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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  January 27, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PST

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. we have reached a deal to end the shutdown. >> i intend to plead not guilty. >> i was not disrespectful to mr. phillips. >> to his family just like we said we were going to do. >> on to super bowl liii they go. good morning. welcome to "sunday today." january 27th. i'm willie geist. the 35-day federal shutdown is over but the problems it's causing is lingering. visit os at many washington traer attractions are still finding
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closed days and workers wondering when they will get their back pay and are we headed for another shutdown over the border wall when the funding bill conspires expires in less weeks? yes, it's winter and supposed to be cold but not like this. the midwest is about to face some of its coldest temperatures in 25 years. windchills as low as 60 below zero. we will have a look ahead for millions of you. a sit-down with william h. macy, the actor whose name conjures thoughts of jerry londongard a role so good macy told the director ethan cohen he had to get it or else. >> i said, nathan, you give this to somebody else, i'll just shoot your dog. i don't recommend that, folks. it's not a good thing to do. don't you, actors, don't do that, but it struck his sense of humor.
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>> a sunday sit-down with william h. macy. harry smith also in another life well lived later in the show. what happens next? the federal government will be open tomorrow with the end of the shutdown. could we be right back here where we started, though, in less than three weeks? nbc correspondent kelly o'donnell has the later. >> reporter: a feeling and routine they have not none since before christmas. hundreds of thousands of federal workers are back on the job tomorrow with lump sum back paychecks the next few days. with the new normal a new countdown to the next budget deadline february 15th. washington's reboot is taking time. visitors to d.c. attractions still faced closed doors this week. >> we are here and we can't go to the smithsonians or any of the museums. >> reporter: the national park service resumes operations today
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and the sismithsonian museums w open on tuesday. lingering fallout, a weary public. >> the function of the government is stay open. >> the white house, the president stayed home on friday and put this on twitter. harsh headlines jabbed at the president's handling of the impasse with a new deadline february 15th. negotiations with democrats will start immediately. will not be easy to make a deal. both parties very dug in. conservative radio host mark levine is not pleased, but will give the president more time. democratic presidential candidate senator elizabeth warren posted her expectations. >> let's be clear. in three weeks, we cannot hold
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federal workers hostage again. that's no way to run a government. >> reporter: from impasse to indictment. seeking out cameras in ft. lauderdale, florida. >> i will lead not guilty and fight the charges. >> the president's long time political operative and colorful ally roger stone professed his innocence. >> i find it extraordinary that i am accused of lying to congress, which i most definitely did not do. >> reporter: federal prosecutors allege stone lied to congress and urged a friend to lie in connection with wikileaks s publication of stolen emails from wikileaks in 2016. the president and roger stone vr frien have been friends for decades and no surprise he talked about it. the key line is he says roger stone didn't even work for me anywhere near the election.
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of course, part of the allegation is they were phone friends continuously even though stone did officially leave the campaign long before these allegations. prosecutors say he never really stopped working on behalf of the president, making it a thorny issue for this white house now. willie? >> kelly o'donnell, thank you very much. chuck todd is nbc political director and moderator of "meet the press." good to see you. >> well, good morning. >> the shutdown is over after 35 days and looks like nancy pelosi got the better of donald trump. did the president get anything out of this? is there anything he can say to his supporters, we won? >> i don't think is there a thing he can say. i mean, not at all. the only difference between the deal that he rejected on day one and the deal he took now is february 8th to february 15th. that's it. all that happened was he helped solidify nancy pelosi's place as
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speaker. he helped, frankly, do what nancy pelosi has never been able to do which is establish herself as the leader of the democratic party. in many ways, if you were to look at what is the biggest accomplishment that came out of this? i would say it belongs to speaker pelosi and it belongs to her ability to be the leader of the party and keep the party united. >> in a lot of ways, chuck, we are back where we were in december where it looked like trump might step away from the wall to get some kind of border security. he heard from conservatives who said, wait a minute, you promised us this wall and one of the big reasons we voted for you and why you're president of the united states. president trump is hearing from conservatives he caved, he lost. if we believe it, what makes us believe we are not back here in less than three weeks. ? >> i think the reason we won't be back here as far as a shutdown is, i think congressional republicans have no patience for the shutdown. i'm actually fairly optimistic we will see legislation that
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will eliminate the ability to have a shutdown. i think there is that much exhaustion from this. mitchell mcconnell likes to say there is no education in the second kick after mule. this is like the 15th kick of a mule to congress at this point. i'm optimistic about that. i think he is going to do this national emergency because he has put himself into this box. i had somebody very close to him say to me earlier this week, for some reason the president thinks his read my lips moment, referring to george h.w. bush, no new taxes. he think no new wall is read my lips. a year ago it wasn't but now it is. in an odd way, he has made it this important to his base, where a year ago, i think his base would have had more flexibility. >> that is why he is going to have trouble walking away from the wall in a couple of weeks. you're right. he might have to go to the national emergency to get that. let's talk about the people damaged and hurt of the last 35
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da days. federal workers many missing a second paycheck on friday. we know from government shutdowns in the past that a lot of these employees have not been made whole. it took several years to get that money back. what does it look like to a federal employee this morning? >> here is what it is. we have somebody here on our crew that has a lot of familiarity with, for instance, how voice of america works and they were one of those impacted by the shutdown. i can only speak to one agency here. but there is an attempt to essentially expedite everything that would make this upcoming friday a special pay period that would give everybody all of their back pay. but this is just for full-time government employees item rig. . >> right. >> subcontractors and things like that like that subsidized. people who take care of the garage that are contractors.
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some folks may not be made whole and i'm pretty confident why i think congress is actually going to pass a bill that might make a shutdown impossible to ever happen again. >> it's outrageous. let's hope has is the one good thing that comes out of this 35-day shutdown. roger stone, the long time political aide to president trump who started in an official capacity on the president's campaign and moved to an unofficial capacity in 2015 was arrested in the early morning in florida and indicted on seven counts. what does this mean to donald trump as someone so close to him and what does it mean as we get a window again into the mueller investigation as we read through that indictment? >> i think for the president this is another test of personal loyalty, right? remember michael cohen? i'd take a bullet for the president? >> yeah. >> the indictments come and then, all of a sudden, he is cooperating and perhaps becomes the democrat star witness in congress.
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roger stone has said, i'll never bear false witness and, already, he has indicated, well, let's see what the prosecutors have. the point is i think for the president, he is going to find out just how loyal is stone going to be to him and he is probably asking himself, how loyal have i been to stone over the years? does he have reason to be worried about me? >> right. michael cohen, of course, cooperating now with that investigation. we will see about roger stone. chuck, thanks so much. a lot of ground to cover this morning on "meet the press." he will talk about what is next with the shutdown with house minority leader kevin mccarthy and house democratic caucus chairman hakeem jaeffreys. in the phillips, two bombs exploded inside a mass in a cathedral. people were killed and some were injured in the southern philippines. no one has yet claimed responsibility. the region has hit repeatedly by terror attacks from a muslim
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separatist group. a growing manhunt is under way in louisiana and surrounding states for the man who police killed they believe his parents and his girlfriend and her parents. dakota theriot was living with his girlfriend and her parents when he shot them and then drove had to his parents' house and shot and killed them. the victims were found saturday morning. the police believe theriot has left the state. newspaper apologizes to la ma melania trump. the paper says it will pay substantial damages as well as the first lady's legal expenses. spoiler alert. if you're planning to watch the men's final of the australian open later this morning, we have a winner so turn off the sound and look away if you don't want
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to know. ear must haves on? here we go. top seed novak djokovic has won the australian open and the seventh time. he moved pat pete sampras into third place all time with 15 grand slam titles and he trails only roger federer and nadal. millions of americans are waking up this morning to brutal cold with temperatures below or close to zero and that is not going to be the worst of it this week. nbc morgan radford is here with more. >> good morning! a good morning but a cold one, because another polar vortex is making its way to the central and eastern u.s. and it's some of the coldest air we have seen in 2025 years. chicago's polar plunge. >> let's do this! >> hundreds jumping into make
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michigan. >> i've seen people get frostbite ten minutes on their ears walking from one place to the next. >> reporter: but for chicago and some of the country, the real plunge is yet to come. the coldest air in two decades is about to test the nation's strength. today's brutal cold is just the first of a one-two punch. beginning monday, a second, much colder wave of arctic air moves in. intensely cold air normally trapped in a polar vortex at the north pole will break free this coming week. and by wednesday, a stretch of the country from the dakotas to maine will be locked in the icy grip of subzero temperatures. windchills by mid week 60 below zor a zero and out in the intense cold digging out. snow is on the ground in eastern iowa and northwest illinois where whiteout conditions made driving dangerous on saturday. ice has begun to form along the
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shores of lake erie with the big freeze yet to come. already school closings announced in illinois and indiana and wisconsin. those kids who looking for a school day, they got it. >> 60 below with windchill? that is insane. see you in a few minutes for the highs and lows of the the 50s. we're starting out in the 50s in san francisco. wind speeds of 8 miles per hour. in san jose right now current temperatures 47 degrees. wind speeds are calm but we are expecting another day of sun and clouds in through the afternoon. current temperatures a little colder in the north bay. santa rosa 40 degrees. napa 41. in through concord, 45 degrees. we could start seeing those temperatures dip down into the 30s by the 7:00 a.m. hour. highs and lows of the week
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including the amazing dance-off at an nba game that turned a pair of shirted and shirtless kids into viral stars. "the price is right rye" contestant who almost missed the chance of a lifetime. and rich and powerful held a annual gathering this week in switzerland. what do they do there? >> reporter: so to you, is dabos about solving problems? >> it's all coming up on "sunday today." we head to break, our photo of the week. a beautiful sight from a cold, cold winter. the american side of the usually thundering niagara falls nearly silent as they are virtually frozen solid.
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just without that annoying lactose. mmm, that's good. morgan radford is back with the highs and the lows of the week. are you ready? >> the first high goes to the main attraction at the sixers game. they are resurgence the last couple of years and fun to watch. at its own game, thanks to a
6:19 am
pair of dancing fans, lets 's g to the jumbo-tron for a dance off. ♪ yes, those shirtless linda ronstarons lads became internet sensation. we got the floss and little orange justice happening there. this is not the first rodeo for this pair. dominique and anthony have danced against each other across the arena but only met each other this week after the video rocking it around the world. >> you were saying you want to do all that. >> i want to see your floss because your daughter taught you. >> my daughter can but not your dad -- especially not on tv.
6:20 am
>> i love that they met each other. >> this was the meeting of the minds and the shirtless dancing. >> now it is the thing. >> our first blow, it happened this week to a contestant on "the price is right" >> terra armstrong, you are the next contestant on "the price is right." terra armstrong, come on down. she's in the bathroom. terra. there she is. the camera scanned the audience for 30 agonizing seconds before ter are fully relieved into viral stardom. she med it on stage and played a game called gas money.
6:21 am
she had a shot of a new mazda and ten grand in cash. i respect whatever the emergency was, i am glad she's able to take care of it. i don't know if i would dpget o of my seat. >> her hands are still drying, she was not ready. >> she was flossing to dry off. >> our next high goes to the player of the week, it comes from cherry creek high school in englewood, colorado. players of different abilities or teammates. andrew has down syndrome and it turns out a deadly shot from long range. as time expires, andrew launches a shot from halfcourt and drains it. his friends and teammates say that's no fluke, he makes the shot almost everyday in practice. andrew showing off the stephen curry's range. >> everyone out there, just do it. just bust it.
6:22 am
just do it. >> he's like more dp, morgan, h deep range. he makes it all day everyday. >> andrew was born a legend, a national treasure. let's be clear. >> our final logos to the morning after feeling after you have been up all night with some new friends you met at the club. their black lab named bo did not come home at night. bo's owner got a call this morning that a dog was matches bo's descripti description was all night. >> he's got another dog with him. oh wait, he got a goat. hey goat, you want to get in my truck, too. hop in, everybody just get in. get in there. hop in. i will take y'all with me. oh, i got a got and two dogs in
6:23 am
my truck. >> bo rolled in with another dog nam named ozzie. >> i love that he went out. it is fine, i will be home in the morning. here are some new pals coming home with us. >> he brought a swag team. >> making new friends, those are the best night out. morgan, thank you. coming up next, a sunday sit down with william h. macy on his affection for the deadbeat drunk that he played in the new hit "shameless." two decades of marriage to actor felicity hufman. morgan and i are ready to answer your questions on live television. send us your best and weirdest on twitter and facebook and when i kept finding myselfd smoking in my attic.
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here is a live look outside -- walnut creek i )m kira klapper, thanks for joining us. vianey arana has a look at your microclimate forecast. good sunday morning. it is 6:26. vianey arana has a look at our microclimate. >> we have areas of clouds and fog and right now in san jose 47 degrees. the wind speeds are calm and our current temperatures throughout the bay area, you could see we're once again waking up to some 30s in the north bay. santa rosa 39 degrees. napa 41. and we are going to be seeing these chilly mornings at least sticking around for the start of the work week as well, but your temperature trend, we're going to see some breezier conditions
6:27 am
especially through the interior valleys but once again, it will be one of those days where it's mostly sunny, some filtered sunshine and temperatures topping out into the upper 60s throughout the bay area. we will remain dry but i'm tracking changes ahead into the work week and i'll break down what that means for your midweek because we'll start out dry but we've got some possible rain on the way. >> we'll see you at 7:00 for that, vianey, thanks. happening today, her bid for the white house begins, bay area native and california state senator kamala harris is kicking off her presidential campaign. it comes less than a week after harris announced her bid. at today's rally she's expected to explain her vision for the country. people attending are being urged to use the 19th street b.a.r.t. station because the 12th street station will be closed. the public is allowed to gather at frank ogawa plaza at noon. the rally begins at 12:45. we have new detail os s on
6:28 am
all-out search for a gunman who shot and killed a man near san jose state. it happened just before 2:00 yesterday morning at south tenth and east william street, not far from campus. an area that many people head to after the bars close. friends describe the 20-year-old victim as a happy guy who was an up-and-coming rapper. smoky durand tells us he believes his friend may have been targeted by money. >> i heard money and i was like, what? i turned around and i just, i seen people running everywhere. >> kind of nerve-racking. you see a lot of students walk through this area and a lot of dark nights, you know, so it kind of puts us on edge. >> again no, arrests have been made. this is san jose's fourth homicide of the year. an armed man caused day yos chaos at a bay area gas station. the man went to chevron and tried to steal a woman's car at
6:29 am
knifepoint but failed. he then ran into the gas station and tried to rob it. fortunately, everyone inside escaped. the man ended up barricaded himself inside the store. police responded and were able to arrest him. it is 6:29. coming up this morning on "today in the bay," the youngest champion in u.s. ice skating history is from the bay area. we told you about her yesterday. well, now we'll take you to her home ice rink here and hear from those who knew her best. that plus all your top stories and weather, of course, coming up at 7:00. we hope you join us. in the meantime we send you back to "sunday today" with willie geist.
6:30 am
. earlier this week, you said you didn't understand why furloughed workers needed food assistance because you said they can just take a loan. >> that was silly of me. they could have sold one of their paintings or stocks. even if they sold a lesser picasso, it is still beginning to get them through a week or two of maintenance. "saturday night live." kate mckinnon mocking wilbur ross this week about furloughed
6:31 am
employees. when i say the name william h. macy, i am willing to bet you think of one or two things, "shameless" or "fargo" that put macy on the match. "shameless," macy spent nine seasons playing a man that's a complete mess. there is so much more expanding from small stages to broadway and tv and movies ranging from boogie nights to sea biscuits. macy and i got together here in new york for a sunday sit-down to talk about that prolific run of work and the latest season of "shameless." >> that's the problem with working. too much in sustainable.
6:32 am
>> william h. macy has one thing in common with his character frank gallagher. >> he's a hardworking guy, he's got something cooking all the time and he gets a great sense of humor. frank is the famously deadbeat dad on "shameless. >> did you sleep here again? >> is there any hope for frank gallagher? can he clean himself up? >> i don't think so. he's committed to his self-destruction and fantasizing. frank, don't you realize you are killing yourself, i am not an idiot. i know i am killing myself. so are you, i am just having more fun. >> were you trying to find me when i was in the icu for
6:33 am
months? >> what do you get playing frank? it is fun being a rascal. i don't have to worry about how i look. i am good at taking another despicable character putting another face. it has done me well in my career. >> macy earned five nominations playing frank. he turned an actor into an icon. the 68 years old was born in miami in 1950. the son of a distinguished world war ii vet who later worked in insurance. macy turned to acting in college by a young teacher and future fame play right named david mammon. >> i went to a liberal college, it was a hippies college. david mammon was my teacher.
6:34 am
before david, my krcurriculum w women getting stone. he told me everything i know. >> macy joined mammet in chicago. macy spent more than a decade doing broadway in new york. >> what was the breakthrough? >> i left new york and moved to l.a. for the same reason as most actors. at that point, i had enough credits and people knew me that i was working and e.r. came just at that time. >> he's the head of e.r., watch out, he eats students for lunch. >> they were good as gold to me. i can smell it then finally i got "fargo." >> in that iconic 1996 dark
6:35 am
comedy. macy played a car sales man who hires two cons kidnapping his wife. >> you really wanted that role and you knew what that movie could be and you pursue it with the cohen's brothers very hard. what does it entail exactly? >> ethan said oh that's really good. you want to look at jerry lunderguard. >> i know i was born to play that role. i found out they went to new york so i got my jolly-jolly on the airplane and i crashed the audition. you give this to somebody else, i will shoot your dog. he just gotten a dog. i don't recommend that, folks, that's not a good thing to do. don't treat your actors, don't do that. it struck his sense of humor. >> it is my idea.
6:36 am
>> macy's unforgettable performance in "fargo" earned him a nomination. after all years of auditioning, he's suddenly in demand. >> i have read "boogie nights," i was shooting some where and they sent me the script. macy met with paul thomas anderson, the film director. >> i met paul at the cafe, i only pitch myself for it. i could not get a word in. paul talked about he's going to shoot it and everything. it was one of the greatest moment in my life, oh dear god, i am not auditioning, he is, i have got this role. that's when i thought okay, things have changed. >> who's dirk digler. >> that's a new looking kid. >> the same year "boogie night"
6:37 am
w was released, macy married felicity. today they have two teenage daughters. >> is it fun to meet someone early in your career and sort of rise together. >> yes. >> our marriage is a fairly tale marriage, i have to say. i loved her the second i saw her. >> is she central in the way you pick characters and scripts. >> yes, we talk about show biz a lot. >> is she funny? >> yeah, she can be tough. >> we met in the theater and that's the core of our relationship. >> over the course of nearly 50 years of work, macy has earned his place among hollywood's favorite actors. >> i used to make this joke that when i started my career, i wanted to know what does this
6:38 am
say of the human condition then later in my career i said how much will i get paid. now i just ask, will i have to get wet? >> a new episode of "shameless" airs tonight on show time at 9:00 eastern and pacific. thanks to the lounge at new york for hosting our conversation. to hear more from william h. macy why he thinks "shameless" has connected with viewers for nearly a decade now. don't forget to subscribe to our sunday sit down podcast to hear the entire unedited interview, you can find it on apple podcast. next week a sunday sit down with amy adams, nominated for another academy award for her role in the movie "vice." and why the term movie star makes her cringe.
6:39 am
amy adams. coming up this morning, morgan radford and i will answer your questions. use we have got some years of fog out there. san francisco 53 degrees. current wind speeds very light, less than ten miles per hour and our temperatures are also still pretty chilly especially through the north bay and portions of the interior valley. concord 45 degrees. oakland 45, up through santa rosa, 40 degrees. 50s along the bay and san francisco 52 degrees right now. satellite radar we're going to notice an increase in the high clouds for today with filtered sunshine by the afternoon. next on "sunday today," we head to davos, switzerland for the annual gathering of ceos and celebrities.
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makes more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. so even when she grows up, she'll never outgrow the memory of our adventure. unlock savings when you add select hotels to your existing trip. only with expedia. given the ongoing crisis here at home with the government shutdown, president trump cancelled the american delegation scheduled trip to this week in davos, switzerland. what did the president miss and why is there so much attention to the annual gathering of world leaders and celebrities and ceos in the snow of the swiss alps. stephanie ru stephanie ruhle to davos.
6:43 am
>> reporter: while the government was shutdown for five weeks, 4,000 east of washington d.c., a very different scene was playing out in a small town of davos, switzerland where a whose who of global leaders were rubbing elbows with some of the wealthiest and influential people on the planet at what's called the world economic forum. despite the image of private jets suggest, not all attendees were flying private. mixed in there, all with the same goal, make the world a better place. >> to you, is davos more about solutions than problems? >> it is about identifying the problem and bringing creative people together to solve that problem. >> will i am is an procedure and a musician and founding member of the black eye peas. >> hi, i am stephanie. >> very nice to meet you. >> she's awesome.
6:44 am
>> that right now is the spirit of davos, it is not a bunch of suits running big business. >> beyond networking for new business, the big business, the titan of industry to come together to talk about the real issues that's affecting all of us today and in the future. >> this is the place you come once a year and you can see everyone and have a meaningful conversation. it is pretty incredible. a major topic of concern, the lack of american leadership on the world's stage. >> we got 60 governments being represented this week and ours is not. >> it worries us a lot. really since world war ii, the united states government has played a leadership role for the world. americans benefited from the better world that this has created. i think the world needs american leadership. >> to confront global challenges from climate change. >> we have to change to the growing in equality gap between the rich and the working class.
6:45 am
davos gives the chance to turn that talk into action. like microsoft's decision to invest nearly half a million dollars to build affordable housing in their hometown of seattle. >> our success should be fuelling the community as a whole. >> despite claims of irrelevant and overwhelming problems facing the world today, these leaders are optimist. >> the response of the shutdown givers me hope that maybe we'll swing back and we are in this together, let's find a solution and do things. >> stephanie ruhle, davos, switzerland. >> steph, thank you very much. harry smith with a tribute to a federal employee who continue to report for their important work even though two paydays came and went without a check. >> i wonder how many of us would show up for work if we knew we are not going to get paid or not
6:46 am
paid on time. paid on time. >> the (whispers) with the capital one venture card... you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, paid on time. >> the every day... not just "airline purchases". think about all the double miles you could be earning... (loud) holy moley that's a lot of miles!!! shhhhh! ♪ what's in your wallet? shhhhh! so we improved everything. we used 50% fewer ingredients added one handed pumps and beat the top safety standards the new johnson's® choose gentle
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the government shutdown is
6:49 am
finally over, hundreds of thousands of federal employees are still paying the price. most of them continue to show up for work even if they miss another paycheck. harry smith has hour sunday's closer. >> as air traffic was being delayed on friday afternoon because of a lack of air traffic controllers, rumors began to circulate that a deal to pay government workers was within reach. it is remarkable to think that those who are entrusted with the welfare of the flying public have already missed two paychecks. to step away from the politics for a second, it really is kind of nice. on the ground, we have been more than a little amazed that a number of trips to airports the last month, tsa people have been screening passengers. i wonder how many of us would show up for work if we knew we are not going to get paid, at least not paid on time.
6:50 am
>> the vast majority of americans live paycheck to paycheck. some say up to 80% of us. the vast majority of americans more than two-thirds of us have little or nothing saved. credit card debt, the average is more than $6,000 at an interest rate of more than 17%. >> and along came this notion that government workers should get a bank loan to tie them over. >> people may have to pay a little bit of interest but the idea that it is paycheck or zero is not a really valid idea. >> it may come as a shock but most banks don't operate like the building in loan in "it is a wonderful life." >> i will sign the paper. >> those government workers who showed up everyday, they were anything but average. they came to work even though there is no doubt heated conversations at home about bills to pay. they came to work even though
6:51 am
the power that be seemed to have little or no regard for their well-being. shame on the country which treats its people like this. those furloughed workers were pawned in a political game of chess. is the shutdown over? sure. those folks who went to work everyday without pay, we should be impressed and thankful they had our backs. from "sunday today," harry smith, new york. >> harry, thank you. amen. this week we highlight another life well-lived. over a span of 36 years and 5,000 columns. russell baker told the american story in his own form of poetry, it helps that he had lived it. his father died when russell was 5-year-old and his mother lucy was left to care for the family.
6:52 am
after serving in the navy during world war ii, baker became an over night police reporter for the baltimore sun. he became the london's correspondent paper before accepting the job at the new york times or he covered the white house and congress and the presidential campaign of 1956 and 1960. he's best remembered for the observer column he wrote from 1962 until his retirement in 1998. the commentary about all aspects of american life from politics to christmas fruitcakes earned him a pulitzer prize. he describes the art of writing his probe in the small space of a newspaper column performing ballet in a telephone boost. baker served 11 years.
6:53 am
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morgan is back now as we look at our sunday mail. >> we have some weird one. first comes from violet from michigan. what was the first record or cd you had as a kid? >> candy rain, soul for real. >> they really wanted me to stop
6:57 am
singing. >> so you are younger than me. >> mine was summer of 1997, ll cool j. this is "i need love." i can sing every word of this song. i did a lip-sync battle. >> you took home the championship? >> i won ll song. let's go to cat nelson, she asked, who was your favorite teacher and why? >> that's a great question, mine would be miss emory. >> it is almost like you turn that into a career, too. >> yeah, think about that.
6:58 am
>> i am going to go with my third grade teacher, mrs. resky that makes it fun. our final question comes from michelle in massachusetts, she asked, i have no idea what this means, willie, do you think you look like this painting from a pub? >> oh my god. >> put that up again. >> that's amazing >> we got to see this painting. >> yes, i do. that's 100% you. >> i can admit, i had that hung in a pub. also people say i look like young or wilson wells. >> morgan thank you verygood su!
6:59 am
7:00 am
it is - - - - - here is a live look outside -- bay bridge fr good sunday morning. it is 7:00 on the dot. here is a live look outside towards the bay bridge from emeryville. not as clear as we were seeing yesterday morning, but the sun is going to shine right through, nonetheless. thanks so much for joining us. i'm kira klapper. vianey arana has a look at our microclimate forecast. nice and mild for january. >> it is mild, and you know, we have a little bit more moisture in the air, which is why we're seeing some more fog this morning. we didn't get as much fog yesterday but this morning we're noticing it, along the peninsula and in san francisco. our temperatures not as cold as yesterday. 46 degrees in the south bay, peninsula 41. tri valley did dip down into the


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