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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 6, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PST

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bridge good tuesday morning to you on this february 6th. a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. beautiful shot there to start this morning at 5:00 for us. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. you see it's really clear out there? it's really cold. >> it is. you're probably already feeling it in the house. you need to crank up the heat. >> and in the studio. >> it is cold in here, too, i think the air conditioning is still on. let's talk about what you'll feel as you head out the door this morning, here is a look at the bay bridge in san francisco starting out with temperatures in the low 40s while the rest of us are in the 30s, even freezing and below freezing in parts of the north bay, as you head out for your commute in brentwood, we'll be at about 35 degrees for the next couple of hours, watching out for icy spots that may be on the bridges and overpasses and then it warms up into the low 50s, if we can call it that. mike, you have a look at the
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morning commute. >> i do, kari. overall it's looking like a crisp, clear morning commute, except for one key spot, and that's over there in hayward. it doesn't stand out much but we'll zoom in. you see all the green for the rest of the bay but over here, hay vaward off the nimitz freew you're jamming up toward hesperi hesperian. this is the stretch since yesterday afternoon they've had repair work going on, until 6:00 a.m. when they say they may have to keep that repair work going. there was exposed rebar brought forward by some of the rain and the damage caused by the conditions of yesterday's driving over it during the storms. those should be clearing and the lanes are starting to show a better flow of traffic. i'll check that. the dumbarton bridge right now is an alternate to avoid all of that and so is the bay bridge, in fact w minor slowing at the toll plaza. back to you, laura. >> thanks so much, mike. on capitol hill there is a call for unit why i. lawmakers in the nation reacting this morning to. trump's state of the union address last night. he told democrats and
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republicans, let's work together to get things done. . >> we must reject the politician of rejection and embrace cooperation, compromise and the common good. >> "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live in washington with more on president trump's address for us. tracie? >> hi, laura, good morning, everyone. so the president mentioned the potential of cooperation, but the question this morning, will it really happen after his message last night, urging democrats and republicans to work together. they've got a real chance to get that done, trying to prevent a government shutdown next week. >> we must reject the politics of revenge, resistance and retribution. >> reporter: president trump's call for democrats and republicans to work together brings mixed reaction. >> it was good to hear him say that we need to, you know, we
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need to come together. >> i saw, you know, a president who read a speech but doesn't have any, i think deeds to match up with the words. >> reporter: the president took credit for the growing economy he inherited and called illegal immigration an urgent national crisis, with a simple solution. >> simply put, walls work and walls save lives. i will get it built. >> reporter: that drew a sharp democratic response from georgia's stacy abrams. discord over the wall could force another government shutdown next week. >> the shutdown was a stunt engineered by the president of the united states. >> reporter: the president pitched ideas democrats and republicans can agree on, infrastructure, cheaper prescriptions, children's cancer research, and without naming it, he took a swipe at the russia investigation. >> if there is going to be peace and legislation, there cannot be
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war and investigation. >> reporter: but this brought thunderous applause from democrats. >> and we have more women in the workforce than ever before. >> reporter: female lawmakers in white, opposing a president calling for unity. and he also talked about trade, and foreign policy, getting out of what he considers bad trade deals, bad nuclear deals, endless wars, plus the president named a date at the end of the month, february 27th, and 28th, for his next meeting with north korea's leader kim jong-un. laura? >> it was a very eventful, i felt, you know, state of the union, so much happening there. tracie potts live from washington, thanks so much. california attorney general javier becerra was also part of last night's state of the union response, it was the first ever democratic response delivered in spanish. [ speaking in spanish ]
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>> the spannic language response delivered live from mcclatchy high school in sacramento. the sanford grad talked women grags and how voters can make an impact on california and the u.s. becerra said democrats would reject any foolish proposal to channel emergency funds to construct a border wall. since becoming attorney general, he has sued the trump administration 45 times, more than any state attorney general has sued a president's administration. a major announcement is expected later today by san francisco police. we're expecting new developments in a 45-year-old cold case of a serial killer, his nickname referring to the disturbing things he did before committing his murders. "today in the bay's" pete suratos joining us live from sfpd headquarters with details. pete? >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus, and we're talking about the black doodler. he calused plenty of terror
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throughout the san francisco gay community in the 1970s. we want to show you a sketch of this person, the black doodler as he was referred to. he got the title because obviously he was a black man, as you guys could see, in that sketch, but he would also sketch or doodle gay people before sexual encounters and then afterwards, he would kill them. during the span of 1974 to 1975, he reportedly stabbed 14 gay men to death, and then reportedly left their bodies all over the city. long time gay rights activist cleve jones spoke to us there's talk of recent new dna evidence when it comes to this case. we'll see if they talk about it during the press conference. >> we're very reluctant to cover what was happening in the gay community at that time, and when that coverage did occur, it was often very lurid, very sensational and not particularly
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helpful. >> reporter: i want to point out, no arrests have been made when it comes to this case but we're hoping to get more details during that press conference at 2:00 p.m. we're live here in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> all right, pete, thanks so much for that update there. a 14-year-old boy on the peninsula is in serious condition this morning, after being stabbed in the head. this happened yesterday afternoon during a confrontation involving boys hanging out at pacifica's fremont shopping center. we don't know what kind of weapon was used but police say the boy was stabbed several times. police also say that some of the teens ran toward hickory boulevard afterward. and happening today, police will meet with members of san francisco's asian-american community, concerned about the recent beating of an elderly woman in visitacion valley. that woman was attacked as she took her morning walk near her home on january 8th. police say that her home was then burglarized. days later, officers arrested an
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18-year-old suspect who they've now linked to other violent attacks in the city. police are holding a bilingual office hours meeting for this morning for people who speak chinese and at the asian-pacific community center in visitacion valley. new life for oakland's school sports programs once on life support. last summer, the district announced plans to cut about half of the total sports programs, including tennis, swimming, golf, and boys volleyball. now, "the chronicle" reports all but one of the sports have been saved thanks to one-time donations from outside sources. the only sport that is spared is bowling. new this morning, southern california utility giant edison and airplane maker boeing are being sued over the largest fire in l.a. and ventura county's history. the woolsey fire burned 97,000 acre, destroying 1500 structures. four people were killed.
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"l.a. times" reports the fire started near a boeing field lab. it says edison's electrical equipment on the boeing property caused the fire and claims boeing failed to clear brush which helped the flames to spread quickly. boeing says the company is yet to be served with the lawsuit. now to the rain, more specifically the atmospheric rivers that we've been seeing lately. >> it's a weather phenomenon that's dumped massive amounts of pacific ocean water on the west coast and now there's a new scale of measure, the rivers. scientists with uc san diego are announcing a one through five scale to measure atmospheric rivers. one being weak, and five being "exceptional." just like the hurricane ranking system, so if that system was in place, the atmospheric river we saw last month would have been a category four or extreme, that's because it lasted for 36 hours
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and dumped 14 inches of rain in the sierra nevada. >> i'm so glad now we have a scale and hopefully we can get everyone educated so we kind of know a little bit more of what to expect. looking forward to that. also, we start out this morning with dry conditions, chilly temperatures and now that that cold front has brought in some very chilly temperatures, i think there may be some ice on the roads so you have to watch out for that. not in downtown san jose, where our temperature is at 35 degrees but we are seeing some freezing temperatures in some of our inland valleys and coastal areas still in the lower 40s. as you get ready to head out on your way to the pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station, some mid-30s for the morning and it goes from 35 degrees to 51 at noon, so it does get better. as we head over to mike, now you're tracking a crash in san rafael? >> i am. but we're looking at the traffic coming toward us southbound 101 curves ator er iteralinda bloce view at san pedro and the
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on-ramp may have been affected by a crash headed toward lyndon. the crash was cleared a few minutes ago but there was a traffic break scheduled and i never saw any slowing over the last hour. we shouldn't have a problem now. i have a smooth flow of traffic through san rafael and continuing to the golden gate bridge. the bay bridge a little build for the traffic flow. metering lights probably in another ten minutes and slowing toward the san mateo bridge toll plaza because of the road repair work. i'll sort out how to say that more clearly and tell you what else is going on. >> that's okay, we were saying atmospheric river. it's a little early. thanks. coming up here, we are less than a month away from this year's academy awards, but the ceremony is already making history, what the academy is doing for only the second time it's happening. president trump talked a lot about the economy last night, but was he telling the economic truth? we'll take a look in business and tech. plus coming up at 5:25, a caravan filled with migrants
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coming closer to the u.s. border. why the group might arrive in the country a little sooner than expected.
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it is 5:14. grab an extra layer or two before you head out the door. it is cold out there. here is a live look outside in palo alto, highway 101 looking good. there may be some icy spots on some of the side roads around the bay area, where temperatures have dipped below freezing and we'll stay right at about 40 degrees, until about 6:00, and
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then gradually see our temperatures head into the upper 40s today. more sunshine, and then cold again tonight, more on that coming up in less than five minutes. >> and right now, the bay bridge toll plaza backup has started for some cash lanes and slowing for the fast track lanes. we're right on schedule for metering lights on. but we have a problem for another bridge. good morning, and happy wednesday to you. markets will likely move lower this morning. no big economic announcement last night, not a lot of talk of progress with china. electronic arts in redwood city will probably see its shares fall quite a bit. i'll get to that one in a moment. let's talk apple. apple, the head of apple stores is stepping down. angela ahrendts came to apple from burrberry five years ago. there doesn't appear to be any one reason she's stepping away from the company, other than she says it was time to move on. president trump speaking
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last night. you heard our washington reporter talking about that. i'll take my own look in about 30 minutes, when we talk politics, but from a business standpoint, there was one segment that popped out. >> the u.s. economy is growing almost twice as fast today as when i took office, and we are considered far and away the hottest economy anywhere in the world, not even close. >> we are certainly the hottest economy. economic growth hasn't doubled since trump took office though if you look at it quarter to quarter, it's more or less true. it depends on whether you're talking quarters or you're talking yearly. but we're going to lean towards true on that one. the president did talk about tariffs, as you know, he often confuses who pays tariffs on chinese goods. last night, he did not make the mistake of saying it was the chinese, and for that, he was accurate as well. i mentioned electronic arts off the top of the segment. i know what you're thinking. hey, scott, electronic arts
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doesn't make that game. that's fortnite. good catch. ea, though, is very concerned about fortnite. it reported profits yesterday and said fortnite, which is doesn't make, really hurt its business, because people are playing fortnite for free instead of buying $60 ea games. you may remember netflix mentioned fortnite. what does netflix have to do with video games? everything. because your tv can only do one thing at a time, right? you can watch netflix or play fortnite. there are all kinds of businesses that are saying fortnite's killing us. >> interesting. a lot of people play it. >> yep. >> thanks, scott. switching gears, 5:17 for you and this year's oscar ceremony will go ahead without an official host. this will be only the second time in the event's history where this has happened. organizers say the presenters will instead lead the show, this comes after comedian kevin hart stepped down from hosting, after past homophobic tweets
5:18 am
resurfaced. the oscars are on february 24th. >> i'd like to watch them. it would be interesting and probably keep the show moving. >> yeah, because you don't have the comedy that's sometimes funny, sometimes not. >> you could host it from our viewing. >> i like it when they sing. >> we still have time to prepare. >> there you go. >> we're setting up a summer tour, i don't know if you know that. >> opening up at oracle park, just sayin'. all right, so yeah, this morning, as we're getting ready for work, and getting ready to head out the door, here is a live look outside in dublin. it is cold, and already a lot of people are rolling across 580, so time for to you get up and get ready, too. as you check out the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, you'll notice that the weekend looks pretty wet, but then as we head out this morning, it is all dry and cold. check out fairfield, we're down to 28 degrees, and i think we'll fall a few more degrees in a lot of spots. san martin freezing right now and 31 in napa. so with the freezing start, as you make your way out the door
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to dublin b.a.r.t. station, we'll also drop down below freezing there, and it's going to be one of those mornings where we have really cold temperatures, and it warms up, but it still will be chilly out there. we have some dry weather, opened up the picture to show you what's happening in the pacific where this storm is developing and moving our way. it will take a couple more days before it gets here but as we time it out, here's how you make plans for the weekend. we're going to see that rain arriving by late morning into friday afternoon, and kind of see it going off and on throughout friday, saturday and sunday as well. i think we'll see more rounds of rain and even some more sierra snow, and this is a live look at squaw kroo ek thcreek this amom degrees, coated with the snow and the lights there. i want to show you an update of the sierra snowpack, with all of the hefty storms moving through. the statewide average in the sierra for the snowpack is now at 125%, amazing news, as we get
5:20 am
ready for more rain in the bay area, and more sierra snow. we're looking at the potential of getting half an inch up to two inches throughout the weekend, as we see those next storms moving in. it's going to be chilly as well, as our temperatures only reach into the low 50s through next tuesday. heading over to mike, you have a problem out there on the roads. >> i do. so we're going to stick with the maps and show you what's going on, folks, as we look around the bay. we see speed sensors in the green for almost everywhere. the bay bridge is showing a little backup, and i want to focus first on this. the build out of hayward and then coming down on to 92, the problem is just off of 880, at hesperian, you lose two lanes. roadwork continues. yesterday we heard about potholes popping up and they issued an official lane closures, that may last until the 6:00 hour. we're tracking that. right now we're seeing the build coming out of contra costa
5:21 am
county, and headed down toward the san mateo bridge over toward santa clara county, san mateo county and looking at a smoother drive aside from that. the dumbarton bridge you could avoid that if you're south of the bay bridge and if you're headed north of there, maybe through oakland, you head up toward the bay bridge toll plaza where the backup and the metering lights should be official in the next couple of minutes and a little build across the richmond to san rafael bridge but 580 is clear. back to you >> thanks, mike. coming up, a florida woman alive this morning, thanks to her dogs. we'll explain the canine call she's crediting with saving her life.
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kidnapping of a 13-year-old wisconsin girl and the murder of her parents .. is due in court for a welcome pack, everyocome ba is 5:23. a man charged of a kidnapping of a wisconsin girl and the murder of her parents is scheduled for a hearing.
5:24 am
jake patterson is accused of breaking into jayme closs' home last november. he killed her parents and took her to an isolated cabin. she escaped last month. patterson faces charges including kidnapping and first-degree murder. right now, a must migrant caravan is expected to arrive soon to the southern california/mexico border. the group is still thousands of miles away from reaching san diego. president trump has hardened his stance on immigration and specifically against the caravan of migrants. he has sought to suspend the granting of asylum to migrants who cross the border illegally. 5:24. if you ever have convinced someone's dog to be a real life saver, well, we've got the perfect example for you right now. >> so a florida dog owner has her pets to thank for life-saving actions actually captured on her doorbell camera. in december, she suffered a stroke, and collapsed. she then managed to say to the
5:25 am
dogs, bell laand sadie, she needed help. so the dogs you saw them run out there, barking to a house across the street. her neighbor came over and contacted paramedics. doctors were able to remove a blood clot in her brain before it caused permanent damage. isn't that amazing? >> that's really an amazing thing. just after receiving her star on the hollywood walk of fame, pink is stopping by "ellen" today. the singer/songwriter announcing when she's releasing new music and we get a taste of what to expect. ♪ rock me this is the wrong key. ♪ rock me home in the dead of night ♪ ♪ i can't be alone with all that's on my mind ♪ ♪ say you'll stay with me tonight, because there is so much wrong going on outside ♪ that's part of it. >> i love that voice. >> you could open up for her summer tour. pink is talking about her relationship with her husband and about celebrating their 13th wedding anniversary. you can catch all of that today
5:26 am
on "ellen" at 4:00, then tune in for "nbc bay area news" followed by "nightly news with lester holt." >> nice line-up there. 5:25 right now. coming up, happening now, emergency repairs on the san mateo bridge. a traffic alert you need to know about, live team coverage coming up. and we're still nearly two years away from the presidential election, and this morning, we're getting a closer look at how voters feel about our state. plus the bay area not the most polluted place in california, and at least not on the roads. the new study says the city breathing in a lot of dirty area. a live look at the bay brid bridge toll plaza. i'd say the metering lights are on. a lot of company out there and a lot of cold as well. we'll check in with mike and kari, with the full forecast, coming up. i knew about the tremors.
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take a look at the cold temperatures across the bay a very good wednesday morning to you. half way through our work week. it is a cold start across the bay area. look at that, 29 degrees in napa, freezing in many parts. you'll feel it when you get in the car this morning. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. right now we want to get to meteorologist kari hall keeping us up to tate date on what we c expect, a warmup today? >> only a little bit more this afternoon. it's cold now and it will be cold again tomorrow morning. we are seeing freezing temp fewers, fairfield 28 degrees and san francisco 42 as you get ready to head out the door and livermore it's dipped to 32, we're at 33 right now. as we look at martinez and what
5:30 am
to expect throughout the day, some low 40s by 9:00 so it will get milder with temperatures headed into the mid-50s so that's a little better than yesterday and we'll talk about what's ahead for the rest of the week. headed over to mike, the bay bridge has a holdup. >> that's right, it's not a surprise, laura was right. we took the last shot they had just turned on the metering lights and we have the backup, formed promptly over there. that's one issue for one of our bridges. the san mateo bridge is one that has a problem as well. we'll zoom in, the rest of the bay you're basically at speed, but looking at a slower drive off of the nimitz headed toward hesperian. there's continued work right there, and in fact, we've been talking about that, it started yesterday afternoon, but right now, the current situation, bob redell is out there. bob, what is the latest with road repairs over there? >> reporter: good morning to you, mike. i spoke with cal trans and think it will probably be another hour, if not less, before they're able to open the phub three and four lanes. you so he that piece of wood in the middle of the road, bolds
5:31 am
sticking out and the gray sheen. that's where the road repair is made. they're waiting for the concrete to cure. one of the engineers just went over to touch it and said it's still warm to the touch. which means the concrete is chemically still reacting. they need it to get colder so they know it's completely firm so trucks and cars can drive over that. around 2:30 yesterday afternoon this repair came out as a pothole was weather related, some of the rebar was exposed as a result. that's why they have shut down the number three and four lanes, issued a sig alert, starting at hesperian. this is the backup as we came up upon this scene about 30 to 45 minutes ago. gives you a sense coming on westbound 92 getting ready to go across the san mateo bridge to foster city for your job and whatnot, you are going to have to add some time until this is reopened. again, the eto is within the hour here. westbound 92 to number three and four two right lanes shut down. reporting live in hayward, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> bob, thanks so much for that
5:32 am
update there. new for you this morning, how are you feeling about the 2020 election? how about the cost of living here in the golden state? well, a new non-partisan poll just released in about a half hour asks californians about those issues and a lot more. "today in the bay" kris sanchez is live in san jose with some of the results that might surprise you. kris? >> reporter: one thing that won't surprise you, marcus, is californians say they are feeling crushed by the cost of living and by the housing crisis gripping the entire state. these are results from the new quinnipiac university polls. one of the most respected polls out there. if you look at your screen, 46% of the voters who were followed say they cannot afford to live here, particularly true for voters 18 to 34 years old so some of our younger millenial voters. 77% say the says it has a
5:33 am
housing crisis, and 54% say that legal pot has been good for the state of california. 62% oppose that border wall we heard about just in the state of the union address last night once again. the republicans who are a political minority here in california do support that border wall overwhelmingly. 70% -- 76% of californians polled say immigration is good for the friday, and most support a path to citizenship, although an interesting note here is that a third say that the state overreaches in helping undocumented immigrants. the pollsters also found that californians are pretty excited and energized about the presidential candidacy of senator kamala harris, but almost equally excited by the prospect of joe biden becoming a candidate, the former vice president, of course, not a candidate right now. we'll post more of these results through the morning, my twitter feed and also on my facebook page. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> sorting it all out there,
5:34 am
with those numbers. a lot going on. thank you so much, kris. happening today, at 10:00 this morning, oakland district leaders are set to give an update on the financial crisis, bringing contract negotiations to a standstill. last month, board members approved closing a middle school, suggesting more closures may be coming. the district previously talked about being millions of dollars in the red, while battling declining enrollment. last night in oakland city council voted unanimous any to support teachers if they choose to strike. ahead of the vote, teachers held a rally outside city hall. they've been working without a contract for more than a year and seeking a 12% raise over three years along with smaller class sizes. >> the teachers, all the educators in oakland are prepared to do whatever is necessary to fight for what students need. >> teachers voted to authorize a strike but no date is set. the earliest it could happen is february 15th, following the release of a state-sponsored assessment.
5:35 am
a young san francisco couple home, talking about getting stuck in the cold mendocino national forest. they were trapped in the snow covered truck for day, just waiting to be found. trouble for the couple began thursday, when their jeep got stuck as they wrapped up a camping trip. their families reported the 18 and 21-year-olds missing on saturday. search and rescue teams launched on sunday. the couple stayed in their jeep, trying to keep warm and dry. >> water would just come down through here and pretty much pool on my feet. >> that morning when we woke up and we were just covered, surrounded in snow, i was just like, kind of knew it was going to be a waiting game, but i always had hope. >> as they prepared to spend a fifth night trapped on the mountain, they heard snowmobiles. volunteer searchers helped them eventually get to safety. rescuers say the couple did exactly the right thing, telling people where they were going, when they should be back, and
5:36 am
they stayed in their car just waiting for a rescue. new this morning, a san jose office building near santana row has been sold. century plaza is located on winchester boulevard near interstate 280. "the mercury news" reporting it sold for $64 million. no word on whether the new owners plan to alter the property or if they may be eyeing new tenants. new this morning, revealing find when it comes to air pollution. people living in l.a. county are exposed to 250% more vehicle pollution compared to those in the bay area. that's according to a new study by the union of concerned scientists, particulate matter is formed from burning gasoline in a diesel or engine. researchers say exposure is linked to asthma attacks, increased hospitalizations, lung cancer and death. this morning the road to lake tahoe is back open. if you're planning to head to the sierra, chains are required on i-80.
5:37 am
since eight, eight feet of snow has fallen in the area, a lot of fresh powder and skiers for the skiers so a lot of good times there, headed that way. mike? >> skiing and snowboarding, you slide on the snow, driving, you don't want to do that. so that's why you got that update. thanks, marcus, for the latest. over here, we're following the latest over at the san mateo bridge approach. bob redell just showed us what's going on, as they're continuing the two right lanes closure, because of pothole that appeared yesterday afternoon and just kept getting worse and worse. rebar was eventually ex-posed. they filled that in with cement but concrete, as that cures, it has to be well set for the morning commute. not ready for the cars to hit it, so that's why we still have two lanes closed and now you're jammed off of the nimitz headed toward the san mateo bridge. you might want to use the dumbarton bridge to the south, because it's a much clearer approach, but that's starting to see more company. overall, a clear drive. after the weekend, not so much a clear sight for us. >> no, it's going to be clouded by clouds and rain, and we are going to see it off and on.
5:38 am
look at temperatures, from the coast to the inland areas, only reaching the low 50s, off and on showers for your saturday. you may be able to get out there with those brakes in between, and on sunday still some more rain in the forecast, and also those cool temperatures, and if you're thinking of some things to do, well, how about the tent festival at east rich mall. this is a picture i took with my family out there last year, and it's going to be at the east ridge mall from 3:00 to 11:00. unfortunately, there's some rain in the forecast and won't be as nice as it was last year, and the temperatures dip back into the mid-40s. then on saturday we have coupups undie run in san francisco. laura's like what? and rain in the forecast as well, cold, low 50s throughout the day. if you're hitting the road, maybe going up to lake shasta, we're still going to have those rain chances and transitioning over to some snow especially for
5:39 am
the higher elevations, as our highs only reach the upper 30s, and also not a great weekend if we're headed to the beach. we'll have a chance of thunderstorms on friday, especially for those coastal areas. i'll keep you up to date on that. we'll talk about today coming up in three minutes. >> looking forward to it, kari. coming up, online shopping turns into a big surprise for a california priest. his pillow purchase isn't making him rest too easy. his disturbing world war ii era discovery. in washington, president trump asks us all to be more friendly and bipartisan. we'll take a look at the state of the union when "today in the bay" continues. what's better than having fast,
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mike traffic tease good morning, as you get ready to head out we're watching for the potential of icy spots on the roads. santa clara will be at 37 degrees at 6:00. we go into the low 50s today. we'll talk about more freezing temperatures and rain in the forecast in less than five minutes. and the traffic alert continues, a live look at the san mateo bridge we're looking at concrete curing. we'll show you the impact on the already building morning commute. 5:42 and new this morning a fresco episcopalian priest is
5:43 am
upset after he says walmart sent him a decorative pillow with a swastika symbol on it. he ordered the pillow online. when it arrived in the mail, he opened it and threw it on his couch. first he didn't think anything of it but a few days later he noticed the swastika images. newman thought it was supposed to be a paris themed pillow. >> this is personal. both my wife and i have jewish heritage, my wife has direct descendants from the holocaust in germany so this, to us, this is a symbol of hate. >> walmart customer service told newman the item was sold from a third party who uses their website to sell their items. in a statement, the company also said it's removed the item from its website. right now, state health leaders say parts of california are seeing a spike in the number of potentially deadly valley fever cases. "the chronicle" reports the number of illnesses jumped by almost 1,000 cases to nearly 8,000. in 2018, a jump of more than
5:44 am
10%. most cases are found in the central valley and are caused by fungus found in the soil and dirt. spores are then carried by wind and dust particles. 5:43. a former new jersey governor and republican presidential candidate chris christie will be speaking at the common club. he just wrote a book called "let me finish kushner and the power of in your face politics. that's at 6:30 tonight. the president calls for friendship and bipartisanship in last night's state of the union. >> scott mcgrew, some find that hard to believe. >> a number of people in the audience had been called names by the president, crying chuck schumer, little marco rubio, lightweight kirsten gillibrand even stacey abrams has been called totally unqualified and crime loving by the president. to those people, the president said let's act better.
5:45 am
>> but we must reject the politics of revenge, resistance, and retribution and embrace the boundless potential of cooperation, compromise, and the common good. >> now while that was met with sk sket simp skepticism, politico called it bewildering, the president can encourage a friendlier environment. six hours before the speech at a luncheon with news anchors, trump said joe biden wasn't smart, schumer was a nasty son of a gun and there were bipartisan moments in the speech. mr. trump talked about ending the transmission of hiv and praised the number of women in congress, which got a cheer. >> we also have more women serving in congress than at any
5:46 am
time before. >> where we did not see clarification was on the wall. the president did not say we would declare an emergency, nor did he say he would shut the government down if bipartisan immigration committee doesn't come up with a solution, and that has to happen by the 15th. this leaves this whole situation pretty unclear. you can check twitter for what's going on in washington. you'll find me @scottmcgrew and we'll be talking about the state of the union all morning as will the "today" show. this is something a lot of people were talking about yesterday here. look at all this snow. we talked about it yesterday here on "today in the bay," and it's just a beautiful sight there. nbc bay area sky ranger capturing these beautiful sights flying atop of the bay area. temperatures are low enough to preserve those spots. this is video of folks at mt., a
5:47 am
ablo diablo taking it all in. park rangers left the gates open after sundown so everyone could enjoy that. >> it was about two hours, two hours to the gate and once we got to the gate, it was just free moving. >> it happens, about three times a year. you just can't rush it. you just have to let people leave. >> the park ranger says he's going to keep the roads heading to the summit closed for safety reasons. once they feel it's safe, they will start allowing people in, and kari, what are you laughing up? >> they were taking the snowman home. >> driving it on top of the trunk. >> they built a snowman and put it on the car and i saw that yesterday. people were so excited, like when you bring snow home from tahoe been >> it's so much closer about you it took two hours to get up there to mt. diablo. we have to think about that, we're still going to be able to see it, and you know, enjoy it from afar. here is a look at san francisco this morning, as we start out with all clear conditions, and it's also dry and cold. take a look at some of these
5:48 am
numbers. san francisco, you're walking out the door to 42 degrees, but elsewhere, we are below freezing for our inland valleys and even some temperatures are just near that freezing mark, like livermore, 33 degrees. it's 35 in san jose, and palo alto at 34. the seven-day forecast is up at the bottom of the screen, showing a lot of rain for the weekend, so this dry, even though it's cold weather, you better enjoy it. taking a look at concord, we'll be at 35 degrees, as you head out the door, so you need some extra layers and throughout the day, we'll make it into the low 50s by noon. our high temperatures today, oh, we're going to see mostly some mid-50s around the bay area, not 60s today. we're going to also see some dry conditions until this storm arrives, that will be here by friday, looking at a lot of the clouds, and right now, looks like a narrow band of rain but i think this will continue to grow as we go into the next couple of days, and get a little stronger as it covers the bay area with rain on friday. it's going to continue off and
5:49 am
on, as we see a couple of systems rolling through and it's also going to be quite chilly with those highs only in the low 50s. by sunday night, we start to see it moving out, and monday still looks cloudy, and those high temperatures in the low 50s, and we could be back to near freezing temperatures once again. so we are going to have some cold weather continuing. look at tomorrow morning, where we are going to be in the low 30s inland and san francisco, down to about 40 degrees, and then some low 50s throughout the rest of the forecast. mike, you're checking out some problems out there on the roads. >> right, here is the problem with highway 29, on9 i2, half o approaching with the san mateo bridge. i'm stepping in as if i'm helping but i am not. bob redell is on the scene. we see wood there, part of the framework for the repair work. they pour concrete on it. when it's hot there is a chemical reaction going on. once it cools down they know
5:50 am
it's ready and waiting for the traffic flow, the impact of the traffic. that was a former pothole as we get back out to the map that occurred yesterday afternoon, got worse and worse during the rain and had to be closed as rebar was exposed and overnight they've been continuing with just half that freeway open. right now over the last 20 minutes we've seen a big impact as the commute kicks in, south coming down through hayward out of san leandro, and jamming up as you approach industrial. if you join past industrial, you're fine. you could possibly take tennison but surface street traffic and signals will add time so allow 10, 15 minutes' extra time because we don't know exactly when they'll reopen. they hope just after 6:00. the dumbarton bridge is also an alternate for you to get past all that, if you're to the south of the san mateo bridge and anywhere south of the dumbarton bridge is just fine. if you are north, maybe san leandro or oakland, you can head up toward the bay bridge as well, but the backup at the metering lights and the bay bridge toll plaza, that will add some time so you'll probably be about the same time as you would be going through the other jam on 92. the rest of the bay looks great.
5:51 am
we're showing a smooth flow of traffic, no major issues across 17. yesterday's conditions were much tougher, getting through the bay bridge and the east shore freeway, we're still at just 17 minutes, which is a great drive time as you travel off the carquinez bridge. the north bay, you may find a little bit of ice on some of the roadways because the smaller roadways and freezing temperatures. because of that delay, getting toward the san mateo bridge toll plaza, ac transit, some of the trans bay buses there may be delayed but really that's the only issue. the other transit systems are going just fine. back to you, marcus. >> thanks, mike. happening now, a warning before you feed your dog breakfast this morning. hills pet nutrition is voluntarily recalling 25 products over concerns of excessive vitamin d. this is a problem that could be deadly for dogs. varieties of the company's canned prescription diet and science diet foods are affected in the recall. the company says in a statement that it is implementing additional testing to prevent this from happening in the future. and next and new this hour, a drone scare at a california
5:52 am
airport. what the pilot says happened. we also have an update on the raiders' future home. the new development involving the 49ers. first, pope francis taking a big step, acknowledging abuse by priests of nuns. his comments about women this morning. when life makes you uncomfortable, there's nothing like comfort food to save the day. like my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo. you get 100% beef with grilled onions, and two types of melty cheese on toasted sourdough,
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hard it was to find a blank
5:55 am
this morning, "today in the bay's" mike inouye is talking about how hard it is to find a blank cd. he actually posted on facebook saying his parents need a couple songs burned onto a cd. do you still use cds? i threw a lot of mine away. we weigh in on mike's facebook page this morning and let us know. 5:55. san jose's mayor sam liccardo wants to dig into san jose's traffic troubles literally. he is looking at the idea of digging a tunnel, this would be a two-mile-long tunnel connecting the diridon train station to the san jose airport which is among the fastest growing airports in america. the mayor says he has been in talks with elon musk's boarding company. >> that doesn't actually put rail in a tunnel, but puts moving cars in a tunnel at much lower cost. >> the mayor says the city's goal it to transform diridon into a grand central station, capable of handling the crush of new workers coming from areas
5:56 am
with google's new downtown campus. new details this morning in a deadly plane crash in southern california. officials say the pilot's police badge and papers were fake. nbc's morgan chesy is in yorba linda this morning. >> reporter: the plane crash that killed five people in the southern california neighborhood damaged 15 homes, including one right behind me br thwhere that plane's engine fell on the front porch. there's a strange new twist leading from this neighborhood to chicago because the pilot of that plane, 75-year-old antonio pastini was found to have documents on his body that claimed he was a former chicago police officer, only when the department was contacted, not only are they saying pastini never worked for them but that those documents appear to be fake. we're hearing his daughter's response in our story coming up on "today." >> that full report airs at 7:35, right here on nbc bay area. a follow-up now southwest
5:57 am
airlines is a step closer to starting service from california to hawaii. we told you yesterday that there would be a test flight. federal inspectors were on board when the plane made its first trip from oakland to honolulu. it's the first of several the airline must run with regulators before any u.s. tickets can be sold. new for you this morning, the scare in the air down in southern california. a pilot of a delta plane headed to lax reported seeing a drone off the right side of the aircraft. that plane was 6800 feet in the air, about 20 miles east of the airport. the faa tells nbc news that the pilot did not report taking any evasive action. the faa notified the los angeles county sheriff's department. new developments now on the sex abuse scandal rocking the catholic church. pope francis for the first time is acknowledging the issue of nun abuse. on board the papal plane, he said he was committed to stopping the sexual abuse of nuns by priests and bishops.
5:58 am
he said the abuse is part of a wider issue, which saw women as targets of violence in some societies around the world. the pope said women are treated as second class citizens, compared to men, adding more needs to be done to end mistreatment. new today, a frank discussion about how to raise boys in the era of me too. >> this morning, maria shriver speaks to young college aged men who say they want to be part of the change, plus a california professor talks about consent. >> what is the conversation look like when you say to your boy, you should ask for consent? >> i think sometimes we think of permission as only being verbal, that i have to say, can i kiss you, can i touch you here, can i do this. that's not the only way permission is granted. if somebody takes your hand and puts it away when you're on the dance floor that means no. you want to know that what you're doing is what the other person wants. >> you can look for this story at 8:00 during the "today" show
5:59 am
later on 5:58 and now to a development in the raiders search for a new home. it may not be oracle park in san francisco. the 49ers won't release the team's rights to the city, which means the raiders can't play there, adding to the drama, san francisco mayor london breed said that yesterday she is focused on the warriors move to sf this fall, saying she prefers the raiders remain in oakland. right now at 6:00, cold case. today san francisco police promising a big update on the investigation into a man accused of killing 14 gay men here in the bay area. what gay rights activists are saying this morning. wildfire lawsuit, a new one, this time it's the woolsey fire. the accusations against airplane manufacturer boeing. sold out, your chance to see the bay area from a whole new perspective is over. the update we have for you this
6:00 am
morning as "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good wednesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. mike is going to have a look at the commute for us in a bit, but first, we want to start out with meteorologist kari hall because it is so cold out there. >> it is cold. everyone's really shivering, talking about the freezing temperatures we are waking up to this morning. so just be prepared for that. here is a look at some of those numbers. san martin freezing. below freezing in much of the north bay and there may be icy spots on the bridges and overpasses, they are the first to freeze in these conditions, and looking at the clear skies over san jose and santa clara, we'll be in the upper 30s at 8:00, but we will get some sunshine today and highs in the lower 50s. mike, you have an alert for the san mateo bridge. >> that's right, the continuing traffic alert, because of this. look, we have the crew here, bob redell and his camera crew are there, showing us in the middle, yes, we are watching cement


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