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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 31, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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county as well, gusts upwards of 60 plus miles per hour are possible, which is why we issued a microclimate weather alert. the current wind speeds, napa 22 miles per hour. it's more on the breezy side but we had gusty conditions overnight and we're expecting the gusts to really pick up and ramp up into the afternoon, right around your dinnertime. as far as the winds go, the wind is also going to play a factor in that windchill. all right, so let's get a check of our traffic maps and see how the roads are doing out there. you could see, we've got a lot of green, and at this hour, i don't have any accidents to report. let's see what it looks like outside, and how the roads are looking on the bay bridge. we've got a beautiful shot here. we have a couple folks out there, but if it's any indication of how we're going to enjoy our day, i have a feeling we're not going to see metering lights toward the bay bridge. westbound 82 toward the san mateo bridge 13 minutes, and westbound 84 toward the dumbarton bridge ten minutes.
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when it gets really gusty on the bridges, keep both hands tight on the wheel. back to you. >> thank you much. the high wind advisory goes into effect in a couple hours. >> thom jenson is live in contra costa county. what do people need to know on this new year's eve? >> reporter: good morning, you guys. vianey was just talking about the windchill and the windchi. in concord it is not windy but this is one of the areas we're expecting the wind gusts to hit later on today, with sustained winds up to 20 miles per hour, and wind gusts up over 60 miles per hour perhaps, and we know what the dangers can be. we don't have to look back too far to see just last month in mill valley, we saw trees topple into pickup trucks, and cause a lot of damage there, and then it was just, what, last week in san francisco, when we had another wind event, the peninsula is also expecting these high winds
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today, where we had clusters of trees fall into roads. now, one of the dangers that of course we always have, when these wind gusts come, especially the high wind gusts is trees toppling into power lines. i talked to pg&e this morning. spokesperson told me, right now, they are not considering any of those outages to thwart potential fires from the winds but they are monitoring the situation very closely. one of the things that may be preventing them from doing that is the relative humidity levels that we have had lately with some of the rains a little bit higher, so the fire danger may be a little bit lower. however, pg&e says they are monitoring the situation, and will put out the alerts to people if they do decide to do those outages. we're will i have in concord, thom jenson, "today in the bay." >> tom, thank you. the cold is an issue. santa clara county shelters opening up more beds due to the cold overnight temperature. at least 150 more beds are
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available, that will last through wednesday. the county office of supportive housing also opening nearly two dozen warming centers. four are open overnight, all of them located in san jose. find out how cold it will be in your area, by downloading our weather app. you don't need to step outside. you're one press away from being in the know. on capitol hill, today marks the tenth straight day of a government shutdown and there's no end in sight. this weekend, trump and south carolina republican senator lindsey graham spent two hours strategizing with the president. graham claimed president trump is open-minded to a compromise that would extend work permits and temporary legal status to qualified undocumented immigrants in exchange for billions to build a border wall. this is, by the way, a deal democrats offered earlier this year. the new year means a new chief of staff for president trump, as general john kelly leaves the white house this week. in a wide-ranging interview with
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the "los angeles times," kelly says president trump's long-term, long promise, rather, border wall, is not what he has portrayed and he claims former attorney general jeff sessions for the policy separating undocumented immigrants from children at the border, a move that took kelly by surprise, just one of the many controversies he was forced to weather during his 18 months in the white house, something he called "a bone-crushing, hard job." >> the last thing i wanted to do was walk away from one of the great honors of my life, being the secretary of homeland security, but i did something wrong and god punished me, i guess. >> the retired marine general says, while mr. trump often pressed the boundaries of his legal authority, he says the president never ordered him to do anything illegal. i.c.e. agents are talking about the man accused of shooting and killing a police officer in stanislas county. newman police corporal ronil singh died after being shot wednesday during a traffic stop.
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investigators say he pulled the suspect over for driving under the influence. authorities later arrested the suspect, gustavo perez arriaga. he is a native of mexico, here illegally. i.c.e. telds "the chronicle" we had had no prior run-ins with the suspect. still not clear how soon if or even whether the inmate who escaped from san quentin last week will be back in custody there. authorities in paso robles arrested shalom men zoe zha at a taco bell saturday after someone recognized him and called 911. corrections officers say he was working outside the prison's secure perimeter last wednesday when he bolted. he's currently being seld in sly in a valley state prison. prosecutors are weighing new charges, including carjacking and escape. a follow-up to a violent attack in the tenderloin. police say they arrested 25-year-old melton earl kelly of
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oakland. they say he robbed and brutally beat a man near san francisco's union square on friday. the attack caught on camera. the victim remains in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. kelly is facing several felony charges, including attempted murder. in martinez, an alarming wake-up call for one family. neighbors heard small explosions and saw flames spreading from the home's gas meter yesterday morning. they pounded on the door and everyone got out safely. the fire was destructive. it was heavy damage to the garage, roof and attic. it's not clear how or why that meter caught on fire. pg&e has not yet commented. 5:06. snap, click, report, that's what the san jose fire department wants people to do this new year's, part of an online program to catch fireworks violators. setting off a firework or sparkler in san jose is illegal so firefighters say neighbors can help them catch violators, taking pictures or videos of
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illegal fireworks and reporting it online or call 911. if caught, people could be cited and fined up to $1,000. >> 5:06. if you're planning on going out this new year's eve, remember to drive safely. one option, if you drink too much, take a ride from aaa. it's free. the company says anyone can call them, even non-members, and a driver will pick them up. the first ten miles are free, and the service starts at 6:00 tonight. that beats paying thousands in dui fines or hurting someone or yourself on the road. so play it safe. there are lots of ways new year's eve partiers can get home safe in the bay area. b.a.r.t. will be running until 3:00 a.m. san francisco's muni and santrans and san mateo county until 5:00 a.m. caltrain last train leaves san francisco at 2:00. all transit systems, including ac transit and the south bay's vta are free on new year's eve. >> nice to see. fans representing oregon and
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michigan state gathered in san francisco's justin herman plaza, taking a live look outside at levi's stadium this monday morning, where today's game kicks off a little after noon. organizers call today's game a practice run for the national championship game at levi's, one week from today. >> one week from today, alabama wins. >> is that a prediction? >> that's an easy prediction. >> it's his forecast for the game. good luck. >> there you go. >> i have your forecasted winds, that's going to be the big main event today. in fact, we've already seen some gusty conditions for the higher elevations. right now, 47 degrees, up through napa, 43 in san jose. as we fast forward the time line in through tonight, the winds are going to help our temperatures feel a lot colder. weather alert wind advisory is already in effect for elevations above 1,000 feet. we've seen some gusty conditions upward of 60 plus miles per hour
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in mt. st. helena and increasing winds at sunrise. we're expecting winds to come down a little bit closer to the surface and also the shoreline by mid morning, which is when a wind advisory will go into effect for the lower elevations. expect a chilly new year's eve, possible frost into the overnight hours. temperature also dip into chilly and cold 40s, possibly even some 20s on the map for the higher elevation areas. let's get a check of the roads right now, see how that's doing. we have our traffic map set up and again, once these hills really begin to trickle down, and the wind guess closer to the surface, remember the bridges can get really, really dangerous during gusty conditions. this is a live look at where our speed sensors look like. we don't have a lot going on. let's get to drive times for the south bay. at least it's back to work and if you are making breakfast, i don't have anything to report. northbound 101 highway 85 19
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waking up under a microclimate weather alert. we have a wind advisory already in effect for elevations above a thousand feet, but by mid morning, areas including san jose will also be under a wind advisory as the winds kick up closer to the surface. 43 degrees right now, that will help our temperatures dip down, unfortunately, into some very chilly 30s. as the wind gusts pick up by mid morning, we're also expecting our overnight lows into the celebration of 2019 equally cold, a cold and windy night. i'll break down the time line of that wind for you coming up in just a bit. good morning, i'm kate rogers at cnbc global headquarters. here are today's top business headlines. president trump spoke with china's leaders and talks are moving along. the dow is breaking a three-week
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losing streak. however, the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 are set for their worst december since the great depression and worst annual performance since 2008. the "wall street journal" reports the push would put more customers within range of amazon's two-hour delivery service prime now. some stores could be 45,000 square feet, slightly bigger than the average whole foods. the chain is using the extra space to accommodate amazon delivery and pickup for online orders. roughly half of americans make new year's resolutions and many are related to finances, but less than 10% achieve their goals when it comes to money management. wallet hub has a list of the top financial resolutions you should consider in 2009. sign up for credit monitoring. second, pay bills after getting your paycheck, third, repay 20% of your credit card debt, fourth, use different credit cards for everyday purchases and debt and fifth, add one month's
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pay to your emergency rainy day fund. scott and laura, back over to you. >> thank you. not far from where kate is city the iconic ball is ready to drop. police are ramping up security. nypd says this will be the first year they use drones. >> it's going to be one of the most well-policed, best-protected events at one of the safest venues in the entire world. >> police are expected to protect up to 1 million people as they ring in the new year. "nbc nightly news" lester holt will be one of them, as guest of honor. luckily, temperatures are supposed to be one of the warmest on record. though i do understand it is supposed to rain as well. >> yeah, they're going to need umbrellas there and we need coats here. it will be a little bit of a switch over there. we're under a high wind advisory and we've already seen peak gusts of 67 miles per hour in mt. st. helena already overnight.
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already starting to see gusty conditions for higher elevations, which is why the wind advisory did take effect for the higher elevations. beautiful shot of san francisco there. i want to show you current temperatures as you head out the door, concord 38 degrees. livermore 39 degrees. san jose 43. oakland 47 degrees right now, but of course, that wind is going to make you feel so much colder. now the hills seeing some northerly winds, 25, 35 miles per hour. again, we've seen gusty conditions, but by mid morning, around 9:00 a.m., we're going to start noticing those winds increase for the lower elevations which is why that is when a wind advisory will kick in for really the entire bay area, down to the san francisco shoreline as well. we're going to keep the windy monday and here's what you can expect. by 10:30, look at the winds, they begin to really kick up, even down through palo alto, 20 miles per hour, san francisco we begin to gust and overnight, into the dinner hour as well, we're going to see the winds really gusting, so the main event will be this afternoon into dinner and overnight as
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well into the start of 2019. now, your microclimate highs for today will be cool, pretty cold, though, with the wind and that will be topping out in the upper 50s. 57 degrees for san jose. 55 for concord, but here's the feels like temperature, so when you pair the temperatures with the wind speeds, this is what we're going to get. if you notice by 6:00, once we get the sun to kind of, the sun sets, unfortunately our temperatures dip and rather quickly. the temperatures drop down into the 40s by 6:00. some 30s will be possible before midnight, and look at right after the midnight hour, we're talking about 30s really across the board, 38 degrees for santa rosa, which means of course bringing all of your pets in, if they sleep outside, it's too cold for them to remain outdoors. temperatures remain cold through tuesday morning. we'll keep dry conditions in place for the next several days as a ridge of high pressure begins to settle in on wednesday. we'll start to see the decrease of that wind into thursday, as well we'll keep the dry
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conditions but as we head in toward friday and saturday, we have an incoming storm system and what that system will do is bring back the return of likely seeing some more rain, so this pattern is typical for this time of year, which is always nice to see, a cold, not even a cold start for a winter evening. it's appropriate, but our chance of rain returns again on saturday. you'll not need the umbrella when you head out tonight. let's get a check of how the roads are looking. we have no issues there so i'm not going to bore you with this boring map. tri valley drive times westbound 580 grant line road 18 minutes and westbound to 680 looking at ten minutes. you don't have to take your coffee on the go. drink it at home. you have time. back to you. >> get you some of the cricket sound effects. thanks, vianey. coming up on "today in the bay," president trump prepares his proposed border wall, he compares it to the wall around president obama's home. a gruesome story out of north carolina, a lion broke
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free from its cage at the zoo. the death is under investigation this morning. mike inouye post being his teenage boy turning 13, so yep, that's a teenager. go to his instagram page to read the heart-warming birthday celebration. it's time for our lowest prices of the season on the new sleep number 360 smart bed.
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it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. and now, the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is only $1299. plus, 24-month financing on all beds. ends new year's day.
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welcome back to you. developing this morning, investigators trying to determine how a lion escaped its enclosure at a north carolina conservation center yesterday, killing a young woman, who just started working there. the victim, 22-year-old alexandra black, is from indiana. she started as an intern at that facility two weeks ago. she had just graduated college. the park's executive director explains what led up to that attack. >> incident occurred during a routine enclosure cleaning. during these procedures, all large cats are locked into a different space than the humans. >> police had to shoot and kill the lion. park staffers believe the cat
5:22 am
was in a locked space, but obviously got out somehow. happening today, a colorado man accused of murdering his fiance will appear in court. 31-year-old patrick frasee was arrested last week on suspicion of killing his fiance. frazee's public defense team filed to eliminate media coverage. the judge is expected to rule on a gag order today. investigators have not down the body of berethe, last seen thanksgiving day. a man is behind bars, this happened outside of san antonio, the man was planning on entering the church to "fulfill what he called a prophecy." before he made it to the church, someone tipped off police. >> he had a loaded firearm and extra ammunition. he was wearing tactical clothing
5:23 am
with a surgical face mask. >> police arrested that man, charged him with possession of firearms and marijuana. two hotel employees are out of a job a week after kicking out an african-american guest of the hotel. this happened last saturday at doubletree hotel in portland. the guest says he was no the hotel lobby talking to his mother on the phone when he was confronted by a security guard. video of the exchange went viral. the officer who is now being called hotel earl by internet users asked if the man was a guest. after the man said yes, i am indeed, the officer insisted another employee call police accusing the man of trespassing. the two employees were first placed on leave but the hotel chain announced the men had been fired, stating the actions of the employees were "inconsistent with our standards and values." 5:23. lot of people wondering why president trump is now trying to bring president obama into the
5:24 am
border wall battle. tweet over the weekend did it. president trump said president and mrs. obama built, has a ten-foot wall around their d.c. mansion compound. i agree, totally necessary for their safety and security. u.s. needs the same thing, slightly larger version. the obamas built a fence-like wall around their d.c. area home along with guard booths. they're not commenting on the latest tweet. here you see video of prototypes of the wall on the mexico border. michelle obama talked about trump's touting of conspiracy theories, making her fear for her family's safety. the affordable care act won't be going anywhere, not in the near term, despite the recent ruling by a texas federal judge declaring that law unconstitutional. that's being appealed. the judge, who issued the ruling yesterday, agreed to halt his decision until the appeals process plays out. despite government shutdown,
5:25 am
food assistance programs are still running. the director of d.c. hunger says families in need can still receive money for food. they're not the only ones eligible during the shutdown. in fact, federal employees who are working without pay can file to receive benefits. non-profits and private companies also collecting money for federal workers during the shutdown. 5:25 on your monday morning. picking healthy foods, one resolution people will make this new year. here are helpful tips from the american medical association. cut back on processed foods, they say, and sugary drinks. drink water and cook with fresh food. the association also recommends you find out your blood pressure numbers. if you have high blood pressure, eating healthier to keep numbers down and it will reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke. a bus driver from texas able to spread christmas cheer to all of his students. he's gone viral. an elementary school teacher posted this picture of him before christmas. the driver is curtis jenkins,
5:26 am
standing next to about 70 christmas gifts on his bus. he bought them all himself, handed a present to every student on the bus. the dallas elementary school posted the picture on facebook and its good deeds are spreading across the country. people are setting up a go fund me account in his name. >> i never could imagine the people that have stopped to help me with my cause. >> an email, go fund me says all funds raised for jenkins will go directly to him. jenkins says he plans to use that money to start a nonprofit called magnify caring and change. coming up on "today in the bay," ten years later, the demands the family of oscar grant is making on the anniversary of his death. the b.a.r.t. police shooting changed the bay area and sparked ongoing protests. plus the new changes or charges rather pg&e could face if investigators confirm the agency is responsible for causing the deadly camp fire. looking at a live picture of fremont, it is an extremely
5:27 am
quiet day out there, although we see a little bit of traffic building. vianey will check that, when we come back. it )s monday, decembe
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we begin with a microclimate weather alert. well, good morning to you, everyone. monday, december 31st, we begin with a microclimate weather alert. you're looking at a live picture of the golden gate bridge, some potentially dangerous weather conditions in the form of winds about to hit the bay area. we're tracking those winds. it will affect most of the area, along with the winds, you got temperatures expected to plunge as people head out to celebrate the new year. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us on this last day of 2018. marcus and laura are off, as are
5:30 am
mike and kari. vianey is holding down the fort. she's got the weather. >> we've already seen our temperatures start to take a little bit of a plunge. this is what our temperature also look around the 6:00 a.m. hour. we've got 40s on the map and our temperatures will climb only into the 50s. however, once that sun sets tonight, those temperatures will plunge quickly. our weather alert means a wind advisory has been in effect since last night in the hills in elevations of a thousand feet. we've seen gusty conditions. the winds are expected to increase by sunrise for the lower elevations, including the san francisco shoreline. so for the lower elevations, a weather alert kicks in around mid morning for the rest of the bay area, and then as we head into tonight, those winds will help dip our temperatures down more, which will mean a chilly new year's eve with frost possible into the overnight hours, especially for wind sheltered valleys. let's get a check of the
5:31 am
roads right now, a lonely map once again. this is my favorite map because for everyone having to go to work today, you don't have to worry about major traffic collisions. i did find all the folks headed to work in our oakland camera. it's getting busy, at least the traffic is moving along, so maybe it is time to go and head on out the door. back to you. >> vianey, thanks. if you're ringing in the new year in san francisco tonight, expect big crowds along the waterfront, as we have our annual fireworks show. "today in the bay's" pete suratos is there early, getting a space. he has details on public transportation options, security measures. i think that's too early to show up. >> reporter: very early. yes, i need my lawn seat if i want to set. . good morning to you, scott, back there in the studio. happy new year's eve to folks watching. we are expecting tens of thousands of people to be here along the waterfront to take in the annual fireworks show, so this would be a good spot, really all along the embarcadero waterfront and because we're talking about the big crowds,
5:32 am
scott, you can expect a heavy security presence, watch from officials in the next hour, we'll bring that to you. let's talk about the setup. the pyrotechnics will be set up around pier 14, just south of the ferry building. we're starting to see some no parking signs set up along the embarcadero between mission and fulsom fullsom. they'll have the barricades set up in the area. with more than 100 new year's eve events zscheduled in san francisco, there's plenty of options for folks headed to down. >> sparkly, dinner, clubbin'. and then going to bed at 12:01. >> thank god for all the places that we got this year through him, and just trying to enjoy time together. >> i'm less and less about the consumerism about the whole season and more and more about the connectedness.
5:33 am
>> reporter: as far as transportation into the city, muni will offer free rides starting at 8:00 p.m. tonight through 5:00 a.m. caltrain will provide free rides after 8:00 p.m. and b.a.r.t. will extend service to 3:00 a.m. trains will not stop at embarcadero, montgomery or west oakland due to the traffic of folks getting off at the stops and aaa will offer free rides with their tipsy tow service around this time. plenty of security tonight. we'll have more details in the next hour. we're live here in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> pete, thank you. we're already thinking about 2020, and the presidential race. "the washington post" reporting exclusively this morning, breaking news that elizabeth warren will, indeed, run for president of the united states, that out of "the washington post" just a few minutes ago. all right, that's 2020. let's talk one more minute about 2018. the government remains closed for the tenth straight day.
5:34 am
this weekend, trump ally and south carolina republican senator lindsey graham spent two hours strategizing with the president. graham claimed president trump is open-minded to a compromise that would extend work permits and temporary legal status to a qualified undocumented immigrants in exchange for billions to build a border wall. this is a deal democrats offered earlier this year. >> he was in a very good mood and i think he's receptive to making a deal, if it achieves his goals of securing our border. >> on twitter, the president wrote "democrats who left town and are not concerned about the safety and security of americans, no thanks to them." the shutdown means federally owned land and parks are generally closed, for instance, point reyes national seashore in marin. the park itself is open, visitor centers are closed, restroom
5:35 am
facilities limited. park something limited because some of the lots are closed and the lighthouse itself is closed. that's due to construction work, separate from the federal shutdown. some locations are also off limits to campers. new video, firefighters still on the scene of an early morning fire in contra costa county. the fire started sometime after 2:00 this morning in this home in the 1200 block of temple drive in pacheco. residents were home, but they got out unhurt. they didn't talk to the media, but parts of the home and the garage were damaged by flames, smoke and water. an incident commander told us they're still investigating what caused that fire. tomorrow marks ten years since a b.a.r.t. police officer shot and killed oscar grant. jurors convicted johannis messerle for killing grant. this happened on the platform at the fruitvale station after officers pulled grant from the train. the cell phone video captures messerle fatally shooting grant, who was unarmed, in the back. the officer later said he
5:36 am
mistook his gun for a taser. we spoke to his family during a healing dinner in oakland. they believe more change is needed. >> no, we haven't made enough stride, because there's too many people that are still dying in a violent way behind police violence, and so i'm broken-hearted. >> this is messerle in court some years ago. supporters tonight plan to hold a vigil for grant at the fruitvale station. >> a big commotion in the tenderloin. police say they arrested a car ended up trapping a pedestrian but the person survived with only minor injuries. the driver ran from the scene but was later caught and arrested. another suspect in the car arrested as well. it's 5:36 on your monday morning. we have new details, pg&e could
5:37 am
face murder charges if the company is found criminally liable for any of the state's recent wildfires, according to a court filing from attorney general half ger bacerra. the brief was filed friday in federal court. it comes after a judge ordered the utility to determine whether if it played a role in the camp fire in butte county. 88 people died as a result of that fire. new video shows a man and his dog rescued after they were trapped in the mud in san francisco. this happened yesterday afternoon off the north access road near sfo. firefighters used a small boat to save them. they rescued the man, tracked down the dog. they're both okay. it's not clear why they were out in the mud. concord may soon become the latest bay area city to adopt rent control. next week, councilmembers will debate new protections for tenants. it's likely they'll create a special committee. that committee would then be assigned a job of coming up with
5:38 am
possible limits on rent hikes. san francisco transportation leaders reportedly scaling back plans to limit taxi cabs at sfo. the idea began as a way to help struggling cab drivers, who paid the most money for their medalones bmedalon s. the ban will only apply to one-third of the overall must be of medallion holders. this takes place in february. it is 5:38, so the raiders' season is over. we wait to find out where the team will play next season. could it be at&t park or san diego or how about london? "the daily mail" reports the raiders are in talks to play their home games at london's wembley stadium. so far, no word from the team. and it is 5:38 right now, and as you get ready to head out the door, as you're headed to
5:39 am
work early this morning, you're not going to encounter major issues. however, the traffic is starting to build as we get closer to that 6:00 a.m. hour, so here's a look at what the east bay drive times are looking like right now. southbound 680 from 580 to vargas road, about 11 minutes, northbound 238 from 580 to 880, five to ten minutes and a lonely bay bridge, no metering lights. another bridge that is looking busier, this is your oakland camera, we have some building traffic along 880 through there, but at least no accidents are being reported at this time, which is a sign of holiday light traffic, the last day of 2018. or hours now, couple hours. >> a couple hours, yeah, yeah. depends on what time you are going to bed. you work tomorrow. >> i do. >> i go to bed around 5:30 or 6:00 p.m. i get up at 2:00 a.m., so eight hours. my new year's eve celebration will be about 4:00 p.m. today.
5:40 am
>> pretty wild. you get the kids countdown when the parents put the kids countdown. we'll do that one. >> you change the time, a little guide there, by the way. >> get the kids celebrated early. there is a website for that, right? >> there is, and cold. >> cold tonight. before i get to your weekend forecast, which i know you're probably already looking ahead to your 2019 forecast, we are under a wind advisory, which is why we have this microclimate weather alert. it's cold and windy tonight. before you welcome 2019, be prepared. don't welcome in 2019 with the one person who doesn't have the proper coat on tonight for the celebrations. here is what your first saturday of 2019 is looking like. yes, that is rain. no, that's not a mistake. that's going to be our very first system to make its arrival for 2019. right now it's not looking like a strong system, but it will be just enough to get up our rain totals in for the first weekend of 2019. morning showers at the coast, bay and inland. temperatures remain cool in the
5:41 am
50s for saturday, and as we head into sunday, sunday will be our wettest day of the weekend. so the coast, bay and inland all expecting to see some showers, temperatures in the 50s. we're going to fall into that pattern where we get breaks from the rain, but we are officially in winter and rain is normal for this time of year, so as we head into the weekend, start taking out umbrellas to pair up with the coats because the cool temperatures are going to remain. scott, back to you. >> all right, vianey, thank you. coming up on "today in the bay," a new year means new laws. we'll tell you what you need to know, ahead of 2019. and the annual rose parade in pasadena, right around the corner. the work under way to bring it to life. served in a no-mess bag, my new deli trio and turkey, bacon, and cheddar pannidos are almost too easy to eat on the go. so panni-do eat one while you are in a car,
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but panni-don't... huh? [buzzer] ...while you're getting tackled by a guy named aaron. order a pannido with doordash today. it is 5:44. as you head out the door, don't forget why your new year's eve outfit, if you have a bag you get changed into, make sure it includes a coat. we have some 40s right now. our temperatures will be dipping down into a frosty 30, maybe some 20s tonight. we are under a microclimate weather alert, because of that wind advisory, already in effect for the hilltop areas, and then that wind will start trickling down to more of the areas with a gusty shoreline if you're headed to the san francisco celebration. i'll break down the timeline of the winds, how long they last and what you can expect for the first day of 2019 coming up in just a bit.
5:45 am
back to you. 2019 just about here, the. ic tour may soon get a little bit more clear about who is in and who is out in the 2020 presidential race. as we just mentioned to you, and brought as breaking news, elizabeth warren announced moments ago she is running for president in 2020, and at least three californians are among those rumored to be considered to run. senator kamala harris leading the list, she's received a lot of buzz in recent weeks, although some pollsters believe it may have cooled amiding the beto o'rourke buzz. tom steyer may take a shot. he has no prior political experience. in the past he's been coy about a run saying he'd wait to see if there's anyone else worth supporting. east bay congressman eric swalwell recently dropped hints. many believe he doesn't have the national exposure other leading candidates enjoy. the me too movement ushering in new laws in california next
5:46 am
year. companies can no longer force employees to settle sexual harassment complaints or sign no non-disclosure agreements. workers must undergo sexual harassment training twice a year and victims have ten years to seek damages for sexual assault. new laws regarding legalization of marijuana. next tuesday, people can petition to overturn or reduce old convictions for possessing, growing and distributing marijuana. more than 200,000 cases could be affected. also a pair of laws limits the prosecution of minors for marijuana possession. you have to be 12 or older now to be prosecuted in juvenile court. it's 5:46. california taking action against offshore drilling in the new year. in 2019 a new law will prevent the commission from approving or renewing leases for the construction of pipeline or
5:47 am
docks that could be used to increase the production of oil or natural gas in federal waters. this is california's pushback on the trump administration's decision to lift a ban on new oil drilling off the coast. for a complete list of the new laws taking effect in the new year head to our website we have continuing coverage of the changes that kick in tomorrow. car buyers, the most expensive cars are rolling out this new year, and loans for themes are changing. according to car experts, the terms of the car loan are getting longer, because the sticker prices are getting higher. 2019 may see car loans up to 84 months, that's seven years of payments. >> what we're seeing is that people are focused on their monthly payment, and their monthly payment is what drives a lot of buying decisions. >> if buying a long-term loan or getting a long-term loan is still too much, maybe leasing is the way to go.
5:48 am
new york may have one big new year's drop, but florida has six of them. take a look. during the countdown to midnight, a drag queen set to drop a huge high heel, an enormous key lime wedge will fall into a margarita glass as well and a tuna and a pirate and an aircraft will also fall from the sky in key west. locals say they are all set for 2019. now a new year's celebration 130 years in the making. the rose parade in pasadena is a day away. crews are working hard to get that, bring it to life. five and a half miles will feature floats and marching bands and who ares. every year, roughly 18 million flowers are used in the celebration. some of the floats are made to look out for rather are chipotle and the u.p.s. store, terribly commercial. you'll catch the parade new year's day on nbc. >> i've never been to the rose bowl and i'm originally from
5:49 am
l.a., but i have done a story of the behind-the-scenes preparation. it's amazing. >> we'll see that tomorrow where you see everyone getting ready. >> whether you're here or downtown in the area, or further south, i should say down in southern california, it's going to be cold there as well. for all the people that are going to be headed down, if you're driving down for the rose parade, you want to keep a jacket in through southern california. san francisco, we've got great clear skies. look at this gorgeous shot, but yes, it's still cold out there. our temperature trend is expected to climb only into the 50s. right now 43 degrees for san jose. wind speeds are light, and the surface areas, and it's already getting gusty for the higher elevations, which is why the wind advisory for elevations above a thousand feet did take effect last night. we've already seen some gusts upwards of 67 miles per hour reported by the national weather service, and mt. st. helena. so expect to see some gusty conditions continue. by mid morning the winds
5:50 am
increase especially for the san francisco shoreline, which is going to affect of course all of those celebrations into the midnight hours. it's going to be cold, hoppitop out in the upper 50s. by about 2:00 it will be windy for the surface areas. little breezy in through the valleys and the coastline is where it's going to get windy, including the mountain areas. temperatures again topping out in the upper 50s and once that sun goes away, the temperatures cool, and they cool rather quickly, that's when we start seeing the effects of the windchill temperatures, dipping down into the 40s by about 8:00, and then right between 8:00 and midnight is when we'll start to see a decrease into some 30s, maybe even some possible 20s, which could mean some frosty conditions, especially for the wind sheltered valleys. bundle up tonight for your new year's eve celebrations. let's talk about new year's day. if you're ambitious and going to head out on an early morning hike, keep in mind the mountains will still be very, very breezy and windy. it will be very cold, 34 degrees to start, by 10:00 a.m., bay and
5:51 am
inland temperatures will warm up into the 40s and low 50s. it will be less end withy as we get this ridge of high pressure that will begin to once again dominate over our forecasts. we will remain dry and we'll get cool sunshine by about 1:00, and once again by 5:00 p.m. until dinnertime the temperatures will cool quickly, dipping us back down into the cold temperatures. over the next seven days, once we get past the wind event into wednesday and thursday, we get a ridge of high pressure that starts to take over. by friday, we get an increase in cloud cover, and this is when the next chance of our chance of rain rolls through. saturday upper 50s so the temperatures will go up a bit, topping out into the 50s but dipping down into some 30s as we head into the overnight lows. let's get a check of the roads now. we have seen this one that just popped up as i was coming out here to make my report near the south bay. i'll check out what that's about, make sure it's nothing
5:52 am
serious and no issues as you head out to work. southbound 880 from 238 to highway 84 about ten minutes and check of your bridge drive times, i can confidently say will are no metering lights on the bay bridge and the drive time explains that, westbound 80 toward the bay bridge only eight minutes. >> if anything, keep the speed down. vianey, thank you. happening now, a section of the ohio river in louisville, kentucky, back open. tugboat crashed into a bridge, spilling tons of coal into the water. six barges pulled by the tugboat sank. one remains stuck at the gate of a dam. the army corps of engineers say the incident may cause big problems for power plants. ahead, a frigid night for millions in times square as we watch from our couches on the west coast, and a live report from new york, the record lows they could see. kari hall forecaw
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
for her tahoe trip! welcome back to you. kari hall forecasting some snow for her tahoe trip. she posted a photo of her family and herself on snowmobiles, and with just a few hours left in 2018, final preparations under way for the nation's largest new year's celebration, up to a
5:56 am
million people are expected to ring in 2019 in new york's times square. this is a live look here, and nbc's chris pallone is there as well this morning. chris, you're going to have more than long lines to deal with. it's going to be cold. >> reporter: well, it's all relative, scott. year a a year ago at this time, we were expecting record cold temperatures for a ball drop in times square, and it turned out to be true, 9 degrees at midnight last year, second coldest ball drop on record. this year, we could set a record temperature for warmth. it might hit 50 degrees tonight, but the bad news is, for all the hundreds of thousands of people who come out here today, they could end up seeing something they don't want to see for the first time in more than 20 years. >> happy new year! >> reporter: in new york's times square there is a feeling in the air. zblts he exciting. my heart is racing, the
5:57 am
adrenalin, the energy is everywhere. >> reporter: just hours before the nation's biggest new year's eve celebration final preparations are done. the stages set, balloons inflated, and that iconic crystal ball? >> happy new year! >> reporter: tested, glowing and ready to drop, and while some people would rather be anywhere else -- >> i mean, how do people use the bathroom? >> they don't. >> they don't. how do they sit down and rest? they don't. it's just going to be crazy. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands more can't wait to see it in person. >> happy new year! >> reporter: larry marshall from virginia surprised his whole family, crossing a big item off his bucket list. >> it's new york city. the city never sleeps, and look at the smiles. it's worth it. >> reporter: as always, security is tight. for the first time, the nypd will use drones to keep watch over the revelers, in addition to the usually battery of uniformed and plain clothed police officers, security cameras, police dogs and traffic blocking trucks. >> it's going to be one of the
5:58 am
most well-policed, best-protected events at one of the safest venues in the entire world. >> reporter: the biggest threat might be rain. the last time it was raining when the new year arrived, 24 years ago. larry peculiar shamarshall, unc. >> things are going to happen. we don't look at it like that. we're happy to be here. we're not letting nothing ruin our experience. >> reporter: with thousands ready to ring it in, 2019 is almost here. and tonight's special guests of honor, several prominent american journalists including nbc's own lester holt. they have a really cool job. they get to hit the button that will start the ball on its one-minute journey into 2019. the organizers here today say they want to put the focus on freedom of press, headed into next year. scott? >> a wonderful sentiment. all right, chris, thank you much. now at 7:00, the "today" show is covering all things new year's, from celebrations to resolutions. al roker is live in southern
5:59 am
california ahead of the rose parade tomorrow. people on the other side of the world are already in 2019. most recently australia rang in the new year about an hour ago. they did it with a bang. you got beautiful fireworks lighting up the midnight sky there. the show had people camping out around sydney's harbor and the skyscrapers of melbourne, to get glimpses of the two shows. right now at 6:00, breaking news, elizabeth warren says she will run for president in 2020. we're waiting for reaction from president trump, and all the other presidential hopefuls. plus wicked winds. the alert before you head outside to celebrate new year's tonight. the windy warning, plunging temperatures. we'll tell you how long it lasts. and still shut down, a new week, nearly a new year, still no deal in sight in washington. this is john kelly, gives a frank, new interview about his time as chief of staff. and game on. expect to see football fans in the south bay this morning. the big test before the eyes of
6:00 am
the flatination focuses here fot week's college championship game. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good morning to you on the last day of 2018. i'm scott mcgrew. laura and marcus have the day off as do kari and mike. let's check in with weather and check. >> scott, we are under a microclimate weather alert, it is because of the winds. it's already very windy in the hills, but pretty soon, it will get windy down below as well. this is a beautiful shot, and this is of the golden gate bridge, using our sutro tower cam. nice shot through there. current temperatures as you head out the road, 42 degrees in santa rosa, 49 in napa. 36 in livermore but into the overnight hours is when we are going to be tracking that dip, so let's take you through a quick little rundown of


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