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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 29, 2018 7:00am-8:01am PST

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san jose good saturday morning. it is december 29th, if you can believe it. here's a live look outside. a beautiful sunrise over san jose, perfectly clear as we look at the outline of those trees there. you know what that means. when it's that clear, it's pretty cold. thank you so much for joining us. we were all talking about how
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cold it was this morning. >> yeah. you know, our produce eric was mentioning how he didn't have any frost on his windshield this morning. he already knew because he watches our forecast it's because there is a dry air mass sitting over the bay area which means there's not a lot of moisture in the air. that's why we didn't see that patchy frost this morning. our current temperatures in the 30s. we've only got a couple of 40s along the coastline in san francisco. santa rosa, 33. san jose 37. santa cruz 32 degrees. we're expecting to keep these chilly overnight lows into tonight. we're going to enjoy dry skies today and dry conditions through the weekend. our daytime highs will only top out in the 50s. this is seasonable for this time of year. today we'll get a break from the
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wind. i'll give you a look at your new year's eve forecast coming up. >> new year's eve i'm going to be on my couch. >> lucky you. i work. it was a powerful show of support for a fallen officer and his family in the small central valley he served rocked by tragedy. >> the world is a worse place without him here. >> friends, loved ones and strangers grieved the loss of corporal singh. more information is coming to light about the suspect. he is accused of gunning down officer singh. one of his alleged accomplices was tracked down here in the bay area. ♪ ♪ amazing grace
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>> reporter: police dog sam, who was with officer singh when he was killed led the way for his wife and infant child as they joined the event. this was basically an open mike for people to share fond member ris of the 7-year veteran police officer. chad earle is his squad leader. >> he made my day better. i don't know how i'm going to go back to work out him here. >> reporter: they describe a man who was a practical joker, a loyal friend and a positive example for the community. this is his uncle. >> we lost a great friend and police officer. we lost a role model for all of our kids. >> reporter: organizers passed out blue candles. a local fire department flew the u.s. flag along with a flag with a blue line symbolizing police
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service. he left a big impression on a small town. >> this is a man that loved his country. this is a man that worked hard for what he believed in. ♪ >> ron loved newman. and newman loved ron. >> as we mentioned we've learned deputies made an arrest here in the bay area in connection with this case. conrado mendoza is the suspect's gunman's brother. he was taken into custody in livermore yesterday afternoon. he is one of four people accused of helping the suspect hide from police. more details now about the suspect's background. he previously was arrested twice for driving under the influence. authorities say he also has ties to a street gang, saying he
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often posted about his ties to the gang on social media. he is believed to have crossed the border illegally coming through arizona several years ago from mexico. investigators have reason to believe he was trying to escape back to mexico after killing officer singh. he's been working mostly as a farm worker. a sad update to a story we've been covering since last week. a 2-year-old boy at the center of the fight over the u.s. travel ban has died. he was on life support in oakland. the 2-year-old had a rare genetic brain condition. doctors said he had just days to live. his father is a u.s. citizen but his mother needed a visa to visit and began applying for one last year. she had to make that appeal because of the travel ban against seven countries including yemen. three members of congress asked for a waiver for her. it finally was granted and she
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arrived in the bay area just in time to hold her dying son in her arms. funeral services are today in lodi. the sfpd is trying to track down one of these two men wanted for robbery and attempted murder in the tenderloin. that's just one block away from the palace street bart station. at one point the attacker stomps and punches the victim as he appears to be lying unconscious. police has not released any details about the victim's condition. these are still images of the attacker. if you recognize him, call police. still no sign of the prisoner who escaped from san quentin state prison. it's been more than 48 hours since he vanished during a work shift just outside prison grounds. he was serving a five-year sentence for carjacking. investigators are zeroing in on
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surveillance video which shows a man fitting his description stealing a woman's silver rav 4 on wednesday night at a home depot in san rafael less than two miles from the prison. >> i don't want to speculate as to where he may or may not be. i don't want to misdirect anybody in case he might still local. but i still want to have eyes looking for him and the vehicle. it's a priority. >> police say the fact that he hasn't been spotted in two days is unusual, leading them to believe he's hiding in one location. coming up, some are calling it a game changer. the new law that will make it more difficult for repeat dui offenders to start their cars in the new year. also mark zuckerberg closing out 2018 with a facebook message of his own. the changes he's promising. out
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san francisco
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. it looks beautiful as we look at san francisco on this last weekend of the year. it's cold out there, near freezing in some areas, ten degrees colder than yesterday. we'll have your micro climate forecast in just a few minutes. new year's eve is just two days away. a big weekend of celebrations kicked off last night and so too did the crack down on drives. beginning next week law enforcement will get help keeping repeat dui offenders off the roads. >> reporter: 'tis the season to celebrate as people toast to the new year. law enforcement is outlooking for impaired drives. >> i want you to follow my finger with your eyes only, okay? >> reporter: chp set up a dui checkpoint. in san francisco it's a roving patrol. >> you're looking for the smell
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of alcoholic bench, someone swerving, looking for the smell of marijuana or any other type of drug. >> reporter: last year 40 people died on california roadways. officers arrested 936 people for driving under the influence. >> our son matt, home for the summer break from the united states naval academy, was killed when we were hit by a dui offender. >> reporter: the man who killed matt in 2001 was a repeat dui offender driving on a suspended license. starting next week, drivers like him and first time offenders who want to avoid having their license suspended will have to have an ignition interlock device installed in their car. it's basically a breathalyzer test. if the driver fails, the car won't start. >> it's the only thing short of putting somebody in prison that will physically stop them from starting their car. >> reporter: keeping them off the road and everyone else out of danger.
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we have much more ahead. coming up, a new law going into effect in 2019 is putting a local bakery out of business. we've got plenty of sunshine this morning. a live look at downtown san jose, but the temperatures are cold. i'm tracking not only your weekend forecast but i've also got a look at ahead at new year's eve. rush to work, grab a drink, hurry home. - [cell phone beeps] - stop! don't be on your phone. let someone else take the wheel. make a little eye contact. make a plan. it's a busy world out there. we're all in it together. go safely, california.
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you hurry to work, so you can take it slow. - [cell phone beeps] - stop! let's stop looking at pedestrians as a nuisance, and carless objects, and start looking out for each other again. it's a busy world out there. we're all in it together. go safely, california. welcome back. taking a live look outside, pink and blue skies over freemont. pretty clear out this. plenty of sunshine is on the docket for the day today as we ring in the last weekend of 2018. facebook founder mark zuckerberg is promising change in the new year, but is it too late to keep the trust of facebook users?
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he posted a letter on his facebook page writing about how his company has changed and he's promising to do a better job. among other things, he says his company has now hired 30,000 people to focus on security and harassment issues. in 2018 alone, facebook has dealt with the cambridge analytica data mining scandal, zuckerberg getting grilled on capitol hill and a hack that affected 30 million users. >> we're at the point now where we want to see actions. most consumers want to see what is changing and not in the fine print that you have to go and scroll down eight times on your phone. >> in the letter zuckerberg says facebook has invested billions in security this year to keep user's safe from hackers. a high profile figure announced to the tesla board of directors, oracle cofounder larry ellison will join the
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board. allegations that elon musk misled investors over a plan to take the company private. the sec demanded more oversight of tesla and the two sides agreed to appoint two independent board members. ellison will join kathleen wilson thompson as the new independent directors. the new minimum wage hike is good for many, but for some mom and pop shops it could take a toll on their businesses. the portuguese bakery in santa clara says it may soon have to close. the business has been around since the '80s but the owner says they can't keep up with the $2 per hour minimum wage hike. >> i almost feel like it's a nail in the coffin for us. i can't pay somebody $15 an hour to roll a piece of dough on a table. it's crazy.
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>> they say they don't want to raise prices as they believe it will hurt sales. they're hoping to find a way to automate some of the baking they currently do by hand. let's get a look at our weekend forecast, the last one of the year. >> it's a chilly one. i personally like it. we're in december, we're getting ready to head into january p. san francisco actually one of our warmer spots at 46 degrees. beautiful clear start this morning. this is what it looks like in downtown san jose. i am already missing that christmas tree, though, for christmas in the park in downtown. in san jose, 37 degrees. if you were like me, you left your window open overnight. you're probably regretting that early this morning just like i was. overall temperatures in the 30s for most of the north bay. santa rosa, 33 degrees.
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napa, 34. 39 in oakland. look at napa, 13 degrees colder than yesterday. san jose 9 degrees colder. now, what does this mean for our daytime highs? we'll got a dry air mass sitting over the bay area. we are expecting mostly clear conditions, a beautiful sunny day. temperatures only top out in the upper 50s. oakland 58 degrees, san jose 58 degrees, san francisco 59. not a wide range of temperatures,just mid to upper 50s overall. when is our next chance or rain and wind? radar right now, you could see we don't have much going on over the bay area. we've got some surrounding systems that are going to impact our sunday night and monday in terms of wind speeds. we have a ridge of high pressure that's building but we've also got a trough to the south that's
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going to kick up some winds in conjunction with that high pressure as we head into sunday night and monday. windy at times for new year's eve. it's going to be dry but windy. we've got that ridge of high pressure that's going to keep us drier. temperatures remain cool. we keep that ridge of high pressure and our next chance of seeing rain is possibly going to be in another week. we've got a developing system. we're going to kick start 2019 with dry but windy conditions. winds begin to kick up sunday night. at 7:30 we'll start to notice gusts of 10 to 20. the higher elevations and the mountain tops will have the gustiest of the conditions. that's expected tol lto leave ua
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rather windy new year's eve. monday and tuesday, our big celebration days. monday night we're going to keep the windy conditions. then we remain dry for the first week of 2019. most of it, that is. we'll see what that other system brings for january 4th. still ahead, the college football title game will be in the south bay next week. that means a lot of business and a lot of traffic. the changes underway and how they might inconvenience you. thl
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teams in the country welcome back. it all comes down to this. the top two college football teams in the country face off next week in the south bay to determine the champion. san jose and santa clara prepare for thousands of excited fans. some are already waiting in line for the game. >> reporter: what would you do to go to the national championship game?
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these four fans are going above and beyond for a chance to win some tickets. as a disappointing season for the raiders and the 49ers comes to an end, the bay area will still host some big time football in the new year. >> this is awesome. >> reporter: this is national champion game of the college football playoff era in santa clara. espn chose these four fans out of 700 applicants to compete for seats at the game. >> i've been a huge fan of clemson for ho years. this is a culmination of all the goofy things i've done throughout the years. >> reporter: the fans are living in tents on a billboard 45 feet high in san jose. and they'll stay there until their team is knocked out. >> you live once. you might as well live it up. what an experience. it's been really cool getting to know the other three fans. >> we've pretty much gotten used to the height. it really is a point of pride to
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be up here representing the university of notre dame. >> reporter: big name performers will be there like keith urban and ellie goulding. the city tells us they're ready. >> we will be providing regular service to our passengers but we do have additional trains on standby. >> there will be some limited road closures right around the championship campus activities. >> reporter: depending on saturday's outcome and who's in, two of these fans will have to go home. they'll have some new friendships but no tickets. >> that college champion playoff game is at levi stadium. it meant an early wrap for san jose's christmas in the park. it traditionally runs past christmas and through new year's day. but not this year. the plaza is hosting events tied to the big game next saturday.
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next year marks the 40th anniversary of christmas in the park. we have much more ahead. coming up, her kindness is making headlines across the nation. the unexpected way mollie tibet's mother is honoring her. what hit this helicopter that forced it to make an emergency landing. - - - - -
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i am a family man. i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic.
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at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. welcome back. it is 7:27 on your saturday morning. it is december 29 th. can you believe it? a beautiful look at clear skies over the golden gate bridge, a beautiful sunrise to start the last weekend of 2018. i can't stop saying it. got to say it while i can. thanks so much for joining us.
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>> it's so beautiful. yesterday i took on the task of getting the christmas tree decorations down and the christmas tree. i know it's kind of sad, but at the same time it kind of felt clear in the living room. >> your place all of a sudden feels so much bigger. >> exactly. we are seeing temperatures in the 30s and our skies are pretty clear, but overall we're expecting current temperatures about ten degrees cooler at this hour than we were yesterday in some spots. our daytime highs will be pretty seasonable. we're talking only 50s, though. we're going to take a break from the wind today, but as we head into tomorrow night we've got a bit of a system that's going to affect us in the form of some more wind. that's going to kick up some wind possibly just in time for your new year's eve celebration. i will have a complete forecast of what you can expect new year's eve and new year's day, of course. by new year's day i think everybody's just waking up to recover from new year's eve.
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>> yes. ♪ amazing grace it was a powerful show of support for a fallen officer and his family in a small town rocked by tragedy. officer ron singh's police dog sam who was with him when he was shot and killed led the way for singh's wife and child. many coworkers shared fond memories of the 7-year veteran police officer. >> he made my day better. i do not know how i am going to go back to work without him there. >> we not only lost a great friend and police officer, but we lost a role model for all of our kids. >> officer singh was described as a practical joker and a loyal friend. local fire departments flew the
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american flag along with a flag with a blue line symbolizing police service. officers from across the region gathered together to pay tribute to corporal singh, who many affectionately called ron. as they grieve, more information is coming to light about the suspect who was caught and arrested yesterday morning at a home in bakersfield. he's accused of gunning down officer singh. it's sparking a firestorm of rhetoric. the sheriff says he entered the country illegally and now the sheriffs of the two counties involved are weighing in on the policy of california's sanctuary state. >> this criminal crossed our border illegally into arizona some time ago. >> reporter: even before the deadly shooting in newman, sheriff christiansen expressed strong support for law enforcement working with federal immigration to deport
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undocumented immigrants with criminal histories. president trump tweeted about the case, again emphasizing his push to build the wall. the president has history with sheriff christiansen. he and other opponents of california's sanctuary state law met with the president at the white house in may. >> i am concerned about restrictive policy about unnecessary legislation that is prohibitive and provides sanctuary to criminals. >> it's extremely important that we get there and confirm whether the person had a right to be in this country or not. >> reporter: the sheriff brought up senate bill 54 the so-called sanctuary law here in california. it gives immigrants who enter the country illegally expanded legal protections. sheriffs say that means they can't work as closely with i.c.e. as they'd like to. >> this discussion is not about to go away because it's a very important item for president
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trump. as long as he has nationalized this issue, taken it everywhere in terms of undocumenteds, as long as that's happening, people are going to be talking about it zblrvelgts the fa . >> reporter: the fate of the suspect in this case will be closely watched as the debate continues. we have more details about the suspect's background. he previously was arrested twice for driving under the influence. authorities say he also has ties to a street gang, saying he often posted about the gang on social media. he is believed to have crossed the border illegally coming from mexico through arizona several years ago. investigators say they do have reason to believe he was trying to escape back to mexico after killing officer singh. he has been working various labor jobs, mostly as a farm worker. we've also learned deputies made an arrest here in the bay area in connection with this case. conrado mendosa is the suspected
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gunman's brother. he was taken into custody in livermore yesterday afternoon. he is one of four people accused of helping the suspect hide from police. four months after her daughter's murder the mother of college student molly tibbetts is doing something unexpected. police say she was killed by an undocumented immigrant. the "washington post" revealed her mother has opened her home to the son of undocumented immigrants. the teenage boy plays on her son's high school football team and he's also the cousin of rivera's girlfriend. his parents worked at the same farm with rivera who is now charged with molly tibbetts' murder. her mother says giving the boy a home is what her daughter would have wanted. the mayor tweeted a link to the
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story saying she is my hero. what a way to end the year for two men in the east bay. a golf course there suddenly became a landing pad after a large bird hit their helicopter. inside a pilot and his student. >> reporter: normally you'll find golf balls scattered around the sky west golf course in hayward. >> i heard a bird hit a propeller. so i run for cover. >> reporter: golfers stumbled upon the crushed up pieces of this red single engine helicopter and what remained of the unlucky turkey vulture that flew right into it. >> they have a big wingspan. they're the size of a big hawk. >> reporter: golfer frank battino says he saw a turkey vulture with a wingspan of three feet fly right into the helicopter's tail rotor. the smaller of the two rotors is necessary because it keeps the
7:35 am
helicopter from spinning in circles. >> he landed flat on his belly. that was a good sign zblrgets who ma. >> reporter: who made it out? a helicopter instructor and his student from a nearby flight school. >> this suggests what an excellent job the instructor did of landing the helicopter despite the fact they didn't have operable tail rotrotor. >> reporter: the men were too stunned to talk to us on camera, but the two walked away unscathed. >> it's amazing. i'm glad everybody was safe. >> reporter: the manager of the airport says bird strikes are rare, but the airport takes active steps to manage the nearby bird population. >> we're going to have to investigate and see if there's a nest of turkey vultures someplace. police are searching for three young men they believe robbed two at&t stores in the north bay yesterday. the stores are in santa rosa and
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petaluma. witnesses say they were waving a gun during the robberies. police say this car could be the car they used to get away in. it's a maroon sedan. they believe they could be in sacramento by now. now to a live look at the u.s. capitol where the president had dinner with his top advisors last night. sounds promising. however, there's still no word on a deal to end the government shutdown. the impact of the shutdown compounds every day. here in california there is a lot of disappointment over national parks and attractions being closed. yosemite for example is doing its best to stay open but services are limited. all of the visitor centers are closed as well as two popular campgrounds a campgrounds. the park is also warning visitors to use the restroom before they enter because so many restrooms are closed. a developing story overseas where a 6.9 earthquake struck off the coast of the
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philippines. this is video taken seconds after it hit early saturday morning. the pacific tsunami center issued an alert for the philippines but cancelled it a short time later. last week a tsunami hit indonesia, killing more than 400. still ahead the warriors are trying to find their way back into the win column tonight after two straight losses. now the team faces a loss of a different kind. happy holiday fos -- ♪ whoa! the mercedes-benz winter event is back, and you won't want to stop for anything else. lease the gla 250 for $359 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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particularly happy holidays for the warriors -- they got blown out they have not been particularly happy holidays for the warriors. they got blown out on christmas day and then suffered another tough loss thursday night. now this. mccaw has signed a deal with the cavalie cavaliers. he is a restricted free agent. the war i don't sriors have untw
7:40 am
to make a decision. the raiders are prepared for the chiefs, hungry to end the year on a high note with three wins in their final four games. it will be tough against the 11-4 chiefs who currently have the best record in the afc. >> we know what they're capable of doing. we know what's at stake for them. we know what the point spread is. if we want to dabble in all those negative thoughts, we can do that. >> the raiders and the chiefs face off tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. in kansas city. we take a look back at the year that was. our year in review is coming up. i'll have a look ahead at the weather expected for the last couple of days of 2018 and also a look ahead at 2019.
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it is 7:42. we're waking up to dry, chilly conditions here in the bay area. look at lake tahoe right now. 13 degrees right now. if you're going to be heading out there this week, it's going to be a fantastic week to do so because we are tracking very calm weather. i want to show you the 24-hour temperature change here locally. 13 degrees colder at this hour in napa, 7 degrees colder in oakland and down through san jose 9 degrees. what are the current temperatures. santa rosa, 33 degrees. napa, 34. oakland, 39. san jose, 37. we have a couple of low 40s in through san francisco and half moon bay. as far as our daytime highs we will be warming up but not by much. we have am dry air mass kind of sitting over the bay area. oakland 58 degrees, concord 57.
7:44 am
live look at satellite radar. we've got overall calm conditions and clear skies. we've got high pressure sitting over the briar righay area righ. that's helping us stay dry and clear. we have a trough to the south that's going to help us bring up wind into tomorrow night and monday, which is new year's eve. it will be windy at times for new year's eve. we're going to keep a dry weekend. long range outlook through friday, january 4th, we get another system that starts to build off in the pacific. right now the pacific is very quiet. that's when possible rain chances will come in, in another week. let's talk about those winds. that way you can man yoplan out outdoor parties if you have any. it really isn't until monday where we start to notice gusty
7:45 am
conditions at times. this could mean wind advisories especially for the north bay monday. this is right around 9:00 a.m. a lot of these winds could linger into your new year's eve plans monday night. as far as tuesday morning, whatever you have plans we're going to wake up to some 50s. it's going to be rather chili on new year's eve. ladies take a coat and gentlemen as well. tuesday happy 2019. check out the inland temperatures. we're going to keep the 50s in the forecast really in through the entire week. we're going to remain fairly dry for the last weekend of 2018, first week of 2019. do you have all your new year's resolutions settled and ready to go? i don't, but i just try to keep them going all year round. >> girl, i didn't even start my new year's resolutions from this
7:46 am
year. yeah. still ahead, there were h h highig high highs and low lows in 2008. !
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the sound of chainsaws f welcome back on your saturday morning. the sun is shining as we look at this beautiful shot on the
7:49 am
golden gate bridge. what a gorgeous way to ring in the last weekend of the year. it will be abundant sunshine for the majority of us today, mostly clear, but chilly out there. so bundle up as you head out. the sound of chain saws filled a popular park in berkeley yesterday. activists showed up to protest the removal of trees in people's park. uc berkeley owns the park and says the maintenance is one of 15 projects all over campus that have been ain the books for a long time. >> this is near and dear to the folks in the community. but we have to build housing for our students. this is also going to be a place for supportive housing for the community's homeless population as well. >> not all of the trees set for removal were in fact removed yesterday because of the protesters. crews plan to finish the work in the coming days.
7:50 am
2018 saw everything from new hampshire -- natural disasters to political turmoil in washington. >> didn't expect that reaction, but that's okay. >> reporter: it's been a year of the unexpected. unpredictable and in some cases unbearable. winds, water and flames cut a devastating path across the country in 2018. mudslides and fires out west, the camp blaze swallowing the town of paradise. dozens were killed in the deadliest wildfire in california history. >> extreme is not even the right adjective to use anymore. it's just an understatement because the fire is so explosive right now. >> reporter: a volcanic explosion in hawaii. in missouri summer storms sank a duck boat, 17 tourists drowned
7:51 am
in the accident. deadly hurricanes ripped across the southeast. >> this is something that we have not seen before. >> reporter: florence stalling, flooding the carolinas. michael surging to a category 4 storm, the strongest hurricane ever to hit the panhandle. a storm of controversy continued to build in washington from president trump's meetings with north korean president kim jong-un and russian leader vladimir putin to trade battles with longstanding u.s. allies. another ally, saudi arabia and its crown prince accused of ordering the murder of journalist jamal kashoggi. president trump accused of turning a blind eye. while the political fight at home was over congress, the democratic party grabbing control of the house, republicans holding onto their majority in the senate on a history making night that saw more than 100 women, a record number, win congressional seats. along the border, strict immigration enforcement separated families before the
7:52 am
white house under mounting pressure reversed the policy. >> the testimony you're about to give -- >> reporter: there was an emotional showdown of the newest supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. the separation celebrated his eventual confirmation and what the white house called other important wins, including a restructured nafta trade deal, a strong market and economy and unemployment numbers reaching 50-year lows. washington did set aside its partisan bickering briefly to say a heart felt and emotional good-bye to former president george h.w. bush. the world cheered the olympic spirit and competition in south korea, but the biggest sports victory of the year came far from the playing field. trapped in a cave for more than a week with flood waters rising, 12 players and the coach of a youth soccer team in thailand pulled to safety. kids were pulled into the streets of the nation's capital and cities across the country
7:53 am
mourning friends lost and demanding change. >> it's time for victims to be the change that we need to see. >> reporter: as gunfire again ripped through schools across the country. 17 killed in parkland, florida, ten killed at a high school in santa fe, texas. shots rang out on more than two dozen campuses. and inside the tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh, will 11 worshippers were killed. 12 gunned down during college night at the borderline bar and grill in thousand oaks, california. and people killed at a community newspaper in maryland. a family refusing to be cast as victims. the me too movement saw a holiday pow hollywood power broker arrested. while an actress took on a new historic role. american meghan markle marrying prince harry, the couple announcing five months later the
7:54 am
duchess is expecting as the world now looks to the expectations of a new year. jay gray, nbc news. there was no winner for last night's drawing for $348 million. that means 2019 will open with a lot of promise. the eighth largest jackpot in the history of the mega millions. the winning numbers were 9, 10, 25, 37, 38 and 21. the next drawing is new year's day, tuesday. the jackpot now stands at 415 million and growing. much more ahead. coming up is our clear the shelters segment. we will introduce you to mary, next. ♪ there's no place like home for the holidays ♪
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♪ 'cause no matter how far away you roam ♪ ♪ if you want to be happy in a million ways ♪ ♪ for the holidays you can't beat home sweet home ♪
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shelters" segment. featuring our friends from pets welcome back. it is time for our clear the shelters segment featuring our friends from pets in need. merry is here. it's merry like merry christmas
7:57 am
not mary. she is a 1-year-old terrier mix. she's sweet and shy but you say she really opened up. >> she's super friendly. she likes being held. she loves kids. she's very well adjusted. >> yeah. and what kind of home would be good for her? >> any home. >> does she need a lot of running and. >> she's young so she's active but she doesn't need a huge yard. she'd be a great apartment dog. i think any home would be great for her. >> she looks really sweet. the great news about her is usually like the younger, the smaller, the cuter dogs don't need a lot of help getting adopted. they don't need the promotions but she is still part of a promotion you have going on today and tomorrow. $31 adoptions. you can save like $100 adopting dogs now today and tomorrow. >> right.
7:58 am
two more days to go because we're closed on monday and tuesday. $31 adoption on all of our animals, dogs and cats. our objective is we're at 114 adoptions as of yesterday and we're driving to achieve 120 by tomorrow. that would be the second largest number of adoptions in one month in the history of the organization. >> a 53-year organization. >> right. >> can i toot our horn about our wonderful viewers. your goal was 100 adoptions. >> right. >> our wonderful viewer versus co -- viewers have come in. just six more between today and tomorrow. we hope people check you on in redwood city. we hope you get adopted. i should mention you spay, you neuter, you micro chip, you flea collar, you do it all. >> we do it all. >> thank you for coming in.
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