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tv   Today  NBC  January 11, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PST

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we'll be back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> and join us for "nbc bay area news" at 11:00. 2 is friday. we made it through. thanks for starting your morning right here with us on "today in the bay." have a great weekend. . good morning. breaking overnight, miracle escape. jayme closs, the wisconsin teenager missing for three months now found alive. a suspect in custody, her family overj overjoyed. >> we have prayed for it every day. >> reporter: this morning the neighbor who answered the door to find herself face to face with the 13-year-old missing girl, speaking out. >> she kind of flung the door open and said, call 911, this is jayme closs. >> we'll talk with her and get the firsthand account of the rescue. shutdown d-day. nearly a million federal employees set to feel the impact
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of the government shutdown today. paychecks with zeroes headed their way. protests growing nationwide. >> stop the shutdown now. stop the shutdown now. >> reporter: this morning the president and democrats dig in even more. breaking overnight, getting out. the u.s. military begins the process of pulling troops out of syria following the president's controversial order. the latest from the pentagon ahead. all that plus norovirus nightmare. hundreds of passengers sick, forcing one of the world's biggest cruise ships to head back to florida. inside the break-up. new details on the split between amazon's jeff bezos and his wife and the new woman in the life of the world's richest man. football frenzy. nfl fans across the nation gearing up for a weekend of playoff action. this morning we get ready for the big games as the kicker who missed it by that much -- >> oh, he hits the upright again! >> -- joins us to talk about the kick, the reaction and how he's moving forward.
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today, january 11, 2019. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, welcome to "today." nice to have you with us on a friday morning. unfortunately this is a historic day for the government shutdown. this is the first day with zeroes on the paychecks of some 800,000 federal workers caught up in this epic political tug of war. >> the impact doesn't stop there. the shutdown is beginning to take a larger toll on many aspects of everyday life. the tsa now considering closing an airport security checkpoint in miami. food safety inspections unable to be carried out on fruits and vegetables and seafood. >> if a deal isn't reached this will be the longest shutdown in u.s. history. consider this. estimates put the cost to the
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u.s. economy at more than $1 billion every week. we'll get to the latest in washington in a moment. >> we want to begin with what is an incredible story in wisconsin. jayme closs, the 13-year-old wisconsin girl found alive nearly three months after her parents were killed. she disappeared. she was just one hour from her home. in a moment we'll talk to one of the women who helped bring her to safety. first, nbc's ron mott has the latest overnight. hey, ron, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you. what an extraordinary ending to a tragic story. for jayme's friends and family as well as law enforcement here in wisconsin, this is great news for the community. what they have prayed about, almost three months since she disappeared. we'll get answers to the questions around her disappearance later. this is the result people are happy to wake up to. jayme was found thanks to a tip from a public. new details this morning about
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how jayme was discovered 70 miles north of her home. the star tribune reported a woman walking her dog when closs approached her and asked for help. they knocked on a neighbor's door. >> we have seen her face a lot. i knew it was her the second she walked in the door. >> reporter: they described her as dirty and skinny, wearing shoes too big for her feet. her emotions for pretty flat. she escaped a cabin in the rural area. it is believed to be the home of the suspect. her smam town thrilled she's coming home. >> i was in shock. she's been through a lot. >> reporter: her aunt and uncle speaking to an nbc affiliate on the phone after they heard the news. >> i'm shocked. we've had so much bad news. it's what we have prayed for every single day for 87 days. >> it's just unbelievable.
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we're all just so grateful and happy. >> reporter: closs went missing in mid october after sheriff's deputies receives a troubling 911 call from her mother's cell phone. >> we could hear yelling in the background. >> reporter: law enforcement responded immediately to the family home. >> it was less than four minutes, our arrival time from the end of the 911 call to when deputies arrived on scene. >> reporter: they found the front door kicked in. jayme's parents shot to death. there was no sign of the 13-year-old. >> we believe jayme was in the home at the time of the homicides and we believe she's still in danger. >> reporter: the police searching for clues, calling in other law enforcement agencies and repeatedly asking the public to help find the girl including taking part in large search parties. overnight the barron county sheriff saying in a statement a suspect was taken into custody adding we promised to bring jayme home and tonight we get to fulfill that promise. >> reporter: at last, the hopes
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and prayers of the small town have come true. >> i think this will bring a lot more peace to everyone. >> reporter: police were pretty tight-lipped about the suspect who was taken into custody. in about an hour we expect to hear from the sheriff. a lot of unanswered questions. >> thank you, ron. >> we are joined on the phone by the neighbor who called 911 when jayme at her door. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i can only imagine what you thought with your neighbor at the door and a young woman standing at that time door. did you immediately recognize her? what happened? >> she knocked on our door and actually opened our door and said call 911, this is jayme closs. i think we recognized jayme immediately. her picture has been everywhere around here. billboards and things. so we recognized her immediately. >> it must have been such a
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relief to see her face. when you noticed her, how did she look? how did she seem to you? >> she seemed kind of in shock and kind of timid, but she did talk to us a little bit. she came in and sat down in our living room. she was able to have a conversation with us. >> i'm sure you were treading carefully and trying to be so gentle with her. >> yeah. >> did you get the feeling that she knew who had abducted her, that she knew where she was? >> she didn't give us a ton of details. i asked her if she knew where gordon, wisconsin, was. she didn't know. she didn't know where she was at the time. she was -- she did state who she believed had her.
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she did give us information about the person's car. but other than that, she didn't give us a ton of detail. >> was that person someone -- because i know it's probably kind of a tight community where you live. was the person who she mentioned someone you had known? >> no. >> so this was a neighbor, but not someone you had any interactions with. >> no. i recognized the name when i was told it, but not somebody i knew well by any means. >> did she say how she was able to escape and get out on the street? >> not really. she kind of talked about -- she kind of talked about being locked up or hidden when this person had to leave. but she did not go into any detail about how she got away. >> just lastly, did she seem hungry, malnourished like she
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had been -- was in distress? >> she looked thinner than her pictures. we offered her a beverage. we offered her something to eat. she said she didn't want anything to eat or drink. she was comfortable. she was just cold. so we did give her a blanket. but, yeah, she didn't want food or anything to drink. i guess i would describe her as looking unkept. >> did she seem afraid? >> i don't -- i don't know. it wasn't like she was scared of us. she wasn't crying or upset. she was just very calm. >> well, she is lucky she found her way into your home, your care. we really appreciate you sharing what happened. what an extraordinary afternoon for you. i know you're happy, as we all are, that she was found alive. >> absolutely. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> she's a school teacher and
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probably the perfect person to help this young girl. >> to know how to handle her in that moment. what a brave young woman with so much ahead. our thoughts are with her. we mentioned at the top of the show the government shutdown is hitting home for nearly a million federal workers and their families who won't get paychecks today. we have coverage on the shutdown, its impact and, yes, where the battle in washington stands this morning. let's start with tom costello. he's at a tsa checkpoint at reagan national airport. tom, this is potentially one of the places where we could see the impact. >> reporter: that's right. day 21 of the shutdown. this is the day things could start to impact tsa operations. the typical officer behind me and across the country makes $30,000 a year. they often live paycheck to paycheck. they didn't get a paycheck this morning. they have to figure out how to pay the rent, the mortgage, how to pay groceries, child care and they are just a fraction of the
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total population affected by this. >> stop the shutdown now! >> reporter: this morning the rhetoric has become reality. >> enough is enough. enough is enough. we need the government open. >> reporter: anger is rising. >> these are middle class families. they cannot sustain for a day, a week, a month or any period of time having their income shut off. how out of touch is this president? >> reporter: from the streets of washington to the streets of ogden, utah. >> so many families depend on these jobs, these benefits that come with the jobs. >> reporter: the reality of a zero dollar paycheck reaching far beyond the wallets of 800,000 government employees. if you fly the tsa officers who ensure your flight is secure didn't get paid today. some officers called out sick. others quit. >> reporter: air traffic controllers who keep the skies safe also are going without pay.
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>> my focus is to take care of my wife and my soon to be daughter who will be born next week. it's a lot. >> reporter: off the job completely? fda inspectors should be checking our food. some faa and ntsb teams that investigate crashes. no staff at the nation's parks. litter and toilets overflowing. limited search and rescue operations. meanwhile, the fbi agent's union warning with 5,000 employees on furlough and 13,000 fbi agents going without pay, national security and investigations are at risk. however, tax season should go on as planned. the irs is recalling a significant portion of workers without pay to ensure filing season can begin january 28 and refunds can be processed. a kickback that many families cannot get soon enough. >> i don't whole heartedly disagree with giving trump money for the wall. we need to come together with a
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solution and open up the government. >> reporter: back here at the tsa checkpoint, the miami airport tells us it is going to be shutting down a specific tsa checkpoint in the g terminal for a temporary period of time over the weekend so they can consolidate tsa workers. the concern is that many tsa workers may call in sick and some may quit. back to you. >> if you are traveling, give yourself time. tom, thank you. >> as the impact of the shutdown is felt coast to coast, in washington there is little end in sight. now the president is apparently considering going around congress to get the money he wants for the wall. nbc's chief white house correspondent hallie jackson has the latest on this. everyone is wondering what is the end game here? >> reporter: yeah. what's the next step given that both sides seem so stuck now. i tell you what, the president may be getting closer to declaring a national emergency because of that. reiterating overnight if he cannot come to a deal with congress he'll do just that.
7:14 am
so what happens if he does go around lawmakers and use his emergency powers? nbc news learned one option prepared for the president would allow him to redirect some money from the army corps of engineers to build 315 miles of border wall. money intended to help, for example, people recovering from hurricane maria in puerto rico. this may be the president's only way out to get his wall and re-open the government without looking like he's buckling under democratic pressure. what's the political challenge here? senator lindsey graham is one of few republicans encouraging the president to use his emergency powers. if he does, he will almost certainly face legal challenges. >> hallie, this is all a fight about money to pay for the border wall. >> yes. >> of course everyone remembers during the campaign the president always said it wasn't going to be taxpayers. mexico would pay for the border wall. sounds like he's backtracking on that now. >> well, he's on defense about the claim. you're right, he said it again
7:15 am
and again during the campaign that mexico would pay. here's what he told reporters yesterday at the white house. >> obviously they're not going to write a check. but they are paying for the wall indirectly many, many times over by the really great trade deal we just made. >> reporter: this is clearly on the president's mind. he's up and tweeting again this morning about that. you know the trade deal he's talking about has not been approved by congress. while the president said he never meant mexico would write a check here's what he said in 2016. >> they're not going to write us a check, but -- >> they'll pay. in one form or another. they maven write us a check by the time they see what happens. >> reporter: remember, his campaign put out a position paper that specifically said mexico would make a one-time payment of $5 billion to $10 billion or immigrants trying to send money home would face a penalty. >> we'll see how it wraps up.
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craig has more breaking news. >> good morning to you. military officials say the united states has, in fact, started the process of with drawing troops from syria. that official did not give specific timelines or troop movements due to security concerns. the united states has around 2,000 troops in the country. president trump's decision to pull troops from syria sent shockwaves through the region and led to the resignation of u.s. secretary of state of defense james mattis. now new developments tied to the mueller investigation sending shock waves through washington. michael cohen, the president's former personal lawyer, set to testify publicly before congress. nbc justice correspondent pete williams has the details. pete, a lot of people will be watching this. >> yes. this is a dramatic result of the democrats now taking control of the house, calling as their first high profile witness the man who says it was his job to cover up what he called donald trump's dirty deeds. cohen said he'll tell the full story of everything he saw.
7:17 am
michael cohen will testify before the house oversight committee february 7, a month before he reports to federal prison. committee chairman elijah cummings said it could be a john dean moment referring to president nixon's white house counsel whose testimony helped bring nixon down. cohen was a lawyer and a fixer for donald trump. he said he'll give a full and credible account of what transpired no doubt including the hush money payments for two women who claim they had affairs with mr. trump, something the president denied. to avoid interfering with the mueller investigation he may not be asked about contacts he had with the russians including trying to clear the way for a trump tower in moscow which put him in contact with kremlin leaders. the chairman of the house intelligence committee wants cohen in a closed session. >> my understanding is he wants to tell his story before the committee, but not go to the russia questions. those questions need to be
7:18 am
answered. >> reporter: after first praising him president trump called cohen weak after his former lawyer pleaded guilty and cooperated with mueller. >> michael cohen is lying to get a reduced sentence for things that have nothing to do with me. >> reporter: when told thursday cohen will be testifying in public the president expressed no concern. >> i'm not worried about it at all, no. go ahead. >> we'll see what the president thinks. what do republicans say about it in congress? >> they are not too excite d about this. the top republican on the oversight committee said the public testimony will amount to what he called political theater and said cohen already admitted he intentionally lied to congress in an earlier closed session. >> pete williams, good to have you here in the flesh. >> thank you, pete. meantime, we are getting a better idea what to expect from a powerful winter storm rolling across the country. mr. roker is checking it out for us. >> good morning and thank you for getting your first weather from us. we are looking at the storm system starting to spread snow and rain. the winter weather stretches
7:19 am
1800 miles, 40 million people affected from the rockies to the east coast. low pressure pushing to the east. we see rain and snow in the plains from the rockies to indiana by later tonight. tomorrow, the snow spreads into the midatlantic region. the track of the low will determine where the snow goes and how far north. chicago, st. louis, washington, new york stays out of it. with the high pressure pushing down, we'll have to wait and see when the coastal low develops to determine the snowfall. there will be a fairly wide area of 12 inches or more. st. louis gets double digits, first time in five years. as we move east, the two to six-inch widespread snowfall starts to taper off as you get into the appalachians. we are going to see two to five inches there. airport delays tomorrow from missouri all the way to pennsylvania, atlanta as well. up into chicago and on sunday, we look for basically more into the northeast. we'll get to your local forecast
7:20 am
in the next 30 seconds. local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. and i'm a little bit rock 'n' roll. i'm a little bit of memphis and nashville. with a little bit of motown in my soul. i don't know if it's good or bad. but i know i love it so. with a little bit of country. and a little bit of rock 'n' roll. the all new chevy silverado. it's a little bit country, and it's a little bit rock 'n' roll. ♪ good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. here is a live look outside in oakland, with some cloudy skies. we are going to get a few peeks of sunshine before some rain arrives. we're tracking it on storm ranger, that's our mobile doppler radar. right now, the rain is offshore but will be working its way into the bay area. as we go into this afternoon, we may see the first wave of that moving over the santa cruz mountains, around 3:00 to 4:00, and then into parts of the south bay, spreading northward, where some of the heavier rain will be
7:21 am
falling later on this evening. that's your latest weather. >> coming up, hundreds of passengers fall ill on one of the biggest cruise ships in the world. now it's on its way back to florida. we'll have the story live. >> plus, the spotlight on the new woman in the life of the world's richest man, jeff bezos, and how his impending divorce could impact his amazon empire. first, this is "today" on nbc. but first, this is "today" nbc.on
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♪ yeah, had a pretty big fender bender here. state farm's got you covered, mike. [helium voice] ahhh, that's great to hear...robyn? [helium voice] everybody remain calm! [helium voice] we have this situation under control, [helium voice] we'll be out of here in a jiffy. we )re following breaking news n yolo county-- good morning to you. it's 7:26. i'm scott mcgrew. we are following heartbreaking news in yolo county where a rookie police officer has been murdered in the line of duty. overnight, the man who shot her, killed himself. 22-year-old davis police officer natalie corona, just a few weeks on the job, was shot last night after responding to a car crash in downtown davis. the manhunt ended for the killer just a few blocks from the crime scene. investigators haven't released any information about the suspect, but it's the first time davis has had an officer killed in the line of duty since 1959. we'll keep on top of that. let's check your weather in the meantime. >> we start out with cloudy skies around the bay area, but
7:27 am
the rain is very close to the coast. we're tracking it on storm ranger, and most of us won't see that rain until about later on this morning into the afternoon. 4:00 we straart to see a wave o heavy downpours moving over the santa cruz mountains and approaching the south bay. we'll see that become more widespread with gusty winds and at times heavy downpours through the overnight and tapering off tomorrow. we'll track that, as we head over to mike, you have an update on the morning commute. >> the transit better for caltrain after the crash investigation there on redwood city that has cleared. we have both directions restored for service. there will be delays for the existing trains. the new trains online should be moving all right. minor delay for b.a.r.t. out of warm springs, no major problems and the commute also not really major. the south bay shows a lot of northbound slowing builds up over the last half hour and slowing through oakland an the east shore freeway. we are staying on top of the death of officer corona.
7:28 am
we'll have information on that throughout the morning and of course on our midday news. we have several crews in davis covering this story. more news in half an hour.
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♪ ♪ we'll never be free until we end slavery ♪ . >> that, of course, that's "hamilton." and he makes his long awaited return in the role in his beloved puerto rico. he's on the way. i have a friend going there to watch this great production. >> incredible. going to help fund the arts in puerto rico. i'm going to go in a couple of weeks. i'm very excited. jimmy fallon is there.
7:31 am
the tonight so is there. let's start with the headlines. 800,000 federal workers will begin feeling the impact of the government shutdown today when they see zeros on their paychecks. many of those workers are still on the jobs such as tsa officers, air traffic controllers. the president sis edging this morning closer to announcing an emergency. >> a wisconsin teenager missing for three months has been found alive. police say 13-year-old jaym jayme closs was located thursday afternoon in gordon, wisconsin b-an hour from her home. the star tribune is reporting a woman was walking her dog when closs approached her and said she needed help. a suspect was apprehended 11 minutes later. jarch ayme has been missing since october 15th. a news conference is scheduled for later this morning.
7:32 am
>> the ocean are warming faster than previously thought, set agnew temperature record in 2018 in a trend that is damaging marine life according to a new study published in the journal of science. the ocean is warming as much 40r than an estimate from a united nations panel just five years ago. scientists say man made greenhouse gas emissions are warming the atmosphere and a large part of the heat is absorbed by the oceans. they say that's forcing fish to flee to cooler waters. warmer oceans lead to more powerful storms and damaged coral reeves. a royal caribbean choose ship is returning to port after hundreds of passengers suddenly became sick with a stomach virus. kerry sanders is in port canaver canaveral, florida, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this morning the cruise ship oasis of the seas is headed back to port a day early.
7:33 am
once the ship docks here, all 6,200 will get off and a team from royal caribbean is standing by to go on board to sanitize the ship to eliminate the virus that spread so quickly. >> passengers on board royal caribbean's oasis of the seas say the ship was anything but an oasis. hundreds of passengers spending much of the cruise sick with gastrointestinal symptoms, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea believed to be norovirus. >> you don't want to go and do anything because everyone else is sick, you're not feeling well so you're confined to a tiny room on a cruise ship, and it's terrible. >> cody hadad ask his girlfriend are still on the ship disappointed how their dream cruise turned out. we spoke to them by phone. >> it just feels like a sick ship. it's something we don't want to be on anymore. it's really a nightmare. >> the first couple of days were great, he says, including this tuesday visit to a private
7:34 am
island in haiti, but that's when people started getting sick, including cody and his girlfriend. >> almost everyone i've talked to has personally been sick or knows somebody that's ill. >> nearly 8,500 people are on board, royal caribbean says only a small percentage are affected. the ship left port on sunday. the itinerary is supposed to include haiti, then jamaica and cozumel. but jamaican government officials wouldn't let them dock, trapped in their cabins several passengers took to twitter. passengers also posting pictures of the crew trying to wipe out the fast spreading virus. royal caribbean deciding to cut the cruise short by one day returning to port saturday telling nbc news in part we think the right thing to do is to get everyone home early rather than have guests worry about their health. >> reporter: with the federal government shutdown, it's still unclear if the cdc, the centers for disease control will get samples from the ship to test as
7:35 am
they typically would. those tests would show what is believed to be a low grade but extremely discomforting norovirus. back to you. >> kerry, thanks. in the meantime, a lot of eyes are on amazon's ceo jeff bezos and the reported new woman in his life. their relationship is making headlines just hours after news broke of his split with his wife of 25 years. joe fryer has been following it. >> when jeff bezos and his wife announced their divorce they made the decision after a trial accept raks. the spotlight is on a new woman who is reportedly in the picture. >> the world's richest man not on the market for long. amazon's ceo is now in a relationship with former news anchor lauren sanchez. the pair was spotted on sunday at amazon's golden globe's party. the 49-year-old is the former host of "good day l.a.."
7:36 am
sanchez also appeared on extra and "the view" and later became a helicopter pilot launching her own production company that worked with bezos's company blue origin. sanchez reportedly split from her husband, one of hollywood's most powerful talent agents. >> they seem like they have this fairy tale life. it's unclear what happened. >> the couple posed with bezos in 2016, but more recently it's sanchez and bezos who have been spending time together. >> she introduced him to some of her girlfriends, and people started raising an eyebrow. >> news of their relationship came hours after jeff and his wife mackenzie announced they were ending their 25-year marriage, now an estimated $137 billion fortune is on the table, and with no word of a preup in agreement, their hope state of washington says everything they have can be
7:37 am
split 50/50 setting it up to top the list of most expensive divorce ever. actor medical gibson settled for $42 $425 million rupert mourdock handed over 1.7 billion. the head of amazon could be out as much as 68 billion. most of his money is tied up in amazon stock according to cnbc, possibly putting jeff's position as largest shareholder of the company in jeopardy. >> he's got a lot of high paid attorneys and accountants trying to figure out how do you give something away but still effectively keep it. >> in a possible effort to quiet shareholder concerns, amazon says jeff remains focused on and engaged in all aspects of the company if his share is split in half, mackenzie could become along with her soon to be ex-husband the largest shareholder in amazon. >> this 50/50 split, how likely is that? >> experts suggest it's probably
7:38 am
not going to happen. it's more likely she'll receive a lesser amount, still in the billions, something that allows jeff to keep his control over the company. back to you guys. >> thank you so much. al roker is back with a look at that storm we're all watching. >> we've got another storm for our friends along the west coast. we've got two systems. we've got this system coming in today on into tomorrow, and then right behind it there's another one that's going to come in in the early week. we've got more rain and more strong winds coming in turning drier on saturday, but then that second system makes its way in. this one focused mostly along the california coast all the way down into san diego, and what that means is we could be looking at anywhere from three to six inches of rain in some upper >> we start out with some dry weather. mostly cloudy skies, as we take a live look outside in san francisco this morning, but we know that rain is on the way, so be sure you're prepared for that
7:39 am
by this afternoon. we're looking at some mid to upper 50s for our highs, and most of us won't see that rain until the evening commute, but moving from south to north and spreading across the bay area. scattered showers continue through the overnight, and start to taper off tomorrow. saturday afternoon for the most part of the bay area is looking dry. and that is your latest weather. coming up here, how that bears' kicker is feeling now in the wake of that almost playoff game winner. we're going to ask cody parkey in an exclusive live interview. natalie portman sitting down with willy and talking about her new role and the unusual start to her acting career. plus, does rooet witherspoon have a twin? the photo with her family that has a lot of people talking. we're going to get you ready for the weekend's big nfl playoff games including a pretty big pep rally
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7:45 am
. welcome back. the next round of the nfl playoffs kick off tomorrow right here on nbc. saturday's first game in kansas city. andrew luck and his indianapolis colts traveling to face the chiefs. kansas city has the league's highest scoring offense. get this, they've never beaten the colts in the post season. that could change this year. according to projections, the chiefs have a 66% chance of winning this game and advancing to the afc championship. >> then on saturday night the dallas cowboys, they head to l.a. to lock horns with the rams. the rams tied the saints and the chargers for the most wins in the nfl this year. they are also projected to advance. they've got a 66% chance of winning. next game, sunday in foxboro, massachusetts. that's where the l.a. chargers will take that high-powered team to challenge tom brady and his new england patriots. always not smart to -- you don't bet against brady in the post
7:46 am
season. let's talk about the matchup we're talking about in the studio, the philadelphia eagles and nick foles take on the saints in the big easy. >> projections for my saints are looking good, 538 giving the best qb in the world drew brees and the saints an edge with a 64% chance of winning. >> i think we've got something that you guys might want to see. >> what? >> take a look, check this out. >> hey, hoda, our new orleans girl, what's going on? it's drew brees. i'm in the locker room, we're pumped about this week. thanks so much for sporting us. we love you as much as you love the saints. see you soon. >> savannah, this is malcolm jenkins saying thank you so much for the year round support. we're going to make sure we handle some business. you've got all the bragging test. test. ha
7:47 am
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coming up, one of the biggest names in sports off the market. we're going to introduce you to we're going to introduce you to the woman who stole tim tebow's i hear it in the background and she's watching too, saying [indistinct conversation] [friend] i've never seen that before. ♪ ♪ i have... ♪
7:53 am
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7:56 am
good friday morning. right now, at 7:56, we are getting some sunshine in parts of the south bay, and it's a mild start, but we are going to be tracking some rain going into the afternoon. our high temperatures will reach into the upper 50s for the inland valleys, and most of us will see the rain holding off until about later on, and around the evening commute, we'll see some waves of heavy rain moving into the peninsula, the south bay, as well as the east bay, and then it works its way northward, going into tonight, and we may also have some gusty winds. we'll be tracking some of the gusts up to about 25 miles per hour. by tomorrow, the rain starts to taper off, and we'll have a little bit of a break before the next system arrives on sunday. let's get an update on the commute now from mike. >> kari, you mentioned that sunshine, that's what the folks headed south on 101 in toward the sun have to face. northbound we see mild slowing where the arrow is on our map.
7:57 am
not so bad. the south bay itself really a smooth flow of traffic, crash north of that camera shot around 87, that is over on the shoulder but the slow lane night be impacted by a crew that's there, no major injuries. no major slowing for fremont or san mateo. you see your typical slower spots though. same thing for 580 and 880 through oakland. there is the toll plaza, scott. breaking news out of yolo county, just tragic. rookie police officer has been murdered in the line of duty. the man who shot and killed her killed himself. 22-year-old davis police officer natalie corona was shot last night, after responding to a car crash in downtown davis. the manhunt for the killer ended a few blocks away. also breaking, the department of defense is beginning its withdrawal of u.s. troops in syria. there are no specific timetables on when the members of the military will be home. there are about 2,000 u.s. troops in syria. confirmation of those first withdrawals comes over confusion from trump's order to pull out
7:58 am
and then later order us to stay. more local news in half an hour. l take you live to d-c as the story continues to unfold. plus- kari tracks what is expected to be a wet work week. and mike will watch for any traffic problem spots. monday morning from 4:30 to 7.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, breaking overnight, she's alive. >> i knew it was her the second she walked in the door. >> new details about the wisconsin teenager who was found safe nearly three months after her parents were killed and she disappeared. >> i was in a bit of shock and disbelief. >> i just sobbed. >> what we're learning about her dramatic escape and the suspect now in custody. plus, payday problems. >> stop the shutdown now! >> nearly 1 million federal employees waking up to zeros in their paychecks this morning as this shutdown is set to become the longest in u.s. history. >> these are middle class families. they cannot sustain for a day, a
8:01 am
week, a month, or any period of time having their income shut off. >> this morning, how the border battle is affecting all americans coast to coast. and cody parkey speaks out. >> it hits the upright again. >> after missing the game-winning field goal, the bears kicker is here. how's he feeling? we'll ask him in his first interview since that infamous kick. "today," january 11th, 2019. ♪ >> we're the michaels from maryland! >> hi grandma and grandpa! >> this is shanna from sioux city, iowa. >> we love you, kids! ♪ >> from dallas, texas, celebrating our second an ver anniversa anniversary. >> it's my birthday weekend. from phoenix, arizona.
8:02 am
>> turning 50 on "today"! look. we got the fake turf out on our plaza. we are ready for a pep rally. and reminder, everybody, we love our morning open. we get to see the folks on the plaza. we want to see you at home to. >> record a short video and upload it. can't way to see you. >> there is going to be a pep rally out there in a little bit and a wager. >> you don't want to miss this. >> all right. let's get right to the news at 8:00. an incredible story tops our news. a 13-year-old wisconsin girl missing since october after her parents were murdered. well, she has been found alive. ron mott has the latest on her condition and what we know about this ordeal. >> reporter: good morning again. this is the result that people here in barron have been praying about almost nonstop for three months. jayme closs found alive.
8:03 am
this went down yesterday without warning about an hour's drive north of here near a town called gordon, wisconsin. a woman out walking her dog yesterday came upon this girl who asked her for help. the woman immediately recognized that it was jayme closs because her picture has been plastered all over the state here for the past three months. she asked her what her name was and she said it's jayme. she whisked her to a neighbor's house. this is jayme closs, call 911. the neighbor that took her in had this to say about jayme's disposition while waiting for police to arrive. >> she seemed kind of in shock and kind of timid, but she did talk to us a little bit. she came in and sat down in our living room and was able to have a conversation with us. >> reporter: now, there are obviously a lot of questions surrounding the death of jayme's parents and the disappearance herself. police were tight lipped about the suspect they took into
8:04 am
custody shortly after she was taken into police custody. neighbors here and in gordon, wisconsin, area looking forward to seeing jayme. she was a bit unkempt, but her family is looking forward to get her back home. this is the result they wanted here. savannah, back to you. >> thank you. now to the government shutdown. it is really hitting home today as nearly a million federal workers missed their first paychecks. nbc's tom costello is at reagan airport. good morning. >> reporter: 51,000 tsa officers nationwide did not get a paycheck this morning. actually, they did. it says zero dollars on their paycheck. keep in mind they make about $30,000 a year. the vast majority say they live paycheck to paycheck. and now they've got to figure out how they're going to pay the rent, the mortgage, groceries, or child care. you name it. it's not just tsa officers, of course. it's also air traffic controllers, 13,000 who keep the nation's skies this morning not
8:05 am
getting paid. fda inspectors right now are off the job. nobody right now is checking the nation's food supply. ntsb and faa inspectors who should be looking at crashes are no longer doing so. they're not getting paid right now. they are furloughed. this is a ripple effect across the country and the concern is that many of these government employee who is are middle class are now going to struggle just to make ends meet. and there is no end in sight. the question is, how long will it take until some of these officers decide they're going to call out sick so they can go to a second job and make money or in the cases of some instances, we may see officers simply quitting. that's the concern from the tsa headquarters in washington. hoda, back to you. >> all right. thanks, tom. overnight search for the gunman who killed a rookie california police officer has ended with the suspect's apparent suicide. police in davis, california, say 22-year-old officer natalie corona was responding to a traffic accident last night when she was shot.
8:06 am
officer corona had completed her field training just a few weeks ago. the uc davis college campus was locked down. the suspect was found dead in a house near the shooting scene. at this point, it's not clear if he was involved in the initial traffic accident. this weekend, an update on a story that made a lot of headlines. a journalist kidnapped while working overseas. how an undercover agent trapped the kidnapper and possibly saved the young woman's life. >> in 2008, amanda lindhow was captured. her brutal captivity lasted more than a year. but after a harrowing rescue, investigators got a clue from one of the most likely sources that would lead them on an international chase for one of her kidnappers. it would take them to this remote island in the middle of the indian ocean, involve an undercover agent, and a ruse to convince the kidnapper to confe
8:07 am
confess. >> in a new interview, she describes the moment she learned her kidnapper had been caught. you can watch the "dateline" special here at 10:00 eastern on nbc on sunday. the first panoramic picture of the far side of the moon. it was made by piecing together 80 smaller photos. it eerie 360 degree view. the images confirm the rover and its relay satellite are in good condition before they begin their lunar exploration. >> if you watch that to pink floyd's dark side of the moon, that's a good friday night activity. canadian writer aaron reynolds decided to share something on twitter that a lot of parents of teenagers can appreciate. he said, this is what it's like
8:08 am
to get texts from his 14-year-old while riding in a car. take a listen. >> 35 emoji, a grinning face, a sunglasses face, a crazy face, seven smiley faces, a face crying with laughter, two faces with tongue out, two faces with monocles, and three party faces, a goofy face -- >> and it goes on and on. of course that was the car's talk to text feature reading his son's message. just so you know, that's not aaron fiddling with the controls. he's sitting in the passenger seat. safety. but is that not great? >> also it's a definition. it's like, what is that face? now we know. still ahead on this friday morning, willie geist going one-on-one with natalie portman as she opens up about her latest complicated role. and the unlikely start to her acting career. but first, the bears' cody parkey on moving forward after
8:09 am
that field goal miss. can't wait to talk to him. coming up after this. there's little rest for a single dad, and back pain made it hard to sleep and get up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid, plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. ♪ finally got me ben. the clarke st street crater, the mother of all potholes, but you know state farms got you too. you ain't nothing! are you trash talking a pothole? yup. go with the one that's here to help life go right. state farm.
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8:12 am
we are back with today's talker. last sunday with the season on the line, chicago bears' kicker cody parkey lined up for a field goal that would have sent the team to the next round of the nfl playoffs. >> that kick now known as the double doinked and later determined to have been tipped at the line. heft the crossbar at an almost impossible angle before bouncing into the end zone. >> it left bears fans and
8:13 am
players asking what went wrong. cody parkey who scored nine of chicago's 15 points in the game, i might add, is with us exclusively. hi, cody. good morning. i'm sure you love seeing that video over and over again. >> yeah, yeah. >> you know, the reason you're here and the reason we're so excited to talk to you is because of the kind of person that you are, and everything you did after that kick. but i have to ask you what you were thinking. you know, what in that moment and in your mind? did you know it had been tipped? what was going through your mind? >> as a kicker you live for those moments, and like you said i was three for three before that. i had a lot of confidence going into that kick. i went out there, my long snapper and holder, did a great job. i saw the wind moving a little bit. i said all right, this is where i'm going to play it. i didn't know it was tipped or anything. i thought i hit a pretty good kick. it felt good off my figoot and then i saw it hit the upright and the crossbar, and thought
8:14 am
surely it will go in. obviously i'm disappointed. i let the fans, my teammates and the whole organization down. i just -- i'll continue to keep my head held high because football is what i do. it's not who i am. >> one of the things that struck all of us was in the aftermath after the kick and after everyone had their emotions, you had a couple of things that went on. you looked up and you pointed up, and later on there was a little kind of prayer circle among some players. and i was just wondering, like what were you saying in that moment? >> yeah, so something i've always tried to do is through good or bad, you know, give praise to the higher power, our lord and savior jesus christ. and after the game, one of the coolest things in my opinion is the prayer that we do. you get done battling the other team for 60 minutes and we're all joined in prayer. we're just praying for safety and health and that the team gets home safely on their plane and stuff like that. it's really encouraging stuff and something i look forward to. >> chicago can be a tough sports town. have you been surprised by the
8:15 am
reaction there? have you been surprised by the reaction throughout this country to your response to what happened? >> yeah, so i haven't been on social media or anything like that. >> smart man. >> yeah. a lot of good can come from it, and a lot of bad can come from it. at the same time i've gotten a lot of positive messages. i feel worse than anybody about missing that kick because i wanted to make it more than anybody, but you know, at the end of the day, i'm just going to hold my head high. when things aren't going my way, i'm going to think positive and keep swinging. >> i said it earlier, you're the classiest of class acts. you went in the locker room, answered every question from reporters, and i want to read something that one of your teammates akeem hicks said. he said that's our guy. i'm going to ride with that guy. if you have that c on your helmet, i'm going to ride with you to the end. i don't care what happens to you on the field. >> akeem is a standup guy. a lot of teammates stood up for me. it's a family, it's a bond that,
8:16 am
you know, these gieuys see me working hard every day. they know all the effort we put in year round. it's really awesome to see that akeem and everybody stood up for me like that. >> speaking of family, your beautiful bride is here somewhere. hey, colleen. you were witnessing, you know, what your husband went through. what do you think of this guy? >> i could not be more proud of him. obviously like he said the kick didn't go in, and we're getting through that, but just watching his character and everything shine through, which obviously stands above football in my eyes. so i'm super proud of him. >> i love that. right after the game you guys have a tradition, i guess, of driving home from chicago. you live in florida, so that's like two days of driving. but you said you didn't really talk about the game? was it like honey, you missed the turn. >> it gave us time to reflect on the season and get back to people, realize how many people that are in our corner and love
8:17 am
us. it just gave us time to reflect and realize how blessed we are with the life we live. >> this weekend not to put you on the spot, do you pull for one or the other? >> no, i'm a bears fan through and through regardless. i'm neutral. >> wow. >> they have mvps, i think they should have mhp, most honorable player. >> thank you so much. i appreciate it. >> thank you, honey. >> thank you so much. >> the classiest of acts. >> let's send it over to al for a check of the weather. great to see. one thing we're not seeing a lot of snow, just about 29% of the u.s. covered in snow this time of the year. should be greater. chicago, st. louis, indianapolis, cincinnati. you move into the northeast, boy, boston lower snow than usual, only a trace since december 1st for new york city. washington, d.c. a trace, philadelphia 3/10 of an inch, and albuquerque, lubbock, oklahoma, richmond and washington, d.c., but we're
8:18 am
talking about a lot of snow, a swath of about 2,000 miles, two to six inches of snow from missouri into indianapolis. but we could see upwards of 12 inches around st. louis. last time that happened was about five years ago, and as we get into the mid-atlantic states, as we get through sunday, we are talking about anywhere from two to six inches of that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the wood. >> good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. still nice and sunny. a great start to this friday morning. but be prepared. we have a lot of changes on the way as we go throughout the day as our temperatures head into the upper 50s inland. it will be in the mid-50s for san francisco. but rain will be on the way for the afternoon. essentially when it's time for the evening commute. as a wave of heavy downpours rolls over the santa cruz mountains into the south bay as well as the east bay by 5:00. moving into the north bay later on tonight. gradually tapering off tomorrow. and that's your latest
8:19 am
weather. guys. >> look who it is. >> how are you doing? >> you always come with a cool interview. >> we've got a good one i think for you this sunday. oscar winner natalie portman. you've got pop star. >> i thought we were getting into it. >> we'll see. >> we're ready to go. >> we were just saying hi, willie. that's it. but welcome for pop start. we've got a lot to get to. first up, wedding bells are ringing for tim tebow. the former nfl quarterback who currently plays baseball for the new york mets organization is engaged. tebow revealed that he popped the question to former miss universe demi-leigh nel-peters. people report that the proposal proposal took on the tebow family farm. he captioned the photo thank you for saying yes and making me the happiest man in the world. you're the love of my life and i can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you. a new photo of reese witherspoon's family has people
8:20 am
talking. while she looks stunning, it's the photo inside the issue that has everyone doing a double takement posed along side her mother and daughter, many people talking about the striking similarities across the three generations. >> yeah. >> each of them looks stunning. to see more photos and read reese's interview pick up the february issue january 22nd. finally there's a new show that has a lot of people talking. it's called "the masked singer" where you have to guess who is singing while dressed in an elaborate costume. yesterday ellen degeneres decided to bring that concept to her own show, but she calls it the masked dancer. under that frog prince disguise is a celebrity and ellen and her deejay twitch have to guess who it is. let's see how they did. >> all right, all right. you're out of breath so you're not a dancer for a living. >> how many times have you been a guest on this show?
8:21 am
>> including today? >> yeah. >> 16. >> are you on a tv show right now? >> yes, ma'am. and this thing is really hot so if you could speed it up. [ laughter ] just a little less gap between each question. anytime today. >> should i say who it is. >> yes, i think we both think it's the same person. >> we think it's sean hayes. >> how did they get that? >> he said i can't breathe. >> it's amazing. so yeah, they got it right. and that's pop start. >> we got time for a daily click? >> we certainly do. >> when it comes to make believe, this toddler fully
8:22 am
commits to his role. the little guy is in a heated dual with his dad. the battle is picking up when he turns around and gets hit by the lightsaber. he dramatically begins to fall in slow mo all the way to the ground. he picked the perfect star wars song to add to his convincing performance. i think this boy needs an oscar. >> man. guess what, you guys. now -- >> you sure? >> yes, willie. >> that kid's going to be a sunday sit-down. as i mentioned natalie portman is my guest. she and i got together to talk about her latest movie called vox lucks. we also got into the heavy roles she took on right out of the gate when she began her career as a kid 25 years ago. >> you went hard at a young age in serious heavy roles. you skipped the disney years and went right into drama.
8:23 am
>> that was kind of an accident. at 13 i'm playing an assassin. at 14 i'm playing a girl who tried to commit suicide. >> i can't be late! >> i was trying out for all those disney things. i just didn't get them. they were like this one is not chirpy. >> her latest movie vox lucks is about as far from disney as you can get. portman plays celeste, a school shooting survivor who writes a song about the incident that makes her a star. ♪ >> and eventually thrusts her into the darkside of celebrity. >> you get, you know, the moment of columbine effectively with school shooters. we hear about 9/11. there's a terror attack that is inspired in some way by pop culture by your character. what does the movie want to say about the times we live in now and the times we've lived in over the last quarter century? >> i think it makes us question what is the effect of pop culture and violent events being reported the same way, for
8:24 am
example, that you can look at your apple news and it will tell you about a celebrity breakup right next to a story of a mass shooting. does it de-value every piece of information. one of the most powerful things my character says is someone threatens to reveal something about her, and it's like who cares. what matters anymore. literally the worst things can happen and it will be big news for five minutes and the next day it's completely gone. >> what did you see in celeste that you can kind of dial into? >> there's definitely a certain way that young girls in particular are packaged in the public eye where there's this combination of innocence and sexiness that they're like putting together and putting out. it's just a wild thing to have been a part of myself and also that the movie definitely looks at. >> you guys have interviewed natalie. you know how smart she is and how fun she is to talk to.
8:25 am
i didn't realize, remember she did the star wars movies. she said after they came out they were so poorly reviewed she couldn't get work for a while. natalie portman couldn't get jobs. she goes off to school at harvard. i say what was it like being a movie star at harvard? she said it was okay because it was right before social media. she did say right across campus a freshman was starting a revolution, his name was mark zuckerberg. she said i just missed social media by that much. that's how she survived. you can see the full interview this weekend on sunday "today." just ahead, our big football blowout.i )m ...
8:26 am
we )re following breaking news n yolo county-- where a rookie police off good morning, everyone. we're following breaking and just trajics news where a rookie police officer has been murdered in the line of duty. overnight, the man who shot her killed himself. 22-year-old davis police officer natalie corona just a few weeks on the job was shot last night after responding to a car crash in downtown davis. the manhunt for her killer ended just a few blocks away from the crash scene. investigators have not yet released any information about the suspect. it's the first time davis has had an officer killed in the line of duty since 1959. let's get a check of your traffic this morning. >> we had a lot of fog this morning but looks like it's clear sailing now for most of
8:27 am
our bay. as the sun comes up. clear sailing at the bay bring toll plaza. we still have slowing. look at this shot of oakland, 880 northbound. kind of jamming up over near the coliseum. a lot of traffic near this particular portion of oakland. past high street, into downtown and west 580 coming across the warren freeway. this one section as you head to brooklyn hills, downtown oakland, that's where you see the slowing. the rest of the bay, clear, scott, back to you. >> mike, thank you. we'll have more local news for you coming up in half an hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
it's 8:30 on this friday morning, january 11th, 2019, and the crowd a little rowdier than usual. that's because we're gearing up for an exciting weekend of nfl playoff action. we've got a big pep rally on the plaza for you this morning. the crowd is decked out in nfl hats thanks to new era cap. look savannah guthrie, there's an eagle. there's an eagle. >> oh, my god. >> can i talk in yours? we of course are looking forward to the big games including the colts and the chiefs right here on nbc, but especially it's that matchup we've been discussing
8:31 am
between. >> who cares. >> new orleans saints, who dat and savannah's eagles. >> did you guys know that the patriots play, too? >> whatever. anyway, guys, look who's here. swoop, he swooped in, flew in for the occasion, the eagles mascot. hi, swoop. you're looking great. he's feeling good, too. >> what does that say? dear savannah, i would like to personally thank you -- it's a long letter. >> this is from the owner of the eagles jeffrey lurie. he says enclosed in this care package are hats and shirts for your entire production crew at the "today" show. >> he's trying to convert them. >> did you get a letter from the owner of the saints? >> where's the saints mascot? >> it's a saint. >> so here we go. okay. our mascot couldn't make it. it's easy to swoop in from
8:32 am
philly. however, they did send me a bunch of black and gold. so on three, can we say who dat, one, two, three, who dat! >> okay, what about fly eagles fly? >> they sent something for haley, too. just take a look. one, two, three, go. >> saints! >> one, two, three. go saints! >> i got her trained. >> okay. >> all right. well, we've got some jerseys too for our little ones. it's the battle of the babies at our house. we're going to make a wager on the game. the loser is going to have to pay a price. >> you don't want to miss this. a crowd moment, i'm actually not going to show any bias here. but i am looking for melanie and
8:33 am
randy. where are you? >> i'm not showing any bias but they do happen to be fans of? >> huge saints fans. >> saints all the way. >> i see you guys live down in new orleans? >> yes. >> what brings you up to the city? >> our anniversary. >> and to see hoda. >> this is a big anniversary tomorrow? >> 17 years. >> 17 years. happy anniversary. good luck tomorrow. by the way, our friends over at the nfl wanted to wish you a happy anniversary as well. this is a $300 gift certificate to the nfl show. perhaps you can buy some more saints gear. >> thank you. >> enjoy that. happy anniversary. >> happy anniversary. >> thank you, love you guys. >> they just happened to be saints fans, no bias though. just ahead we're going to dive into some tasty dishes paying tribute to some of the teams you're going to be seeing in action. >> then something else that we can get competitive about, who understands young people better? we're going to meet a couple who actually helps parents decode what their kids are saying.
8:34 am
they're going to put our knowledge to the test as well. they're a lot cooler than we are. >> and might i just add go pats, and coming up in the third hour of today, our consumer confidential, one couple's story about clinics promising a fast but costly fix for what ails you. plus the one and only spike lie. first, mr. roker you got a check of the weather? >> let's see what we've got for the weekend ahead. freezing cold in the northeast, widespread snow tomorrow stretching about 1,800 miles, southwestern showers. sunshine in the pacific northwest and the plains. sunday, sunday, the koeltd continues in the northeast, snowy weather along the mid-atlantic states. cool down south. plenty of sunshine pacific what country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're enjoying a little bit of sunshine. it all comes to an end by this afternoon as our high temperatures reach into the mid to upper 50s.
8:35 am
we'll start to see scattered showers by the afternoon. it gets heavier as we go into sunset and later there shortly thereafter. we'll see waves of rain overnight. a lot of it tapered off by early tomorrow. by tomorrow afternoon, we're seeing some more sunshine and another storm system on sunday. and that's your latest weather. all right, that game's not on nbc, but we've got a good one for you come up on sunday night football. it's divisional playoffs. here we go, that's right, the colts, kansas city, it's a big one in kansas city, missouri. arrowhead stadium. some light snow, 31 degrees. it's coming in, but you won't mind it's on saturday. forget it's not sunday. it's saturday, thank you, control room. it's divisional playoff action saturday, 3:00 colts, chiefs, be there! >> savannah. >> all right, al, thank you so
8:36 am
much. just ahead, are you a parent? feels like you have no idea what your kids are trying to say? these two are here to help us fuddy duddies stay hip. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:37 am
8:38 am
we are back, taking on an age old struggle facing parning. >> one couple thinks they can help bridge the gap with their new site. it's called stay hip. chris and natalie colbert are its founders. good to see you. you're not parents yourself? >> correct. >> so how did this thing come about? >> we both came from massive families. >> chris is one of five and countless cousins. i have no idea how large his family is. >> i'm not sure either, but we've always been the people that they go to when there is a new app, a new website. >> or like why is my kid watching another kid play a video game. >> right, we've been talking
8:39 am
about that. >> does spilling tea literally mean spilling tea or when they're saying let's get the spread, does that mean i'm supposed to pick up a loaf of rye bread. >> sometimes the problem is once parents are hip to what their kids are doing, they go to something else. >> we're here to help keep up with that and keep them in the loop. >> you're like transitional, you're not kids, you're not old people like us yet. what is this a glossary of terms? >> we have a glossary of terms. we cover memes, emojis just kind of the way the communication is changing year after year. >> i think it's really important where it's not just giving a definition to participaents, we really connecting the dots. breaking it down to give them the context. i don't really know why it's important and where my kid even learned this from. >> should we figure out how hip we are or are not? put us to the test. >> we have two lifelines. we have al roker in the plaza to do a poll the plaza and sam
8:40 am
sama dada who's really smart. >> she's a millennial. >> first question, what does dragging mean? a, insulting someone. b, beating someone in a game. c, slow to respond or, d, overly tired? >> dragging someone? >> that's what we mean, d, but i'm going for c. >> i'm going with c. >> what are you going with? >> b, it's hard to say. >> i'm sorry. but all of you guys are wrong. >> all of us? >> it's a, insulting someone, kind of roasting, dragging someone's name through the mud. >> the next one. >> keep it going. >> next up, what is amino? >> a, slang for a friend. b, a new dating app, c, a filter on instagram, or d, a new social networking app. >> should we ask al roker? >> we're going to poll the plaza. >> here we go, what do you think folks, those choice s?
8:41 am
>> a. >> b, c. >> a lot of people here say a, which i would agree with. >> that's amigo is a friend. >> the plaza said what? >> they said a. >> i don't trust these people. i'm going with c. >> i'm going to go with c. >> b. >> it's actually d. >> d? >> it's a new app? >> it's a pretty big app. it's pretty much reddit designed for teenagers. >> wait, what's reddit. no, i'm just kidding. >> we'll get into that next time for sure. >> all right, if someone says ha you' that you're being extra, what does that mean? >> a, having a lot of followers. >> b, being excessively humble, c, being over the top, or d, not paying enough attention. >> c, over the top. >> we know something. >> got it. >> next up, emotes are new emojis, someone who's emotional,
8:42 am
victory dance in video games or a new youtube video. >> i know this. >> let's ask our millennial. is she there? >> yeah, i'm here. >> emotes? >> oh, i love that. you know, i have to go with c. >> no, i don't trust sama. >> why c, sama? >> to be honest it can't be a, b, or d. >> i'm going with b. >> i'm going with a. >> it's c. >> way to go sama. >> i believed, i believed. i trusted you. >> sorry sama. i should have trusted you. >> they're dances usually used in victories in fortnite. >> time for one more question. >> i'm 0 for 4. >> speaking of fortnite, what is the currency used within fortnite? >> it's not bitcoin. >> it can't be that. >> bi'm going d.
8:43 am
>> it's b. >> oh, nuts. >> wow, we're old. we need your website. >> that's what we're here for. >> it's called stay hip. >> yes. >> clearly we need some work. just ahead, we are getting you ready for the nfl's big weekend recipes for gigantic feasts. savannah and hoe da revealing
8:44 am
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include free preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. the last day to sign up is january 15th, so don't miss out! because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today. now to a very important matter we have been waiting to address all morning. as you guys know, this is a huge playoff weekend in the nfl including sunday's matchup between my saints, who dat, and savannah's other team. i keep forgetting, who are they? >> just the reigning super bowl
8:46 am
champs. when the eagles win. >> don't say win. >> you will have to wear an eagles jersey at some point during the show on monday. >> i take that and i raise you on that. i say not only when we win do you have to wear our saints jersey, you are going to have to go into the subway system. >> what? >> and serve breakfast to commuters singing the saints fight song. >> well, that's fine, and then you are going to have to wear the eagles t-shirt and go down into the subway and say ra to every commuter. >> i'm ready. >> let's bet. >> who are you guys rooting for? >> the patriots. >> i'm rooting for either one of you to go down into the subway. >> wager's settled. let's talk about what we're going to eat during the game. we need to eat our stress away. so we've got something for everybody? >> yes, i mean, this is a feast like no other. this is the super bowl of food
8:47 am
right here. >> philadelphia. >> this is great steak wraps. take a sirloin steak. we're going to add a few peppers. >> do i pound it? >> like how the eagles are going to pound the saints? >> that's exactly it. then we're going to roll it up. we want this pan hot. we want it hot as our friend drew brees. how hot is that. hot, hot, hot, hot. >> just as long as we got it really, really hot, it's going to be absolutely fun. once they're done we're going to slice them. this sauce is butter. it's butter and worcester. >> that's keto, baby. >> i've been doing a little keto myself. here we are, this is kansas city chiefs. >> how was that? >> is it awesome? >> we're starving. kansas city chiefs, we've got barbecue nachos. we started with pig skins. it's pig skin football, and now
8:48 am
we have our -- we've got our barbecue, and you can add a bunch of barbecue sauce to this. we have queso dip, amazing. >> that's kansas city. >> all of these great toppings, we've got onions, we've got peppers. we have black olives, and then just a little bit more queso. >> that queso does the trick. >> isn't that fun? now, you could always use tortilla chips if you wanted to. >> do you like the -- what do you call them? pork resigninds? >> i love them. >> i was worried you all weren't going to be able to find them up here. you all got gas stations. >> yes, we do. >> i never see them here. >> all right. anyway, now, philadelphia this is your recipe. so savannah gave us this recipe. it is onions, peppers, and of course our fabulous steak. >> savannah gave it to you? >> yes, she did. she probably got it from the internet, but that's okay. we're going to melt some provolone cheese. add that to our roll. >> does it have to be provolone? >> cheese whiz is the cheese of
8:49 am
choice. >> when you order a cheese steak either wit or witout. >> like who dat. >> i love that. >> exactly. this is what we've been saving our time for. >> we need to go nice ask slnd around here. we love the saints so much we gave them two recipes. this is olivia manning's recipe. >> olivia manning is archie manning a former saint and the dad to peyton and eli. >> this is her shrimp remoulade recipe. we have horseradish, ketchup, creole mustard, we have onions. lemon juice, apple cider vinegar. >> describe what remoulade is for people who don't know. >> it is an incredible institution in new orleans cooking. it's great because you can make it ahead. last thing you want to do on game day is sweating working in the kitchen while everybody's
8:50 am
doing there. do it ahead. peel our shrimp. i'm going to show you something here real quick. you're going to go ahead and take the first two rounds off, the first two little peels, and then squeeze it from the bottom. >> squeen tze the tail. >> and then it's going to come right off. >> shut up, usually it comes right off when i'm at home, hoda. when i'm at home. >> okay. so we've got our sauce. you take your peeled shrimp. we're going to add that to this. >> dump that in. >> and you leave the tail on? >> it's nice so you can pick it up. it's sort of like a little toothpick already. >> fish doesn't have tails. >> do you want to try shrimp remoulade? >> sure. >> it's amazing. is that recipe not amazing? it's great. this is your favorite recipe, and i am obsessed with it. >> crawfish bread. >> we have mayonnaise, we have cheese, we have a little bit of mustard. >> tell what's in here before you put that in there. >> this is sauteed crawfish, onions, peppers, celery, it's the trinity of new orleans.
8:51 am
cajun trinity, and then we have some fabulous cheese. we're going to mix it up. you're going to slap this in between the bread. >> this is like new orleans bread. >> look at it. >> it was made famous at jazz fest so that you could hold the sandwich, hold a beer, and still be able to dance all at the same time. >> crawfish bread, loaded up. >> they look like slippers. >> it really does. >> load me up, come on. >> i mean, have you ever -- this is how we do it in new orleans. >> who dat, who dat. you cover it up. >> you roll it in. >> and then put it in the oven? >> 35, 45 minutes until it gets nice and creamy and wonderful. >> come on. craig. >> that's good. that's good. very good. >> who won on the recipes? i need to know right now. this was my sunday football, uh-huh. >> i think the lobster roll is great. >> what lobster roll? >> oh. >> she's a pats fan, forgive
8:52 am
her. what do you guys think? >> i like the cheese steak and the remoulade? >> you can't go wrong with rolled meat. >> thank you. that was chiefs, never mind. >> we don't have a clear winner but we definitely will on sunday. >> thank you to olivia manning for helping us out. >> if you want any of these recipes, meat and cheese obviously, playoff games get jur underway tomorrow. coverage starts 3:00 p.m. eastern. we're coming right back. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
8:54 am
. >> she still has that hat on. >> i'm never taking it off. >> you can find even more stories you love all day at . today we've got the surprising reaction when a bridal boutique put a mannequin in a wheelchair.
8:55 am
and join me and jenna as we dance our way into 2019. everybody's competition will be there. coming up tomorrow on "today," the growing concerns about the spread of flu cases nationwide. plus, could something else be to blame for those allergies that you're suffering from? then on sunday "today," more of willie's fascinating conversation with natalie portman. we've got spike lee live and three super foods you should add to your diet and the danger of stem cell surgeries and therapies that are not regulated. we'll see you after your local news, go eagles! >> good morning, it )s 8:56...
8:56 am
i )m - -... we )re following breaking news n good morning. it's 8:56. i'm marcus washington. we're following breaking news in gr yolo county where a rookie officer has been shot in the light of duty. overnight, the suspect who shot that officer killed himself. only a few weeks on the job, was shot last night after responding to a car crash in downtown
8:57 am
davis. the manhunt for the killer ended of judge a few blocks from the crash scene. no information released about the suspect. it's the first time an offer is killed in the line of duty in davis since 1959. we're getting new details about a deadly police tazing incident on the peninsula. last october, a person was tased by deputies in millbrae. san mateo's district attorney plans to publicly release all relevant video in the coming weeks. later today, celebrations for oakland mayor libby shaft. she began her second term in office on monday. we'll have more news at have a great day. going governmel
8:58 am
take you live to d-c as the story continues to unfold. plus- kari tracks what is expected to be a wet work week. and mike will watch for any traffic problem spots. monday morning from 4:30 to 7.
8:59 am
9:00 am
. from nbc news this is "today" live from studio 1 janua1a in rockefeller plaza. good friday morning, welcome everyone, craig melvin along with mr. roker, dylan dreyer. we've got to start with that remarkable story of wisconsin. a 13-year-old girl who has been missing for three months just turned up in a town only an hour away from her home. her name, of course, is jayme closs. she had not been seen since october. that's when someone shot and killed her parents in their home. now after thousands of tips and nearly three months of searching, she's been found alive. there's still a lot we do not


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