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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 27, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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before 5:00, breaking news to tell you about. the search for a fugitive, an inmate escapes from san quentin state prison and he may have already committed another crime. a live report coming up in just moments. good morning to you. thank you for starting your morning right here with us. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kris sanchez. laura garcia is off this morning. we'll get to the breaking news in a second. we want to make sure you're ready for your day whether you're headed out to work, maybe hitting the road early. it's going to be breezy out there. >> that's going to be the concern today. the wind advisory that starts at 7:00 a.m. mostly for bay area hills. if you will be driving, you will need to keep a tight grip on the steering wheel as our winds kick up to 20 to 25 miles per hour sustained and gusts may reach over 50 miles per hour, which could bring down some trees. we'll start to see the winds picking up by 10:00 to 11:00 this morning and gradually subsiding going into tonight. i'll have a look at that. and also what's ahead for the weekend coming up. vianey, drivers on the bridges will have to watch the wind
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gusts. >> they certainly will. so far it seems like that's going to be the biggest hazard going into the roads this morning because so far the roads have managed to stay fairly nice and clear in terms of major accidents. we just had a couple fender-benders. overall this is what our traffic map looks like. no major impacts in terms of the speed sensors. our tri-valley drive times, i want to give you a look at that. westbound 580 starts getting busy around this time. that looks good, 20 minutes. southbound 680, from 580 to vargas road, ten minutes. westbound 84 to 680 you're looking only at about nine minutes. i'm always keeping an eye on the roads. another update coming up. breaking news in the north bay this morning where authorities are looking for an escaped inmate. at this hour who found a way to walk out of san quentin prison. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos is in marin county with
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the latest. do we know how he was able to just walk away? >> reporter: good morning to you. they're looking for 21-year-old shalom mendoza and he was able to get away during an institutional check at the prison that takes place at night at the san quentin state prison. in laymen's terms it was a head count when he was able to escape. that escape took place roughly around 9:30 p.m. that activated what the prison calls their emergency operations plan as they try to locate mendoza. now, we know afterwards, according to prison officials, he carjacked someone driving a toyota rav 4. here's the information on that rav 4, the license plate is 6stz502. now, mendoza is described as being 5'5" with brown hair, brown eyes and roughly 177 pounds. he was sentenced to five years in prison this time last year for using a deadly weapon to
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carjack someone in l.a. county. and then trying to evade police officers. but he's been here at san quentin since april. so, if you see mendoza, contact police as soon as possible. of course, we'll have more updates on this throughout the show. live outside san quentin, pete suratos for "today in the bay." turning to washington, president trump returned to the white house from a surprise trip to visit u.s. troops in germany and iraq. now he's back on the front lines of a political battle at home. now, both sides digging in and on day six of the partial government shutdown, scott mcfarland has the latest on the impasse from capitol hill. >> reporter: good morning. hundreds of thousands of federal workers remain off the job this morning. there's really no end in sight to this shutdown because neither side appears ready to budge. cheers, photos and autographs during president trump's surprise visit with u.s. troops in iraq. >> first of all, at ease.
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at ease. let's have a good time. >> reporter: speaking with reporters, the president acknowledged the outlook is less cheery in washington. he says there's no timetable for ending the standoff over the partial government shutdown. >> how long do you think the shutdown will last, mr. president? >> whatever it takes. we're going to have a wall. we're going to have safety. we need safety for our country. >> reporter: as national parks and federal buildings remain closed for a sixth day, neither the president nor democratic leaders are are budging in their fight over to spend $5 billion on a southern border wall. >> it continues to be in the president's lap. the president has the ability to open government. all he has to do is tell speaker ryan he'll sign the very same bill the senate originally passed. >> reporter: meanwhile, democrat says are promising hearings into the second death of a migrant child at the southern border. a young gaboy died on the way t the hospital. customs and border protections
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says it's ordering medical checks of all migrant children in u.s. custody. the shutdown could last until next thursday when a new congress is sworn in. >> thank you, scott. the trump administration is signaling what it will -- that it will appeal a federal court ruling that blocked the white house from restricting asylum claims at the u.s./mexico border. last week a federal judge blocked president trump's proclamation and fast-tracked regulation to bar migrants seeking asylum if they do not cross the border at ports of entry. a man charged in the connections of the killing of a woman at the b.a.r.t. station is due in court. john lee cowell is charged with murder and attempted murder. police say he stabbed nia wilson at the b.a.r.t. station in july. cowell was set to enter a plea in the case last week but his lawyer told the judge he may not be mentally fit to stand trial. they want doctors to evaluate
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cowell before the case moves forward. a judge is expected to announce the decision later this morning. a deadly christmas eve fire in san francisco. we now know the names of two victims. michael and connie hooker who were both killed in the fire. this happened early monday morning on clay streets in pr s presidio heights. it started on the second floor and quickly spread to the third floor. one firefighter was hurt but that firefighter is okay. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. new this morning, we're learning about two robberies at different east bay b.a.r.t. stations this week. the east bay times reports a man with a rifle tried to rob b.a.r.t. rider at the oakland coliseum station. yesterday morning around 9:00. the rider, a man ran away from the suspect and took off. on christmas day at the del north day station a man stole a rider's bike at knife-point.
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that suspect was arrested just a few blocks away. days could be numbered for california's proposition 13, that property tax capping measure that homeowners and businesses enjoy right now. incoming governor gavin newsom says nothing is off the table, including that 1978 voter-approved measure. prop 13 caps taxes at 1% of the purchase price even if the property is given from parent to their children decades later. commercial property has the same protection. but in 2020 state voters will decide whether to change some of that measure to require fair tax collecting, which is expected to bring in billions of dollars for local governments and local schools. 5:07. pot sales are in and they indicate the billion dollar industry is budding. in total the legal marijuana industry raked in more than $10 billion this year. california became the largest legal marketplace for pot in the u.s. meanwhile, utah and oklahoma
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recently voted to allow marijuana, medical marijuana, that is. about two-thirds of states have legalized pot and the democrats in the house say they're working to overturn a federal ban on pot. happening today, san francisco is saying good-bye to all of those christmas trees. recyclers will run the old trees through the wood chipper there and it's part of the annual chipping of trees event there. by the end, sf is expected to have tons of fresh mulch. this year marks the 32nd year the city's holding the event. >> there's a good reason but it's kind of sad, kari. >> yeah, you have to make sure there are flo ornaments on there. you're like, does this help the parks? you wonder. we're starting out with temperatures all over the place this morning. mid-nirts fairfield. it's 50 in san francisco. also 50 right now in san martin. depends on where you are.
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it's a cool start. a live look outside in downtown san jose as we look at our temperature trend. how the day will shape up. a lot of sunshine. mostly clear skies. low 40s throughout the morning. and some low 50s by 11:00. it will warm up nicely today. we'll get a look at the rest of the forecast coming up. vianey has a look at the morning drive. >> overall we were doing pretty good. we had no traffic. we still don't for the most part throughout the bay area. i want to start giving you a wood look at that. it looks like we're encountering a collision in richmond on westbound 80. there's a couple of lanes blocked. they ran a traffic break, which you see a chp officer doing the zoom to slow down some traffic as you approach the traffic collision. you see our speed sensors are picking up that slowing. if this is your commute, head out now. i'll have another update coming up. coming up here on "today in the bay," if you spend a lot of
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we're at 5:12. taking a live look outside in fremont. 880 is looking pretty good this morning. clear skies but starts out really cool with some low 40s. we're going to see those temperatures warming up as we go throughout the day. and some more nice weather in the forecast. the concern will be the winds. i'll have more details coming up at about 5:58. a crash on 580. you can see the speed sensors picking up slowing. i'll have a look at that plus bridge drive times coming up. good morning. i'm frank holland at cnbc global headquarters. wall street appears to be opening up lower this morning as the recent volatility in the markets continues. yesterday stocked surged following the big selloff from christmas eve. the dow, nasdaq and s&p posting their best day since 2009,
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boosted by reports of strong holiday retail sales and a rise in oil prices. concerns about the fate of federal reserve chairman jay powell also easing as the white house says his job is safe. the dow jumping nearly 1100 points or about 5%. its biggest one-day point gain everle and biggest percentage change since march of 2009. even with that gain, the dow is still down more than 10% this month on pace for its worst december since 1931. some media news, especially if you plan on watching the bowl games on new year's day. verizon is warning fi. os customers this he me lose access to espn and disney if they can't reach a new distribution deal with disney by december 31st. hbo and cinemax have been blacked out for nearly two months due to a similar contract dispute. if you're exchanging a return, you want to read the
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policy carefully before you head back to the mall. experts say many places have deadlines. amazon will receive returns through january 31st. some retailers have different guidelines based on the brand or category of the item. those are your cnbc headlines. back to you. >> i thought if you had a receipt you had 30 days. put my cheaters on and start reading the fine print. >> all the returns you want to make, right? >> no, everything was perfect. amazon says more items were ordered worldwide than ever before. the online giant says medium and smaller size businesses had the best season ever. more than 50% of items sold came from small and medium sized businesses. now, listen to this. amazon says the last prime delivery was made at 11:30 p.m. on christmas eve on berkeley. >> really?
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>> yeah. the cities with the most last-minute prime cities on christmas eve were san francisco, austin, miami and dallas. >> are we procrastinators? talk about perfect timing. this story of a newborn baby from indiana is a christmas coincidence. >> she was born on christmas eve, the same day as her mother and father. you can see the happy family right there. the proud parents gave their bundle a joy a fitting name, violet noel. they say she came two weeks early and they were completely caught offguard, in disbelief. now the entire family can say they all share birthdays on christmas eve. >> they'll have to go to chuck e cheese in the morning, dave & bu buster's on christmas day. >> that's remarkable. let's talk about the weather. if you're planning thinking for
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your weekend. >> today i'll be talking all about those high winds that are going to be kicking up today. we'll have a wind advisory starting at 7:00 a.m. gusts may reach over 50 miles an hour that could bring down trees, cause power outages. tomorrow the winds calm down. here's a look at where we have the wind advisory in effect for all areas shaded in this tan color. that includes some elevations above 1,000 feet. in the north bay mountains and hills. heading over towards the east bay and those winds will possibly gust up to 50 there. in the valleys we're looking at 20 to 25-mile-per-hour winds today. as we go hour by hour, our winds start to rush in by 9:00. most of us at about 15 to 20 miles per hour. it will be higher along the coast and also looking at our higher elevations with those winds continuing to pick up. even as we go into the
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afternoon. with a northerly wind most east to west voeroads is where you'l have to watch out for steering problems as you're driving and those high-profile vehicles especially. if you're headed out to the fru fruitdale b.a.r.t. station it will be 40s and reaching upper 50s later on today. with a humid morning and windy afternoon, i say forget it. don't even bother with trying to style your hair. it will be a messy hair day overall for everyone. just save yourself some time and get out the door. our high temperatures today heading into the upper 50s. even a few low 60s like pleasanton and martinez, it will be up to 58 degrees. 58 in daly city. san francisco, some upper 50s. and some upper 50s and low 60s in the north bay. everything is quiet. not seeing any major storms
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developing in the pacific. it will be cold, dry conditions and maybe some freezing conditions as we go into saturday morning for some of our bay area valleys. slight chance of showers in the north bay on sunday. other than that, looks like we'll head into the new year as we start out with some cool temperatures. vianey is tracking the roads and also the problem through richmond. >> we still have a little bit of an issue as you head out through the richmond area. i want to go ahead with an overall look at the bay area because the south bay has been doing a pretty good job in terms of staying green. that means no major crashes. if i zoom in, this is an earlier crash along the san pablo road, a couple of lanes are blocked. they were running a traffic break to try to get the cars off to the right hand shoulder but looks like we're starting to notice some slowing using our speed sensors. a quick look at your bridge drive times. westbound 80 towards the bay bridge, eight minutes. westbound 92 to the san mateo
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bridge, 12 minutes. westbound 84 to the dumbarton bridge, ten-minute commute. a live look at the san mateo bridge, even though there are no accidents we still have car backups on some portions. back to you. coming up on "today in the bay," in the wake of two children dying in custody, u.s. border patrol making changes. the new medical checks now being required. a deadly tsunami strikes indonesia. we're learning new information about where it hit and the search for survivors that continues. indonesian authoritiee
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telling people to avoid the 5:23. new this morning, indonesian authorities are telling people to avoid the coast where the tsunami struck killing at least 430 people over the weekend. and this morning comes on the anniversary of the catastrophic 2004 asian earthquake and tsunami where thousands died. here's the concern. the volcano that erupted and triggered the tsunami could erupt again. listen to a red cross official describe why the indonesian coastal areas are so susceptible. >> a volcanic activity close to shore, you won't get much warning at all. >> in the meantime, the search still continues for victims of the tsunami, which has displaced more than 20,000 people. medical checks are released after a second migrant child died in u.s. custody. this time it was an 8-year-old
5:24 am
from guatemala crossing the border with his father. border patrol says that an agent first noticed the boy coughing and he had some glassy eyes. he was diagnosed with 103-degree fever and taken back to the holding facility. and then he died later that day on christmas eve. >> we responded by doing secondary medical checks. that means paramedics who are also border patrol agents checking each child in our custody. >> border patrol says they are still holding that boy's father and currently there's a court order that's supposed to prevent border patrol keeping children in custody for more than 7 hours. a canadian man is being held on charges of being belligerent. this happened last week but the charges were just filed. the fbi says ian smallwood was being verbally belligerent to passengers and flight attendants.
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a blizzard warning is up in north dakota. look at those whiteout conditions. up to 15 inches of snow fell. the windchill is 20 degrees below zero. the national weather service warns people could get frostbite in less than 30 minutes. crews are trying to clear the roadways before the storm hits in full force. the "today" show is monitoring the impact of this storm. we'll have a live report at 7:00 this morning, right after this newscast. every year for the past decade a new jersey boyfriend and girlfriend have visited the rockefeller center christmas tree. >> this year their favorite holiday spot became much more sentimental. as the clock struck midnight at rockefeller, they got married. you can see right there the couple tied the knot. they said they take their kids to the plaza every christmas eve and they thought it would be the perfect spot to finally say "i do." >> oh, wow. another iconic holiday tradition is under way in new
5:26 am
york. the times square new year's eve party, today the famous new year's eve ball will be installed. it features 192 crystal triangles. they're so sparkly. they'll be illuminated by l.e.d. lights. this year an estimated 1 million will fill times square for new year's eve. >> wow. those temperatures. here in the bay area there are plenty of options for new year's eve revelers to get home saeft. b.a.r.t. will be running and muni in san mateo county will run until 5:00 in the morning. caltrans' last train leaves san francisco at 2:00. best news, all transit systems, including ace transit are offering free rides on new year's eve. take advantage of that. >> you can have fun and be responsible. 5:26. coming up here on "today in the bay," breaking news to tell you about. a convicted carjacker escapes san quentin and now suspected of
5:27 am
doing it again. that inmate who is leading police on this intense search. plus, east of the bay area, another search is on. a live report on the manhunt for this man wanted in connection with the murder of a police officer. a live look from san francisco. very clear out there. but everything is not as calm as it looks. meteorologist kari hall will take a look at the weather which includes a lot of wind.
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-- a convicted fugitive on the loose. this man escaped fr breaking news right now at 5:30. a convicted fugitive on the run this morning. this man escaped from san quentin prison just hours ago. we have a live report on the search for him coming up. thanks for joining us on this thursday morning. i'm kris sanchez. laura garcia is off. >> i'm marcus washington. first, we want to get you ready for your morning commute and day ahead. let's go to meteorologist kari hall with a look at this weather out there today. >> we have temperatures all over the place this morning as you get ready to head out the door. it may be really chilly or not so bad. san jose it's 42 degrees. the north bay it's in the mid-30s. still a light wind to start out. as you're heading out for your drive in antioch, some low 40s as you step out the door. we'll see some mid-50s by early afternoon. overall shaping up to be a nice day. wind advisory starts at 7:00 a.m. for our bay area hills. and that's where we may have
5:31 am
those gusts kicking up to 50 miles an hour. i'll have more on that. also what's ahead for the rest of the day. vianey has a look at the morning commute. >> it's looking good. not much to report in terms of traffic. overall look at the bay area, you can see, well, it's looking good out there. let's get right to some drive times. westbound 80 to the highway 4 bridge, 18 minutes. westbound 580 to the bay bridge, 15 minutes. northbound 880, which is typically a hot spot, not so much this morning, from 238 to the bay bridge, 38 minutes. let's show you what a lonely golden gate looks like. looks like a lot more folks are heading back to work. i'll give you any up date on what the roads look like, but for now all good news from the traffic department. breaking news in the north bay for you. the search for a fugitive. >> the inmate found a way to walk out of san quentin state prison. investigators think the convict may have already committed another crime. >> "today in the bay's" pete
5:32 am
suratos in marin county. what are you being told this morning? >> reporter: good morning to you. we're waiting for more updates from san quentin. we know they're looking for 21-year-old sa lome mendoza. he escaped during a head count at san quentin state prison late last night. you're looking at a mug shot. he escaped roughly around 9:30 p.m. which activated the emergency prison plan. now, we know following -- leaving the prison he carjacked someone driving a toyota rav 4. you see the information on your screen regarding that rav 4 with license plate of 6stz502. now, mendoza is described as being 5'5" with brown hair, brown eyes and roughly 177 pounds. he was sentenced to five years in prison in december of last year for using a deadly weapon to carjack someone as well. but this was in l.a. county. he also tried to evade police
5:33 am
officers when he did that. he was sentenced to five years in prison. he's been here in san quentin since april. if you see mendoza,ing contact authorities as soon as possible. we'll have updates throughout the show. live outside san quentin state prison, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thank you, pete. you may have gotten that push alert we sent out right as this happened. you probably got it and it woke you up this morning. make sure you download our nbc bay area app. this way you can get all of the breaking news stories as we send them out to your smartphone. another manhunt is under way. this one in the central valley where authorities are desperately looking for that suspect who shot and killed a police officer. they say that officer was a husband and a new father. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in newman. we're hoping to get some more answers in just a few hours, bob. do we have any idea who this person is? >> reporter: yes, later this morning at a news conference at
5:34 am
newman police department where you can see people have been memb memorializing officer singh. law enforcement continues to look for this man in this image who police have not yet publicly identified. he is suspected of shooting and killing officer singh during a traffic stop at 1:00 yesterday morning. singh pulled the man over for reasons still unknown, radioed in a vehicle description moments later, then radioed shots fired. singh's partner arrived with gunshots and he later died at the homent. deputies located the suspect's pickup truck at a mobile home park less than five miles away from the scene. neighbo neighbors say he lived there with a woman and child. surveillance camera caught the suspect buying beer at a nearby convenience store. when the suspect left, the store clerk saw officer singh go after
5:35 am
him and then moments later heard gunshots. >> he's been aggressive in the past before, like burglary. >> he was a good officer. people really liked him. >> he was really chill, really cool guy. >> he posted on christmas eve that he was -- sucks i'm working out here. i said, thank you for keeping newman safe. two days later this happened to him. >> reporter: take a look at this photo. officer singh took this photo with his wife and 5-month-old son christmas night. this was a few hours before he was killed. he had emigrated from fiji several years ago and was living the american dream, according to a friend. having worked as a newman police officer foz for seven years, most recently as a canine officer assigned to drug enforcement. his dog who was locked in sync's car was not hurt. newman police department is small, just 13 officers. officer singh is the first officer in the history of the office to be killed. that's a painful truth we expect
5:36 am
the chief will address during that 11:00 a.m. news conference here at police headquarters. reporting live in newman, bob redell, "today in the bay." 5:35 right now. happening today in the south bay, we expect to learn more about a christmas morning police shooting that left a woman dead. san jose police chief eddie garcia plans to hold a news conference on this case later this afternoon. the family of the woman killed is demanding answers. her family says she and her friend were out celebrating the holidays. they believe police mistook them for someone else and open fire on their car. police say they were in a car that looked like the one involved in a shooting earlier that morning. officers say they were forced to open fire when the woman tried to ram them with their car. the family plans to hold a vigil tonight. so many questions still this morning surrounding a crash on highway 85 in sunnyvale. when officers arrived on scene tuesday night, they found an empty rav 4.
5:37 am
officers say they looked around and they couldn't find the driver. but then 13 hours later the driver's family found him a mile away from that crash site. 40-year-old alan willcox of los gatos was found dead. >> we're trying to connect the dots and piece that together how family members came to be aware of their -- of that party being involved in a collision. >> the chp believes he may have tried to look for help and then became disoriented. to the nation's capital where we're in day six of a government shutdown. here's a live look of washington right now. hundreds of thousands of federal workers remain off the job this morning. no breakthrough is expected today and neither side appears ready to budge. the president will return to the white house to deal with the issue. this foltz his surprise visit to u.s. troops in germany and iraq. speaking with reporters, the president acknowledged the outlook is less cheery in
5:38 am
washington. he says there's no timetable for ending the standoff over the partial government shutdown. >> how long do you think the shutdown will last, mr. president? >> whatever it takes. we're going to have a wall. we need safety. >> neither the president nor democratic leaders are budging on funding the border wall. the government shutdown continues to affect locals and tourists right here in the bay area. in san francisco, ft. funston is closed. while the parking lot is off limits, people are still bringing their dogs to walk on the beach but they are parking on skyline boulevard. days after the giants announced they are talking to the raiders about having the silver and black play at at&t park, san francisco city leaders say, that's not their game plan. supervisor-elect matt haney has his way, the giants will call a time-out on talks. haney says the raiders and city of oakland really need to work out their own differences. >> really the raiders have done this out of retaliation because
5:39 am
the city of oakland wants to get some money they believe the raiders owe them. that's whebetween the raiders a oakland. >> haney does not believe there's support for hosting the raiders at oakland city hall. he says eight football games would require a lot of city services but we found folks near the ballpark, particularly restaurant managers who say, bring on those game day crowds. we'll keep you posted as plans continue to develop. the challenge is on for how many days a die-hard football fan can stay on top of a billboard. >> four college football fans are set to climb a four-story billboard in downtown san jose today. this is part of an espn challenge to get attention for the national championship game. it's being hosted at levi stadium. for the next 12 days, a fan from each of the final four college teams will participate. an espn spoeshgz person says
5:40 am
they will give them scene of the accidents and sleeping bags and a shower. we'll show how many days they last up there. we'll continue to follow this one. can you believe that, just being up there? are you in for this one? >> snacks, i think if they -- snacks? >> you're there for the snacks, okay. >> what do they win? what do they win? >> tickets to the game. >> oh, tickets to the game. oh, okay. not bad at all. well, good luck, you guys. you won't need your cars for a few days if you're a participant. even if you did, the roads, beautiful. when i say beautiful in the traffic department, that's very rare. it's typically during the holidays because i don't have any major crashes to report. these are the south bay drive times. northbound 101 from highway 85, about 19 minutes. overall, look at the s-curve in san rafael. this is getting a little busy but at least it's moving along nicely. this is what some of the bridges are looking like. san mateo bridge also moving
5:41 am
along without any major issues. >> that sounds good. moving ahead towards the weekend, here it is thursday, last weekend of the year. >> yeah. and there's so many events going on. you may be making plans to go some parties or go shopping, head out of town. you got family coming in town for the new year. and so i'm here to get you ready for all that. here's a look at saturday's forecast. it will be cool with highs reaching into the mid-50s. we'll still have the sunshine and those early morning hours are going to be frigid. if you're headed out on sunday, there will be a slight chance of rain in the north bay on sunday but other than that, we'll continue on with some dry weather. looking at highs in the mid-50s. you can still go ice skating in san francisco this weekend even though it's after christmas. necessity still got the whole setup there in union square. if you're headed out, it will be in the mid-50s on saturday and seeing it cool off pretty fast. 11:00 we're down to 50 degrees. then if you're heading out of
5:42 am
town, maybe going to yosemite, it will be cool and windy for tomorrow. highs only reaching 31 degrees. then once those winds calm down, we'll have some much more comfortable weather with low 40s. napa, a great weekend to be there with highs in the upper 50s and low 60s. a few more clouds on sunday. i think the rain will stay farther to the north. for the tri-valley all looking at dry weather, highs in the upper 50s. if you're going to l.a. this weekend, maybe traveling with the 49ers, it will be in the mid-60s and mostly sunny skies. great weather for the game on sunday. if you're headed to carmel valley, we also have nice weather continues no matter if you're staying in town or traveling. it looks the same. nice and quiet, which is good for the end of the year. we'll talk about what else to expect for today and the wind advisory is coming up in about three minutes. looking forward to that. coming up on "today in the bay," leaving san francisco?
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new trublend matte made foundation, in 40 shades. you hurry to work, so you can take it slow. - [cell phone beeps] - stop! let's stop looking at pedestrians as a nuisance, and carless objects, and start looking out for each other again. it's a busy world out there. we're all in it together. go safely, california. traffic tease
5:46 am
some visitors of san francisco want to stay, but where do san franciscans want to live? apparently sacramento. that )s according to redfin real estate data reported by the sacramento bee. redfin says (7-thousand people moved from san francisco to sacramento this year. it also said 22 percent of sf residents are searching for another place to live. that number has gone from last year. california looking to steal the lime light in the 20-20 presidential primaries.
5:47 am
the golden state has moved up its primary day from june to march in hopes of getting more attention from candidates. our state is home to several democratic presidential hopefuls including senator kamala harris. but it )s unclear how she )ll do here in the golden state. for example -- in the republican primary in 20-16 - senator marco rubio lost to then candidate donald trump in his home state of florida. the me-too movement is ushering in new laws in california next year. companies can no longer force employees to settle sexual harassment complaints or sign non-disclosure agreements. workers will be required to undergo sexual harassment training twice a year. and now victims will have up to a ten years to seek civil damages from a sexual assault. now to new laws surrounding the legalization of marijuana. starting next tuesday - people can petition to overturn or reduce old convictions for possessing, growing and distributing marijuana.
5:48 am
more than 200-thousand cases could be affected. also - a pair of laws limits the prosecution of minors for marijuana possession -- you now have to 12-years or older to be prosecuted in juvenile court. the billion dollar shasta dam project could be slowed -- by salamanders. according to the la times, a group of environmentalis ts filed a law suit in response to the project. they )re asking the judge to rue if the salamanders should be protected. they say the project would destroy the creature )s habitat and put them at risk of extinction. happening this morning -- a bay area sea lion is going home for the holidays. he )s getting released back into the ocean. you can see "spruce" the sea lion here. the marine mammal center rescued the sick animal earlier this month in monterey. now he )s all better and getting released back to the water. ad lib toss to weather
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but first happening now..
5:52 am
new data shows monthly auto loan payments are higher than ever -- with a growing number of people borrowing at least $50-thousand to buy a new vehicle. the average monthly payment for a new vehicle is climbing to an all-time high of $530. and the average used vehicle loan payment also hit a record at $381. auto sales are on pace to top 17 million vehicles for a fourth straight year - the best stretch of sales ever in the u.s.. coming up on today in the bay: a new turn in kevin spacey )s alleged sexual assault case. the alleged evidence of sexual assault that may exist. plus: a dramatic high speed chase on the water involving suspected drug smugglers. how it all came to an end, next. music log
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welcome back you )re watching today in the bay. now to a developing story: a san jose family -- mourning the loss of their daughter. the 14-year-old was found dead below the horseshoe bend overlook in arizona on christmas. horseshoe bend is a popular tourist attraction -- with a view of the colorado river and red cliffs near the utah border. there are no barriers. police say the teen and her daughter. she was found below the horseshoe bend in arizona. ising when the girl accidentally fell
5:56 am
police say the teenager and her family were visiting when the girl accidentally fell off that overlook on christmas eve. rescue crews were not able to recover her body until christmas morning. for the second straight day, europe's tallest volcano continues to erupt. mt. etna is on the italian island of sicily. it's where parts of "the godfather" were filmed. churches and buildings crumbled apart and volcanic ashes shut down the airport. 28 people are hurt. you've heard of smoke on the water, but how about fire on the water? this is a 49-foot boat engulfed in flames off the australian coast yesterday. flames erupted with six people still on board, including a 5-year-old child. they all jumped into the water and passing boats picked them up, saved them. the burning boat eventually sank. the fire started in the engine room but it is not clear why at this point. and speaking of water, right
5:57 am
here a new video, suspected drug smugglers send the spanish civil guard on a high-speed chase on the water. you can see that dramatic chase. the guard raced after the smugglers and helicopter and speed boat. eventually that speed boat rammed into the smugglers' boat and the suspects were arrested. authorities say they found a shipment of drugs on that vessel. a medical emergency pilot is injured after someone shined a laser at his helicopter. pilot ryan said he was called to save an injured person at a park in wisconsin. he was attempting to land his chopper when someone shined that laser right at them. it caused the pilot to suffer an eye injury and he couldn't land. >> it appeared to the crew they were purposely targeted by a laser that was tracking them as well, which is very different than a fixed christmas -- you know, a site on the ground shining on the house. that we're familiar with. we see that all the time.
5:58 am
>> pilot was treated at the hospital and doctors say he's doing okay. we should mention, it is a federal crime to point a laser at an aircraft. now to a story creating a lot of outrage across the country. this in new jersey where a white referee forced a black student to cut his dreadlocks in order to compete in a wrestling match. here's a video of that incident. it's going viral. you can see right there, 16-year-old andrew johnson's hair being cut. the ref claims his hair violated policy despite objections from the coach and the team. the wrestling association will no longer work with that referee. the school has called in extra security. a new turn inspect kevin spacey's alleged sexual assault case. the man accusing spacey says he may have filmed the alleged groping, according to police documents released this week. it says the victim caught the groping on snapchat and sent it
5:59 am
to his girlfriend. "the house of cards" actor is due to be arraigned next week. a town in south korea is devoting itself entirely to self-driving cars. take a look here. now, the test field is called k-city and it's about 1 1/2 times the size of grand central station. it includes a parking lot there, buildings, downtown and expressways. the cars will run through 35 kinds of roads see how it reacts. new this morning, liam hemsworth off the market? maybe so. his long-time girlfriend miley cyrus posted these pictures of the couple on instagram and twitter. they're captioned ten years later, 12-23. she's dressed in all-white dress, he's wearing a tuxedo. the couple, as you may know if
6:00 am
you follow young romance, they've had an on again and off again romance for years but they've been back together since 2015. that's sweet. >> good for them. right now, two manhunts happening now. first breaking at this hour. a convicted carjacker escapes from san quentin prison and authorities believe he may have already used his skills to commit the same crime over again. we just launched nbc sky ranger to the north bay and we'll bring you a live report from the ground. another search under way. this one for the suspect who shot and killed a police officer in the central valley. they say this is who it is. what we're learning this morning about the officer who was a husband and a brand-new daddy. a live report as the community prepares to say good-bye. and are the markets ready to rally on wall street? what the early indicators are showing after the biggest one-day surge of the dow jones. we're taking you


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