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tv   Today  NBC  January 25, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PST

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news" at 11:00. have a great day and a great weekend. >> yeah! good morning, breaking news, president trump's former adviser roger stone arrested in florida, indicted by special counsel robert mueller accused of witness tampering, obstruction and making false statements. so what does it mean for the investigation and the president? we're live with the latest. breaking overnight, miracle rescue, a 3-ar-old north carolina boy lost in the woods found alive after spending three days fighting the cold and rain. >> it's a great evening, folks. we've brought casey to his family just like we said we were going to do. >> and his parents are overjoyed. >> he's good. he is good, he's up and talking. >> we are live with the incredible story of how he was found and what it took to bring him back home.
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no deal, overnight democrats reject the president's offer to end the shutdown in exchange for a down payment on a border wall. with the parties no closer to compromise, anger erupts, and the secretary of commerce shocks the nation telling workers impacted by the shutdown to call their banks for a loan. >> there's no real reason why they shouldn't be able to get a loan against it. all that, plus polar plunge, 35 million people across the midwest waking up to a new round of bitter cold temperatures. windchills as low as 50 below zero. the dangerous weather is moving east, so how long is it going to last? al's got the answer. leaving neverland, the controversial new documentary on michael jackson sparking outrage, protests, and putting police on alert. and mascot mayhem. >> i'm going to knock this mascot out. >> oh! >> an nfl star tackles new england's pat the patriot
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delighting fans who love to hate the nfl's most successful franchise, but it may not be all fun and games, today friday january 25th, 2019. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie, and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hi, everybody. good morning. it's 7:00 a.m. on the west coast and a pretty eventful friday. >> we want to get to the breaking news. another shoe drops in the russia probe overnight. >> roger stone arrested and charged as part of special counsel robert mueller's investigation. we have complete coverage. we'll start with kristen welker. i know you have read the indictment. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. stone will be in a courtroom facing seven criminal charges. this is a significant
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development because it is the clearest evidence yet that the trump campaign was in touch with stone about information that was being handed down by wikileaks. bottom line, this all raises new questions about the trump campaign and russia. >> reporter: this morning the president's former adviser roger stone was arrested in florida, charged with seven counts including obstruction, making false statements and witness tampering. special counsel robert mueller has had his eye on stone over his alleged connection to wikileaks and hacked democratic e-mails released by the site during the 2016 campaign. stone for his part has repeatedly denied any collusion with wikileaks. according to those court documents stone was repeatedly contacted by senior trump campaign officials about the future releases of wikileaks e-mails. shortly after a release in 2016 an associate of a high ranking trump campaign official sent a text message to stone that read,
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well done. in another conversation with senior trump campaign officials, stone claimed credit for having correctly predicted a release one month before the election. the documents also detail several false and misleading statements made by stone about all of this to the house intelligence committee. telling another witness to lie to congress, references a character from the godfather, part 2. candidate trump raised eyebrows during the campaign when he said this. >> wikileaks. i love wikileaks. >> reporter: stone, who served on the initial stages of the trump campaign seemed to echo the sentiment claiming he was in contact with the founder of wikileaks. savannah pressed stone on all of this in 2017. >> the investigation isn't complete, correct? >> i at least know what's in my e-mails and what's in my texts and the context of my phone calls. i believe that i was under surveillance for some period. there are a lot of things in there. but you won't find any russians.
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>> reporter: on "meet the press" last year, stone insisted. >> there is no evidence whatsoever that i had advanced knowledge of the content or source of this material. i received nothing from wikileaks or from the russians. i passed nothing on to donald trump or the trump campaign. we have been through this ad nauseam. it is a wild goose chase. >> reporter: white house press secretary sarah sanders responding to the developments this morning. >> this has nothing to do with the president and certainly nothing to do with the white house. this is something that has to do solely with the individual. not something that affects us in this building. >> reporter: stone has recently said i will never testify against trump. for his part the president recently said it's nice to know some people still have guts. meanwhile, nbc news learned that the the president's former top adviser steve bannon is one of the campaign officials referenced in the statement. bannon cooperated with mueller and mueller only considers him a
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witness. president trump has repeatedly denied any collusion with russia. savannah and hoda? >> thank you. >> we'll bring in pete williams. he's been poring over the indictment. good morning. a lot of people are wondering how does roger stone fit into the big picture. >> he brought it on himself. he was bragging during the campaign that he was in touch with wikileaks. first directly and then through an intermediary. what the charges say is the intermediary was a radio talk show host named roger credico. it documents a number of texts and e-mails in which, according to the special counsel, roger stone was urging him, egging him on to find out what wikileaks had and get them to release it. remember, robert mueller in a previous court document said it was the russians who hacked the e-mails of the dnc and the clinton campaign and passed them on to wikileaks. it doesn't say -- the indictment
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today does not say that stone was directly in touch with any russians or that the trump campaign was in touch with any russians. it does say he lied about his contacts with intermediaries to try to find out what wikileaks had and get them to put more out. that's where he got in trouble. >> the question is how it fits into the larger puzzle, the larger case that perhaps robert mueller is building. you mentioned wikileaks which the intelligence agency said is essentially an arm of the russian government for these purposes. this indictment says roger stone, former trump adviser with a conduit is trying to encourage wikileaks to release damaging information. is there anything to connect stone to the trump campaign or trump with regard to this context? >> what it certainly says is that the trump campaign was eager, maybe desperate to know what dirt wikileaks had on the clinton campaign. they were pressing roger stone
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to try to find out what more was coming and that he was delivering on that request and trying to press his intermediary to see what wikileaks had. there is no suggestion here, however, that beyond that that the trump campaign was directly in touch with wikileaks or indeed directly in touch with the russians. in a simple sense it doesn't further the narrative on so-called collusion with the russians, direct contact with the russians. but this is all about hands-off, third-party, intermediaries, one step removed contact with the russians. no suggestion here, by the way, that the trump campaign knew at the time that the source of the documents was wikileaks although later on of course the president himself said russia, if you have any more of this stuff, please put it out. >> all right, pete williams in the washington newsroom with a lot to chew over. thank you. >> also breaking overnight we have a rare bit of good news. a 3-year-old boy in north carolina found alive and back in
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the arms of his family after spending several nights alone, lost in the woods. nbc's gabe gutierrez joins us now with details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this really is an incredible story. police say 3-year-old casey hathaway wandered away from his grandmother's house. in the end it was a professional search and rescue team who found the boy alive. this morning a north carolina community is breathing a huge sigh of relief. >> it's a great evening, folks. we have -- we brought casey to his family just like we said we were going to do. >> 3-year-old casey hathaway found alive following an intense three-day search for the missing boy. his emotional parents expressing their gratitude. >> we're very thankful you took the time out to come search for casey and prayed for him. >> casey had been playing
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outside his grandmother's home in craven county, north carolina, on tuesday afternoon with two other children. when he didn't return to the house with them panic set in. after searching for casey themselves, his family called 911. >> it's been at least 45 minutes because we've been looking all in the woods for him. >> residents and authorities all pitching in distributing missing posters, search teams using dogs to sniff for clues. hundreds of volunteers scouring rugged terrain as temperatures dipped below freezing. >> i think for the conditions he fared very well. we are very fortunate. >> reporter: last night the authorities were notified about hearing crying in the woods. they found the boy huddled in a thorn bush a quarter of a mile away from where he went missing calling for his mother. casey was treated overnight at a local hospital for cuts and scrapes. now a family is reunited with their little boy. >> he's up and talking. he's already asked to watch netflix, so he's good. he is good. >> reporter: and the relieved mother is thanking the rescuer
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who brought him back home. >> thank him. thank you. >> yes, sir, yes, sir. >> thank you, buddy. >> that is the kind of story you want to see on a friday morning, so happy for him and his family. gabe, what did that little boy say when the rescuers found him? >> reporter: in addition to wanting to watch netflix rescuers say casey lit up when he saw his sister. we are told he spent the night at the hospital for observation. but otherwise, guys, incredibly, he's doing okay. >> so happy for the little boy and the family. gabe, thank you. >> a good ending there. meantime, we have breaking developments tied to the government shutdown and air travel. just moments ago the faa said it is halting flights at new york's busy laguardia airport because of an air traffic control staff shortage. we are learning more this morning about a potential plan to pay some of those furloughed workers. tom costello joins us with that. tom, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good
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morning. we have breaking news. the tsa chief announced moments ago they have found a way to partially pay tsa employees who worked from december 23 through january 5. not everybody. partial payment for those screeners. meanwhile, the flight attendants and pilots unions saying it makes no sense for air traffic controllers who are up there working without pay to add that kind of stress to one of the most stressful jobs in america. 10,500 air traffic controllers watch the nation's skies, but after a month without paychecks, some are joining other government workers at local food banks. >> i don't think it's great that federal workers are pawns in this. >> reporter: president trump's top economic adviser insists the pain won't last long. >> the payments will be made. we'll go back to normal. this is just a glitch. >> reporter: while his billionaire commerce secretary
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wilbur ross faces backlash after telling cnbc those government workers should just take out loans. >> i think that's a great deal of hyperbole. you're talking about 800,000 workers. while i feel sorry for the individuals that have hardship cases, 800,000 workers, if they never got their pay, which is not the case. they will eventually get it. if they never got it, you are talking about a third of a percent on our gdp. so it's not like it's a gigantic number overall. >> mr. secretary, there are reports that some federal workers are going to homeless shelters to get food. >> well, i know they are. and i don't really quite understand why. there is no real reason why they shouldn't be able to get a loan against it. >> reporter: at a food bank in oklahoma city, furloughed air traffic control instructor iletta young came for food and
7:14 am
to volunteer. >> i wasn't behind on bills until the shutdown. why should i take out a loan for something that wasn't my fault. let me get back to work. >> reporter: now the air traffic controllers union is warning of safety risks. as controllers work normal six-day, ten-hour shifts, then head to second jobs to pay the bills including waiting tables or driving for uber. >> they are coming to work without paychecks. sleeping in their cars between shifts because they can't afford the gas to get to work so they are staying there. >> reporter: meanwhile, 7.5% of tsa officers aren't coming to, wo. air marshals, coast guard and nasa not getting paid. the fbi agents association says the shutdown is under mining criminal, counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence operations. with one agent warning the one chance we may have to take down several violent individuals may pass us by. a former deputy fda commissioner warns of risks with limited
7:15 am
inspectors on the job. >> that means that inspections of critical products like food and certain medicines aren't being done. >> reporter: the fda is insisting that high risk food items are being inspected. back at the airport the faa insists that the nation's skies are safe, but again concern about all the controllers working very long shifts with added stress. guys, back to you. all right, tom. thank you so much. craig is here with a story impacting a lot of people. >> good morning to you. we are talking about the dangerously cold temperatures that are gripping the midwest this morning. they could stick around for a while. we've got everything you need to know headed into the weekend including al's forecast. first, nbc's ron mott is in chicago where the temperature has plunged. how cold is it, ron? >> reporter: hey, there, craig, good morning, it's five below this morning here in chicago
7:16 am
with windchills anywhere from 20 to 30 below, ask those of us who live in this part of the country like to think we're hardy enough to take this kind of weather. the word of the day, layers, layers, layers. gloves boot, and layers of clothes are a must this morning. parts of the midwest are getting a bitterly cold wake-up call. >> i got about six layers on me right now, but it's not helping. >> a widespread blast of arctic air is gripping the region with temperatures plunging overnight. 35 million people now under windchill advisories and watches stretching across 12 states. for folks in minneapolis and chicago, it will be the coldest day of the season so far, windchills expected to drop as low as 50 degrees below zero in some areas. residents are being urged to stay inside to avoid frostbite and other cold-related conditions. the deep freeze coming as the northeast experienced
7:17 am
temperatures 10 to 15 degrees above average. on thursday in new york city, it was nearly 60 degrees, but that un winter like warm bringing flooding rain and powerful winds. a tree came crashing down on power lines, and ultimately a car. >> reporter: we are expecting a high of 9 degrees. the test of our mettle will be the middle part of next week with wind chills as low as 40 below zero. back to you. it is very cold. >> run. go. don't walk. bye-bye. have a great weekend. thank you. go. how long is this cold going to last? al has the answer. good morning. >> we have a lobe of low pressure breaking off, bringing arctic air direct from siberia. that's bringing in air from the arctic. we are going to be looking at really cold conditions. we've got wind chill advisories, warnings. look at the air temperatures. wind chills right now, 23 below in green bay. 19 below in chicago. it's 12 right now in morgantown, west virginia.
7:18 am
today, single digits to low teens throughout much of the midwest and into the northeast. as we get into tomorrow morning, it's going to feel like 11 below in chicago. 23 below in marquette, michigan. brutal temperatures and it's even worse as we get into next building a better bank starts with looking at something old, and saying, "really?" so capital one is building something completely new. capital one cafes. inviting places with people here to help you, not sell you. and savings and checking accounts with no fees or minimums. because that's how it should be. you can open one from right here or anywhere in 5 minutes. seriously, 5 minutes... this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we take a live look in san jose, nice clear sunrise. it is a bit cool, as you head out and we are going to see
7:19 am
temperatures warming up quite a bit. we're headed into the low to mid-60s, even some upper 60s in spots like ukiah, as well as morgan hill. overall a nice start to the weekend. we'll see more weather like this over the next few days. we will see an increase in cloud cover over the weekend and breezy winds kicking up for the start of the week but our dry weather continues into the middle of next week. coming up, details on the search for the motive and families are speaking out. inside the search for a controversial michael jackson documentary making its debut today. why its release has police in one state on high alert. first this is "today" on nbc.
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don't call it a spoiler, cuz it don't spoil a thing. oh look, you don't need to sell me. at carmax, they buy all the cars. that's helpful. this is just taped on for show. they'll still buy it. breaking news: a live look at new york )s lag good morning to you. it is 7'i:26. i'm laura garcia. a live look at new york'sing will wardia airport where, within the last few minutes, the federal shutdown really hitting home. according to the faa, all flights are on hold due to air traffic control staffing issues, are grounded. a live look in the bay area at sfo. of course a lot of planes fly in and out of san francisco to laguardia. according to the faa, flights are being held at their departing airports right now. we don't know about any flights from sfo on hold. we're checking in our newsroom and trying to determine how long these delays will last, but the shutdown has drastically been
7:27 am
impacting air traffic staffing levels around the nation on our 35st day of this government shutdown. in the meantime, kari is following our forecast. >> it looks good as you get ready to head out, all clear skies. we've tracked some patchy fog in parts of the north bay, san francisco, all clear and we've also had some cool temperatures, but it's going to warm up nicely today. headed up to 63 in san francisco. 66 for the high in napa. also 66 in san jose, and livermore today reaches 63 degrees. we'll have some upper 60s for our inland areas over the next few days and it will be breezy. we'll also see an increase in cloud cover, but our dry weather continues from now through next thursday. let's get an update on the commute from mike. >> a typical friday except for the dumbarton bridge, west 84, just got the update from chp, i believe they've got that disabled vehicle now moving off of the bridge over on the menlo park side there. a slow drive from newark and fremont, 92 the san mateo bridge
7:28 am
a smoother drive. the bay bridge has metering lights and a crash 101 as you approach the 580 split slows in through san rafael. back to you. >> i'll be back in half an hour with another update.
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(cell phone vibrating) and now she's ready for the catwalk. life, lived jason's way. chase. make more of what's yours. i am challenging hoda. hoda, i know you're up for a good challenge. >> we've heard j. lo.'s challenge, no sugar, no carbs for ten days. we have some questions. coming up, the super star herself is going to join us with some answers and a recruiting push. >> there's a push. >> i love our questions. can i have pasta? no. >> what about ice cream? no. >> coffee? >> we're in now. you are in no matter what. let's get to a check of today's headlines. the president's former adviser roger stone arrested. in florida on criminal charges. stone is accused by robert mueller of witness tampering, obstruction and making false statements.
7:31 am
the indictment does not accuse stone of coordinating with the russian government election interference in 2016. he is scheduled to appear in court later this morning. now to an nbc news exclusive involving president trump's son-in-law jared kushner. two sources tell the network that kushner's application for a top secret clearance was rejected by two white house security specialists over fears that kushner was open to foreign influence, but their supervisor carl klein overruled that recommendation and approved the clearance. kushner's fbi background check identified questions about his foreign contacts, foreign travel and meetings he had during the campaign. the house oversight committee is launching an investigation into the white house security clearance process. there's a new controversy surrounding the nfl this morning. this one does not involve the new orleans saints. rather, it involves an incident that happened during the pro bowl skills challenge. take a look at this. >> i'm going to go knock this mascot out.
7:32 am
>> ooh! >> yeah. so that was new york jets defensive back jamal adams tackling the new england patriot's mascot. the incident got a will the of laughs by onlookers there, but it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt, right? there are reports that the person inside that costume went to the hospital for an undisclosed injury. he is said to be sore but doing okay. i'm sure we'll be hearing a little bit more about that. hundreds coming together overnight to honor the lives of the five people killed in that mass shooting at a bank in florida. this morning we're starting to learn more about just what happened inside that bank. nbc's kerry sanders has the latest for us. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, with flags at half-staff here we are learning new details emerging about the alleged gunman zephen xaver. michigan state police releasing records that in 2017 say that
7:33 am
xaver talked about trying to initiate a confrontation with police for what's known as suicide by cop. >> god watches over you. >> reporter: overnight, this tight-knit central florida community pulling together after a mass shooting that left five dead and a community shattered. >> it makes it very hard to feel safe. you don't. you have to always keep looking. >> reporter: police say 21-year-old suspect zephen xaver shot four employees and one customer inside the suntrust bank in sebring, florida, wednesday afternoon. >> zephen xaver. >> reporter: on thursday, he was in court, facing a judge. >> the charges are five counts of homicide murder in the first degree. >> reporter: the arrest report describing a gruesome scene, the five victims with apparent gunshot wounds to the back of their heads and upper torsos and a bullet-proof vest and a .9 millimeters gun where xaver was
7:34 am
taken into custody. >> did he go in there attempting to rob this bank or simply to kill? >> we have no information right now that there was any bank robbery. >> reporter: among the dead, 65-year-old cindy watson, a bank customer who was a retired emt and bank employees, 55-year-old marisol lopez, jessica montague and 38-year-old anna williams. williams hired at the bank just two weeks ago was the mother of a blended family with seven children. >> loving her was easy, living without her will be hard. >> another employee in the break room heard gunshots and fled out the back door calling 911. he survived. police still unsure of xaver's motive, but a woman claiming to be his ex-girlfriend spoke with wsbt in indiana saying he's been threatening this for so long, and he's been having dreams about it and everything. this community now left to make sense of the senselessness. >> we now begin the healing process. we attempt to mourn the loss of
7:35 am
our peers, our neighbors, our mothers and daughters. >> reporter: zephen xaver's court appointed attorney had no comment. the 21-year-old is now held in a jail cell here in solitary. if he's convicted on the five murder charges here in florida, he could face the death penalty. guys. >> kerry sanders, thank you. now time to check in with mr. roker, get a check of the forecast. >> we got a little lake effect snow to talk about and then a clipper behind that. you can see we have winter weather advisories. we've got winter storm warnings stretching across the great lakes, whiteout conditions could continue for hours as this low pulls away. it's dragging across colder air, across those warmer waters of the lake. the snowfall rates up to one to three inches an hour, especially downwind of lake erie and lake ontario. the snowfall rates will ramp right back up again saturday night after a lull during the day saturday. snowfall amounts heaviest going
7:36 am
to be between erie and buffalo and in the tug hill plateau area of upstate new york with about 18 inches of snow, and we're looking at this second clipper coming in behind that with that bitter cold. that's going to drop a few inches of snow, and there will be another one that comes in early next week, so we've got a lot of weather going and a lot of active winter conditions. that's what's going on around the country, here's >> good friday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have a beautiful sunrise happening right now over san jose, and as you get ready to head out, it's a cool start, but we will be warming up and a really nice afternoon headed our way. half moon bay will reach 65 degrees, and 66 in san jose. 63 in antioch, and over the next few days, our dry weather continues, but there will be some more clouds moving in by the weekend, and the winds will pick up early next week. that's your latest weather. you have more on your challenge with jennifer lopez.
7:37 am
coming up, jennifer lopez tapped me but i'm tapping you guys for the no carb, no sugar challenge. she is going to join us live. then skating for a worthy cause, al and craig, they're hitting the ice and delivering an important message to all men. also ahead, 80 years after its release, you have been told stories from the set of what's been called the most influential movie ever made, the beloved "wizard of oz". first, why police are on high alert over the release of a controversial new film, a look at the life of music icon michael jackson and some of the disturbing allegations after this. g. i'm dying. i'm dying. does anyone have a charger? yeah, just down here. ♪ sorry i'm dying. i'm dying. ♪
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this morning on in-depth today, a controversial new look at the life of pop icon michael jackson. >> police in utah are preparing for possible protests at the sundance film festival today. that's where the documentary "leaving neverland" makes its premi premier. it features the story of two men who claim when they were boys they were molested by michael
7:42 am
jackson. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer has more on all of this. >> not a trailer or even a single clip of this new documentary has been released ahead of its debut today, but that has not slowed the buzz behind it as police prep for demonstrators and possible threats. >> premiering today at the sundance film festival, "leaving neverland" the new potentially damaging documentary about music legend michael jackson. >> this is a movie that everybody is talking about. it's probably right now the most talked about film at sundance. >> the film about the beloved icon so contentious, police are on high alert and bracing for protests. >> we're ramping up our efforts with having additional officers, additional security, just in case. >> reporter: debuting at sundance before airing on hbo this summer, the jackson documentary features two accusers who revisit child molestation claims against the iconic performer.
7:43 am
>> really for me it's about awareness and towards, you know, helping survivors and prevention. >> reporter: wade robson befriended by michael jackson when he was a boy spoke to tmz. >> i didn't change what happened to me, but what i can do now is try to make a small impact. >> reporter: robson and james safechuck are at the center of the documentary, but the jackson estate is pushing back saying both men testified on behalf of jackson during earlier trials a that unsuccessfully sued his state calling this yet another lurid production to exploit and cash in on michael jackson, but the documentary may include new voices. >> there's going to be a lot more than just two people talking about what happened to them. >> reporter: acquitted of child molestation charges years before his death, jackson supporters are flooding social media calling for a boycott at sundance. today a new documentary fueling fresh protests amid past
7:44 am
allegations, still haunting one of music's biggest stars before and after his death. >> so miguel, how much do we know about what else is going to be in the documentary? >> craig, not a lot. sundance only released a very short description of the documentary, but today we're told it may be as long as four hours and we'll also hear from those very close to jackson who allegedly knew what was happening behind closed doors. >> miguel almaguer for us there in l.a. thank you. carson's flagging our attention, flagging, to a controversial new rule. it's in golf. it just took effect. what we all need to know right after this. -ah, the old crew! remember when we all used to go to the cafeteria and just chow down midday? -you mean, like, lunch? -come on. voted "most likely to help people save $668 when they switch." -at this school? -didn't you get caught in the laminating machine? -ha. [ sighs ] -"box, have a great summer. danielle."
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7:49 am
happy friday, everybody. carson's over in the orange room. >> fore! >> he's yelling out fore. >> we're on. >> you see that one? >> i did. >> there's this whole new thing, that would have gone in too. there's a whole new thing in golf that's got a lot of people talking, one in particular is about the flag stick, and it's got a lot of golf's biggest names questioning their strategy. prior to the new year, the rule stated that you would remove the flag from the hole if you were putting on the putting surface. now that decision is left up to the golfer. pros like jordan spieth, justin thomas and tiger, they've been experimenting with leaving the pin in the hole when they're on the green, and they just can't seem to settle on what's best. the measurements show there's plenty of room for the ball and flag to coexist. some say that the flag helps spot the hole better and can even help the ball go in. others worry the whole thing
7:50 am
could be a distraction, the flag being in sometimes even casting a shadow and obstructing the hole. the flag stick has become a big talker at press conferences. here's what tiger had to say about it recently. >> some of the putts where the hole is kind of visible, you know, with -- as it comes up over a rise i can see it, but it would be nice to have a reference point so i'll probably leave it in for those kind of putts. >> so phil mickelson left the pin in during a tournament last week and said he's not going to be doing it again. it felt uncomfortable. he's been playing golf for 20, 30 years one way and the adjustment is weird for him. fans watching from home are also adjusting. i didn't realize how weird it looks when you putt with the flag in. i'm still getting used to it. officials made this change with hopes, the idea here initially was to simplify the game of golf, maybe even speed up play on the course, but with all this current second guessing on and varying preferences it seems to, at least for now done the exact opposite. >> what do you do? >> i've been playing long enough
7:51 am
if i'm on the putting surface, i want the flag out. if it's so far out i can't see it, i'll have it tended and as soon as i hit it -- for me, this long flag stick can cast -- it's all about lines on the green, and this to me is just in the way. >> look at all the -- >> what happened? >> there's a cat in the window. >> we went to sleep for about two minutes. >> were you saying? >> they just woke up. >> are we boring you? >> let's do a little golf clap. >> i'm sorry. >> golf clap, everybody. >> those naps were refreshing. just ahead, do you love tlc's classic no scrubs? tlc's classic no scrubs? wait until you see the we just hit a spot, and we just lost control. (glass shattering) my life flashed before my eyes. (911 operator) 911, what's your emergency? (overlapping radio calls) if the firemen didn't answer their call, i truthfully don't know where i would be.
7:52 am
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good friday morning. right now at 7:56, we take a live look outside at the golden gate bridge, all clear, and a nice little breeze picking up as well. our temperatures are very chilly, as you get ready to head out the door with some mid-30s in parts of the north bay and inland valleys and low to mid-40s for parts of the inner bay and the coast. we are aheaded into the 60s today. nice recovery after a cool start. expect a high of 63 in san francisco and antioch. our forecast shows it will be slightly warmer for the weekend, as more clouds come in, but still staying all dry and our winds picking up early next week. our dry weather continues into next thursday. mostly in the 60s through the seven-day forecast. let's get an update on the
7:57 am
commute now from mike. >> kari, things were calm but we have an issue right now for san jose, we're looking at southbound 101, typically counter commute, right now a big jam forming just south of oakland road, a rollover car blocking at least one lane and chp is requesting perhaps a traffic alert. so we'll track that. they think it will take an hour to clear and it's southbound 101 at oakland road. meanwhile in oakland north 880, a crash cleared at 66th and south one in san rafael. back to you. >> thank you very much. happening now, we are following breaking news in san leandro. nbc bay area sky ranger flying over what police say is a deadly crash. no word yet on the number of fatalities involved, but rousset boulevard and fairway drive are closed. in the last few minutes the faa lifted its ground stoppage at laguardia airport. it was the result of too many air traffic controllers calling in sick today. remember, controllers are among
7:58 am
those not being paid due to the federal shutdown. the faa does say there's a ripple effect going on at other airports. a closure threat due tk of funding. the impact monday )s vote could have on hundreds of students. plus--kari is tracking our work week forecast as you head out the door. join us monday morning from 4:30 to 7.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on today. >> we want to tell anyone we're thankful that you took the time out to search for kasie and he's good. >> we'll get an update on how the boy is doing. plus, check it out. >> hey, look at that. >> al and craig hit the ice with the new jersey devils for a good job. this morning the debut taking on prostrate cancer.
8:01 am
and how sweet it isn't. >> no sugar, no carbs, ten days, i am challenging hoda. ho hoda, i know you're up for a good challenge. >> hoda agrees to take on jennifer's 10 day challenge but not before talking it out with the super star live today to discuss the rules today, friday jb january 25th, 2019. >> the university of illinois loves "today"! >> all the way from pennsylvania. >> celebrating my 11th birthday. from sunny florida, good morning. >> good morning. ♪ i need a girl like you >> from newberg, indiana. >> grant haven't, michigan. >> shout out to our kids. >> we travelled 900 miles -- >> to be on the "today" show!
8:02 am
good morning. it's friday, folks. we're happy to have you out there on our plaza this morning. >> we have a huge crowd. it is a cool friday crowd. we want to thank everybody, also the folks at home sending out the my "today" plaza shoutouts. record a short video, share it on instagram, twitter and you're on tv. >> hashtag it. >> # my "today" plaza. a breaking story this morning. a high pro file arrest in the robert mueller russia investigation. the president's former adviser roger stone indicted on a long list of charges. pete williams has been reading this indictment, good morning to you. >> reporter: roger stone is now in a federal courtroom in florida. prosecutors say stone lied to congress to find out about
8:03 am
damaging e-mails hacked by the russians about hillary clinton and the company and encouraged a friend to lie to congress about contacts too about contacts with wikileaks. they do not say that stone was in contact with wikileaks or russians who hacked into the documents. they say he was contacted by a senior official in the campaign who asked him about future releases by wikileaks of the hacked e-mails. the documents say stone through his friend tried to prod wikileaks to release more material. when his friend was called to testify to congress, stone urged him to plead the fifth. >> pete williams in our washington news room thank you. there was joyful news in a north carolina community fearing the worst. a 3-year-old boy lost three days ago was found alive. gabe gutierrez has more on what people are calling a real miller cap. good morning, gabe.
8:04 am
>> reporter: it is an incredible story. police say 3-year-old casey hathaway wandered from his grandmother's home three days ago, and people looked for him for 45 minutes before calling 911, and then panic set in, as well as volunteers and local authorities and the fbi searched for him day and night. temperatures dipped below freezing at some points. so there was concern. well, late last night, they got a tip he was in the brush about a quarter mile from where he went missing. they found him there, he was crying but otherwise he was okay. his family said one of the first things he asked for was to watch netflix and he lit up when he saw his sister. we're told he was overnight in the hospital for observation but otherwise doing okay. >> gabe, thank you so much. for the first time in weeks
8:05 am
there seems to be serious talk of compromise in washington to end this government shutdown. on thursday the senate voted down two competing bills to reopen the government. but afterward leaders from both parties met to talk about a temporary solution. meanwhile as workers miss another payday, there's outstretch other wilbur ross saying workers should take out loans. >> there are reports that some federal workers are going to homeless shelters to get food. >> i know they are, and i don't really quite understand why. there's no real reason why they shouldn't be able to get a loan against it. >> ross who's worth several hundred millions dollars, also played down the affect of the shutdown on the nation's overall economy. a school superintendent was booked on charges of using her
8:06 am
own health insurance for medical issues. she took the 15-year-old to a medical clinic, but he was turned away because he had no insurance. she admitted it was wrong, but said her only concern was for the boy's health. prosecutors have agreed to drop those charges after she completes a diversion program. we have a morning boost. are you ready for this one? here is another example of what makes golden state warriors star, steph curry so popular on and off the court. they were playing in washington last night, a young fan got a chance to meet steph curry. it wasn't just a quick hello. steph hands him the ball, takes a couple dribbles and then steph takes a pass from the fan and makes the shot. >> he's a good dude. >> i have exciting news about the middle morning boost segment. this weekend we launch a morning boost newsletter.
8:07 am
so we get to share some of our favorite stories for the week, give you a laugh and a smile, something to make you feel good on the weekend. get the first letter tomorrow. >> my only complaint is i think we need it every day, not just saturday. are you going to put your quotes in? >> that's a good idea. >> she's really great with her inspirational quotes. >> will do. coming up next. you are going to need some inspiration my friend because none other than j. low has challenged hoda and hoda along to a challenge. so we're going to get into it. j-low j-lo is going to get into it. plus one small step for man kind. >> pretty good. >> the important reason al and craig suited up on the ice with some hockey stars. but first these messages. >> those guys were so patient.
8:08 am
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crave those crazy squares. oh no. are you okay, mike? yeah, had a pretty big fender bender here. don't worry, state farm's got you covered. [helium voice] ahhh, that's great to hear...robyn? what's going on? are you sure you're okay? yeah, yeah, i think so. ahhhh... ahhhhhh... we're gonna get you a tow truck, mike. thank you. real fender bender going on. fender bender. ♪ fender bender everybody remain calm! there's no reason to panic! go with the one that's here to help life go right. state farm. this morning on today's talker, something we've been talking a lot these days about, the big challenge that jennifer lopez has for hoda. lets take a look at what she said. >> ten-day challenge. it is getting lonely, and we'd like to challenge, so no sugar, no carbs, ten days, i'm
8:11 am
challenging leah remini, i'm challenging elaine gold smith thomas and i am challenging hoda. hoda, i know you're up for a good challengeme. >> okay. so no sugar, no carbs, ten days. i'm going to try it. i tried to recruit everybody at the table. carson i don't know if you remember yesterday, we have a tape of this. you said that you were in. we had a lot of questions. >> roll the tape. >> so we thought, why don't we go to the source. we have jennifer lopez on the phone. hi jennifer. >> hi hoda, how are you? >> hey, babe. okay. so tell us a little bit about this challenge. is it completely -- i mean, is it definitely no sugar, no carbs? can we have coffee? can we have booze? >> listen, it's no sugar, no carbs. anything that has sugar and carbs in it you cannot have. you can't have it, and you realize how much stuff has sugar in it. yesterday i was like i'm going to have a turkey burger with lettuce and onions and pickles, and they were like no pickles.
8:12 am
>> no picklepickles? >> it has so much sugar in it. >> roker's mad. >> i know, i know. i was like okay. no pickles. >> let me ask you a question, you've been on this thing for a few days, how did you feel after the first and second day? >> first and second day what you realize is that you're addicted to sugar. like it's like crack. you crave it. it's like a drug, and to be honest, it is the reason we have so much inflammation and so many toxins in our body, so my trainer challenged us. he knows i love to eat cookies. he's like you've got to scale back. just reset your body where we start getting you on healthier carbs and healthier things that have sugar in it. so now when i go back to eating a fruit in ten days, it's going to taste like an ice cream sund sundae. >> did you have a headache when you quit the sugar? >> you know what, i did have a little bit of like a sinusy thing happen. >> good, this will be fun.
8:13 am
>> yeah. >> but jennifer -- >> yes? >> it's savannah, and i'm probably not going to do this but -- >> savannah you're officially challenged, savannah. >> no, no! >> yes. >> she's cutting out. i barely heard that. >> she just challenged you too. >> i didn't hear that, i'm sorry, j.lo. >> can we have coffee, jennifer? and what about tequila with just a squeeze of lime juice? >> black coffee you can have. you can't have sugar in it. and milk has a ton of sugar. >> what about half and half? >> half and half has no sugar, but it has a little bit of carb in it. >> and it's got some milk in it. >> so here's the deal. we can have our coffee. we can have our tequila. so carson, you're in. >> i have one other, jennifer, i'm worried about super bowl sunday. >> it will be ten days by then. >> today counts. >> this is not something you do all the time. it's a challenge to really reset your body, you know what i mean?
8:14 am
it's something you do to clean yourself out. you will lose, you know, a bunch of pounds on it. you will lose inches because it's just the nature of once you get rid of that sugar and those carbs it starts coming off. halfway through i see a difference already, a little bit of a difference. >> what if we, jennifer, let's negotiate, how about a five-day challenge. >> that's a better idea. >> fooive days? >> i don't think you'll get the benefits. we have this thing that's like a mental fog, and to clear it out, i think the ten days -- i'm not an expert, okay? i'm going by my trainer who's amazing and who's worked with lenny kravitz, he's worked with athletes and he's like this is something -- i told him, i said i just want to get to the next level. >> you know alex rodriguez? >> i do! i know him very well. >> wow. >> we've heard. >> all right, so here's the deal, i think we should try. i think carson you're going to be in. >> i'm in. i'll try. >> savannah you're going to do
8:15 am
it for five days because you've got some plans this weekend al you're already on keto and craig you're definitely in. >> is hummus a carb? >> chick peas? >> i love hummus, can i have carrots and hummus? >> jennifer stand by for a second. >> tell us what we can and can't have real quick. >> what you can't have, there's no -- cannot have any starchy vegetables, no peas, corn, potatoes or winter squash, no dairy, that means, milk, yogurt and cheese off the menu. no fruit, no bread, rice or pastas. >> all grains are the out. no sweeteners, so anything with sugar, maple syrup or honey. >> what about artificial sweeteners? >> no soda, regular or diet. she was a little bit more forgiving with booze. i thought the booze was going to be off as well. >> booze is in. >> there are no carbs in tequila. >> i don't drink, so it's not --
8:16 am
>> we drink for you. >> let me tell you what's on the menu. there's actually a lot of stuff on the menu. all of the nonstarchy carbs, cauliflower and broccoli and spinach and kale, and celery. unsweetened teas and sparkling waters, all of the spices and seasonings, here's a great one, nuts and seeds. almonds and cashews and peanuts and nut butters and pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds and meat and poultry. >> how about avavocado. >> avocado is great. which means guacamole. >> put your finger in it, you can't have a chip. >> my finger has carbs? >> the nonstarchy vegetables. i have to keep you guys alive. >> here's the deal. we're going to try it. we have a confession cam, jennifer, that we're going to confess to our sins in case we cheat on it. that's over there in our green room, and we're going to check back with you in ten days. can you come see us?
8:17 am
>> i don't know -- i would love to come see you if i'm in new york. let me see when i'm there next. >> they're going to crush it. >> we're going to crush it. >> crushing it! >> thank you, jennifer. >> we love you for inspiring us. >> we love you, honey. >> thanks, j.lo. >> for more on the ten-day challenge -- >> she knows a-rod. >> and the food you can eat go to >> i want the record it oto ref i have not said if i would do it or not. >> right. >> at the end of ten days we should pay it forward and challenge other people. >> let's make other people miserable. >> we'll do it. >> okay, pop start, no carbs in pop start. >> next week this time i might be shaking so profusely i can't do pop start. we'll start with beyonce sharing a fun throwback photo yesterday. the singer put up the side by side. that's her on the left and blue ivy on the right, look at that. they look the exact same. someone made the comparison of me at age 7 and blue at age 7. my baby's growing up. things on the tonight show
8:18 am
got a little weird. jimmy fallon and the back street boys hatched a plan to dress up like chickens. first they crossed the road to get to the other side. look what happened when they took the stage and performed one of their hits back street's back, but this time with a twist. >>. ♪ bawk, bawk, bawk ♪ >> i love it. >> they are officially the bawk street boys. the group did release their tenth studio this is an nbc news special
8:19 am
report. here's lester holt. >> we're coming on the air with breaking news, long-time donald trump confidant, roger stone in federal court in florida this hour having been arrested in a predawn raid of his fort lauderdale home. charged with counts of obstruction, making false statements and witness tampering. about the trump campaign and wikileaks and the stolen democratic e-mails. stone who has been close to trump for decades becomes the latest trump associate to be indicted in the ongoing investigation by robert mueller. kerry sanders is outside the courthouse in fort lauderdale. what's been happening there? >> reporter: they just finished the presentation in front of the magistrate who decided that stone will be able to walk out today after he signs over a $250,000 signature bond, which means that in the next couple of
8:20 am
hours, we may see him walk right out of the courthouse here and come over here because he is not shy from cameras. and you can see all the cameras and microphones that are set up to hear what he has to stay about this indictment here. his home was raided this morning, shortly before the sun came up, fbi agents with weapons and their vests on, served a search warrant, took him into custody and at this hour, fbi teams, agents are currently at his home still going through his home looking for evidence. lester? >> kerry, this was not the formal arraignment. this was a very, very early appearance for him? >> reporter: exactly. the question here is -- okay. what did you say, sir? >> 45 minutes to an hour. >> reporter: apparently roger stone will be out here within the hour to speak before the cameras.
8:21 am
yes, this was not the formal arraignment. what they're basically trying to determine is that he will, indeed, not be a flight risk. and the u.s. magistrate here determined that's the case. one of the questions was, was this timed on a friday for some reason? but clearly that the magistrate is having him released there doesn't see to be any extra motive to make his life extra mizableable over the weekend sitting in a detention center. >> let's go to our justice correspondent, pete williams who's been following this case and has the latest. lay out what is in that indictment, if you can, pete. >> reporter: sure. in federal court this is an appearance. he'll ultimately have to come back here to washington d.c. where the charges were filed. what the mueller team says is that he has committed basically two categories of crimes, lying to congressional investigators about his efforts to contact
8:22 am
wikileaks to find out what they may have had in terms of hacked e-mails from the democrats and hillary clinton's campaigns, prodding them to release more, acting through an intermediary, to try to get julian assange to tell more about what they had and release more damaging e-mails to damage the clinton campaign. the charges also say he was contacted by some members of the trump campaign to ask what wikileaks had after stone had bragged that he was in touch with julian assange himself. there's no documentation that he ever did that, that he, in fact, contacted assange through intermediaries. and the second thing the special counsel robert mueller says here, is that he urged another man, a talk show host, to lie to congress when he was asked about all of this, telling him he should plead the fifth invoking the name of a character from the "godfather" movie, saying he didn't know anything.
8:23 am
and saying at one point to this intermediary, if you don't lie to congress, i'll take your dog. lester. >> there will be those already parsing this indictment, pete. we know, of course, this investigation has been about this whole issue of collusion. does it tie him to communications with the russians? >> reporter: no, it does not. it doesn't say he was directly in touch with the russians. it doesn't even say he was directly in touch with wikileaks. but you know, roger stone brought this on himself. he painted the bull's eye on his own back. early on, even before robert mueller was appointed, he was bragging that he was in touch with julian assange, he later backed off about that. but obviously if you're going to look at the russian attempts to meddle in the election, you want to know who was in touch with wikileaks because mueller has already said it was the russians who hacked into the democrats and hillary clinton's computers and the russians who gave it to wikileaks to make it public.
8:24 am
so he brought it on himself. and what mueller said is when the heat was on, he started lying and encouraging others to do the same. >> there was language in here and frankly said that a senior trump campaign official directed some of the communications to find out what they had. any clues in here that would indicate who that senior official was and does it rule out the president? >> reporter: the answer to the question is, no, it doesn't rule anybody out. there are several references in here to a senior trump campaign officials. more than one person. now we know toward the end of this whole saga one of those senior campaign officials according to persons familiar with the communications was, in fact, steve bannon but we don't know who all the people referred to in this indictment as senior campaign officials are. but the picture painted by the indictment, lester, is that when the democrats said they'd be
8:25 am
hacked by the russians and when wikileaks began to say we've got this stuff and we're putting it out, that's when the trump campaign said to roger stone, you're the guy who claims to be able to talk to julian assange, what else have they got? see what else they have? that's the picture painted by the charges today. >> we're getting a little bit of a color from this initial court appearance by roger stone in the courtroom. let me look at the notes here. apparently there's a $250,000 signature bond, his hands were shackled in the court. he is going to be released. he'll be restricted to south florida, virginia and d.c. the case going forward in washington. he's not allowed to change his address. surrender his passport, apparently it's expired. he's not able to contact witnesses, agree to drug testing. these are some of the conditions pending his release.
8:26 am
we want to go to kristen we wellkerr at the white house. what's the reaction? >> reporter: it's been defiant. e we got our first tweet, greatest witch hunt in the history of our country. no collusion. border coyotes, drug dealers and human traffickers are treated better. then he asks this question of this video obtained by cnn, who alerted cnn to be there. cnn was there earlier today when roger stone was arrested. so that has been the president's response so far. it's what you would expect. it is something that we have heard from this president time and time again, no collusion, and referring to the mueller investigation as a witch hunt. let me read you the more measured statement from his attorney, who wrote, the indictment does not allege collusion by mr. stone or anything else, instead it's
8:27 am
false statements to congress. and let me say this is the fact that the indictment does not draw a line between roger stone and russia. sarah sanders trying to distance the president from all of this today saying it has nothing to do with the president and certainly nothing to do with the white house. the president, though, raised eyebrows during the campaign at this issue. as you recall, he stood at a podium time and time again said he loved the wikileaks releases and at one point called upon russia to hack into hillary clinton's e-mail. all of this raising more questions, and a dozen former trump advisers, campaign officials have pleaded guilty or been indicted as part of the robert mueller investigation. all of this comes against the backdrop of the longest government shutdown in u.s. history. i can tell you the white house
8:28 am
officials have been huddled in their offices meeting. they usually have meetings throughout the morning but undotedly this has been front and center today. >> thank you. i want to go to chuck today right now. moderator of "meet the press." as i noted with pete a moment ago, there's going to be a lot of parsing of this indictment. ut appears the white house was caught off guard. the timing certainly seemed to be a surprise. what does it mean? >> reporter: the most important part of this indictment, there's a lot of focus on the process side of this indictment. but it is the beginning of robert mueller laying out the collusion argument between wikileaks and russia, and in many ways, i have to admit lester, i'm rethinking about the rudy giuliani -- that surprising rudy giuliani statement about ten days ago when he clarified his denials about collusion. and he said the president didn't include with anybody. and he wouldn't -- he wouldn't -- he told me on sunday
8:29 am
that he couldn't rule out others on the campaign did. lo and behold that's what this indictment shows, someone on the campaign was colluding with roger stone, who was colluding with wikileaks. now none of this is able to connect directly to the russians. as pete pointed out. robert mueller made it clear that it was russian intelligence got it to wikileaks. now he's making it clear, roger stone was a conduit between wikileaks and the trump campaign. what is not proven is that somehow trump, stone, and russia somehow all knew all of this was here. but the fact that that part of the case is starting to be laid out by robert mueller is significant. and it shows you, i think, where this is headed next. the other thing is, we still have a couple more people that mueller has never interviewed, that the assumption is they're targets. and probably the biggest name on that list is donald trump jr. >> that was in regard to the
8:30 am
infamous trump tower meeting? >> reporter: correct. >> all right, let me bring in chuck rosenberg, nbc news analyst, former u.s. attorney. chuck, what do you see here? what should be the level of concern at the white house as this case begins to unfold? >> sarah sanders' statement aside they thought to be concerned. she said this isn't about the president. his name is throughout this indictment. to chuck todd's point, which i think is an important one, there are still pieces missing, but we're seeing more and more of the picture filled in. if you remember lester back in july when the mueller team indicted the russian intelligence officials they left a bread crumb for us, they told us u.s. persons were involved now we know who those u.s. persons were. and with each indictment, each document dropped into the public
8:31 am
domain, it gets closer and closer to senior campaign officials and perhaps -- perhaps is an important word here -- perhaps to the president himself. >> i'm curious. there's this expectation that the mueller team was prepared to issue its report and wrap things up as soon as the next month or so. does this change that thinking in your view? >> in my view, there's several separate strands. for instance, there's an ongoing investigation, a very important one, in the southern district of new york, not technically the mueller investigation but it had sprung from it. as well the mueller team could release a report and then release another report. release an interim report. and then continue to investigate for perhaps counterintelligence matters. whether they drop a report soon doesn't suggest this investigation is over. if anything, it seems to be continuing.
8:32 am
the president continues to do things that suggests there would be a good reason to look at the counterintelligence implications of his conduct. lester, i would say report or no report, it seems to me to be continuing. >> chuck rosenberg, thank you for your insight there. again, roger stone, associate of the president appearing in court, his initial court appearance after being arrested in a raid in his home this morning. let's go to kerry sanders outside the federal courthouse there. tell us what to expect here, kerry. >> reporter: we're waiting for roger stone to exit. joining us is the producer who made her way into a tight courtroom to describe what took place there. when you got in, roger stone was already there? >> he was seated. it was tough to get in that courtroom, there was more spectators than the media suspected. so we were all pushing to get in there. we got seated, he was sitting,
8:33 am
his hands were shackled, and he was very calm, confident, when he had to stand up to talk to the judge, the judge explained to him what was going on happen. he said that he cannot change his address, he must surrender his passport, which he said your honor my passport is expired right now. he cannot sell any personal property. he can continue to see a doctor. has to agree to drug testing and stan substance abuse testing. >> did they tell him he was limited to where he could travel. >> yes. he's restricted from the southern region of south florida, the eastern district of virginia and d.c. >> what was he wearing as he was in there? >> okay. he was wearing a navy blue polo-type shirt. >> the sort of clothes he might have been wearing when he left his house this morning? >> apparently so.
8:34 am
there was no suit or tie this morning. >> that took place in the u.s. magistrate's courtroom on the second floor. where do we believe he is right now? >> he's probably upstairs right now signing the papers that he needs to sign to go onto the next phase, which is pretrial. >> did he leave the courtroom with the u.s. magistrates or were you ushered out before he left and how did he exit? >> you know the media we had to get out here so we all left and he was taken out. >> reporter: thank you, karen. that's karen's view from inside the courtroom. we should note for those wondering there are no cameras in federal court, no cell phones so it takes a little time for the information to get out here. we did have a representative come out here who shouted to the crowd out here, specifically to the media that roger stone would be down within 45 minutes to an hour. that's a guesstimate. the process upstairs can be quick or slow. we'll eventually hear from roger stone today.
8:35 am
his attorney already made a statement to nbc news, saying in part, about this indictment, saying that it is ridiculous. i know we're going to hear much more from roger stone. >> kerry sanders. in fact, he has been vocal in the past it would not be a surprise if he speaks when he comes out of the courtroom. we are going to go off now, we'll go back on when we see roger stone and if he has something to say and as events warrant in this case. for now, i'm lester holt, nbc news, los angeles. ♪ somewhere over the rainbow ♪ >> we remember it for the songs and the characters. like the scarecrow who needed a brain
8:36 am
. ou >> some place where there isn't any trouble. >> and dorothy whose rub by slippers are so rare, a pair was stolen last year, and when they were found the fbi held a news conference with a rather dramatic unveiling. >> under the rainbow. >> yet for all the movie's successes, it's worth noting there were bumps in the road early on. >> the wizard of oz was difficult to make. they were doing it in tech knno color which required enormous heights. you had judy garland could only work four hours a day on the film because she was a minor. she had to be in school three hours a day. and you had an animal in most of the shots.
8:37 am
>> that animal belonged to a trainer but judy grew quite attached. >> she wanted to buy him, but his owner said no, he's valuable to me, i can't sell him. that's a disappointment. the movie was not a disappointment, it was released in 1939, though it didn't make a profit until its rerelease ten years later. then in 1956 it appeared on television, becoming an annual tradition for families and proving there really was no place like home. of course, it started with a book called "the wonderful wizard of oz". >> he was way ahead of his time in terms of his belief in equality for women. >> she spent three years studying the author and his wife. the research inspired her new novel finding dorothy, which is due out next month. >> are there hidden messages in the movie that when we think
8:38 am
about it really mean a lot today? >> stop and think about it. who has the power in oz, it's the women, the bad witch, good witch and dorothy. once you know the secret, oz is a story about girl power. >> proving that yellow brick road is still pointing us in the right direction. ♪ you're off to see the wizard >> if that gives you the urge to watch the wizard of oz on the big screen, events will be screening it at about 700 locations nationwide on sunday, wednesday, and tuesday. back to you guys. >> i think that's going to be a good deal. >> the movie is 80 years old, i swore i saw it when it first came out. such an impact when you're a kid and it turns to color for the first time and how green the wicked witch was and terrifying. >> i didn't know it was based on a book. coming up next, live
8:39 am
performance from pop stars ava max. we'll get to music, too. coming up first, this
8:40 am
8:41 am
. the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. we are back with ava max. she currently holds the top spot on billboards emerging artists chart. where is carson -- carson moved over there. >> i was getting ready. >> "sweet but psycho" is the song. it's a huge hit. we always have such established artists on the show. this is fun when we get somebody like yourself. you're at the beginning of what hopefully is going to be a long, long career for you. tell us what it feels like right now? >> it's definitely overwhelming. i've been doing this for a long time, but it definitely doesn't -- since the song came out, like it doesn't feel like that much of a long time anymore. it feels like it happened overnight, but it didn't.
8:42 am
>> who are the artists you looked up to and listened to and you thought, wow if i could just kind of get that vibe going? >> i mean, growing up everybody from mariah carey to whitney houston, all of those songs and the artists i used to grow up singing in my basement really, celine dion. >> your haircut is amazing. >> thank you. >> is this your signature, or is this for this particular song? >> i couldn't choose between long or short. >> that's the way to do it. >> sweet but psycho. [ laughter ] >> tell us like in 20 seconds just about the song. there's a lot going on. >> well, the song is really about a girl who's misunderstood, and she feels like she's going out of her mind but really she's an independent and strong woman, and she's in this relationship where, you know, relationships all have problems, so she's a strong woman, and the guy ends up loving all of her sides at the end of the song. but at the end, everybody has dualties. >> it's an ear worm. when you hear this song, i have a feeling you might be singing
8:43 am
it all day long. ava max, take it away. >> thank you so much. ♪ oh, she's sweet but a psycho ♪ a little bit psycho at night she's streaming ♪ ♪ she's hot but a psycho ♪ at night she's screaming ♪ >> she'll make you curse, but she's a blessing ♪ ♪ she'll rip your shirt within a second ♪ ♪ you'll be coming back, back for seconds ♪ ♪ with your plate, you just can't help it ♪ ♪ no, no, you'll play along ♪, let her lead you on, on, on ♪ you'll be saying, no, no ♪ then saying yes, yes, yes ♪ because she's messing with your head ♪ ♪ oh, she's sweet but a psycho ♪ a little bit psycho ♪ at night she's screaming,
8:44 am
♪ oh, she's hot but a psycho ♪ so left but she's right through ♪ ♪ at night she's screaming, she's poison but tasty ♪ ♪ she's sweet but a psycho ♪ a little bit psycho ♪ see someone said don't drink her potion ♪ ♪ she'll kiss your neck with no emotions ♪ ♪ you know you love it ♪ because she tastes so sweet, sugar coated ♪ ♪ no, no, you'll play along ♪ let her lead you on, on, on ♪ you'll be saying no, no, no ♪ then saying yes, yes, yes ♪ because she's messing with your head ♪ ♪ oh, she's sweet but a psycho, a little bit psycho ♪ oh, she's hot but a psycho, at
8:45 am
night she's screaming ♪ ♪ she's poison but tasty ♪ people say run don't walk away ♪ ♪ because she's sweet but a psycho ♪ ♪ a little bit psycho ♪ you're telling me that i'm insane ♪ ♪ boy, don't pretend that you don't love the pain ♪ ♪ ♪ at night she's screaming ♪ grab a cop, gun kind of crazy ♪
8:46 am
♪ she's poison but tasty ♪ yeah, people say, run, don't walk away ♪ ♪ >> that's how you do it. >> yes, yes, yes. >> that's how it's done. >> yes. >> thank you. >> everybody, thank you ava, for writing a song about my college girlfriend. that was awesome. thank you, guys. >> thank you, you're a real pro. that mic fell and you held it if your hand. >> great pop song with such a strong vocal. coming up, william h. macy tells us about the role that changed h is
8:47 am
8:48 am
all right, back at 8:48 now with a look ahead to the weekend "today," and willie's sunday sit-down as well. >> he's always got a good interview. he catches up with william h.
8:49 am
macy. they talk about his hit show "shameless" and also of course the role that changed everything for him, his oscar nominated turn in "fargo". >> could i take just a minute of your time here? >> what is it all about? >> everything i read about you auditioning for fargo says you really wanted that role. you knew what that movie could be, and you pursued it with tcon brothers pretty hard. what did that entail? >> i'm pretty good at reading scripts. i prefer not to know who they want me to play. i just try to see the whole movie. >> wow. >> my whole thing has been i'd rather do a good movie in a smaller role than a bad movie in the lead role. that's not going to do me any good. i went in and i read, and ethan said that's real good. you want to go out and look at jerry lundegard and i said yeah. i knew i was born to play that role, even though it described a much different looking man, a little older and portly and balding. then i found out that they went to new york, so i got my jolly
8:50 am
jolly [ bleep ] on an airplane and i crashed the audition. i said ethan you give this to somebody else i'll shoot your dog. he had just gotten a dog. i don't recommend that, folks. that's not a good thing to do. don't -- actors, don't do that, but it struck his sense of humor. >> like you said, stan, they're calling the shots. >> oh, my gosh. >> that's how we're going to get j.lo here. >> exactly. >> got to remember that. >> i love that. i mean, can you imagine anyone else in that role now? >> no, no. >> absolutely not. >> you can see more of willie's interview this weekend, sunday "today." you can also listen to the entire unedited conversation and a whole library of these sunday sit-downs. apple podcasts. before sunday comes saturday. that means sheinelle jones. >> on saturday we're continuing our education series. wait until you see this story tomorrow. i'm so passionate about it. you've heard about school safety officers. this is next level. we're going to introduce you to
8:51 am
these officers. they're making a huge difference inside several high schools here in new york city. i shouldn't even say high schools, they're in middle schools. they're in elementary schools. i was skeptical at first, i thought these are just cops in schools. it's a whole different approach. we talked with students, so many students who will tell you specific things that happened that because of these officers there were crisises that were averted, fights that didn't happen. these officers are like counselors, they're like nurses. you wait until you see the changes that are happening. >> that's nice that you're shining a light on them, too. >> good story. >> thank you.
8:52 am
8:53 am
mr. roker, birthday time? >> absolutely. we love it. let's spin those smuckers jars, see who we've got. so first up, a happy 100th birthday to charlotte bloomstein, an active lady from
8:54 am
florida, loves trying her luck on the slot machines. berton rubenstein is celebrating 100 years, a hard worker from newton, mass, didn't retire until he was 86. happy 100th birthday to helen from ozone park, new york. rumor has it she makes the best lasagna you will ever eat. ms. ethel berry of burlington, new jersey celebrating 100 years. worked as a school teacher before she retired. doris morris of greenwich, connecticut is 100. traveled all over the world with her family. last but not least, happy 100th btd birthday to roslyn greenburg of alabama, nothing she'd rather do than spend time with family and friends. >> thank you so much. that's all the time we've got right now, but remember, we always have stories all day long. where carson? >> today all day. >> that's right, >> you'll find a lot more details on the morning boost news letter. we're going to roll that baby out tomorrow. just kind of a.
8:55 am
a story about how down in north carolina a school is helping adults with disabilities find work and achieve their dreams. really make you feel good. we've got that and more at just a few minutes ahead on the third hour of today, the stars of that new movie with christina hendricks and alicia reinor, they're going to talk about being frenemies facing serious issues. and the 21st anniversary of "stomp." >> we stomp. >> and hoda's challenge
8:56 am
all right, we're looking over here, this is video from sky ranger, not too long ago. southbound 101. this overturned vehicle right there still has your left lane, your fast lane, blocked in the southbound direction. the northbound direction has been cleared. the map shows you this traffic alert results in some slowing down from the north because of the distraction.
8:57 am
southbound. it's not so bad past south 880. the activity still there. traffic alert continues. the south bay looking like rest of the bay. watch north 101. southbound, again, has the activity blocking the fast lane. back to you. >> all right, thanks, mike. happening now, former trump adviser roger stone arrested and charged in connection with the mueller investigation. those charges tied to 2016 presidential campaign. scott mcgrew following the developments. he'll have a full report for our midday newscast. link right now for more on our homepage. new sides of straying in the federal shutdown. flights were grounded, too many air traffic controllers called in sick today. the ripple effect is delaying flights elsewhere. no word about any bay area flights being impacted. we'll have more local news for you in an hour. a closure threatk
8:58 am
of funding. the impact monday )s vote could have on hundreds of students. plus--kari is tracking our work week forecast as you head out the door. join us monday morning from 4:30 to 7.
8:59 am
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"today" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everybody. happy friday. i'm al along with sheinelle. welcome back from the west coast. >> thank you. >> of course, dylan, craig. and always happy to have gadi schwartz. >> people assume we know each other. this might be the first time we actually ever made eye contact. i said, you are so tall in person. >> and craig said, no, he's not. >> where are my heels? >> so you came in from l.a. when you went through the tsa lines, were they longer? average? >> they weren't longer. but there is


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