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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 5, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PST

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wintry mix, even in the north bay, two to three inches in napa county. team coverage on "today in the bay" continues right now. kind of an exciting morning with all the snow and being in the warm studio. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. mike will have a look at driving conditions for us. a lot of people going to deal with some things this morning. >> interesting. >> first we want to talk about that weather with you, kari >> because it's not bad when you don't have to drive in it, right, so this morning as you get ready to head out for work, it is really dangerous, and you do want to make sure that you allow some extra time to get to work. our winter weather advisory for those areas shaded in purple, these are elevations above 1,000 feet and we've seen it lower this morning, as we've seen in some spots a wintry mix. you have to be careful as we track the rain and snow with storm ranger. we are seeing most of it now moving through the peninsula, and towards the east bay on southward, where you see the green, that's rain. the white is snow, and the pink
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is where it transitions over from rain to snow. so wintry mix. so we'll get a closer look at that, and also what to expect as you drive this morning. mike, you've seen a lot of people headed out there, but so far, no major issues. >> no major issues. kari, despite the fact we're in a climate alert, we're not in a traffic alert. the conditions want to watch for here. we're looking at the rain and also the pink and i borrowed kari's radar to show you there's active snowfall going in many parts of the bay, the east bay, tri-valley. a lot of the mountaintops overnight with snow and ice on the smaller roadways, so do be careful. despite that, you notice the speed sensors mostly green, a little slowing down through hayward for the east bay. 680 for the tri-valley and of course the bay bridge toll plaza. coming up out of the south county, highway 101, just fine, but may be a little snow and rain definitely through morgan hill. i've circled this airof the santa cruz mountains for highway 17. on the chp report we often have a flooding log but this is the first time i've seen a snow
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report for highway 17. i think for more on that, it's nice here in the studio but we have a friend who is out there in much tougher conditions. back to you guys. >> we do, mike. the snow in the bay area and the temperatures are really dropping. we've been watching those treacherous conditions out there. >> that's right. let's check in with "today in the bay's" kris sanchez, she's live right there on highway 17 at the summit, and in some live shots of yours, we've seen the snow coming down. looks like it's kind of slowed down at this point. >> reporter: yes. we're seeing little snow flurries and you might see them going sideways here because the breeze picked up. this is something that's really nice to see. these folks who are here on 17 at the summit, they're driving, it looks like below the speed limit. you guys know that people drive here pretty quickly up and down highway 17. they get really comfortable on the roadways, but this is the slowest i've seen them drive up here. the snow is accumulating on the ground. you can see it on the trees, and so you know that that is going to make a difficult drive on the roadway as well.
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we certainly have seen caltrans out here with snowplows, putting salt on the roadway as well, anticipating that perhaps with the colder temperatures, we could see black ice and we have also seen the california highway patrol doing their maneuvers that they do, they're pacing, getting ahead of the traffic, slowing things down so that folks drive safely for those conditions. it is very slick out here, and the snow is coming and going. you might get comfortable and then suddenly just you get not whiteout conditions certainly, not like in tahoe but certainly much more snow and less visibility than we're used to. even the folks used to driving up here in the mountains know this could be really dangerous. >> we have a lot of zentsz up her accidents up here. we see them every day with the restaurant. sob driving too fast, not slowing down and they spin out, and causes the accidents. >> reporter: all right, so like i said, we have been seeing some of that snow coming and going throughout the morning and when it's coming down, it's coming down pretty heavily and those
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snowflakes are really big, just land right on the windshield and it is a distraction, clearly folks, we are not used to seeing this, so it is lovely to see, but folks are hitting the brakes as they're kind of watching what's happening around them. if you're headed out this morning, do be very careful out there. it is getting really cold, and i can see why mike and kari are anticipating the possibility of that black ice, so be careful out there, because you won't see it until you hit it. in the santa cruz mountains, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> and that can be very dangerous. >> thank you, kris. okay, so she was there at highway 17. take a look at this. this is from palo alto. palo alto police posting this photo on twitter. this was right there at page mill road. they had to close it between foothills park gate one up as you head toward skyline boulevard, just all that snow and ice on the road. it's so cold out there. now the snow, of course, expected to draw crowds too bay area peaks today if they can make it. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos is live for us at mt.
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diablo, pete, and no snow yet for you and looks like things are closed, the gate anyway to leading up to mt. diablo? >> reporter: yes, good morning to you, marcus. no snow yet but it definitely is cold here at mt. diablo state park. you see behind me the road is closed, as there is closed until the park opens at 8:00 a.m. we did speak to a man driving down here, he lives up there and says the snow was coming down at least 1200 feet so we know there is snow up there near mt. diablo. we'll show you video from yesterday, when that snow was coming down, as you can expect, there were a lot of people out here taking in that experience, but the resident i spoke to said the snow was falling actually lower than usual in the area, he says roughly at about 1200 feet and this morning when he was leaving, he started to see some of the snow flurries. >> it's cold, and it's flurrying. it just started probably half an hour ago. my truck was telling me 30 degrees out, so it's cold.
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>> reporter: he also mentioned he can't wait until it's springtime because of the cold weather, but you are looking at some video, the sound of hail at tilden regional park and we'll see how things turn out this morning. mt. diablo state park opens at 8:00 a.m. we're live here at mt. diablo, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> pete, thank you. >> kind of exciting to see the snow in various parts although it's tough for people to get to the area. >> i wanted to show you close on storm ranger exactly where it's raining and snowing around the bay area so that you can help plan your commute this morning, so as we get a closer look at parts of the tri-valley, there is heavy rain coming down between livermore and pleasanton. it's not a wintry mix. where you see the pink is the transition from rain to snow and the white and blue is the snow, it's kind of moving off towards the east through the tri-valley right now and we've also seen that right there at the interchange, the heavy rain just passed through there so it might be really wet and as you move
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through the sunol hills, most people don't have the drive-through there but it is snowing and we are also tracking some of that wet weather for the peninsula, from san mateo also for the santa cruz mountains there, and then heading farther south where we've seen it changing over to snow, as you go up in elevation on skyline boulevard, and then also for mt. hamilton, it's still snowing there. so if you do have to head out in these conditions, we will advise you to slow it down, and also allow some extra distance and also don't slam on the brakes really hard, just kind of ease onto the brakes if you need to drive in these conditions, but we'll see it getting better as we go through the rest of the morning and i'll have another update coming up in a few minutes. >> sounds good. thank you very much, kari. not surprisingly the road to lake ta show is still closed, i-80 closed from colfax to the nevada state line, shut down in both directions. there were whiteout conditions
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up there and so far no estimated time of when it's going to reopen. nearly ten feet of snow in the past two days alone hit that area. 6:07 right now. the big story we're watching, president trump will be delivering the state of the union address tonight in washington, d.c. the white house says the theme of tonight's speech is choosing greatness, focusing on immigration, trade, infrastructure, lowering health costs, and foreign policy, it comes amid negotiations to avoid another government shutdown next week, hung up over the president's demand to build a border wall. now the president and the first lady have invited more than a dozen guests tonight. senator kamala harris also inviting a southern california mother of three as her guests. the family is the dibick family, lost their home in 2017 in the thomas fire, the loss compounded with the parents, who were furloughed during the government shutdown, both are air traffic controllers. congresswoman barbara lee's guest is an oncology nurse who
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was deported by the trump administration in 2017. you can watch the state of the union right here on nbc bay area that starts tonight at 6:00. as we approach 6:09, if you don't have to deal with the rain or snow, you have to deal with the cold temperatures as you head out for work. look at how cold it is in the north bay, ukiah, santa rosa, napa at 33 degrees, just one degree above freezing and some of the bridges may ice over as well. upper 30s for the inland areas, and palo alto at 40 degrees. here is a live look outside in palo alto and the roads are still wet, as we go throughout the day, we go from the low 40s and a chance of some rain and even some slippery conditions on the roads, through about 8:00, and then clearing throughout the rest of the day, but it really doesn't warm up that much. headed over to mike, you've been tracking the roads and also the rails as well. >> that's right, kari. we do still have no ace trains coming out of stockton. sounds like an unrelated freight train crash earlier in the
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morning, so that's what's holding those trains up. if you're hitting the road instead, that may be an issue because there's some snow, maybe some ice in parts as you head through the tri-valley. altamont is reports of a lot of snow and kris sanchez is in the santa cruz mountains showing us snow that happened over there as well over the last few hours. we're looking at pink and white, snow and ice through the areas and the closure for 84 and 35 into the sections, just like yesterday, yes, 84 is closed again after it reopened yesterday morning, they closed it yesterday afternoon again. looking over here a calmer drive through contra costa county and the east shore freeway looks great, and a fender bender looks like it's cleared to the shoulder. back to you. >> thanks acti, mike. next, headlines way from the weather. the question is, do you still use flickr? the big move the san francisco-based photo site is making today which may mean your memories are about to disappear. >> what's more popular, cable television for netflix, the popularity contest, coming up. and at 6:25, a big
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celebration on tap for the chinese new year. it's the year of the pig. it is 6:10 right now. you are watching "today in the bay."
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right now, it's 6:13. we are in a microclimate weather alert, as we track rain and bay area snow in the hills. here is a live look outside in san jose, and it is still wet out there, as you head out for
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your drive this morning. rain chances continue through about 8:00 and look at how cold it s upper 30s. we won't see much warming today, but we will get some sunshine later on. we'll talk about what's going on, on storm ranger, and what's ahead for the rest of the week, coming up in less than five minutes. and we're looking at oakland 880. you're picking up the volume here northbound, with these tail lights. i'm concerned though for folks coming out of castro valley getting toward the nimitz. a new crash which say stay in the lanes. i'll give you that update coming up. good morning to you. happy tuesday. happy new year for that matter. the chinese new year, the lunar new year. southwest airlines begins test flights today from oakland to hawaii, showing the government is capable of handling that route, with the eventual hope of offering regular service. southwest says hawaii is key to its expansion plans. alphabet, the company that owns google and youtube said it made very strong profits in the past quarter.
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in fact, when you look at revenue, alphabet makes $7 million an hour, about $2,000 a second. it's made more than $10,000 since i started talking about it. investors though worried about alphabet's costs, how much it costs to do all those other projects outside search. google's stock under pressure this morning. the head of the fx network says he doubts netflix is telling the truth about how many viewers it has on shows like birdbox. netflix has tv networks feeling pressure. nielsen said amazon was using nielsen and gave them ratings. what else shall we talk about? it's been tough on tv networks, let's move on. san francisco-based slack has filed paperwork for an ipo. it could come later this month. we won't get into it here, but
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it's an unusual ipo, one that won't actually raise money for the company. slack was started by stewart butterfield who kind of made it by accident. butterfield along with his wife at the time, also started the photo sharing website flickr. >> so then what would be the future of flickr? >> he sold it to yahoo! yahoo! sold it to a bunch of nice guys in mountain view the mccaskill brothers who own smug mug and they're making changes. >> the changes we've been talking about, if you use the photo sharing site flickr you may have to start scrambling to save the memories because as of today, flickr changed the policies where users can only store up to 1,000 images, and you have to pay $50 a year to store more. flickr plans to start deleting users' photos, over a thousand and the olders go first so you
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want to save those, until they reach their limits. so when yahoo! owned flickr it offered up to 1 terabyte of storage but it sold last april to a san francisco company, so you know the pictures are very precious to a lot of us. >> oh my gosh. >> you talk about those pictures all the time, saving all of them. >> that's why i know terbyte te because i is a lot of my kids. >> plobl some people taking pictures of their kids playing in the snow this morning. it is going to be very cold as you get ready to head out, maybe take a picture of them bundled up. it is chilly and we've had so deal with dangerous driving conditions and some very unusual weather, so allow some extra time to get to work this morning. let's get a closer look at storm ranger, showing where it's raining, where it's snowing and where there's a little bit of both, and livermore, we've got some rain coming down. you head to the north as you approach some of the hills and it's changing over to snow.
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also for sunol, we could see a burst of snow on highway 84, but that's all closed right now. so that's good news for mike, and then also seeing some of the showers moving through. let's head over toward the peninsula, where, as you climb up in elevation on the santa cruz mountains, it's a wintry mix showing pink there. most of the pictures show so cold, it's a cold rain. we head down to santa cruz mountains on highway 9, where as you go through boulder creek and down toward ben loman, it is snowing right now, and also for mt. hamilton, it's snowing as we see the bright white showing up there on storm ranger. so a lot to track here, as we get the last little push of this moisture coming through with this cold front, sweeping through the bay area, and then as we go into the rest of the morning, this will start to wind down. by 7:30, still only a few spots getting the hit or miss wintry snow showers and by 10:00, 11:00, we're starting to see our
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skies clear but it doesn't warm up that much as temperatures reach the upper 40s and low 50s today. at least we'll see improved driving conditions. as you head out for the morning commute around antioch, 35 degrees and i think that will be even colder tomorrow morning but at least it will be dry. a mix of sun and clouds as our temperatures head into the upper 40s. our seven-day forecast shows that after this wintry mix moves out, we will see those temperatures dropping down to near freezing tonight for the inland valleys, and if you do have some plants outside, it's time to bring those inside, cover them up. it's going to be dry as well, and then we'll be tracking some more rain in time for the weekend. now mike, you've got some slick conditions for some of those drivers. >> slick and extra slick for some, if we're talking about snow and ice, we don't usually have to deal with that for most of the bay. over here at the bay bridge you see the wet roadways as well, coming down to the berkeley curve westbound is okay. i just got the update from chp, eastbound these folks with the tail lights are going to head over toward the berkeley curve,
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some of them and try to head up the east shore freeway. there's a temporary stoppage of traffic in the next couple of seconds, they may do a traffic break because of a crash reported there. we've been tracking that, didn't seem like a major issue but they had to clear some vehicles. i'll give you a better update, getting away from the bay bridge. getting to the bay bridge, a smooth drive but this white here, this pink there, that's snow and that's ice that's reported on our road weather index also in the area, castro valley and the hills there may be an issue and getting up 238 we've seen a slow drive develop as there was a disabled vehicle and a crash reported in the area. no major injuries reported but we see a lot of slowing, at one point, we had one lane possibly both lanes blocked or at least affected by that at the transition. we'll track that and hopefully that will clear soon. this cleared and then reclosed yesterday afternoon, and so they have no access, as kari talked about in the area where there's snow falling off of 068 and mission. the windy portion of niles
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canyon roadway is inaccessible right now. same thing for sky lane, we talked about that for 35, between cupertino and lahonda. tough conditions in the smaller roadways in the area, watch for ice and possibly snow as well. the main freeways moving nicely. highway 17 kris has been showing us snow and slick conditions. back to you. >> thanks. our coverage alert continues at 6:30, live reports from the east bay and south bay. the rain and snow we're seeing overnight. and "today in the bay's" kris sanchez, mike just mentioned, she is in santa cruz mountains tracking conditions there. she tweeted out a photo of snowplow driving past her. usually see that up in the tahoe area. follow any of us. kris is @krisnbc. we want you to be careful when you're looking for government info, like dmv, social security, or public records online. your typical search engine might send you to unofficial web pages that could charge to you do
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things that are free on real government websites. be skeptical of web addresses that end in dot-com or dot-org. real government websites end in dot-gov and don't charge to you fill out forms or applications. let us know if you have a consumer complaint, the number is 888-996-tips, or go to it's time for the ultimate sleep number event on the
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sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus, 24-month financing on all smart beds. only for a limited time.
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and this morning the )today show ) is launching a new series for we all know february is black history month and this
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morning, the "today" show is launching a new series for this month. nbc's craig melvin went to new orleans to meet three african-american doctors making a difference in their community. >> we are going to get out here and not only show our communities that black men can step up and go on and be positive contributors and not be satisfied and rested on their laurels. we are going to show the world that this is what we actually have to go through to get to where we are. >> the first installment of breaking through today" airs on nbc bay area. it is tuesday night in china. here is where a lot of people were watching actually at the stroke of midnight. they welcomed in the lunar new year. this is the year of the pig,
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considered a symbol of optimism, enthusiasm and hard work. this past saturday, san francisco leaders helped kick off lunar new year events in chinatown. today they hold a festive procession starting in portsmouth square at 11:00 a.m. san francisco's celebration new year's parade is set for saturday, february 23rd. the team won their sixth lombardi trophy in fran chis history when they beat the los angeles rams, 13-3. julian edelman and san mateo's tom brady spent the day yesterday at disney world in orlando. edelman who attended woodside high school was named mvp of the super bowl. great honor there. i always love when they say, we're going to the super bowl! i mean going to disney world. >> this year they were hugging, looked like little kids, really excited. >> big dream come true. here is a big story for the next half hour, winter wonderland. snow is falling across the bay
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area. a live look at the wintry mix we're seeing in the summit and the peninsula. we're covering headlines away from the weather as well. 6:45, the big test flight to add new service from california to hawaii. the delay the government shutdown may have caused. also a sighting of a supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg, back in the public after some recent health scares. 6:27 right now. you're watching "today in the bay." snow is falling across they
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area. take a moment and look right now, at 6:30, snow is falling across the bay area, take in a moment to take a look at some of the snowy scenes from overnight, and we're in a microclimate weather alert for you this morning. >> isn't that fun to see? >> it is. >> looks like tahoe. >> it does. >> good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. nbc bay area issued the microclimate buildweather alert because it's snowing. >> meteorologist kari hall is tracking the snow moving through. >> this is the last gasp of the snow moving through with cold air settling into the bay area and the rain right now has been very spotty and moving south of san francisco, with areas to the north, now seeing those skies clearing, but we've got a clear view of it on storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar, where you see the blues and the whites that indicate snow, and that's coming down just east of livermore. the pink indicates where it's transitioning from snow to rain, and then the green is rain. we're seeing that just moving past livermore, over the past
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few minutes and then also we're seeing some snow near sunol right now, highway 84, as mike told me earlier, it's closed, so that's good news right now and very slick. for the peninsula, some rain coming down from palo alto on northward and some snow, just north of pertola valley, say south of portola valley and also for highway 9, santa cruz mountains, boulder creek and benloman a wintry mix and snow and the snow is getting ready to move back into where kris sanchez is stationed there in the santa cruz mountains, so we'll continue to monitor all this, as the snow continues for the mt. hamilton area, and then we'll get our clearing conditions over the next couple of hours. we'll talk more about that, and mike, you're going to take us to the berkeley curve. >> it's not weather related, thank goodness. we had a crash and a traffic break that was bad news though. the camera kind of froze with our digital signal but going westbound that was moving slowly but smoothly. it was getting away from the berkeley curve, that was a
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problem. a quick traffic break and it did clear quickly so that's good news. we are back to just that westbound commute headed toward the bay bridge, jamming up in that section right there, but look at that, the rest of contra costa county looks great. look at the map also though, the white and the pink, snow for white, pink for icy conditions, potentially for the smaller roadways. watch the oakland hills through castro valley. 238 northbound off of 580 west jamming up, a crash blocking one lane of north 238. i'm going to map out an option for you leaving castro valley and headed toward the san mateo bridge, you might need that in the near future but for now, i wanted to make sure we showed the rest of the bay a smoother, slow are drive for the south bay. back to you. >> thank you, mike. we have been talking about that snow all morning long. it is coming down in some parts of the bay area and we have seen it in a couple of our live shots this morning. >> let's check in with nbc bay area's kris sanchez live at the highway 17 summit. we've been watching the radar from inside here the studio and it looks like some is coming
6:33 am
your way. >> reporter: it's coming our way, but much to your disappointment in the warm studio, it's not coming down right this minute. we're seeing some little flurries and there is definitely accumulation on the side of the roadway, and up in the trees as well, but when we came on live around 5:30 this morning, we just got pummeled. all right, so we were getting some very heavy snow right around the 5:30 hour, as we were driving up here this morning at 4:00. you can see video in my twitter feed and facebook page as well but as kari said, it's been coming and going. we're getting a little bit of a break right now, but as she said, we are waiting for it, because we're expecting a little bit more snow. caltrans is out here, trying to make sure that it's clear, off the roadway. they have putting some salt down because it's very cold and so all of this wet roadway could
6:34 am
turn to black ice easily, and we also have seen the california highway practice pa patratrol p. earlier this morning, this was the slowest i've ever seen somebody drive on highway 17, because of the weather, and so folks definitely slowing down and trying to be mindful of the conditions. very beautiful, can be kind of scary. do slow down out there this morning, and if you want to see the video from 5:30 this morning when it was really coming down, you can have a cluckhuckle at m expense, on facebook, twitter and the nbc page as well. >> good sport and even better reporter. it's good to hear people are slowing down. >> that is true. thanks, kris. >> reporter: yes. we have snow coming down where kris was. this is video of snow falling overnight in livermore, you can see snow on the mailboxes. if you know this area, this is along mines road where the wineries are. a lot of that snow falling, sticking onto the ground.
6:35 am
two to three inches sticking around this morning, on highway 29 in napa county. this is just above calistoga. folks living up there telling us those roads are icy, there are rock slides in some of those spots out there, so mindful to you, to be careful out there. >> and snow is and has been falling on mt. hamilton as well in south santa clara county, just east of san jose. chp not escorting cars on mt. hamilton road. it's really drive at your own risk and the road leading to the top of the mountain is closed. so that's tough. when you do get to the top, if you're able to, it is covered with several inches of snow. you'll see it when the sun comes up from the ground. not surprisingly the road to lake tahoe still closed. i-80 closed from colfax all the way to the nevada state line in both directions, because of whiteout conditions reported there. many can't make it very far. a lot of people are trapped up there. we have new video to show you, snow falling in auburn just
6:36 am
outside of sacramento on your way to tahoe. despite the road conditions for some, the snow is a welcome sight. >> this is amazing. it's beautiful. i'm surprised it's even sticking. >> it's fun to see. up in tahoe itself, a lot of resorts like squaw and kirkwood were closed yesterday because of so much snow to tend to. if you're headed up to the tahoe area, check to make sure the roads are open for later today. we'll see, i guess. caltran trying to clear them as much as they can. they've been closed for a while. >> we talk about friends stuck in the sierra right now. it's a nice place to be stuck but if you have to get back, i posted a link on my facebook page with a link toward the latest for caltrans and the roadway updates. the update for ace train, good news, trains are running. they've been able to remove that freight train from the tracks. there was an early morning crash, not involving ace train, not crash, derailment. they got it back on the rails.
6:37 am
training are running now. ace train three about an hour delay but five and seven are ready to go and will be on time, we hope. we're tracking that. meanwhile the roadways are moving smoothly but slick conditions. white and pink means snow and ice possible there for our roadway conditions. we are tracking that, and we definitely have a jam north 238. we still have one lane blocked as you travel north toward the nimitz freeway coming out of castro valley. i'll show you the option for that drive around as you come up in the next report. >> sounds good. we look forward to that. coming into the weekend, some people are hoping for a little relaxation but you probably can inside. >> you can relax inside. i don't think it's an outside weekend by any stretch. it's going to be raining off and on all weekend and i think it's going to be a little too warm for this kind of weather, but still not that much warmer. here is a look at storm ranger, as you get ready to head out the door this morning, a lot of this winding down and much of the snow we're seeing over the santa cruz mountains and also for some of those east bay mountains, and then we get a couple of days of
6:38 am
some dry but very chilly temperatures, even freezing in the valleys. by the weekend, the rain is back and it's off and on with those highs only near 50 degrees. looking at once again for san francisco, it is going to be chilly, so if you are planning some outdoor activities, bring the rain gear as well as a nice warm coat. headed up to lake shasta, also going to be hard getting there, with some off and on rain and snow showers, highs in the upper 30s for the coast, half moon bay up to 45 4 degrees on saturday, there may be a break here and there but not the best outdoor conditions. we'll talk about what's going on today with our temperature trend coming up in about three minutes. >> looking forward to that, kari. 6:38 right now. next and new, a shocking murder at a contra costa county church. what we know about the victim and the suspect. later for you at 6:55, big news and a new development coming near san jose's guadalupe river. the tech company reportedly set to move in.
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but first, at 6:50, a warning about brushing your teeth, specifically for kids. why the cdc says they're probably doing it wrong. president trump delivers his state of the union address tonight. we'll talk about that and take you out to the big board as well, dow industrials gaining about 100 points. you're watching "today in the bay."
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it is 6:41. we are in a microclimate weather alert, now as the sun is coming up, we can see it. here is a look at the snow from our camera in the south bay, and looking toward mt. hamilton, you can see the snow-capped hills and still the low clouds overhead. so we are going to be enjoying those sights today. rain chances going down, and
6:42 am
it's going to stay chilly today over the south bay, with highs only in the upper 40s. we'll talk about what else is ahead with some freezing temperatures in our forecast, in less than five minutes. we're looking at the san mateo bridge, which is picking up the volume. if you're headed here out of castro valley, you've got a problem and i hope i've got a solution four, at least less of a problem coming up. in our other top stories for you this morning, a man is dead following a shooting in the south bay. this happened just after 10:00 last night in san jose near cadillac drive and winchester boulevard. investigators say the motive is unclear and no suspects have been arrested. a new group is raising questions when police were notified about an oakland police accused of misconduct against a minor. the church suspended the priest last wednesday. so far, police have not arrested him and they're still investigating. according to the "east bay
6:43 am
times" police were only notified about the accusations five hours after the church issued its announcement. abuse survivors want to know why it took so long. the archdiocese has not indicated where or when the incident took place but "the times" cites sources who claims it happened back in 2016. contra costa county prosecutors charging a man in the death of a woman found outside of a richmond church. last week, someone discovered the body of a homeless woman on the porch of grace lau lutheran church on carlson boulevard. police said she suffered trauma. but they have not said if a he weapon was used. at the time officers arrested schultz at the scene, expected to be arraigned today. westcat riders get their first taste of trans bay service double decker skil. it includes richmond, hercules and pinole. today they're rolling out two of three split level buses that
6:44 am
carry 88 passengers. each will do six trips to san francisco every weekday morning and seven return trips during the evening commute. the maiden voyage is supposed to get started any time now. southwest and the faa are scrambling to finish work that could allow the airline to start offering service between california and hawaii, possibly as soon as april. southwest will make its first flight from oakland to honolulu. there will not be any passengers on board. the faa has to certify southwest to operate those long over water flights before it can start selling tickets, and the airline is hoping to complete these validation flights ahead of what possibly could be a second government shutdown later this month. the president will have a balancing act tonight, it's 6:44. >> scott mcgrew he will demand his wall but call for bipartisanship at the same time. >> those things don't match up very well. democrats are not going to give him money for the wall, they've said that and we're hearing some republicans won't support the president declaring an emergency
6:45 am
if that's what he chooses to do, and this leaves mr. trump in a real pickle tonight. he can't get money from congress. he's being warned not to take the only other option he has to get a wall. in the middle of all that, he's going to ask everyone to try to get along. so some things to watch for in the state of the union tonight. what does he say about that wall? emergency or no emergencies? his calls for comnity, for bipartisanship and nancy pelosi is not in the audience, she's going to be up on the dais behind him. the democratic response afterward, georgia's stacy abrams who narrowly lost a run for senate in that state will deliver the response. normally not a barn burner following the president. some politicians say the response is cursed but it's been rough on past speechmakers. we'll carry this live, the
6:46 am
state of the union live tonight at 6:10 p.m. subpoenas have been issued for the president's inaugural committee. the inauguration was under criminal investigation already, prosecutors want to know who contributed, where the money went. the u.s. attorneys office in new york is investigating whether the inaugural committee misspent donations and some of the donors got special accessor influence. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg back on her feet, she attended her daughter-in-law's concert last night. the facility didn't allow photography so unfortunately we don't have video of the event, but it was her first public appearance since her recent cancer surgery. we'll be covering the state of the union on i'll be commenting on twitter as well. follow me there at at scottmcgrew. >> thanks, scott. happening now, your kid might be using too much toothpaste. double check before they brush this morning. nearly 40% of kids ages 3 to 6 years old use more toothpaste
6:47 am
than recommended, according to a new study. the cdc recommends young children should use no more than the size of a pea of toothpaste, in order to prevent them from swallowing too much. you know how you can tell at my house? look at the sink. >> that's what i was about to say, it's all over the sink. >> globs of it everywhere. >> glitter, princess, you name it. >> drawing pictures in toothpaste. >> i don't do that. >> don't listen to auntie kari. no. >> as you're brushing your teeth, listen up, we have a lot going on with this weather and we are seeing this storm that's brought us a lot of rain and even some snow gradually moving out. let's take a look at this beautiful shot, looking in san francisco toward the bay bridge, and you can see the clouds rolling by in the background. let's talk about how much rain we've measured since friday, the santa cruz mountains have gotten nearly ten inches of rain and now it's snowing.
6:48 am
morgan hill over 4.5 inches of rain, san jose 2.25, in dublin almost three inches with belmont reaching 3.75. san francisco almost 2.5 inches of rain. this was an impressive storm. we look at the sunrise, skies clearing over richmond. we'll look at some more rainfall totals that were over an inch for oakland, concord, brentwood and napa had nearly two inches of rain. san anselmo almost five inches of rain. it was really coming down there at times. now as we look at storm ranger, it's starting to move out, but we do still have a little bit of some rain, wintry mix of some snow, as well for some of our higher elevations. we are seeing it moving through livermore, on 580, going through altamont pass. it is still snowing so it may be capped in snow as we go throughout the rest of the day and we're starting to see the return of one more round of rain for sunnyvale, and then also for saratoga, campbell, and moving closer to san jose, then where we see all the blues and the
6:49 am
whites, that indicates snow coming down hard over the santa cruz mountains, lexington hills, the pink indicates the wintry mix, and of course, the green is rain, so we were seeing a little bit of it all even for the peninsula, as you head up toward woodside and around lahonda we're seeing some snow. this is rolling through cold air catching up with all of that rain moving through, so that's the reason why we're seeing that wintry mix and now we're left with temperatures in the 30s, as the system moves on. we're going to see those temperatures in the north bay starting out just above freezing, may even dip below freezing so some of the elevated roadways and bridges may freeze, and it will be even colder tomorrow, so as you head out the door in pleasant hill, headed to the b.a.r.t. station, 38 degrees will be your temperature. we'll get some clearing but it will be slow to warm up. today we'll struggle to make it up to 50 degrees. a live look in san jose, you can see the low clouds and the snow that's happening over the santa cruz mountains, so as you are getting dressed, it's one for
6:50 am
layers. make sure you have a hat and gloves, all the things you don't normally use, you do need it today. all of this clears out later on today and the rest of the forecast, chilly, with some showers coming back to the bay area on friday, and i'll have more updates on that. mike, now you have a crash in the east bay. >> i do, kari. we're tracking this problem coming out of castro valley for northbound 238. we're looking at a slower drive. overall, we're seeing a typical build. not bad for a tuesday and overall looking at the big impact from the snow and the ice, snow with the white and ice with the pink. santa cruz mountains highway 17 kris showed the tougher conditions there, lower the speeds as folks are. we are showing a smoother drive through the area, until you get in toward castro valley out of the dublin area, look at that, slowing up approaching redwood road, up northbound 238, we have a major issue there, not major, we have one of your two lanes blocked by traffic flow. we know that because it was reported by chp and also look at our waze system. we have our network of users out
6:51 am
there. nbc bay area wazers. one who did the reporting was silvia jasmine g. thank you for giving us that information. we send a big thank you and a work around because waze can help you calculate the maps to the area. 40 minutes for that drive out of castro valley toward the san mateo bridge until you listen to waze, a couple alternates, one of them saves about 15 minutes, that's critical in the morning, you still have a slower drive across that san mateo bridge. back out to a live shot, we'll show you how things are across the bay, once you get there, palo alto shows you slicker roadways but a nice sunrise. as the sun comes up, some of the snow and ice will melt. we haven't had any major problems but that means slicker roadways. be careful, so back to you, laura. >> thank you. 6:51. a busy southern california highway back open following a massive mudslide that happened near julian in san diego county. the rain caused the soil to give way dumping tons of dirt on to
6:52 am
route 78. it took cruise a couple hours to clear the road and reopen it to traffic. much more ahead here on "today in the bay," a quick look at those top stories. that weather is a big one we're talking about this morning, overnight rain and snow across the bay area. a live look at those conditions right now, before you head out the door. plus -- >> very hard low trajectory drive came up and hit her in the head. >> the new findings after a woman dies after attending a baseball game, being hit in the head by a foul ball. the new information from the medical examiner and what her husband is saying. you're watching "today in the bay." welcome back.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
before you head out the door, here are the top stories on today welcome back. before you head out the door, it is 6:54. here are the top stories on "today in the bay" >> nbc bay area issued a microclimate weather alert as we continue to track snow across parts of our region. here is a look at our radar which is lit up right now. you see the white and the pink area there, that's snow. in the santa cruz mountains the temperatures are dropping and watching for potentially icy roads. this is a live look at highway 17 at the summit. you see where the snow has been coming down. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez got caught up in the mountains, in fact, this morning. this is video in just about an hour ago or so, a little over an hour ago. a lot of snow is coming down during one of her life reports catchinger off guard. the snow is expected to draw huge crowds to bay area peaks today. this is a look at the conditions up at mt. diablo. two to three inches of snow actually sticking on the ground.
6:56 am
this is highway 29 in napa county, just above calistoga. really it's been widespread. not surprisingly, the road to lake tahoe, where we always see the snow is still closed. i-80 closed from colfax all the way to the nevada state line. it's all shut down in both directions right now. a lot of people trapped up in tahoe, can't come back to the bay area because of the whiteout conditions. after more than a year of battling with school district over a pay raise, oakland teachers apparently have had enough. they have voted to go on strike. teachers say they have working without a contract for a year and a half, and they're demanding a 12% raise over three years, as well as smaller class sizes. the district says it wants to pay teachers more money, but they say they can't because they can't afford a higher pay bump because they're trying to avoid a budget deficit. 6:56. a large new technology complex is reportedly in the works for downtown san jose. "the mercury news" reports developers filed initial
6:57 am
applications for a mega office complex and shopping mall. it would be located on south almaden boulevard across from the mchenry center. the proposal is far from getting the green light but developers hope it may attract established silicon valley companies such as facebook or apple. also new this morning, details of a death at dodger stadium, a woman who was struck by a foul ball last august died. linda goldblum was celebrating her 79th birthday and 59th wedding anniversary. a san diego player hit the ball over a protective netting and it hit her in the head. sadly, she died four days later. espn reported on the coroner's report yesterday, our l.a. station talked to her husband. >> we loved each other very much. neither of us was perfect, we got the clips of the other person's imperfections, which were very small. >> you can see their love in those pictures. the dodgers say the team is deeply saddened.
6:58 am
mr. goldblum says the family did file a wrongful death lawsuit but settled. new for you this morning, sierra nevada is buying a san francisco company that makes gluten free beer. "the chronicle" reports sierra nevada acquired sufferfest beer company. this is the first acquisition by sierra nevada based in chico county. sufferfest was built by a bay area native in to 16 for people more health conscious, demand for specialty beers is growing and expected to increase by 17% over the next three years. walnut creek leaders meet today to consider extending the city's bike share program. the city is partnering with lime for a dockless bike program that right now expires at the end of the month. they're talking about extending and expanding the program, which city leaders expect the current deal to be extended by up to a year and a half. 6:58.
6:59 am
everybody will be talking about the snow to hit the bay area today. >> you're going to be able to see it around the bay area, from the east bay to the north bay, to the south bay. it's going to be really amazing, and it's still coming down over the santa cruz mountains so we'll be able to see that from a distance as well as we get a look at storm ranger, this is a last little bit of this energy moving through, and some really cold temperatures settling in by tomorrow morning, inland valleys will be freezing and that will be the next thing we'll be watching before more storms come in for the weekend. >> going to get cold. >> absolutely. we're tracking conditions for commuters and a crash in the east bay. >> i don't think they're necessarily linked but slicker roadways be careful. we're showing you the snow in the white and pink for ice but this crash, red should be clearing north 238, all lanes just cleared coming off the castro valley y. still slow for 580 through the area and more folks headed down 680 i think through pleasanton, trying to stay away from the castro valley y. it's cleared now. watch for the slick conditions. >> big time. in fact, watch outside this morning.
7:00 am
we want to take you back live up to the santa cruz summit before we leave but >> beautiful. >> it is, a winter wonderland for us, a nice way to start our day. be careful out there, as you head out the door. good good morning. better late than never. delayed by the shutdown, president trump set to deliver his state of the union address to a divided congress and country. >> this is the defining moment of his presidency. >> who knows what he'll come out with. >> the white house promising a message of unity amid the ongoing battle of funding for a border wall. we've got it all including who the president and first lady have invited, what to watch for during the speech, and what to expect from the democratic response. cap capito


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