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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 6, 2019 4:30am-4:59am PST

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temperatures across the bay a very good wednesday morning to you, february 6th already. it is a cold start to our morning. take a look at some of the temperatures across the bay area this morning, freezing in some spots. we're here to help you bundle up, get ready for work. just stay where you are right now, probably warm at home. >> we're here because it's warmer than outside. it was frozen on my windshield this morning. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. let's get a look at the cold temperatures out there. >> it is old out there and crisp as well, as we get a live view of san jose and we're going to start out with some near teezing south bay. we'll be at 36 degrees through
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7:00, and then gradually start to see those temperatures warming up with a mix of sun and clouds. we'll get a look at all of our microclimates and what's more temperatures and a storm for the weekend. mike, it is all clear out there. >> that's right, clear, which means cold, as you've been talking about. we don't have that blanket so you need your blanket. the roadways are fine so take a couple extra seconds to warm up. we hear about pothole repair work going on between 808 and the san mateo bridge toll plaza and you see a little blip there. i want to zoom down and show you the santa cruz mountains, much easier than yesterday. a nice flow of traffic around the east bay as well. no delays through the maze, contra costa county or the east shore t>> thanks, mi>> lawyers speech. >> we must reject the politics of revenge, resistance, and retribution and embrace -- >> he covered a wide range of
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topics, and at times received partisan applause but his call to work together is prompting some of the strongest reaction from democrats and republicans were spinning it in different directions. >> it was good to hear him say we need to come together. >> i saw a president who read a speech but doesn't have any i think deeds to match up with the word. >> the president took credit for the growing economy. of course, he also made his dream for a border wall one of the central an urgent national crisis. critics counter the speech was slim oneook at capitol hill this morning, you can be sure lawmakers have have a lot more to say as the clock ticks down to avoid a second federal shutdown. "today in the bay's" tracie potts will join us with a live report from d.c. at the top of the hour. happening today, at 10:00 a.m., oakland district leaders are are set to give an update on the financial crisis, bringing contract negotiations to a standstill.
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last month board members approved closing the middle school suggesting more closures may be coming and the district previously talked about being millions of dollars in the red while battling declining enrollment. last night in oakland, city council members voted unanimously to support teachers if they choose to strike. ahead of the vote, teachers held a rally outside city hall. they've been working without a contract for more than a year and seeking a 12% raise over three years along with smaller class sizes. >> the teachers, all the educators in oakland are prepared to do whatever is necessary to fight for what students need. >> teachers voted to authorize a strike but no date is set. the earliest it could happen is february 15th, following the release of a state-sponsored asses assessment. a follow-up this morning, a san francisco couple home safe after being rescued from the cold. >> they were trapped in the snow for two daysen incino national forest. the couple sharing their story of survival withed "today in the bay's" j
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>> reporter: trouble for carlos hernandez jr. and maya katami began thursday when their jeep got stuck in a camping trip in the mendocino national forest. >> nights were pretty cold. >> that morning when we woke up and we were just covered, surrounded in snow, i was just like, kind of knew it was going to be a waiting game, but i always had hope. >> reporter: their families reported the san francisco couple missing saturday. search and rescue teams launched sunday. >> maya wrote the inside of the window. >> reporter: they stayed in their truck, trying to keep war through here and pretty much pool on my feet. >> reporter: they made a list of supplies, and planned to ration them. they also assigned themselves tasks and listened to the radio, trying to stay positive. >> there were emotional moments, times we both broke down. >> reporter: as they prepared to spend a fifth night trapped on the mountain, they heard the sounds of rescue, snowmobiles. >> and honked the horn, opened
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the door, i was like "we need help" and then he came up and was like on to his side, "we know, we've been looking for you." >> reporter: at home safe tonight, they are filled with gratitude. >> i couldn't stop thinking the guys would pull us out. >> so many random volunteers from counties and everyone. it's amazing. >> reporter: jean elle, "nbc bay area news." >> happy to survive there. a milpitas police officer turned himself in after he was accused of filing a false police report. victor matarang hit a pole in a parking lot while driving in december. investigators say he claimed the police car was hit by another car while parked. the department released him in january and issued an arrest warrant. he turned himself in yesterday and faces a felony charge. he had only been on the force six months. a special warning for california doctors, but really for all of us out here to be on
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the lookout for measles, that alert coming from state health officials after the outbreak of the virus in washington state. there are 50 confirmed cases. health officials say only one of those patients had been vaccinated. measles has surfaced in eight other states, including right here in california, with more than 200 cases reported. it is highly contagious, spreads through coughing and sneezing and can linger in the room for up to two hours. >> you don't have to be going through this. we have an incredibly safe, cheap and effective vaccine, two doses of vaccine are 97% effective. >> doctors say vaccination is the only protection against the measles. san jose's mayor wants to dig in to san jose traffic troubles quite literally. mayor sam liccardo looking at an idea of building a tunnel. the mayor says he's been in talks with musk's boring company. >> that doesn't actually put rail in a tunnel, but puts
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moving cars in a tunnel, at much lower cost. >> of course, we're referring to elon musk there. the mayor says the city's goal is to transform diridon into a grand central station capable of handling the crush of new workers coming with google's new downtown campus. all right, so after working hard on the job, getting a raise is what most of wus expeus woul. how facebook is now judging its employees to determine who gets a raise. and how google chrome is cracking down on hackers. sometimes, the pressures of today's world can make it tough
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to take care of yourself. but nature's bounty has innovative ways to help you maintain balance and help keep you active and well-rested. because hey, tomorrow's coming up fast. nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy.
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good morning. i'm frank holland at cnbc global headquarters. here are today's top business headlines. wall street is set to open up in the red this morning. the markets rose yesterday with the dow up more than 170 points ahead of last night's state of the union address. investors were looking for clues on several big issues, including u.s. and china trade talks, drug prices and infrastructure. on today's watch list, a report on productivity and labor costs, and also earnings from automaker gm. this will probably be the talk of silicon valley today, facebook will start linking employee bonus to criteria such as making progress on social issues. previously they were judged on how their performance contributed to growing the company's user base and revenues. "the financial times" reports they'll be rewarded based on new goals ceo mark zuckerberg laid out last week such as tackling
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the spread of fake news and privacy. it's unclear what metrics facebook will use and how it will track employee progress. google chrome has a new feature to help protect your personal data on the web. password checkup is an extension that will automatically alert you if it user name for a password may be compromised on a site you're visiting. if you get that warning, it means you may need to change your password. google has a database of more than 4 billion credentials it knows have been compromised. marcus and laura, back over to you. >> thanks, frank. coming up on "today in the bay," kari tracking the frigid temperatures out there. >> you need a heavier coat before you head out the door. here is a live look in fremont, and our temperatures start out in the mid-30s, and then go only into the upper 40s today. we'll get a look at all of our microclimates, and what's ahead, coming up next. kari, a smooth drive from fremont where you are on the nimitz up to oakland. the nimitz itself is fine and in between it's the san mateo bridge. if you are making that
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transition, we have a problem which could mean an issue for the morning commute.
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when you make a pb&j with smucker's and jif, thand exquisitely delicious in an everyday sort of way.
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a very good wednesday morning to you. very cold wednesday morning, in fact. taking a live look outside, it's clear out there. no cloud cover to keep us warm this morning. freezing in some parts. when will the warmup happen? in july. no. we'll have the full forecast coming up with kari in a bit. this is what everyone was talking about yesterday here,
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and you saw it all live here on "today in the bay" yesterday, we're talking about that snow there. check what nbc bay area sky ranger captured flying over the baytops. the temperatures have been cold enough to preserve snow in mt. hamilton, mt. diablo and contra costa county. folks are taking it all in. park rangers left the gates open after sundown so everyone could enjoy that. >> it was about two hours, two hours to the gate and got to the ee moving. >> it happens, about three times a year. you just can't rush it. you just have to let people leave. >> the park ranger says he's going to keep the roads heading to the summit closed for safety reasons once they feel it's safe, they will start allowing people in, and kari, snow sticking around in some of the spots this morning for us. >> yes, because it's freezing out there. did yoe k a snowman away from the top of the
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mountain, they were like taking it home with them. that's really cool. >> preserve it. >> carpool. >> sit in the front yard. >> so it is freezing in parts of the bay area, and a little message came up inside my car that said "ice possible, drive with caution" or "drive with care" so i advise you to do the same. as we take a live look outside in walnut creek, mostly clear skies. here is a look at our temperatures right now, below freezing in fairfield and santa rosa, ukiah. so some of us are headed out the door with near freezing or freezing temperatures. it's also frosty and we'll look at how our temperatures have changed over the last 24 hours. most of us are feeling anywhere from three to five degrees difference as you step out the door. on your way out to the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station, it is back in the upper 30s. make sure you're wearing a few extra layers and we're going to see those temperatures slowly warm up. you won't regret being
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overdressed, and we are going to see chilly temperatures for the next couple of days and watch this storm system approach, here in time for the weekend, so as we get a look at what to expect over the next couple of days, going hour by hour, by friday, once again, the rain starts to roll in during the afternoon, and it will be cold enough for some of our higher elevations in the north bay to experience some snow once again. and the rest of the bay area seeing some waves this may end as another wintry mix or some snow for the first part of next week, but as of now, it looks like it moves out of here fairly quickly, and then looking at the potential of getting anywhere from one to possibly nearly two inches of rain in the santa cruz mountains. we have a couple more days to dry out but look at how cold it's going to be, below freezing again tomorrow morning after seeing high temperatures reach into the low 50s today, and showers off and on throughout the weekend into the start of next week. we'll see it clearing out, but
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it will stay chilly. as we head over to mike, now you're taking us to the san mateo bridge. >> i am, kari, but there's a problem getting there. i have the live pictures showing you the span itself. 92 is clear, crystal clear, crispy air, of course. going across the bridge is not the problem. getting there is the issue from the nimitz freeway. that's the only spot where we have slowing. you may want to choose the dumbarton bridge, if you're choosing between the two, when you make your morning commute. the reason being right now, and since last night, about 11:20, 11:30, they've had two lanes shut down between the nimitz here at hesperian on-ramp and industrial. there's a lot of pothole your freeway seeing more traffic building the last 20 minutes since we've been on the air. this will be a slower drive until they clear that, and crews have said, they may take up to 6:00, but that's just a5:15, so we'll track that. north of the bay bridge is a smooth, easy drive through contra costa county and the maze. no backup at the toll plaza.
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there is a crash, a disabled vehicle 101 at lincoln and looks like it's minor slowing at the scene, and 101 over here through palo alto, a smooth drive. these headlights going north and compared to yesterday, that roadway looks completely dry and that's good news, folks, but it is, again, as kari said, cold out there so you might get some ice in the farther areas, up north, for example, in the smaller bridges. back to you. >> play it safe out there. thanks, mike >> it is 4:49. this morning, we're waiting for an update on the condition of a driver who slammed his car into a contrstic officer's cruiser. it happened last night at main street and empire avenue in oakley, this is video you see of that wreckage. the officer, from oakley police, was on his way to a call when the other car slammed into his, right in the middle of the intersection. the man inside the other car was stuck inside until fire cmanage. he was rushed to the hospital. as for the officer, he suffered an injury to his knee and he is said to be doing okay this morning. >> 4:50. tesla appears to quickly be
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putting the brakes on the amazon store offering tesla merchandise. when the website electric first reported it yesterday, the page offered assorted tesla gear and accessories including hoodies, iphone cases and die-cast toy cars. we went on the page and tesla pulled it perhaps only temporary. tesla has attempted to sell merchandise on its own website and teamed up in the past with other retailers. you might notice a new messenger tool on facebook, you can delete a message. before only ceo mark zuckerberg could do it. pull the message you'd like to delete, press and hold on it, select "delete" at the bottom of the screen, and select "remove for everyone." in ten minutes, the message will be gone. southwest airlines takes a major step toward offering service to hawaii. the company made its first test flight from oakland to honolulu yesterday. federal safety inspections were on board for the boeing 737 800
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series but no civilian passengers were on board. the flight is the first of several airlines to take with regulators before getting the okay to sell seats to the public. all right, guys, if you were hoping to have a chance with hollywood darling jennifer lawrence, you have to give up that dream for now, at a ring oh they've been dating since june of last year. she was last seen wearing a massive ring enjoying a celebratory dinner with her fiance in new york city over the weekend. >> i was that close. >> there's other fish in the sea. >> oh, yeah, i'm going swimming. coming up here on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> an airline sends them to a different airport, so who is on the hook for getting them to where they were actually going in the first place? i'm consumer investigator chris chmura, "nbc bay area responds," next. but first, happening now, a warning this morning, before you feed your dog breakfast, hills
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pet nutrition voluntarily recalling 25 products over concerns of excessive vitamin d. varieties of the canned prescription and science diet foods are affected in the recall. the company says it's implementing additional testing to prevent this from happening in the future so check your dog food. we'll be back ore in a bit.
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nb good morning, taking a live look outside this time from the east bay, a fairly new camera over in wk wk. good morning, east bay. good morning everyone tire bay area. bundle up. it's cold out there. nbc bay area responds to y
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family whose international flight wound emat a different airport. >> claire darling says she and her family were flying from london back to san jose when british airways canceled their flight and flew them to san francisco instead. when the plane landed, the darling family of four loaded themselves and six suitcases into an uber suv, the ride from sfo to san jose cost $225.77. the darlings expected british airways to cover that bill, but claire says the airline only paid them 5.73. so she turned to us. we filed an inquiry with british airways, a spokesman told us "i have given this to our customer relations team and they will be in touch with ms. darling." they were. that same day, and covered the full $225.77. our teams log more than 200 air
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travel complaints. if an airline has gone deaf to your situation, please let us know. visit or call us, 888-996-tips. so new for you this morning, from the runway to the theme park. >> that's right, model, mogul tyra banks announcing her own plans for her park called model land. it's expected to be located in southern california. it will feature restaurant shops, restaurants and interactive entertainment. modelland was also the name of a book that she wrote about her life. >> interesting. >> you like roller coasters. >> i do bmagine the typef roller coasters at modelland. >> a lot of runways. >> you have to pose to go on it. >> you have to pose like this to get on this ride. >> that's right, you better work it. coming up next on "today in the bay," you want to grab a
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very heavy coat this morning, maybe some gloves. >> not a lot of posing outside. you'll be running to get to some heat. it's in the mid-30s in concord. we'll stay there through about 8:00 and slowly see our temperatures get a little bit more manageable. we'll talk about what's ahead, coming up next. >> and here's the problem in hayward, west 92, drags from the nimitz past industrial. emergency pothole repair work continues, half of your freeway is blocked. we'll show you some of your alternates coming up. but we must reject the politics of revenge, resistance, and retribution, and embrace the boundless potential of cooperation, compromise, and the common good. >> president trump taking the tone of unity at last night's state of the union. we're live from washington on the message he's sending to the country, and what democrats are calling him out on this morning.
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f today's world can make it tough
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to take care of yourself. but nature's bounty has innovative ways to help you maintain balance and help keep you active and well-rested. because hey, tomorrow's coming up fast. nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy. good tuesday morning to you on this february 6th. a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. beautiful shot there to start this morning at 5:00 for us. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm m you're probably already feeling there? it's really cold. >> it is. it in the house. you need to crank up the heat. >> and in the studio. >> it is cold in here, too, i
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think the air conditioning is still on. let's talk about what you'll feel as you head out the door this morning, here is a look at the bay bridge in san francisco starting out with temperatures in the low 40s while the rest of us are in the 30s, even freezing and below freezing in parts of the north bay, as you head out for your commute in brentwood, we'll be at about 35 degrees for the next couple of hours, watching out for icy spots that may be on the bridges and overpasses and then it warms up into the low 50s, if we can call it that. mike, you have a look at the morning commute. >> i do, kari. overall it's looking like a


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