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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  February 5, 2019 11:00am-11:28am PST

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rare snow all across the bay area. now at 11:00 we are tracking rare snow all across the bay area. from highway 17 in santa cruz mountains to livermore. the wintry mix is here and the radar is lit up. we have live team coverage for you right now. and a good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. we have been watching the snow really all morning long on "today in the bay." we want to with kari hall snow ng the sn sunol there. around the east bay hills, over toward the tri-valley and the s clearing now but we can still see it in walnut creek. this is the live camera. pointed toward mt. diablo and see the snow-capped hills there and the sun shines on it. gorgeous out there with the
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green rolling hills just below that and then here's a look at the san jose camera. more of it starting to melt trying to look at it from the south bay and also getting a view of it in the santa cruz mountains from the south bay, too. our temperatures will stay cool so it will stick around for some of the very high elevations. but most of it will melt with our temperatures heading into the upper 40s for the afternoon. and then you compare that to what it looks like in half moon bay. if i didn't have the temperature you would think it's a summertime shot. it looks glorioorgeous there. we started out with some spots near or just above freezing. and now that storm is moving out of the bay area with snow in the i serra. some snow in the mountains moving to the south and monitoring when's ahead for the rest of the day as the dry air
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comes in and the temperatures settle into the bay area. we'll talk about how cold it >> yeah. in wll continue it right now because it's what empveryons talking about. several inches touching down and sticking. staying around. nbc bay area's bob redell live along highway 17 receiving actually a few inches this morning. how's it look -- sunny and bright now. >> reporter: it's still there. but unfortunately, the sun's coming out, laura. we are losing this. highly unusual to see it here. you usually go to mt. hamilton and the north bay but here it is on highway 17. not like this in a number of years and still people out here, a number of people who just could not get enough oit alice's sixth grade students had major doubts. not like this. >> we talked about tit.
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and they were like, nah, it is not going to happen so we have to show them it is. >> reporter: she is packing the cooler with a fairly convincing show and tell. >> watch out! >> reporter: don't expect to see the sisters at the desk this morning. >> our children coming late to school today. >> how's it been? >> you only live once. >> amazing. >> reporter: they came down with a bad case of winter wonder lust. >> figured, you know, they'll get more out of this. we have a broken one that can't go up to the snow anyway. this is a quick version of a trip to tahoe. >> supposed to be in school and stayed back because the roads, closing it down. you have to pull over. it's a moment. you have to seize it. hasn't happened in a long time. >> it's really, really fun and i can't >> reporter: what's been the most fun thing you have done this morning? >> hitting my mom. >> reporter: hitting your mom with -- >> snowballs. >> reporter: who has the better throw?
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>> me. >> honestly, it's really nice to take in. it's a winter wonderland up here. >> reporter: and you'd be surprised to see this. this is overnight. cal trans plowing highway 17. you didn't know they have snowplows in the bay area. we have seen it many times not snowing it's raining and then there's mud slides and they had them in place. this is video of a couple of hours ago and still seeing the snow coming down on and off in the daylight hours this morning in the commute. we did speak to chp and telling us that one problem they were seeing is distracted drivers. obviously tempting to bring out the cell phone to take video of yourself driving through the winter snow surprise and then also saw that -- we heard of and saw one accident, solo spinout on highway 17 and there's other issues on highway 9 an here who clearly not of the school age or maybe they're just in preschool and they're legitimately playing hooky and i would love to be
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joining them because nothing says fun like snow day. reporting live here. >> okay. i was going to say, you know what? it is those moments that parents build with the kids that's a memory of the lifetime. thanks a lot, bob. we have had the sky ranger in the air all morning long and beautiful shot to see the different venues of the bay area giving you a great bird's eye view of all the snow. amazing look not seen very often here in the bay area. well a morning long our team's really out keeping an eye on the snowy conditions on "today in the bay" live on air and also on social media. follow the team on facebook and twitter andreand wtever you saw there. at nbc bay area on twitter and fa happening tonight on capitol hill, in about seven hours, president trump will be delivering the state of the union address. nbc's susan mcginnis is in
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washington with a preview of mr. trump's speech. >> reporter: president trump will attempt a tone of unity tonight. part of the address to talk of bridging old divisions and healing old wounds. >> he's also going to be visionary and call for some really bold actions in the future will require cooperation of republicans and democrats and he's going to make that challenge to all of us. >> reporter: but a message of coming together could be difficult with a house chamber now containing more democrats than republicans. many await an expected big announcement from the president on borsrying to lower expectations he'll announce a move to declare a national emergency which some republicans stand against. >> my hope that that would not be necessary because congress should do its job. >> reporter: with more troops headed to the president tweeted today pressing his case for a wall. many wonder if the president would let the government shut down again. from one top republican, a
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warning. >> to every republican, if you don't stand behind this president we're not going to stand behind you. when it comes to the wall. >> reporter: as the president puts the finishing touches on tonight's speech he is expected to claim major accomplishments on the economy, jobs and trade and calling on congress to work with him on infrastructure and bringing down health care costs. and he'll announce plans to halt new transmissions of the aids virus by 2030. the president also said he'll announce tonight the date and with north korean leader kim jong-un. in washington, susan mcginnis, nbc news. president trump and first lady inviting guests and harris inviting a southern california mother of three. the family lost their home in 2017 in the thomas fire. their loss was compounded with the parents furloughed during the government shutdown. both are air traffic
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controllers. congresswom congresswoman barbara lee's guest was an oncology nurse deported by the trump administration in 2017. you can watch the state of the union here on nbc bay area. it starts tonight at 6:00. we're also streaming the speech on tv and online i a battle. >> it is hard to tell what's more popular, scott. >> that's because, laura, we haven't agreed on how to count viewers. netflix largely reports its own numbers talking about them at all. a fox television executive this week wondered if netflix wasn't overestimating the viewers and did not respond to the allegations. nielsen is starting to estimate amazon prime's viewership starting with the series "the marvelous mrs. maisel." other news, san francisco based slack fired paper work for an
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ipo. butterfield with his wife at the time also started the photo sharing website flickr. look at the markets this morning, dow industrials gaining again. up about 150 points. nasdaq up 48. parent company of and youtube yesterday said it made 39 billion in the last 3 months, that works out to $2,000 every second, marcus! >> all right. thanks, scott. a large, new technology complex is reportedly in the works for downtown san jose. the mercury news reporting developers filed application for a mega office complex and shopping mall. it would be located on south albadin boulevard. the proposal is still far from getting the green light but developers hope that it may attract established silicon valley companies like facebook or apple. san francisco seen an increase in muni operation applications and in part due to drivers laid off bymer employee
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encouraged to apply in a new program authorized by mayor london breed and it comes as they face an operator shortage on buses and trains. as we have reported on nbc bay area news, the transit agency is over 400 drivers short. well, coming up, a brazen robbery in contra costa county. the search for the suspect that is stole $26,000 worth of jewelry in an open house. plus, just months after e-scooters rolled on the streets of san francisco new numbers reveal how many citations the company receiving.
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tahoe is back open! within the last half hour-- drivers started good news for travelers. the road to lake tahoe is back open. within the last half hour, drivers started reusing t live at castle peak but you can see
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the snow up there. cal trans said tire controls are still in place. nearly ten feet of snow there in the past two days. take a look at this. right there. we did not send kris sanchez to sierra. look at that snow coming down there on highway 17. you can see more of her pictures and of course her video on twitter. >> she was really a good sport this morning. >> did a great job, too. we talked about that snow coming yesterday. did you expect this much? >> we were expecting several inches. possible. but you just have the kind of wait ian see when it'so. looking on the computer models, i don't know, but yeah. it sure did happen and so now as we take a live look outside fro. we'll talk about the storm totals in rain that we had since friday. and parts of the s cruz
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mountains, nearly 10 inches of rain. no wonder the reservoirs are full or at near capacity in some spots and morgan hill had over 4.5 inches of rain. sane 2.25 inches of rain. and in dublin approaching 3 inches of rain there. it was a little over three inches in belmont, san francisco almost 2.5 inches of rain. that's the live look once again from walnut creek to the mt. diablo. beautiful to see all of that snow on the hills and then looking at the rainfall totals that were very beneficial and looking at san anselmo, close to 5 inches of rain there. now heading out the storm movel with mid-40s around the area. by tomorrow morning it will be much colder and then looking live right now in palo alto with shining you can't tell it was raining there earlier this morning and the
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temperatures will stay in the upper 40s for the next few hours. briefly hit 50 degrees and then start to dip once again. we're going to see some cold temperatures tonight and that could mean icy spots on some of the roads, especially in the north bay with napa reaching to 30 degrees and 31 degrees in santa rosa. also in livermore watching out for some icy bridges and overpasses dipping to 32 degrees and even cold tonight and half moon bay dipping to 36 degrees for the low. so as you wake up tomorrow morning, it is going to be cold and all because of the cold front that swept through and brought us the wintry mix, the rain and snow and it's still snowing in the sierra with light snow showers and tapering off into tonight and theunsettled w way for the weekend so we start out, here's a look at friday. we see the next storm approaching and early in the morning we can see the rain moving into the north bay and then the rest of the bay area covered in some showers by
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friday night. off and on rain for saturday. there may be breaks in between and then another storm system moving in on sunday. so during the time frame we are looking at an additional possibly half to one inch of rain inland. the higher rainfall totals along the coast and the north bay as well as the santa cruz mountains. a lot to watch over the next few days. still cool for the afternoon with highs in the upper 40s. low 50s take care of those plants and also you plants may be in weath days and more updates on the rain on the way laura? weekend. >> all right. than a man is dead following a shooting in the south bay just after 10:00 last night. investigators say it's not clir and no suspects have been arrested. new at 11:00, right now the search is on for suspects wanted
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in a brazen robbery in contra costa county. police say two people stole $26,000 worth of jewelry during an open house in walnut creek saturday afternoon. officers say the suspects entered the home, they didn't knock. the couple only in the home for a couple of minutes and they didn't show very much interest in buying the home. police say you should always lock up the valuables if you expect people over let alone strangers. a group supporting church sex abuse victims reportedly raising questions about when police wereut an oakland priest accused of misconduct against a minor. father alexander castillo on paid administrative leave. the church suspended him last wednesday. police have not arrested him and still investigating. according to the east bay times, police were only notified about the the church issued its announcement. abuse survivors want the know why it took so long. the archdiocese is not indicated where or when the incident took place but the times cites
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sources that claim it happened back in 2016. not giving up. state senators is introducing state legislation to allow san francisco to implement safe injection sides. you may recall a similar bill vetoed last year. if passed, this new measure would create a three-year pilot program. people suffering from drug addiction would be allowed to go to those injection sites and inject substances under the supervision of trained staff. so-called safe injection sides have been i i othercloser to a union announced results of a vote for a strike. 95% approve of a strike. the union now plans set a strike date before the end of the month. teachers have been working without a contract more than a year. the district issued a statement. it says in part, quote, we believe that our teachers deserve a fair wage and we are doing everything we can to find a solution. we will continue to advocate for more funding from the state and find a way to compensate our
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teachers fairly. walnut creek leaders meet today to consider extending the bike share pilot program. the city partnering with line for a dockless bike program that right now expires at the end of the months. they're talking about extending and expanding it. city leaders expect the at least another six months. all new at 11:00, rolling into citations months after the program and they scoot. that's according to new data from the sfmta. the agency is being tasked with regulating the companies. citations. scoot just 36. the two companies legally launched on san francisco's streets last year. there were complaints of them being left behind on sidewalks and streets. you know trampoline parks soar in many parts of the bay area and across the country so do a number of people getting
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hurt. now we're not just talking about those injuries. >> liz wagner dug through medical calls and found injuries can be pretty serious. >> reporter: that's right. and most of them involve kids. we obtained these printouts of ambulance calls of bay area counties and want to show you them. a 9-year-old jumped disloc elbow. landing a911 calls for injurie year. that's an average of three per facility. but the numbers don't include parents that drove their kids to emergency rooms with broken bones. a pediatric surgeon at connecticut children's medical center analyzed the accidents and found a 1,100% spike of e.r.
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visits and there's a sharp rise in injuries but the international association of trampoline parks says injury rates are actually lower or on par with youth sports like football and soccer. the full story is online at nbc bay area.come/investigations. you will see the video of a south bay trampoline park failing to enforce the rules and some parents say that lack o enforcement is what makes these facilities so dangerous. back to you. >> thanks a lot, liz to get a hold of our investigative unit, call 888-996-tips or if it's easier log on to nbc bay southwest airlines and faa are scrambling to finish work that would allow the airline to start offering service between california and hawaii. possibly as soon as april. southwest will make its first flight today from oakland to honolulu but there will be no passengers on board. the faa must certify southwest
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to operate long over water flights before it starts to sell tickets and hoping to complete this validation for the flights ahead of a possible second government shutdown later this month. happening now, your kid might be using too much tooth paste. if you are a parent you probably already know that but double check before they brush. nearly 40% of kids 3 to 6 years use a lot more tooth paste than is recommended according to ast. cdc recommends ahen like candy. bringing together steph curry and president obama. plus, taking a victory lap. yeah. we'll take you to the celebrations held for the super bowl champions, the new england
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patriots. now in paris, apartments smoldering after a deadly fire tore through the building. at least nine people were killed. investigators say the fire appears to be an arson attack. a 40-year-old woman who lived in the building is behind connection. and pope francis is concluding the historic visit to the arabian peninsula withf isl. some 180,000 people attended the mass. history ther
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on facebook! check ou like so many of you nbc bay area's mike inouye celebrating the lunar new year on facebook. check out your traditions. well, happening now, the super bowl liii chaion new england patriots are taking their victory thousands of fans in the cold there. trophy in franchise history beating the los angeles rams, 13-3. r edelman and brady with r the big stars today. new at 11:00, steph curry and president obama sharing a stage this month. announced this morning, warriors superstar will speak during the my brother's keeper alliance's first national meeting. president obama celebrating the
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achievements of young men in oakland throughout the world. the convention starts february 19th. it's a fifth anniversary of my brother's keeper which is an initiative started by president obama following the death of trayvon martin. >> so great program. i did some work with them in d.c. >> they will be here in the bay area. maybe a little break. >> yeah. a break b very cold over the next few days even in san francisco dipping more rain for t warm. we'll be here tomorrow morning starting 4:30.
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coming up on "california live." a sad date becomes a cod i did show. >> baggage and daddy issues. >> both feel like they're getting pranked. >> a true story of inspiration. a pilates instructor who lost his leg and found the the strength to lift others up. and look what kimberly has cooking in the
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it's rich. >> $700


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