lot of people are looking at the big board, and you can see the dow is up 585 points. investors are showing lots of optimism after a huge selloff on christmas eve. retail numbers after christmas are causing the surge. turning now to your microclimate weather forecast, a little more steady on that radar. no sign of rain in the forecast at this point. >> taking a live look right now at the golden gate bridge. beautiful shot there on this wednesday. well, meteorologist kari hall has been tracking this nice weather across the bay area. another beautiful shot behind you, kari. >> a look from half moon bay, pillar point. we can see nothing but blue skies and just a few high-level clouds, but overall a gorgeous
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day around the bay area. here's a live look outside at 580 in dub llin, getting ready head out shopping after they get off work. so you'll be going out around livermore, maybe going to the san francisco premium outlets, temperatures will be heading toward the low to mid 50s as we go into the rest of the day. and then reaching 57 degrees at 2:00. staying nice and clear with some sunshine all across the bay area. and these numbers that we are seeing, very average as we head toward the end of december. we are supposed to see those highs in the upper 50s and low 60s, and that's exactly what we are seeing with a little bit of a breeze still kicking up after a system moved through yesterday that brought us some of the showers that we saw to start out the week. but now we are in with the high pressure as we see the clouds riding up and then over the bay area. so we are going to stay dry as we go into the next several days, but there will be a slight chance of rain, and a part of the bay area, not all of us, will see it. we'll talk about the forecast
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and what to expect as we go into the weekend. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> all right. thank you very much, kari. well, it's the day after christmas, so many people are, what, heading back home. >> mike inouye has been watching the roads all morning long on "today in the bay." how are we doing, mike? >> flowing nicely towards san francisco, where a lot of folks make the holiday plans. even if you're a local, sometimes you go to the city just to get a little change of scenery and to live things differently than at home, because, well, they'll take care of you over there. you do the taking care of at home. this morning, we're talking about the bay bridge as we have seen more traffic today, more than yesterday. yesterday's commute wasn't really a big deal. the bay bridge toll plaza, look, you guys, this is the biggest backup we've had all morning. still just a few folks waiting for the cash lanes. a great flow of traffic with no metering lights on. typically, remember the history of silicon valley. we had that down turn years back, and a lot of companies shut down between christmas and new years for two weeks and that's hard to take back from your employees. so we still have a number of
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companies where i've heard employees are not working for that entire stretch. that combined with school vacations and as well as other winter breaks, we have christmas, hanukkah, kwanzaa, all within this window as well after thanksgiving, before the new year. so we'll see that lighter traffic continue. but the morning commute will start to ease back over the next couple of days. we haven't seen much of a problem. no delays and no changes for transit. remember, we have the bridges. they'll be a different price starting january 1st and also the partial shutdown results in some of those parking lots, the vista points being shut down, as well. back to you. >> thanks, mike. we're learning more about a deadly officer-involved shooting in san francisco. police think that people involved may have been connected to another shooting. this all started earlier yesterday morning near kelly park. officers found two people who had been shot and then spotted a female driver driving away. she led police on a chase that ended at this intersection of lee and fruit dale. police say she then tried to ram
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a patrol car. officers opened fire, killing the driver and wounding another woman inside the car. chef eddie garcia plans to hold a news conference tomorrow on this case. a warning from contra costa county. a social security scam is going around. county prosecutors say victims are getting phone calls requesting money to unlock their social security accounts. their accounts, they say, have been locked because of criminal activity. the scammers are asking people to confirm their social security numbers, which are then being stolen. the ftc says these types of scams are on the rise, and you should never, ever give out your social security number. so you will soon be paying more to cross the bay area bridges. the votes for a toll hike are in, and that means starting january 1st, drivers will pay an extra dollar on all bridges. that is according to the bay area toll authority, which says it will cost $7 to across the bay bridge. all other bridges in the bay area will cost $6, except, of course, for the golden gate
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bridge, which you know has its own identity. it costs $8. the toll authority says this is the first hike in nine years. much more coming up, including the government shutdown in its fifth day. president and democrats at a stalemate. the latest over funding and the border wall. plus -- ♪ ♪ i don't want a lot for christmas ♪ >> mariah carey, did that song make your holiday playlist? that record, "all i want for christmas" is breaking the bank. we'll show how much money it's making for mariah. a man arrestey
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stabbing and injuring a woman welcome back. in san francisco a man arrested for allegedly stabbing and injuring a woman on christmas day is now suspected of stabbing and killing another woman on christmas eve. that victim, a 70-year-old, died. police believe the suspect, michael jacobs, is a transient. jacobs is suspected in both
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stabbings, because they say it happened just two blocks apart. police are not saying what led to the stabbings. with that deadly stabbing, san francisco's homicide rate for 2018 now stands at 46. there are still a few more days left of the year, but the rate is well below last year's number, and is on pace to be one of the lowest ever recorded. the examiner reports that last year there were 56 homicides and 58 homicides the year before that. however, most recently, the lowest rates recorded were in 2014 and 2009 when 45 people were killed. the lowest overall rate on record was in 1961, when 39 homicides were reported. >> turning to washington, another child death at the border adds to the problems for the white house today. >> the government is only partially open because the president refused signing a short-term spending bill, and stocks are erratic again. but president trump saying that it's not because of the shutdown. nbc's hallie jackson has more. >> reporter: the search for answers this morning after the
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death of another migrant child in u.s. custody. overnight, new details from customs and border protection, which now says an 8-year-old boy from guatemala died on christmas eve while under their care in new mexico. the agency releasing a detailed time line. they say the boy was hospitalized, first diagnosed with a common cold and 103-degree fever. he was released with an antibiotic prescription. hours later, the boy felt nauseous and vomited, but the agency says his father declined further medical assistance, because he was feeling better. then, after feeling, quote, lethargic and nauseous, the boy was returned to the hospital, losing consciousness on his way there. he died shortly before midnight on christmas eve. now, all eyes on the border, including in washington, as the president focuses on his border barri barrier. with the government shutdown, president trump is dug in. >> i can't tell you when the government is going to be open. i can tell you, it's not going to be open until we have a wall,
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a fence, whatever they would like to call it. >> reporter: he's reiterating, he wants more money for that wall, be even if it means keeping some federal employees off the job, even longer. >> i would rather not be doing shutdowns. but many of those workers have said to me and communicated, stay out until you get the funding for the wall. >> reporter: that claim part of a christmas-day q & a with reporters and an airing of his grievances from democrats gaining control of the house soon -- >> well, then it's probably presidential harassment. >> reporter: to fired fbi director, james comey. >> it's a disgrace, what's happening in our country. but other than that, i wish everybody a very merry christmas. >> reporter: to the federal reserve. >> they're raising interest rates too fast. that's my opinion. >> reporter: the president, pressed about jerome powell, eventually said he does have confidence in the fed chair, as markets reopened today after the worst christmas eve trading day ever. hallie jackson, nbc news, the white house. a court battle playing out in washington with unusual secrecy. it seems to involve special
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counsel robert mueller and an unidentified foreign company. that mysterious case has made it all the way to the supreme court. we now know. the federal courthouse where the fight began over the summer went to unusual lengths to keep this all secret, ordering reporters off an entire floor. but the case presumably involves robert mueller's investigation, based on the lawyers who were coming and going, some of them from his team. a foreign company identified only as a corporation owned by country a, is fighting a grand jury subpoena, arguing it is beyond the reach of u.s. law. but the company was found in contempt of court for refusing to comply with that subpoena and ordered to pay a fine for every day that it resists. president trump maintains that mueller's investigation is pointless. >> millions and millions and millions of dollars of wasted money. there has been absolutely no collusion. >> the next step now is for the federal government, presumably
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mueller, to file a response by new year's eve. good news. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg is out of the hospital. the court said she underwent surgery last week for a cancerous growth in her young. yesterday the 85-year-old justice was released. the growth was found after the justice suffered a fall. the warriors are reeling this morning after prime time showdown smackdown, we could call it against the lakers on christmas day. >> yeah, lebron james got hurt in the third quarter, but that didn't really matter. he didn't return. but lakers didn't really need him at all. the team closed out the warriors 127-101. the warriors play the blazers tomorrow. so for those of you feeling down because of the loss, we give you this. ♪ ♪ all i want for christmas is you ♪ . >> you and a bunch of royalties. mariah carey wanted a whole lot of money for christmas, and she
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got it. she made more yesterday for that record-breaking day on spotify in which "all i want for christmas" was played almost 11 million times. just on spotify. >> that's the most any song has ever streamed in one day. and she is still making money from this song. according to an economist, that song has made more than $60 million in roilyalties over the past two decades. so cha-ching, cha-ching, merry christmas for mariah carey. >> i can see why. it's a snappy song. everybody is dancing, you want to be happy. a lot of christmas songs can be sad. i could see, you couldn't help yourself, marcus, you've been dancing every time we play that clip. >> every time. it's a fun song! >> it is. yeah, so now we're after christmas, people are hitting up those sales. >> oh, yeah. >> and we are going to have some nice sunshine. we are looking at our beautiful view of downtown san jose. i've been watching this camera, because it is slowly breaking down. i'm seeing the crews taking down
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the trees and all of the barricades and everything. yeah, the christmas in the park is closed for the season, but you can still go ice skating there. let's head toward oakland. as we see those clear, blue skies over oracle arena. we are going to also see more sunshine as we go throughout the day, looking at san francisco. let's talk about how much rain we've measured now that we're almost to the end of the year. as we check out santa rosa, measuring over 9 inches of rain. and then san francisco, 6 inches of rain. in oakland, almost 5 inches of rain there. and 3 in livermore. and in manhattan manhattan vie. none of these numbers are where we should be for average, as we are going to see still some dry weather heading into the next several days. and then as we check out our temperature trend for walnut creek, we're going to see those highs today reaching near 60 degrees. so really nice afternoon after a
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cool start. our high temperature in east san jose reaches up to 59 degrees. 62 in gilroy. and for the east bay, up to 58 degrees in danville. martinez, expect a high of 58 degrees. still kind of cool with a breezy wind. but this is about average. >> kari, i'm sorry to interrupt. we wanted to get you to a special report. trump just landing in iraq. >> here's kate snow. >> good day, everyone. we're coming on the air with some breaking news on this day after christmas. president trump making a surprise visit overseas to iraq to visit u.s. troops. confirmed just now by the press secretary at the white house, who says president trump and the first lady traveled to iraq late on christmas night to visit with our troops and senior military leadership to thank them for their service, their success and their sacrifice, and to wish them a merry christmas. let's get right to our chief white house correspondent, hallie jackson. hallie, this had been anticipated for some time. the president was asked maybe a month ago whether he would visit overseas at some point, and
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hinted he would. >> reporter: yeah, he said he hadn't yet, kate, because he had had such what he described as an unbelievably busy schedule. but he himself talked about trying to get to an active combat zone to visit troops. so, yes, this is a significant moment, not just for president trump, but for first lady melania trump, as well. it has been a notable period of quiet, i would say, here at the white house. no tweets from president trump. there had been some questions bubbling up about his whereabouts, the white house was silent on that. but now with this tweet from press secretary sarah sanders, we can report that he has traveled now, as you're looking at some of these photos, to iraq to visit these men and women who serve in the military. the president had come under fire for not having done this sooner. at this point in his presidency, former president barack obama had already visited iraq and afghanistan. former president bush visited the country just eight months after the start of the war there in 2003. president trump, sort of a rare acknowledgment of regret, said
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after he did not visit arlington national cemetery on veteran's day, he wished he had done so and indicated he would try to get to a combat zone like this. we should note, the president has, of course, visited at walter reed medical center. osan air base in south korea, and met with troops there. but this is certainly, for president trump, a real marker in his presidency. an important first in his role as commander-in-chief. and kate, we should note, it comes at a time when the president's defense department is going through some real changes. we learned in a surprise announcement this weekend that secretary of defense jim mattis, who had been expected to leave at the end of february, was abruptly told he would be out next week on january 1st. his number two would step in to take that role. it's our reporting, based on multiple administration officials, president trump did not notify secretary mattis of that himself. but mike pompeo made the call, kate. so it's a moment that is
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sensitive for the military in this time of transition. but over the holidays, as we have seen before, a long tradition of presidents visiting troops over the holidays. i think president obama, did it, for example, in hawaii over the holidays. president bush, as well. and so now president trump after not having visited troops last year at christmas time, in an active combat zone, is now doing so this year. still more specifics on this. for example, if he will make any other stops while he is overseas when he might return back here to the white house. but, of course, the backdrop to this domestically, kate, he would be returning to a washington that as of now is still shut down now, heading into day five of the government shutdown here in d.c. >> hallie jackson, stay with us, if you will. we should note, there is always a pool that travels with the president, so we're getting those pictures in from our pool correspondents who are with the president in iraq. let me go to our national security and military reporter, courtney cuby. courtney, it was one week ago
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today that president trump announced rather unexpectedly that u.s. troops in syria would be pulled out. so this also comes at a time of great change in that region. >> reporter: right. and, of course, it's not just that he announced troops would be pulled out of syria, in a quick succession, too. this would be a pretty rapid withdrawal. but we also learned last week that president trump is interested in decreasing the overall footprint of u.s. troops in afghanistan. there's between 14 and 15,000 american troops serving there right now. and he may want to cut that by as much as a half in the coming months. so this comes at a time when, you know, the u.s. presence in these active war zones is really changing. one thing that's pretty interesting to note is that president trump and mrs. trump, they went to iraq without secretary of defense, jim mattis, outgoing secretary, who only has days left in the pentagon right now. he's due to leave the building before the end of the year, and acting secretary of defense, now deputy secretary of defense,
11:26 am
patrick shanahan, will take over on new year's day. but it's interesting that he did not travel there with secretary mattis. so this comes, of course, as hallie was saying, the first time we have seen president trump even when he was a candidate. he never traveled to a war zone. this is the first time we have seen him with troops in a war zone. >> courtney kube, thanks. let me get to general mccaffrey, our military analyst. general, talk about the climate, the atmosphere right now. what this trip may mean. >> well, i think it's good news. the fact that the president had not been to any of his deployed u.s. combat zones, confronting the so-called caravans from central america, that had become an embarrassment, both to the white house and to our allies. so this is good news. and i think afghanistan is too dangerous, in my view, for a
11:27 am
president to visit right now. iraq considerably safer. and i think it will be helpful to the president to listen to people who are actually on the ground, the special operations commanders in particular that are running operations in both syria and iraq. >> general mccaffrey. we still have hallie jackson with us. any other details about how long the president will be gone? i know the pool is just now reporting in, and we're hearing from sarah sanders. >> reporter: that's right, kate. and typically, in these instances, and i can speak about what has happened in instances past when presidents have gone on these types of visits. they are shrouded in secrecy, and that's for a reason. >> that's for what's called operational security. making sure that everything is safe and secure for the commander-in-chief to travel to these hot spots globally. and so in this instance, what i imagine is happening is there is a level of secrecy surrounding this trip for that reason. and we expect to know more from
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these small, small group of reporters that would have traveled with the president from here in d.c. at that point. we know the president, of course, has been in washington up until leaving, as the press secretary says, for iraq on christmas day. but we don't know when he might be back at this point, although we are expecting to hear more from that small group. as we get it, we'll bring it to you. you look at these photos, it's striking for a couple of reasons. the president and first lady are here together on this trip. this is a major first. and you can see the smiles on the faces of some of these troops that the president is posing for selfies with, for example, taking pictures. there has been a lot of discussion from experts in the field. you heard from general mccaffrey there, too. how important it is for people who serve, who put their lives in real danger, on the front lines, quite literally, to see the person who is their commander-in-chief with them and to show that solidarity. and, again, this is something that critics had pointed to from the president, given that if you
11:29 am
look at historic markers for presidents before, he was not where other presidents had been. and there was a question mark about this, given that during his campaign, the president, then candidate trump, repeatedly talked about what he would do and how he would help the men and women of the military. so a significant moment for the president. and as we get more details, kate, we will bring that to you the second that we get it. >> i'm sure you will. hallie, thank you so much. i want to go back to courtney kube, national security and military reporter. courtney, there are, i think, about 5,000 or so troops, u.s. troops, that still serve in iraq. the trump administration actually doesn't give out numbers, right, to try to keep that a little bit mysterious. >> reporter: that's right. and secretary mattis is a big proponent of that. he's big into -- he is very, very particular about operational security. i would say more so than any secretary of defense that i've ever covered since donald rumsfeld. we know there are more than 5,000 u.s. troops serving there now, and, you know, despite the
11:30 am
fact we don't hear as much about iraq since mosul was cleared out of isis, it is still actually a dangerous location. i mean, there are u.s. troops there, and they are serving in a lot of cases in dangerous situations. for instance, just a couple of days ago, we heard about an air strike that the u.s. took on an isis cave, killing a number of isis fighters. so the country is certainly not clear of the isis presence, but the central government has taken, you know, the iraqi counter terror service forces and iraqi military and police have really taken back control of the majority of the country. the problem is, there still is that underground isis presence. and it's really what a lot of people are concerned about happening in syria, as well. that as isis is fought and as they fall in many places, they're really just going underground to reemerge one day when they have the opportunity. so, you know, president and mrs. trump, they did fly into an active and dangerous war zone on this trip. we still don't really know, as
11:31 am
far as i know, where they flew in or how much time they spent or anything like that. but there are more than 5,000 u.s. troops who spent christmas day away from their loved ones there. >> that's an important point. courtney kube covering the pentagon for us. let me go back to hallie jackson at the white house. any more details? >> reporter: we are getting more detail, kate, from reuters, whose reporter is on the ground there traveling with the president. so reuters is now reporting that the president is, as we know, in western iraq. at the al assad air base there. and he is going to make another stop at an air base in germany on his way back to the united states. still, again, tbd on the timing. but he did speak with reporters, and president trump in those remarks talked about that syria decision that you've been discussing with courtney and general mccaffrey. his decision to withdraw u.s. troops from syria. he says that he believes, quote, a lot of people are going to come around to my way of thinking. it's an interesting comment, kate, given that one of the
11:32 am
reasons, we understand, his secretary of defense did abruptly announce he would be resigning is because of the president's decision on syria. but the president is clearly standing by that. he's also talking about who could replace secretary mattis. right now it's acting defense secretary patrick shanahan. he will step into the role when secretary mattis leaves the pentagon after the first of the year. and the president says he is in no hurry to name a replacement. he says acting secretary shanahan could be there for a long time. he's also talking about the government shutdown. he says he is prepared to wait, quote, whatever it takes, kate, to get border security. that is a reflection of what he has said in the past, including just yesterday on christmas day, when he was here at the white house prior to getting on air force one and heading overseas to visit troops. so a fair amount of news coming out of this, of course, from the president. and he is also -- very interestingly, there was a question as rumor began to come out that the president was perhaps on his way overseas to
11:33 am
visit troops in the region. he's already announced he wants to withdraw troops from syria. the pentagon reporter reports he has asked the officials in the defense department for more information on withdrawing troops from afghanistan. but the president is telling reporters today, he has no plans at all to remove. and that is from the associated press reporting that, according to the ap reporter who was on the ground there. so that is a significant statement from the president. and that it's answering a question that i think a lot of people who are watching this had. what might the president say? here are some other questions. who else might the president meet with while he is overseas? is he going to talk with leaders in the region who will be important to u.s. national security moving forward there? who will he talk with, and what will he do when he stops at that air base in germany on the way home? we're going to watch for that, as well. so still a lot of information coming fast and furious here. for the president's visit, unannounced for security and
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safety reasons for the president. that surprise holiday visit to troops overseas, kate. >> and hallie, just to add a little more from the associated press, while you were talking, they quote the president saying he won't remove, as you said, troops from iraq. u.s. troops. because it can be used as a base to stage attacks on the islamic state if necessary. trump told reporters, according to the associated press, that the u.s. can attack the islamic state, quote, so fast and so hard, that they won't know what the hell happened. that's a quote from the president, according to the associated press. we're going to be back on the air as developments warrant throughout the day. we have continuing coverage going on right now on msnbc. also on we're waiting to see if we may get video in from overseas, and, of course, we'll bring that to you, as well. and we'll have a full report when i anchor later on "nbc nightly news." for now, i'm kate snow. nbc news in new york. a mystery l space we have much more for you right here on midday. a mystery at the international space station.
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a small hole appears, and everyone is wondering where it came from. the danger for astronauts aboard. a 4.8 magnitude earthquake hit north of kattana. the earthquake occurred two days after the highest and most active volcano erupted. a column of ash reaching more than 10,000 feet into the sky caused the temporary closure of the airport in eastern sicily. many people slept in their cars, fearing the buildings. buildings were damaged, suspectab especially in parts of the centuries'-old church areas. wear back rig we're back after the break. oute.
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11:38 am
the russian space agency says someone drilled a hole in so they're calling this next story a mystery in outer space. the russian space agency says that someone drilled a hole in the russian soyuz capsule. >> now nasa is trying to figure out how it happened. nbc's kerry sanders has the story. >> okay, that's it. okay. stop. >> reporter: it sounds like a plotline from a deep space movie. but the mystery is real, and was a matter of life and death. a tiny hole discovered in a russian capsule that docks to the international space station. >> to the right from you. >> reporter: four months ago during orbit, the russian space agency noticed the soyuz capsule was losing cabin pressure.
11:39 am
cosmonauts plugged the hole with epoxy and gauze. at first scientists suspected the hole was caused by a me meteorite strike. >> that's the hole on the external hull of the habitation module. >> reporter: now a much more sinister and unexpected plotline. a russian cosmonaut who examined the hole believes it was drilled from inside the capsule. the potentially deadly hole, about half the size of a match stick. a criminal investigation not ruled out. questions investigators want answered. was the hill drilled while in orbit, or did somebody access the capsule while on the ground. the investigation was probing the possibility u.s. astronauts deliberately drilled the hole in august to get a sick colleague back home. russian and nasa officials have since denied that report. the cosmonaut and two other
11:40 am
astronauts returned safely to earth last week after 197 days in space. this morning, scientists hoping a simpler explanation can solve a mystery discovered 220 miles over earth. for "today," kerry sanders, nbc news. coming up, a family christmas celebration's 40 years in the making. how a bay area man discovered the daughter he never knew he had. but for one south bay man,
11:41 am
11:42 am
are just beginning after a many memories were made this christmas season, but for one south bay man, they just are beginning after a new discovery. >> this year, his year was made when he found a long lost family member, his daughter. nbc bay area's ian cole joins us now with the story. >> reporter: isaac was a touring musician in england back in the '70s. he's not married and never had children, but he moved to san jose in the '80s.
11:43 am
this past july, his cousin called out of nowhere to say she just did an ancestry kit to learn more about her heritage. then said this. >> this girl is connected to him, he's a third cousin, and she just sent me a message saying she has been looking for her biological father all her life. and she said, the only thing she knows about him is that he played the guitar. and i said, so why are you calling me. and she said, i think it's you. and i said, why would that be? and she said, he was born in nottingham. >> he spent some time there, so he agreed to connect with the woman on facebook. >> i went on line and looked and i was shaking. i've always told everybody, in the last ten years, i really regret not having kids. >> reporter: an test confirmed she was the long lost 40-year-old daughter he never knew he had. isaac would fly to england the next week to meet her. this week, she and her three kids flew to the bay area to spend the first christmas with her dad. >> incredible, isn't it?
11:44 am
so blessed. so blessed. i've been so welcomed. >> reporter: she's also into music and even teaches it to high schoolers. she doesn't blame anyone for what happened in the past, saying her mom never talked about their very brief relationship. >> god's plan. god's plan. god's timing. it's really good now. and if we live regretting and resentful, over what could have been, then i think you end up quite bitter. ♪ ♪ the new king born today >> reporter: isaac now has three grandchildren to sing with, a family to welcome to christmas dinner. his daughter gave him this present today, an altered family tree. but the connection is the gift neither ever expected. >> i have a lot to be thankful for, you know? i mean, it's my best christmas ever. >> ian cole reporting there. >> this is wilson's first trip to the united states. she expects to make many more trips in the future to see her father. >> that is nice. they got to spend time together.
11:45 am
they clicked. >> making the best of it. coming up, we want to check in with kari, because the with county is not too far away. >> not too far away, and we get some sunshine. it continues as we check out the forecast. looking live in palo alto, we had a cool start, but it's going to be a really nice and comfortable day. we'll get a look at the rest of our microclimates coming up next.
11:46 am
rush to work, grab a drink, hurry home. - [cell phone beeps] - stop! don't be on your phone. let someone else take the wheel. make a little eye contact. make a plan. it's a busy world out there. we're all in it together. go safely, california.
11:47 am
you hurry to work, so you can take it slow. - [cell phone beeps] - stop! let's stop looking at pedestrians as a nuisance, and carless objects, and start looking out for each other again. it's a busy world out there. we're all in it together. go safely, california. we see the picture and view behind us there. beautiful day outside. >> gorgeous. we were just talking about what
11:48 am
we'll be doing for the new year. and yes, it is time to start making those plans. i'll help out with the weather forecast, because it will start to turn a little bit cool, and then here's a look at that sunshine that we are seeing, looking at the golden gate bridge. just a heads up, if you will be heading to areas at the vista point, the parking area on either side of the golden gate bridge, not open right now. you'll have to find another spot to view the bridge. as we take a look once again at our rainfall totals, how much we have measured since october 1st. and with santa rosa reaching over 9 inches of rain, we are still not where we should be. and we are looking at a lot of these numbers, anywhere from 50% of normal to 79% of normal. so even though it seems like we've gotten quite a bit of rain with spots like livermore measuring over 3 inches of rain and mountain view over 2 inches, we still need more rain. we have some more work to do. and then as we get a live look outside once again in san jose,
11:49 am
we are seeing them breaking down christmas in the park, and seeing quite a few people walking by. south san jose to the neighborhood of santa teresa, our high temperature at 3:00 this afternoon. still breezy, but the sunshine, especially out in the sun, staying away from the shade, feels really nice. but it will start to cool down quickly heading into the evening as the sun sets. we'll see those highs reaching into the upper 50s all around the bay area. even a couple of 60s on the map here. if you are planning to go to the beach today, still off work, you've got family in town, it will be nice to head to santa cruz with our high temperatures in the upper 50s. you do still need a jacket and it's breezy. but it will be a nice place to watch the sunset this evening after seeing a beautiful sunrise this morning. it's all because we do have some high clouds moving in, and we are in with some high pressure. so we see the clouds ridging. that's what we call it. it kind of goes up and over. and also giving us some very dry
11:50 am
conditions. we don't have any storm systems moving our way. only a very weak one that could bring in a slight chance of rain to the north bay on sunday. but it doesn't look like we'll see any significant rain in the forecast. here's a look at squaw creek, with our temperatures right at freezing. i've been watching this shot, because down in the corner of the screen, there are some people ice skating there. it is just so gorgeous there in the sierra after some spots did measure some snow over the past few days. as we start the celebration for kwanzaa today, high temperatures in the upper 50s. and by friday, there will be a system moving in. it's going to stay dry, but we'll reinforce the cool air, and by saturday morning, we may have some freezing temperatures for some of our inland valleys and highs only reaching 55 degrees. we'll also have that chance of rain on sunday, but that once again will stay mostly to the north. san francisco, just seeing an increasing cloud cover, and as we go into the new year, we're looking at highs staying in the upper 50s.
11:51 am
and looking good throughout the rest of 2018. kris and marcus? >> thank you, kari. coming up -- >> she misses a payment and takes action. but the penalties pile up anyway. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds. next. pacifica woman who ran int
11:52 am
11:53 am
trouble with h nbc bay area responds to a pacifica woman who ran into trouble with her mobile phone bill. >> she says she was paying a lot more than she bargained for. consumer investigator chris chmura's team looked into the problem. >> patricia may says last year she signed a two-year contract with at&t. a few months later, she had a family emergency and missed one payment. well, patricia says at&t agreed to waive at least one late fee. but she got hit with another
11:54 am
anyway. and she decided not to pay that one. so the late fees began to pile up. patricia says she made several calls to at&t to sort it out, but the bills just kept on growing, reaching nearly 200 bucks. total. that's when she turned to us. we asked at&t to take another look, and it did. at&t agreed to waive all those late fees. it also cut patricia's monthly bill and even threw in an additional $150 credit. patricia told us in the end that saved her $623. in a statement, at&t told us, we apologize to the customer for the inconvenience and credited her account as a resolution. got a consumer problem? call us any time. 888-996-tips or visit >> we'll be right back. post chr
11:55 am
11:56 am
but there are already some complaints about deliveries. the surprising rights you have when unwanted merchandise lands at your front door. plus- kari is tracking our forecast as you make weekend
11:57 am
plans. tomorrow from 4:30 to 7. i've been asking whether or not i should take my christmas tree down already. kari says enjoy it. >> why not? especially if it's not a real tree and you're not worried about it drying out and stuff. but, yeah. we're going to see some nice weather over the next few days for all that you have to do, wrap-up the old 2018. and get ready for the new year. . >> all right. marcus, you're tall. i might need your help with the lights outside. >> thanks so much for joining us. our next newscast tonight at 5:00. >> we'll see you back here tomorrow morning starting at 4:30.
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the winner of the voice is! shadevel chevel shepherd, you are the winner! >> yes, a big night on the voice, chevel shepherd crowned the winner of the voice. welcome to access live. >> wasn't that a great surprise on her face. she was team kelly all the way. kelly back-to-back wins. she's new queen. chevel is here with us today. the first stop after winning last night. she's getting the glam


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