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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 21, 2019 4:00am-4:28am PST

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dangerously cold temperatures, large areas well below zero, with the wind. power out for many, heavy snow, sleet, and icy conditions ahead for millions. the dreamers are drawn into the shutdown showdown by donald trump as we begin day 31 of closed government. but could tuesday deliver some progress? the national cathedral is a community. because dad said the one institution that must keep the flame of hope burning and alive is the church. >> on this 33rd national observance of look at the events of the day and the state of our nation. to a frightening scethern s
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driver leaving a car outside a courthouse when moments later, a massive explosion. we'll have the latest. did you happen to catch the spectacular super blood wolf moon overnight? we'll tell you what makes it so special. "early today" starts right now. good monday morning. i'm marlie hall. >> i'm philip men that. millions of people are feeling the impact of a major winter storm system. the middletown, connecticut, police department confirming that a worker was killed by a fallen tree sunday afternoon while repairing an electrical line. >> winter storm warnings are in effect for areas from ohio to maine today. the national weather service urging people to stay inside. roads in many areas are covered >> good morning, marlie. the arctic blast has officially arrived. anything that melted overnight has officially frozen taking a deep dive.
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if you're outdoors for an extended period of time, it ex. a blast of winter weather buried parts of the midwest and northeast, dumping nearly a foot of snow in albany, new york. even plow drivers bowled over. >> how does this storm compared to others that you've had to cover? >> biggest one for me. >> reporter: nearby, a stunning sight. the hudson river frozen. where there wasn't snow, water was a problem. heavy rains flooded areas of new york city. strong waves slamming the eastern seaboard. parts of coastal massachusetts are under water. overnight, a major drop in temperatures in some cities will mean an icy mess on the roads and possible power outages as trees and power lines freeze. the windchills life threatening. international falls, minnesota, will feel like 40 below. cleveland, windchills of minus 11. chicago, negative 9. the cold adding to the misery. slick conditions to blame for hundreds of crashes and dozens of injuries. >> got to be careful.
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because people think that they got four-wheel drive, they can stop. >> reporter: trouble at the night. they have been working ever since the storm began. they'll continue to road any fl and any snow that might be drifting onto the streets as well. pack to you, marley. michelle grossman is tracking the storms. what else can we expect? >> we're going to see that all throughout the day. it's not going anywhere. frigid temperatures, dangerously cold, potentially deadly cold air out there. windchill warnings, windchill advisories with cold temperatures along with 30, 40, 50-mile-per-hour winds. it makes it feel a lot colder on the body. windchills 15 to 30 below zero. so this is what it looks like as morning lows. waking up to 4 in milwaukee. it feels like 8 below zero. detroit minus 1. louisville 9. pittsburgh 2. it feels like 13 below zero as you head out this morning. we're not going to warm very far throughout the afternoon.
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afternoon highs 13 in detroit. louisville 25. pittsburgh 16 degrees. this is the coldest air we've felt in a very long time. you want to prepare yourself as you head out. >> all right, michelle, thank you so much. 31 days into the government shutdown, and 800,000 federal workers are still waiting to find out if they're going to get their next paycheck. over the weekend president trump dangled a deal to protect dreamers in exchange for border wall money. but democrats are calling the offer a nonstarter. afterwards the president slammed house speaker nancy pelosi on twitter calling her a radical democrat and saying she's lost control of the party. nbc's tracie potts joining us now from d.c. with the very latest on this. good morning. it looks like this compromise is going to hit a wall with democrats? >> it certainly has. they're calling it not only a nonstarter, some even say the president's trying to boost his poll numbers with what they say are old deals that have already been rejected. essential lly in new packaging. what the president is offering are 1 million immigrants
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temporary protection up to three years for dreamers, immigrants brought here illegally as children, and refugees in exchange for the $5.7 billion he's been asking for for his border wall. the president's getting slammed left and right on this one with democrats rejecting it and also conservatives who argue it's amnesty for immigrants. the vice president defending it this weekend. >> what the american people want us to do is to work on their priorities, and the american people want us to secure the border. >> what it really shows is his lack of compassion and empathy for people that are suffering. and i think it's a nonstarter. >> reporter: definitely a nonstarter in the house. the senate is supposed to vote on this tomorrow. but again, it's likely to go nowhere in the house, which means we are still in a shutdown stalemate and expecting more protests here on wednesday. >> and all those people still without their paychecks. breaking news out of west africa where a militant attack killed ten u.n. peacekeepers and
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wounded at least 25 others. according to the united nations, armed gunmen stormed the u.n. camp in a northern mali village. an al qaeda-linked islamic group claimed responsibility for the attack. the u.n. says peacekeepers did fend out the attackers. an interaction between native american activists and a group of high school students went viral as thousands gathered for marches in d.c. the video shows young men, some wearing make america great again hats, surrounding a native american troupe. ♪ >> the teen seen in this video is nick sandman, a junior at covington catholic high school in kentucky. many are criticizing him for what was perceived as him smirking at nathan phillips, a vietnam war veteran and prominent activist. witnesses allege the teen made derogatory comments to the native american group. nick alleges he's been
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mischaracterized and released a statement saying in part, i am mortified that so many people have come to believe something that did not happen, that students from my school were chanting or acting in a racist fashion toward african-americans or native americans. i did not do that. other videos of the incident suggest there were jeering by a different group. the catholic diocese of covington is investigating the incident. today we're honoring the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. markets are closed, but parades will be held in cities all across the country. it was just 56 years ago that dr. king delivered his "i have a dream" speech from the lincoln memorial. his eldest son was at the national cathedral in washington, d.c. reflecting on his father's legacy. >> dad said, the one institution that must keep the flame of hope burning and alive is the church. that was true in 1955 when he delivered it. that was true in 1965 when we
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got the voting rights act passed. that was true in 1968 when fair housing legislation was passed. that is true this morning in 2019. >> and here in new york the national action network will be holding their mlk day celebration featuring reverend al sharpton. if you looked to the sky last night you may have gotten a rare treat. people from around the world are sharing images of a super blood wolf moon. to understand how this weekend's total lunar eclipse earned such a unique name, let's go to nbc's kevin tibbles. >> reporter: it sounds kind of frightening. a super blood wolf moon. >> super blood wolf moon, say it three times fast. >> sounds like a horror movie. >> reporter: astronomer jackty feherty says it's the opposite. >> what you get to see is this beautiful thing which i would call the moon in totality in all of the sunrises and sunsets that are going on across the earth.
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>> reporter: the entire united states treated to this very special total lunar eclipse as the moon, sun, and earth line up. >> that excites me. >> reporter: why the strange name? well, it's super because this full moon's a bit closer to earth than usual. it's a blood moon because it turns red. and wolf? well, folklore has it, in winter, hungry wolfs howl their loudest at the moon. >> i'm not making should stuff up. >> never. >> super blood wolf moon. >> no. >> sounds epic. >> reporter: here at new york's american museum of natural history, our future astronomers are all excited. what do you think it is? >> it's a red moon. >> when the moon turns red. >> you got it! >> reporter: kevin tibbles, nbc news, new york. something was in the air. super bowl liii is set. we have a pair of overtime thrillers. in two weeks the los angeles rams will face off against, who else? >> second and goal to burkhead.
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burkhead to the end zone. hello super bowl! new england is heading back again for the third straight year. >> tom brady has done it again. he led the patriots to a huge win over the red hot chiefs in kansas city. let's show you how it happened. new england got on the board first in this handoff to sony michel. just before the half, brady would throw a 29-yard bomb to philip dorsett. that would put the pats up 14-0 going into the break. coming out of halftime, patrick mahomes would get started, heated up with this connection to travis kelce. in the fourth mahomes would find damien williams on the screen pass here and the chiefs would take their first lead of the game 21-17. now trailing by three, the chiefs would get this over39-ym. in overtime, sudden death. rex burkhead punches it up the middle for the touchdown. pats win the afc. to6-0 on a fair of field goals when
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drew brees would find garrett griffin in the corner for the the tfch the night. i second quarter, a big run from todd gurley. this would put then three. l.a.'s quarterback jared goff, he refused to let the saints go marching away with it. then came the play that has everyone talking this morning. >> quick snap. brees. pass is -- incomplete, no flag. for tommy lee lewis. officials talk to each other. crowd's going crazy as there's no flag right on the saints sideline. clearly contact before the ball got there. >> it is the no call heard around the world. the rams would go on to win the game in overtime on a 57-yard kick. it doesn't matter much to the saints but league sources say the nfl will admit the refs missed that call. saturday, february 2nd. that is groundhog day, but the next day's going to feel like groundhog day as well because the patriots are in the l.a.
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super bowl liii kicks off at 6:30 e irn back with chilly temperatures. >> it is so cold today. it's going to hurt your face when you walk out. we're looking at f 40, 50eat da. milwaukee 20. detroit 13. that's 18 degrees colder than it was this time yesterday. new york 50. today we're going to be closer to 18 degrees.texas, lots of sue into the 60s. 64 degrees in san antonio. so there's some mild air in some places. it's in florida, it's in texas, it's just not in the northeast. >> got to find the right spots, thank nsold mysteries." producers of "stranger things" are teaming up with the show's original creators. wendy williams says she's
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shhhhh! like new drone great! actually... go all in for what you love with tony and kellogg's frosted flakes. now a new honey nut as part of this complete breakfast. they're gr-r-r-reat! leading the news, a three-year veteran police officer was shot and killed in mobile, alabama, sunday while working an investigation. the body of officer sean tudor was transported overnight in this ambulance driving through the streets escorted by fellow officers. this large procession marking a day of mourning for a fallen hero. >> he's made the ultimate sacrifice of laying down his life for others. people he did not even know. >> police say officer tudor was gunned down by a suspect with prior warrants. tudor was 30 years old and is the second mobile officer to be
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killed since february 2018. authorities say the 19-year-old suspect is in custody facing capital murder charges. disturbing cctv video out of northern ireland. police released footage showing the moment a car bomb exploded in londonderry. the explosion happened last night outside the city's courverth of a car wearing dark clothing and parking before running away from the vehicle. a crowd of people are later seen walking past the parked car before it exploded. luckily no one was hurt. police say they have arrested two men who they believe are connected to the bombing. police are also looking into whether the new ira militant group was responsible. boxer manny pacquiao is proving age is not a factor. the pac man jumped into the ring in las vegas for the first time since turning 40. he took on in the end pacquiao was declared the winner by unanimous decision. unfortunately manny may be returning home to los angeles to
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a crime scene at his house. police are reportedly investigating a burglary at the fighter's home where the block has been roped off. it is unclear what items may have been stolen. just ahead, check your freezer. details on a major chicken recall. then "glass" shatters the competition at the box office. how much the new m. night shyamalan flick hauled in opening weekend. people everywhere are confusing quilted northern for robes. they're both cushiony, comforting, and add elegance to your home. but quilted northern
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"glass" owned the box office this martin luther king jr. weekend. the m. night shyamalan thriller starring samuel l. jackson
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vomiting, and hair thinning or loss. decreased appetite, headache, abdominapa i'm relentless. my metastatic breast cancer with verzenio. be relentless. a frigid morning. this time of the year in many spots. cold arctic air coming down. we will feel that all day long, in addition to winds 20, 25 miles per hour, even 30 in some spots. 18 in chicago. 16 in cleveland. albany, 2 degrees. it will feel a lot colder once you factor in the winds. tuesday, we will warm up a bit. philadelphia, 29. norfolk, 36. a cold day today. layer up and wear light, loose layers. >> cooler than cool. ice cold. all right, all right, all right. rbj, ruth ginsburg in
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fancy nancy paloser. >> great start there. okay. speaking of the house, nancy pelosi, nancy, how are you feeling tonight? >> justify normal. not like drunk on my own power or anything. >> okay. now you rejected the president's offer this afternoon. >> i'm afraid i did. which is unfortunate because i hate saying no to you, mr. trump. >> okay. i'm scared. let's see what's in your briefcase, nancy. >>y. $1 billion and you say nancy's my mommy.
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>> the first "snl" of 2019. >> that's right. >> steve harvey, alec baldwin coming back, everybody. all right, now. supreme court justice ruth bayeders ginsburg will be calling for order in a new courtroom. check it out. >> everyone, suit up! >> lucy! uni-kitty! >> batman! >> superman! >> the tin man! >> and ruth bader ginsburg! >> that's right, ginsburg is featured in "the lego movie 2," she'll be playing the part of the younger sister complete with gavel and robe. the movie will hit theaters on february 8th. you know she likes to participate in operas and plays. here we are. now she's is in a movie. >> that's right. she has her own bio pic, a documentation. what's next? she's got it all. spotify has a brand-new list that might strike a chord with astrology lovers. lists.
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channing nick always helped to can compile the songs and said they are intended as a collection of theme songs for your month. all 12 can be found in spotify's pop culture hub and will be updated every month just like your monthly horoscope. i'm airies. i'm curious what they put together for me. >> i'm taurus. can you say kaching? boxed off king. the pulp fiction is the most bankable star. he star indeed 120 movies and counting. how about that. i didn't think he would be number one. >> yeah. 70 years old>> that's right. >> thanks for watching "early today". i'm marlie hall. >> i'm phillip mena.
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check out this icy swim in certain is ya to iphany. keepep
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welcome to monday morning. taking a live look san francisco this morning, very nice start to our work week. martin luther king day as well. a lot of folks may betaking the holiday but we're here. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we want to look at the weather. didn't see rain coming in today. >> it was such a crazy weekend, especially yesterday with the gusty winds, some lightning and small hail. there's a few lingering showers across parts of the santa cruz mountains and moving through the peninsula, so it may be wet as you drive
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