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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 29, 2018 6:00pm-6:28pm PST

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21-year-old shalom mendoza escaped three days ago. there had been no sign of him until he turned up at a taco bell. marianne favro has the details of the capture. >> reporter: some alert people intervened and now mendoza is back in prison tonight. first, someone spotted the 21-year-old yesterday afternoon purchasing clothes at a dollar store in san miguel. this afternoon, someone else ta him at the restaurant. we spoke with one customer who >> one of the gang force task unit guys came in, had his hand on his gun and told him that he needed to stop everything he was doing and put his hands up. he got him over to the trash can, got him in the handcuffs
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and everything and they escorted him outside. >> reporter: mendoza was reported missing wednesday night after he walked away from work duty outside of a secure perimeter of san quinten. he then carjacked a vehicle at a home depot parking lot. that same vehicle was then found abandoned not far from where he was arrested today. he began serving time in 2017 after being convicted of using a deadly weapon during a carjacking in los angeles county. and was sentenced to five years. since his arrest this afternoon, he has been transferred to the tate prison. the district attorney's office must now consider whether to charge him with escape and wd yet on when or if he will be transferred back to san quinten. >> marianne, thank you for that report. now to the other top story,
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a warning about a dangerous situation along the coast. strong rip currents are creating sneaker waves. so what can you tell us what causes this? >> right now, that beach hazard statement, i have an update, is, in fact, expired. it expired at 6:00 p.m., so it just expired a couple minutes ago. we have the sneaker waves, so we've got an excessive wave run-up, which means there's a possibility that folks that turned their back to waves will get swept into t ocean is very important. that warning expired at 6:00, but be mindful if you're going to be at the beach. this is a view of the golden gate bridge. the morning lows were in the 30s and only topped out in the 50s. right now, the temperatures are
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starting to drop. 48 in napa. down through san jose, 52 degrees. our overnight lows are expected to be chilly, but i have a look at your new year's eve and new year's day forecast coming up. >> thank you. for the latest conditions fuelling the sneaker waves, download our nbc bay area app. it's free and you can get updates on the conditions in your neighborhood. do you recognize the man in this surveillance photo? police are looking for him because they believe he sexually assaulted a woman in palo alto. that woman says she was walking to an apartment on el camino real near grant avenue this morning when the man grabbed her and started to grope her. she screamed, which caught the attention of her boyfriend. he ran outside to help her. that scared the suspect off. he ran away. police say he got into a red toyota carolla. still hasn't been caught. new details about the man accused of gunning down a newman
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police officer. he worked at a san francisco hotel from time to time. workers and residents in the tender loin say he did construction work there. he had apparently last worked at the hotel about two months ago. one of the workers who spoke with us says he seemed normal. he's shocked that he worked so closely with the man who allegedly killed a police officer. >> i was shocked. i was this close to him, and he's here. he could have turned on us at t. >> he's accused of shooting and killing officer singh following a traffic stop early wednesday. following up now a story we first reported last night at 11:00. a vicious attack caught on camera catching attention in san francisco. it happened a few blocks away from union square. it's the latest violent episode causing concern in the city.
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our reporter from our spanish language partner has the details. >> reporter: the video shows a man on the ground near eddie street in san francisco. another man punching him, kicking him when the victim appears to be unconscious. some parts of the video too violent to show. chuck bentley just learned about the violent episode. >> i'm on alert at all times. i don't wear headphones, i'm always listening. >>ore says he generally feels comfortable here, but he's shocked this happened in the middle of the day here. police say the suspect is wanted nor attempted murder and robbery. >> it was quite reassuring when i got off b.a.r.t. and saw the police presence. >> reporter: they've been busy as tourists hit market street. but she said south of market was unsettling. and some tech companies have complained about street violence
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and open air drug dealing. >> that was concerning. just watching behind me, making sure that nothing was going to happen. >> reporter: a study shows a significant drop in thefts and assaults due to increase in foot patrols. >> we walk away, taking pictures, sharing with the different people. some places city. step and don't say nothing. and walk away and don't keep going. and some others that they're very friendly. a heartbreaking goodbye to a little boy who lost his battle with a genetic brain condition. a funeral for 2-year-old abdullah hasan was held in lodi today. his case made international headlines when his mother, who is from yemen, was allowed to visit him this month. the president's travel ban
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barred her from entering the country for more than a year. hasan died this week in children's hospital in oakland. >> they're going through an unimaginable time. it was cruel to keep them apart for as long as they did, and it would be, you know, i can't even imagine happening to then separate and go their own ways and have to mourn with all that distance. for them it's an opportunity to mourn with dignity and that's what they deserved. >> she had just days with her dying son. the father isotr has been grant visa to stay in the country. a man got hurt saving his wife and 18-month-old daughter from their burning home in castro valley. it happened this morning. when firefighters got there, the man had just pulled his wife and daugter from the home. these are photos you're looking at. he was outside trying to put out the flames with a garden home. he received second degree burns and taken to the hospital. two dogs died in that fire.
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investigators say it was caused by a space heater. let's take a live look at sfo, where everything seems to be running smoothly, but last night, a united flight ran into some unexpected trouble there. the plane was on its way to orlando when the pilot reported problems with the landing gear. this happened shortly after takeoff. according to united, the flight meandomb current temperatures in the 40s and 50s. santa rosa 49. 53 for oakland. but i'm tracking chilly overnight temps once again. i'll have a complete breakdown how you should plan out new year's eve. stay with us. christmas may be over, but the spirit of giving is still here. we'll tell you who received all these toys. a new pet law in california will be the first to put it in place. how it impacts the way you bring home a dog or cat into your
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home. that story is coming up next. wir
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checks next year. new at 6:00, people receiving social security will see a little extra in their checks next year. benefits will rise 2.8% in 2019 because of a cost of living adjustment announced back in the
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fall. it's the biggest jump in seven years. for the average retired worker, that will mean about $39 more each month, or $468 per year. have you updated your amer taxes owed compared to last difference in their refund or this year as part of the new tax reform law. according to a new survey, more than 59% of workers say they have not updated their withholdings for 2018. new laws for pet holdings and that cute little puppy in the window. january 1 california will become the first state to ban the sale of dogs, cats, and rabbits at retail store it is they come from professional breeders. they will only sell the pet it is they come from a shelter or rescue operation.
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many animal lovers say they support it. >> it takes the emphasis off of the profit of animals, and puts the emphasis back on caring for and giving them a good home. >> starting tuesday, a ncalifor divorce cases. it will giveups the power to consider what's in the best interest of the animal andred cs for the owners. two families who lost everything in a fire the day after christmas got a special delivery. the fire at the camelot apartment in san rafell destroyed two units and today, police and fire crews brought toys to the victims. the volunteer crews say theywant it's part of a program that their home. helps officers give back to those in deed. >> the fact that we have made this a 12-month program, we can do birthdays and whatever during the year to help the kids get past. >> the program has been doing
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this the last 18 years. some great deeds out there. thank you to law enforcement. christmas is over, but new year's eve right around the corner. >> and we're ready for it. get ready for the to play a rol plans. this is what it looks like right now in downtown san jose. current temperatures at about 52 degrees, we did hit a high of 61 degrees. the upper 50s, low 60s. current temperatures as you head out, really in the 40s for santa rosa right now. but it's the overnight lows we're tracking. tomorrow morning is expected to once again be a chilly morning. we have a couple of clouds lingering but they're not creating a huge impact in terms of warming us up by much. 38 in walnut creek. 30s for san jose.
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patchy frost possible. tomorrow, it's going to be very similar to today. we'll see the cool tents topping out in the upper 50s, low 60s through napa and down through san jose. weoht to it. you can see it's rather quiet, not tracking much. nothing developin tracking the change and it's going to come in the form of some winds, so we still have hi dominating over the bay area. however, we'll get a nice if offshore flow, kicking up the winds, especially during your monday into monday night. so that's going to mean windy conditions for new year's day. as far as our next chance of seeing rain goes, that high pressure will keep us dry at least through next thursday and then friday, we have this system developing, this low pressure system january 4th. that's going to bring our best chance of possibly seeing some rain into the end of the workweek. first week of 2019. let's talk about the wind gusts.
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7:30, we'll notice the wind gusting for the north bay. look at this timeline. 4:00, 5:00 a.m. monday morning, conditions. gusts 65 plus miles per hour. a wind watch for portions of the north bay mountains, and the diablo range, as well as the yo forecast. windy at times by about 2:00. and then 5:00 p.m. on monday, we'll cool off quickly. you're going to want to bundle up. here's what your new year's day is looking like. the winds will diminish. less windy by about 10:00 a.m. cool sunshine for the first day of 2019. i can't believe it. but we're going to remain dry until possibly next friday that is. windy but dry. >> we're getting old. >> don't even start with me,
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girl. >> get your resolutions or roll year. >> thank you. coming up, a check for the coast guard. despite the shutdown, members are about toitua gon. homeland s
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christikirstjen nielsen is visiting yuma. two young immigrant children died in separate incidents, they were 7 and 8 years old. the boy and girl from guatemala were detained at the border and died while in u.s. custody. today, president trump said his administration should not be blamed for either death. his tweet said "any deaths are strictly the fault of the democrats and their pathetic immigration policies."
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it's the first time the es spoken about t yuma, the dept of homeland security says migrantsil screenings for every child in custody. nielsen is calling on congress to act with urgency. the government shutdown has entered its second week. no end in sight. thousands of federal employees are feeling the pressure of trying to make ends meet without the paycheck. president trump blamed the democrats, and sources say the president would accept a compromise of $2.5 billion for the wall instead of $5 billion. the democrats argue a new wall at the border won't solve anything and it's a waste of money. they are firmly against the president's plan. despite the shutdown, roughly 42,000 active military members of the coast guard will receive paychecks. according to nbc news, the one-time payment is part of a short-term solution agreed upon
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by the trump admirae coast guar not getting regular pay during the shutdown because it is under the departmentfdepartment of defense. switching gears now, volunteers are working around the clock to prepare floats for this year's rose bowl trade. this is what it looked like today, one of the several locations where the preparations are under way. nearly a thousand volunteers are putting together 19 entries. something to watch for, the first jewish and lbgtq queen in parade history. the rose bowl parade kicks off new year's day in pasadena. let's dive into sports now. dave feldman has a look at what's coming up. >> the semifinals of the college football playoffs are year. oakland's first round pick killer murray and the orange bowl, on the other side of the
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bracket. a lopsided contest between clemson and notre dame. and a quwarriors preview comingp next in sports. the nbc sports s.
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sharks defenseman erik karlsson wa hi, everybody. i'm dave feldman. eric carlson was suspended for two games for an illegal hit against the kings last sunday. the suspension now over. carlson is available to play against the oilers in edmonton. bad news for edmonton, don't make carlson angry, you won't like him angry. it's carlson who finds donskoi who puts it in the net. we're tied. second period, sharks up by two. eric carlson is going to get the puck. so he's got a nice assist. now he's going to snap a shot from the point. sharks lead by three. third period, sharks short handed. logan couture7-4. college football. clemson taking on notre3.
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trevor lawrence hooks up with justin ross. 52-y no good. cle clemson up six. lawrence lobs up for higgins here. that's a touchdown. it looked pretty good in real speed. it looked unbelievable when you look at it again. he bobbled it, caught it and focused with one hand. great catch. third quarter. clemson literally running away with it. travis, right up the middle. 62 yards for the score. clemson clobbers notre dame 30-3 ship gameal they going to play? heisman trophy winner kyler murray takin o. first play from scrimmage. over the midding, smith, ckup oe
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later in the first quarter, same score. to the corner of the end zone. great grab. alabama with a comfortable lead. up 28-7 in the second. the last time we checked in with the warriors, they were turning the ball over and oakland and azers' damian hill lalillard wa hitting his shots. tonight, a rematch in portland. >> it's not all the way there, but i think we're very open what it will take to get there. it's just a matter of doing it. we're very open, transparent, and the coach has done a good job of keeping it real with us in terms of, you know, we're not playing our best basketball, we have to figure and we just, again, the message
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tonight was just fight your way through it. whatever is going on, whatever you need to do to get your mind right, and get your joy back, get there. the second half was better. win or lose, we have to -- it matters. but how we're playing it and continuing to build those habits will get us through it. >> full highlights of the warriors and blazers tonight at 11:00. that's it for sports. i'm dave feldman. more news after the break. i am a family man. i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools thmy name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast.
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we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. the new sleep number 360 smart bed. but the celebrations have already started in moscow the new year is still a few days away, but the celebrations have already started in moscow. the famous ice festival opened
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today. crowds of peopladmire these bea sculptures of historic aland marks. the festival will have concerts, chilling performances over the next two weeks. it's not going to be as cold as it is in russia but still chilly here in the bay area. >> chilly start tomorrow morning. the winds kick up sunday night into new year's eve. >> okay. happy early new year's, if we don't see you. >> i'll see you guys. >> thanks for joining us. we'll be back again at 11:00. have a good night. an nbc bay "transgender kids: a changing student body." kristina olson: do you feel like you're a little bit a boy? maya: a small bit in between. announcer: children as young as three convinced their own bodies don't reflect who they really are. jack: i'm really, really happy. announcer: but how young is too young for kids to begin transforming their lives? steve rosenthal: i personally feel it'd be malpractice
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to withhold that kind of treatment. announcer: the brightest medical minds are at odds. eric vilain: it's this idea well, that's not necessarily true. announcer: the growing debate and a mother's fear. female: i would rather have a trans daughter than a dead son. female: get your read books out. announcer: teachers are now seeing an increase in the number of students identifying as transgender. female: every single school. announcer: but are educators prepared? laurie wekaser: i think it's something that we do need to be taught. announcer: our two-year investigation exposes a serious lack of training for educators across the bay area. bigad shaban: your school district wasn't providing training for teachers. chris funk: that's correct. announcer: new policies are now in place, and top school officials credit our reporting. male: it did give me pause. you know what? we need to do more. announcer: major reforms now impacting roughly 60,000 students. here's investigative reporter bigad shaban. bigad: the number of school children who openly identify as
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