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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  February 3, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PST

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it is so, so cold. >> there is no russia collusion. >> i am running for president of united states of america. >> it has no place in the city of chicago. ♪ good morning, welcome to "sunday today" on this super bowl sunday, february 3rd, i am wily geist, a call for ralph northam to retire. he admitted he did wore black face when he dressed up in 1980.
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the governor says it was not him on his school's yearbook space. members of his own democratic party insisting northam to step down. so far, the governor is refusing. can he survive? we'll get into it with chuck todd. >> we are less than ten hours away from the kickoff of super bowl liii in atlanta. later a sunday sit-down with amy adams nominated for another oscar for her performance in the movie "vice," on her rise to hollywood a-list from a less successful career. >> i were just wanting me to get
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their bread and i was asking a lot of questions. where did you come from? what brings you here? you are so nice. >> give me the bread. >> really, they're looking for a dinner. harry smith on the ageless tom brady as he tries to win his sixth super bowl. it is all later in the show. let's begin with ralph northam. he held a conversation complete with the discussion of moon walking where he refused to resign over a racist photograph from his own yearbook page. geoff bennett, good morning. >> reporter: willie, good morning. northam insists he's not one of the two men in that picture. the picture was put on his page by mistake. he didn't know it existed before the picture surfaced on friday.
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that explanation, willie, is doing little to calm the call for democrats who are pushing for northam to step aside. >> reporter: this morning, fallout over northam, despite a national out cry over that racist photo from his yearbook. a long list of people now saying to step aside. democrats including 2020 presidential hopefuls, former vice president joe biden and nancy pelosi and douglas wilder and senator mark warner and tim kaine along with bob by scott al adding to the call for northam to leave office, even president trump weighed in with a tweet. >> i believe that i am not either of the people in that photo. >> you are saying that you had
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no idea this racist photo existed before it surfaced? >> that's correct. >> it is a reversal for the virginia democrat apologized for appearing in the picture. >> that photo and the racist and offensive attitude that it represents does not reflect the person i am today. i am deeply sorry. >> northam said he did recall and regretted to dress up in michael jackson for a dance contest the same year the yearbook was published. >> when i dressed up as michael jackson, it was a talent show. i didn't find it was unacceptable. >> the staff is calling for your resignation, what are your thoughts? >> we'll continue to lead and talk about the issues that are important. but, we'll also have a conversation as we move forward about trust. >> if northam were to leave
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office, justin fairfax will become the second black governor in virginia's history. >> i think the governor will make the best decision hopefully. willie, as you mention there was that eye brows raising moment where northam said he once dressed up as michael jackson. the governor nearly attempted this. take a look. >> are you still able to do the moon walk? >> my wife inappropriate circumstances. >> reporter: but, look one of the reasons why democrats are dropping the hammer on ralph northam because of the raw politics of it. you have this ugly episode opening old wounds of the seat of confederacy. the governor says he's not going anywhere.
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>> the first lady of virginia was the only thing standing between ralph and that moon walk. chuck todd, good morning, moderator of "meet the press." boy, you look at that list of people inside virginia who came out and said that governor northam needs to resign. the one that jumps out at me is doug wiler who says he has to go. is there any way he survive this? >> no, it is not. it is a matter of when he'll leave or is he going to see the light here? i have to say i go back and think of virginia's history. this black face appeared in a 1994 yearbook. doug wiler was elected in virginia in 1985. one year apart. this idea that somehow it was another time and another er era -- virginia's own history
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shows that's not true. so, i think if you put yourself in his shoes, he's thinking what's the difference of resigning today or next week. for the democrats, every hour feels excruciating. >> next door in washington, the president finally will give that delayed state of the union address on tuesday and from there, it will only be ten days until february the 15th when we could have another government shutdown. nancy pelosi, the speaker looks dug in. the president says no wall, no deal. what are we headed for here? >> we are heading for the president declaring for r a national emergency, him signing legislation he does not like. at the end of the day, he knows there is no support in congress on his side of the isle for another government shutdown. so that's why he's talking up the national emergency so much again. but, i will tell you that comes with risk. the senate republican leader, mitch mcconnell is warning the
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president that's going to divide the party even more. i have to admit, i am curious to see how the president sells this on tuesday night at the state of the union. the white house claims he wants to talk about bringing the country together, campaigning on a national emergency is not a way to do that. >> chuck, the democrats helicopter to add to the list of potential candidates to run for the president of the united states. cory booker is added. what are the chances for cory booker here? >> booker is one of these guys that think that he can fuse multiple lanes together. he's an inspiring campaign st p stumper if you will, some progressives may think he's not necessarily one of them.
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he's been supporter of charter school in the best, something that chris christie said this week, it was done as a dig to get the left on him. that's the lane for him. booker thinks he can bring multiple parts of the party. if he can, that's a way of nomination. we'll see. >> chuck todd, thank you, we'll have much more on the virginia's governor refusing to step down and the congressional black caucus chair and with "meet the press." tune in on tuesday night when president trump gives the state of the union address at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. breaking news this morning where a sheriff deputy had been killed and one other officer injured during a shooting in cincinnati at an apartment complex. it was a standoff that ended an hour ago after a fire broke out. the suspect is in custody. jussie smollett made his
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first performance. he per fformed in los angeles, thanking his fans for support. >> these last few days i was not able to get through but also the love and support from all of y'all. >> we love you! >> smollett told police he was the victim of a racist homophobic attack last wednesday. police are investigating. it is super bowl sunday. it is super bowl liii features tom brady going for his sixth title with the new glaengland patriots against the rams. mike, good morning, we know what's on the line for the patriots. tom brady going for his sixth
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title and bill belichick joining name on that list and lambo as another one. what are you looking forward as it kicks off in a few hours here. >> it is incredible. they won 3-4 years and now a chance of 3-5 years. as you said for tom brady going for a sixth to become the all time individual super bowl champion, willie, think like this, a guy like peyton manning and terry bradshaw, he won 14 playoff games. brady won in 14 different seasons. he's the all time best and can add to it this year. >> a lot of people though, mike, there is so much talk about brady, sleeping on this, los angeles rams team. let's go down the list. we got injujared goff and mcvey
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todd gurley and the best defensive player on the league. talk about this rams team and how good they are. >> you got to the point will ia jennings willie, that's the key of the game. aaron darnold, as you watch the game, can they get pressure on brady. if they can, it gives offense which is exciting and electric and youthful and fun. it gives them a chance to succeed. that's one way the rams can win this game. >> the teams have beaten him have gotten to him. mike in atlanta, thanks so much for taking some time with us this morning. >> it started raining, we'll be
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closed here for the super bowl. >> get yourself in that dome. a messy scene in california where rain caused massive flooding as major highways shut down and streets and homes were flooded after the powerful storm we're waking up to wetter roads but milder temperatures throughout the bay area. 51 in morgan hill. 53 in san jose. we're expecting another round of showers to push through in through the afternoon with heavy rain expected sunday night into money along with lower snow levels. elevations, 3,500 to 4,000 feet for monday night, in closer to the 2,000 mark by monday afternoon. straight ahead, the highs and lows of the week including scenes of the vortex.
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the young woman went outside with her hair and returned with a sleek new do. people lined up for miles to attend a funeral of a man they did not know. later on this super bowl sunday, the changing face of nfl cheerleaders as history is made on tonight's big game on the sidelines. >> how does this moment feel for you? >> our smiles have been here since we landed. >> it is all coming up on sunday today and as we head to break, our photo of the week, a stunning areal view of the city of chicago, turned into one big block of ice after windchill block of ice after windchill temperatures dipped as low as at walgreens, we know how strong you are, ♪ but we also know how tough it is to keep up with your medication. that's why we're introducing a new and easy way... refill, prepay and skip the line... ...or have your prescriptions delivered.
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you can open one from anywhere in 5 minutes. this isn't a typical bank. this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? . we got our first high of a
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thousand people showing up to joseph walker's funeral. he died recently in texas. the cemetery posted on facebook saying walker would be buried without unaccompanied. that message was amplified in the media by texas politicians. it was time burying mr. walker, there was a beautiful site. cars lined up for miles and people wait to pay their respects. the local sheriff estimated more than 5,000 people were there for mr. walker as he was buried with military honor including a fly over and the honor guards. all that media coverage caught the attention of walker's daughter who drove into town
6:20 am
after previously believing her father had already been buried. >> why did you start there? now i am crying. >> it is supposed to be the high. >> i know. >> we have so much -- this is how beautiful our country is. >> everyone all young and black and white and blue and green came out to give this man the dignity that he earned. >> yes, mr. walker earned that. our polar vortex. the midwest frozen solid for days with major cities iced over and all the shutdown. it was the small time of thief river falls, minnesota, earning the title the coldest start, 77 degrees below zero on tuesday night. you got to keep yourself entertained in a cold like that. an iowa high school student,
6:21 am
taylor, tried a little experiment. what happens when you walk outside in sub zero temperature and that hair? that happens. more fun in minnesota. a wet pair of pants tossing them in the air and watching the pants stick the landing. meanwhile in canada where cold weather is not news, a standstill tragic jam outside montreal is mere lyanne opportunian opportunity to get out the pucks and play a little hockey. >> i am still thinking of taylor, my hair looks like in the morning. >> oh, you don't need the vortex for that hair style. >> no help.
6:22 am
watch as the groom who used a wheelchair from his motorcycle accident five years ago gets help from his brother and father to zastand and dance with his n bride. that video out of brazil had been viewed more than 60 times on facebook around the world. did you see what they did. they came in and bound the legs together next to his father and brother. >> you are killing me, these are supposed to be the highs and i
6:23 am
am getting tear r our final low, tristan, the little guy loves watching his own viral video and laughing at it. >> three, two, one! >> oh! again, tristan is okay. the almost three-year-old was out for a day of trampoline when dad bounced outside and sending him flying over grandpa. tristan is okay. amy adams on her recent nomination in the film "vice" and why the term movie star makes her physically cringe as you will see. harry smith on tom brady looking tonight for his sixth super bowl title at the age of 41. and with no end insight. morgan and i are ready to answer your questions on live your questions on live television, send us your right. but, uh, a talking gecko? i'll tell you why
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here is a live look outside -- oakland i )m kira klapper good sunday morning to you. it's 6:26. here's a live look outside at oakland. we remain under a microclimate weather alert. i'm kira klapper. vianey has a look at our forecast. >> last night that rain moved in again over the evening hours like we forecasted. this morning just a bit of shower activity on our radar. but we do have another cold front. that's expected to sweep in once again this evening. so we're not in the clear just yet. you can notice up in the sierra. we have some snow and some rain coming down. they're also under a winter storm warning. we had those high win warnings
6:27 am
expire yesterday. we'll get another round of rain. heavier rain into tonight. that's once again going to kick up the concern of potential wind advisories, possibly even some more coastal flood advisories. once that sweeps in things will change. so we remain under a microclimate weather alert. this will probably the calmest portion of your morning. overall i'll have a break down of what you can expect as far as your money forecast. we have another storm on the way. details at 7:00 a.m. >> we'll see you at 7:00. speaking of that rain, that created a lot of problems around the bay area. it arrived in waves in san francisco with heavy downpours at times. at vista point, tourists braved the wind and cold to snap their pictures at the golden gate brinl. the biggest issue was the wind. locals had some advice for
6:28 am
tourists. >> tourists with umbrellas what would you tell them? >> don't bring it. too windy. >> layers. layers are the best thing. the heavy bands of rain caused some flooding also in sonoma county. valley forge road near highway 1 was down. in pacifica, hail came down for a few minutes. it xacaused some excitement buto reports of damage this is scaffolding that fell down in san francisco at 33rd avenue. no one was hurt here. to the coast, the storm creating some unusual rough surf. a coastal flood advisory was in part for some of the day. be extra careful if you're going out to the beaches today. road closures in san francisco this weekend as repairs are under way on the salesforce transit center. yesterday crews did reinfor reinforcement work on the fractured steel beams that were discovered in september. city leaders say they found no
6:29 am
other issues. no official date has been set for the reopening, repairs to the beams are expected to be down around june. it is just about 6:29. coming up on "today in the bay," this cold snap across the country is not just impacting people but puets, too. we'll tell you about a fight over a dog allegedly left out in the cold. that and your top stories and weather at 7:00. hope you join us. we'll send you back to sunday "today" with willie geist. [phone ringing] remember the way we used to do things? hey man... like connect with friends? dig it! or get in shape? or sell a house and pay a real estate agent a big commission. [crash] at redfin, we charge you a 1% listing fee. and because is america's #1 brokerage site our agents get more eyes on your home
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so you sell for thousands more than the one next door. don't get stuck in the past. sell with a redfin agent. i know gorge is next in line. after that, who knows? >> that's amy adams in her oscar nominated role as dick cheney's wife, lynn, in the movie "vice," three weeks from tonight, adams can win an academy award. she has half a dozen nominations over the years in movies like "the fighter" and "american
6:31 am
hustle hustle." but for someone who has been in a classes with the biggest stars in the world for more than a decade now. the refreshing low key adams does not understand all the fuss. a amy and i got together in new york for a sunday sit-down. >> she just don't call her a mew s movie star. >> make me uncomfortable. >> is that the plan? >> adams is completely add ease in her latest oscar nominated role as vice president dick chen cheney's wife, lynn. >> she was a force of nature from the very beginning of her marriage and her relationship with dick cheney >> yes, she's a force, she's out spoken and defender of her family and her husband. >> did you find her to be a
6:32 am
sympathetic character than you may have imagined. >> for me, i have to let go of my opinion especially somebody in the political spectrum. >> she's hard on herself. she expects a lot from herself. that's sort of what comes across because she's very challenging to others. i don't think she challenges anybody else to do something she would not do. >> adams is paired with christian ba christi christian bale as the vice president. bale gained 40 pounds to become dick cheney. >> it is astonishing. it really was a transformation of spirit. >> does he stay as dick cheney, how does that work? >> he still talks in the voice. that's where you can have a conversation about life. >> that's a funny visual actually, you guys still in
6:33 am
character talking about your kids. >> talking about holiday plans, exactly. >> the 44 years old adams was born in italy where her father was stationed with the army. she grew up in castle rock, colorado. >> there is a work ethics understanding how family works together based on my upbringing and my experience of the church and the way the community comes together to help each other. >> amy's dad was a musician, family time often was a sing-along. >> we wei am always as a backup my dad. i always pursue performing but not comfortable. >> you were put on a broadway show. >> oh, i would love to get them all on stage. >> i got a couple of siblings that have real pipes. >> really? >> adams sang in a school choir
6:34 am
and trained as a dancer. after graduating in high school, she worked in colorado in minnesota. >> you were a waitress before and you hop up on the chorus line? >> i was a horrible waiter. i was constantly distracted and love engaging with conversations with people and i would forget that i was not there to talk to people. they were actually just really wanting me to get their bread and i was asking a lot of questions, where do you come from? what brings you here and what are you celebrating? >> yeah, give us the drinks. >> at 25, adams moved to los angeles to do some acting that did not involve taking drink orders. her first break came in 2002 when steven spielberg casts her
6:35 am
in the movie "catch me if you can" with leonardo dicaprio. >> it should have been a role of stard stardom. >> i think i kind of failed. >> at auditions, you mean? >> yeah, it had to do with my at constitut attitude. i didn't believe in myself. i started to focus in acting again. >> my favorite animal is the meer cat in "june bug," the performance that earned her first academy award nomination. >> adams' career took another big leap two years later when she plays giselle, the lead of disney's blockbuster comedy, "enchanted." >> that explains everything.
6:36 am
>> two years later, another for her role in the "fighter" where she first teamed with christian bale. >> the fighter was directed by david o' russell who called adams again to play a con woman in "america hustle." >> he challenged not only people's expectations of me. he challenged my own as well. i think he saw me in a different way, you know? he saw some truth in me that i had been hiding. >> adams has an 8-year-old daughter with her husband and despite her status as a hollywood a-lister, she works to keep a low-profile. >> is that an effort effort by you to keep your life private? >> when i started was pretty common, you know?
6:37 am
that was sort of what everybody was a little more private, it was before social media was really prevalent. it is a tricky balance of you know wanting to be known -- not known famous like your spirit or soul known and understood. >> uh-huh. >> and needing to respect boundaries and privacies. >> as adams prepares for another walk down the red carpet at the oscars. she admits it all still feels a little strange. >> when do you get this swagger? >> was it the nomination for "june bug." >> i don't know if i have a swagger. i know that i love what i do and i am willing to do the work. >> i know you love the term movie star. >> it is really uncomfortable. >> you are a real movie star.
6:38 am
>> she's a movie star. "vice" is in theater right now. to hear amy talk about the role in "enchanted" that changed her life and where she was when she found out about it. check out our web extra at and next week we are excited to say we have a rare interview with another oscar nominee, bradley cooper. he directs and stars with lady gaga in one of the most talked about movies in a long time, "a star is born" which was nominated for eight academy awards. with bradley cooper next week on "sunday today," coming up, morgan and i will answer your questions using our
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we've still got some light showers pushing through. a lot of that rain that moved in late last night and into the overnight hours, you can see it's trekking off to the east. we have a lot of snow coming down in the sierra. we will see showers in the afternoon with heavy rain expected to pick up once again as another cold front sweeps in this evening. winds will once again kick up. next on "sunday today," when you watch the super bowl tonight, you will witness something no one have ever seen in the super bowl, some nfl history is a long time coming. ♪ i thought i was managing my moderate to severe crohn's disease. then i realized something was missing... me. my symptoms were keeping me from being there.
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long way. we got megaphone days of cheer leading. it began in 1982 when the dallas cowboys making cheerleader cheerleaders -- at tonight's super bowl in atlanta, there will be another first and a new chapter of the evolution of nfl cheer leading. morgan radford is back right now with our sunday's spotlight. >> reporter: the biggest day of the year for the most celebrated day in america. >> so excited! >> reporter: while the game is not without controversy. >> even if it means sacrificing everything. >> reporter: one issue that's been largely left on the sidelines. the image of women cheering the men on the field, to some may seem out dated in 2019. ahmad wave of cultural change. this super bowl sunday, it may looked a little different. the rams are making history with
6:42 am
the first male cheerleaders in the super bowl >> how does it feel for you? >> my smile has been here since we first landed. >> at the end of the day, we are all dancers. or choreography making it like our dance. >> a big milestone today. >> reporter: the very first cheer leading team were actually all males then during world war ii, the women stepped in and there was no going back. but, it was the dallas cowboys cheerleaders and their iconic uniform who made the sport a sensation in the 1970s. >> one of the ladies winked at the camera and everything changed with that wink. shannon workman was right in the
6:43 am
middle of it. >> to see dance on 100 yards stage and we had that uniform that was much more revealing. it was kind of a recipe of selling whole some sex appeal. >> it was a lucrative sex appeal for everyone but except for the cheerleaders. >> we made $15 a game. we knew right off the bat we were not into money. >> you had to look good in that uniform. no talking to the players or no gum chewing or no wearing jeans. >> reporter: it may sound old school, last year the headlines around nfl cheer leading did not sound all that different. >> you guys make $7.25 an hour. >> they body shame me to my face. >> reporter: to stay relevant today, it may mean more changes are coming. >> we have internal struggle of what we hear on game day. some of us are not fully
6:44 am
embraced. >> reporter: today the colts hope to lead the chart in modernizing the sport. >> we made a couple of changes for 2019. >> reporter: starting with the most visual source of stereotype. we wanted to create a uniform that had more dance ability than we traditionally worn in the past. off the field, they are a community ambassador. they are career women. >> reporter: nfl cheer leading is a part-time job. >> i am an indianapolis colts cheerleader and i am a mental health counselor. >> reporter: cheer leading is a step forward and not back. >> we had the opportunity in today's society to go after anything we want. >> we are having full-time careers, some of our teammates are wives and mothers, we are an image of what the modern women is. >> it is great to see them come
6:45 am
far to some issues. you look back 50 years ago, a lot of things have not changed this that space and time. >> you take a journey to the past and you look at the types of issues that we discussed and the reporting that i have done in the past six months, a lot of the same questions are being raised when it comes to equality and equal pay, a lot of people are saying this kind of raises the issue that there is still a lot more work. >> the pay, $7.25 for some of those jobs. >> for a lot of people, this is a part time job, too. coming up next on "sunday today," harry smith on tom brady from sixth round draft pick to american icon, tonight chasing his sixth super bowl title. >> when brady first showed up in boston, he told robert kraft that drafting him was the best decision the team ever made. he was right. >> later a life well lived, the
6:46 am
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crave victoriously. that leave therea lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, the sound of an old friend's laugh, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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it is difficult to imagine now, tom brady, the greatest quarterback ever to play football was an after thought
6:49 am
coming out of college. 198 players were drafted ahead of him including six quarterbacks and three kickers. brady completed exactly one pass in his rookie season. the next year, new england's starter drew bledsoe was injured in the game. the backup brady was dragged on the field and the rest was hall of fame history. harry smith has our sunday's closer. >> reporter: tom brady, way too old to be the starting quarterback on a super bowl team. he's 40 something which in dog years means he's dead. in nfl years, it is pretty similar. the only person in america older than tom brady is betty white who we all agree is ageless. >> you play like betty white out there. >> oh, that tom brady is a
6:50 am
sneaky devil. >> reporter: people around football have been saying the guy is not that good since the year 2000s. the year he was drafted, drafted in the sixth round and pick number 199. in the nfl, those picks are reserved for guys that may turn into something. projects, maybe? brady entered the nfl the same year n' sync had one of their biggest hits. when brady showed up in boston, he told robert kraft that drafting him was the best decision the team ever made. in his second year in league, he won his first super bowl. he's taken the pats to the big game nine times and he won it five times. he collects division titles, 16 of them like they're pokemon cards. a lot of football fans hate tom brady. they say the pats' success is more about the coach or other
6:51 am
players. when brady was suspended in four games of deflate gate a couple of seasons back. >> i did not alter the ball in any way. >> he returned to the team and took them back to another afc championship game. how does he do it? brady eats like a vegan and maintained the greatest a pain in the neck. he employs a fitness guru that would make a mixed martial art fighter screams. >> if you are competing against me -- >> reporter: the only thing people we don't want forgive you for is success. brady got that in buckets and the chiseled chin, a spouse that makes more money than he does and a bunch of cute kids.
6:52 am
for what he does, that's hard not to respect. from "sunday today," harry smith, new york. >> we'll see if brady gets that sixth title in tonight's super bowl. harry, thank you very much. this week we highlight another life well lived. a historic site yesterday in the sky over tennessee. the united states navy conducting its first ever all female fly over, the women guiding their aircraft in missingor mitigation mis missing formation to honor rosemary mariner. the next year she became the navy's first ever female jet pilot earning her wings of gold at the age of 21. in 1990, captain mariner was the first woman to command a
6:53 am
military aviation skra. she fought successfully for the repeal of combat restrictions on women. mariner was fascinated by flights from a young age. her father was an air force pilot who died in a plane crash when rosemary was just three-year-old. mariner graduated at college at the age of 19. she watched planes and clean houses to save money for high school and got a pilot rating before joining the military. after serving 24 years in navy, she taught at maryland university. rosemary's husband of 40 years said of his wife, he's very proud that women followed her and she was not the only one to walkth walk through that door. that legacy shows the doors stayed open. captain rosemary mariner and an
6:54 am
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and because is america's #1 brokerage site our agents get more eyes on your home so you sell for thousands more than the one next door. don't get stuck in the past. sell with a redfin agent. morgan and i closing this sunday with a look at our sunday mail. todd in jnew jersey asking for tonight's big game. >> truly todd, i am here for the snacks and the cheerleaders. if you got some nachos and chicken wings. >> with the patriots and brady. our next question comes, sherry
6:58 am
in florida wants to know if you were cast in a movie, would you be a good guy or a villain? >> i would like to be a villain. i think a break from character. i would gloria estefan would play me. >> i got ideas. >> every actor says villain is more fun to be. >> i want to be in "die hard." >> it is a little something. >> finally, this one comes from phil in milwaukee, which do you put in the bowl first, the milk or the cereal. >> i don't know if this is a real thing. >> i got some questions for you phil. >> obviously i put cereal. >> what would it look like? >> it splatters and all on your clothes. >> biphil, we got some ideas fo you. >> morgan, thank you so much. always great to have you with
6:59 am
us. thanks for spending part
7:00 am
good sunday morning to you. it's 7:00 on the dot. we're still under a microclimate weather alert. rain and strong winds across the bay area. we're tracking it all with our nbc bay area stormranger. a live look at the bay bridge on the left. our doppler radar on the right. vianey has what's in store for our sunday. >> we had a good amount of rain move through late evening last night into early this morning. now we're seeing more of those scattered showers. if i zoom in closer, very scattered in through this area. up through the sierra


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