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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 15, 2019 11:00pm-11:33pm PST

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san francisco. a chaotic ending at tonight )s performance of hamilton after right now at 11:00 we're following breaking news in san frisk oo. a chaotic ending after tonight's performance of "hamilton" after someone yelled gun. >> the wildly popularic playing to a fulussome sort of . >> scary moments. live with more. cheryl. >> reporter: well, we've been here for just a few minutes. as you can see everyone is gone. but one of our colleagues, mary
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ann favre row was here watching the play tonight and was able to send in these pictures. what you're looking at is an empty theater. what happened here tonight is that someone in the audience had a medical emergency, san francisco police department sesz it was a young boy who had a seizure. and another person yelled out the word "gun" and then chaos ensued. the captain here tells me that at that point an ambulance came, police rushed in. let's >> people in the crowd got a gun no shotsapta tee that a young boy had a seizure. his parents actually took him to the hospital. then another person had a heart attack. that person had to be revived here at the theater.
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they know that person is doing okay and talking. two utter people had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance. one person hurt their head, another hurt their leg. they're apparently doing okay. it was simple chaos. a simple misunderstanding. someone yelling the word "gun." some people ran a half a block down way, just really frightened about what happened. in fact i think there's a part of thela used been a little bow is doing who parent -- paurntly had that seizure. >> our own reporter was there inside the theater when this all unfolded. when she and her young daughter got to safe location. you can follow ous @nbc bay
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area. the rain isn't done just yet and not just rain. haul unmany spots. this vudio come from san francisco tonight. the storms have stirred up more trouble today. emergency reparas rout now are where a portion of highway 37 remons shut down due to major flooding from a levy breach. >> and trueing to get to lake tahoe for the weebd. one person tracking all of this, jeff ranieri. what's happening this hour and at >> differentinate laea lot of moving parts. the overall thing is we're not going to see any storm systems like earlier this week. and a lot of cold air that's mov move in as well. and we're getting heavy down pours. there's so much cold air near
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the purpose and they fall into the small hail. going to pick up in a big way across the peninsula. possibly hail and that heavy rain by 11:38 tonight. and redwood city looking at heavy, heavy rainfall at 11:36 this evening. area of low press out. and it's going to bring more scattered rain chances this weekend, more small hail, low snow, temperatures in the morning down to the 30s. >> keep your jacket and umbrella handy. and dealing with the flooded part of highway 37. at some point tonight 37 mouth be completely shut down. along the highway in nuvaudo with this traffic headache. >> reporter: we're standing in the closed westbound lanes of highway 37.
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it's closed because of a levy breach and that's over there. that's where all this heavy equipment is for. and while they are working, one lane of traffic in the eastbound direction is closed. water is rushing next to highway 37. a swollen navotto street broke through the levy. between atherten and 101. that part of the hewway is closed. drivers in say that means more driving on the side streets. >> that means it takes twice as long to get to school and work because i drop off my brother. sglrbs close one lane of 37 eastbound and truck unloads of rocks to build a road in the swamped area.
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>> and they're going to build something like a road that will allow another contractor to come in and reparathe levy. >> reporter: work that's expected to take several days. cal transcan't reopen the lanes until water is pumped off the highway. she says she's already toured of getting up earl battle traffic during the closure. >> reporter: so if you're in no drive carefully. you can see lots of heavy equipment. trucks on the edge of the highway. lots of large boulders. they'rex pected to be out here for several days. no firm estimates of when the highway may be fully reopened. reporting live. dozens of residents to turn their homes after yesterday 's
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mud slide that wiped out two homes and nearly killed a 65-year-old woman. the family is now working to get normalcy. >> trueing to find a new place to live, get on med kazs and get everything squared away. but we have nothing. and house. >> sausalito police say five homes remain red tagged. they're trying to determine if the foundations are safe as pg&e is working to restore power and gas. new chilling details of the armed stand off that played out live on nbc bay area last night. the bold actions by the ups driver taken hostage. while everyone watched it unfold on live tv, tonight police are connecting the dots. ian. >> reporter: this all started
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when plain clothes sharef's deputies spotted someone parked illegally. the two suspects inside took off. the woman shot four times. they later car jacked, forcing the delivery man to drive. 24 hours ago he was a hostage behind the wheel. tonigh a hero for his calm and quick action. >> he deliberately drove over the spike strips and he lied and said it couldn't go over 50 miles per hour because he didn't want the police to lose the truck. i mean the things this guy did, pretty amazing stuff. >> reporter: the truck came to a stop. a two-hour armed stand off ensued. joana raunlers is fossing multiple charges. later the driver was let go to.
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once armored vehicles moved in, he took off running his shot gun in hand. he was shot and killed seconds latter. they found something else in the truck. >> there's additional shot gun shells and machete and zip ties. >> reporter: they're questioning the surviving suspect about their plans before any of this even started. with, they've bun force in san francisco opolitics for years and now governor >> you asked me first so i'll let you know i'll be endorsing her candidacy for president. i've known her >> this was on msnbc and went on to say the american people couldn't do better than kamala harris.
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>> the emergency landing that has hollywood talking tonight. also. >> they're putting the public in danger every daw, 24/7. city employees say the attempts to clean up trash are not only flawed, they're dangerous. we go undercover to investigate. we'll show you low snow over mt. hamilton. we're trabi we're tracking this. city employf
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cleaning up the filthy streets of san francisco - tell us the attempts to haul away trash are city employees in charge of cleaning up the filthy streets of san francisco tell us the attempts to hall away trash are flaw dangerous. >> we started dig in to these concerns late last year and the state is jumping unand starting their own vez. our reporter has thex clusive details. >> reporter: we spent three weeks undercover in san frisk oo. trailing this city's street cleaning crews. so who's still on the corner. we're having algaugszs public works employees are dangerously and illegally over loading their pick up trucks. we followed workers as they hauled trash across town to the dump without ever tewing down the garbage. we saw mattresses rb
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televisions, wooden pallets and utter hang over the sides of trucks. pete and jaums long are veteran truck drivers with the public works department. they worry their jobs could be put in jeopardy. >> if it tabes for me to get a >> reporter: they say their agency is creating a serious risk on the road. >> it's totally unsafe that these vehicles weighing what they way and how much garbage is in them, stuff is going to fall out. i've soon it happen and there's a chance they could kill somebody. >> reporter: according to california law they must be totally covered to prevent the load from spilling or falling from the vehicle and in san francisco the city's own safety manual says cargo inside pick up trucks must be properly loaded and secured with no less than two chains. >> the policy says we always have to tie it dune.
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>> reporter: but that's precisely what your policy says. he's in charge of san frusko public works. >> tlirlts number one priority. >> reporter: but how can you saw that insafety measures aren't being followed? >> your safety measure is tying things down. >> reporter: that's your department's own safety measure. >> but you're trying to say i need to tie every load down. >> reporter: that's your department's policy. >> o-kawhi. but we don't need to. when in thes could fall, then we should tie them down. >> reporter: some would think how can the department of public works not know what state law calls for? >> we haven't had any vilations, any problems. >> reporter: while outside the city dump we watched more than 100 public works trucks drive unbut not a sinal one used a tarp, rope or chain to secure its trash.
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the only pick ups we saw with their cargo tied down were noncity vehicles. san francisco police, california highway patrol and aaa all tell us loads like these violate state law, which means the public works department may have been driving illegally for years. >> these are all my trucks. >> reporter: we showed nrbs uru what we found. isn't all this posing a safety risk? >> we don't have calls oth >> reporter: employees in your department say they have routinely seen things fall off your truck. >> if that has happened, we have to do better. >> reporter: when trucks are over weight, they take longer to slow down or stop and after an wlz 10s of thousands of city rebards we found at least 606 public works vehicles were over waugt when they dropped off trash at the dump last year.
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>> we'll definitely be looking at that type of data more closely. >> reporter: why is it that your department hasn't been doing snat. >> because it's not been a big problem for our department. >> reporter: san frusko spends millions more cleaning its streets thanmany other larger cities including los angeles and chicago o. but evenm ployees believe the department's $72 million street cleaning budget is being mismanaged. >> i'm one of thegues that go out and clean it and it's embarrassing it has to be this way when there are better ways of doing it. >> reporter: part of the problem, he says is they're use fewer of these large garbage trucks which compact trash and carry up to 24,000 pounds. when san frusko stationed more in the city, smaller pick ups stayed in one area unloading their garbage into the packers overand over.
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at the end of the day the packers drove to the dump to drop all of the junk. records show the city used five packers six years ago. today on law two are regularly used. so now the smaller pick ups have traveling across town to the dump to unload theratrash which means less time picking up actual garbage. >> that's why our city used to be cleaner and it isn't anymore. >> reporter: he says they've contract would a garbage company to help haul away bulby trash but plans to increase his own fleet and purchase equipment for his employees so they can begin strapping down their piles of trash. >> since you started this story, we've been looking at this closy and we definitely don't want to break any laws and we want to make sure things are done better so we're starting to look at that.
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>> reporter: cal ocea believe there are potential safety hazards that need to be addressed and just days ago launched an vez. stlau to power to issue tens of thousands of dollars in fines.t to several months. >> if you have a story tip for our investigative unit, give us a call or you can simply visit our website, let's get a check of our forecast. jeff, i've been shivering all night. to the bone, to the bone. >> it's cold. i think our heater can't catch up and a lot of people are going to be dealing with the cold weather throughout this weekend. find the heavier jacket. i do want to let you know the russian river for those of you in guerneville, it will
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eventually drop below flood stage, especially here on saturday and into sunday. so that's good news there. still flooding issues but we're at least starting to see the worst of that subside. the main reason why we can't ge, it's basically going to sit and hangout through sunday. we've got small disturbances around this. low snow and possibly small hail as well. we'll track that heavy ron. you've just got pummelled in san francisco. now into hayward as you hit midnide and heavy raion city ju midnight as with el. we have your rain, scattered chanceinize to tomorrow morning. down to 38 for the south bay, peninsula 39, trivalley 36 and a cold average of 34 for the north bay and the east bay 39. let's show you the rainfall for tomorrow.
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nothing like earlier this week. more in the scattered hit and miss activity. you can see it showing up. low snow for mt. hamilton. the same picture 5:00 tomorrow night. hours. even right into the afternoon then eventually -- here's the pay off for us, triweather building in once we hit 11:00 sunday. that's going to be nice, huh? wret weather means snow efrethe sierra. it's heavy across the mountains tomorrow and year going to see it continue on sunday. and on mand we gelt the nice sunshine building in. that's going to boo the good news. tweevl 20 inches this weekend. snow levels around -- and skiing conditions subject to change so have a good time, be safe if you're headed up there. my extended forecast shows hail
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possible. dry monday and tuesday a spotsy chance wednesday and more dry weather thursday and friday. be in the thurtsz all the way through next week. so get the tru blanket. the heaters are going to be clicking on and if you have a space heater, be careful with those. and stay warm. >> she sdruz a jacket here. she was shivering during your whole forecast. >> thank you, jeff. up next a health scare at a bay area mall. the troubling discovery that has. their private jet forced toe
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an emergency landing today in rns new at 11 kwlk a trip to paradise turns into a scare for some a-list celebrities. forced to make an emergency landing in ontario. according to tmz jennifer aniston and courtney cox, the "friends" crew were on their way from lax.
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that's when they blew a tire on take off. an unusual discovery is triggering a health scare. a bat somehow made its way into the southland mall. today we learned it tested positive for rab as. the main reason for people becoming infected with rabies. they're encouraging anyone who may have come in contact with the bat to call the health department or their doctor. up next was this a good move by colin kaepernick? t sources t- b-c, southwest airlines is taking 22 planes offline, due to a and happening now government sources tell nbc southwest airlines is taking 22 planes off line due to a maintenance isue. they believe the wrong "o" rings were installed. they only fly 737s. an aviation effort says it most likely keeps oil from bleeding
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out of the engine.
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the n-f-l is over. a lot of mubsed reaction about colin kaepernick's big decision.
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his lawsuit against the nfl is>e might have walked away with tens of millions from the nfl. neither side is commenting because of a confidentiality agreement. last fall he and his former teammate claimed thaw were black lusted for initiating the take-a-knee protest during the national anth. they were protesting police brutality against blacks. consultant for the 49ers believes this is a win for both sides. >> vindication for all of those athletes who protested, the people who supported their protest. the league gates chance not own road but to reflect on how it can be better managed going forward. >> he believes now the team is likely to offer kaepernick a free agent contract.
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some baseball news. getredy this weekend. bryce harper, the prize free agent out fielder could be announcing what team who's going to join. maybe the giants, maybe the phillies. by the way the giants' first full squad workout is monday in. what's better than having fa,ab that can help you save on wireless phone service? xfinity gives you the fastest speeds for all your devices. you can switch your wireless carrier and save hundreds of dollars a year. talk and text as much as you want and only pay for data. now that's simple, easy, awesome. click, call or visit a store today.
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next week-- that )s bringing n-b-a star steh curry and former president obama together! plus---as your work week starts-- kari let )s us know when things
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will finally dry up. join us monday morning from 4:30 to 7. raindrops on the camera lens. before we go... let's take you outside. it is wet. live shot from oakland. it is wet and cold. >> temperatures dropping down to the 40s. you can see stormranger, mobile doppler radar tracking to the east by 12:14 in the morning. we keep hit-and-miss rainfall through tomorrow. some small hail and possible. levels will bring more snow to our higher elvaugzs. that's what we're waiting for. next mondays and tuesday. great news for our flood danger. we get dry weather. we get sunshine. >> and we've made it to the weekend. happy friday night. >> enjoy it.
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bye, folks. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."


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