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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 18, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PST

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at tesla this morning. we are going to see those temperatures at about 35 degrees for the next three hours, and then gradually warms up just a bit. here is a look at our high temperatures for today, some mid-50s and we'll see those 50s continuing into the work week. we'll talk more about when rain returns, and mike, you have a traffic break. >> we do, kari. i think it might have just cleared but let me talk you through what's going on. this is the upper east shore freeway and you see how green the sensors are around the bay. lighter traffic of course because of the holiday for schools and businesses for most of today. we're looking at the area from pinole valley road toward appian way. there is a traffic break because of a crash. as many as eight vehicles might be involved and we track the latest from chp. they have five cruisers on scene. if you are forced off at appian way, get over to san pablo avenue and over to an cran way, taking you past the crash, that is the only thing going on right now for the upper east shore. we'll catch you on the rest coming up. back to you been >> thanks, mike. breaking news for you, while you were sleeping, violence in
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wine country. deputies opened fire in napa, and now one man is dead. this happened at around 11:00 last night on henry road midway between two vineyards, j&d and cios du val carneros. "today in the bay's" pete suratos is live at the scene. what have you been able to learn? >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus. we're here in napa off of henry road, where the officer-involved shooting took place. we're hearing it was an armed suspect shot by a sheriff's deputy. behind me here, not a busy scene but the road is closed as you have got chp holding down this road as that investigation continues. here is information according to the napa county sheriff's office, the shooting took place roughly before 11:00 p.m. on the 1100 block of henry road here in napa. they say the deputy was patrolling the area, when they contacted a male driver in a parked car. they tell us that six minutes later, the deputy reported shots fired. it's unclear if any of the shots
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were fired at the deputy and the male suspect was pronounced dead on the scene. no other suspects at this time and the sheriff's deputy has not been identified. we're showing chp blocking off henry road as that investigation continues. of course, we'll continue to monitor this and provide any updates as they come in. we're live here in napa, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> pete, thanks so much for that update there. 5:02 right now, on capitol hill, congress weighing in on president trump declaring a national emergency to build a border wall with mexico. "today in the bay's" tracie potts joins us live in washington with what to expect if the president's decision lands in court. tracie? >> lawmakers are trying to figure out right now, laura, what happens if these lawsuits that are being planned go into effect and work their way all the way up to the now more conservative u.s. supreme court, what will the court say about president trump getting money for that border wall? three days after president trump
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declared a national emergency to build a border wall with mexico, lawmakers are debating whether there's really an emergency. >> he couldn't get the mexicans to build the wall, he couldn't get congress to vote the money in. >> he himself said it, he did not need to announce or declare a crisis. >> this is an emergency. i mean, what are we on now the fifth caravan? >> reporter: critics call it a power grab that upsets checks and balances in government. >> we shouldn't have an executive, i don't care if it's republican or democrat, that tries to get around congress. >> this will be another expansion of that power. that's why you see a lot of us concerned about this. >> reporter: he's a republican, but so is lindsey graham and he's supporting the president. >> congress is locked down and will not give him what we've given past presidents, so unfortunately he's got to do it on his own. >> reporter: the white house won't say if president trump will veto a resolution against his emergency declaration. >> he's going to protect his national emergency declaration guaranteed. >> reporter: the next stop could be the u.s. supreme court. >> he's pretty much daring the
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court to strike this down. >> reporter: declaring an emergency is one thing, proving it could come next. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> it is 5:03. one oakland theater not mincing words when it comes to the president's declaration. look at the grand lake theater's marquee, "we have four actual national emergencies, climate change, fake elections, guns and a lying, trait russ criminal president." according to sf gate, the theater started showing regular screenings of "the manchurian candidate" last month citing the president as the reason. a three-day event benefiting former president obama's foundation today. steph kur i have speaking tomorrow. my brother's keep ear lins brings together hundreds of men of color to connect and share with community leaders. sausalito is holding a special city council meeting to declare a local state of emergency later today.
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last week's storm triggered destructive mudslides. several homes and streets are impacted and crews have their work cut out for hem. city leaders are warning that road closures will last for quite a while, after debris is cleared. engineers need to examine those roads and experts need to make sure that the hillsides are stable, the emergency declaration will allow the city to receive state funds for the lean cleanup. it's a make or break week on tap for oakland teachers. they promised to walk off the job thursday. teachers have been working without a contract for more than a year, seeking a 12% pay raise over three years. the district has a ballooning deficit and declining enrollment. district leaders are hoping to hammer out a deal before thursday's deadline. 5:05 and we have some chilly and freezing weather right now, and when it's cold outside, even the animal kingdom will do what they have to do to find relief. san mateo deputies tweeting out these pictures of two young mountain lion cubs there.
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>> wow. >> half moon bay, look at them trying to get some warmth there. the pair used the heat from the patrol cars to get warm while adorable, deputies want to remind you to be careful any time you see a mountain lion outside. >> my neighbor's cat does that, i better look closer. california highway patrol monitoring continues on mt. lagu laguna. many cars became stock, sections of state route 79 and 78 had to be closed down on sunday. chains required to head up to the snowy mountains in the east county. north of there within the last hour, cal trans reopened south main interstate 5 through the grapevine. the northbound direction is expected to reopen any time now. extreme weather conditions kept it closed for about 12 hours. the closure followed numerous weather-related crashes, up to ten inches of snow fell at the highest elevations yesterday in the mountains east of los angeles. >> we have some chilly weather
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here in the bay, and we are going to see the freezing temperatures to start out with. here is a look at livermore, we are now down to 30 degrees and there's some fog in the area, so i am concerned about the potential of some icy roadways and then we also will add possible through the north bay other than that it's all clear as we head over toward campbell with our temperature trend for the day not reaching our normal high temperature, we should be in the low 60s, we're going to stay in the mid-50s today after a morning start of 38 degrees. chilly but it will be a sunny day. we'll talk about what's ahead for the rest of the week and mike, you have a couple of issues on the road. >> a traffic alert, i'm trying to sort out the details but chp hasn't been able to get back to their main call center from the scene so they're very busy right now. judging by the sensors, you wouldn't be able to tell that but zooming up to the crash which i thought might have cleared a traffic break. we haven't had confirmation on
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the activity except for the sensors have again consolidated right here toward appian way. i'm saying the crash, traffic alert exists from westbound 80 at pinole valley road because the latest i heard, folks were forced off of the freeway at appian way toward san pablo -- sorry, pinole valley road, back on to appian way gets you around the crash, as many as eight vehicles might have been involved at one point. we're trying to get updates from chp on scene but they're doing a lot of work over there. we'll call that a traffic alert and let folks know that coming off the carquinez bridge. if you're farther south from richmond toward the bay bridge, you are doing just fine. this affects folks coming through hercules and pinole for westbound 80. traffic flow around the rest of the bay is an easy, clear drive. there is the view of the san mateo bridge. kari talked about the possibility for freezing fog because of temperatures without there so this will be a factor. be careful in the areas where you see the mist on the roadway. back to you. >> slow it on down. thanks, mike. coming up here, in case you didn't know, it's presidents day, which means holiday sales.
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up next, the best deals you can expect today, plus the most dependable cars if you're in the market for a new one. speaking of presidents, a little presidential confusion this morning. we'll try to help clear it up, in business and tech. and still ahead, actor tom cruise apparently not making friends while filming the sequel to his huge hit "top gun." what the navy is saying about his behavior, it's all coming up at 5:25. you're watching "today in the bay." what's better than having fast,
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happy presidents day right now at 5:11, we are going to see clear skies, as you head out the door, and it's also very chilly. we are going to see those temperatures in the upper 30s, headed to the upper 40s by noon. it will be sunny, and we finally get a break from all the rain. i tallied up the rainfall totals and also snow totals around the bay area. we'll talk about that coming up in less than five minutes. despite light holiday traffic around the bay, westbound 80 already at 20 minutes from highway 4 to the bay bridge because of this, the traffic alert. we have a full closure right now for westbound 80, around appian way, pinole valley road. we'll talk about the latest, if chp gives us any more info, i'll share it with you. and a very good monday to you. no trading today because of presidents day, so when you join us tomorrow these numbers will look exactly the same. there are still things to know, though. walmart reports its profits tomorrow, and facebook facing more serious trouble, this time in great britain.
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members of parliament calling for more regular flation of ttio park company after a year-long looking into fake news. they weren't shy about their opinion of facebook. the government said "we believe that in its evidence to the committee, facebook has often deliberately sought to frustrate our work, by giving incomplete, disingenuous and at times misleading answers to our questions." walmart worth watching because retailers have been reporting slumping sales as amazon gets bigger and bigger. walmart, the largest traditional retailer in the united states, tariffs on chinese goods are also going to be an issue. speaking of china, video of the u.s. trade negotiator meeting with the chinese president. talks will continue this week in washington. president trump tweeted from mar-a-lago, billions of dollars are being paid to the united states by china in the form of trade tariffs. now we have talked about this
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before. the chinese do not pay the tariffs on their goods that come into the united states. the money flowing into the treasury is our money. president trump gets this backwards often, and it's hard to tell if it's deliberately not telling the truth or he really doesn't understand. another good example of this is the f-35 stealth fighter. the president often says it's invisible. it's not, of course, but it is difficult to spot on radar. it's not invisible. >> it's stealth. you cannot see it. is that correct? >> that's correct. >> it better be correct, right? you can't see it. literally, you can't see it. she makes a plane you can't see. it's stealth. f-35. can't see it. where is lockheed? it's stealth. you can't see it. >> i show you those because i just want to illustrate the frustration and the problem of trying to figure out if the president genuinely doesn't understand whether it's taxes or
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tariffs or stealth fighter planes or he's just being, you know, he's exaggerating, and the middle of that, he says no literally, you can't see it. i think he thinks that plane is invisible, like invisible. and i think he really does believe that tariffs are paid by chinese and not the americans. i don't know. >> all right. >> all right, thank you very much. it is presidents day and if you have the day off, not too late to take advantage of the first major sale holiday of the year some of the best discounts can be found on winter apparel, home goods and tech. for those looking to gr ing tin acompliance appliances they will see discounts of 49%, mattresses up to 60% at some stores. if you're looking for your next big purchase which could be a car, here is the most dependable one that you might want to consider. consulting firm j.d. power is out with its annual rankings. the report finds that lexus is the most dependable brand for
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the eighth straight year. now if you are looking for something more nice like that, porsche as well as toyota tied for second place, followed by chevrolet and buick. >> thanks. many came together over the weekend to remember a dark part of american history. the 40th annual bay area day of remembrance was held in japantown yesterday, the event commemorates the executive order that essentially ended japanese internment camps during world war ii. how cool is this, our own mike inouye emceed the event this year. >> important, it started the internment camps. >> exactly. you can find more photos from the weekend event, you've put some on your facebook page? >> i put i few there. i also put links for san francisco and san jose's jap japantown, both have days of remembrance. >> it's a huge part of history and always nice, is that you always contribute to not just san francisco japantown but all the different events across the
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bay area. very nice. >> it's important to remember, because it is sad, it's a dark part, but it's an important part of our history so we commemorate. >> sadly, there are a lot of dark parts of our history. but come monday morning i'm like what did you do on the weekend? i'm like hey, mike, what event did you do? very generous with your time. >> we all do that, so thank you. >> well, sometimes. >> but that weather, you've been tracking it all morning long. >> we've had busy weather and finally i'm like okay, i can relax a little bit. >> no, we have an event to go to. >> i know, we've got some chilly weather and that's what we're dealing with, now that all of that rain moved out. you may be wondering how much rain did we have, and we have the fog left behind over dublin, that's a live look at the camera. let's look at some of these rainfall totals, adding up all last week, and it really is unreal to see that in one week, we got over almost 14.5 inches of rain in venado in the north
5:18 am
bay. ben lomond 9.5 inch, mt. tam almost 9 inches there and richmond close to 6 inches of rain, novato also over 5 inches and we look at san jose, where we had a little over 2 inches of rain there, san martin had over 2.5 inches of rain, 2.75 in livermore, sunnyvale over 3 inches and oakland 3.5 inches of rain, and san francisco over 4 inches of rain, and then as the sun rises, this morning you'll be able to see the snow on mt. hamilton, we had five inches of new snow on mt. hamilton, looking at the observatory. today it's going to be still very cool especially for this time of year with highs only in the mid-50s. we have a couple of days to dry out and then this storm system will be moving in. it will be a weak storm, and arriving on wednesday with some lighter showers. we're mostly looking at about a quarter inch of rain and see those clouds during the morning, rain during the afternoon to
5:19 am
evening hours, and then our seven-day forecast shows it stays cool all throughout the week, even though we will get some more sunshine. by saturday up to 60 degrees and a chance of rain once again on sunday. san francisco also staying in the mid-50s with some breezy winds all throughout today. we'll talk more about this, and mike, you have more in the traffic alert. >> just got an update which folks will like. we got all three -- three lanes open, one lane is closed westbound 80, still jammed up. it will recover, take a few minutes from highway 4 past pinole valley road to appian way, where that crash which may have involved as many as eight vehicles at one point are cleared to the side and one lane blocked toward appian way. over 20 minutes registering from that section toward the bay bridge toll plaza. if you are joining richmond, anywhere closer to the bay bridge at berkeley, emeryville, you're doing just fine. easy drive through the maze, and no problems for the north bay, contra costa county, coming into those areas. a smooth flow of traffic for the
5:20 am
rest of the bay. we are looking over here to the tri-valley because by our dublin camera there is a good amount of fog west 580. you can see the few headlights almost single file and moving at speeds, so do be careful, because of the conditions, lower visibility, but there's also an opportunity for folks to allow more spacing for the cars, because of lighter volume of traffic and there again by contrast, how clear it is across the san mateo bridge so watch for areas through the tri-valley and potential for freezing fog. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up next, tom cruise under fire from navy personnel. what they say about the actor's behavior performing at the sequel of "top gun." this is what i woke up to this morning, just shredded my business card. >> mommy, don't go. >> and give me breakfast, how about a treat? follow me on facebook, you can see so much more of my strangely personal life. >> grrr. a suburban chicago ware
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5:23 right now. and happening today, a suburban chicago warehouse is expected to reopen for the first time since a mass shooting. five people were killed, and several others injured on friday. police say that gary martin started shooting in the middle of a meeting where he was being fired, after 15 years. state police found out martin was convicted of a felony five years ago and ordered that he
5:24 am
turn in his gun. it turns out that gun he was supposed to turn in is the same gun he used in the shooting. one of those victims was just 21 years old, an intern there, it was his first day on the job. police shot and killed martin after his rampage. treacherous driving conditions for a massive pile-up in michigan, about 45 cars and trucks, closed interstate 96 outside of grand rapids for hours. amazingly, authorities say no one suffered serious injuries. the whole thing started when a big rig driver lost control in snowy conditions. tom cruise is making waves off san diego on the "uss theodore roosevelt" while filming the sequel to "top gun." navy person lel took to facebook to say the actor was acting arrogantly towards crew members. he even went, they say, anyway he went so far as to tell them not to look at him or touch him but navy officials told our sister station in san diego those accusations were
5:25 am
unfounded, adding that the navy put out guidance, telling the sailors to put away phones and to not approach tom cruise. >> you can look at me but not in the eye. ? . one female african-american pilot is working to inspire the next generation to take flight. >> by the time she was 17, beth powell had obtained her private pilot license, followed by her commercial license at 18 years old. in 2014 powell obtained another goal, she joined american airlines as the first officer on the boeing 737. powell later started a scholarship in honor of her mother and mentor, assisting youth in aviation. >> finance can be very challenging and i want to be that person to help give back to help them know it's possible, not just giving them the funds and that's it, but mentoring them along the way, because we will have challenges and it's nice to have that support to say you can do this. >> you can. you can actually watch more about powell's aviation journey
5:26 am
ahead on the "today" show at 7:00 a.m., followed "today in the bay." san jose seventh grader has a lot to be proud of this morning. he is officially the best speller in the bay area. >> rashik gandhasri won the bay area regional spelling bee yesterday with the word guanabunna, the large spiky fruit of a small tropical tree. the title earns him an all expenses paid to the scripps national spelling bee in washington in may. i love covering that story. it will be fun to watch. >> good luck to him. this is another good story here, san francisco giants reportedly plan to play tribute to two of their legendary figures, hall of famer willie mccovey died and peter mcgowan as well. the team will wear a shoulder
5:27 am
patch all season long, in the process of being designed. 5:26 right now. coming up next on "today in the bay," top stories we're following on this presidents day, including breaking news overnight in wine country, a napa sheriff deputy shooting and killing a person believed to be armed. coming up in a live report, the moments that led up to the deadly encounter. and did santa rosa's jussie smollett lie about being attacked which he calls a hate crime? this morning investigators looking into the case are shifting their theory. what they're saying, coming up in a live report. and a live look outside bay bridge toll plaza, not a lot of cars out there. maybe a lot of you have the day off. it's a three-day weekend, presidents day. we still will keep tabs of your traffic and weather together. mike and kari are in the house. ♪ here comes the sun
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ad lib live picture of the san mateo bridge. happy presidents day to you, february 18th. a live look outside san mateo bridge, clear and a cold start to our work week. good morning thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we look at the mighty golden gate bridge bridge. so beautiful. makes you want to take a nice little walk but if you do, you into ed to wrap up a lot because it is cold out there this morning. kari, it's coats, gloves and hats. >> i willer up this morning. you can see the number at the bottom of the screen. here is a live look outside in
5:31 am
san jose. if it's not raining, well then it's bitterly cold and that's what we are seeing. in evergreen our temperatures start out in the mid-30s. we should be up to 63 degrees, that's what's normal for this time in february, but you can see our temperature trend does not quite get there. we'll be up to 56 today, mid-50s all around the bay area. we'll talk about when the rain comes back, and what's ahead for the weekend as we start to make plans, but mike, you were saying that one spot is still backed up. >> that is, one spot but it's not the one behind me that the bay bridge toll plaza is clear. we expect a lighter volume of traffic for your commute because of holiday for businesses and schools around the bay area. this slow spot here folks, that's appian way. pinole as you come down past highway 4 westbound 80 jams up just past appian way, just past pinole valley road to appian way despite the fact they reopened threeout of your four lanes from the earlier crash. that presents a five-minute delay, maybe ten minutes allow
5:32 am
that extra time off the carquinez bridge but compared to a typical monday commute, it's a lot lighter. the rest of the bay shows smooth speed sensors. we'll head back to you for big issues in the north bay. that's right, the breaking news we've been talking about, while you were sleeping, violence in wine country. it happened about 11:00 last night on henry road midway between two vineyards, j&d and cios du val carneros. pete suratos is live for us this morning at the scene there and pete, just something a lot of people are shocked about, that happened there. >> reporter: good morning to you. we are hearing the armed suspect was apparently in a parked car when this officer-involved shooting took place on henry road in napa. behind me, chp is in place, no the much of an active scene behind us. the investigation is taking place on henry road, a pretty narrow road here in napa. now according to napa county sheriff's office, the shooting took place just before 11:00 p.m., where we're standing on the 1100 block of henry road.
5:33 am
a deputy was patrolling the area, when they contacted a male driver in a parked car, so this wasn't a traffic stop when this shooting took place. then they say six minutes later, the deputy reported shots fired. now it's unclear if any of those shots fired were fired at the deputy. we know the male suspect was obviously pronounced dead on the scene. there's no other suspects in all of this, and we note the sheriff's deputy has not been identified. let's take you back out here live to the scene here on henry road. you still have chp here on the scene, blocking off that road. we'll continue to stick around here guys and provide any new updates as they come in. we're live here in napa, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> that will be interesting to see what the investigation finds there, pete. thank you. 5:33 right now. after a round of storms like we just got, it seems like everything has a growth spurt, including potholes, no doubt there's some on your morning commute. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us from milpitas with all the reason why the potholes are popping up. after the rain, the roads are
5:34 am
saturated out there, but especially we want to know what we can do about it. >> reporter: hi there, laura. as you and our viewers know, we do a lot of driving around, finding news in the morning, and we have been seeing a lot of potholes and certainly a lot more potholes after the latest round of storms. this is one that we found on this stretch of road where we are in milpitas this morning. it is pretty big. the road is full of cracks that seem to be threat anyoening up next time they are saturated. if you've ever wondered why so many potholes open up after the rain, we got an explanation for you from cal trans. >> water seeps into the cracks in the road. cars and trucks drive over that and the hydraulic pressure of the water squeezed pushes against the road itself and there's a lot of cars and trucks driving over it, it squeezes, it squeezes and eventually the road breaks apart and you get a
5:35 am
pothole. >> reporter: the state is about to release $360 million of measure b funding after a two-year court battle. $9.5 million toward repaving in santa clara county alone. if you see a pothole you can report it to your local transportation department for your city or your county, and if your car was damaged when you hit a pothole on a cal trans maintained road you can file a claim with the state. i'll put that link up in my twitter feed and facebook page as well. road crews need dry weather in order for that concrete, that asphalt mix to stick and make a permanent repair so it's a good thing kari has no rain in the forecast for at least a few days. we're all very glad. in milpitas, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> we get a couple days to dry out. thanks a lot, kris. 5:35 right now. police are looking for a driver who sent a young girl flying into the air. i want to warn you before we show you this video, the girl is okay. okay, it happened on campoy
5:36 am
street and louis drive saturday night. in the upper left corner of your screen a black bmw comes around the corner as several children run across the street. 7-year-old hazel conzet hit by a car and gets up and runs away. she has some scrapes and bruises but again, she's okay. >> i was over here and just walking over here, a car just comed here and i banged my head. >> just thankful my daughter is okay. it could have been a lot worse. >> if you recognize the car, call santa rosa police. law enforcement is investigating whether or not mr. jussie smollett staged an attack on himself. bob redell, it seems like there's a new twist in the case every day. >> chicago police say they no longer consider actor jussie smollett of the popular "el pmp"
5:37 am
tv show a victim, but investigators stop short of calling him a suspect. what they want to do right now is they want to speak with smollett to get clarification on whether or not he paid two men to attack him last month. smollett, who was born in santa rosa, who is black and openly gay says that on january 29th, two masked men seen in that surveillance image right there, he says they punched him, said that this is maga country, a reference to president trump's make america great again phrase, says they used homophobic and racial slurs against him and put a rope around his neck. this weekend, chicago police say they have "new information that has, in fact shifted the trajectory of this investigation." smollett's attorney is furious, saying that "he has now been further victimized by claims attributed to these alleged perpetrators that jussi played a role in his own attack. nothing is further from the truth and anyone claiming
5:38 am
otherwise is lying." here's what smollett said to abc news last week. >> you do such a disservice when you lie about things like this. >> reporter: the two men accused are brothers and smollett does follow their shared instagram accounts. smollett's attorney says that one was jussi's personal trainer and one of them not clear who was an extra on the "empire" tv show. a police source tells nbc news investigateors have no clear motive as to why smollett would concoct the story which he described in detail. reporting live in the newsroom, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> interesting facts as they unfold. it is 5:38 right now. all westbound lanes of highway 37 still closed this morning because of the storm. the closure from atherton avenue to highway 10 in novato. crews say the pest case scenario it will be be open in the middle of the week.
5:39 am
marin county remains under a local state of emergency because of all the damage from the storm. a moose speeding down the highway. take a look there. >> wow. >> this happened yesterday about 12 miles southeast of salt lake city. traffic on the other side got quite a show. police work to keep them safe by driving along with the animal. eventually he got to a safe place off of the highway. >> and he's off to the finish line! >> that was my first job on air here, voice the story about an escaped racehorse alongside the road and i did exactly that voice, laura. should have done that. >> gosh, memories. >> there we go. >> not even throw-back thursday. memory monday. >> i'll try to find it. we have a smooth flow of traffic right there, approaching appian way, that's much better from our earlier traffic alert. there's still one lane that's reportedly blocked but i think they may have cleared it judging by the speed sensors, starting to speed up just around pinole valley road. you see a little slowing past
5:40 am
highway 4 and that's it for the upper east shore freeway. no major problems. the rest of the bay, a smooth drive. the issue here is that there is some low clouds and fog here in dublin so that will be a factor for folks coming to or from that altamont pass. this morning the road to tahoe dangerous due to all the snowy conditions out there. i-5 just opened in both directions, but chain controls are required. the placerville division is advising against anyone traveling to tahoe. in napa, some products aren't making it to stores because of the dangerous travel conditions in from reno. our cameras spotted a lot of empty shelves in walmart. the store posted signs saying delivery trucks were delayed due to weather. a lot of people headed up 80 took hours to make it there and there are walls of snow. >> it is huge! and i was just getting a look at our sierra snowpack, the percent of normal, get this, 141%.
5:41 am
>> wow, no kidding! >> of average. >> that's amazing. >> we've had some hefty storms so now i know you're making plans for the weekend, you want to know what this weekend is going to be like. we have some scattered showers in the forecast, but nothing like what we've recently seen, so that's good. although we have some slight rain chances in the forecast for sunday, we are not going to see that in the tri-valley, in fact, you are going to enjoy some sunshine but it will be cool with some highs in the mid-50s. that's a live look at squaw creek in the sierra. there will be some more scattered snow showers there for saturday and sunday, with highs staying well below freezing. if you want to go to the beach, it's going to be windy and cool, but we will get some sunshine, highs in the mid-50s and i'm following it all for you, i i'm @karihallweather on facebook, twitter and instagram. let me know where you're headed and i'll send you a personalized forecast. that's coming up in three minutes. 5:41, coming up, the warning that now comes with painting
5:42 am
your nails. a push by state regulators to remove what they are calling a dangerous chemical in a commonly used polish. and the challenges to president trump's declaration of emergency begin to pile up. we'll walk you through it, coming up. and still ahead for you, we hear it all the time, firefighters rescue cats in trees all the time, but take a look at this big cat here. >> oh, my. >> firefighters in southern california got this mountain lion down without it falling from the tree. you don't want to miss this one. you're watching "today in the bay."
5:43 am
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good morning. we're coming up on 5:45, and it's a clear start, and very chilly. here is a live look outside in san jose, as you get ready to head out, you need a heavier coat with our temperatures in the mid-30s. it will gradually warm up but we're not going to be close to normal high temperature of 63 degrees. we'll talk about if it warms up in the forecast, coming up in less than five minutes. we want to show you the peninsula, it's calm. it's a lighter volume of traffic right here. that's great. i may have a new crash though going on in an old area, not an old area, an old familiar area where we had the last report in the east bay, coming up. >> thanks, mike. authorities in lake tahoe still searching for the gunman who shot two men in a car, killing one of them, saturday night outside of a popular mall in tahoe city. a 33-year-old man from sparks,
5:46 am
nevada, died there. deputies do not say if they have a description of the shooter and not indicated a possible motive. volunteers from contra costa county working to help those impacted by the deadly camp fire. each monday the white pony express in pleasant hill sends two delivery trucks capable of carrying more than 2,000 pounds of fresh food to butte county. the group distributes gas donations, gift cards and gas cards to those in need. drop off donations at white pony express. the camp fire is the most destructive and deadliest wildfire in california history. 85 people were killed. developing now, state regulators want a dangerous chemical removed from nail polish sold in california. it calls on manufacturers to eliminate toluene from its products, it's associated with birth defects, miscarriages and damage to organs. a handful of salons in the state including some in the bay area already phased out products carrying toluene.
5:47 am
on friday, the president declared a state of emergency. >> and now here comes the challenges both in court and in congress. scott mcgrew? >> that's right, a two-pronged attack, laura, good morning. congress will likely vote to challenge the president's claim there thank there is an emergency which would allow him to grab funds for a wall. that could come as soon as tomorrow. we'll talk about that tom re. the other challenges come from lawsuits filed by all kinds of groups including california. here's california attorney general. >> can you say definitely that california will be filing a lawsuit and when that will happen? >> martha, definitely and imminently. >> and imminently, monday, nothing will stop you? >> no reason. >> there is one thing that will stop it, the courts are closed, it's presidents day. the president is well aware his decision will be challenged in court. he spoke of that during friday's announcement. >> and we will possibly get a bad ruling, and then we'll get
5:48 am
another bad ruling, and then we'll end up in the supreme court. >> during the same speech, the president speculated whether he would get the nobel peace prize. mr. trump says he was nominated by the japanese prime minister. a major newspaper in japan says prime minister abe did nominate the president because the white house asked him to. >> i'll probably never get it but that's okay, they gave it to obama. he didn't even know what he got it for. he was there for about 15 seconds and he got the nobel prize. he said what did i get it for? >> the president's rose garden announcement caught the attention of "saturday night live" which ran a skit with alec baldwin. we probably wouldn't have mentioned this at all but the president made a big deal out of it on twitter calling for "retribution" against nbc. "ing in funny about tired "saturday night live" on fake news nbc. question is, how do the networks get away with these total republican jobs without
5:49 am
retribution." the president will travel to miami today, to florida international university. he's going to demand venezuelan president nicolas maduro step down from power. the president of the country's parliament says he is the legal leader of venezuela. we'll watch that and cover that on twitter. follow me, i'm @scottmcgrew. a big cat is safe and sound after being rescued from a tree. look at that mountain lion, lying there in the tree, this is outside the home on hesperiahes. wild life officials tranquilized the animal, once he regained consciousness, rescue crews were able to release the lion. >> do you think it is the lion that needed the help? i think it was the homeowner, having a heart attack when you see that big old cat up there. >> i would have called no matter where the lion was. >> big kitty cat.
5:50 am
>> ding dong. >> this morning, we were taulkig about how the mountain lions warm up. it's been cold around here and we're dealing with dense fog, taking a look at dublin so you're dealing with this and it's also very cold, and concerned about the possibility of some freezing fog in that area, because we've been close to freezing for quite a while and especially elevated bridges and overpasses. it is 30 degrees in livermore and also seeing spotty, freezing temperatures in parts of the north bay but all feeling some cold air. as you are getting dressed it's one for the coat break out the dress shoes finally and we'll have cold temperatures in dublin as you make your way out to the b.a.r.t. station below freezing at least through about 7:00 and we will gradually warm up. it's going to take a while but we will enjoy more sunshine, and some dry weather over the next
5:51 am
couple of days. here is our next storm, we're seeing it well to the west of us and it will be until about wednesday before it arrives. as we go hour by hour, we see clear skies today. tomorrow more sunshine, but then the clouds will start to move in early on wednesday. the rain by wednesday afternoon, and it will be a quick one and done i think by thursday. it's all clearing out from the bay area, after leaving some very light amounts of rain. we're not going to see any major storms this week, definitely great news. high temperatures reaching into the mid-50s inland. saturday will be the best day, up to 60 degrees and a slight chance of rain again on sunday, but overall, a much more quiet week compared to all the storms we had last week. headed over to mike, you've had a busy morning. >> kari, surprisingly busy for such light traffic flow. the issue now is i'm trying to sort out what was going on. we did confirm it's a second crash in the same spot where we had the first traffic alert this morning. chp once again calls a traffic alert, contra costa county moving smoothly except for here,
5:52 am
westbound 80. your upper east shore freeway coming into pinole out of hercules. sudden slowing and they stopped traffic again. i think they're running a traffic break to clear another crash from the backup from the first crash as it was clearing. this is more troublesome, tougher to get around this one. folks are backed up started at highway 4. hopefully they can clear lanes quickly but we'll track that again, a delay off the carquinez bridge. we have westbound highway 37 closed and eastbound is down to one lane between atherton avenue and 101, so you'll use that as an alternate for the next few days at least tracking that and the levee work over there. the rest of the bay very light. back to you, marcus. >> thanks, mike. happening now, a florida family is relieved after they got some help from very unlikely place, a couple accidentally locked their infant inside their vehicle at the judicial center. just as that father was about to smash the window, some inmates
5:53 am
who were working nearby offered to help. they used a coat hanger to unlock the door. the mother kept the baby calm and found the whole situation a bit humorous. still ahead, sfo's runways are sinking. the new information our investigative unit is learning and the impact it could have on your travel. but first, fighting the flu. what experts say parents can do right now at home to make yourself safer. getting started.s
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
something to wake you up! well it's monday, and if you're just getting your day started, here is something to wake you up there. check this out, this photo of "today in the bay's" mike inouye, yes, that is a bear behind him, but of course, it's stuffed. you can see more of those photos and videos on mike's page on facebook. roar! all right, 5:56 right now. we're officially less than a week away from hollywood's biggest night, this is new video showing road closures in place near the dolby theater. this year'ser ceremony is goin hostless after kevin hart stepped down, following the controversy over homophobic tweets he posted years ago. he has since apologized. "r "roma" and "the favorite" received the most nomination this is year with ten apiece.
5:57 am
this year's flu season is peaking across the country and it's still not too late to get the flu vaccine, but they also say that there's something even more pressing, you should do to avoid the virus, consider giving your household a good scrubbing, especially if you're concerned about your child running around the house. >> viruss can get on inanimate surfaces and depending on the nature of the surface, they can last for 15 minutes, sometimes some viruses as long as 24 hours. >> some of the simplest things that you can do are keeping anti-bacterial and virus wipes all over your house. >> keep the wipes handy. use those wipes at least twice a day on what everyone is touching, like your tv remote or even door handles. >> it is 5:57. there's a problem at sfo causing delays and canceling flights. our investigative team has learned sfo is sinking at an accelerated rate. here is senior investigator
5:58 am
stephen stock. >> reporter: it's no secret sfo is built on landfill. what isn't so well-known is the fact it is built on landfill also means it is sinking, and at different rates, depending on where you're located. several sources both within the commercial airline industry and federal safety oversight tell me they're worried this sinking is creating more and more problems. >> well, it's probably because the runways are built on fill. they extend out on the bay. you the subsidence and differential settling. >> reporter: from your experience, does this impact flights? >> eventually it does. you have to take a runway out of service and repave it. all airports have to go through and repave runways eventually. sfo, because they are on fill, is more problematic. >> reporter: coming up at 11:00, we talk to a scientist heading up a study that measured how fast sfo was sinking and you'll see firsthand what it means for the runways. that's tonight at 11:00 on "nbc bay area news." >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, go i have them a call, 888-996-tips or
5:59 am
logon to our website, right now at 6:00, violence near the vineyards. it's breaking news in the north bay right now. what we know about a person a sheriff deputy shot and killed early this morning. plus, intentionally and knowingly, a big accusation by british lawmakers against facebook. at 6:15, the rules they say the tech giant broke. first, president obama in oakland. the big event this week aimed at helping young people achieve their dreams. the role steph curry will play. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good monday morning to you. it's presidents day, if you're fortunate enough to have the day off, good for you. maybe sleeping in. it's going to be a nice day. good morning. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. mike will have a look at that low commute this morning. >> except for one spot. >> but first we get to meteorologist kari hall, she's been tracking the cold temperatures for us. >> cold temperatures but hey, at least the skies are clear and
6:00 am
it's for the first time in many spots since ten days. so as we start out this morning, we are seeing some freezing conditions in the tri-valley, as well as parts of the north bay. we've also had some patchy fog, so those roads may be a little bit icy, some freezing fog in some spots. san jose starting out at 36 degrees. it is frosty all around the bay area, as we head over toward cupertino, our temperatures will warm up into the mid-50s today, but that is not close to our normal high of 63 degrees. so we'll talk about that, and when the rain comes back, and mike, the second traffic alert of the morning. >> a second traffic alert for one spot, as we talked about with marcus there. overall, the bay looks great for these speed sensors, not a real problem with the lighter volume of traffic expected this holiday monday for most, but here, this has been the problem pinole off the carquinez bridge west 80 starting on your approach to pinole valley road you're jammed up. the earlier crash at appian way, as that cleared there was a disabled vehicle in the backup, that


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