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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 7, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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governor. he promised to be bold and courageous as he leads the fifth largest economy in the world. >> the country is watching us. the world is waiting on us. and the future depends on us. and we will seize the moment. we will offer an alternative to the corruption and the incompetence in the white house. >> reporter: not only did newsom pledge to stand up to the president, he says he'll take on drug companies, the gun lobby and polluters. >> here in california, we have the power to stand up to them and we will. >> reporter: but perhaps the most memorable part of the inauguration came when his 2-year-old son, dutch, wandered onstage just as the governor spoke of standing up for children. >> there's nothing more important -- i hope you can tell, than giving them a good and happy life. but all kids, not just children of a governor and a filmmaker should have a good life in
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california. >> the way governor newsom just handled that situation on the stage with dutch shows us how spontaneously in control and how he can just make something really wonderful happen, which could have been uncomfortable. >> now, it's unclear what the governor and his family did right after the swearing-in ceremony. we do know that they have moved here to sacramento and have a lot of unpacking to do. reporting live, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, ti dutch certainly made for a very sweet and entertaining moment during the governor's speech. when the 2-year-old first roamed up on stage, as you saw, dad picked him up, barely missed a beat, but dutch liked the spotlight so much the governor joked this is exactly how it was scripted. then he incorporated that into his speech. >> we will support parents.
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we will support parents, they need support, trust me. so that they can give their kids the love and care that they need. >> first as you saw dutch dodged his mom. then big brother hunter failed to coax him offstage. finally mom made the capture and took him offstage for the remainder of the stage. if you're wondering, dutch is named for dutch flat with gavin newsom spent a lot of his childhood. former governors brought an important message to today's inauguration, one of unity. arnold schwarzenegger clearly referenced washington's dysfunction when he tweeted a photo of him and his predeces r predecessor. he noted in california republicans and democrats hang out together because our goal is to serve californians, not any party. outgoing governor jerry brown tweeted a photo of him and his dog saying he's handing the
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reins over to governor newsom and now off to the ranch for the next chapter. his off-the-grid ranch is located in calusa county. you can read governor newsom's speech and see highlights from the swearing-in ceremony at we are coming off an intense weekend of weather and are expecting more rain tomorrow. today the weather might be to blame for the death of a man in the east bay. this tree crashed down on his car. you see the car right there right on the cal campus. this is cell phone video of the aftermath. melissa has the details and concerns about these type of trees. melissa. >> reporter: raj, this eucalyptus tree is tall, it is massive, and it is heavy. and that's according to the crews that were here on scene trying to clear this massive tree away. you can see they had their work cut out for them. not only are there a lot of branches here but also that
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massive trunk. yesterday's combination of rain and wind, that was strong enough to push over this tree and tragically kill someone. >> what are the chances are just getting crushed randomly by a tree that's falling? >> reporter: it is rare but it happened to this driver sunday afternoon. >> the wind was really blowing. and we heard sirens all of a sudden. >> reporter: shortly before 4:00 p.m., emergency crews responded to a call that a huge eucalyptus tree had tumbled and smashed a car. >> i feel so sorry for the young man and his family. what an awful thing. >> reporter: the driver of that car was 32-year-old alexander grant of novato. according to a university spokesperson, grant was not a student but was likely visiting soee that we it was unusual. >> reporter: brian gates says his company, expert tree service, is in charge of
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surveying, trimming and clearing out trees that might pose a risk on campus. he said this tree was not one of them. >> it was a nice, straight, clean stem, well attached. i didn't see anything about it that was sketchy or scary. >> reporter: and authorities here in berkeley tell us there were other reports of fallen trees here in the city yesterday, including a palm tree that fell over some electrical wires and actually started a fire. thankfully no one was injured. i'm melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. >> you have to be careful out there. the ground is saturated and dangerous and more rain is on the way. today, though, we had some beautiful sunshine. you're looking at our live cameras from across the bay area from the golden gate to dublin. let's bring in jeff ranieri with how much we saw over the weekend. jeff, what's next? >> this was a powerful punch this healthy trees can gts up t 60 miles per hour. sa c
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inches there. santa rosa 2.57. concord nearly 1.5. some spotty showers in the north bay, also off the coast. we could see a little bit of this on again, off again light shower activity through tonight but what we're really focusing in on is our next storm system in the pacific. the cold front out here is going to take about 24 hours to arrive. once it does, that's when things begin to pick up for us. so an early look at tomorrow morning and we're dry in the south bay. you've got some moderate rain in the north bay. but then by tomorrow evening's commute, that's when things look to pick up, once we hit 7:30. we'll talk about this storm and two others back behind it. again, three storms in seven days. >> a lot happening this week. thank you, jeff. so rain here and that means a lot of snow in the sierra and that comes with danger as well. an avalanche warning has been issued.
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blizzard conditions with gale-force winds could trigger movement. this is happening in the lake tahoe area. the sierra avalanche center is reminding everyone to be safe and ski or snowboard with a friend. day 17 of the government shutdown, which is on the verge of breaking a record. it's the third longest shutdown in history. the longest it's ever been, 21 days. president trump is taking his insistence on a border wall straight to the public. on twitter he announced he's giving an oval office address tomorrow night on border security. the white house says the president will then travel to the southern border himself on thursday. he has threatened to go around congress and declare a national emergency. then he would divert military funds to build his wall. >> it's probably the worst public policy idea i've heard in about ten years. it would be horrific. >> senate democrats are digging in, claiming there are no discussions on border security unless the government reopens first. in marin county, the
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government shutdown has now shut down muir woods. it was open the first two weeks so the closure caught some visitors by surprise. one couple from ohio toured the area anywhere. >> it was beautiful. >> beautiful, yeah. >> there was one or two walkways that are closed down and taped off. that you wouldn't do, but the rest was really nice. >> there are no open facilities at muir woods. bathrooms are locked and there is no trash pickup. tours are self guided. the hot ticket tonight is at ium, and the country is watching. this is a look from our nbc bay area sky ranger. the national championship for college football is happening in our own backyard. alabama facing off against clemson. and not just levi buzzing. businesses are still crunching the numbers, but one merchant says he did much better this weekend than when super bowl 50 was in town at levi's a few years ago. if it had been a sunny weekend,
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merchants believe their business would have increased by at least 25%. >> san jose really put its best foot forward. this is the place that you want to have some hometown charm for your out-of-state fans. >> the game is sold out. crews spent the day tearing down stages and event sites around the city. now that the game is just now getting under way, tonight at 6:00 we'll hear from fans from the south visiting here and what they think about the bay area. alabama and clemson, two storied programs. in fact we'll show you the alabama crimson tide arriving at levi's stadium. there they are. they're the defending national champions with a high-profile coach and a lot of star athletes. clemson tigers also arriving for duty. let's bring in ian cull on this big night for college football. >> reporter: absolutely, raj, just minutes away from kickoff. we just had the national anthem
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and big flyover. a lot of excitement between these two fan bases both inside and outside in the tailgating area. they say they don't mind this long journey because the payoff is tonight. >> go, tide! >> reporter: a lot of back and forth. these two fan bases know each other well. they are facing off in the national title game for the third time in the last four years. both are hoping to be the first college football team to go 15-0. >> we harry a roll tide, maybe, let's go. dabo, we're waiting on you. nick saban, let's go. >> having a great time, that's what it's all b it's all about having a good time. >> every single one since 1979 except the one we lost to clemson. and the 1992 championship where
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we meet miami. >> a lot of good stories around the parking lot today. security is tight around this stadium. probably more security than a typical 49ers game at levi's. a player to watch is going to be alabama running back najee harris. he's from antioch and is one of four players from the crimson tide from northern california. i spoke with him on saturday and he said they have been talking all week about the thought of playing in the bay area. he got some tickets for his brothers and sister, hoping to put on a good show tonight. one that starts in just a few minutes. ian cull, nbc bay area news. getting there might have been a little bit tough, especially if you decided to take vta. vta cancelled a special bus service from fremont to the stadium because of a lot of drivers called in sick. that left vta scrambling. officials say there's no indication that it was a coordinated sickout. to help out levi's provided direct bus service from the b.a.r.t. station to the game.
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up next here at 5:00, an unwelcome dropoff at the local library. the crime spree that ended up with a car crashing into a south bay library branch. plus turning old b.a.r.t. cars into housing? it's just one of many ideas b.a.r.t. is considering as it prepares to retire some of its older models. a new storm on the way tomorrow. not only the wet weather, but more wind. 20 to 46 miles per hour. we're tracking this and a total of three storms this week coming up in six minutes. library branc
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it turns out, it was a city-owned truck... and it was stolen. a truck crashed into a san jose library branch today and it turns out it was a city-owned truck and it was stolen. marianne favro is live at the tully community library with how this all unfolded. >> reporter: well, take a look at this. you can see the front door is boarded up. luckily no one was hurt. police arrested the suspect for auto theft and felony vandalism. just before 9:00 this morning, a san jose parks and recreation department crew was working near the library when a woman jumped into their unlocked city truck and grabbed the key, which were in a cup holder. police say she then drove the truck into the front of the library, ramming the doors several times until the glass shattered. >> this morning a vehicle did hit the building, but it happened during -- before the library actually opened, so
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nobody was hurt. >> it's so dangerous. usually the kids are in the library a lot, so it's very dangerous. >> reporter: the library remained open today, but visitors did have to walk around to the back door because of the damage. witnesses say the suspect is a homeless woman known to frequent this area. the library will remain open until 7:00 tonight, and i'm told that this front door will be fixed by the end of tomorrow. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. the so-called nor cal rapist is facing 28 new charges. roy waller, seen here in file video, briefly appeared in a sacramento courtroom today. prosecutors tied from seven different victims in six northern california counties. he now has 40 counts filed against him. authorities say waller targeted victims from 1991 through 2006
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in six counties. more than six years later, california's ban on foie gras is now set to officially take effect thanks to the u.s. supreme court. the high court announced today it will not hear a challenge to this case, which prohibits the sale of foie gras from force-fed ducks and geese. it was set to become law in 2012 but was not enforced because of multiple lawsuits. what to do with old b.a.r.t. cars. more than 400 original b.a.r.t. cars that have been shelters. a bunch ofg, d restaurants or to use as artificial reefs. b.a.r.t.'s board of directors will meet thursday morning to discuss those ideas among others. not just gavin newsom, we had another swearing-in ceremony today in oakland for mayor libby schaaf. >> and to the best of your abilities perform the duties of office of mayor for the city of oakland again? >> i do. >> congratulations.
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>> surrounded by her family, the mayor was sworn in for the second time making her oakland's first two-term mayor in 16 years. she won re-election with nearly 60% of the vote. she said as her 50th mayor her priorities remain the same. >> the second term, let us accelerate and scale our progress as well as double down on our commitment to long-term systemic change. >> three city council members were also sworn in. okay, we had a break today, jeff, it was nice, but more rain is on the way. >> yeah, it is. we're going to get hit hard the next seven days. when you add up all the rainfall totals, they'll be coming in. i know this weekend was difficult for some of us, but more on the way. let's take you to our microclimate forecast tonight. we'll start off here in san jose. we know the national college championship is happening tonight. currently 60 degrees. if you happen heading out
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and getting a little bit of a late start, i do not think we'll see any heavy rainfall, but you might want to bring at least a poncho. we could see a few spotty, light scattered showers this evening but mainly cloud cover and temperatures right there in the 50s. all eyes continue to be focused on the next storm system out here in the pacific. once our cold front gets here tomorrow, that's when we'll start to see things pick up. now, out ahead of the main storm front getting here, we are noting some spotty showers on storm ranger and doppler radar. you can see that up in the north bay and also offshore. this is really a sample of what we'll see tonight. again, some light, scattered activity throughout the bay area. now, into tomorrow morning i think we have the best chance of any rainfall, moderate, maybe a couple of heavier pockets. right here in the north bay you're likely dry in san jose with cloud cover for everyone to start. again, that's 8:00 in the morning. the next storm system will get here once we hit 7:30 at night. yellow and orange indicating those heavier pockets from the north bay down to the south bay.
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we'll hold on to the rainfall through 11:30. so that's again how we get to some of these higher totals. looks like several hours of this rainfall continuing throughout the bay area. and likely the chance here some scattered spotty rain that would last into wednesday morning and possibly into wednesday afternoon. so totals with this look less than this weekend but still pretty healthy. take a look at the key at the top, locate your city here. you'll see from most of the bay area from the south bay to san francisco to the east bay we're locked in at a quarter to a half inch. the north bay a half inch. again, that's our storm tomorrow. that would linger into parts of wednesday's forecast. not only the rain but more wind as well. looks like it's going to be the gustiest tomorrow night. 20 to 46-mile-per-hour gusts coming out of the south so we could see more tree limbs come down and more power outages. my extended forecast has our
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next chance of rain after that arriving once we hit friday. a quarter to three-quarters of an inch with that. then we'll get a little bit of a break on saturday's forecast. saturday, a quarter to one inch possible. with all of these storm systems, it looks like the north bay would take the brunt of this wet weather. these inland valleys we'll be in the 50s to low 60s with those temperatures the next several days. right across the sierra, we have better news on that snowpack. 87% of normal after that weekend snow. there are some avalanche warnings, you want to be careful. we could see another 1 to 18 in into the next two days. >> and yesterday was so intense. it was crazy. so many spin-outs, it was really dangerous. >> we could see repeat perforweek. jeff. up next, think of this as kind of the super bowl for technology. thousands of companies debuting new tech as ces, the consumer electronics show in las vegas.
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we'll fifgive you a sneak peek. the question isn't whether he should be impeached any more. he's the most corrupt president in american history. and we all know it. the question now is, how fast can we move past this president so we can build a more just and prosperous future?
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please, join the more than 6.5 million americans who are demanding action now. because there's nothing more powerful than the unified voice of the american people. together, we will make this happen. need to impeach is responsible for the content of this ad.
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introdeli trio and turkey, bacon, and cheddar pannidos, both on toasted ciabatta bread. served in a no-mess bag, they're the ultimate on the go subs. so panni-do eat one while you are tackling errands. but panni-don't... huh? [buzzer] ...while you're getting tackled by a guy named aaron. order a pannido with doordash today. n e sik traffic might be a little light around town this week because so many people in the silicon valley are in las vegas. the consumer electronics show in vegas begins tomorrow but we have a sneak peek tonight. more than 4,000 tech companies are participating this year from samsung's expandible tv that depo goes from a 12-inch screen to up to two stories tall to
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artificial robots for the elderly. there's a touch screen oven that walks you through a recipe and a fresh bread vending machine. >> artificial intelligence is the ingredient of the show. it's the future. because that allows products to be smart and more responsive and predictive of consumers. >> a fresh bread vending machine? >> i want that in my house. >> apple usually doesn't attend ces but this year there's a 13-story ad on a building near the expocentre saying what happens on your iphone stays on your iphone, which is a shot at competitors under fire for selling consumer data. this is a big week for technology. if you want to see and hear more from the floor at ces, watch us all week. our digital journalist, jonathan bloom, is live blogging from las vegas throughout the week. see what he uncovers on our website and on our twitter. our handle is @nbcbayarea. big news for bay area music
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lovers. bottlerock lineup is announced. on saturday neil young plus promise of the real will lead the lineup. on sunday, mumford and sons. other big acts include santana, logic. it runs may 24th through the 26th at the napa valley expo. tickets go on sale tomorrow. okay, all about the golden globes and there was a special person in the background. they're calling her the fiji girl, the fiji water girl. >> the fiji girl. >> we'll show you next. impactin
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what the government shutdown means for your tax tonight at 6:00, impacting your bottom line. what the government shutdown means for your tax refund check. that story and more tonight at 6:00. and finally at 5:00, did you see her on the red carpet? she wasn't nominated for a golden globe but she made a huge splash. see her there in the background? the fiji water girl was in the background of dozens of photos last night. not really photo bombing but kind of photo bombing. the canadian model posted her own photo on her instagram account with the caption not the worst way to spend sunday. >> she looks lovely. fits right in. >> that was fun. thanks for joining us.
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tonight, an nbc news exclusive as president trump doubles down, planning a primetime address. nbc news has learned only six people in the national terror database were stopped at the southern border in early 2018. the white house has repeatedly claimed 4,000 known or suspected terrorists were stopped last year. also, the deepening impact of the shutdown on american families. their paychecks cut off and the ripple effect on the airport security line. major storms bearing down. mudslides in the west. a big snowmaker rolling into the east. al roker is here. ruth bader ginsburg missing supreme court arguments for the first time in 25 years. pete williams has late details. a surprise victory for a woman who's been in prison for nearly half her life with no chance of ro


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