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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  February 17, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PST

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we'll have a national emergency. >> guzman made billions over our southern border. >> music shows us that all of it matters. >> ♪ good morning, welcome to "sunday today," i am halie jackson, in for willie geist. sources tell nbc news chicago police are looking at whether
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actor' legal team saying nothing is further from the truth. new information this morning about the gunman who opened fire at work as he was being terminated killing five people. police now saying he should never have been able to own a gun in the first place. we will also honor the innocent lives he took that day. late, willie sits down with movie star liam hemsworth opens up his acting life and living life with his wife miley cyrus and how he felt when he lost a movie role to his brother chris. >> there hasn't. too many of those sorts of things. i always felt too young for christmas celebrating with my agent about getting other films he was doing at the time. his whole world is opening up and mine was kind of crumbling.
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>> that sunday sit-down is coming up and harry smith with "another life well lived." jussie smollett, police are turning their focus on him this morning. morgan is here with overnight developments. >> reporter: a stunning new development. chicago police trying to figure out if justisie smollett was staging the entire thing and possibly paying for it but his team says it's not true. overnight, law enforcement source familiar with the investigation tells nbc news that chicago police are now looking into whether empire actor jussie smollett actually paid two men to fake an attack against him. the chicago police confirming in a statement that new information saying the following.
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smollett's attorneys saying the following. the release-of-grainy surveillance photos from the night of the attack raising questions that smollett addressed in an interview with abc news. >> i have no doubt in my mind that that is there. >> reporter: smollett stood by his story even as the case has faced growing scrutiny. >> he said this magazi country [ bleep ] punches me in the back so i noticed a rope around my back and i started scream. >> reporter: nbc news has learned the rope was purchased by these two men who are brothers and smollett follows their shared instagram account. schmollest's attorneys stating --
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police say upon searching the brothers' home, investigators found a black ski mask, bottles of bleach and "empire" script. police sources telling nbc news one of the men worked as an extra on the tv show. a police source tells nbc news investigators have no clear motive as to why smollett would concoct the story which he has described in detail. >> you do a disservice when you lie about things like this. >> reporter: a formality source tells nbc news the two brothers are no longer suspects have agreed to fully cooperate with chicago police. smollett and his attorneys say the actor will continue to koor koorpt but not respond to unnamed sources inside of that investigation. law enforcement officials are seeking a follow-up student with smollett so a lot going on this morning and a lot of people asking a lot of questions. >> more gopdevelopments to comer sure.
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in illinois, workplace shooting that ended the lives of these five innocent people. this morning, we are learning a lot more about the incident. ron, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a little bit of a snowy start in aurora this morning as people get up and head to sunday services. undoubtedly the services will include remembrances of five souls lost on friday and more information about the shooter and how he managed to buy and keep a gun for five years as a convicted felon. this morning, troubling questions about the man officials say went on a shooting spree killing five colorado wwod a handgun. he bought the gun after a background check but his 1995 felony conviction in mississippi made it unlawful for him to own
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or possess a game was not caught until five days later when he applied for a concealed carry permit. >> some disgruntled person walked in and had access to a firearm he shouldn't have had access to. i don't want to make it political. this is a human issue. lives were lost. >> reporter: officials said martin was notified that his illinois firearms i.d. card was revoked and surrender within law by 48 hours but that never happened. martin was being terminated by the company on friday, officials say. around aurora, grief drawing a community together. >> you never know what is going to happen when you wake up. in this particular case, people woke up to a nightmare jo. >> reporter: the first day for this 21-year-old and tragically the last day of his life. >> you can't take anything for granted like anyone for this can happen and make sure you're checking in and i love you's even if it's just i love you
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text. >> reporter: also lost clayton parks, his wife calling him an incredible father. josh pinkert, husband' father. russell is a father of two and vicen vicente suarez a father of eight. >> my dad is never coming home ever. >> you can see the flowers leaning up against the offices here of the henry pratt company. the vigils honoring not just the lives lost but praising that wave of first responders who got in here and ended that rampage on friday. >> ron mott reporting in aurora, thank you. president trump is spending the weekend at his mar-a-lago resort in florida and had had headed down on friday after declaring a national emergency to get more money for the border wall he wants. the president knows it will be a fight with several states and civil rights groups already saying they are going to challenge this thing in court. chuck todd is nbc's political
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director and moderator of. . good morning to you, pal. >> good morning. >> president trump is up and tweeting. he is talking about his approval ratings and what is on the mind of his advisers inside the white house are legal challenges that this national emergency will face. how do you see this playing out legally and then on the political side since some republicans don't love this idea? >> legally, i think it frankly is, i think, uphill battle for the president and we can talk about the unintended consequences if it is allowed to be seen as constitutional. i don't think we fully appreciate what would happen if this is allowed to be constitutional. it would forever change the way the congress decides how money is spent and how presidents decide to spend it. but look. look at the political options he had and when you start to look at the three options the president faced, this is actually the best political option he could pick. option one was to go back to congress and ask for more money. he admitted he didn't have the patience for that. option two the shutdown.
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his party on congress didn't have the patience for that. option three is losing in the courts at least shows him fighting. for his base is a message he can accepted going through 2020 and they can organize around it. i don't think we focus enough what happens if this is found to be constitutional? it will forever change the relationship between these two branches of government to the point of you could argue it would completely unravel the system of checks and balances, at least when it comes to how taxpayer money is spent. >> when you look at it through a political lens, chuck, is it a political win for the president? do you think democrats see it as a political win for them or is it too early to say for now? >> look. i would say it's not a political win for the president but it prevented, i think, embarrassment for him. and that is what he was worried about. the other two options, another shutdown or admitting that was this a compromise and he would go back for more later, i think
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he thought that would be politically more painful for him and harder for him to come back from. at least losing in the the courts gives him another foil. he could either complain about democrats, complain about the media or complain about judges. having a foil is something the president always wants to have had and i think in this case this was the best of three bad options. >> speaking of foils. president trump will have one, of course, come 2020. a lot of democrats looking to challenge him. some have decided to run and some like joe biden have not made their decisions. >> i saw that. >> the former vice president was out this weekend at the munich security conference and went after some of the president's policies but still deflected on 2020. talk through what you think if joe biden decides to get in what that could mean for the democrats. >> the fact of the matter is -- what joe biden publicly exposed is many of us have spent a lot of time covering joe biden over decades know this about him. he is very aware that a long campaign is not going to be kind
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to him. that if he announces in the next three weeks his poll numbers will go down, not up just by the fact so many other candidates running. if he can find a way to stay out of this primary until the fall, i think that would be his preference. the question is whether you can. i think the reality of the situation is you can't. but i think what you heard from vice president biden is a desire to delay his decision as long as he can but i don't know how much longer he can realistically do that. >> chuck, thanks. watch "meet the press" this morning. he will much more about the national emergency. heather nauert is taking her name out of consideration to become the next u.s. ambassador to the united nations. she released a statement saying being in the spotlight was too grueling for her family. bloomberg news is reporting there may have been a potential issue with a nanny she employed in the past .
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a group of prison inmates were breaking into a car but for a very good cause. they helped rescue a toddler who accidentally got trapped inside after her father put her and his keys in the car and the door is locked. the inmates in the area doing work with sheriff's deputies just ahead, we have got your highs and lows of the week. including the dog who raced through the westminster chorus as a pace that would impress
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usain bolt and a dog who decided to her sweet time. kiss band player on fire. don't worry. he is fine. money proofapproved for part of wall the president wpts, we head to mexican to hear from both sides of the issue. >> this is not about break. this is about sustainability. >> a lot of people don't realize it breaks us apart. >> it's all coming up on "sunday today." as we head to break, our photo of the week. an incredible site. aurora borealis shining bright over the sky in finland this week. you guys hungry? ♪ ♪
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. time now to roll through the highs and lows during the week. morgan is back with me. >> we are ready. the amount of energy spent here in new york recently. you may know all about the competition of west minister. if you have never seen the contest, you have not live. gabby is racing through lightning speed. h her handler were speeding through the course as well. she came up big winning the title division. if your dog is like mine, he takes one look and jump up the couch for a belly rub. this one decides to chill and taking her own sweet time and not a care in the world. at one point sort of walking around and stopping and posing
6:19 am
and take a pic, no trophy but that's no problem for winkie who living her best life. >> i think in life, i am a winkie. >> i am a winkie, too. >> did you stop and pose by the hurdles, too? >> there are you go. the brutal weather we have been having this month and the icy drive way that comes with it. this guy went outside with his coffee and took a thumbable and sliding all the way and he lost his shoes and all the way down the drive way. you got to hand it to him, he never dropped his coffee, he kept it in his hand the whole time. then you have this poor guy in connecticut, he just wanted to put some salt down and ended up in a wild ride on the street. listen, he's fine he's okay. there is this fedex driver in
6:20 am
missouri, you have to be careful when it is icy outside. after he delivered a package and started to head back to his truck. i am going to sit down and i am just going slide myself right on down that drive you can tell he has done it before. he is a total pro. living in new york i know you're a pro too. >> i could not. i couldn't do that with a cup of coffee. >> something you have to learn when you live in the north. a 6-year-old boy is the definition of tough. this one is amazing. nick trotter was born in ukraine without any feet or a left hand. his parents chris and mindy trotter from illinois adopted him when he was 18 months old even though some said he would struggle with the quality of his life. now nick is not just surviving, he is thriving. swimming, playing baseball, and even wrestling! look at this. in his first couple of tournaments, nick has also picked up some wins even winning
6:21 am
his bracket while inspiring everybody who watches him compete. his parents, you know, are beyond proud. >> we were intensely watching him when he won his first match and didn't realize the whole crowd was watching him and they all cheered for him. so pretty neat. >> oh! amazing. you can hear the emotion in his voice. nick is pretty happy himself too. >> i'm dreaming that i'm a pro wrestler. >> how can you not root for that kid. >> that is a tear jerker. nick, we are proud of you and rooting for you. >> our final low to the quality of the pyrotechnics at a recent concert. hairball a kiss bad was performing and it was a hot fiery performance, literally. the hair of the guitarist and singer bobby jensen ended up
6:22 am
combusting and catching on fire completely! >> whoa! ♪ hot time on friday night ♪ look at this. the incredible thing? two crew members put out the flames and bobby did not miss a note. he knew he was on fire right away but you had 100% faith in his guys to put it out and the real guys in the band kiss made sure he is okay. that is bobby's real hair and not a wig! that is the definition of the show must go on. >> just watching that! he didn't even blink! >> people around here make fun of how much hairspray in my hair that it will combust. i don't know if i can keep going if that happened. >> exactly. >> morgan radford, thank you. we will see you later on in the
6:23 am
show. up next, willie ace sit down with liam hemsworth and competing with his brother chris for a role and his recent marriage to miley cyrus. then harry smith on the washington man who is making faith one log at a time and we are ready to answer your live questions live on the show. we will dig through sunday mail coming up at the end of the show. i customize everything - bike, wheels, saddle. that's why i switched to liberty mutual. they customized my insurance, so i only pay for what i need. i insured my car, and my bike. my calves are custom too, but i can't insure those... which is a crying shame. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ prestige creams not living up to the hype? one jar shatters the competition.
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here is a live look outside -- oak i )m kira klapper, thanks for joining us. vianey arana has a look at your microclimate forecast. people in the north bay were people in the north bay were
6:27 am
good morning, storm ranger is showing a good amount of rain, including walnut creek moving through antioch and concord. look at the moderate bands moving through hayward, dublin and the livermore area. fremont getting good rain. another update at 7:00 a.m. >> we'll see you then, thanks. peep in the north bay were woken up by a jolt overnight. the usgs says a magnitude 3.8 earthquake struck near yountville before 2:00 a.m. and as far away as san francisco and berkeley felt it. no damage or injuries have been reported. a fire that started out by a
6:28 am
tesla plant in fremont has been contaped. it started around 8:30 last night. you can see smoke from our traffic camera. firefighters say the flames came from outside the plant, not inside. this was an historic area that contains hazardous waste. fire crews isolated the fire. a hazmat team is staying off site keeping an eye on thing. in august cardboard that was going to be recycled caught fire, threatened some nearby outbuildings, no one was hurt. as we gear up for more rain, many people are trying to clean up after this latest storm. tomorrow morning the sausalito city council will hold a special meeting to declare a local emergency after a mudslide sent homes sliding. the city is hoping to get financial help by doing that. those forced to evacuate are wondering what's next.
6:29 am
>> we have nothing. everything is still in our house. >> the slide destroyed two homes and left a 75-year-old grandmother with minor injuries. it is 6:29. coming up this morning on "today in the bay," the search for people when chaos broke out in san francisco. we will have that plus all your top stories and weather with sun coming on the way at 7:00. in the meantime, we take you back to the "today" show.
6:30 am
so i am going to sign these papers for an emergency and i will be sued and i have to go to the supreme court and i will call my buddy kavanaugh and i will say who's fault it is. >> alec baldwin there returning on "saturday night live." >> musical guest gary clark jr. the rowdy hemsworth of austria has grown up to be the hemsworth of hollywood. the middle child is chris, aka,
6:31 am
thor from the "avengers" and then there is liam hemsworth. his best known for starring with jennifer lawrence and in real life of the new husband of miley cyrus. willie got together with liam for a sit-down and growing up in the hems worworth. >> reporter: he has make people swoon for almost a decade. >> now, he's hoping to make them laugh in the new movie "is it romantic"? >> i am so sorry, my driver is distracted by you. >> such a fun movie, did that feel like a leap for you. >> in my real life i am not very
6:32 am
serious most of the time. i was not noticed for doing comedy. comedians that's extremely funny. >> liam plays blake, a client pursuing rebel wilson's character who's trapped inside a cliche written romantic comedy. >> my character is nice guy, rich billionaire that she's supposed to fall in love with. >> i wanted him to be kind of wacky and self defecating. >> you added that in. >> yeah, there was an element of it in the script and i just wanted to sort of you know expand it a little more. most of the stuff in the background was me doing stuff that i thought i was not on camera. >> so now does this mean we'll see more comedy with you? >> i definitely enjoyed it. >> i feel motivated to explore that path a little more.
6:33 am
>> liam was born in 1990, the youngest of three boys. >> i was born in sort of the middle of the forest. up until the age of about 10, things were well around the house with three boys. the boys channel that energy into acting. the teenage break taking a break to see what big brother chris was up to. >> i decided to go to sidney where chris was shooting at the time in hawaii. i spent a week there kind of in the background watching him do his thing. >> i had a feeling that's what i wanted to do and felt confident about it. >> at 17 years old, liam won a covenant role on the australian show "neighbors." a popular show that launched the
6:34 am
career of russell perot. >> it is kind of a good platform to get experience. >> once you have done that. it is a lot easier. >> with that experience under his belt, liam set his sight on hollywood. >> one of them was the "expendable" and the other was for thor. i got called in for thor. >> yes, liam also was up for the title role of thor in the movie that made chris a star. is it a bizarre thing to be up as the same job as your brother? >> thor was the biggest thing. i felt too young for it. chris was telling my agent about
6:35 am
getting thor and other films he's doing. his whole world was holding up and mine was kind of crumbling. >> at least liam still had that role with "the expendable." >> hey, the prewritten script is not in there anymore. good news. i basically have nothing. i have to go home and admit to all my friends that film didn't happen and i am just an idiot. >> what's the first moment you are like okay, i have got work, here we go. >> that was the first show. it was literally right at the end of my three months day is up. >> the 2010 disney teen drama changed everything for liam on screen and off.
6:36 am
>> originally -- a twist of faith paired him with his costar and his future wife, miley cyrus. >> he's like you got to go to disney right now. you got to go. i come in and everybody started laughing, we should have gone with you first. >> that's a crazy story. there is so many pieces that could have gone differently. it is kind of weird coming together and ten years later, i am here married. >> liam and miley tied the knot in tennessee. >> it was a special day. it was immediate family. i feel happy to be with such a great person and we have been through so much together the last ten years. it felt like there was time.
6:37 am
here relationship had been the subject of rumors and speculations. >> we try to keep as much as we can and not buying things that's upsetting about us. i have been fake married for about 9,000 times. i got so many texts when that did happen from friends, is it real this time or is it still fake? no, it is real this time. >> how do you keep any normalcy at the center of your life. >> just really good. >> having a good sort of open part for everything just about and just about being a good person. play nice or something. >> you are uncomfortable talking about how normal you are. >> just a normal guy. >> i get that. >> totally a normal guy.
6:38 am
our thanks to the trunk show for here in new york for hosting liam and willie. willie had to ask him about his favorite and you can see which rom come he loves. don't forget to subscribe to our sunday sit-down podcast to hear the entire interview with liam hemsworth. next week wily's conversation with "mary poppins," herself, emily blunt and what is it like to work with her husband, john krasin krasinki. >> we'll get to as many as we can right now 34 degrees in santa rosa, 44 in san francisco, oakland 46, mountain view 42 and
6:39 am
we still have some rain out there. satellite radar definitely showing a lot of activity. we can expect to keep the showers on and off again really for the entire day, even in through the evening hours, where periods of sun will come out and it will start raining again. here is a look at what storm ranger is picking out. we have rain moving into the east bay, and also into the south bay. next up on "sunday today" with the debate over the border wall red hot over the weekend, we'll take you to arizona to see what life is like for people on all sides of issues. minimums and fees. they seem to be the very foundation of your typical bank. capital one is anything but typical. that's why we designed capital one cafes. you can get savings and checking accounts with no fees or minimums. and one of america's best savings rates. to top it off, you can open one from anywhere in 5 minutes.
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this isn't a typical bank. this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? at walgreens, we want you, to keep doing you... and we'll take care of medicare part d. by helping you save up to $5 on each prescription... so you can get back to doing the things you love. stop in and start saving on your medicare part d prescriptions today... walgreens. trusted since 1901. days ago after a lot of debate, congress finally approved a bill of nearly $1.4 billion in money for more miles of border barrier between the u.s. and mexico. president trump is not satisfied
6:41 am
and wants to take emergency action to get billions more. while this fight may seem like a political one for many, for people who live or travel to arizona, this is real life no matter wh matter which side of the issues you are on. morgan radford. >> reporter: one nation divided by a wall that's yet to be completed. bringing the government to a shutdown and all those to the brink of another one. >> we'll have a national emergency. >> reporter: here at the border those at the front line say they need the money because we need protection. >> what we have right here is simply sticks in the deserts that are holding up barbed wires. >> reporter: along this wall, there are more than 5,000 patrol
6:42 am
agents. >> this is what you wanted, you want to make sure this can be replaced? >> this and other areas like that. if the american people are happy of this level of security being a border barrier, i would caution them because we see the threats on a daily basis. >> reporter: in the desert, some decided to take the law into their own hands. tim called himself into a certified tracker. he's the founder of the arizona border. a group of volunteers who travels to this part of arizona to all over the country. >> i turn the cameras out and see how this is alienatl flatte. >> there is so much coming through, drug and human smuggling. >> reporter: are you saying people that comes through here are drug traffickers and not migrants.
6:43 am
>> there are some immigrant illegal, my camera is showing you a majority of it is drugs. >> reporter: a lot of people may say you guys are racist who wants to shutdown on mexican people. >> what do you think of that? >> this is not about race. it is about sustainability. how many people can you let in and sustain them? basically by not enforcing anything, you are rewarding bad behavior. >> reporter: just 40 miles east, the town of arizona is in a bitter battle over this. a 22-foot steel wall. >> do you believe it is a crisis? >> the mayor, the largest border city in the state says the wire is a new addition put up in the last three months make his town looks like a war zone. >> we have children and people walk next to it. we hope that nobody gets hurt.
6:44 am
>> that wire separating families like lopez and her husband. >> it is she moved here to a home directly in front of the wall to be closer to her home who is waiting in mexico to reapply for citizenship to the u.s. some say your husband is in mexico and you're in arizona. why don't you go to mexico? >> for us, it's a lot better to get more help for my son because he has a diagnosis for autism. >> reporter: sometimes her husband's family comes here just to speak to him through the fence. >> a lot of people don't realize that it breaks us apart. >> reporter: a place far from washington where the debate over the border hits closer to home. morgan is bhak wiack with you h the studio. you talk about the border patrol. what is their logic it's necessary?
6:45 am
>> every single person i interviewed for this piece, i said is there a crisis on the border? cbp said absolutely. we understand that drugs are coming through the ports of entry but they are also coming through these remote areas and a lot of those areas are controlled be ty the cartel. on the other side you ask about the razor wire and many residents said this is symbolic. we have some form of fencing the past 20 years. why do they need to add this punitive wire and it feels threatening and feels like you're trying to hurt us by proving to people they shouldn't come here. >> morgan, thank you for great reporting. coming up next, harry smith with a small business owner who is the definition of a good neighbor. >> did you ever imagine ever that you would have a yard filled with all of this? >> never. i look like a crazy person, i'm sure. but. >> later, a life well lived. the prisoner of war whose daring escape from the nazis was
6:46 am
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only by olay.
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it has been a long winter
6:49 am
across the country, while many of us turn on the heat and don't think twice about it. some people don't have that luxury. one good samaritan in washington decided to do something to help people in need. >> harry smith has our sunday's closer. >> reporter: impossible to get to the front door kind of mess of wood. >> did you ever imagine that you would have a yard filled with all of this? >> never. >> i look like a crazy person i am seweure. >> reporter: zane is kind of crazy, he can chop woods for hours. storms knocked down a lot of trees around here and soon zane's house was surrounded by 40 cords of woods. a lot of people say well, who
6:50 am
burns firewoods anymore? i had 10,000 messages the first week. >> how are we doing? >> reporter: mcdaniels is a successful small business. he also knows plenty of people are just getting by or not. >> what do you think it tells you about the difference between the haves and the haves not in this country when they are so many people for whom this delivery would is an economic game changer? >> i think there is a big divide where people don't have their eyes open. no idea of how bad other people suffer. >> zane and his son hit the road with a few friends along to help unloading and stacking. you will understand that a pile of wood outside means a warmer
6:51 am
house inside. >> what do you think of this guy? >> he's probably one of the most genuine people i have met. he's got a good heart. he runs a business and he does things way out of his way to help people out. >> the unloading goes quickly. there is something sweet about the sweat that you wake up doing a chore like this. the physical labor involved, it is a simple gift. >> when you see these guys throwing woods back and forth in your backyard? >> what do you think? >> i think about my kids being nice and warm. >> it is going to help quite a bit. >> as words spread of zane's good deed. his yard started filling up again, friends and strangers dropping off more wood. >> sometimes i will be driving down the road and everything is going good. it is a lot to carry.
6:52 am
>> it is satisfying when you go out and you deliver it and you see the smiles. but, if you are gluten for the truth, the truth hurts. the mcdaniels will cut and stack this wood to dry until next falfal fall. >> the biggest regret that i did not do this sooner. >> reporter: from sunday today, harry smith. we highlight another life well lived. a daring escape during world war ii, 76 men tried to get away from the nazi concentration camp where they were held in germany. only three of them who made it. richard dick churchill was one of them. when world war ii started, he became a pilot and flew over missions. on september 2nd, 1940, his
6:53 am
plane was shot down and he was captured. he dug an escaped tunnel. most of the pows broke out and captured immediately. churchill and others stayed on the run for two days. he thought he lived because the german believed that he was related to winston churchill. their story for run for freedom, the greatest escape that is righting steve mcqueen. after the war, richard church l churchill, met the woman who had become his wife. they had two sons. richard churchill was the last of the greatest scape survivor that passed away. he died this week in england at 99 y i'll take a coke. is pepsi ok? is pepsi, ok? is pepsi, ok!?
6:54 am
[laughter] are puppies, ok? is a shooting star, ok? is the laughter of a small child, ok? pepsi's more than, ok! it's okayyyy okurrrr ♪ i like it okay, what have we learned today? you want a pepsi? i want a pepsi. there you go. okurrr. aaahh. i've got to come up with my own catch phrase. okayyy yeah, i thought doing some hibachi grilling would help take
6:55 am
my mind off it all. maybe you could relieve some stress by calling geico for help with our homeowners insurance. geico helps with homeowners insurance? they sure do. and they could save us a bundle of money too. i'm calling geico right now. cell phone? it's ringing. get to know geico and see how much you could save on homeowners and condo insurance.
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morgan is back to help us take a look at our sunday mail. >> our first question comes from hope from nebraska, she wants to know what's your best advice for a female artist coming out of journali journalism? >> there is so many that it will start your career, it only takes one yes. >> my advice is to be the one who's always saying yes. when you start off, say yes to every opportunity even though you think it is too small for not your thing. just do it because you never know. >> i like that one.
6:58 am
>> our next question asking what's your favorite thing to do when you are not at work. that comes from heather from raleigh, north caroline. what is your favorite thing? >> i am a big dancer. >> i knew it was going to be dancing. >> you already know. >> here is as story, i see you are always -- >> what about you? >> mine is i like to cook. i look a lot. i am going home today making lasagna with lemon grass. >> i find it relaxing. >> how do you have time for salsa dancing. >> i just put it in the air friar. >> ow last one comes from angela. a hot dog on a bun, is that a sandwich or not? >> definitely not. >> i think it is a sandwich. sandwiches need to be flat. >> it is meat and bread. >> why can a hot dog be round?
6:59 am
>> thank you morgan and thank
7:00 am
good sunday morning! it is - - - - - here is a live look outside -- good sunday morning to you. here is a live look outside at 7:00 a.m. at san pedro square in downtown san jose. wet roads right now. looks like a little break in the rain? good time to run out for a coffee, but not for the next 59 minutes. we hope you'll stick with us and watch the show. thanks so much for joining us. i'm kira klapper. vianey arana has a look at our microclimate forecast. you say similar to yesterday. >> yes, where we had that little bit of a break in the rain, and then the sun came out, and it seemed like everything was okay, and then the rain moved in again. that's what we're going to be seeing once again. 34 degrees in santa rosa, that's one of our coldest spots up through the north bay. napa 37 degrees.


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