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tv   Today  NBC  December 27, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PST

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a gorgeous start to the day over the golden gate bridge. that's not that foggy shot vianey was talking about. that's the clear shot kari has been talking about. >> we'll be back with local news at 7:25. (música). good morning. winter wallop. powerful storms sweeping across the country and intensifying this morning. blizzard conditions in the midwest. severe weather across the south. and dylan says, tens of millions more in the path of rough weather this holiday week. breaking overnight, president trump makes an unannounced stop in germany after the surprise stop to iraq. his first to an active war zone as president. >> we're no longer the suckers, folks. we're respected again as a nation. >> but this morning, it's back to work in washington, with the government shutdown now entering
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its sixth day with no end in sight. wall street's wild dow ride that no enjoys its biggest single day jump ever. up more than 1,000 points after a string of historic losses. what does this end of the year roller coaster mean for your wallet? plus boiling over, protests in an emergency school board meeting after a high school wrestler is forced to cut his hair. >> it broke my heart to watch that young man stand there and be humiliated like that. >> the boy's family saying he won't return to the mat for his next match. impossible first. an american makes history with an epic 54-day journey across antarctica alone. and let the bargains begin. your guide to the biggest post christmas sales ever. now being rolled out in stores and online today, thursday december 27th, 2018. from nbc news, this is
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"today," with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and welcome to "today." thank you for joining us on this thursday morning. craig melvin alongside sheinelle jones. yesterday it was all about the returns and taking back the stuff you didn't want. today it's about buying more stuff. >> buying more stuff and braving the weather. a lot of weather today. >> that's our top story this morning. we'll start with the severe weather rolling across the country. during this busy holiday week, snow, ice, rain, high winds, all throwing a wrench into the travel plans of millions. we'll get to dylan's forecast in just a moment. let's start with nba's ron mott in minnesota near minneapolis. ron, good morning to you. hey, craig, good morning to you, well overnight here in st. cloud, the snow came down at a pretty good clip, we're getting nor flurries and a wintry mix right now.
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we can tell you in 13 states there are either severe weather warnings or weather advisories affecting tens of millions of people. the governor of kansas has declared a state of emergency for his state because of the snow system. here's things to expect, snow, ice, rain, and in some places strong wind even hail. overnight, a powerful winter storm making its way across the u.s. affecting millions from new mexico -- >> skis and snow shoes required at high point tennis tonight. >> reporter: all the way to minnesota. travelers heading home from the holidays facing dangerous conditions on the road. >> we've been in traffic forever. we would start to move and then it stopped again. and in the air, in texas, a flight heads for dallas was diverted for austin after severe turbulence injured two people on board. >> safety is a pop ptop prioritn these situations. >> reporter: officials cancelling a college bowl game in dallas as extreme lightning
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rolled through the area in the first quarter. >> the decision was made for the right reasons. that's the welfare of both teams' players. i understood that even though we were disappointed. >> reporter: more zero storms are expected as parts of the southwest brace for more snow. if you are flying today through the storm zone, always a good idea is to follow the airline before you head out. as the storm system makes its way east, we are expecting some of the delays and cancellations to stack up. back to you. >> ron mott starting us out in minnesota. ron, thank you. let's check in with dylan dreyer for more on where the storms might hit. >> this is a huge storm. look at the weather alerts. we have the flood warnings in the south. the flood watches. we also have winter storm warnings. we have blizzard warnings in effect as well. now, the swath of snow producing snowfall rates of about 1 to 2
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inches per hour. but winds are gusting up to 30 to 45 miles per hour. we're seeing reduced visibility across northern minnesota stretching back through the plains. on the southern side we have a huge threat of tornadoes and dangerous cloud to ground lightning. this squall line is moving across south eastern texas and approaching louisiana. this will move east and produce weather through the day today. we'll see several delays and cancellations in major airports from chicago because of the rain, st. louis because of the rain, atlanta especially later today because of the rain. but also up across minneapolis/st. paul, omaha, because of the rain/snow mix in that area. tomorrow it all shifts east and up and down the east coast from new england to atlanta. we'll see several delays including the major airports and i-95 will see delays because of the tour rerchli iaia iaia iaia downpours and heavy rain. a widespread 2 to 3 inches of rain in the area. we could see isolated amounts up around 6 inches. that will likely lead to flooding.
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as for now across parts of the higher elevations, about 6 to 9 inches. through the central and northern planes across the upper midwest is where we could end up with an additional 6 to 9 inches of snow. blowing snow will be an issue. so, the roads will be very dangerous in that area for quite some time, craig. >> dylan, thank you. now to president trump's surprise visits to iraq and germany. the president and first lady traveling to meet with u.s. troops in the combat zone, for the first time, nbc's chief white house correspondent has more for us. hallie jackson has more for us this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. the president and first lady are back here at the white house after that trip to the middle east. 30 hours door to door. and the president is tweeting this morning about the incredible people he met representing our country abroad. overseas the president defended his decision to withdraw troops from syria, but said he would not do the same in iraq. his message? the u.s. cannot be the policemen of the world. the president and first lady
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wheels down in washington this morning after an overnight stop in germany and another thank you to troops. >> merry christmas and a happy and prosperous new year. >> that's after that surprise trip to all asaad air base in western iraq where the president took pictures and talked policy, defending his controversial decision to withdraw u.s. troops from neighboring syria even though his generals, as he put it, recommended otherwise in the fight against isis. >> they said again recently could we have more time. i said nope, you can't have any more time. you've got enough time. we've knocked them out and silly. >> reporter: despite a draw down in syria and potentially afghanistan, the president says he has no plans to pull troops from iraq. >> if you take isis, and if we see something happening with isis that we don't like, we can hit them so fast and so hard, they won't know what the hell happened. >> there's criticism he waited
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too long for what's typically a holiday tradition for the commander in chief. >> i've had a busy schedule. >> reporter: president trump's trip kept secret until the last minute for security reasons as he himself acknowledged the safety concerns. >> if you would have seen what he had to go through with the darkened plane and all windows closed and no lights on whatsoever, anywhere, pitch black. i've never seen that. >> reporter: while he mostly focused on the military abroad, the president also waded into politics at home. >> we want to have strong borders in the united states. the democrats don't want to let us have strong borders. >> reporter: digging in for his demand for billions of dollars for a border barrier, with washington zhoushut down for a h straight day. >> how long do you think you'll shut down? >> whatever it takes. we're going to have a wall and safety. >> hallie, what are the chance this partial shutdown wraps up before the new year?
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>> reporter: not good. it sounds like the senate is back in session today, but there are no votes planned. the house has been told not to expect any action on capitol hill at least until tomorrow. and people we've talked to on both sides of the aisle say they think this thing is going to go into 2019 with negotiations still stalled over this border wall. the president clearly has this on his mind this morning. he's tweeting about it again pushing democrats to try to get on board. democrats in the new year say they will make a move to reopen the government once they take control of the house, but if that does not include the provisions the president wants, it's not clear if he'll sign it even then. >> all right. hallie jackson there. so it goes. hallie, thank you. now to the roller coaster ride on wall street. after historic declines, the dow closed up nearly 1100 points yesterday. the largest single day point gain ever. so, what do all of the ups and downs mean for your bottom line? cnbc brian feldman joins us with answers. brian, good morning to you.
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>> i hope i have answers. now i'm nervous. i wasn't but now i am. >> more than we do. all three major indexes finished down 2% or more on christmas eve and then they rose 3 to 5%. so what changed from monday to wednesday for this surge to happen? >> aside from the calendar? i mean, that's really what it comes down to. it's amazing. it was the worst pre-christmas trade for the stock market ever. christmas eve worst ever, everything looks bad. we take christmas off. we get an 1100 point yesterday. nothing really changed. and that's kind of the point. you thought it was the stock market. turns out it was universal. a ride there. it feels like that roller coaster. i think people point to a few things. it was kind of quiet politically. we didn't have any tweets or unexpected e-mails from the treasury secretary and maybe the market rebounded. today is not looking good as well, craig, so, it's anybody's guess. >> so, anytime you have a single day jump like what we saw yesterday, you look back historically, the last time we saw a two-day swing like this, if i'm not mistaken, it was around 2008/2009, the financial
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crisis. how nervous should we be with this kind of volatility? >> we were feeling so good until you brought up the financial crisis. >> it begs a lechgt questio s a question. >> as the numbers get bigger, the stock market has grown, the numbers go up. you're right. the two previous biggest point gains were during the financial crisis because we had those wild swings. so, a lot of the bears, those who were negative on the market have come out of hibernation. they're saying this is symbolic of a slowing economy and some people believe the economy is doing well right now, that we could go into recession in late 2019, early 2020. and the market is reflecting that. we won't know. only time will tell. >> so, i guess the takeaway then, millions of people obviously have 401(k)s invested in stocks. and these ups and downs, it's kind of scary. what's your best advice? i know what you're going to say. is it time to pull your money out? wait? take a breath? >> yeah, don't do that. okay? don't do that. you're supposed to buy low, sell
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high. don't sell high, buy low or whatever it is. don't sell in the bottom. here's the thing. i don't want to throw math on you at 7:11 eastern time. but if you put 10 grand in the equity market 20 years ago, you have about 40,000 now. if you missed just 40 trading days in that, the best, you'd have $0 now. the point is, you want to be invested because you never know when those big days, like yesterday, are going to come. >> brian, i think you made it clear. >> i hope so. >> thank you. also new this morning, details are emerging in another major story that's front and center in washington. the death of a second migrant child in u.s. custody at the border. jacob soboroff has been following this story closely. he joins us with the latest on that. jacob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the trump administration says it had been a full decade since one child died in border patrol custody. now two this month.
7:13 am
this week, it was felipe alonzo-gomez. the boy's name reported by the national hispanic caucus which is calling for an investigation. this morning a time line is emerging of the events leading up to the death of the 8-year-old boy from guatemala. on december 18th officials say the boy and his father were apprehended near el paso, texas. on christmas eve before midnight the boy was pronounced dead. after showing flu-like symptoms including vomiting and fever earlier in the day. this just 17 days after another child, a 7-year-old, also died in cdp custody. texas congressman joachim castro said the conditions under which detained migrants are held are dire. >> conditions there are subhuman. people having to literally step all over each other to go to the restroom or move around. >> reporter: court orders prohibit them for holding
7:14 am
children for more than 72 hours. this boy was in custody for more than 130. the cbp commissioner called it a tragic death. they told cbs it's being investigated. >> our stations are not built for that group crossing today. they were built 30, 40 years ago for single adult males. >> reporter: after the boy and his father were arrested they were provided food and water and transported between three different border patrol stations from el paso to new mexico. 17 welfare checks were carried out from december 20th to the 22nd. on december 24th when an agent first noticed the boy's illness, he was transported to a hospital, given antibiotics and tylenol, and then returned to the detention facility. later that night the child appeared lethargic. but no emt was on duty, so, he was transported back to the hospital, losing consciousness en route. the boy's father is still being held in custody. there's still some important unknowns.
7:15 am
why were this young boy and his father held in those jail-like border patrol stations nearly twice as long as rules called for and why did the trump administration wait until two young children died before a medical surge at the border? answers to those questions might bring clarity to the death of a second child at the border. >> jacob soboroff, thank you. all right. get ready to check your powerball tickets because we have a winner. a ticket missing all numbers was sold somewhere in new york state. the jackpot $298 million. 5, 25, 38, 52, 67, and the power ball is 24. now, even if you didn't hit the big prize, you may still be a winner. there were tickets worth $1 million sold in florida, illinois, and wisconsin. and here's more good news this morning, if you struck out on powerball, there's always mega millions. tomorrow night's jackpot is worth $348 million.
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>> well, we know who did not win, dylan dreyer. dylan dreyer back with us. >> i'm thinking maybe there's a chance, and then i remembered i didn't buy one. you can't win if you don't play. a lot going on across the country. severe storms in the south. those are currently. happening at this moment. snowy conditions across the high plains and upper midwest, across central and northern minnesota. behind it cold air, temperatures in the 20s with spotty snow showers. across parts of the rockies. the immediate coast out west is finally enjoying a break from storm after storm that's been moving on. enjoy that today. here on the east coast, clouds increasing today in advance of this storm. temperatures start warming up tomorrow. it is a rainstorm up and down the east coast, but we will see a lot of rain and that could create significant delays for those if you're traveling. that's a look at the weather across the country. we'll get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds.
7:17 am
good morning. i'm meter kari hall. a wind advisory in effect for bay area hills and winds may pick up to over 50 miles an hour throughout the day. watch out for that. we're also going to see our high temperatures reach into the upper 50s with mostly sunny skies. by tomorrow the winds start to subside. highs up to 56 degrees inland. and then there will be some cold temperatures by saturday morning. sunday we'll be tracking a slight chance of rain farther off to the north and we continue on with some dry weather across the bay area. 's your latest for. >> thank you, dylan. coming up the backlash intensifies against the referee who forced a high school wrestler to cut his dread locks. who forced a high school wrestler to cut his dreadlocks. what happened overnight during a
7:18 am
heated emergency school board meeting. also how vulnerable are we? a firsthand look at what happens when hackers attack a small business here in the united states. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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this morning -- an in good morning to you. it's 7:27. i'm kris sanchez. we continue breaking news out of the north bay where an inmate is on the run after walking away from san quentin prison. here's a look at that prison. it's shalom mendoza quhofs sentenced to five years in prison in april. prison officials say he got away just before 10:00 last night. they suspect he may have already carjacked another person who was driving a toyota rav4. now an active search is under way to find him. we'll continue to stay on top of this story with more updates to come. we also want to get a look at your weather forecast as the weekend is approaching. >> we do have a wind advisory
7:27 am
that will be in effect as we go into today especially in the bay area hills. as we take a live look outside in san jose, you can see the wave in the palm trees. also the gusty winds will be picking up for all of our areas shaded in tan. that's where we have elevations above 1,000 feet for parts of the east bay, the north bay as well as solano county. there may be some downed trees and also impacts to power outages. we'll be watching out for that. throughout the day our winds increase as we approach noon. all around the bay area we have gusts that could reach up to 30 miles an hour, even in the valleys. higher for the hills. those winds will gradually subside as we go into tonight as we look at temperatures reaching up into the upper 50s. a dry forecast over the next several days and cold mornings on the way. slight chance of showers in the north bay on sunday and dry weather into the rest of the year into the new year. let's get an update on the commute with vianey.
7:28 am
>> we've had a pretty smooth commute so far. we had a couple of fender-benders but overall looking good. back to you. more local news coming up in half an hour.
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back at 7:30 on this thursday morning, december 27th th, 2018. spectacular new video from drones over the ruins of pompeii. the city frozen in time after a volcano eruption nearly 2000 years ago. just ahead, a fascinating look at how modern technology is being used to unlock pompeii's ancient mysteries. high-tech. history goes high-tech. more on that in a moment. first, a check of today's headlines. severe weather across the country could throw a wrench into holiday travel. storm warnings from new mexico to michigan. in south dakota road conditions
7:31 am
absolutely treacherous there. in dallas officials were forced to cancel a college bowl game as extreme lightning rolled through that area. more severe storms are expected along the central gulf coast as parts of the southwest brace for more snow. the president and first lady are back at the white house after a surprise trip to western iraq. they took pictures with service members and defended his decision to withdraw troops from syria. an oregon manmade history wednesday becoming the first person to travel across antarctica alone without any assistance. he finished the epic 932-mile 54-day journey yesterday. in an emotional phone call to his family he said, quote, i did it. the 33-year-old documented his trip which he called the
7:32 am
impossible first on instagram. he used a sled to pull supplies across the ice and snow. brady is going to be staying in antarctica for a few more days waiting for an adventurer to finish the same trip. then he's going to fly to chile to made up with family. a wrestler in new jersey was forced to cut his dread locks before a match. the school board holding an emergency meeting last night to address the incident. >> dozens of people showed up at the meeting voicing their outrage and telling the board they need to make sure something like this never happens again. >> this morning, a community wrestling with controversy. >> he was humiliated like that. >> no way should he have been degraded like that. >> i couldn't believe that this pig would humiliate that kid on the mat. >> one week after a 16-year-old, andrew johnson was forced to cut
7:33 am
his hair before a match, emotions ran high at an emergency board of education meeting. >> we have viewed the video that's gone viral and are troubled by the embarrassment our student athlete endured. >> the board saying they won't attend any meets refed by the referee. he said cut the dread locks or forfeit. >> he had tears coming down his eyes. >> the ref saying the hair violated the rules. if t family's attorney saying the teen wrestled the weekend before without issue. video going viral leading to allegations of racism. the family's attorney defending johnson's coaches saying the blame should be on the ref. >> the burden that andrew to carry was caused by the ref and the entities that allowed him to be in that position. >> the family's attorney pointed
7:34 am
to the fact that he was late to the meet and missed weigh-ins. new jersey sports officials in the state attorney general's office say they've opened a civil rights investigation benching maloneny who has had previous brushes with controversy. a new jersey paper said he called a fellow ref a racial slur in 2018. he later apologized. the ref hasn't responded to our request for comment. >> no child should be faced with such a situation. >> education officials waiting to make their final call on what action, if any, they make on the matter. >> the big question this morning is what about andrew? he has a match today. >> his team has a match, but his attorney says he won't be competing because of all the intense spotlight. he is practicing with his team. he'll most likely compete again soon, probably next week. >> a lot of eyes on him. let's turn to the weather. dylan dreyer in for al roker. what are we looking at? >> we'll see above average
7:35 am
temperatures. that's why this storm that's moving through the midwest and the plains right now will bring mostly rain to the eastern third of the country. temperatures today running about 15 to 25 degrees above average. des moines 55 degrees for a high today. chicago 50. dh that's why it's not a snow storm for that area. friday warm up and down the east coast. 68 in raleigh. new york up to 57. pennsylvania, temperatures 20 degrees above average. this storm brings the rain up and down the east coast friday and behind it temperatures start to cool off quite a bit. saturday and sunday in detroit, low to mid 30s. philly is 39 on sunday. boston freezing on sunday. winds now in kansas have reportedly been gusting up to about 60 miles per hour. combine that with snow, reduces visibility on the roads. south, severe sto
7:36 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. taking a live look outside at oracle arena as we get ready for the warriors game today. we'll have mostly sunny skies, but the problem today will be the high winds picking up for bay area hills. elevations above 1,000 feet may have gusts over 50 miles per hour today, which could down some trees and have impacts on power outages. we'll be watching out for that with some mostly sunny skies. highs reaching into the upper 50s and near 60 degrees for today. and cold air settling in for the weekend. that's your latest forecast. >> still ahead. from beauty products to electronics. your guide to the best post holiday sales. also history goes high-tech. how drones are being used to unlock the ancient mysteries of pompeii. >> then miley's married. inside her secret wedding to liam hemsworth. now vulnerable businesses are big and small to hackers. one woman will share the story that nearly bankrupted her small
7:37 am
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come on, guys! jump in! the water's fine! tom pritchard. how we doin'? hi, there. tom pritchard. can we get a round of jalapeño poppers for me and the boys, please? i've been saving a lot of money with progressive lately, so... progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents. but we can protect your home and auto when you bundle with us. we're back as carson joins us. good morning. >> good morning. >> this morning the threat of the impact of cyber attacks. >> 500 million hotel customers recently had their personal information stolen. you don't have to be a global chain to be targeted by hackers. tom costello has been looking into this.
7:41 am
tom, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. this latest marriott hack involving a starwood hotel chain ranks up there with other hacks. if you're a small business, even just a mom and pop operation, a cyber attack can threaten everything that you have. >> it's taken two years for liz ross to come back from the cyber hack that nearly killed her startup business. what's it feel like to have somebody come in and try to take all of this from you? >> it's very painful. it was the worst week of my life. >> reporter: just before cyber monday, 2016, as her southern fried chicks clothing business was exploding with internet orders, hackers crashed the company facebook page, locked her out and began posting offensive material. >> a lot of pornography. even cartoon pornography. child pornography. very sexual content.
7:42 am
>> reporter: as liz struggled to remain control of her facebook page, her customers were outraged and offended. >> we literally laid there and sat there crying and just responding to people for days and days and days. it felt like an eternity. >> she was in a panic. i could barely understand her. >> reporter: she called theresa peyton. >> she was looking at losing her reputation, her business, sales, thinking about her family, her employees. >> reporter: it all started when an unsuspecting employee opened an e-mail and clicked on a bad link opening the door to hackers who quickly locked liz out and smothered her page with bad web links. >> it promotes click through ads and every time people click through, they get paid pennies on the dollar. >> reporter: theresa's priority, regain control of the facebook page and then ensure the bank
7:43 am
accounts weren't hacked. it's not just a click that can open the door to hackers. mcafee cyber security warns every single device connected to your home or office internet is vulnerable. your computer, doorbell, oven, baby monitor, security cameras, tvs, automated locks, even your car's key to be. once hackers are in your wi-fi, they can unlock anything on the network. . >> if that is as simple as a tweeting toaster or as complex as maybe a smart television or another device in your network, they're all susceptible. >> reporter: we learned hackers spent four years inside the starwood hotel computers stealing the personal information on half a billion customers including pass ports and encrypted credit cards. marriott has apologized and promised to do better. after years of similar headlines, many customers now assume their information is no longer theirs.
7:44 am
>> another day, another security breach. >> you can only do your own due diligence and hope they would do their part as a company. >> reporter: while the full scope of a marriott hack isn't known, liz ross is still dealing with the hack against here. you think you're fighting to regain your reputation for how much longer? >> probably forever. i felt like i went through a hurricane or crazy tornado. i'm looking for someone to help me. i have no insurance for that. there's no cops for that. there's -- >> reporter: you're on your own. >> there's no fema for that. >> reporter: experts, again remind us the best offenses include robust complicated pass words on your e-mail, your bank accounts, your computer, your wi-fi router. every connected twice in the home, and of course, don't click on suspicious e-mails or links and these days you really should always on the for that
7:45 am
multifactor authentication. back to you. all right. tom costello for us there. for the second day in a row -- >> put the cash under the mattress. >> really? >> terrifying. >> you can only imagine how helpless she felt. there was nothing she could do. >> every couple years your network becomes as they said in the piece, it's everything. it's your oven, your lights. we're becoming so reliant on it. >> and we don't realize how reliant we are. >> something to think about. just ahead, ready, set shop. everything you need to know to everything you need to know to take advantage at carmax? everything you need to know to take advantage that's a great question. if you'd stop in a monsoon to help someone change a tire, save a whale that had beached itself... you're gonna be ok big guy. push! lend a hand in an old-timey barn raising... you got it, jebediah! and if the middle school dance group was down one member and you'd step in and lead them all the way to glory...
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still ahead on pop start, we've got your first look at some of the most highly anticipated tv shows and movies that we do believe a lot of you will be talk act in the new year. >> also we're revealing time magazine's picks for the images that best defined 2018. fascinatin well, how are the massage chairs working out for everyone? i dunno. i'm still a little stressed about buying our new house. well, it's a good thing we don't have to worry about homeowners insurance. geico can help with that. we can get homeowners insurance help from geico? well, sure. and they could save us a bunch too. test. test. test. test. test.
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good thursday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. it's 7:56. we're under a microclimate alert as we track a wind advisory for the bay area and increasing wind for bay area hills. all the areas in brown is where we may have gusts. over 50 miles per hour today and even in the valleys we'll have breezy winds. our high temperatures head into the upper 50s and even a few spots reaching 60 degrees today, which is about normal for this time of year. our temperatures will get cooler heading into the weekend as cold air settles in for saturday morning. there may be freezing in some of our inland valleys. we'll be tracking that. vianey is tracking the morning commute. >> we've had a couple fender-benders and a couple on the peninsula. we have a pretty overall smooth commute. westbound 80 towards the bay
7:57 am
bridge, eight minutes. westbound 92 towards san mateo, 13 minutes. we're still seeing a random patch of fog in dublin. if you encounter fog, slow it down, be safe out there. aside from that, we have a smooth commute throughout the bay area. still holiday light. back to you. happening now in the north bay, an inmate is on the run after walking away from san quentin prison. here's a picture of that man, shalom mendoza. prison officials say he got away before 10:00 last night and there's an active search for him right now. also, the man charged in connections with the killing of a woman at a b.a.r.t. station is due in court. police say he stabbed nia wilson to death back in july and was supposed to enter a plea in the case last week. this week the judge is expected to announce a decision on whether or not he is fit to stand trial. we have more local news coming up for you in just a half hour. more weather and traffic ahead as well. we hope your thursday morning is off to a wonderful start. the si
7:58 am
able to find a price list of items and services hospitals provide. plus: kari is tracking your holiday weekend forecast as you make your plans. join us tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7.
7:59 am
♪ whoa! the mercedes-benz winter event is back, and you won't want to stop for anything else. lease the gla 250 for $359 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, winter weather warnings. powerful storms rolling across the country dumping heavy snow in the west and heavy rain across the south. millions of holiday travelers facing dangerous conditions on the roads. >> we've been in traffic forever. >> dylan has your latest forecast. plus shop until you drop from electronics to clothing or whatever is still on your list. we'll have a complete look at the best post holiday discounts and deals happening right now. and tieing the knot. miley cyrus revealing she and actor liam hemsworth are married. we'll have all the details on
8:01 am
their funky ceremony. today, thursday, december 27th, 2018. >> from waco, texas, girls trip in nyc. >> from west palm beach, florida. hi to our friends back home. >> good morning, charlottesville, virginia. >> celebrating my 50th birthday on "today." >> high to our friends and family in virginia. >> happy new year. >> we're the heeken family. >> happy birthday, uncle andy. >> welcome back to "today" on this last thursday morning of 2018. can you believe that? sheinelle jones is here. >> time is flying. look at this crowd. >> we'll get outside in a moment. it's a busy thursday morning.
8:02 am
let's get to your news at 8:00. we start with the steevere stor. new mexico to michigan, advisories. dylan dreyer has a look at the latest forecast. >> there's a lot going on with this storm. snow on the northern side. mostly across parts of central back through nebraska and western kansas. where it is snowing winds have been gusting up to about 50 to 60 miles per hour. it's reducing visibility. blizzard warnings in that area. tornado watches and warnings across louisiana and eastern texas. this is an intense line of storms that's going to continue to move east through the day producing large hail, damaging winds, and isolated tornadoes. the threat through the day is mostly across louisiana and also int into mississippi. the snow becomes less and less of a factor into tomorrow. or tonight, rather.
8:03 am
even chicago will see all rain until you get into friday with just some colder air wrapping around and producing light snow. up and down the east coast for friday, it's all about the rain. the storms themselves will weaken a bit as they move east. we'll still see torrential downpours and we still have the threat of some isolated severe storms. we're looking for about three inches of rain on average across the gulf coast. we could see isolated amounts upwards of 6 inches that could lead to flooding. snow, we will see an additional 6 to 9 inches of snow across parts of new mexico, but extending up into nebraska and the dakotas and minnesota, an additional 6 to 9 inches there as well. president trump is back at the white house following a surprise trip to visit troops in iraq and germany. no end in sight for the partial government shutdown back home. garrett haake has more. >> reporter: the president returns to stalled negotiations to end thapar shl government
8:04 am
shutdown that we've been in since friday night after a whirlwind trip abroad. he spent about 29 hours on what started as a secret trip to visit u.s. service members on the front lines in iraq and germany. this was the president's first trip to visit service members on the front lines. in iraq he touted his decision to pull u.s. forces out of syria saying it was time to come home and the u.s. won't be suckers anymore. in washington we are at an impasse over border wall funding. about 400,000 federal employees will be furloughed. another 400,000 or so will go to work but won't get paid for now. the president has been tweeting about this this morning writing in part back at the white house saying we decembsperately need border security. do dems realize most of the people not getting paid are democrats? with no signs of a breakthrough,
8:05 am
it's looking likely we'll stay in the partial shutdown until january. garrett, thank you. a five-year-old child and five adults were saved just in the nick of time after their boat went up in flames. it happened off the coast of australia. officials say the fire started in the engine room and spread quickly. pn p passengers jumped into the water without their life jackets. fortunately passing boats pulled the family to safety. the boat sank after it was fully engulfed in flames. an ohio man went above and beyond to spend time with his daughter over christmas. this is pierce vaughn. she's a flight attendant scheduled to work on christmas eve and christmas day. her father booked every flight she was on. this was shared by a fellow passenger saying what a fantastic father. he travelled with pierce on a
8:06 am
total of six flights over two days all over the country so he could be with his girl. >> that was a morning boost. we have another one. it's the christmas gift that will last a lifetime. an 11-year-old ohio boy opened his last present on christmas morning. inside the box a family photo showing his aunt, uncle, cousins and a note addressed to carter that he read out loud. >> carter, these are our most recent picture of our family. all of us would love for you to be in the next picture and to be part of our family. carter, would you like to be be -- we love you. >> what do you think, buddy? >> yes. >> we're going to adopt you, carter. >> well, turns out another
8:07 am
family started the process of adopting carter but his aunt and uncle couldn't bear the thought of not having him around anymore, and they said it was important to keep him in the family. >> that was the boost of the year for me. >> yeah. much more ahead including the performances from kelly clarkson and lin man well miranda that brought the house down. down. >> we have the well, here's to first dates! you look amazing. and you look amazingly comfortable. when your v-neck looks more like a u-neck... that's when you know, it's half-washed. add downy to keep your collars from stretching. unlike detergent alone, downy conditions to smooth and strengthen fibers. so, next time don't half-wash it. downy and it's done.
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do you want to take the path or the shortcut? not too fast. (vo) you do more than protect parks when you share the love. you protect our future. get a new subaru, like the all new forester, and charities like the national park foundation can receive two hundred and fifty dollars from subaru. (avo) get zero percent during the subaru share the love event. whooo! want to take your next vacation to new heights? tripadvisor now lets you book over a hundred thousand tours,
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attractions, and experiences in destinations around the world! like new york! from bus tours, to breathtaking adventures, tripadvisor makes it easy to find and book amazing things to do. and you can cancel most bookings up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund. so you can make your next trip... monumental! read reviews check hotel prices book things to do tripadvisor welcome back. you've had a day or so to recover from christmas. now it's time to head back to the stores. there are all kinds of post holiday deals out there if you know where to look and what to buy. jen is here with everything that you need to know. always good to have you. thank you for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> is it bet tore go to a brick and mortar store or can i click and shop? >> you can typically find the same deals, click and shop or go
8:11 am
into a store. deals are similar across the board. you can get great bargains. >> let's start with the discounted items right now. >> winter clothe and the bulkier the better. stores want to clear out for spring. jackets, big sweaters, also holiday decor. tend toward things that are timeless. also jewelry is great this time of year. toys. the it toys may be sold out, but other toys are in stock. electrics, you can get deals similar to black friday. and gift sets. >> let's talk about beauty. where should we go to get the biggest deals on beauty items? >> one of my favorites -- >> i'm asking for a friend. >> well, sephora has sales. made well for fashion items, 40%
8:12 am
off sale items. there's great jewelry there. i love their high waisted jeans and nordstrom has up to 50% off. thing i bought full price two weeks ago are now marked down. >> can you take them down and get the discount? >> i've worn them. >> furniture, small appliances. >> kohl's has great small appliances on sale. things you need to get your house in order. the roomba is marked down. also they have great tech accessories. if you want a fun phone case, that's a great place to go. cb 2, all their furniture, home accessorie accessories, up to 60% off. and william sonoma is doing a sale on vitamix, $150. >> let's go bigger items here. electronics. >> you can get similar deals to
8:13 am
what you got on black friday. if you didn't get the big screen tv, there's still time. i think best buy has great deals on open box items. you can get amazing mark downs on that. up to $500 off big screen tvs. kohl's, great deals on electronics. kohl's has a system that's bundled with an echo dot. you can find little extras there. >> you've done some scouting for kids items as well. >> both my girls have january birthdays. i'm all in on toys on discount. first off, petite plume. we got our christmas pajamas from here. i never have seen them on sale ever. it's 40% off. they're classic. get them now for next christmas or for everyday wear. and walmart, great deals on barbie dream house, that's marked down. and people don't think of this,
8:14 am
but has great deals on large pretend gifts. a kitchen, $126, normally well over $200. >> if you go into a store and buy an open boxed item, don't be shy. open the box. you can go in there, check and make sure the accessories are there. if it's been opened and everything looks like it's been tried, plug it in. they'll let you do that. if you return in store, i did this yesterday. they gave me on my return receipt a 15% coupon to use within the next three hours. they know you're in that store and they want you to shop. if you bought something online, return it in the store. i got ski goggles for my kids for 15% off. >> thank you so much. happy new year to you. for more on these post holiday deals check out
8:15 am join us over here. it's time for pot start. >> all the good deals are after the it's time for "pop start." >> all the good deals are after the holidays. >> right. >> everybody just gets cash and buys stuff for less. 100 pounds of pop start. we're going to start with congratulations in order to miley cyrus and liam hemsworth. miley has confirmed and posting intimate images of the pair embracing. wearing wedding attire. it's believed they got married at their tennessee home with a few family and friends. cyrus said ten years later as well as marking the date, december 23rd, 2018. they met a decade ago. they met on the set of "the last song." nicholas sparks says this is makes me so happy. congratulations miley and liam. good stuff there. up next last night the kennedy center honors recognized iconic artists including the creators of "hamilton,"
8:16 am
cher, and reba mcentire. it was our buddies who brought down the house. kelly clarkson paying incredible tribute to reba. have a look. ♪ occasional aristocrat and then i got me a georgia mansion ♪ ♪ and an elegant new york townhouse flat ♪ ♪ i ain't going back >> it's a family matter there. that's her mother-in-law, reba. >> that's right. yes. >> that looks like reba approved. that wasn't the only performance. lin-manuel miranda's "hamilton"'s performance had people emotional. ♪ ♪ we're going to teach them how to say good-bye teach them how to say good-bye ♪ ♪ to say good-bye say good-bye one last time ♪
8:17 am
>> you can just tell that was a good moment. don't forget, lin will be reprising the role as alexander hamilton next month down in puerto rico. congratulations to all of last night's honorees. finally, "entertainment weekly" out featuring new images of some 2019's most anticipated movies and shows. let's go through a few of them. first up "aladdin." you can see will smith dressed as the genie as he sits across from "aladdin." princess jasmine is played by naomi scott. it's set to be in theaters may 24th. another film, "downton abbey." all the beloved members are returning including maggie smith. the story will pick up 18 months later and the characters return for a big event.
8:18 am
that film is expected to be released next fall. also next year season three of net flick "-- netflix "the crown." we see olivia colman as the older queen elizabeth. and in another glimpse, princess margaret. another show we're excited to see, "catch 22." this is the hulu mini series based on the classic joseph heller novel. it's going to feature george clooney and kyle chandler. that's in the spring. for more information, pick up the latest issue of ew. it's out now. that is your "pop start," friends. >> a lot to look forward to in 2019. >> what was it? 100 pounds. >> in a 50 pound bag. >> college kids perfected the art of drinking games. come on, dylan. beer pong, kings cup? you know them all. >> i do. >> one family learned a very important lesson. never underestimate your elders.
8:19 am
[ cheers ] >> yes. you saw that right. this grandmother chugged her beers and flipped her cups with such fine point precision, she didn't mess up once. took the young guy to school. >> man. >> looks like this family has a lot to learn from grandma. >> didn't even spill any. >> looks like grandma had been practicing. you don't just show up for game night like that. she's been training. >> thank you. can you top that? >> i wish i could. i'm really good at flip cup, but i'm going to stick to the weather and we do have some severe storms moving through louisiana. large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes.
8:20 am
ahead of this cold front that's moving east. on the back side, it's all snow. especially across parts to have high plains where we could end up with a foot of snow and winds gusting up to 60 miles per hour. that creates the blowing snow. clouds increase up and down the east coast. that means a rainy day on friday up and down the east coast. that means 95 will be affected and we'll see airport delays as well. that's a look at the weather across that's a look at the weather across the country. now here's a peek out your window. >> good morning. a live look outside from at&t park from the embarcadero. winds are starting to pick up. fog gradually clearing. our wind advisory in effect for elevations above 1,000 feet. this is where winds may gust over 50 miles per hour today for solono county as well. may bring down some trees and power lines. our temperatures today head into the upper 50s. if you're heading out, take
8:21 am
us with you. find "today show" radio. >> thank you, dylan. coming up, our ongoing series, history goes high-tech. the enduring mysteries of mt. va soouf yus and the destruction of pompeii. now scientists are turning to very modern devices to try and unlock the ancient secrets. keir simmons has the story. >> good morning. it is stunning. they are finding things in pompeii that have lain undiscovered for 2000 years. including this mural. they even found a horse saddled up as if it was ready to help its owner escape or try and rescue people, and listen to this. they're uncovering this history using 21st century technology. the volcano vesuvius erupted and
8:22 am
brought horror. at 12:00 noon disaster struck. a massive explosion of molten rock flying into the air. history was written but many questions left unanswered. now modern science making amazing new finds is helping to explain what happened when that volcano fire managed here in the movie "pompeii" came down from the sky. it fell here among the horrified people of pompeii. burning ash raining down on the city. it muff seemed like the end of the world. pompeii was destroyed. its streets, the grand houses, and the people buried beneath an avalanche of ash. >> everything was covered with this ash. >> reporter: 2000 years later a chief archaeologist and his team
8:23 am
are digging out an unexplored section of the city. archaeology used to be about digging my hand. it still is, but they're using technology to solve pompeii's first century secrets. >> we are in the era of the digitalization. laser scanning. and the drone. >> reporter: the excavated city offers a snapshot of roman existence. >> a way to touch the past in the dayty life of the pompeii person in the first century. >> reporter: from villas to the basics of life. >> it's bread. >> reporter: and even ancient political graffiti. here writing with a date, october 17th. important. it indicates the eruption happened two months later. that has always been thought. in the same building multiple bodies. but who were they?
8:24 am
now the professor and his team are using the latest techniques to find out more about the victims of the volcano like this man. found buried beneath a block of masonry. >> he tried to escape with a few coins, not really a huge amount of money. we understand this person. now for the skeleton, we started with the dna analysis, and we will know everything about his biography. >> reporter: and another skull and more csi. scientists comparing isotopes in the teeth with those from the soil in a small town in italy. >> according to tradition, the skull belongs -- >> reporter: could this be one of the admiral heros to died trying to rescue people from the disaster zone? we should soon have the answer and perhaps the answer to pompeii's greatest mystery. in total 1,000 bodies have been recovered, but what happened to everyone else? >> the population of ancient
8:25 am
population was 30,000. inside a town -- >> they are out there somewhere says the professor, buried beneath the ash, waiting to be found. and get this. it's still dangerous. so much so they have a new evacuation plan for pompeii. you bet that folks there are hoping and determined that history does not repeat itself. >> absolutely. >> how cool was that? >> that should be a series. >> i'm sure someone is working on that. >> that was fascinating. just ahead, the defining moments and unforgettable images of 2018. >> plus a world class chef with the how-to on homemade treats for your doggie. after your local news. i )m ...
8:26 am
breaking news good morning. 8:26. i'm marcus washington. breaking news to tell you about the north bay. an inmate on the run after walking away from san quentin prison. a picture of that man. he was sentenced to five years in prison last year. just arrived to san quentin in april. the prison officials say he walked out just before 10:00 last night. they say he may have also car jacked a person driving a toyota rav4. an active search is ongoing to find mendoza. right now, a look at your morning commute. how's it looking? >> we've seen an increase in terms of traffic collisionings. we got one in the south bay right now being reported.
8:27 am
chp, 101, entrance, appears the middle lane is blocked. i want to show you how clear and beautiful the bay bridge toll plaza looks. no metering lights have been turned on all morning. we have the holiday light traffic. look how the dublin camera is doing. still foggy. everywhere else is clear. if you encounter some fog near the dublin area, please make sure to slow it down. remember, don't use your high beams in the fog. send it back to you. >> thanks. we'll have more local news coming up in 30 minutes. we're always on at
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
we are back at 8:30, the 27th of december, 2018. our crowd is still clearly in a festive mood. >> this is a heck of a crowd. >> my goodness. >> man. >> look at all these people who showed up two days after christmas. >> wow. >> how about that? >> i'm blown away. >> ready for a crowd moment? >> yeah. >> i'm looking for shelby from su sugarland, texas. there's shelby. how old are you? >> 16.
8:31 am
>> 16. that's high school. 10th or 11th grade? >> 11th. >> what brings you to the city? >> just a mother daughter trip. >> mom, she has a sign that says oh, i'm coming for your jobs, dylan and al. pretty bold. you want to be a meteorologist? >> yeah. >> we have one here. have you ever met dylan dryer? >> no. >> she's as good of a person as she is a meteorologist. would you like to meet her? >> yeah. >> how's it going? i'm coming for al's job too. we have that in common. why do you like the weather. >> i've always been a fan. >> it's cool. and you're from texas? >> yes. >> well, it's pouring in texas right now. >> can you give us the forecast for here? >> sunny, cold. >> you're as accurate as dylan drey dreyer. >> so nice to meet you. >> she's like what just happened? did i see that? yes. i love that.
8:32 am
>> sunny and cold. >> that's it. >> she's gunning for al's job too. >> as 2018 comes to a close, we have a special look back at the year that was. we'll reveal some of the time magazine's most powerful images this year. >> plus a new twist on today. the recipes for rel thi treats that you can whip up for your dog. >> let's give a special shoutout this morning. it's a big day. savannah guthrie, happy birthday. we wish you were here to celebrate with us. she's getting the entire chance to spend the day with her family. >> i'm sure she'd have it no other day. >> happy birthday. >> take it away. >> all right. well, we know it's sunny and cold in new york. but going into the weekend -- >> someone is about to take your job. >> a lot of pressure. going into new year's weekend, it is still going to be mild up and down the east coast.
8:33 am
a little bit of lake effect snow in new york and pennsylvania. cold air starts to work into the midwest. and mountain snow on sunday is expected across the northern rocki rockies. more rain along the gulf coast. not that we need it but we're getting it. heavy rain will start to move east on monday affecting areas through the ohio and tennessee river valley. on new year's eve, we'll see cold temperatures. highs only in the single digits even below zero across parts of the west. on new year's day that cold air moves into the chicago area. highs in the 20s. warm for one more day up and down the east co that's a look at the weather across the country. >> good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're under a my crow climate weather alert. wind advisory for bay area hills. all the areas shaded in brown included in that area that may see wind gusts reaching over 50 miles per hour today. it's still going to be breezy even in the valleys throughout
8:34 am
the afternoon with mostly sunny skies. reaching into the upper 50s. winds calm down tonight and tomorrow. some cold air moving in by early saturday morning. it could be freezing in the valleys. a big birthday out here. who's turning 50? >> that would be me. >> not me. >> is this your mom? >> yes. >> awesome. celebrating in new york. happy birthday. >> thank you. >> they could be cousins. they look just alike. 2018 has been filled with celebration, tragedy, and inspiration. many of those powerful moments were captured on camera. the photo editors at time magazine selected their top photos of the year. here with a look at some of their picks is the editor at large. i talked with you this time last year. it feels like time has flown by. let's talk about the very first one. this is pretty dramatic. a california fire resident. >> this is an image from
8:35 am
thousand oaks, california. it's a man just fleeing his how in the middle of the night. there were so many images of heros and destruction from the fires, but this image is so immediate and intimate. he has no shoes on. it's just where my eyes go. >> that's what grabbed my attention to. >> it was taken by someone who trained with the national fire service to do this kind of work. >> okay. the next one we all remember this one. christine blazey ford. >> this image became symbolic of this brave woman. and dr. ford coming forward to stand up to her accuser. it was taken by a photographer, aaron shaf for the new york times. she was one of the very few women photographing in the pool that day. her images were on the front cover of "the new york times." >> and there were so many images from that day, but why tdoes ths one capture it? >> i think dr. ford is stoic.
8:36 am
>> migrant children. >> sure. i think this is one of the most incredible images from this year. at a time when we were just beginning to talk about the child separations and the policy being enforced, these camps were growing and they came overwhelmed. this was a camp in texas 30 miles from the texas border. and it was originally built for about 400 people. it expanded to 2300. the image is grim. you're seeing tareenagers and children in a boring dry camp with potties and this week it was announced that these -- this camp was actually supposed to close and it's going to remain open into the spring. >> timely. this next one, president trump appearing friendly with kim jong-un. look at this one. president trump in north korea. yeah. >> yeah. this is a bit of an unusual picture of a historic moment
8:37 am
from this year, and the photographer actually is a singapore person who was late to getting into the event. he couldn't find his spot. he jumped up on the tv risers and took this photo. it really jumped out on the wires. >> this next one, i was there. i wasn't inside, but outside with the masses of people. the royal wedding. talk about how many pictures you could have chosen. why this one? >> i think it's just meghan markle's face. her smile is intimate. in a moment that's so choreographs, you see an authentic smile coming through. it was taken by a regular with the royals, photographing this kind of imagery. >> imagine rmagical, wasn't it? >> next, aretha franklin. this was her casket during a viewing. >> it's an incredible image and how in this crimson dress she pops in this field of roses. it shows you in life and death she knew the value of a costume
8:38 am
outfit change. >> i remember her shoes. >> they're sparkling shoes. and each day her wardrobe was changed during the viewing until the funeral. with a matching man cure. >> she went out in style. >> she did. >> our next one is aly raisman speaking at the sentencing hearing for larry nassar. quite a year for her. >> like dr. ford, i think one of the bravest women of this year. she's standing up to her abuser. the haunting thing is it's taken from the perspective -- this is the back of his head. she's looking at him. >> look at that expression on her face. >> the expression is unbelievable. in this moment she said we are here and we're going to stand up to you and larry, you're going to listen to me now. >> no surprise, harvey weinstein. >> this is a scene out of almost like a marvel movie of the villian being taken out. what i love is you're seeing this female detective perfectly
8:39 am
paptu captured by the photographer leading him away. i think it's a real symbolic moment for the me too movement that powerful men no matter what they do, they will be punished for this kind of abuse. >> one more, i have to tell you this one grabbed the attention in our news room. i was trying to remember this day. this is a raccoon? >> it captured our attention. we were -- this picture makes me laugh every time i see it. this story was broke by minnesota public radio. it became known as the npr raccoon on twitter. it scaled a 25-story building. over the course of 24 hours people were watching. the world was watching. >> how did it end? >> it was lured up to the roof with cat food. it was humanely captured and released. she is safe. >> she's living her best life. paul, thank you so much. >> thank you. coming up, we're going to introduce you to a remarkable
8:40 am
man using kindness and his skills as a carpenter to
8:41 am
8:42 am
we're back at 8:41 with our series on the power of faith. >> one man's inspiring mission to help families all over this country who have been impacted by gun violence. savannah sat down to talk with him about his unexpected calling. >> reporter: it is a sight that has become all too familiar. a white cross, a photo, and a name. simple symbols with deep meaning for the families of gun violence families across the country. gregg knows because for 20 years he has built each cross by hand. cutting, nailing, and painting them one by one, adding the names and photos of each life lost. >> does ma mean so much to his
8:43 am
family members that strangers do this? >> before loading them into his truck and delivering them to grief stricken families. >> what do you think it means to the home who receive these crosses? >> it means everything to the people i give the crosses to. it's something tangible they can have that means this is my daughter, this is my son. >> reporter: he says he understands that family's need for a place to grieve their loss because it is a pain he knows all too well. tell me how you first began making these crosses. >> my wife's dad was murdered in 1996. >> reporter: at a support group that same year gregg asked a woman who asked him to build a cross for her six-year-old son killed in a drive by shooting. >> when i put the cross in, i brought so much comfort to everybody because somebody cares. >> reporter: crosses for losses was born and now gregg makes
8:44 am
them every day in his garage. >> it was the best thing that happened to me during my grief was to have something to do. >> reporter: only stopping to hug the families that come by. >> your work is awesome. >> thank you. >> this is maybe parkland, florida and vegas. >> reporter: more than 25,000 crosses later gregg that has traveled around the country visiting the sites of almost every mass shooting over the last two decades. last month he went to pittsburgh and placed stars of david at the tree of life synagogue hoping to make it clear his message is not about religion but kindness. what is the reaction you get when people see your crosses? >> i don't even have them set up. people are writing on them immediately. it's an immediate change. >> reporter: change he also wishes to see in the frequency of gun violence. until then he'll continue his work as long as it's needed. >> we have to be strong for the victims. we can't be weak.
8:45 am
and i put on a good front until i get back in my truck again. >> reporter: building crosses and communities of hope one day at a time. >> my goodness. more than 25,000 of those crosses. i've been to a numb of those mass shooting scenes and seen the crosses. i wondered at one point -- >> now we know. >> that came out of seeing something that was needed in his opinion, and now look at it. the power of one person. >> yeah. >> too many crosses. >> too many. it's too bad his business is doing so well. i know from grieving you want to do things. it helps. >> he's logged more than a half million miles delivering those crosses. he says he'll keep going as long as he can. we're back with more on this thursday morning. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
8:47 am
we're back with an
8:48 am
interesting twist on "today" food. for a lot of dog owners deciding what to feed the family pet, it's something that's not taken so lightly. we've asked our friend chef mark to create easy recipes for your pup and to help you feel better about the treats you're giving your dog. i appreciate you being here. you also have your dog, blue. >> i do. >> we've seen blue in the teases. mark, i like to get my dumb questions out of the way first. you're an amazing chef. does every great chef have this ability to make drog treats? is this your super power? >> it's a small super power. it's really easy. basic ingredients. so many people are concerned with what they're feeding their dogs and making sure it's grain free and dogs are the new children. they're making sure that everything they eat is absolutely perfect for the dog and their health. >> are these dog ingredients? is everything here human?
8:49 am
>> everything is surprisingly enough, there's one of these dishes i'm doing, the first is the base of a nochi i do. it essentially has everything that you would do in a tradition traditiontradition nochi. there's no gluten. if we adjust it, we can make a dog treat out of it. basic ingredients are egg, sweet potato that we turn into a puree. we have almond flour, a little bit of cinnamon and salt. we're going to add all of the eggs, almond flour. it turns into this dough. just add a little dose of the
8:50 am
tapioca flour. you roll it out and end up here with a nice little dough you can punch out. >> little dog bones there. >> this is them punched out. if you want to help me out with the egg wash. >> this will make them what? >> shiny. there's a nice shine on them. we're detail oriented even with dog treats. >> once you bake these off, 350, 15 to 20 minutes, they come out looking like this. >> it's edible? >> it is. >> are you ready to try it? >> i think so. >> see? >> delicious. right? >> it's good. >> it doesn't taste like much because we haven't done all the -- >> it's good. >> it's all healthy for them. that's the important part. healthy for the dogs. we actually have another one here, a different version of it that we're doing. we sell it for our dogs at the hotel at the ritz carlton lake
8:51 am
tahoe. you have squash that's a squash or pumpkin. you can see the format of it here. you have eggs, almond butter and almond flour. again, easy. essentially simple, basing recipe of the eggs, the almond butter, the squash and almond flower. once that gets worked together, it turns into this dough here. we can punch that out again, and you end up with an easy dog treat. >> is there a source for people to go if they're not sure. we all know dogs can't have chocolate. as far as ingredients in your house, if you want to get adventurous, make sure you're -- can blue eat anything? >> i avoid grain. most dog food diets are grain free, and then beyond that the internet is a great source to make sure you're feeding your dog great quality stuff. just as important as making sure we're eating the right stuff. >> is it possible to overfeed them? craig won't stop.
8:52 am
>> he's so adorable. he's had four or five. >> blue is good. we're eating healthy food so it's all right. >> what's the solid? >> that's the nochi that i make at the hotel. >> this is the people food? >> this is the human food. yes. >> we were staring. >> it's modified. it has a little different seasoning. >> that's way better. that's delicious. >> this has kale, pomegranate, pecorin pecorino. it's easy to connect the dots between making something edible for you and the dog. >> you have the luckiest dog in the world if you cook for him like this. thank you. >> thank you. >> if you want the recipes, find them at we're back in a moment.
8:53 am
8:54 am
zblancht as we told you, it's
8:55 am
savannah's birthday. >> lots of folks celebrating today. let's turn around the delicious jars of smuckers. first up, happy 100th birthday to francis sawhill of des moines, iowa. you'll catch her whipping up a sweet treat. she loves to bake. milton lefkowitz is celebrating 100 years old. he says the secret is eating dark chocolate. happy 100th birthday to marry jeffrey who stays active by golfing or oh going bowling. alice gonzalez of california is also 100. never learned to driver and believes walking everywhere is her secret to longevity. lou james is 100. this proud grandmother is from arizona. she has exciting news to share. she's about to become a great grandma. congratulations. and last but not least, happy 102nd birthday to dean bennett, a world war ii veteran from
8:56 am
windsor, illinois. he was married to the love of his life for 70 years. we thank you for your service. if you have a loved one celebrating a special birthday, tell us about them at >> no one on the jar ever credits exercise and fruit. >> and alcohol. >> it's always a lot of whisky. >> just ahead of the third hour of today, an in depth look at men's health, including the foods to eat that boost your brain and shrink your belly. brey good morning. 8:56. breaking news in the north bay this morning. an inmate is on the run after walking away from san quentin prison. he was sentenced five years in prison last year. and just arrived at san quentin in april. but prison officials say he got away just before 10:00 last night. it's believed he car jacked a person driving a toyota rav4
8:57 am
after he escaped. a massive search is ongoing to find shalom mendoza. we have a reporter at the prison. we'll have an update in our midday newscast and check our twitter account for live updates. we expect more about a christmas morning police shooting that left a woman dead. san jose police are holding a news conference on the case this afternoon. the family says they believe police mistook the driver of the car for someone else and opened fire, killing the driver. police say that car looked like the one involved in an earlier shooting. they added they were forced to fire when the woman tried to ram them with her car. the family plans to hold a vigil tonight. we'll have more local news coming up for you in an hour. we're always on at
8:58 am
the simple way you )ll soon be able to find a price list of items and services hospitals provide. plus: kari is tracking your holiday weekend forecast as you make your plans. join us tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7.
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