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tv   Today  NBC  February 14, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PST

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right lanes. they couldn't get as quickly as they wanted to, still blocking ript lan right lanes. blocked lanes out of san leandro. >> an update in half an hour at 7:25. >> join us for bay area news at 11:00 for the latest. good morning. deal day? after weeks of negotiations, lawmakers now just hours away from voting to avert yet another government shutdown. but will president trump throw congress a last-minute curveball? >> we'll be looking for land mines. >> we're live from the white house with the latest. breaking news, fbi bombshell. andrew mccabe, the former acting director, reveal he is ordered an obstruction of justice investigation into president trump after his former boss james comey was fired. the stunning allegations. why he's coming forward with them now and what it could mean for the president. missing spy?
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a former sergeant in the united states air force charged with spying for iran, now nowhere to be found. this moshing the hunt for her and 2 t race to contain the fallout. those stories plus chaos in the sky. >> we were out of our chairs, we were flaying in the air. i actually thought that the plane might break up. >> extreme turbulence injuring passengers aboard a delta flight, forcing it to make an emergency landing. marriage misery. "this is us" star mandy moore opens up in a bombshell report about the alleged abusive behavior of her ex-husband singer ryan adams. and red rover red rover. nasa says good-bye to its history-making explorer after nearly two decades of it images from mars, making it mission complete. this is thursday, february 14, 2019. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb.
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live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today," thank you for joining us on this thursday. it also happens to be valentine's day. >> happy valentine's day. we'll be all about the love later in the show. >> but we'll get starting with our top story. all eyes on capitol hill where lawmakers have vote to avert another government shutdown. president trump is signaling that he will sign that bipartisan funding deal to keep the government open but could a? last-minute something that derail the entire thing? nbc wh nbc white kristen welker has the latest o kris this back and forth. good morning, kristen. r: all s pointing to the government staying open. th >> good morning, hoda.e biparti cleared an importa all signs are pointing to the government staying open.urdle overnight and multiple white house officials have the bipartisan funding bill to news it's cleared overnight and sources n president will tell nbc it's anticipated the . althou president will sign the bill. p although publicly he's still rel reluctant to give it his full support. support. >> you're no good, pay the with another partial gover
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workers like you should.nment shutdown >> reporter: with another loom partial government shutdown pred looming tomorrow night, clear he wants to president trump making it clearn he wants to avoid one. don't w >> i don't want to see a shutdown..shutdown would be a t thing. >> reporter: while white house offici a shutdown won a terrible thing. >> reporter: while white house d officials dropped hints mr. trump would sup throughout the day that mr. th trump would support the an deale bipartisan deal to keep the government opened, the president government open, the president . himself not ready to commit -- at least publicly. at least publicly. >> we haven't gotten it yet. we'll be >> we haven't gotten it yet. ge. we'll be looking for land mines. >> reporter: and blasting we'll be looking for land mines. democrats. >> reporter: and blasting democrats. they want to be >> with a wall they want to be stingy. stingy. we have options that most peopl but we have options that most don't really understand. >> reporter: the deal is for people don't really understand.n >> reporter: the deal is for t 55 miles of border less than $1.4 billion to fund a concrete 55 miles of border fencing, not and far less than the a concrete wall, and far less $ billion the presi than the $5.7 billion the dent president first demanded..deman. republicans sought to republicans sought to down play any concerns among the any concerns among the co conservative base. >> is it eno that we would >> is it enough for the wall r that we would request more thani $5 billion? no. is it a down payment?
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yes. >> reporter: democratic leaders tried to sell the deal no, but is it a down payment? a yes.ey agreed to drop their >> reporter: democratic leaders demands for tried to sell the deal after n beds for those arrested by they agreed to drop their i.c.e. agents. demands for a cap on detention i beds were those arrested by say to people, i.c.e. agents. support the bill for what is in >> as of all compromises, it, it for wha support the bill for what is in. it, don't judge it for what is not in it. reporter: while can trump promi >> reporter: and while candidat. trump promised mexico would pay -- >> whose going to pay fo wall? >> who's going to pay for the wall?t's now clear >> reporter: it's now clear r aa american tax payers will foot bill, at least in the bill, at least initially.ll. mr. trump hinting at plans to take executive mr. trump hinting at plans to d redirect pre-existing federal take executive action that would funds to pay for redirect pre-existing federal wall. and funds to pay for his border waly and insisting late wednesday -- >> it's wall the people >> it's a wall that people are going through very easy. aren't going through very easy. going to have to be in going to have to be in extremely good shape to get over this one. they would be good shape to get over this one mountain e they would be able to climb resi mount everest a lot easier, i think. >> still a think. >> kristen, still a >> kristen, still a lot to get done. get done. can it hap can it happen before tomorrow's deadline? deadline? >> reporte >> well, it can hoda and hoda savannah. it rea savannah and it comes down to
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president at this the president at this point.poi. if he waivers today, things could get complicated. overnight, one of the top negotiators, senator r if he wavers today, things coul get negotiated.. shelby, tweeted he talked to the pres but richard shelby said he ent talked to the president and he spirits. shelby saying was in good spirits. told the president the bil shelby saying the bill is a dow payment on his border wall..dow. you hear that talking point from you hear that talking point from conservatives.conservatives. what happens now? so what happens now the senate on the bill today. the house will likely take it is expected to vote on the bill tonight, which means if and the house will take it up tonight which means if oothly, bill will get t everything runs smoothly, the s bill will get to the president's desk before tomorrow's midnight deadline. back to you. >> kri desk before tomorrow's midnight deadline. r at the white house, thank you. some bad news for paul manafort this morning. >> kristen welker at the white house. thank you. former campaign now to shocking comments of the former acting director of f chairm the fbi.judge overseeing his andrew mccabe took over at president trump fired james crim comey and he's giving new inal details about his relationship with the president.l lly lied t not holding back about their interactions during the r strika investigation into possible tie. the p between the president and russia.out, and he could face dec nbc's justice correspondent pet bars. pete williams has been on t williams has the latest, pete, good morning.m the start. good >> savannah, good morning.g.>> . when paul manafort andrew mccabe took over as ple guilty last fall, he agr
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acting fbi director following cooperate with president trump's firing of mu investigators. in return, they would suggest a james comey and he says he was . now, the judge says he worried that the president bega keep his pushing from day one for the fb. to go easy on the russia investigation. lawyers said he d to answer the questio andrew mccabe says president fe special cou trump called him on the phone e, and the day after firing james come the result of saying people were happy that . robert mueller and his comey was gone and asking what t fbi employees were saying.hem about five different subjects. in his book "the threat" out late wednesday, federal next week, mccabe says bureau jackson ruled employees were crying in the hallways. intentionally made f he writes "we were laboring se s under the same dank gray shadow three of the that had been creeping over he s washington during the few month kilimnik, a for donald trump had been in office." of manafort's mccabe tells "60 minutes" he c became convinced the president a man with ties was trying to influence the russia investigation. >> i wanted to make sure that intelligence. prosecutors said the two our case was on solid ground ant during the trump campa if somebody came in behind me after the election. th and closed it and tried to walk away they would not be able to t do that without creating a for legal bills routed through a campaign record of what they made that decision. and he lied about a separate investigatio >> reporter: he writes he urged undisclosed. based on th rod rosenstein to turn the , jun
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russia work over to a special said counsel that turned out to be robert mueller..statements and,, and mccabe says president trump pushed to visit fbi headquarter breached the plea soon after comey's firing whigr to mccabe seemed like an effortn to influence the russia lity, and he w investigation which he says is his part of a pattern by the president. family was able to quote, he is not just sounding safe. >> reporter: the judge found dog whistle, he's lobbying for a result. intentionally lie about two other and mccabe says the president i exposing himself as a deliberate liar who will say whatever he pleased to get whatever he wants. mccabe says if president trump ever had to take a lie detector test he would, quote, break the machine. the president is responding in a tweet this morning calling mccabe, quote, a puppet for leaking james comey. mccabe was fired at the urging of senior fbi officials who accused him of lying to investigators about his decision involving discussions with a reporter, that was about the fbi's work on a different investigation.'t given that savannah, hoda, back to you. an >> pete williams in washington, >> all right, pete williams in washington. thank you. a story now to a story of international intrigue.nal intr. a former u.s. air force
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a former u.s. air force counterintelligence agent has s been accused of spying for been accused of spying for iran. it is believed she defected there back it's believed she defected ther back in 2013 and hasn't been seen since.since. all of this revealed in a all t stunning indictment unsealed by. federal officials. richard engel joins us with more on this nbc's chief foreign story. correspondent joins with us mor. >> reporter: good morning. on this story. richard, good morning. an inte >> good morning, this is an interesting case. officials sayr u.s. officials say her motivation was motivation was ideological deol rather than financial and that it led to a profound shift of allegiance. monica it led to a profound shift of allegiance. spent over a decade monica witt spent over a decade in the u.s. air force in the u.s. air force doing do counter counterintelligence and later a a contractor. contractor. she had she had top-level security top clearances clearances working programs that dealt dealt with intercepted with in communications and iranian communications and iranian informants. informants, inf information witt used, accordin used to an indictment unsealed wordo help the iranian wednesday, to help the iranian target her former government target her former american colleagues. colleagues. >> egregious >> it's an egregious violation to have betrayed the trust of ar colleagues in the u.s
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her former colleagues in the m. and to have given their u.s. military and to have given identities, true identities to their true identities to the tv government of iran. iran. >> reporter: >> reporter: according to word charging documents she grew charging documents witt, for disillusioned with the air force, f reasons still unclear grew disillusioned with the air and converted t force, fell in love ed to islam. in 2012, according and converted to islam. to the indictment, she sent a in 2012, according to the mess to an indictment, she sent a message g to an iranian contact saying "i am am endeavoring to put the ende training i received to good use training i received to good use instead of evil.l.instead of ev. thanks for giving me the thanks for giving me the opportunity."" opportunity. the next year she defected t the next year she defected to o iran and iran and the justice department says helped iran's says helped iran's revolutionary guard try to insert malware guards try to insert malware on to her former colleagues computers to to her former colleagues' moniy computers to monitor their key strokes and web cameras.s.roks.s four iranians have been accused of cyber crimes against the u.s.. of cyber crimes against the u.s. >> we were saying at the top we don't know where >> so we were saying at the top. any chance we don't know where she is. she charges, is there any chance she'll face charges, richard?chard? >> reporter: she faces these charges. >> well, she faces these charges. the question is will she the question is will she ever face justice in the united face states and the answer is ?
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the a probably not.nswer is probably . she's believed to be in iran she's believed to be in iran right now. right now. the u.s. and iran don't the u.s. and iran don't have h diplomatic diplomatic relations so the re chance of iran sending her to chances of iran sending her to the u.s. are somewhere between the u.s. where somewhere between slim and none. im and none. >> all right, richard engel for >> richard engel for us in us . richard, thank you. craig joins london. the richard, thank you. table now with sad news. craig joins the table with a >> good morning. sad anniversary. hard to believe it's been a year. so >> hard to believe it's been a year.mber day in parkland, flor. that communi a somber day in parkland, florida.ty is mar that community is marking one k year since the devastating shooting at stoneman douglas year since the devastating high school. 17 innocent lives lost that day as students, par shooting in marjory stoneman en douglas high school.ficials hone parents and school officials mo. nbc's honor their memory. kerry sande kerry sanders was there for us then. there's for us again this for us again this mo kerry, good morning. rning. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is not a day that anybody here wants to remember, rather the students and staff say they would much prefer to focus on the here and now and how what happened a year ago has exposed problems in our country that still remain unsolved.
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later this morning here in parkland, time will standstill again. for a community forever changed. a moment of silence, to remember and honor the 17 lives lot of one year ago. this somber ceremony has been dedicateed a day of service and love. >> it's definitely difficult thing to put yourself in the place you were a year ago. >> reporter: many students ill spend today doing community service projects. >> i got shot right here. stroipgle to make sense of the tragedy still very real for many of the young survivors. >> i do feel the question of why, why am i still here? but because i know that it have some sort of purpose, that kind of keeps me going. >> reporter: as for the student leaders who emerged on the national stage -- pushing for gun control and registering young voters. >> register, educate, vote. >> reporter: they have chosen to spend the day out of the
7:12 am
spotlight anthony and pay tribute to those who were lost that day. some of them speaking with nbc's kate snow, a few days ago. >> i think that something that goes over people's heads is that we lost valentine's day forever. we don't get to celebrate a universal day of love, of friendship, of compassion. i don't even want to hear the words valentine's day again. >> reporter: they say their fought for eliminating access to guns will never stop. >> you've not seen the last of us. >> reporter: this week survivors and their families launching a new petition urging florida lawmakers to ban assault weapons like the one used by a admitted parkland shooter. >> people don't lose people to gun violence. people are stolen from us from gun violence. >> reporter: things look different now not just in parkland. armed guards standard at all florida schools. president trump speaking wednesday about the anniversary. >> nothing is more important than protecting our children. >> can what happened to parkland
7:13 am
happen again >> unfortunately, i do think what happened in parkland can happen again. >> reporter: her 14-year-old daughter was killed in parkland. she's turned her grief into action, winning a seat on the brow ward county school board, promise frog text other children. >> i think people are living in a bubble, just like i was. my goal now is to make sure schools are safe every where. >> reporter: so far no trial date has been set for the admitted gunman, nicolas cruz. his defense attorneys are trying to negotiate a plea deal that will spare him the death penalty. prosecutors have been nonresponsive to that offer. guys? >> kerry sanders, parkland one year later. thank you. >> now to an emergency in mid-air fare that rocked passengers aboard a delta flight heading from orange county to seattle. the jet was forced to make an emergency landing because of extreme turbulence. five people were hurt in violent shake. nbc's steve patterson has the
7:14 am
story. >> reporter: passengers on that flight describing absolute terror in the sky, debris flying around the cabin, passengers being tossed wildly in the air, some say it was so bad they feared for their lives. chaos in the air. severe turbulence causing pan do month any up on a delta flight. >> the plane was dropping and dropping nose first. we were out of our chairs. we were flailing in the air. i actually thought that the plane might break up. >> reporter: joe, one of the 63 people on board the plane capturing the aftermath of the chaos on his cell phone. a drink cart toppled in the aisle, food and luggage scattered about the cabin. >> i saw the drink cart hit the ceiling along with flight attendant who was doing the drink service. you can see people who aren't belted in they are hitting the ceiling and flying up out of their seats. >> reporter: the flight was
7:15 am
headed to seattle from orange county, california. the violent turbulence forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing in reno. >> laptops and everything were fli flying around. >> reporter: there were strong potentially damaging winds in the area. the agency end issuing this travel warning down right dangerous flying conditions with moderate to extreme turbulence. leaving some to question whether the plane should have been in the air. >> children were crying and people were freaked out. . >> reporter: more than ten hour later plane finally arrived in seattle. some relieved passengers giving the crew credit for keeping everyone safe and calm. >> compass airline flights crew was heroes. today for a lot of people. a lot of consolation and a lot of love and support. >> reporter: so overnight compass airlines released a statement apologizing to
7:16 am
everyone on board. delta agreeing to refund all of the passengers for what turned out to be one very scary flight. guys, back to you. >> steve, thank you very much. >> we'll head over to mr. roker who is at the wall for a first check of the weather. >> we got the pineapple express, a river of moisture that starts back past hawaii and now has this fire hose of moisture into southern california today. you can see rough morning from los gatos down to san diego. we're talking about heavy rain. in fact down in southern california we're talking about some areas ten inches of rain. we'll be looking at mud, rock slides and debris flow. this storm system will be rocketing across the country. by friday morning it's traveled 800 miles bringing snow to the rockies. by friday afternoon snow is gone now from central missouri on into central indiana traveling 1800 miles. by saturday morning it's got a mix of precipitation all the way in the mid-atlantic states traveling 2100 miles in 69
7:17 am
hours, 30 mile-per-hour averaging across the country. look at the snowfall. from the dakotas we're talking the six to eight inches of snow stretching down into kansas and on into parts of southern indiana and illinois and all the way leaving a swath of snow right across into the mid-atlantic states. we'll for it with local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. alright, let's get going! and you want to make sure to aim it. i'm aiming it. ohhhhhhh! i ordered it for everyone. [laughing] (dad vo) we got the biggest subaru to help bring our family together. i'm just resting my eyes. (dad vo) even though we're generations apart. what a day. i just love those kids. (avo) presenting the all-new three-row subaru ascent. wave to grandma, everybody. (avo) love is now bigger than ever. good morning, our microclimate weather alert continues as we take a look at storm rangers. some of the rain shifted to the
7:18 am
east bay as well as tri-valley. as we get a closer look, still coming down around livermore area. we're going to catch a little break throughout the morning but another round of heavy rain should be here by 9:00 to 10:00 this morning and off-and-on rain with downpours that may be heavy, a chance of thunderstorms and gusty winds. our rain continues into the forecast throughout early sunday morning. al, thank you. coming up, "this is us" star mandy moore opening up about her marriage to ex-husband, ryan adams. in a bombshell "new york times" report, what she's saying, and how he is responding to a host of allegations this morning. plus, nasa scientists say a fond farewell to the little rover that could. the amazing explorer that brought some of the most stunning images ever taken. first, ts is "today" on nbc.hi
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just ahead, "empire" star jussie smollett speaking out in an emotional interview about questions surrounding the hate crime he reported and critics
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a live look from nbc bay area skyranger flying to sausalito .. a good morning to you. 7:26. i'm marcus washington. right now we want to take a look from nbc bay area sky rangers actually flying towards sausalito where it's been a dramatic morning there. this is where a woman was rescued from her home being trapped inside. this is after a mudslide caused that woman's home to shift off of its foundation. we saw that rescue live right here during "today in the bay" this morning. rescuers got her out there. you see right there. that woman was pulled to safety. we know some 50 homes are evacuated in the area because of gas concerns. of course we're going to continue to monitor that situation throughout the morning.
7:27 am
the culprit behind all of this is all of that rain that we have been experiencing in this area. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking all of that. kari, is the big part of the storm out of the area now? >> it is out of the area for now. we have seen 7" of rain and lighter showers moving through. we are tracking heavy rain off the coast and reaching toward the bay area. i do think we have about an hour to an hour and a half before that next round of heavy rain arrives. it will bring in potential of thunderstorms, some more heavy rain and gusty winds all across the bay area. we're going to continue to see this move through in waves tonight and still more scattered showers left in the forecast throughout the first part of the weekend. let's get an update on the commute for mike. >> san jose 87, 101, a lot more traffic and slowing there. we continue to see the build up as we still have your right two lanes locked 880 past marina boulevard. big rig crashed up a hillside
7:28 am
and sticking out in the slow lane. that is the issue getting through the east bay. that keeps things north of there and here by the coliseum a little bit lighter. slick roadways, watching for reports, trees down, scattered around the bay. back to you. >> thanks, mike. we'll have more local news in 30 minutes.
7:29 am
7:30 am
we're back. 7:30. happy crowd on the 14th of february, 2019. a great valentine's day. we've got surprises for this special day popping up all morning long. all right. carson is outside getting ready for one. there's jenna and al, getting ready for one right here in our studio. oh, hello. >> by the way, it is not too late, if you forgot today was valentine's day, chop, chop. you have time. >> do it. we'll get a check of today's headlines. president trump is signaling he will sign a bipartisan funding deal to keep the government open. the house of representatives is poised to vote on this bill tonight. multiple white house officials have told nbc news it is anticipated that the president will sign it. the deal includes nearly $1.4
7:31 am
billion to fund 55 miles of border fencing, not a concrete wall, and far less than the $5.7 billion the president once demanded. for their part, democrats agreed to drop their demands for a cap on detention beds for those arrested by i.c.e. agents. fema director brock long announced on wednesday he is resigning. he led the agency since 2017. he wants to spend more time with his family. his tenure has been dotted with controversy. last year, an inspector general's investigation found long used government resources for personal travel. he also faced tough criticism for the agency's response to hurricane maria, which contributed to more than 2,000 deaths in pouerto rico. peter gainer will take over as acting head of the agency. a georgia man is in jail after leading police on a wild chase through a florida golf course. the suspect drove a stolen suv up and down the fairways at
7:32 am
orange blossom hills golf club. 29-year-old jesse webb had two warrants out for his arrest. at one point, he drove across a putting green, narrowing missing three golfers. >> when you get up in the morning, you never think you'll be possibly run over by a car on a golf course. it's scary, quite honestly. >> eventually, the suspect crashed the suv. he ran away. police and a pair of golfers chased him down. also this morning, "this is us" star mandy moore is speaking out about what she says was within abusive marriage to singer ryan adams. her story is part of a larger deal by the "new york times," detailing women's allegations of emotional and sexual misconduct against adams. natalie joins us with more on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, hoda. mandy moore hinted before that her marriage to ryan adams was far from perfect, but now, the actress is describing his relationship as controlling, destructive, and manic.
7:33 am
she's not the only one in this explosive, new report. this morning, mandy moore in her own words. the "this is us" star revealing details to the "new york times" about her marriage to singer/songwriter ryan adams. ♪ i still love you >> reporter: adam with hits like "new york, new york" nit eain t early 2000s worked with willie nelson, tim mcgraw, and john mayer. mu ♪ i'm missing you like candy >> reporter: moore considered him psychologically abusive. he would say, you're not a real musician because you don't play an instrument. she added, his controlling behavior kept her from furthering her music career during a pivotal and potentially lucrative time.
7:34 am
adams said moore's account was inconsistent with his view of the relationship. overnight, moore posting on instagram, speaking your truth can be painful and triggering, but it is always worth it. my heart is with all women who suffered any trauma or abuse. you are seen and heard. moore's story, part of a bigger expose on adams by the "new york times." seven women and more than a dozen associates detailing a pattern of manipulative behavior by adams. some saying he promised to help their careers, only to turn his back if they rejected his unwanted advances. one woman said she was just 14 at the time of their explicit sexual conversations, which allegedly took place while adams was still married to moore. adams is also accused of emotional and verbal abuse and harassment in texts and on social media. in a statement to nbc news, adams says, in part, i am not a perfect man, and i have made many mistakes. to anyone i have ever hurt, however unintentionally, i
7:35 am
apologize deeply and unreservedly. the picture this article paints is upsetingly inaccurate. some details are exaggerated. some are outright false. this isn't the first time mandy moore has opened up about her six-year marriage to adams. saying last year, i didn't choose the right person, and calling it a very unhealthy situation. adams responding to comments in now deleted tweets, saying he was on so many painkillers, he didn't remember their wedding. love was not lost forever. moore met taylor goldsmith, whom she married last november. mandy behind the mike at their reception. opening up about the moment to hoda and savannah last week. >> music is a huge part of both our lives. the evening coupulminated with
7:36 am
singing a duet together. >> do we know why mandy moore came forward now? >> reporter: she realized she wasn't the only one who experienced this with adams. she and the other women in the article formed a support system, according to the "times." she told the "times" she wants to make music. i'm not going to let ryan stop me, she said. we reached out to moore's team but we have not heard back yet. >> natalie morales, thanks. >> this is a larger peeiece, wi allegations from several women. mandy moore was one piece of that. al, what you got in the weather? >> it's been a rough weather for some friends, especially in the upper midwest. minneapolis, they've had almost 30 inches of snow since january 1st. 21 inches for chicago. that's 13 inches above normal for minneapolis. 10 for milwaukee. 6 for chicago. temperature wise, all below average. temperatures are going to stay on the colder side. look at that, in minneapolis,
7:37 am
january, minus 28. m milwaukee, minus 23. that cold air is going to stay further away. we'll see colder air but nothing like we saw. in fact, we have warmer conditions for indianapolis, little rock, washington, atlanta, new orleans, midland, texas. colder air starts funnel ing bak in. chicago, 22, nowhere near where you were in january. the cold air spreads east. sunday, new york good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. tracking the rain moving through the bay area. now we are mostly getting a break but there's more rain off the coast that will be approaching the bay area as we go into the next hour or so. we can see the clouds over san jose. temperatures will actually be dropping throughout the day, so make sure you're prepared for that cooler air. also more gusty winds and heavy
7:38 am
rain. we also have a chance for thunderstorms. as that cold front drops in, we'll be tracking that. more scattered rain throughout the forecast into the weekend. . big old swig there. >> i thought i had a little more time for the coffee. still ahead, a nasa mission expected to last 90 days has finally come to an end after 15 years. billionaire richard branson is going to be here with a major announcement. you can travel by land, air, and one day, space with his virgin brand. cardi b, bruno mars broke big news overnight. what can we expect from them? we'll tell you in pop start. up next, "empire" actor jussie smollett explains why he is not just angry at his alleged attackers, as a police report a possible break in the case. coming up right after this.
7:39 am
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7:42 am
abreva acts on it. so you can too. this morning on in-depth today, for the first time since reporting a hate crime attack in chicago two week as ago, jussie smollett is speaking out. the "empire" star is can askingw can you doubt the truth? we go to ron mott. >> reporter: jussie smollett says he is angry, not only at attackers but those who questioned whether he is telling the truth. >> i'm pissed off. >> reporter: appearing on abc news, jussie smollett says he is frustrated with people who expressed skepticism about the
7:43 am
attack he reported last month in downtown chicago. >> is it the attackers? >> it is the attackers. it is also the attacks. it's like, you know, at first, it was a thing of, like, listen, if i tell the truth, then that's it because it's the truth. then it became a thing of, like, oh, how can you doubt that? like how do you not believe that? it's the trusth. >> reporter: smollett said two men assaulted him january 29th near his apartment building. he said the men put a rope around his neck, poured liquid on him, and yelled racial and homophobic slurs, and the men told him, this is maga country. smollett emotional when asked if he feared for his life. chicago police have said they consider smollett a victim and assigned three teams of detectives to the case. >> our job is to investigate the allegations and bring the individuals in. that's what we're working
7:44 am
towards. today, we have no reason to think he's not being genuine with us. >> reporter: police reviewed hundreds of thousands of surveillance footage from dozens of cameras in the area but haven't found the investigators this photo of two people of interest but so far no leads have come from it. >> i don't have any doubt in my mind that that's them. >> he told police he was on the phone with his managers. detectives asked to examine his phone and the actor decline. this week chicago police gave a heavily redacted photo of his call log. police want more of a detailed phone log. chicago police have not told you they are rejecting any records or expressed concern about records therefore we don't feel compelled to respond to
7:45 am
unconfirmed media reports. smolett has received support from a long list of celebrities and from an adoring crowd at a recent music performance. >> i will only stand for love. >> reporter: now the actor standing by his story and calling out his doubters. possible new development this week in the case lacking credible forensic evidence a reporter with "new york post" saw a hot sauce bottle in a stairwell that bottle filled with unknown clearly quid. police don't know if the bottle is related but sent to a lab for testing. guys, back to you. all right. >> coming up, red rover, red rover, the mission is over. nasa's little explorer that just wouldn't quit. a look back at the amazing images coming up right after this. oh, we're dying. if you can hear us, honey, your father and i are dying. i'm dying. i'm dying.
7:46 am
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what if i become a professional power walker? seems like a strange reason to return a car, but you can. what if the glove box doesn't fit my gloves? well you could try that before you buy it. what if the car and i just don't get along? whatever the reason, carmax will give you a full refund. that is good to know because reggie is very opinionated. i'm sure he is. so we have one remarkable machine to thank for these incredible images from mars. this morning, scientists at nasa are making peace with the news that after 15 years on the red planet, the little rover that could has finally called it a day. >> opportunity landed with this twin rover spirit in 2004. it continued sending back jaw-dropping pictures and scientific discoveries until it was finally lost in a massive dust storm on mars.
7:50 am
nbc's tom costello covers nasa. tom, this is really a success story. >> unbelievable. i mean, look at these images transmitted back to earth from the rover's opportunity and spirit. opportunity was like the energizer bunny. it kept going and going, far beyond its original life expectancy. along the way, it made some truly remarkable discoveries. >> reporter: from the moment they landed and rolled out of their nests, nasa's martian rover, spirit and opportunity, began revealing mars' hidden secrets. the images, breath-taking. a desolate, red landscape. dust devils moving across the ground. the tracks in the sand. that selfie that made opportunity seem almost human. >> you develop a special bond, and they become your children. >> reporter: there was the gaze back at earth. that's us, that tiny dot right there. then a staggering discovery, clear evidence that mars was
7:51 am
once hot and wet. the perfect environment for life that could even exist underground today. >> back in 2004, we didn't even know if there had been liquid water on the surface. these rovers answered that question. >> reporter: back in 2004, abigail fraeman was a high schooler, visiting nasa the day the rovers landed. she's now a scientist on the rover team. >> revealed details of the timing and chemistry of the water. we're asking for sophisticated questions. >> reporter: spirit and opportunity were supposed to last just 90 days, but they wouldn't quit. spirit finally fell silent in 2010, as opportunity kept exploring. then, last june, a massive dust cloud moved across mars, going from sunlight on the left to cold and dark on the right, and coating opportunity's solar panels. after trying for months to establish contact, nasa now says, after 15 years, opportunity is gone forever.
7:52 am
>> even though it is a machine and we're saying good-bye, it is still very hard and very poignant. >> reporter: nasa insists, mars exploration has only just begun. another rover, curiosity, remains on the ground, and the mars 2020 rover lifts off next year. >> all of this is leading towards the ability to, in the future, eventually put humans on mars. to get the boots on the ground. >> reporter: the groundwork laid by the little rovers that refused to quit. >> so why did opportunity and spirit keep going well after they were supposed to quit? nasa expected the dust storms on mars would cover the solar panels sooner, killing the batteries. in fact, the wind blew the dust off the solar panels, so the batteries could continue to recharge. however, once that massive dust storm rolled in last summer, smothering the planet, opportunity lost power and simply could not recover. guys, back to you. >> if there were a robot hall of fame, opportunity, first ballot hall of famer.
7:53 am
>> babe ruth of robots. >> aapparently, it was only supposed to go 1/2 mile, considered a success. 26 miles on the first day. >> doesn't it make you proud of our scientists? >> absolutely. >> thank you, guys. something is going on over in the orange room. jenna is there. valentine surprise in store. cannot wait to find out what it is. plus, country music superstar tricia yearwood with us. she co-wrote with her eucrisa is an fda approved prescription ointment for mild-to-moderate eczema. and it's 100% steroid free. eligible patients may pay as little as $10 per prescription. text save to 47500. do not use if you are allergic to eucrisa or its ingredients. allergic reactions may occur at or near the application site. the most common side effect is application site pain. ask your doctor about eucrisa and visit to learn about savings.
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we )re following breaking news - and our first look from the sky at this morning )s good morning. 7:56. i'm marcus washington. we are following breaking news. our first look from the sky this morning from that dramatic mudslide in sausalito. nbc bay area sky ranger flew over that scene moments ago. rescuers say two homes slid from sausalito avenue down to crescent avenue below. about a dozen homes in that area are now evacuated because of the ongoing leak concerns, gas leak concerns. when the slide happened earlier this morning, a woman who lives in one of those homes became trapped. a frantic rescue effort followed. eventually rescuers were able to pull that woman from her home encased in mud. they say that woman only suffered minor injuries. some good news there. also some good news for us, kari, that rain moving out of the area.
7:57 am
>> for a little while we are going to see another round moving in. we noticed these breaks in between. as we get a look at what's happening offshore, another wave of rain approaching. we're getting breaks in the clouds. live look outside in san jose. it is fairly warm now. the temperatures will be dropping in the afternoon. be prepared for afternoon temperatures only in the low 50s with some more rain. we will see the rain off and on, a chance of thunderstorms as a cold front progresses across the state. into tonight, still a flood risk continues so we won't see rain tapering off until the weekend. expect more rainfall totals and more problems throughout the day. now an update on the commute from mike. >> got this problem going on at the nimitz. here it looks great north 880 on the coliseum, very light, because folks are held farther south. to the bottom of the screen, we look at the jam off 238, out of union city and hayward, north 880, two lanes blocked, right lanes for big rig crash, jammed
7:58 am
are north of 82. moving through nicely south bay 101 mountain view sunville and san jose slow. back to marcus. >> thanks. we'll have more news in 30 minutes. almost here. meteorologist kari hall is putting together her specialized forecast so you know what to expect for your weekend plans. plus, mike is making sure the end of your work week commute is a smooth one. join us tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7. good morning, it )s 7:26...
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, shutdown countdown. lawmakers set to vote this morning to avert yet another government shutdown. will the president accept the bipartisan deal? >> with the wall, they want to be stingy, but we have options that most people don't really understand. >> we are live at the white house with the latest. then virgin's new territory. sir richard branson is stopping by studio 1a to talk about taking on a whole new element after conquering land, air, and even space. how his big announcement hopes to have passengers traveling in style. and spreading the love. country superstar trisha
8:01 am
yearwood is here to sing one of her favorite love songs. jenna introduces us to an incredible romance that started with a high school crush. >> i used to pass him every day, and i would think, he is the cutest guy. who is that guy? he's so cute. ♪ it's a love story >> plus, we have valentine's day tricks up our sleeves, today, thursday, february 14th, 2019. ♪ i'm not myself lately >> from crestwood, kentucky. >> today is my valentine's birthday. >> happy valentine's day to you, and a happy 30th birthday to me. >> here with the love of my life on her birthday. >> from arizona. ♪ baby, you got me >> my bestie turns 50 today. >> been with my valentine for 33 years today. >> happy valentine's day to my mom in massachusetts. >> we've got a plaza filled with love. welcome back. we're so happy you're with us on this thursday morning.
8:02 am
we are talking valentine's day, of course. >> we are. we're also lovey-dovey. >> happy valentine's day. >> thank you for your my today plaza messages. they're so fun. keep them coming. use #my today plaza, twitter and instagram. we'll pick them up and put them on the air. we have a lot to cover. we're going to get straight to the news at 8:00. congress is preparing to vote on a spending bill to prevent a new government shutdown this weekend. president trump does get the final say. nbc white house correspondent kristen welker joins us with the very latest on this one. hey, kristen. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. it is down to the wire here in washington. now, if things run smoothly, the government is expected to stay open. multiple white house officials telling nbc news it is anticipated the president will sign the bipartisan spending bill, although he is clearly reluctant about it. the deal is for less than $1.4 billion to fund 55 miles of border fencing, not a concrete wall. far less than the $5.7 billion the president initially asked
8:03 am
for. top republicans sought to downplay any concerns among their base by arguing, this is just a downpayment. some democrats are upset the deal doesn't include backpay for federal contractors impacted by the last government shutdown. now, the senate is expected to vote on the bill today. the house will likely take it up tonight. then it heads to the president's desk. hoda? >> kristen welker at the white house. thank you. former trump campaign chairman paul manafort has greatly reduced his chances of getting a lesser prison term. a federal judge ruled on wednesday that manafort broke his end of a plea deal because he lied to investigators from the special counsel's office. manafort had agreed to cooperate with mueller's russia probe after pleading guilty to federal charges. in exchange, prosecutors were to have recommended a lighter sentence. the judge found prosecutors are no longer bound by that deal because of manafort's lies. colorado has reached a marijuana milestone since it legalized recreational pot five years ago. the state taking in billions of
8:04 am
dollars from legal marijuana sales. those new numbers could have an impact on other states, as they weigh the pros and cons of changing their own laws. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer takes a closer look. >> reporter: for colorado, marijuana is a budding cash crop. a new report out for 2018 shows since marijuana was legalized five years ago, sales have topped $6 billion. to date, taxes and license and fee revenues are hitting a high, more than $927 million raked in. for the centennial state, the cash goes to projects like building schools, substance abuse services, affordable housing, and veteran job training. but some critics say the numbers are all a smoke screen, and that public health and safety, including increased reports of driving while impaired, should take priority over financial gain. the number of adults in colorado who say they've used pot in the
8:05 am
past 30 days has increased from 13.6% in 2016 to 15.5% in 2017, well above the national average of 9.5%. colorado isn't the only state to see high times from cannabis cash flow. recreational marijuana is now legal in ten states plus washington, d.c. last year, california saw some serious green, $2.75 billion in sales. that's higher than colorado. other states are seeing big numbers, too. sales for some in the hundreds of millions of dollars and growing. for now, marijuana is harvesting new highs for states cashing in. for "today," miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. we have our news covered. you ready for a boost? >> boost us. >> here we go. the best gift we can give is to let someone know we care about
8:06 am
them. doris behar waits at the end of her driveway every day to blow kisses to the kids on the school bus. she brings treats on holidays. it was her birthday, and the kids had a surprise for the woman they call grandma. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday dear grandma ♪ happy birthday to you >> by the way, it was doris' neighbor who let the school know it was doris' birthday. she started greeting that bus years ago when her own granddaughter rode on it. now, doris schedules her doctor's appointments around the bus schedule. >> that is the most beautiful thing. she comes out every day and waves at the kids on the bus. >> sweetest. >> love that. ahead this morning, virgin group founder sir richard branson himself in the house. he's got some exciting news about a new way to travel in their signature style. by the way, our show on this
8:07 am
valentine's day, full of surprises. carson daly, what you got, brother? >> shh craig, keep it down. we have a surprise. i'm leaving the plaza, headed to our secret location. when i get there, i'll prepare for our first of a few valentine's day surprises. everybody is fired up, but it is a surprise. i can't tell you more than that. back after these messages. it is going to be good. d a prety big fender bender here. don't worry, state farm's got you covered. [helium voice] ahhh, that's great to hear...robyn? what's going on? are you sure you're okay? yeah, yeah, i think so. ahhhh... ahhhhhh... we're gonna get you a tow truck, mike. thank you. real fender bender going on. fender bender. ♪ fender bender everybody remain calm! there's no reason to panic! go with the one that's here to help life go right. state farm.
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claritin-d relieves more. celebrate valentine's day with hundreds of gifts under $199 and find other great deals on gifts she'll love at prices you'll love too with 25 to 50% off everything. only at kay. welcome back. this morning on today's talker, it is all about the virgin brand. you can travel with the company by air, by land, and space one day soon, and now, virgin has some big news. >> what does that leave? starting today, you could book a trip on the high seas with virgin. joining us is none other than the founder of virgin group, sir richard branson.
8:12 am
good morning. so nice to be with you. >> good morning. >> always a delight, being here. five minutes ago, virgin voyages went on sale. people can actually start, yeah, sailing on our beautiful voyager ships. >> you have transformed so many different industries. now, you're taking on the cruise world. you've been never on a cruise, right? >> i never wanted to be on a cruise. i've heard about people cueing for buffets and everything being very formal and dull. when i was 28, i decided, right, let's create a cruise ship for under 30-year-olds. i got to 30 and didn't have the money. then it was under 40-year-olds, 50-year-olds, 60-year-olds. we want people young at heart. we won't have kids on board. we want to make it a fun ship for people to go on. you know, the cabins are just the best. we have running tracks. we have fantastic dance areas and discos and cinemas and
8:13 am
theater. you know, it is five days from initially miami to havana, cuba. we aboard an island in the bahamas. >> as one does. >> where people will be able to go. it is going to be pretty extraordinary, i think. >> so are these for -- are they very, very high end? can a regular person, is it affordable for someone? >> well, it's -- pretty much everybody has a massive window with their own, $3,000. if people can't afford that, there are half that price in other areas of the ship they can go on, without the spectacular views. then they don't have to stay in the cabin all the time. they can go up on the top. >> one of the things i read that really got me interested was that the tables are all sturdy enough that you can dance on them. you actually have tested it. i think we have video of you dancing on tables. >> we do. >> this is a thing for you.
8:14 am
there you are. >> yeah, getting up on a table and dancing. it breaks the ice. we have one cabin where we have the rock star cabin. we have this table, and we actually have steps going up to the table. you don't have to heave yourself up. >> encouraging that. >> it illustrates fun, i think. >> one of the things, i think, stopped po eped people in their is when you said people would go to space. the time is quickly approaching, right? >> yeah. we've had the first astronauts in space in america since 2011, which happened in december. we have another flight next week. we'll have another couple of test flights. my dream is to be able to -- since, actually, it was the moon landing that inspired us, is to go up into space to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing in july. >> coincides with another day,
8:15 am
right? >> another big day. >> is that your birthday? >> why not? >> you're turning 70 years old? >> that's right. actually, the great thing about having a cruise liner is i've actually been able to book the cruise ship. not all 3,000, but we'll be bringing a lot of our closest friends throughout my life there. >> you can have your birthday on the cruise. you're going to space this summer. how do you get ready to go to space? do you have to -- >> it is good to be fit. >> okay. >> you know, i love doing kiting and surfing, tennis. i suggest weight training, which i found is really good, as well. you two are missing something. >> we are? >> you are. >> what is it? >> oh, hello. >> i feel like a captain. >> i'll be julie. >> i don't want to ruin your hair. >> thank you very much. >> we like these. by the way, something else that keeps you young is the woman
8:16 am
you've been with. is your 30-year anniversary coming up? >> 30 years married, 44 years together. >> 44 together, wow. >> i was hoping the cruise ship would be ready to take her on a special valentine's day. anyway, next year maybe. we've been very lucky. we've got two lovely children, five beautiful grandchildren, all under 4 years old. >> a piece of love advice? it isvalentine's day. how to make it last? >> i think compromise. yeah, i don't know. it's the undeserved love you give your kids together. the idea of ever splitting up, when you've got children, you know, you can overcome any difficulties, i think. >> right. >> just make it work. it is so precious, if you can be lucky enough to find somebody you love and then, yeah, make it work. >> sir richard branson, thank you so much.
8:17 am
>> congrats on everything. big milestone year. thank you. >> thank you. >> thanks for the hat. hoda was afraid of hat head. i already had it. >> i can't believe it fits me. time for a check of the weather from al. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by kay jewelers, for all the moments, for love, forever. >> it's going to feel like it's been raining forever for our friends in california. southern california especially. they've got the pineapple express bringing all this moisture, especially down in southern california. 7 to 10 inches of rain in some spots. mud, rockslides and debris flow. that storm system is going to be firing to the east. it is bringing heavy snow in the sier sierra, up to 6 feet. saturday, dakotas and central plains, 6 to 8 inches of snow. as it moves to the east, the midwest, mid mississippi river valley, and by saturday, all the way into the mid-atlantic states, from 1 to 3 inches in snow. it is a coast to coaster in a rapid period of time.
8:18 am
that's w good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we've taken a break from the rain but now it's moving right back in for san francisco, along the coast and there's a lot more rain that will be working its way inland. we'll also have a chance of some thunderstorms throughout the day. we can see the pockets of heavy rain that await us as we go into the next hour or so. we're also seeing those low clouds over the south bay. we will be in and out of the rain into the rest of the afternoon, even into tomorrow. we'll see scattered showers and gusty winds, temperatures dropping as a cold front moves through right now. forget, if y heading out the door make sure you look for us on "today" show radio sirius xm channel 109. guys. >> thank you, al roker. savannah had to leave early. jenna's joined the table. carson is in is the secret foundation clapping for valentine's day surprise? guess who gets the candle pop start? >> who, me and craig. first up, we do have an
8:19 am
exclusive announcement from one of our favorites joanna gaines to share with you. the designer and magnolia co-founder is launching a home line with anthropology. it's called joanna gaines with anthropolo anthropology. the full collection available online starting today. for more information go to joanna gain for anthropology. two forces in the music industry teams up once again teams up once again. cardi b. >> you made my valentine's day. ♪ got it goi ing on ♪ >> the pair first collaborated on the song "finesse" the song debuted on billboards song chart and it blew up from there. now, the duo aims to do it all
8:20 am
over again. cardi b making that announcement on instagram saying i have a brand-new song coming up, midnight friday. >> that's tomorrow? >> wait till midnight. >> that's 12 hours. >> all right. >> all right. >> and finally this morning, we're leaning in hard on all things love to celebrate valentine's day. so as part of our share the love today series, each of us sat down to discuss our thoughts on love and the lessons we learned from it. take a look. >> love means everything. it's breathing. it's being alive. it's the reason we're on this planet. >> i feel like it's something that you spend your life learning. learning how to understand it. learning how to do it. learning how to receive it. >> love teaches you that we're all imperfect. and that we need that love of a person that loves us. to make us realize we can be better. that we want to be better.
8:21 am
you that want to be better for that person. >> my mom taught me the most about love. she talked a lot about the importance of love. really a lot about loving yourself. to love yourself is to put yourself in a position to love others. >> it is the easiest, purest form of a way to bring kindness. i almost am so inspired when i witness little acts of kindness or love, that my co-workers do. that friends of mine do. that my husband does. >> i think sometimes, that if we really did love thy neighbor as ourselves, we probably could not do a lot of things that we do and say. >> what beautiful sentiments from everybody here at the table. does that make you feel good? >> yes. i want a pillow. >> i love what savannah said, it's like a learning process that we never really perfect it. >> it's a journey. >> we're going to have more lessons on love coming up in the
8:22 am
third hour of "today." it's finally come, you guys, one of the big surprises we've been talking about all morning. earlier, we saw carson tiptoe away from the plaza. he now joins us from his top secret location. where are you, honey? >> i'm hiding outside the steps here outside the rink at rockefeller center. in just a few seconds here, you see over my right shoulder, that guy behind me is about to propose to his girlfriend. >> oh, my god. >> janet, you're the love of my life. i can't imagine being without you for the rest of my life. and you're my heart, you're my soul mate, my love of my life. and i can't imagine waking up without looking at those beautiful eyes for the rest of my life. because of that, i want you to be my wife, would you marry me?
8:23 am
would you marry me? >> yes, yes. >> all right. >> it was touch and go there for a moment. >> we got a yes! center ice. cruz, meyriam, congratulations. what a beautiful moment from the "today" show from a small town north of athens, georgia. you just saw it go down live that is cruz and his girlfriend of ten months myriam, it might take one year to get to me. but that's okay. they'll be married a year then. come on over, guys. that is so beautiful. hi, myriam. look at your ring, wow! i know you're not miked. come on over, let's chat. congratulations. >> congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> by the way, i can see why awe picked an ice skating rink to
8:24 am
propose. you're excellent skaters. how do you feel, myriam? are you okay? >> yeah, i'm okay. >> how do you feel? let me see the ring. >> oh, my goodness, look at that, cruz, congratulations. >> i'm so happy for you guys. thanks, i'm very happy, very excited. >> did you have any idea this was going to happen? >> kind of. >> no. i'm in shock. so, i saw you before my tv but -- >> yeah. you're a big tv fan, i know. cruz, this has been how long in the making to make this surprise happen? >> well, it took a little bit. i wanted to get a special moment, location, everything. >> right. >> i wanted everything to be very special. >> why here? why on ice? you guys can't skate at all? >> why on ice? well, why not? >> there you go. that's cruz. >> why on ice, why not?
8:25 am
>> make her happy. >> that's right. >> and always try something new with her. >> you got the ice on the finger. year out here on the ice. most people, when they get married they put a picture on instagram. you're on tv. what would you like to say to your family. >> i'm going to speak in spanish. p pappy, mommy, i love you. >> congratulations. you have no excuse to forget your anniversary. >> no, sir, we'll be back. we'll be back. >> guys, back to you. the first with you of valentine's day surprises on "today." >> love today, that is awesome. >> if that wasn't enough, keeping with the theme, jenna has a touching love story coming up. so awesome. we will also continue our week of love songs. superstar trisha yearwood is in studio, after the local news. wei
8:26 am
a very good morning to you. 8:26. i'm laura garcia. we areal toing breaking news. about 30 minutes ago we got a first look from the sky at this morning's dramatic mud slide in sausalito. nbc bay area sky ranger flew over the scene, rescuers say two homes slid down from sausalito avenue down to crescent avenue below, about a dozen homes now evacuated with ongoing gas leak concerns. now, when that slide happened early this morning, a woman who lives in one of the homes was trapped. a frantic rescue effort followed. eventually rescuers located the woman, pulled her to safety. she suffered only minor injuries. we've learned she's already been
8:27 am
released from the hospital. we'll continue to follow this and have more on our midday news as well. all of that sliding because of the rain no doubt. >> we had a break earlier this morning, laura. it's getting going once again as the next wave of rain starts to work its way onshore moving into san francisco and along the peninsula. we are going to see more of this heavy rain working its way into the bay area. more scattered showers and potentially thunderstorms as this cold front moves through. we'll have more updates. let's head over to mike for an update on the commute. two traffic alerts cleared, southbound 101. and northbound 880 finally clear at san leandro and marina. back to the "today" show.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ do you believe in love after love ♪ it is 8:30 on a beautiful valentine's day morning, february the 14th, 2019. all week, you guys, we've been collecting valentine's, and we've been putting them on this big board behind us. part of our share love today board. >> plaza visitors have been at it all week, pinning the messages of love on this 50-foot stretch of cork board.
8:31 am
this morning, we're joined by some children and their families who are staying at the ronald mcdonald house in new york city. we are going to share the love with them. >> here they come. >> you'll come over. thank you, guys, so much. >> pleasure. good to see you. hi, good to see you. >> i know you brought some messages to put on the board, as well. we want you to take these hearts with some special messages. please take these hearts. these are from all of us at the show. thank you so much for being here with us. a big thanks to the ronald mcdonald house, as well. we're all familiar with the fantastic work you guys do. for me and my family, ronald mcdonald, the house itself has special meaning. thank you. thank you. thanks for being here, guys. >> thank you. >> happy valentine's dayvalenti >> to everybody. >> can we say hi to this young, wonderful person. what is your name? >> ray. >> team ray-ray bracelet.
8:32 am
thank you so much. >> hi, how are you? >> they're cold. >> we'll go inside. >> we have to get you inside, out of the cold. >> we want to give a shoutout to nbc affiliates helping us share the love. our stations in philadelphia, washington, d.c., detroit, and cleveland, also delivering valentine's to their local ronald mcdonald houses today, as well. >> how awesome is that? thanks for being here. just ahead, a decades love story that will melt all our hearts. we can all take inspiration from this remarkable couple. it is not too late to plan a getaway with your sweetie for the holiday weekend. we have great, last-minute travel bargains. plus, country superstar trisha yearwood in the studio. in the spirit of the day, she'll treat us to a love song from her new album. on the third hour of "today," we showed the heart-warming hug earlier. a little boy, joseph, met an nfl star in whom he has something special in common. this morning, joseph is here with his mom, and we have a very
8:33 am
special surprise for him and his family. first, mr. roker, as we bring all these kids inside, a check of the weather? >> all right. let's see what your weekend is looking like. we're going to see for tomorrow, mild and dry along the east coast. spring in tennessexas. wet weather out west, continuing saturday with sierra snow. it is going to turn colder in the plains. staying warm in florida. sunday, sunday, it's going to be chilly out west, cold and dry in the northeast, and more wet weather making its way through the mid-atlantic states. some snow along the east coast. look for more snow back through good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we can see storms firing up in the sierra and for us, we're getting another round of rain, that's moving into the bay area, moving into san francisco, the peninsula. our rain will continue to come in waves. there may be some breaks in between but when we do get the rain, it will be heavy at times and the possibility of thunderstorms as the cold front move in, we are going to see the temperatures dropping throughout
8:34 am
the day. by this evening, still some showers and potentially thunderstorms once again as we go into tomorrow and the next several days until this storm moves out. latest weather. craig? >> mr. roker, thank you. if you are itching to take the family on a presidents' weekend getaway, maybe celebrate the coming of spring with that special someone, fear not, we have last-minute deals that are perfect for you. well traveled mark elwood is here. of course, contributing editor, always good to have you. >> good to see you. >> presidential themed vacation. one of the country's most historic cities. >> boston. we're going to talk about the freedom trail in boston. 16 sites in the city for america's history. you have boston common. you have a real chance to understand the backdrop to the country. we've also got a great hotel that is really like this idea of a funky hostel. there are quad rooms, triple rooms. if you're traveling with a family, great value in the south
8:35 am
end of boston. gorgeous neighborhood. >> let's go west to another presidential-inspired spot. >> you say the presidents, you say mt. rushmore. saying it together. rapid city is the gateway to mount rumt. rushmo rushmore. rapid city has its city of presidents, sculptures downtown. you can pose with them up close. this landscape, you have outd r outdoorsy, amazing parks. >> speaking of outdoors, if someone is looking for an active vacation, active getaway, what do we have? >> fantastic value in colorado. esthers park. a cabin for a family of four is around $150. great way to take your family to the outdoors. this weekend, there is a survival weekend. you'll see family snowshoe, ice, anchor demos. you can skate an outdoor pond. >> rock climbing. >> indoors, as well.
8:36 am
if the weather is too brutal, you can still do things. >> folks in the northeast and other parts of the country, it's been a hard winter. might want to go south. >> i have to say, i'm not looking to get away to the know. >> yeah. >> if you're from the north or somewhere cold, you'll want to go to ft. lauderdale, where the adventure is how hot is it going to get? this is a fantastic resort, baha mar, 300 rooms, like a cruise ship on land. it has everything. rooftop pool, family events. you can walk to the beach. really low impact but high reward. >> some folks might want to try and take advantage of this long weekend to celebrate valentine's day. >> i was going to say, i don't think it has to be all about the family. if you want to make it valentine's week, you can have a little couple's getaway. one of the augusuggestions i wo make is, there is no better aphrodisiac than laughter. that is proven. >> yeah. >> well, you know. >> we'll go with that. 8:30 in the morning. >> this time of day, it is that.
8:37 am
charlottesville, we have a fantastic hotel that has a comedy festival all weekend. you can laugh. also, you have mont chhistory t. >> the only part of the country we haven't covered, the southwest. >> absolutely. i'll suggest, santa fe. >> santa fe? >> i think it is one of the most romantic getaways in america. there is nothing sexier or more beautiful than georgia o'keeffe's paintings of flowers. you can see those in the museum there. you can also pick up an aphrodisiac elixir. there is a margarita trail downtown. you'd be a little rowdier. >> $91 a night, it's a deal. >> it has a little cozy fireplace. if it is cold, you can snuggle up. >> mark elwood, always good to have you. happy valentine's day, brother. for more, head to next, we are still sharing
8:38 am
the love. jenna is getting ready for another big surprise coming up for one lucky couple. this is a big one. first, this is "today" o nbc.n
8:39 am
8:40 am
♪ whoa, whoa now for more of our special series, share the love today. all week, we are bringing you stories that inspire us and the secrets of success from couples whom we admire. jenna bush hager joins us with the story of an incredible couple she found. >> i loved this couple. i got home, and it was like therapy. lisa and troy are celebrating 25 years of marriage this april. theirs is a love story that started with a high school crush and has endured for a lifetime of love. ♪ >> i used to pass him every day, and i would think, you know, he is the cutest guy. who is that guy? he's so cute. >> reporter: lisa was a freshman at north hartford high school in maryland. troy was a senior. lisa adored him from afar. >> i didn't think it would be
8:41 am
possible, for us to be together, so i just, you know, thought about this really great looking guy that i would never be with. >> reporter: six years later, a chance encounter changed their lives forever. troy was living in texas at the time and back home for the holidays when he ran into lisa at a local shop. soon after, lisa took a leap of faith and wrote him a letter. >> dear troy, i bet this is a surprise. i'm the last person that you'd think would send a letter. actually, i'm a little embarrassed about it. i hardly know you, but i'd like to. he called me the day he got the letter. >> reporter: what went through your mind when you got the call? >> i tried to hold it together, while i was talking to him on the phone. i screamed and cried when i hung up. i could not believe he called me. it was very exciting. >> reporter: the first five months of dating were filled with long distance calls and mail sent daily. >> she's a writer. i'm more of a vocal type person. that's why i called, you know?
8:42 am
when i did eventually write a few letters, they had to be tiptop. it took several drafts. i'd be writing this stuff down, then tearing it up, like that tearing it up, to sound good and make an impression. >> and he did. troy moved back to maryland to be with lisa. and he took her on their official first date. >> it was a fabulous time. >> and you knew? >> i knew. >> you knew? >> oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> reporter: seven months later, they were engaged. and on a beautiful day in april, lisa and troy were married. >> she looked beautiful. lisa was absolutely gorgeous. >> reporter: and your mom made your dress? >> my mom made my wedding dress, all of the bridesmaids' dresses. >> reporter: you still have that dress? >> oh, yes.
8:43 am
>> reporter: and it was a joyful time for the family. but two years later, devastating news. lisa just 27 years ago old was diagnosed with a very rare uterine cancer. >> only treatment was to have surgery. >> reporter: troy, what did you think about that time. it must have been terrifying toy, too. >> i just couldn't believe it was happening. >> reporter: lisa recovered. and the family, stronger than ever, was truly grateful. a year and a half later, lisa received a phone call that changed everything. a baby boy up for adoption who would soon be theirs. >> i bet that was one of the best calls of your life? >> it was a lit frigtle frighte. >> reporter: the tittle family of three grew to four. completing their life story. a life filled with letters. sealed with a kiss. and precious moments cherished
8:44 am
forever. you all still have your wedding video that you watch a couple times a year holding hands, is that right? >> yes. >> yes. >> reporter: why do you watch it? >> just to remember, i mean, it was fabulous. it was. >> it was fabulous. it was the true beginning of us. >> and how lucky are we to have troy and lisa here with us. >> it's like a movie. >> you guys, i got home, and i said -- i gave all of your words of wisdom to my husband. why do you think it's endured so long, this love? >> well, troy and i are really good friends. because we lived apart, over 1,000 miles apart for five months, we had to build it on friendship. i think that's the most important part of being together. is valuing the person that you're with and seeing the wonder in them for who they are, not just the love, but as a person. >> and do you still think he's execute? >> yeah. >> i love that you took that
8:45 am
first leap of faith. i lot of people wouldn't have written that letter, they would have thought, you know what, but you dove in, everything as a result of that one day, that one moment. i guess you had no idea how pivotal that letter would end up becoming. >> oh, very surprised. but i had to be encouraged by friends. i will tell people to listen to the people around you and support and love you and take their advice. >> we do have one person who wants to wish you a happy valentine's day. and that's al roker. >> hi, al! >> happy valentine's day. if you'd like to open that up there's a little surprise gift in there. >> there might be a surprise in the box. >> it happens to be a trip to the ashford castle in ireland. >> oh, my god! >> yes, it's opening its gates to accommodate you guys. look at this thing. wow, you'll be hanging around in there for a while. you'll be there four days, three nights, thanks for the nice folks at norwegian air. you get a round trip flight for
8:46 am
romantic and royal getaway. >> lisa, what do you think? >> thank you so much, that's so wonderful. >> troy, you don't get to go. >> oh, my goodness. >> thank you. >> oh, my gosh. >> we're so excited for you all, 25 years married and now a trip to ireland. >> oh, my goodness, this is a dream come true. thank you so much. >> conlat las vegases. thank you. you may want to stick around because we have the great trisha yearwood who is going to be singing a love song. maybe you'll do a little slow dancing in the studio. but first this is "today." ♪
8:47 am
8:48 am
>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. trisha yearwood is a country music superstar, as well as the host of a popular cooking show. it's been over ten years since you've released a new solo project.
8:49 am
now, the award-winning musician with out with "let's be frank," covering her frank sinatra favorite hits. and for valentine's day, she's here to perform a special song from that album, trisha, good morning. >> i was born in '57, and grew up and was thatted these with my mom. we thought, nobody is cooler than frank. he did all the songs so well. >> i have to tell you, your hubby tweeted at me a minute ago and wanted me to tell you there. >> oh, wow. >> tell my queen that i love her. >> what is he doing awake? >> he's watching his girl, as he should be. >> i love you, honey. >> let's get to it. >> take it away, trisha. >> okay, thank you. ♪ god knows i've known some
8:50 am
lovers in my storied past ♪ ♪ but those and all the others, they just didn't last ♪ ♪ and now i know why ♪ for the first time, i'm in love for the last time ♪ ♪ my love was like a lyric with no melody ♪ ♪ and words are only words if there's no poetry ♪ ♪ now i found my rhyme for the first time ♪ ♪ i'm in love for the last time ♪ ♪ so many bridges burned without a lesson learned ♪ ♪ i thought that i had earned this road alone ♪
8:51 am
♪ but through god's saving grace and the beauty of your face ♪ ♪ my heart has found a place to call my own ♪ ♪ i never thought forever would ever be for me ♪ ♪ i could only guess that happiness was not meant to be ♪ ♪ now, both are mine for the first time, i'm in love for the last time ♪ ♪ ♪
8:52 am
♪ so many bridges burned without a lesson learned ♪ ♪ i thought that i had earned this road alone ♪ ♪ but through god's saving grace and the beauty of your face ♪ ♪ my heart has found a place to call my own ♪ ♪ i never thought forever would ever be for me ♪ ♪ i could only guess that happiness wasn't meant to be ♪ ♪ and now both are mine ♪ for the first time, i'm in love for the last time ♪ ♪ for the first time, i'm in love for the last time ♪
8:53 am
>> beautiful. >> yes! >> trisha yearwood, ladies and gentlemen. thank you for that incredible accompaniment, as well. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. >> i kind of want to weep a little bit. you got to the moment. >> it's about my husband. >> "let's be frank" is available everywhere. >> hi, garth. >> thank you so much. >> back in a moment. first, this is "today" on nbc. hi, garth. >> hi, garth. ♪ i'm in love for the last time ♪
8:54 am
8:55 am
wasn't that a great song? >> oh, my goodness. >> can we sit in that a moment? great trisha yearwood. >> great show. all about love. >> love is great. >> we are about out of time. you can find more stories at day. >> we're going to explain the
8:56 am
viral videos of a natural wonder, so-called ghost apples. the clear apples, not apparently an optical illusion. from the "today" parenting team, how we as parents can be the bookends of our kid's day. ahead on the third hour, we'll continue sharing the love on this valentine's day. our lessons and rules to make it last. first, your our microclimate weather alert continues. rain moving into the parts of the north bay, san francisco and the coastal areas, also moving into the east bay. we will at times see the potential of flooding, gusty winds and possibly even thunderstorms as the cold front dips across the bay area. we will see more waves of rain
8:57 am
and colder temperatures, even into the afternoon and overnight hours. this rain continues throughout the day tomorrow and into the next couple of days with our highs in had the low 50s. we'll continue to track any problems and also more updates throughout the day. laura? >> thank you very much. breaking happening now, nbc bay area sky ranger, a look at this morning's dramatic mud slide in sausalito. rescuers say two homes slid from sausalito avenue down to crescent avenue below. about a dozen homes in the area evacuated with ongoing gas leak concerns. when the slide happened early this morning, a woman who lived in one of the homes became trapped. a frantic rescue effort followed. eventually rescuers located the woman and pulled her to safety. the woman suffered only minor injuries and we've learned she's already been released from the hospital. at midday, we'll have a live update. join us. almost here.
8:58 am
meteorologist kari hall is putting together her specialized forecast so you know what to the end of your busy week is almost here. >> meteorologist kari hall is putting together a special forecast so you know what to expect for your weekend plans. join us tomorrow morning, 4:30 to 7:00.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today," live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good monday -- excuse me. gosh. >> how about thursday? >> i know. thursday morning. >> thursday morning. >> long week already. >> you want to start all over again? >> good thursday morning. craig melvin here. mr. roker is here. sheinelle jones. look who we have, jenna bush hager. >> happy valentine's day. >> dylan is away today. >> a lot of celebrating in the earlier hours. like that surprise proposal on the rink. did you catch this? >> i did. i was like, say yes. >> we were really wanting a yes. >> in the moment, you're shocked, so you're not thinking, oh, i better hurry u


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