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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 26, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PST

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flood warning - as creeks and right now it is 5:00. parts of the north bay is under a flood warning as creeks and streams could over flow their banks. some places could see up to eight inches of rain. we'll track the storm system as it hammers the bay area. air force one is expected to touchdown in vietnam. north korea leaders are ready for the second summit. michael cohen testifies on capitol hill today. >> highway danger, several semitrucks blown over. a treacherous drive in the tahoe/reno area. "today in the bay" continues right now. that rain we are talking about hitting the north bay right now. we got new videos to show you just in our newsroom. look at it coming down in
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petaluma. it is going to make a slick driving conditions out there. our gas station clerk says it has been raining since noon since yesterday. a lot of drivers had been stopping in and telling her about the freeway conditions out there. >> how long is it going to stick around for? >> at least until tomorrow. there could be another 24 hours with the north bay dealing with some of that rain and they got anywhere from two to five inches. we are always watching that mountain peak in the north bay. we can tell that it is not over yet. this will slowly slide to the sou south. some of the heaviest rain continues to be in the north bay and making it into the east bay with concord and oakland getting into the heavier ways of rain. this will be slowly making its progress to the south as we go
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throughout the day. the heaviest rain will be on the north bay and into parts of the peninsula and the east bay by 3:00 or 4:00. we may not see that is still starting to pour until about 9:00 or 10:00 tonight. a big cut-off of where that rain is falling and where it is not. it may make some tough driving conditions. >> the jay leno, general knows. right now it is pushing us a little bit. you are moving at speed through that area but there is a spin out reported right around 7:00 through the downtown area. the yellow shows you where the radar activity is headed out to vallejo and fairfield. wet roads all around the bay area. that spin out should have
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include in harrison getting on the i-80 and near marsh. that's been out over in the shoulder. back to you. back to the east bay and our alameda county, bod redell, is live. how is your drive there. >> reporter: it is really dangerous, we drove pass the spin-out. this is northbound 880 through west oakland. you can see there were two balan ambulances there and there was a pickup truck, we do believe it was weather related. we suspected that they were not terribly traumatic which is good news base on td on the fact tha ambulance are staying there. it is a case as to why you want to watch your speeds out there and the rain had been coming
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down. i c i started in livermore and through san leandro. >> drive right, at nighttime, i see people drive like it was dry outside. it drives me crazy. everybody, drive right. the roads are not that safe right now. >> reporter: and chp always tells us during the wet weather, you want to watch the distance between you and the driver in front of you. of course if the speed limit says it is 65. that's the fastest amount you are allowed to go. with the wet weather out here, you may want to consider that and maybe slow down a little bit. bob redell. >> slow it down. bob, thanks. back to the north bay, we capture a lot of scenes like this, the water forcing a car stopped in its track and rushing
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across the road in sonoma county. all eyes on the rising russian river with the rain already causing this tree trouble. this tree was uprooted and fell into a home last night. lucki luckily, no one was hurt. >> we keep an eye on the unusual trouble spots there or those usual as well. one of them is right here, marin county as you are seeing right here. that is live look at fairfax creek. the rushing water had been quickly rising there. another problem is always selma creek. businesses are starting to sandbag and parts of the area downtown. that creek is already pretty high and moving in pretty fast. >> there are some flood concerns out there. >> yes, we do have some flood warning for sonoma county. we have seen water covering the roads and a lot of flood issues and where you see the dark green, that's highlighting the russian river as well as the
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napa river and that flood warning is going on until the next couple of days until the water levels go down. we are still seeing some widespread heavy rain, i will be watching the napa river, downtown napa. this is expected to see two feet over flood stage as we go into tomorrow morning. gradually it will start to recede and for the russian river, this could be potentially 9 feet guerne viville, some maj concerns there. we'll have more upupdates. you can keep an eye on the rain right on our desktop. click on the storm ranger track and the radar will start scanning for you. this is the same tool that i use and it is a closer look at what's happening where you live. that's at
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until other nein other news waiting for president trump's arrival. this is a video of kim jong-un visiting the embassy in hanoi. president trump and kim will begin that summit with a private dinner tomorrow. lester holt will lead our coverage from vietnam at 5:30 tonight. after that, you can catch nbc bay area news at 6:00. senate lawmakers holding the first of three meetings behind closed doors with michael cohen. a source is now telling nbc news congress will admit to congress that trump broke the law while in office. lawmakers is supposed to question cohen of trump's finances and why he made false statements. scott mcgrew will join us in our checks and balances
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coming up. the battle at migrant families. the house and over sight will vote on authorizing homeland security and health and human services. 3,000 were separated from their parents at the border. a report found thousands more could have also behave been separated. well, no deal yet. oakland teachers are expected to hit the pickett line the fourth day. leading a city wide day of action, this includes walk-ins and rallies. teachers rally for better contracts last night. yesterday hundreds of teachers and their supporters marched from oakland city hall to the state building where the bargaining sessions are taken place. a police officer in pittsburgh is recovering after
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being stabbed in the neck. yesterday afternoon, officers responded to a call involving a man trying to stab his father. when the officer caught up to the suspect, he refused to drop his knife. the officer tased the suspect. one of the officers was sliced in the neck they say with an open blade. the suspect is now in custody. a treacherous travel to our west, it is windy out there. this is in north nevada. several semi trucks blown in the highway. winds of 160 miles per hour. the winter storm warnings had issued for the greater tahoe area. breaking right now, full of passengers stranded on the track due to winter weather conditions. it has been stuck since sunday when the train hit a tree near oak ridge. that's southeast of eugene.
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luckily no one was hurt. the train was traveling from los angeles. >> what a place to be stuck. >> absolutely. it is not good. here we are seeing heavy rain moving through as you get ready to head out the door and it is covering all the bay area as we are seeing the waves of rain moving again, pretty much everywhere except for the south bay. this will make its way into the south bay as we go into the rest of the day. that rain will be falling and with some gusty winds, we have the high concern of some flooding as well as wind damage. this may topple some trees. we go through 1:00 and seeing the orange indicating the heaviest rain shifting into san francisco as well as oakland. still may not be raining very hard in the tri-valley or the south bay. that cut-off where that rain will be falling still very sharp
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into this ooerevening and we loo get some of the heavier rain in the south bay later on tonight and tapering off into tomorrow morning. still a chance of spotty showers. mike, you are getting some updates of some rocks? >> yes, that's right. we show you san rafael. the glowing light and rain recently fallen there, north of 580. and up there in nevada, be careful, we are always tracking traffic and weather together and all over the bay, we are registering our weather index, puddles and ponding and spin-out also reported on 101 which is over on the shoulder there. coming out of the tri-valley, the rocks and the flats reported southbound 101, outside of that robin williams tunnel. we'll track it closely.
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>> looking forward to that. mike, thank you. 5:11 for you right now. that foldable smartphone mark, it is growing and a lot company is getting into that game after samsung introduced its foldable phone last week. we'll tell you about that new phone and what it is capable of and how much it will cost you. >> it seems like elon musk can't stop tweeting. a 40-foot fall at a high school wrestling match. a student came crashing through the ceiling. coming up at 5:25. we'll tell you what he was up to before that fall. you are watching "today in the bay."
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mike traffic tease good tuesday morning, we are in a micro climate weather alert tracking some heavy rain moving through. this is a live look outside at walnut creek. windshield wipers all the way up on high. we'll have waves of rains moving through walnut. temperatures reaching up in the 50s. we'll time it out how much rain or additional rain we'll see or how much we already measured coming up in five minutes. the bay bridge got us soaking the last few minutes. fast track lane, indicating a heavier commute. we'll show you what's going on further north. good morning and happy tuesday to you. stocks rosa tad on monday.
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we'll no longer raise tariffs come march 1st. we'll get it to work but we'll talk about tesla in the meantime. elon musk stepping it in again catching the fire on this exchange commission. musk was already in trouble with the sec for tweeting incorrect information. musk agreed to double check with every tweet about the company with company lawyers and the boards before sending it out. he tweeted something over the weekend that may have violated the agreement with the sec. he says 500,000 cars a career in this tweet. this is incorrect information. he meant to say we are now making cars at a rate of 500,000 cars a year, not 500,000 cars a year. it may sound like nitpicking.
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you can tweet things if you are a regular person but you can't do it if you are the owner of tesla. the 7:00 p.m. tweet did not approve this. and maybe a ceo can get away with gee, it is a mistake and won't do it again. musk promised he would not do it again. earlier he said this on "60-minute." >> look at you. >> i want to be clear, i do not respect the scc. >> i do not respect them. >> jerome powell will testify before congress. he's not in trouble or anything, he's there to brief lawmakers on the economy. it could get heated as president trump is putting him under due pressure. when trump started to call for
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the fed to stop raising rates, it did. they got to ask him about it. >> interesting. >> thank you so much, scott, welcome back. we'll talk about foldable smartphones a lot. this one is from huawei's technology. $2,600 for this 5-g mobile connection phone. it is samsung's foldable phone that we told you last week. cupertino apple is said to be working on one. looks like foldable phone will be in our future >> yeah, my grandma was talking about it. >> wow. >> i was very shocked. >> we better watch out. we'll get grammy do that tech segme segment. well, i am on instagram and i have been answering people questions for the weather. let's talk about how much rain
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we have gotten. the radar has really lit up and 24 hours rainfall totals we have gotten. we are measuring over nine inches of rain. this is high peak in the north bay. santa rosa measured 3.5 inches of rain. you can see how sharply that cuts off once you get over to richmond. we are close to an inch, san francisco about a quarter of an inch and oakland about a tenth of an inch. there is this line where the atmosphere river is set up. you are either in the haves or haves not. a couple of sprinkles here in san jose but we have not measured as much. rain chances will go up as we track a lot of rain. here on the radar, it is a pretty widespread and if you are planning to go anywhere across the region today if you have to drive, it is going to be a tough drive for you because the roads
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will be wet, standing water possible as well as those winds blowing around that rain, going into 10:00, still focused on mainly on the north bay and parts of the east bay. you start to see this shifting just a little bit further to the south so the evening commute may see some areas that have not had much rain, getting a little bit more going into the evening and over night hours. by tomorrow, a lot of this rolls off to the south. we'll get a bit of a break. there will be scattered showers moving through. additional rainfall totals of an inch or less. the north bay where we'll see a lot of flooding possible standing water in the road ways and rising creeks and streams. looking at this system and giving us a break on thursday, friday and another system moves in, mainly during the evening and on saturday and tailing off
5:21 am
on sunday. busy here the next few days and mostly reaching into the mid and upper 50s. mike, it is starting to get soaked in richmond. >> that's right. s we are more able to see all that water. on the lens following right now. you will have an issues as far as those conditions go. look at all those radar activities going across the north bay and vallejo and berkeley. it is happening right now at the bay bridge plaza. wet roads all the way out krcona costa county. a second one happening around broadway. there are more slowing now. we have rocks reported coming down the hills from 101 there and soggy road. back to you. thank you, mike.
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it is 5:21 right now. a disturbing story out of pennsylvania, a mother and daughter arrested after five members of their family were found dead. >> a teen comes crashing through a ceiling of a high school gym. what he was doing before that fall of 40 feet below. that story is coming up next. das
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morning - aft 5:24 for you. a pennsylvania mother and daughter are in custody this morning. this is after a dario franchiis five family members. this is in morrisville along the delaware river. three children are among those victims. the mother and daughter were actually hospitalized before being arrested. authorities say there are no obvious signs of foul play and have yet to indicate a cause of
5:25 am
death. the in coming rain halting the search for a missing woman following a cliff collapse. that storm, once the storm moves out. two women were walking when the slide happened. one of them made it out alive. the other is still missing. the recover team worked all weekend trying to find all the woman thought to be buried under the sand and dirt. the search stopped because of hazardous condition. now anywnathan adrian is in fight for his life. he's battling cancer. he still plans to head to tokyo for the olympics in 2020. he's speaking exclusively on his battle on the "today" show. you can catch his interview right after the bay. a former teenager is not
5:26 am
only seriously injured but facing serious charges. this was after a frighten fall. >> smartphone captures the end of his 40 foot fall. the 19 years old and others were trespassing on the gym's rooftop. the gym fell at the skylight while trying to retrieve his phone. he could not get up after that. 5:26 for you right now. black history month. that's where we celebrate right here in february. we pay tributes to generations of african-americans who struggle to achieve old citizenships. you know her grandmother was born into slave only freed at a age of 19. i spoke with her family pushing for a better life right here in the bay area.
5:27 am
she shares those stories with thousands of visitors each year. >> those people are dying off without any sense that they save the world and they did. >> you are going to tell their stories. >> yes, i get to talk for that generation. that's a story that i well lire. >> so many people there enjoying and mesmerizing why what she's talking about. she opens up being a woman working at the shipyard where some blacks did work along whites but there were still a lot of segregation. i want you to watch the full story online on, or you can see it coming up in our midday newscast coming up at 11:00. it is a great honor to talk to her and learn so much of what was going on at the shipyards there in richmond. >> we'll look forward to that in
5:28 am
our midday newscast. our top stories, look at the radar, heavy rain is making its way into the bay area. a micro climate weather alert has been issued for this powerful system. not just the rain but the wind as well. we have our team of reporters spread out throughout the bay area tracking what's happening out there right now. a lot of wet roads as well. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza this morning. be careful as you head out the door. you will want to see mike's commuter report and kari's forecast. you are watching "today in the bay." let's go.
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the north bay taking the brunt here we are on this tuesday
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morning on february 26th. we are in a micro climate weather alert. >> the north bay is taking the brunt from the storm right now. ef several inches of rain is expected there. it is coming down in waves. good morning, thanks so much for joining us. laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. our weather alert that's warming you the powerful storm that's packing the bay area right now with a lot of rain and gusty winds there on the way. our meteorologist kari hall has been tracking this system. >> the rain is pouring and as we look out the window in san jose, you are like what rain? yeah, we are seeing it just to the north of south bay and it is been moving over some of the same area with high winds and heavy downpours. the rest of the day, the north
5:32 am
bay will be where we are focused and see some of the heavier rain mu moving through. we are starting to see it in oakland and san francisco. we are seeing yellow and red and indicating heavy rain and north and hayward throughout the afternoon. this will start to make its way into the tri-valley while the south bay still not seeing much of this rain moving through. this is something we'll be tracking throughout the day and it all pushes us to the south tonight. more on that in a few minutes. it is getting a little crowded. combined with sloppy conditions out there. it is going to be a tougher drive. traffic over here, we expect the backup. we sa yw the fast track plane. a lot of folks are returning last week. yesterday was pretty late. you see all that radar activity throughout the east bay and
5:33 am
north bay. do be careful, we have a second spin-out on the over kaitlyn rossi the crossing. >> you know there is the flash flood warnings as well for parts of santa rosa. >> today in the bay, pete is in santa rosa for us to break it all down for us. >> reporter: good morning to you guys, that was my last dry shot. right now we are in santa rosa. we were here a couple of weeks ago. you can see some of this flooding as a result of all of that rain and it is coming from the near by north creek. this area is flooded and it is giving you problems throughout the day. i want to show our viewers some
5:34 am
videos from san rafael. you see that rain and wind in that video. a lot is coming down in san r f rafael area. we did get a chance to catch up with one driver who says his car was damaged as a result of the last storm. he's not looking forward with the rain we are seeing today. here is what he had to say. >> well, i only have one vehicle and the van got flooded out. everyone when you go through so -- yeah. >> reporter: back out here live to the river and slush where you can see, looks like there is about three feet of flooded water here. this street is going to be flooded in santa rosa, we'll continue to keep an eye on all the conditions, we'll have another update for viewer in the next hour. we are live here in santa rosa. we are monitoring those
5:35 am
conditions in sausilito. a landslide this is a video of a woman who was rescued. she's okay and now there are concerns of that rain and it keeps coming. engineers and park service had been checking on tarps. over night he says he's staying on a low. >> i would not doubt there would be another one and mother nature works its own way and you got to be careful. >> this is brand new drone video showing the thermal technology crew used. now, let's take you over to
5:36 am
the east bay in alameda county. a crew in the emerrville area. if you see any standing water, turn around and don't drown. you never know how deep it can be. >> our nbc bay area team is all over this story on air and online. we want to let you know at 8:00, we'll bring you a special live forecast. if you are heading out the door, you will know what to come. go to, at 8:00 a.m. to see kari's updated forecast. other news, police are searching for the gunman in a shooting right near san francisco state campus. this happened about 7:00 on serrano drive. an officer found a woman shot in her torso. police say they know who shot the woman and he knows the victim.
5:37 am
it is 5:36 right now. we are getting a look at a man who tried to kidnap a girl out of san ramon. take a look at this sketch. we brought you this story on saturday. a 13-year-old girl was walking home on friday night near her elementary school. the man pulled up and said, your dad asked me to pick you up. the girl did not believe it. when the man tried to grab her, she ran off. >> 5:37 right now. a man who pleaded guilty trying to help isis will be sentenced. the 23-year-old was convicted of giving material support to a terrorist organization. prosecutors actually want him to be given a 33 years sentence. while defense attorneys are asking for four years.
5:38 am
well, 272 more hotel rooms could be coming to downtown san jose. that's 50 more rooms than originally proposed as part of the project planned for the corner of north. the developer says there are several key factors which means more hotel rooms are needed in the city including job growth. some people living near that area are concerned that the hotels proposed height could over shadow near by buildings. the city wants to make sure voters understand what it means. sunnyvale will get an update on voter outreach plan. the city allows all voters to select candidates representing the entire city. the rights act recommends sunnyvale transition to a district based system to better
5:39 am
represent racial minorities in its community. right now kris sanchez is live for us this morning. talk to us about what's going on with google. >> reporter: we are here in mountain view. google says it wants to be apart of the solution. that's something that city council is going to hear about tonight. a lot of folks are pointing fingers of tech companies for adding employees in areas without adding to the housing stock. if you look at this map, the areas in yellow are the proposed joaquin development where google proposed 6600 new homes and 20% is affordable and 2,000 are homes where people can actually buy. there is plan for office space and retail and open space and a google development director
5:40 am
tells us in a statement, we want to see the area to transform into complete neighborhoods, creating great public places that prioritized people over cars. we ask some folks here in mountain view how they view of the possibility of google adding so much housing. >> i know a lot of people commute. i commute from campbell. i know people commuting from further than that. if they can move closer, that'll take some space off the road. >> it is great if they're trying to build more. >> i drop my dog to taughter to daycare and it is ten minutes away but sometimes it can take 25 minutes. it is going to get much worse. >> reporter: we'll be hearing a lot of different opinions. the city council will present a preview of what's called a
5:41 am
precise plan. the meeting happens here at 6:30 tonight in mountain view. kris sanchez. that city was different whenwhen i grew up. the bay bridge has changed the last half hour. it is still moving. i heard a reporter of a three-car crash around the toll plaza. i have not seen any of these lanes. we'll track that while the bridge crew likely to take care of that. we have wet road ways all over the bay. so you know that'll be the conditions of the south bay getting a little break. as we get over there, the bay does move smoothly. the volume is a little slow and taillights are going to 680. you see the water kicking off behind those cars. >> add a little extra time for your morning commute. >> rain and wind right now but
5:42 am
as we head to the weekend, will it clear up? >> yes, it will clear at times. just getting out the door this morning make you wish it is already the weekend. we do have some widespread rain and it will stick with us throughout the day. travel conditions over the next few days will be tricky and then we'll see once again some breaks in the rain between thursday and early friday, by friday night and a new storm system will be moving in lingering into parts o f the day on saturday and move out on sunday. it does look like it will be as strong as the storm system we are seeing right now. if you are going to sierra, kirk wood is looking good with mostly cloudy skies and still a break from rain and snow. more snow showers between saturday and sunday. highs just above freezing. here at half-moon bay, only up to 55 degrees with scattered showers on and off on saturday.
5:43 am
recission river valley, we are still dealing with the after effect flooding. a lot to watch here. we'll get a look at today's temperature trend for the south bay. when that rain finally arrives coming up in less than three minutes. 5:43 right now. coming up with big changes at the dmv. long lines are not going away but soon you will have a new way to pay. we'll tell you when the agency will start to use plastics. michael cohen is about to testify against the president. we know what he's going to say and we'll tell you. snake on a plane. >> i am not kidding there, laurie. it did happen. how this two-foot python made it across the globe without notice. that's still ahead for us.
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5:46 am
mike traffic tease right now at 5:46 as you get ready to head out the door, a couple of sprinkles and cloudy skies. evergreen, a couple of showers possible during the morning but staying cloudy this afternoon. we'll see a better chance of rain moving in before the south bay. parts of the peninsula and the east bay as well as the north bay just getting soaked. we'll talk more about this and
5:47 am
their water levels, will they peak? that's coming up in less than five minutes. >> this oakland camera is shaking and wet and slick conditions there. we'll show you what's going on. we had a number of spin-outs. 5:47 right now. that trip to the dmv is usually a dreaded experience. never mind those long lines, there is also that inconvenient of having to pay by cash, check or debit. that can soon change. they'll consider allowing drivers to use credit card. the bill will require dmv to accept plastics by july of next year. some californians are working in areas that's at risk of volcanic eruptions. there is a 16% chance one of those volcanoes can be erupted
5:48 am
the next 30 years. last volcanic eruption in california happens 100 years ago. michael cohen will tell congress that donald trump broke the law. >> that's according to nbc sources. >> it is, laura. we may have grown so use to allegations against the president that we may under estimate the importance of what's happening this week with michael cohen. cohen is facing prison time after admitting to crimes like tax fraud and making false statements. he'll testify before a closed door senate committee today and in public tomorrow. nbc has been told cohen will level a number of accusations against the president that the president knew and participated in pay offs to women in order to hide affairs from the public
5:49 am
before the elections which would be a violation of the election law. they'll talk about trump's finances and tax returns and he'll talk about the moscow deal, the one that the president said he was not involved in. we are told that he'll talk about trump's quote, "lies and racism and cheating." these allegations could be crimes by the president and these allegations are made under oath by the man who knows his legal affairs best. our eyes are on vietnam, the kim jong-un and president trump will meet for a second summit to talk about nuclear weapons. video of chairman kim arrived in hanoi. president trump should land any moment now. they met before, president trump walked away saying it was no longer a nuclear threat from north korea but no actual agreement had been reached and nothing with specific details. a few days ago, president trump
5:50 am
lowered the ball. what's going to happen? i can't tell you. i am not in a rush, i am not going to rush begin. i just don't want no testing. as long as there is no testing, i am happy. >> the house is going to take a vote to stop the president's declaration of emergency. the measure is sure to pass the house because of the democratic majority. normally when something passes the house, the senate has the option of blocking it or ignoring it if leadership wants to. this is a special case. the senate has to take it up and take the same vote may very well pass there. does it get enough vote to over ride a presidential veto? we are watching all of these things, we are watching the president's airplane and we'll show you as he arrives. we think about 6:15. we'll be on that. we'll bring it to you live. a scottish woman's travel
5:51 am
with a ill blittle bit of a sur. she did not know and i don't know how you don't know this, a two-foot python had crawled into one of her shoes. she was shocked when she opened her bag. the snake is being quarantined at a society center. >> can you imagine that? >> where is samuel jackson when you need it? >> i check my rain boots this time of the year for anything. i turn it upside down -- i don't know, i am scared of snakes. >> today you do, you need all the rain gear, we are seeing heavy showers moving through and it is starring to add up. here is a look at storm ranger right now of waves of the heaviest rain shifting from the north bay into the east bay. you can see some of the heavier pockets of rain right now.
5:52 am
let's take a look at concord right now as we see showers pushing off to the east. looks like it is pretty much raining everywhere, when i go back, you can see that rain has moved off towards the east. you are getting up to the minute information right here on nbc bay area with storm ranger as we see some pockets of rain that has been really passing by, producing the potential of some flooding and heavy downpours and as we go into 8:00, still some heaviest rain in the north bay. here we are still seeing and not a lot of rain in hayward as well as san jose and palo a lot tlto. quickly clear out by early tomorrow morning. that's the reason why rainfall totals will be much less for the south bay while we see much higher amounts for the north bay
5:53 am
looking at two inches of rain. we may see the water level at the guadalupe river quickly rising and also watching alameda creek and niles canyon. our seven-day forecast shows there will be some break on thursday and early friday and another storm system moves in on friday afternoon and into the weekend as we can see more waves of rain coming through. mike, you have been tracking the roads. >> yes, we had a lot of spin-out reports. north of downtown heading over. we saw a green highlighting all over the bay. the upper east shore freeway is starting to show a little slow down. i want to show you the san rafael bridge. highway 24 maybe an issue for some drivers. we are looking at no delays for
5:54 am
transit, that's good news. back to you. thanks, mike. happening now, george pell is being convicted in austria. george pell is pope francis's top adviser. continue coverage of this micro climate weather alert. we'll have live look conditions in the north bay but first -- >> it had the potential to be disease modifying. >> a new experimental treatment for alzheimer's disease. at least one doctor's hopes could lead to some positive results.
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here's your buick sir. actually, that's my buick. your buick doesn't have a roof rack! this is my buick.
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how are we gonna fit in your mom's buick? easy. i like that new buick. me too. i was actually talking about that buick. i knew that. did you? buick's fresh new lineup is full of surprises. get great deals on our expectation-shattering lineup. pay no interest for 72 months on most buick models. improving the city )s traffic welcome back everyone, it is 5:57. city leaders is including a plan aiming at improving traffic circles. we'll make sure they're safe for pedestrians. members will be appointed by the city's mayor and the meeting begins at 6:00 tonight. alameda leaders are set to consider changes to its first responders training plan.
5:58 am
urban shield is expected to report to the county board supervisors about its work. the board voted nearly a year ago to end its exercise. that training is racial phobic. supporters say the exercises are critical and preparing for natural disasters. the ongoing search for a cure to alzheimer's disease. there are new experimental treatment possibilities that can offer some hopes for patients. for years protein was the target of the treatment. doctors targeted a different protein in the brain called tau. >> it has the potential to be disease modifying. and what i mean by that is probably medications that we
5:59 am
currently have that help with the systems and they boost up brain activity but they unfortunately don't affect the overall pathologic process that's driving the disease. >> the hope is to slow or halt the progression in people with mild to moderate disease. soon it will be at another trial targeting blood vessels in the brain. >> it is 6:00. heavy rain in the night in the north bay. we got brand new video to show you in san rafael. we'll be tracking the rain and monitoring the creeks. >> kari's forecast in just a moe moment. heading to hanoi, we'll take you there live once air force one lands. stuck on board, over 180 people are still trapped inside a train in rural oregon. the update we are getting this morning, today in the bay continues right now.
6:00 am
a very good now tuesday morning to you, thank you so much for joinings joining us, i am lawyura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. >> the system helicoptecontinueg heavy downpours. as we get a closer look at some of the rain focused on marin county. up to solano county right now and as we get a closer look to your drive this morning, if you are in fremont, it is not raining this morning, union city, it is pouring. we'll see showers off and on for much of the bay area earlier today. there will be some break in san francisco, pretty much covered with the rain and it gets heavier as you head up to


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