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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 8, 2019 4:30am-4:59am PST

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san jose. and a good tuesday morning to you. taking a live look, a beautiful shot there of the bay bridge, as we begin this tuesday morning. good morning. thanks so much for starting your morning here with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm, go dp am laura garc. little calm before yet another storm. >> it's a busy week, off and on with the rain. today we're tracking light showers to start out your morning. here is a look at storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar. we're already starting to see showers move into the coast and the north bay, around point arena, down to dylan beach. some showers will spread inland. as it does so, our winds will pick up. we will have a wind advisory that starts at 7:00 a.m. and this is when we'll see some winds picking up throughout the
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day that may cause power outages for parts of the coast as well as the hills, where our gusts may reach 60 miles per hour, especially for tonight. i'll talk more about the time line and when the rain arrives, coming up in a few minutes. mike, you have info on a crash a cement truck. >> it sounds dramatic, doesn't it, kari? a very nice drive as far as the feeds are concerned. we have this incident and it involves a cement truck. car reportedly wedged under a cement truck, the rear part of it. i think it's just the bumper under there. no injuries reported for northbound 680 just off of the dublin interchange, it's this direction, there's stone ridge as a reference going away from there, headed up to san ramon. smooth drive throughout the entire area and the live shot from dublin shows you the volume of traffic, a steady flow typical here. there is a crash coming out of the altamont pass. thanks, mike. this morning, we're entering day 18 of the federal shutdown.
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it's become the second longest closure in u.s. history. >> this morning on the "today" show, vice president mike pence is speaking out about the battle over the border wall. there is a possibility of the president declaring a national emergency, it is on the table. >> i expewhat i expect the pres will do tonight is explain to the american people that we have a humanitarian and security crisis at our southern border. >> nbc's hallie jackson but the vice president could not advice specifics on what the workers should do. over 800,000 federal workers have been without pay during the shutdown. watch the full interview with the vice president at the top of the "today" show at 7:00 this morning, following "today in the bay." we'll have much more of what the vice president is saying, along with the president's plans for his first prime time address, at 6:00 ke his prime time p allth it a crisis or a national
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emergency. >> democrats are demanding equal time. critics are wondering if the emergency is real or made up. "today in the bay's" jean elle has more. >> reporter: president trump will make a prime time speech, followed by a visit to the southern border thursday. it's expected to make his case on the need to declare a national emergency, and build a wall with defense dollars. >> there's a law from 1976 called a national emergencies act, and under that act, the president can declare emergencies. >> reporter: usf law professor bill hing says the president can declare an emergency. >> there's very few parameters what an emergency is. >> reporter: the pitch is taking shape. vice president pence tweeted today there say humanitarian crisis at the border. the white house is citing the growing threat of terrorism, but numbers provided to congress in may show in the first half of 20918 fiscal year, agents encountered six immigrants listed on a terrorist screening
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database. even if the president wins public support for an emergency military dollars. >> the the military to use for civil construction, interesting, but congress has to authorize the funds. >> reporter: experts say side-stepping stalled negotiations will most likely land the administration in court, facing a legal challenge. jean elle, "today in the bay." >> 4:34 right now. napa police are praising a teenager for possibly preventing another school shooting. the student alerted parents and police after a 14-year-old threatened river middle school and vintage high school. police searched the 14-year-old's home and found evidence they say suggested that threat was serious. police say at this time, there are no threats to the students. nbc's wil have mitted a frightening attack in downtown palo alto. police say a man sexually assaulted and robbed a man yesterday morning, in el camino park early just after 4:00 a.m.
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the woman was walking to her car when a man asked her for some change. as she leaned into her car to find him, he struck her in the back of the head. he assaulted her as she screamed and fault back. before he took off, he stole her wallet. this is the third recent sexual assault in palo alto, but police say the other attacks are not connected because arrests were made in both of those cases. a tense but ultimately successful rescue from a cruise ship in san francisco bay. this is video from marin firefighters who had to move next to the ship to rescue a sick passengers. two rescuers pulled the passenger from the boat and safely transported him to the hospital. an update on san jose mayor sam liccardo from his bike crash broken collarbone and two fractured vert bay. he'll be working from home the next few weeks. there is no specific date for
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his return. 4:36 right now. coming up on "today in the bay," when will it happen? talks of sears closing, have been going on for a long time now, but this morning, we're getting new details on when liquidation sales might again. plus pizza hut pulling out all the stops, going out on the offensive for the super bowl. its new promotion for the next big game, coming up next.
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good morning. i'm frank holland at cnbc global
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headquarters. wall street is poised to open up higher this morning after a bit of a choppy session yesterday. investors have keeping a close eye on the developments of trade talks between the u.s. and china. on monday, the dow closed up 98 points. the tech and energy sectors leading. on today's watch list, reports on consumer credit and the trade deficit and data on the number of available job listings and how many people are quitting their jobs. well, the going out of business signs could soon go up at your local sears. the company is preparing for a possible liquidation amid major doubts about the rescue plans put fort by chairman freddy lampert. liquidation would put up to 68,000 jobs at risk at sears and kmart stores, making the once mighty company one of the
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largest casualties of the online shopping revolution. we all know it's football season and pizza hut is expanding its pizza and beer offensive ahead of the super bowl. the chain is bringing beer delivery to 300 locations in florida, iowa, nebraska, north carolina and ohio, as well as more markets where it tested the service in arizona and california. it plans to roll out beer delivery to 1,000 restaurants by this summer. you can place orders through the mobile app, online or by phone. the super bowl is one of pizza hut's busiest deliver days each year. that's for our regular fo marcus has caviar and sushi. last night's championship game was a full spread. >> you're always invited so i share the love with you. >> that was a good game to watch, frank. coming up next on "today in the bay," another round of rain moving in. kari hall is tracking it donow. >> we start with mostly dry weather across the bay area but make sure you're prepared for the rain that will be arriving
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and gusty winds. here is a look at palo alto as you head out the door with some 50s, holding steady throughout the day. we'll look at all of our microclimates and talk about the arrival of the rain coming up next. >> a live look at the bay bridge. oh yeah, pretty clear. is it going to change? yeah, it's tuesday. we'll show you that commute as it develops, coming up.
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a very good tuesday morning to you, with a lovely look at the city by the bay by the
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embarcadero this morning in san francisco. nice clear skies right now. guess what? things are going to change again. the rain that we need is on the way. you watch that game last night, marcus? >> yeah, i did watch a little bit of that game. clms fans still celebrating this morning for the national championship win at levi's. one of the places fans partied last night, treasure island. here is a look at nbc bay area sky ranger. ♪ that's the official halftime show featuring imagine dragons. the band performed their hit song "natural." rapper lil wayne made a special appearance and who didn't make the appearance, the rain did not show up, allowing fans to have a great time. >> which was nice. >> lil wayne was ready for the little rain, he had a big coat on poppins, ready to fly away, i don't know. >> all right, so as the fans head back home, we start to see
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the rain moving in today, and we are going to see it mostly later on for the afternoon. it's starting out though in the north bay with some light showers and this is mainly where we'll see that rain focused for the first part of the day. our storm ranger is tracking it all. that's our mobile. ler radar. as i open up the view, we can see how big the storm system is. it will stay with us for quite a while. it will be with us through tomorrow as well and we're going to see it working through with some gusty winds, so there will be a wind advisory starting at 7:00 this morning for the coast. we could see some gusts up to about 45 miles per hour, and for the hills, it could be up to 60 miles per hour. we know that winds that strong could cause some power outages and bring down some trees and during those times today, you will want to make sure you're driving carefully, because our winds will be rushing up from the south. any of our east to west oriented roads are going to be impacted especially as our winds pick up today. n we wre tonight, whe
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the wind gusts and check out half moon bay, you may see some gusts up to 48 miles per hour there, and once again for the hills. so driving this morning, not too bad. winds are light. we don't have any major issues except for some patchy fog, and we'll see mostly cloudy skies as our temperatures head into mid-50s. live look outside in san francisco this morning, as you get dressed, don't forget to grab the rain jacket or maybe even an umbrella, and then of course, pants today, because it will be cool. we'll start to see some light showers moving in as early as this morning, but once again, some of the heavier rain won't arrive until later on today, and there will be breaks in between. we'll start to see the rain activity ramping up at about 7:30 tonight, continuing through the overnight hours, kind of off and on waves of showers moving through, even as we wake up and head out the door tomorrow morning. still wet out there, still windy, and we'll start to see the wind advisory winding down. the winds calming down and the shower srting to tape he were
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off taper off by tomorrow morning. we look at the possibility of a quarter to an inch of rain, maybe two inches of rain in parts of the north bay, and that won't be the end of the showers. we'll take a break on thursday and another storm system will move in on friday and a third on sunday, so it's going to be a busy week ahead, and of course, i'll be tracking it all. mike, you are also tracking a crash out of the altamont. >> i am, the second of the morning. the details on this one are slightly different from the first one that showed up and then cleared from the chp report. we had one west 580 right around grant line back here where there's more slowing, just cleared from chp's report and a new one reported around north flynn also in your commute direction so that will be a distraction as it gets through the shoulder. westbound 580 moves smoothly toward livermore. we have the crash involving the cement truck north 680 past the interchange there, as you travel up toward san ramon, no slowing and no delays and no lanes blocked, from what i understand.
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we look over here walnut creek interchange, there was a disabled vehicle around that transition ramp, mark it there until it clears from the chp report. no problems through contra costa county toward the bay bridge. light commute, but it is tuesday, after most vacations ended for the schools around the bay. we saw more traffic yesterday. we should see more traffic toward the bay bridge and the maze. here is the peninsula side, very clear along the pth north bay n. mass transit not reports any delays for the agencies, a great start for these folks as well. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 4:48 right now. and the clemson tigers shocked the college football world roaring their way to a blowout win last night over favorite alabama. the fans at levi's stadium wearing orange, the celebration matched the spectacle. >> locals in attendance loved every minute. >> reporter: as clemson takes home the national championship at levi's stadium, visiting fans were ecstatic.
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>> fabulous. >> oh my gosh, i am so happy! i'm so happy! >> reporter: jim head hasn't missed a home game in 25 years for his tigers, been to all the national championship wins. >> to win this championship like this, we haven't seen but two before so we're looking for one, another one after this. >> reporter: even though both teams are from the south, they felt right at home in the bay. >> when you come to california, you don't think you'll get that southern hospitality, but they hospitality. >> reporter: there were many proud fans including the mother of thehe tigers number one and game comvp. >> this is the second championship, yeah, his second one and first one was a freshman, so yeah, i'm proud, very. >> reporter: some locals with no rooting interest thrilled with the experience. >> the game, was it a ball, yes, it was still fun, yes. the fans were going crazy. that was fun. >> reporter: though the score was lop-sided, many fans say the
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result worked fine. >> hi, mom. >> that was ian cull reporting from levi's last night. coming up at 5:30, how fans in south carolina are celebrating in a party that went on all night. coming up here on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> a few days turns into a couple months for an rv owner awaiting repairs, and he says the van he got back was in worse shape than when he left it. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura, "nbc bay area responds," next. happening now, it looks like something out of "star wars" and being dubbed the ambulance of the future. radical concept car that could walk, we could get over to rain or crumbled concrete. first responders are likely to be the customers for that vehicle they call elevate. the company says elevate may be used to reach victims of natural disasters. they are showing off the vehicle ces in las vegas. fremont
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and good morning to you. taking a live look out at fremont this morning. see a few cars there on the road, getting ready for the day. mike inouye will have a look at your commute, coming up in a bit. it is 4:53 r nrv repair equest turned into what they their conversion van back on the road. >> when perry lee took his dodge sprinter to a dealer for recall repairs, he assumed he would have it back in a few days, but the dealer took two months, spoiling perry's summer plans. when he finally got his van back, perry says he found a crack in the windshield, and the wheels were out of balance. when the dealer didn't respond
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to his complaints, perry asked us to step in. we contacted the dealer. without giving an explanation, the general manager agreed to pay perry $1,456.75 for the damage. keep this in mind, when you need repairs, every dealer and auto shop in california must be licensed by the california bureau of automotive repair, and the bureau logs complaints. they tell us people like perry filed 18,000 complaints in 2017, 98% of them warranted further investigation. so if you're upset with a dealer or mechanic, let the state know. you can also find a link to the bureau of automotive repair on our website you can tell us about your complaints there, too, or call us 888-996-tips. 4:55 right now. you may remember the sharks made a blockbuster trade last summer to get a top defenseman.
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>> now that trade is starting to pay off in a big way. shark tank roaring last night as the team hosted the rivals l.a. kings. erik karlsson was in the thick of it. second period game tied at 1-1, he passes to tom hertl who makes a nice move and scores on the backhand. the sharks beat the kings 3-1. sharks won their third straight game. >> way to go, sharks. coming up here on "today in the bay," kari hall is tracking our next storm coming our way. >> we start out dry for most of the bay area this morning, as we head toward cupertino. we are going to see mostly cloudy skies and highs reaching in 60s, gusty winds, coming up next. and so far, we're looking smooth, but the high-rise here for the san mateo bridge may be susceptible. we'll see where the kari and wh. brand new this morning, vice president mike pence talking about the ongoing government
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shutdown. what he's saying, coming up in a live report from washington, d.c., next. it's an interview you'll only see right here on "today in the bay." a live look o
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ahh, tuesday morning, we love you. live look at the transamerica pyramid this morning. nice and clear, a little break from the rain. another storm is headed our way. here comes the rain again.
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good one. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. mike will have a look at our commute in a bit. first, we start out with the rain. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking that for us. >> you walk out the door this morning, it's not raining but we'll see it later on today. make sure you're prepared with the umbrella. on storm ranger you can see the red scan there. our mobile dapler radar is parked on san bruno mountain ready to track the next system moving in. as we go throughout the day, light showers moving across the bay area and seeing some heavier rain arriving into the afternoon in time for the evening commute especially for the north bay. the rest of the bay area will see the rain later on this evening, and it's going to be windy all throughout the day, so even some light showers will get blown around and it's going to be kind of a blustery day across the bay area. we'll be tracking this rain throughout tomorrow and i'll have more on the time line, that's coming up in a few minutes. mike is saying issues, more info. >> i do have now one new issue
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that just, just now popped up on the map. i'll call it out, this is in hayward, south 808 around "a" street. we'll get more detail and the updated location once chp arrives on scene so we're tracking that. over here we have that cement truck-involved crash on the right shoulder, the car with their bumper wedged underneath the truck on the right shoulder, no lanes blocked, no injuries reported but sounded dramatic when it first came in. west 580 toward north flynn one crash remaining. the earlier crash at grant line cleared in your commute direction. kari is looking at the conditions above the roadway, in the area, you can see that bank of low clouds over there. there was some fog drifting around from time to time so that may be a factor as folks come out of the altamont pass. keep that in mind for early commuters. a clear view as folks make their way over this high-rise, the san mateo bridge and no problems 92 moves smoothly, so does the peninsula and the north bay. back to you. thanks, mike. we begin with the ongoing
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government shutdown. today marks day 18, which is now the second longest in history. >> tonight, president trump makes his big pitch. the biggest one yet for the border wall live in a prime time speech from the oval office. "today in the bay'"''s"''s" tas potts joins us live from washington. vice president mike pence is also speaking out this morning. >> he is. you'll see him soon. we saw him on the "today" show. he has said declaring a national emergency and using money that the government already has to build this wall is


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