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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 21, 2019 3:30am-4:01am PST

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wicked weather weekend, from the northeast to the midwest, snow, sleet, rain, and right now dangerously cold temperatures. officials warning people to stay inside if possible. we'll have the latest on what to expect. day 31 of the government shutdown and the president's latest immigration proposal falling on deaf ears for democrats. but is this the start of some tangible negotiations? this morning, surprising results from a new long-term study on early childhood education. it turns out the benefits of preschool may last even longer than previously thought. did you happen to catch last night's spectacular super blood wolf moon? we'll tell you what makes it so special.
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and today is the 33rd national dr. martin luther king jr. day. we'll tell you what's ahead as america honors a civil rights trail blazer. "early today" starts right now. good morning, i'm marlie hall. >> and i'm philip mena. millions of people are feeling the impacts of a major winter storm system. the middletown, connecticut, police department confirming a worker was killed by a falling tree sunday afternoon while repairing an electrical line. >> winter storm warnings are in effect for areas from ohio to maine today. the national weather service urging people to stay inside. roads in many areas are covered in snow and ice, and windchills could cause hypothermia. for more let's go to nbc's kathy park. kathy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, marlie. the arctic blast has officially arrived. anything that melted overnight has officially frozen over. temperatures are taking a deep dive. so if you're outdoors for an
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extended period of time, it could be extremely dangerous. a blast of winter weather buried parts of the midwest and northeast, dumping nearly a foot of snow in albany, new york. even plow drivers bowled over. how does this storm compare? >> biggest one for me. >> reporter: nearby, a stunning sight, the hudson river frozen. where there wasn't snow, water was a problem. heavy rains flooded areas of new york city. strong waves slamming the eastern seaboard. and parts of coastal massachusetts are under water. overnight, a major drop in temperatures in some cities will mean an icy mess on the roads and possible power outages as trees and power lines freeze. the windchills life threatening. international falls, minnesota, will feel like 40 below. cleveland, windchills of minus 11. chicago, negative 9. the cold adding to the misery. slick conditions to blame for hundreds of crashes and dozens of injuries. >> got to be careful.
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because people think that they got four-wheel drive, they can stop. >> reporter: troubles at the airports too. over 1,600 flights canceled. 2,700 delayed. crews out here in albany have been working throughout the night. they have been working ever since the storm began. they'll continue to monitor the situation out on the roadways, watching for any flash freezes and any snow that might be drifting onto the streets as well. back to you, marlie. >> kathy, thank you. 31 days into the government shutdown and 800,000 federal workers are still waiting to find out when they're going to get their next paycheck. over the weekend president trump dangled a deal to protect dreamers in exchange for border wall money. but democrats are calling the offer a nonstarter. afterwards the president slammed house speaker nancy pelosi on twitter calling her a radical democrat and saying she's lost control of the party. nbc's tracie potts joining us now from d.c. with the very latest on this. tracie, good morning. it looks like this compromise is going to hit a wall with democrats?
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>> reporter: well, it seems like the compromise to nowhere, phillip. the senate will vote on it tomorrow. but house democrats have already said they are not giving any money to the wall. and they think what the president is offering for immigrants is simply not enough. it's temporary. president trump's offer to reopen the government goes up for a vote in the senate tomorrow foreperson. >> this bill would reopen the government. >> reporter: he's offering temporary protection for 1 million immigrants, refugees and dreamers, those brought here illegally as children in exchange for $5.7 billion for the border wall. >> straightforward, fair, reasonable, and common sense with lots of compromise. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi and other democrats call it a non-starter. >> it's outrageous. he is just playing politics. this is a bad deal. >> it was i think an effort to prop up the president's sagging poll numbers. >> i think the president put a
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reasonable compromise on the table. >> reporter: some conservatives are calling it amnesty for immigrants. no, amnesty is not part of missed offer, he tweets. adding, thank you to the 800,000 unpaid federal employees caught up in the shutdown. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. police in carson city, nevada have arrested a man seasoned of four homicides in the area. they believe he 45b in the carson city illegally for a year. they have evidence linking him to all four murders. as of now he is being held on stolen property and immigration charges. the county's district attorney says they will be seeking arrest warrants for the murder in the coming days. disturbing closed-circuit television video out of northern ireland. police have released footage showing the moment a car bomb
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exploded in londonderry last night outside the city's courthouse. the video shows the driver of a car wearing dark clothing and parking before running away from the vehicle. a crowd of people are later seen walking past the parked car before it exploded. no one was hurt. police say they have arrested two men who they believe are connected to the bombing. police are also looking into whether the new ira militant group was responsible. this morning a new warning in the case of a measles outbreak in oregon. public health agencies are monitoring 21 confirmed cases and four suspected cases of the contagious virus. authorities continue to urge people to get their vaccinations after identifying over 30 possible at-risk locations. now oregon health officials say the latest on the list of likely exposure sites was an nba portland trail blazers game on january 11th. boxer manny pacquiao is proving that age is not a factor for him. the pac man jumped into the ring with broner, who is 11 years younger than him, in las vegas
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for the first time since turning 40. the two battled it out for 12 rounds and pacquiao was declared the winner by unanimous decision. unfortunately manny may be returning home to los angeles to a crime scene at his house. police are reportedly investigating a burglary at the fighter's house where the block has been roped off. it is unclear what items may have been stolen. super bowl liii is set after a pair of overtime thrillers. in two weeks, los angeles rams will face off against, who else? >> second and goal. to burkhead. burkhead to the end zone. hello, super bowl! new england is heading back again for the third straight year. tom brady did it again. he led the patriots to a huge win over the red-hot chiefs in kansas city. new england got on the board first. this handoff to sony michel. then just before the half, tom brady would drop back and chuck it deep to philip dorsett for a 29-yard bomb to put the pats up 14-0 going into the break. coming out of halftime, patrick mahomes would heat up, connecting with travis kelce to
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finally put kansas city on the board. in the fourth mahomes would find damien williams for the score. and this would send it into overtime. pats win the afc yet again. now to the nfc championship in the big easy. the saints already leading 6-0 on a pair of kicks when drew brees rolls out to his right here and finds jared griffin for the first touchdown of the night. late in the second quarter, todd gurley, who was quiet for most of the game, had a big run here up the middle. that would put the rams within three. jared goff refusing to let the saints march in. the play that everybody is talking about, though, is this one. >> quick snap. brady.
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the pass is incomplete, no flag for tommy lee lewis. officials talk to each other. crowd's going crazy as there's no flag right on the saints sideline. clearly contact before the ball got there. >> everybody saw it but the refs, the no-call heard round the world. the rams win in overtime on a 57-yard kick. it won't matter to the saints but league sources say the nfl will admit the refs blew that call. l.a. will face off against new england now in super bowl liii. sunday, february 3rd, kickoff 6:30 eastern. if you looked to the sky last night you may have gotten a rare treat. people from around the world are sharing images of a super blood wolf moon. this total lunar eclipse is considered super because the moon is at its closest point to the earth. as it slips completely within the earth's shadow, it reddens and january's full moon is sometimes called a wolf moon. the next chance to see a total lunar eclipse will be in 2021.
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>> it really was a sight to see. meteorologist michelle grossman with the deep freeze. >> we are in the freeze. looking at dangerously cold weather. potentially deadly. take precautions. don't spend a lot of time outdoors. wear lots of layers. buffalo, 3 below zero. 1 below zero. of those are the temperatures right now in the northeast. that will stay in place today. cold arctic air from canada. temperatures not going very far from here. cleveland, 16. it will feelike 16 l the intermountain west. temperatures in the south mainly in the 60s. all right. so looking good out west. but the northeast we'll be suffering a little bit today.
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>> well, good for the west coast. >> yeah. good for them. >> thanks, michelle. >> serena williams showing the meaning of sportsmanship over the weekend. she came to the aid of her opponent, an 18-year-old. after beating her 6-2 to 6-1. while walking to the net to greet each other, she started crying. serena stepped in and consoled her by placing a hand on her shoulder and said you're so young. you did amazing. don't cry. the two women exchanged a hug. see, serena has a big heart. >> she said, don't worry, everybody loses to me. it will be okay >> ahead, how america is paying tribute to martin luther king jr. on this mlk day. sed to his e room smelling like sweaty odors. yup, he's gone noseblind. he thinks it smells fine, but his mom smells this...
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is the church. >> that's martin luther king iii reflecting on his father's legacy in washington, d.c. today we're honoring the life and legacy of the civil rights activist. markets and schools are closed. award-winning director eva duvernay will be leading a national day of healing tomorrow. the livestream will feature judd apatow, eva longoria, and stacey abrams. leading the news, the u.s. and iran are locked in yet another dispute, this latest one over the detention here in the u.s. of an american-born news anchor for iranian state television. now iran is demanding her immediate release. nbc's allie rusie reports from tehran. >> reporter: up in arms on the streets of tehran, anger over the detention of a prominent journalist. marizieh hashemi is an anchor for iran's english language state broadcaster press tv, and she's american. >> it's a mixed bag -- >> reporter: kristin melanie franklin, born in new orleans to
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protestant parents, inspired by the 1979 islamic revolution she converted to islam and changed her name. her colleagues are demanding her return. her boss says she's been mistreated while in custody and has done no wrong. >> this is not acceptable reason to make marcia as a political pawn in a political play in a political war with iran. >> reporter: hashemi is a fierce critic of u.s. policy, but we know little about her detention. >> she was shooting a documentary in st. louis, missouri. and as she was heading back to denver, she was apprehended in the airport there. there weren't any charges that were mentioned at that time. >> reporter: in partially unsealed court documents, u.s. officials say hashemi is being held as a material witness in an undisclosed federal investigation, adding that she will be released after testifying before a grand jury. the fbi has declined further comment. at least five americans are
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being held in iran, including u.s. navy veteran michael white, arrested a few months ago. with the u.s. vowing to exert maximum pressure on iran this year, this latest episode adds to a sea of troubling tensions between these two old enemies. aaliyah rusie, nbc news, tehran. just ahead, netflix reboots a true crime classic. and the plus side of pre-k. how the benefits of early education could carry well into adulthood. first, basketball hall of famer hakeem the dream olajuwon turns 56. oscar-winning actress geena davis is 63. former u.s. attorney general eric holder is 68. three tenor singer placido domingo is 78 years old. golf great jack nicklaus is 79. you're watching "early today." people everywhere
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in today's "quick hits," netflix is bringing back a long-running true crime series, "unsolved mysteries." producers from "stranger things" are teaming up with the show's original creators. wendy williams says she's temporarily stepping away from her daytime talk show to focus on her health. williams has been recovering from a fractured shoulder but in a statement her family says she is expected to have a lengthy hospital stay for treatment for graves disease. and 11 nurses at a michigan hospital's labor and delivery unit are pregnant at the same time. one nurse says someone is due
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every two to three weeks until june. if you can believe that. now to surprising results from a new long-term study on early childhood education. turns out the benefits of preschool may last even longer than previously thought. nbc's kerry sanders has more. >> reporter: mom amanda edwards driving her kids to school. 13-year-old mckenzie, an "a" student, now taking high school-level english classes. but her youngest, cole, in first grade, struggles every day. the difference, she believes, mckenzie went to pre-k. but it wasn't an option for cole. >> if i could go back and change things, cole would have went to pre-k. >> reporter: now researchers at duke university say it does make a difference in reading, writing, and arithmetic. and those benefits last much longer than previously thought, through eighth grade, and maybe beyond. after following 1.5 million children over 13 years in north carolina, the new research shows
3:51 am
long-term positive impacts that do not fade out over time. so across the board? >> across every group that we studied, a positive impact. >> reporter: that's critical because kids who are not reading proficiently by the end of third grade are four times more likely to drop out of high school. at millbrook magnet elementary, principal jamie lynch wants to give her students the best chance for success. >> getting kids into school at 4 years old, is that important to be competitive down the road? >> we believe that it is. >> reporter: pre-k, a study that shows it's more than a baby step to a better education. kerry sanders, nbc news, raleigh, north carolina. coming up, which supreme court justice has a cameo in the new lego movie? plus 97-year-old prince philip in hot water with authorities for not wearing a seat belt. details next. i used to book my hotel room on those travel sites but there was
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in our top stories, an interaction between native american activists and a group of high school students went viral as thousands gathered for marches in d.c. the video shows young men, some wearing make america great again hats, surrounding a native american troupe. ♪ >> the teen seen in this video is nick sandman, a junior at covington catholic school in kentucky. many are criticizing him for what was perceived as him smirking at nathan phillips, a vietnam war veteran and prominent activist. witnesses allege the teens made
3:57 am
derogatory comments to the native american group. nick alleges he's been mischaracterized and released a statement saying in part, i am mortified that so many people have come to believe something that did not happen, that students from my school were chanting or acting in a racist fashion toward african-americans or native americans. i did not do that. other videos of the incident suggest there was jeering by a different group. the catholic diocese of covington is investigating the incident. in a rare move, the israeli military confirmed it attacked iranian military targets in syria. they tweeted 24 video. the strikes were in response to a rocket that iranian forces reportedly fired toward israel on sunday. eleven people were killed, including four syrian troops. targets included munition storage facilities, intelligence site, and a military training camp. a british human rights group says the strikes lasted an hour and were most intense israeli attacks since may. in england, or new concerns
3:58 am
about prince philip's road skills. he was spotted driving a brand-new land rover this weekend without a seat belt. this coming two days after his suv collided with a car carrying two women and a baby. police have given him a warning for the seat belt incident. a woman in the car who broke her wrist tells a british tabloid the prince never even said sorry. >> maybe prince philip should get a driver. >> well, he doesn't want that. he wants to keep driving. no one is going to tell him no. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg will be laying order in a new courtroom. check it out. >> everyone, suit up! >> lucy! uni-kitty! >> batman! >> superman! >> the tin man! >> and ruth bader ginsburg! >> that's right, ginsburg is featured in "the lego movie 2," she'll be playing the part of the younger sister complete with gavel and robe. the movie will hit theaters on february 8th.
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dangerously cold temperatures, large areas well below zero, with the wind. power out for many, heavy snow, sleet, and icy conditions ahead for millions. the dreamers are drawn into the shutdown showdown by donald trump as we begin day 31 of closed government. but could tuesday deliver some progress? the national cathedral is a community. because dad said the one institution that must keep the flame of hope burning and alive is the church. >> on this 33rd national observance of martin luther king jr. day, we'll look at the events of the


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