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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 23, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> she cancelled it. it's a great blotch on the country we love. it's a great horrible mark. >> president trump says she will now look for other venues sp plan tos get the state of the union address tuesday. >> many local angles and problems when it comes to the government shutdown. alameda county leaders say if it continues thousands of families could go hungry. 92,000 families according to the county in alameda buy their groceries ewe using money from the cal fresh program. a federally funded program this. they want the county t mid-febr. >> we're going to be doing a job the federal government should be doing. this will strain resources. >> i'm going look for another job. there's no such thing of going
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without when you have children. >> the county warns the shut down could impact a nutrition program that helps young mothers and children. >> a gas station owner is offering free gas to federal employees. a woman who wanted go to work even though she wasn't getting paid. >> she didn't have the money for gas. so when i heard that, i feel i can at least help. >> you are part of the society. and we have to do it. we have to help as much as we can. >> he says if customers can prove they live in fremont and are furloughed. he'll give them a free fill up. >> following a developing story if florida. a gunman stormed a bank, took hostages and allegedly killed five people. we have video that shows police escorting the suspect. taking him to jail. he was the one who called police saying he opened fire inside of the bank.
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it happened in 100 miles outside of tampa. >> we're sorry to lea that we vet least five victims. people who were senselessly murdered as a result of his act in the bank. >> the suspect, 21 year-old. who lives in this area. no word on any motive. >> tracking breaking news in southern california. take a look. this is a large fire at a strip mall. our chopper in orange county over the scene. you can see firefighters there. flames. and the smoke. this is in orange county. the city of west minister. the fire started in a bridal shop. a lot of smoke there. the plumes of black smoke as well. the fire started at the bdal shop. no word on injuries or how it started. >> in san francisco police say the suspect who viciously attacked an elderly woman is
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behind several other violent crimes. 18 year-old faces multiple charges including attempted murder. elder abuse and robbery. as for the nearly deadly beating of the 88 year-old. she was attacked on her morning walk and robbed of her keys. used to burglarize her home. the suspect also committed a carjacking at gunpoint and two armed robberies on saturday. >> the suspect approached the victim on the same red bicycle, punched the victim in the face and stole her iphone. >> he's expected in court tomorrow. >> a south bay highway shooting has investigators searching for answer. around 11:00 p.m. on 101. the victim drove to the bay 101 parking lot on north first street in san jose. our crew captured video of bullet hole ins the car and a shoe on the street. the victim was shot and taken to the hospital with injuries that aren't considered serious. >> a jewel from the community.
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now there's an uncertain future for the popular pumpkin festival in the south bay. the farms is goipg ou of business. many will worried the pumpkin patch might close as well. we have answers. >> we are here. it is a familiar site. as with many south bay families we have been coming here around halloween for years. the farm is festival is a tradition. and a reminders of the rich agriculture history. neither is gone movie image in a families crowding onto the farms for the fall pumpkin festival. for almost 30 years. how much of the scenes will remain is up in the air after owners owners announce it's going out of business due to factors out of their control. the problems are the same for all farmers.
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rising cost including labor. and prices for crop. >> did it surprise you what happened? >> yeah. it surprised everybody. >> why? >> because they were so big and did it so well for everybody for a long time. >> does what happened to them bode badly for other farmers? >> yeah. >> when news of the closure went public they put out statements saying operations would wind down after the fall harvest. and still plan to hold a festival. any festivals after this year will be run by new investors. that made people feel better but apprehensive. >> there's a good sense of community. i think you know people and people working there. >> it's sad. i hope there won't be more development. but it's sad. it's very popular place. >> now development was a concern
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with just about everybody we talked to. again owners aren't commenting on what will happen after this year. we're told the pumpkin patch and festival will remain in tact. what will surround it all is unknown. >> thank you. a lot of posturing for pg&e. the company says a judges safety plan could end up costing lt utility between 75 and $150 billion. that would lead to massive rate hike for customers. the judge wants the utility to trim trees or shut off power to prefbt fires in high winds. pg&e says paying for that could leado a rate hike for customers five times more than they already pay. pg&e is now preparing to file bankruptcy. as it faces lawsuits related to the recent wild fires. >> also today pg&e got pranked a fake site claimed pg&e former
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ceo is digging into her own pocket to help fire victims. that's not the case. this is what the site looks like. a press release on the site says former ceo is donating her $2 million severance to fire victims. in beaut county. pg&e tells us they are aware of the fake site and says the company is not aware of any donation by williams. according to internet records the web site is registered anonymously last week. >> a night of action in oakland. how many schools will be forced to close? the question many students and parents and teachers are asking as the district looks to make cuts to save money. live in oakland where students held a news conference. >> the students say they understand the district is in a tough financial situation. and that these tough cuts need to be made. they're asking the board to protect key critical after school programs that help the
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students prepare for college and future careers. the school district is dealing with two problems at the same time. dwindling student enrollment and the more pressing issue. a multi-million dollar budget shortfall. the solution to the money woes is closing down multiple schools. how many schools could be closed? the district is trying to figure out that. in a video on facebook the district superintendent said roots international a middle school will need to close. but more cuts need to be made. >> these will be extremely difficult decisions. that will effect newsom ras valued members of the family. and how we offer programs to school sites. >> i'm hearing about cuts being made. i have a two year-old brother. and i want to make sure she has the same education if not better than i have. >> this all comes on the heels of a possible teacher strike
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next month. union says teachers will vote next week on whether to allow union leader to call a strike. teachers are demanding a 12% raise over three years. and also want smaller class sizes. a block away from here the board is convening for a close session. most likely mulling over the tough decisions in the district says the worst case is that the district will have to close up to 24 schools. over the next five years. there's a lot at stake. thank you. up next searching for answers and their money. a lot of local businesses are owed thousands offter a suddenly shuts down. >> plus pulled over by a tesla? the bay area city tha tt buy the electric car for the police league. >> i'm chief meteorologist a little bit of high cloud now.
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we're tracking a changing forecast. coming up in ten minutes. left w
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local businesses say they )re owed tens of thousands dolla left with unpaid bills. local businesses say they're owed tens of san francisco that. a meal delivery kpaep shut down earlier this week. live from the mission district in san francisco.
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with more. what happened? >> they love to know the answer to that question. they had tabs of five, ten, $15,000. like that, munch ri closed the doors and businesses received no warning. this is one of a half dozen that we confirmed with many smaller vendors just hoping their going to get paid. >> how much money do they owe you? >> over $20,000. >> reporter: her bake shop is a 19 person business specializing in pies and baked goods. right now, feels crunched by a tab owed by a company no longer in existence. >> payroll. for us. it's half my annual salary. sang to make improvements and buy new equipment. it's devastating. >> the oy reason she learned about the closing.
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an e-mail blasted to the customer serve list. expressing heavy hearts about the closing. the vendor shock wasn't exclusive to the baker. >> i'm lost for words. i want to call my company. it will be a problem. >> chemical service technician arrived to an empty parking lot that they wouldn't be using his sanitation company anymore. we received no response so far. >> i'm here at the headquarters. and i'll see if i can get a check. >> reporter: she took the narrative into her own hands yesterday. using a story. to showcase her attempts to reach anybody at munch. about that bill. >> she was not able to track anyone down to get the bill. and still hasn't heard from the company directly. and talking to vendors today, one of the things that makes
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them angry is it's not like it was hon a shoe string budget. they raised $125 million since they started in 2010. and despite that, were not able to figure out a way to pay vendors before closing. >> thank you. the economic crisis in venezuela has reached america. impacting this country. it's also turned venezuela into a political crisis there. you can see and hear thousands of protestors pouring into the streets. demanding an end the government of the president. at a large rally, opposition leader declared himself the official president of the country. president trump tweeted his recognition as interim president and other countries. his move angered russia. which is a major ally of venezuela. prompting to trik back at the
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united states by giving diplomats 72 hours to leave venezuela. >> sharing his side of the story. the kentucky teenager at the center of the lincoln memorial c confrontation with the native american elder. he says he doesn't feel he has anything it apologize for. but says in hindsight he wishes the whole thing never happened. >> now i wish i would have walked away. i didn't want to be disrespectful and walk away. if he was trying to talk to me. but i was surrounded by people i didn't know that had phones out and cameras. i didn't want to bump anyone or seem like i was trying to do something. >> the confrontation last week between them went viral. she will speak with mr. phillips to get his response on the today show tomorrow.
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>> protestors poured into the district attorney demanding justice tr man who died after he was tazed by deputies. the group held a sing in. and a sit in at the office of district attorney. last october, five sheriff deputies tazed during an encounter. he had a history of mental illness died nd the struggle. the 25 minutes of video shows some but not all of what happened. he will release everything when the invtigation is complete. next month. >> this is appalling in 2018. that african american cannot walk down the street safely. and have the protection of supposed to be guaranteed to every citizen. >> he says he's waiting for a report from an outside use of force expert. before deciding whether or not to file charges against the deputies. >> they are getting fancy in fremont. a tesla is getting a custom
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paint job. if you see it in your rearview mirror you have to pull over. the first tesla to its fleet. it's not just because fremont is home to the factory. the police chief says it's time to explore whether electric cars are compatible with police work. the department bought a used model s. and has been out fitting it to safely carry suspects. it should hit the streets next month. >> it's a come back story of neighbors neighbors. ming together to help a local hardware store reopen one year after a devastating fire gutted the shop. today san francisco community and city leaders celebrate the reopening of the store. one of the owners says the business had a hard time recovering after the fire. thanks to the loyal customers they were able to find a new spot to set up shop. >> we tried to find a space and we couldn't. we put it to the community. they came out again and how
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important we were. and got this place. in a couple days. >> the new store located a few shops away. will be a temporary location. until renovations are complete. owners are happy to get employees back to work. and see familiar customer faces. >> pretty cool. neighborhood hardware store. we haven't seen that in a long time. >> they're necessary. it's convenient. >> the weather is beautiful. >> stunning. look behind us. >> the sunsets. it's been remarkable. we'll continue with the trend. also some changes coming in that extended forecast. let's get you outside to the east bay camera. this is looking right at concord. a few high level clouds. currently 58 degrees. and noitice it's dropping to 40. as we hit midnight tonight. another chilly start thursday morning.
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make sure you have the jacket handy and a lot of sunshine. mostly sunny for the peninsula. temperatures in the upper 30s low 40s. sun shoin for the north bay, san francisco and east bay. coldest averages right here through the north bay 39. the best part about this weather. we start with the cool weather and the afternoon we get the sunshine and mild temperatures. looks perfect tomorrow. 65 morgan hill. 63 san jose. concord 64. over to fremont at 64. the peninsula sunshine. 62 redwood city. san francisco. upper 50s also low 60s. and for the north bay 62. 65 napa. we're confident. we'll keep weather like this. for the next two days. we'll start to see a change. high pressure that has cleared out. any kind of rainfall will move more off to the east. the thing this will do is the
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circulation around this will drive down a bit more of drier wind akrotsz the bay area. that's what will be good enough to help bring mild temperatures back to the bay. it won't be overly gusty. the drier wind will help increase that fire danger. winds five to ten miles per hour. not too gusty. it's the dry wind on friday. we'll also see things pick up next monday. that's when humidity could get low. maybe down to about ten to 20%. with that dry wind we'll see low saturday. in san francisco. clouds increase this weekend. md also starting to pick up. i don't see chances4. through the 6. for the inland valley notice this. up to 66 by friday. up to 68 on sunday. forecast looks beautiful. we head throughout the next
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couple of days. again this weekend we have clouds increasing. but temperatures going to be very very nice. >> i like it. love it. >> it's chilly. in the shade. but the sun feels nice. >> up next we already news this. now a new report says california roads are some of the worst to drive on. we'll explain. don't miss the grand opening of the new floor & decor
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(both) exhausted. but finally being able to make that volunteer trip happen was... awesome. awesome. you have to scrub. what do they... they use for washing. ♪ ♪ let's do it every year. we'll do it every year. i thought you'd say that - let's do it. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. alto home while people were police need help identifying two burglars who broke into a home while people were inside. the at the same timed burglary happened last wednesday around 11:30. one of the men was carrying a gun. these are surveillance pictures of the suspects. the victims never came face to face with the bandits who ran
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once they realize someone was home. police believe they may have targeted the home. the same home was targeted last month as well. >> among the worst in the nation. california is 47th out of the 50 states. the new report weighed 30 factors. time spent in traffic. average gas prices and road quality. oregon by the way was the best state to drive in. hawaii was the worst. >> how on about the shelves this year. the popular candy isn't being sold for valentines day. >> i'm so bummed. >> the maker of the original conversation hearts closed its factor last year. the new owner doesn't have enough time to bring them back for the holiday. >> february 14. >> the company does plan to have
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the candy ready for next valuen tans die. >> oh, no. >> i like their messages. >> bob cat caught on camera. prowling near the cal campus. we'll show you the pictures next. or could they be just what
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need to relieve ou tonight at 6:00. will they lead to more traffic and solution in or just what we need to relieve the congested roads. urging action to make driverless cars greener. why it might be harder than it seems. that story and more coming up at 6:00. >> it's not the view you expect outside the window at work. this bob cat was seen prowling outside the foundry this morning. a lab located in the berkeley hills. when you work in the hills they probably see all sorts of wildlife. >> that looks like a house cat. >> camouflage against the concrete. >> smart people at that foundry. >> thanks for joining us here. enjoy the great sunset. lester holt is next with nightly news.
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breaking news tonight. at least five people are dead after a mass shooting at a florida bank. a gunman taking hostages and calling 911 himself. a s.w.a.t. drama ending in tragedy. we have late details from the scene. a stunning turnaround. michael cohen's testimony before congress delayed indefinitely. cohen saying he and his family are in fear over what he calls threats from president trump. not in my house. that's the word from speaker nancy pelosi after president trump told her he's coming anyway. >> the state of the union speech has been canceled by nancy pelosi because she doesn't want to hear the truth. >> an unprecedented fight in modern american history. 48 hours till government workers miss another paycheck. a major crisis unfolding in venezuela. a leader the u.s. calls illegitimate, his


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