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tv   Today  NBC  February 26, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PST

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spin-outs reported in oakland. just be careful. >> all right, we'll be back with the local news update at 7:25 and every half hour after that. >> join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. thanks for starting your morning right here with us. . criminal conduct? michael cohen ready to make a stunning claim on capitol hill a source providing news he has evidence the president broke the law while in office. what exactly will he say? what is that evidence?
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and how credible is he as a witness when he's already admitted lying to congress? breaking overnight. stunning conviction. a former top cardinal at the vatican and adviser to pope francis found guilty of abusing two choir boys. the highest-ranking church official ever convicted. we're at the vatican with how the pope is responding this morning. all that plus stranded. nearly 200 passengers stuck on an amtrak train in oregon for more than 24 hours and counting. what happened and why is it taking crews so long to reach them? show of support. patriots owner bob kraft spotted with tom brady as police reveal intimate new details about his arrest in a prostitution sting. and "today" live exclusive. >> i remember looking down and seeing the claws. >> the colorado man forced to fight off and kill a mountain lion with his bare hands takes us inside that life or death
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struggle and how he is still recovering. "today," tuesday, february 26th, 2019. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everybody. it is 7:00 a.m. on the west coast on a tuesday morning. we've got craig here and hoda will join in a few minutes. >> as we come on the air right now, we've got two political stories unfolding on opposite sides of the world. short time ago president trump touching down in vietnam for his second meeting with north korea's kim jong-un. >> and at virtually at the same time, his former attorney and fixer michael cohen showed up on capitol hill. he is starting three days of testimony. according to a source familiar with his testimony, cohen is promising to reveal evidence of what he calls criminal conduct by the president during his presidency. we're going to get a live report from washington just ahead.
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but we'll start with lester holt who is live in hanoi, vietnam this morning. hi, lester. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. despite some hiccups including a late re-accommodation of the white house press corps, the pieces are coming together. kim jong-un arriving earlier. now president trump on the ground here. despite his efforts to down play expectations here, there is a plab hope to come away with more than the last meeting. president trump arrive ugh just about an hour ago from his second nuclear summit can kim jong-un. arriving overnight on his secure train after a two-day journey through china. greeted with great fanfare and a red carpet. an attendant sprinting to accompany him. kim's motorcade later arriving at his hotel in hanoi. the same location as the white house press corps filing center. vietnamese officials abruptly
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announcing the filing center was being relocated. causing some confusion. among those joining kim on this trip, his younger sister seen on japanese media holding a crystal ashtray for him during an earlier smoke break. before leaving washington, the president expressed optimism about the upcoming meeting. >> i think we'll have a tremendous time. we want denuclearization. i think there'll be a country that sets records in terms of economy. >> reporter: get north korea to freeze nuclear and ballistic missiles. but those goals could collide with reality on the korean peninsula. despite president trump's declaration following last year' summit that. on or about korea is no longer a
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nuclear threat. the regime has advanced both its nuclear and ballistic missile programs. u.s. intelligence officials also tell nbc news they are increasingly doubtful kim jong-un intends to dismantle his nuclear program. democrats pointing to the lack of progress since the first summit. >> no one wants another summit that's more about optics and photo ops than progress. >> reporter: the president has said he's in no her are i for the regime to abandon the program. >> i just don't want testing. as long as there's no testing, we're happy. >> reporter: it's the latest chapter in the evolving relationship between the two leaders. once defined by escalating rhetoric. >> rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself. and for his regime.
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>> reporter: there is great enthusiasm over this summit here in hanoi. the people are displaying u.s. and north korean flags and there are crowds on the streets all hoping to catch glimpses, sightings of the two leaders. savannah, we'll send it back to you now. >> of course we're going to have the latest. "nightly news" will be from hanoi tonight. now here at home, michael cohen starting a three-day grilling on capitol hill this morning. >> and as mentioned, according to a source close to him, he will provide evidence his former boss, the president broke laws and it happened during the presidency. kristen welker has got the latest on that. good morning. >> reporter: hi, savannah. good morning to you. it is high stakes with michael cohen arriving on capitol hill just a short time ago. his appearance, the first of three this week. now, that's the committee he lied to when he first testified on the hill 18 months ago.
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in a statement out today, the white house said it's laughable that anyone would take a convicted liar like cohen at his word and pathetic to see him given yet another opportunity to spread his lies. this morning president trump's former personal attorney michael cohen begins a three-day marathon of testimony on capitol hill including intense questioning focused on his former boss. a source of knowledge with what to expect this week says cohen will address what he perceives to be criminal conduct by the president since he took office, mr. trump's financial statements including tax returns, and possible campaign violations including hush money payments to stormy daniels over their alleged affair. nothing will be off limits in the two closed door sessions slated for today and thursday. democrats say one focus, that june 26 meeting between campaign officials and a russian attorney. cohen also expected to be
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grilled on his previous false statements about working on building a trump tower in moscow well into the campaign. the president has consistently insisted there was no wrong doing. >> everybody knew about it. it was written about in newspapers. it was a well. known project. >> reporter: cohen's attorney giving his own preview. >> there are a couple of things that he'll say that he heard donald trump say behind closed doors about black people. that people, even his supporters, will say yep that's trump. >> reporter: asked about it recently, the president appearing unfazed. >> do you have any opinions about cohen's testimony? >> no. lawyer/client. but he's taking his own chances. >> reporter: the president's former so-called fixer was sentenced in december to three years in prison for financial crimes and lying to congress. now as he prepares to head back to capitol hill, cohen facing skeptical lawmakers.
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>> he's already lied to congress once. now i know he said all of that, but i don't know how you separate fact from fiction with mr. cohen. >> reporter: cohen's credibility issues will undoubtedly be under a microscope, but when he flipped on the president, cohen said his allegiance is no longer to president trump but rather to his family and the country. for his part, the president has distanced himself from his former fixer calling him a liar and a rat. as for the hearings today, it's significant. but remember, it's behind close doors. so expect those big fireworks tomorrow. that's when he testifies publicly in front of the house oversight committee. >> all right. kristen welker in washington, thank you. also breaking overnight, another dark chapter in the sex abuse scandal in the catholic church. cardinal george pell, the pope's top financial adviser and the most senior member of the church ever charged with child sex abuse has now been convicted. anne thompson joins us with more from the vatican on that.
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>> reporter: good morning. the vatican calls the conviction of cardinal george pell painful and reveals he is restricted from public ministry. now, this all happens just 48 hours after the pope called for an all-out war on clergy sex abuse. now this conviction threatens to send one of francis' closest advisers to prison. australian cardinal george pell once a member of pope francis' inner circle now convicted of child sexual abuse. in december he was found guilty of abusing two 13-year-old choir boys as the archbishop of melbourne. though the verdict was reached in december, an australian court order prevented it from being made public until now. the verdict shocking many here at the vatican. >> our hope at all times is that through this process, justice will be served.
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>> reporter: one boy says pell exposed himself and molested them in 1996 when he caught them swigging sack remittal wine after mass. this was the second trial on this charges. the first jury could not reach a decision. >> there was a lot of skepticism about it with other cases. there was a lot of sense of, really? is that right? that doesn't sound like the george pell we know. >> reporter: he was supposed to face another trial for molesting boys in a swimming pool in the 1970s. pell faces prison time, something other abuse survivors are calling for. >> we want to see him fry in hell forever. >> reporter: just this past sunday, pope francis ended a conference on sexual abuse in the church. calling for an all-out battle against a crime he said should be erased from the face of the earth.
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pell who is 77 insists that he's innocent. and in the past he's called these accusations vile and disgusting. his sentencing will begin tomorrow and his attorney is promising an appeal. craig? >> anne thompson from the vatican. thank you. meanwhile, r. kelly is free on bond this morning after appearing in a chicago courtroom and pleading not guilty to multiple charges of sexual abuse. ron mott is covering the case. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. three of the four alleged victims headed up against last week against kelly were minors at the time. michael avenatti tweeted last night that additional charges could be filed in coming weeks. this morning, r. kelly, a free man after spending the weekend in a chicago jail. the singer posting $100,000 cash bail monday walking into a crush of media. his release coming hours after the r&b star wearing an orange jump suit and surrounded by armed sheriffs deputies pleaded not guilty to ten counts of aggravated criminal sexual
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abuse. attorney michael avenatti who says he represents two of kelly's alleged victims in the indictment told reporters he turned over a second video to authorities that he says shows the entertainer abusing an underage girl. w avenatti hinting a third video come coming soon. >> this reign of abuse and assault by mr. kelly is about to come to an abrupt and permanent end. >> mr. avenatti doesn't decide how the case is decided. >> reporter: kelly's attorney, steve greenberg, who has called the accusers liars denies any criminal wrong doing. >> i have no reason to believe that there is any tape of mr. kelly acting inappropriately in relation to these cases or that he's done anything else wrong. >> reporter: attorney gloria allred and one of her clients, a woman who appeared in the recent lifetime docuseries "surviving
7:14 am
r. kelly" responded directly to kelly's lawyer. >> the years of him preying on young women have gone on for far too long. robert kelly must be held accountable for the many lives he has ruined. and to mr. greenberg, it is so irresponsible to state all the women are liars. the only person lying is your client. >> reporter: kelly who has long maintained his innocence was acquitted on child pornography charges in 2008. he was ordered to surrender his passport, have no contact with anyone under age 18, or any victims in this case. michael avenatti says the second video he turned over is graphic. reportedly showing him repeatedly mentioning the girl's age 14 saying it leaves no doubt about his guilt. a manager for r. kelly says he will speak out soon. he is due back in court on march 22nd. >> thank you, ron. now to a wild story that is
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unfolding in oregon this morning. nearly 200 people stranded on an amtrak train for more than a day after it hit debris on the tracks. miguel almaguer has the latest on this. what's happening? >> reporter: good news. we just found out a short time ago that crews did reach that train this morning. now that they have, they will eventually start to begin to reverse it back to eugene and eventually portland. but not before passengers recover from this agonizing experience that's still underway. this morning tense moments for passengers stuck on an amtrak train in oregon for almost 36 hours. after hitting a tree that had fallen onto the tracks trapping nearly 200 people on board. officials say the amtrak costarlight which operates daily was halted by fallen debris sunday coming at a sudden stop in oakridge east of eugene. temporarily putting those on
7:16 am
board on a pathway to nowhere. bad weather burying the snow in up to four feet of snow. the stand still causing stress and anxiety for some passengers. >> it's really bad. it's really bad because we don't have any access to fresh air. so we can't get off the train, we can't -- we're not supposed to open the windows. a lot of our younger folks, we've got quite a few college students on right now. they're trying to get back down to california. we've had a couple of panic attacks we worked through. >> reporter: amtrak releasing a statement overnight saying that none of the 183 passengers and dozen crew members aboard were injured. but due to road closures, there was no viable way to safely transport passengers or crews via at mat transportation. adding they are actively working with union pacific to clear the right of way and get passengers off the train. this morning those on board the stranded train cast away in the cold winter weather hoping this harrowing ordeal will soon come
7:17 am
to an end. >> but generally everybody's really just getting along and just kind of waiting. at this point, there's nothing anybody can do to get us anywhere. because of the weather. >> reporter: amtrak also says they decided to keep everyone on the train because it's only two hotels in that small town of oakridge and power is out to the entire area because of the storm but hopefully that long journey is almost over. again, first responders have just arrived at the train. it'll be a few hours it's back to where it should be. >> thank you. coming up on the third hour of "today," we talk to one of the women trapped on that train -- >> from the train? >> from the train. she was with her daughter. and she described some conditions that were pretty terrible. everything from running out of food -- i won't get into a lot of detail because it's morning television. but running out of other things as well on that train. small children. >> i was going to say, if you told me we were on a trip, i wouldn't have 24 hours worth of
7:18 am
formula, diapers, food. it's a serious situation. we'll have more on it in the third hour of "today." let's get a check of the weather. al, good morning. >> good morning, guys. in fact, we're looking at the latest weather forecast for eugene. no snow. just cloudy skies. about 30 right now. but just to the south of there, we're looking at heavy rain and snow as this system pushes in. we have winter weather advisories, winter storm warnings, and flash flood watches from california all the way to the dakotas. we're watching this system. a flood threat for the zsierra. as the system pushes through. here's what we're looking at as far as rainfall amounts from san francisco north, we're talking about 3 to 5 inches of rain. landslides possible. and in the sierras for the snow, and in the sierras for the snow, upwards of 3 feet of snow. when you find yourself in a strange land... discover your inner hero. and unlock the power...
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to speed through everything... in the blink of an eye. hertz fast lane powered by clear... in select airports 2019. hertz. we're here to get you there. marvel studios' captain marvel. in theaters march 8th. good tuesday morning. i'm kari hall. storm ranger showing the rain moving into san francisco as well as the north bay. all the rest of the bay area catching a bit of a break. we've seen it kind of retreating to the north but also some heavier rain just off the coast that will cause some more potentials of flooding going into 10:00 to 11:00. then it does start to dip back to the south with san francisco and oakland getting in on the rain. we may not see that rain in san jose until later on tonight. scattered showers off and on through wednesday and then a break from the rain on thursday. >> that's your latest weather. >> thank you.
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hoda's going to join us just ahead. plus robert kraft spotted with tom brady and new details in the prostitution case against him. p
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a video of choreography. i need my phone to work while i'm on the subway. you'll see me streaming a video, trying not to fall. (laughs) (vo) there when it matters. get $300 off our best phones. only on verizon. we )re in a microclimate weather alert. and the north bay is getting hit hardest by this morning )s stor. today in the bay )s pete suratos is live along one road .. where drivers are being forced to turn around. . drivers are being forced to turn around because of this right behind me. you see this road flooding as a result of the rain, something we've seen all morning long. of course these have been the conditions throughout the north bay, not just here in santa rosa. even behind me you see the rain is roughly at three foeet so of
7:27 am
course you don't want to drive through standing water. we're going to continue to see these issues throughout the north bay. i'll provide updates as they come in this morning, guys. all that rain that we've been seeing out there, more is coming our way. meteorologist kari hall is tracking it for us. >> we've seen the rain getting lighter in parts of the north bay but notice the cluster of heavy rain off the coast and will be moving back to the north bay in areas that have already gotten anywhere from three to five inches of rain. we will see more additional rainfall totals while the rest of the bay area sees mostly cloudy skies. going into this evening though this system will slowly sink to the south and we'll start to see some of the that rain move into the bay area tonight. let's head over to mike for an update on the commute. >> northeast 5 shows the rain spots in the valley. a break from the rain but changes coming up later. a slower drive on the san mateo
7:28 am
side of the bridge. bay bridge, things are slow getting off onto harrison. back to you. >> thanks, mike. more local news in half-an-hour.
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we're back. 7:30 on the west coast on a tuesday morning. it's the 26th of february 2019. it's 10:30 at night in hanoi, vietnam where the president has just arrived for what will be his second summit in eight months with north korea's leader kim jong-un. >> that is where we start our check of today's headlines. the top goal of the white house getting north korea to freeze its nuclear and ballistic missile programs. in exchange, the u.s. could offer sanctions relief. u.s. intelligence officials tell nbc news they're doubtful that kim jong-un plans to dismantle his nuclear program. president trump's former personal lawyer michael cohen
7:31 am
kicks off a three-day gauntlet of interview on congress. expected to detail what he knows about trump's contacts with the russians and other sensitive matters as well. no topics are expected to be off limits today. coh cohen's set to serve prison time for lying to the committee back in 2017. now to shocking video that shows a florida teen plunging 40 feet after falling through a high school gymnasium skylight. it happened during a wrestling match. onlookers were stunned. the 19-year-old comes crashing to the ground. witnesses said the teen initially tried to get up, but he couldn't. friends say he suffered serious back injuries but is recovering. the teen and several friends were said to be shooting a music video on the roof of the gymnasium at the time of that incident. now to a "today" exclusive. an update on a story we told you about earlier this month. travis kaufman was jogging through the colorado mountains when he was attacked by a mountain lion.
7:32 am
he was forced to fight back to survive. we're going to talk to travis and his girlfriend in a moment. but first more on his story. >> reporter: an avid outdoorsma of survival. it seemed like an ordinary run in the picturesque colorado mountains when travis kaufman heard a rustling of pine needles. >> when i turned and saw it, it was disbelief. >> reporter: he was face-to-face with a wild mountain lion just ten feet away. as the animal attacked clawing at his face and legs, the runner's instinct and adrenaline kicked in. he wrestles himself free and choked the young cat to death before running to get help. his girlfriend ann knee rushed to the hospital to find him with stitches on his face but mostly intact. . he is taking his new-found fame with a runner's stride. >> who all is disappointed i'm not chuck norris? >> reporter: as the couple adjust to his popularity.
7:33 am
>> one of my coworkers, her first reaction when she found out it was travis was, you got to lock that down. >> you got to lock it down. we've got travis and annie with us this morning. >> hi. >> it's nice to see your face. how are you? >> i'm feeling great. i'm pretty much 100%. i think the only thing i really have to recover is just some numbness in my fingers. otherwise everything is shipshape. >> can you believe how much attention this has gotten? i mean, this story is everywhere. >> it's one of those things when it first happened, i thought it might be a local story. then maybe like something in, like, the state of colorado. but, like, stopping there for the most part. >> well, you're worldwide. you did manage to overcome a mountain lion with your bare hands or foot. so let's go back to that day. you're on a trail run. you live in colorado. and you hear a twig. i mean, a little tree branch breaks. what happens next?
7:34 am
>> i heard it and then i turned and it was one of those things where my stomach just dropped. i was thinking, i can't believe this is happening. this is real. oh, crap. >> so you turn and you stop and then is this mountain lion coming towards you? >> yeah. it was running at me at which point i just pretty much threw my hands in the air and started yelling. >> they say you're supposed to make yourself bigger than life, right? so you're yelling and screaming and that's not deterring. the lion is coming at you. where did he hit first? >> so first threw my hands up to kind of block my face. and he just jumped and latched right onto my wrist. and started clawing. so he got a claw through my lip and then a claw on my face. that's kind of when i really had that instinct to fight back, like kicking full force. >> i'm just trying to imagine because i keep reading about this. i don't want you to act it out,
7:35 am
but i mean, like you're standing and this giant cat is just on you but then you started kind of rolling around on the ground? or how did this all kind of play out? >> yeah. so after it jumped on me, i tried to throw it off of me. unfortunately, it's mouth is wrapped around my wrist and the claws are still dug into my back. so we kind of tumbled off the side of the trail together and went down the slope. and then luckily how he tumbled, i was able to kind of get on top of the cat. >> so you're on top of the cat and you're reaching for i guess whatever you could -- and i should point out, you are about 5'10," you're 155 and you're trying to be larger than life. so you pick up rocks and sticks and just anything around? what's he -- how's the cataracting? >> i mean, the cat is clawing and then has my wrist in its mouth the whole time. >> i mean, it was really -- i think i read you had a mountain lion tooth or something lodged in your hand. is that right?
7:36 am
>> the tooth didn't stay, but there was -- it was latched. so one tooth was in my wrist. the other was in the meat side of my hand. it was kind of on both sides trapped in there. >> you get to a point you've got to do something. you've tried rocks. you've tried sticks. this is all probably happening in 20 seconds. so how did it come to you that you've got to sort of strangle this cat? >> i knew that since i couldn't really get at the airway with a stick or something, the only thing i had since i didn't have weapons was a foot. i didn't have a free hand, so i couldn't wrap around its throat. i was able to reposition -- >> are you laying down and then kind of roll over? i don't -- i'm just trying to visualize how this happened. >> yeah. i was kind of crouched on top of it. so imagine my wrist in its mouth. then i pinned its bag legs with my left knee. then i was able to kind of swing my right leg around. some twister movement right
7:37 am
there. >> yeah. and then you basically put your foot on the mountain lion's neck. >> yeah. >> and -- okay. so you waited there. and did you have a phone or anything with you? >> no, i didn't. >> okay. so you just start running, right? in that state that you're in. >> yep. >> can we back up for a second? because you have your foot on the mountain lion's neck. and you're basically trying to suffocate it. how long did that take? i'm sure it felt like ten years. >> it did feel like ten years. but i would say several minutes. there were moments when i would feel like i could periodically stop moving and it would start thrashing again. a couple of those cycles. then i felt pretty convinced it was done. and then it actually released my hand at that point. >> so you run and you eventually text your girlfriend annie who's here. and you got a -- what did that text say exactly?
7:38 am
it was wild. hey, love. i'm in a meeting i can't answer. i'm okay. got attacked by a mountain lion or bobcat on the money. i'm okay. i'm in the er. did you think he was kidding around? >> i didn't know what to think of it. i got done with a big presentation. it was a pretty big meeting. so i saw that and just instantly jumped out of the room and called him. that's when we were able to talk for a few minutes before i just drove to the hospital. >> oh, wow. >> were you kind of shocked when you found out what he had done? or were you like, that's so travis? >> well, there's kind of a weird mix of that. i feel like when he first told me, he said he got attacked by a mountain lion. i must have asked how he got away. he said i ended up killing it. i was just like, what? yeah. and then it didn't take much time to talk then and just ran to the hospital. but there was -- it was so much just, like, disbelief, not really understanding how big of a deal it was.
7:39 am
but also it's sort of like, of course you did that at the same time. i don't know. >> later that night you asked me if i was secretly special forces. >> yeah. what is in your background you haven't told me about? >> did you know you had it in you? would you ever have dreamed you could have kept your cool and known what to do and escaped with your life? >> i mean, obviously you can't really imagine that scenario. like, you don't anticipate that scenario. but i don't know. it's one of those things where -- i didn't really make any decisions. >> instinct. >> i just kind of did what i felt like i had to do. >> before we let you go because i feel like this is so important especially for people running outside. you were not wearing ear buds or any kind of headphones during your run. i know you feel like that saved your life. >> yeah. >> explain why though. >> yeah. so i think if i had ear buds in, i wouldn't have heard the stick crack. and i wouldn't have turned. and in that case, i think it would have been very different just for the fact it could have
7:40 am
latched onto the back of my neck. i don't know how i would have been able to get the cat off in that case. >> we're so happy that you're here with us this morning. annie, so glad you're here. >> going on vacation too and went hiking. >> y'all are crazy. >> yeah. i was a little more twitchy than normal. >> i would guess so. thank you. coming up, the multi-talented and extremely busy john legend is going to join us to talk about "the voice," his wife chrissy, the kids, and more. >> then the stories behind stunning photos. we'll reveal the winners of apple's shot on iphone challenge. plus we followed a olympian's journey. he's using his competitive fight through cancer. he'll share his story exclusively with us. and what the nfl is now saying about the prostitution scandal facing bob kraft as he was seen getting off the plane with tom brady after spending the weekend in l.a. we'll have that right after this.
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7:45 am
and we are back, 7:44 now. mr. roker, a quick check of the forecast, looking out west. >> it's 7:45 now. there you go. time just keeps going. we've got flash flood watches, winter weather advisories, winter storm warnings pushing all the way from california into the dakotas. we're watching heavy rain and mountain snows, and this is just going to keep going on for the next several days for florida. flood threat for california, i should say. heavy snow developing in the sierra. we're talking about feet. wednesday it pushes up to the northwest, the snow will spread out into the rockies causing big problems. rainfall amounts, especially north of san francisco. we could see upwards of five inches of rain, rapid rise on the creeks, landslides and debris flows. again, that's money in the bank for california as far as the sierra with all that snow still
7:46 am
continuing upwards of 36 inches good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we can see some of the heavier rain still focused on the north bay and san francisco as well as parts of contra costa county. elsewhere it is mostly cloudy. we are seeing some very heavy rain just off the coast of sonoma and marin counties that will be moving in within the next hour or so and the potential of flooding will continue to increase throughout the morning and into early afternoon. you may not see some of that rain in other parts of the bay area until later this evening. scattered showers tomorrow and a break on thursday. >> that's your latest weather. hoda. thank you. coming up, a new look at rami
7:47 am
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i looked for realed ingredients for real taste. absolutely no artificial flavors or preservatives. knorr selects real ingredients for real taste. carson's here, bring your friend to workday. >> john legend is here. >> bring your co-worker to workday. >> that's right. you were great last night. >> thank you, thank you. >> we're going to interview john in a little bit. will you sing this song for us one day? >> yes, of course. >> could that day be right now? [ laughter ] >> the record sounds good, though. >> that's a no. >> we're going to t what patients don't realize is what they eat and drink is likely acidic and then what's happening is the weakening of enamel. now is the perfect time for a toothpaste like the new pronamel repair. this toothpaste takes it to the next level.
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it's 7:56. our weather alert continues with heavy rain centered over the north bay and the rest of the bay area on the outer fringes of this atmospheric river that continues to bring the flooding threat into marin, sonoma and napa counties. a very sloppy morning commute. whi going into the rest of the morning we still see the heavy rain in those areas but this system will slowly make its way into parts of the east bay as well as the peninsula and then by this evening we could start to see the rain in the south bay but it looks like it does take quite a while. maybe by 8:00 we'll see that rain over san jose as well as the tri-valley and then a quick burst of heavy rain that will taper off early tomorrow morning but we will still have the flooding threat and some more
7:57 am
lingering showers. i'll have more updates on that. let's head over to mike for a look at the commute. >> overall things are looking great, especially for a tuesday, wet tuesday. slow those speeds down because you do have a good flow of traffic around much of the bay. very slow at 280, getting into sf. 101 in both directions and getting down toward bay shore boulevard, watch that stretch. also in the east bay the freeway is jammed. highway 24 slow as well. let's show you what's going on at the richmond bridge. back to you. president trump's former attorney, michael cohen, arrived on capitol hill a short time ago. he's set to be grilled by lawmakers behind closed doors. questions may last hours and an nbc source says that cohen may admit president trump broke the law since becoming president. that full story on our home page. mountain view leaders get set to sit down with google to hear google's pitch to create two new neighborhoods with more
7:58 am
than 6,000 housing units. on our twitter food concludes the proposed location of those neighborhoods.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today," coming up, high stakes meeting, president trump landing in vietnam today for his second nuclear summit with north korean leader kim jong-un. >> i think we'll have a very tremendous meeting about denuclearization. >> kim arriving on his bullet proof train while back in washington, the president's former lawyer michael cohen gears up for an intense day on kap capitol hill. we're live at the nation's capitol and vietnam with the latest. plus, strength and determination, five-time olympic gold medalist nathan adrian is joining us live for an exclusive interview about his battle with cancer while training to swim in
8:01 am
the next olympics. this morning, how he's doing and what he wants you to know about the disease. and the legend is here, music superstar john legend is stopping by studio 1a. we'll talk to him about being the new guy "the voice," life as a father of two and what it's really like to be married to chrissy teigen, today, tuesday, february 26th, 2019. ♪ >> today is value's 50th birthday! >> good morning to my sweet girl bristol in missouri, mommy loves you. >> good day "today" from down under, we love you hoda! >> i brought my mom from corpus christi, texas. >> hi mom in brownsburg, indiana. >> we're from altoona, pennsylvania! >> good morning to everybody, welcome back to "today" on this tuesday morning. a nice crowd filling in outside. >> you know what i take away? >> what?
8:02 am
>> you have fans internationally my today plaza came in from australia. >> are we on down there? >> we are. >> because we had some folks last week from australia. >> they watched it. >> hello down under. keep those my today plaza shoutouts from wherever you are. share it with us, use t the #mytodayplaza. we'll find it, we'll put it on the air. let's get right to your news at 8:00. the stakes are high this morning for president trump arriving in vietnam for the nuclear summit with kim jong-un while his former attorney begins what could be damaging testimony before congress. we've got all of it covered. we'll start with peter alexander in hanoi, and kristen welker starting us off. hey, kristen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, president trump's former personal attorney michael cohen has begun three days of testimony on capitol hill arriving just a short time ago. today's session will be behind closed doors. a source with knowledge of what to expect says cohen will address what he perceives to be criminal conduct by the
8:03 am
president since he took office. another topic, mr. trump's financial statements, the potentially including details about his tax returns, and his involvement in possible campaign finance violations. russia will also be in the spotlight including that june 2016 meeting between campaign officials and a russian attorney. today's hearing is significant, but it's behind closed doors. expect those big fireworks tomorrow. that's when cohen testifies publicly. in a statement, the white house press secretary said today it is laughable that anyone would take a convicted liar like cohen at his word and pathetic to see him given yet another opportunity to spread his lies. hoda. >> kristen welker, thank you. now to hanoi where the president says he's looking forward to a "very productive face-to-face meeting with kim jong-un. peter alexander is there. >> reporter: good morning to you from here in hanoi. president trump arriving late this evening waving from the steps of air force one.
8:04 am
his arrival following that of the north korean dictator kim jong-un who received a red carpet welcome after a 65-hour trip from pyongyang, exploring the city tonight lined with american and north korean flags. >> the president and kim jong-un will sit down for a private dinner tomorrow night, this time tomorrow, their first face-to-face since last year's summit in singapore. president trump will be joined at that dinner by the secretary of state mike pompeo, his chief of staff mick mulvaney as well. already he appears to be re redefining success ahead of this summit. after initially declaring north korea is no longer a nuclear threat, the president said he wants denukization but emphasized he is in no rush. overnight there was a dramatic scene as the vietnamese government announced the white house press corps, the work space would be relocated, forced to leave the same hotel where the north korean leader was staying. i was in the lobby at the time. security officers demanded that i delete all of the photos i
8:05 am
had, ordered me to take the stairs so i wouldn't step on the freshly laid red carpet there. for several hours, we were literally holed up on the 7th floor, the elevators shut down as the north koreans secured the property for the, as they describe him, supreme leader. savannah, back to you. >> peter alexander in vietnam for us. new details emerging about the allegations against robert kraft, the new england patriots owner now formally charged with two counts of slis solis sittin prostitu prostitute. >> reporter: the state attorney here in palm beach county upped the charges against robert kraft and the 24 other men to a first degree misdemeanor. if convicted on those charges it carries a harsher penalty including up to 100 hours of classes learning about the evils of human sex trafficking as well as up to a year in jail. >> reporter: this morning robert
8:06 am
kraft is back in boston, the new england patriot's owner seen hugging his star quarterback tom brady after they flew home from los angeles on monday on kraft's private jet. >> we are charging 25 individuals with soliciting another to commit prostitution. >> prosecutors in florida now charging kraft with two misdemeanor counts of first degree solicitation of prostitution. >> i can assure you that our office treats everyone the same, whether you have a lot of money or you are indigent, we treat all defendants the same, and no one gets any special justice in palm beach county skblo. >> reporter:s investigators releasing graphic new details of kraft's two sexual encounters at the orchids of asia day spa, everything recorded on as many as five surveillance cameras. one of kraft's alleged visits, the morning of the afc championship game. detectives say kraft documented on video engaging in a sex act, handing over a $100 bill and
8:07 am
another bill and then leaving in a chauffeured bentley waiting outside. if convicted the billionaire and 24 others named in the investigation could face up to a year in jail. kraft could also face penalties from the nfl. the organization issuing a statement monday saying in part, our personal conduct policy applies equally to everyone in the nfl. we will handle this allegation in the same way we would handle any issue under the policy. kraft's florida lawyer not responding monday when asked to comment, but last week a spokesman saying kraft denied any illegal activity. now this high profile case bringing national attention to the issue of human trafficking. the national human trafficking hot line says florida ranks behind only california and texas in the number of cases reported. last year receiving more than 14,000 calls nationwide. >> this is not about lonely old men or victimless crimes.
8:08 am
this is about enabling a network affic women into our country for forced labor and sex. >> reporter: a lawyer representing other men caught up in this investigation has filed with the court saying that the police videotape, which is key evidence, was obtained legally. craig, without that evidence if a court were to decide it was obtained illegally, this case could very well fall apart. >> kerry sanders for us in west palm beach. thank you. now you've got a morning boost. >> hope you all like it, the hit toddler tune, you know it, baby shark. it's been making our little ones wiggle and dance for a while. i think this little baby takes her shark moves to the next level. take a look. ♪ >> look at that, come on. she is totally in. that baby shark phenomenon is
8:09 am
going to be with us for a long time. john legend's got a couple of cute little ones. >> she's so cute, it's worth getting the song in your head again for another -- >> whole day. >> 48 to 72 hours. >> you'll now have it in your head all day. >> she's got the moves. >> you're welcome, america. still ahead, the rocketmen, sir elton john's must-see duet with the actor set to play him on the big screen. but first we've got a legend in the house, none other than john legend right after this. ♪ which is a crying shame. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
8:10 am
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seresto gives your dog 8 continuous months of flea and tick protection in an easy-to-use, non-greasy collar. 8-month. seresto, seresto, seresto. . just close your eyes. we're back at 8:12 with the return of "the voice" and the legendary john legend. >> kicked off season 16 last night with the emmy, grammy, and oscar tony winner. kelly made it very clear they already see this man as a threat.
8:13 am
they don't want us to be together. they're haters. >> man. >> on the first hour of his first day, how am i the first person blocked? i can assure you it was blake shelton. >> no. was it you? >> it was not me. i didn't do it. >> blake always lies. >> blake is a liar. >> he blatantly lies. >> i learned i can't trust him. >> he holds the lie for a long time. we're in a commercial break, he's like it wasn't me. it wasn't me. yes, it was. how was your first day of school on "the voice"? >> it was fun. being blocked was a bit of a pain. i got some good singers, too. >> supposedly they think i'm a threat. they're afraid of me blah blah blah. all i know is i was blocked by every single one of them, and it's not nice. >> was it a no-brainer? did you want to be part of it? >> i was really into it. i had been a guest mentor on the show before. i enjoyed it, and i love working
8:14 am
with new singers. i love hanging out with the other coaches. i'm having a great time. >> is chrissy a fan? >> she is, yeah. we were both watching it last night excited. >> that was like the first question i'd always get. how's john? john's a great guy. when's kris p chrissy going to be there. >> it's like a drinking game. people have like ten shots already. one thing you learn about the voice, it's really competitive. the judges are serious. it's not for show, they really are out to get each other. >> it is competitive. it is competitive, but i'm very competitive. we want to win, but obviously we want to win for these artists and give them a chance to have their dreams come true. >> this show is sort of built off the idea of almost like radio back in the day, how you would fall in love with the voice first, and all the stuff we idolize now in celebrity and in looks, superficial stuff is by the wayside. your first day when we were shooting, you had your back to these singers, and you shut your eyes and you were listening. what was going on in your mind?
8:15 am
what would make you hit your button? >> i just want to get chills. i want to be excited by the singer. i want to hear something in their vocal tone that impresses me and moved me, and i turned around a few times because i got that feeling. >> do people by and large look like what they sound like? >> sometimes, but they don't always, they don't always. you never know what you're going to turn around and see. >> everybody who's on the show seems to be sing pretty well, so what's the like x factor where you go, oh, that person. >> i've heard a lot of singing, so for someone to stand out to me, they have to be special. yeah. >> they get 90 seconds to potentially change their lives. these guys can hear nerves through pitch, but sometimes they have to see through that. >> and there are plenty of good singers that can't deliver in front of an audience with chairs turned to you. that's the most nerve-racking thing. chrissy and i we did it for the
8:16 am
christmas special, she had to perform for us with us turned around. and she said i don't know how anybody does that. it's terrifying. >> can we talk about something that's been in the news lately, r. kelly was arrested and charged with a crime. you were one of the few singers who spoke out publicly against r. kelly. i guess there was a song he at one point offered you and you said no thank you. just your thought on this recent turn of events? >> i'm so glad that the documentary was made. i'm so glad that the victims got to have their voices heard, and i think them having their voices heard, this story being retold. it's been retold before, but i think being retold through that medium really brought it to a lot of people's attention, and i think it inspired the law enforcement to move on some things that they weren't moving on before. >> do you feel like you were unusual in your industry in the sense that you spoke out against them, you said i don't want to work with you. prior to this all kind of exploding again? >> i think it's been a long time coming. i think a lot of us kind of
8:17 am
tolerate it or look the other way on that issue for a long time, and a lot of people were being hurt for decades, and we looked away for too long. >> this is nothing new. we've heard about this in the music business forever. >> not even just the music business, with him particularly. >> there was a trial and i believe he was acquitted. >> the stories have been around forever. >> what do you think should happen to him? >> let justice play out. obviously it's difficult to prove anything beyond a reasonable doubt in court. we'll see what happens. but i think his victims deserve justice. >> all right, on a totally different -- >> no real segue here. >> no real segue, burp t you we at the oscars, recently, did you all not see each other? >> i wasn't at the oscars. i was at the "vanity fair" party. >> me too. that was a fun party. >> and then we went to jay-z's party after that. >> jay-z did not invite me to that. chrissy tweeted she really
8:18 am
boozed up on the night. >> we had some fun on sunday night. >> mom and dad's night. >> you don't go out as much, and every time you actually do it wears on you a little more. >> john, do you ever like go on twitter or instagram and see something that she's written and you're like oh, man. there was a time when anonymity used to be like a thing. >> no, she's good. she's very savvy. she knows what she's doing. she doesn't worry me at all. >> we love her. how are the kids? >> the kids are good. they love baby shark. >> do you sing that to them? >> luna loves it. >> she does? >> i don't know if miles -- yeah, he kind of likes it, but luna loves it. there's miles. >> i cannot handle, he's such a mini me of you. >> look at that suit. look at that tux. >> that is fly. >> so is he 9 months now? >> he's 9 months on the 16th, yeah. >> john, thank you. thangts f thanks for hanging with us. >> thanks for having me. >> you can catch an all new edition of the "the voice
8:19 am
tonight". >> isn't it fun working with carson? >> i love it. he's the light of my life. >> he's the laight of our lives today. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by marvel studios captain marvel, tickets on sale now in theaters everywhere march 8th. can't wait for that. march outlook, warmer than average out west in southern california and along the east coast cooler than average in the midsection of the country. when it comes to precipitation, normal throughout much of the u.s. except the eastern third of the country looks like it's going to be wetter than average. we're going to continue to track that. for today stormy conditions down through the gulf. we've got a clipper coming across the plains. it's going to bring some light snow, very chilly there and heavy rain moving into northern california with heavy mountai good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. live look at storm ranger showing the rain has shifted
8:20 am
north of san francisco with still the north bay the focus of some very heavy rain into the next several hours. the potential for continues for those areas while the rest of the bay area is mostly cloudy. a break on thursday. don't forget, if you're heading out look for us on "today" show radio, sirius xm channel 108. lots going on. >> mr. melvin. >> thank you. carson has made his way over to the orange room to show us some remarkable images. >> we've got cool stuff. the folks at apple set out to find some of the best photos made from an iphone. we're thrilled to reveal some of the winners. good morning, this is awesome. thank you for being here. what were the rules for people? what did they have to do? >> our shoutout iphone challenge was open to anyone with an iphone. we got submissions from all over the world.
8:21 am
one of the ways to submit was just to use our #shotoniphone. we were blown away with the photos. >> walk me through some of the finalists. these are the winners. this is of a basketball court. i don't know where. >> it's in hong kong, actually, and it's a beautifully colorful apartment building in the background. we love how the photo looks great like this. if you were to zoom in, you can see all the little stories and individuals and uniqueness of each of the rooms there. >> how about this one? >> this was taken in israel. it's actually a reflection on pavement of a heart shaped puddle. you can see this man walking by and catching that glimpse of life in the photo. >> keeping with the water theme, this is cool. >> it was taken from the inside of a car, believe it or not, and it's a creative use of depth and feel, the beautiful blurred background and the details in the water drops. >> how you guys narrowed this down. everybody's got an iphone in the most intimate of spaces. it's just incredible. >> it was definitely a task. >> here's elizabeth, this is a beautiful shot. >> i love this one as a mom. it just shows you you can take a
8:22 am
beautifully inspiring photo like this anywhere, and it elevates your memories as a child. >> how about the raccoon here? >> this was taken by a dad whose son loves raccoons, and it was just a great opportunity to quickly capture the shot, beautiful highlights in the eyes and the shadow detail. just a fantastic moment. >> how did you possibly narrow this down, you got so many submissions? >> fortunately we had a really diverse group of judges including pro photographers. >> where is their work going to be displayed? >> they could be featured on the giant billboards you see coming to a city near you, absolutely. in our retail stores, online, or maybe popping up in your social feed. >> you could do this with commercials and videos. you could do it with all sorts of things. >> we're so excited to have this show showcased. >> thanks to our friends at apple as well. pretty cool, guys. we all take pictures and try and get artsy here and there.
8:23 am
they're some of the best finalists in the world. >> were those doctored at all? >> was there filters allowed? >> you're allowed to use basic editing on your phone. >> pretty cool. >> the camera obviously is amazing, but the photographers, you can see their composition and their detail. it's incredible. >> a little pop start. last night on the tonight show, jimmy fallon gave viewers a look at what really goes down backstage. one of jimmy's guests, robert erwin wanted to gauge jimmy's opinion on which animals he should show off. from there a little spat ensued. >> alligator or a snake? who cares. >> who cares? well, maybe you don't care, jimmy, but i do. i've devoted my life to these animals. my whole family has. we love them. >> okay. >> you're a very bad person. >> okay. i think you're overreacting a little bit. >> what if i said who cares about one of your little knock knock jokes, huh?
8:24 am
what if i crapped all over your career, would that upset you? >> save it junior. >> you're lucky i'm here. >> put some pants on, okay? it's february. [ laughter ] he brought on a lovely house cat from staten island. >> open your eyes. >> and a >> i thought robert was solid. having some fun. larry sanders style. yesterday we talked about oscars, including rami malek. there was a photograph of him falling off the stage. paramedics treated him. it was believed that there was no footage of the incident until now. video from twitter, we see the moment that he -- there it is. >> you hear it. >> misjudged how close he was to the edge. audience members rushed to his aid. he was totally okay. that's scary footage there. he celebrated winning. that will make a boo-boo feel better. every year elton john and his
8:25 am
husband throw an oscar viewing party. they race money for the elton john aids foundation. this year, the man who played him in "rocket man," they performed "tiny dancer together." ♪ hold me closer tiny dancer ♪ count the headlights on the highway ♪ ♪ lay me down in sheets of linen ♪ ♪ you had a busy day today >> he can sing. no joke. he is incredible. great performance. it raised $6.3 million for the foundation. i think he will ton still ranks
8:26 am
as number one. >> you can't unsee that. nathan adrian on i am the nexti )m ... we )re in a microclimate weather a very good morning to you. it's 826. we are in that microclimate weather alert. the north bay seeing most of the action there. these live pictures of san rafael by san jose shows you the contrast of the line of the storm. kari hall has been tracking conditions for us. >> not north bay we've gotten anywhere from 2 to 5 to 6 inches of rain while we've not measured anything in san jose. you can see the rain continues there as this atmospheric river streams over the same area. as we go through the day this line of rain slowly makes its way southward but we may not see
8:27 am
that until sunset tonight and it quickly moves through by early tomorrow morning. rain in the forecast over the next several hours that may enhance that threat of flooding along with damaging winds. we'll monitor that throughout the day. let's head over to mike with an update on the commute. >> did you say wind? look at the camera moving because the wind is shaking it slowing northbound 80, both directions slow in the downtown area. live look at san rafael. slow around the bay but not too bad considering it's a tuesday. slowing southbound just past the university. we have a crash trying to get over to the shoulder. back to you. >> thank you very much. another update in half-an-hour. you.
8:28 am
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hi, good morning. hello, 8:30 now. it is a tuesday morning. say good morning to everybody out on our plaza. it's the 26th of february. boy, we're almost going to be to march by the end of this week. great to have everyone out. this is like a nice winter break crowd. hi, sweetie. yes, i remember.
8:31 am
oh, now, guys, what's with these cool hats you're wearing? i like your hats. >> that's right. take a look. there's a new attraction that's coming to universal orlando resort, the "today" cafe. >> what is it? >> it's going to be a taste of studio 1a down in orlando. it looks like our set which is really cool. it's under construction now. this is what it's going to look like. it's opening this spring, and it's going to feature specialty foods and beverages including seasonal dishes inspired by my personal favorite recipes. >> that's cool. >> you can even stop in, and we've got a unique coffee blend made exclusively for the -- >> i'm going to get you a 10% discount. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> that's fun. >> did you put some good oranges in there for hoda and craig? >> hoda and i are not the chefs at the "today" cafe. >> we're launching the today cafe fly away sweepstakes. the winner is going to join us
8:32 am
for the grand opening celebration. it includes round trip airfare, hotel accommodations provided by universal orlando resorts. >> they're going to be staying in a room with you and i. >> those aren't pillows. >> you two. >> we have a crowd moment, you guys. where's amber and helen? i actually want you to introduce my good friends amber and helen because we've met before, haven't we? >> yes, we have. >> do you remember when we first met? >> yes, it was right there when you were coming out holding your -- >> we were walking out of f.a.o. schwarz. >> it was last night. >> yes, i was walking over to do "nightly" and these cute ladies said we got to town, and you came by to say hi. >> and i hollered, savannah. >> you took a picture, and i'm actually carrying my high heels because i didn't want to walk in them. >> and it was so sweet for you to stop and take a picture with us. >> and you all are from corpus
8:33 am
christi, texas. >> my mom's first time, she's always wanted to come to the "today" show. >> we had just gotten to town, flew in, checked in and we met you. >> we're coming tomorrow. >> we're here. >> we're besties. >> thank you so much. have a great time. >> that's so cool. all right. since we're celebrating, did you know that today marks one year since sunny's arrival. >> hey, sunny. >> today's the day, we've loved every minute of it. we've been watching him grow up. he's going to be trained to be in the guide dog foundation. >> do you have anything you want to say, sunny? >> yes, yes. >> he went up to the microphone. just ahead, five-time olympic gold medalist nathan adrian is here. he's got his sights set on swimming in the next olympics. nathan was recently diagnosed
8:34 am
with cancer. we're going to talk to him about that, we're also going to talk about his can do attitude. then it's winner winner chicken dinner, valerie bert nelly is here with a recipe that's sure to become your family's favorite dish. we are celebrating 60 years of motown. i get to talk to the legendary smokey robinson, takes us back to the beginning, and he's going to tell us which current artist he calls the man. >> wow. >> his favorite. okay. but first let's get a check of the weather. >> starting with today, we've got snowy conditions through the plains. we're looking at stormy weather down through the gulf. breezy up in northern new england. we're looking at plenty of sunshine along the mid-atlantic states and the southwest. for tomorrow bitter cold in the plains. sierra snows continue. we're looking for some snows coming across those clippers bringing some snow through the great lakes into the northeast and more wet
8:35 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. our microclimate weather alert continues especially for the north bay this morning where heavy rain continues, especially for marin and sonoma counties. that's where we can see the flooding threat continue but then as we go into the early afternoon we start to see some of that rain shifting to the rest of the bay area and the tri-valley as well as the south bay by later tonight. we will see it becoming more scattered tomorrow and then a break on thursday. >> and that is your latest weather. mr. daly you've got a special guest. >> the most interesting man in golf. it's the golf channel's david feherty. >> i'm frozen. >> you just got back from mexico city. let's get dustin johnson, number one golfer in the world, he's only like the fifth player to win 20 events under the age of 25. what do you see from dj? >> it's amazing the amount of talent he has and they're just
8:36 am
so much younger than they used to be. he's like 35, he's one of the elders, but i think he has a lot more. >> you predicted tiger would win a major this year. you made a little news for that. who's coming into form for the green just about? >> well, i think tiger, the masters is the most likely, you know, one for him to win. you know, i think his game and rory mcilroy also needs that, you know, for his career grand slam. i think he'll be tuned to perfection for that week. >> your show started its ninth season, such a great show. i watch it all the time, last night with freddy couples, it's a two parter. tell us about it. >> freddy was -- most interesting, he is the most interesting man in golf, and it took me nine years to corner him. eventually i got him down to the bottom end of the baja peninsula where he couldn't escape. people think freddy's this laid back cool character on the golf course. he's like a box of frogs, underneath all of that, you
8:37 am
know, jumpy. >> what do you have coming up in the ninth season? >> we've got brooks koepka, we've got bryson dechambeau. there's a beauty. mad professor of golf, and in the first series we have tony fee na who set me on fire in salt lake city. >> you've got a couple of other guests i was lucky enough to do the show, too. he was a hoot. >> he could have been a great player if he hadn't decided tv. >> we got a chance to sit for a couple of hours and had a nice conversation about golf and life, and it was really great. that's what's so special about your show. con grtlati congratulations on the new season. you can catch it monday night at 9:00 eastern. >> i'm looking forward to seeing that episode with carson daly. up next, nathan adrian on battling cancer while traing
8:38 am
for tokyino
8:39 am
♪ [baby crib musical mobile] millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke. and some of them can't do anything about it. but you can. protect your family. visit
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we are back with swimming superstar nathan adrian. he has eight olympic medals in his career, and guess what, five of those are gold. >> when a recent cancer diagnosis took him by surprise, nathan approached his health with the same competitive mind-set he uses in the pool. he's in it to win it. we'll talk to nathan exclusively in just a moment. first here's his store are i. >> nathan adrian, building the lead. >> reporter: olympic champion nathan adrian is facing his fiercest opponent yet. >> adrian with a goal for the u.s.! >> the five-time olympic gold medalist made a shocking announcement on social media last month. he wrote i went to the doctor as something didn't seem quite right. i unfortunately learned that i have testicular cancer. on the brigt side, we caught it early. i have already started treatment and the prognosis is good. i will be back in the water in a
8:41 am
few short weeks with my sights fully set on tokyo. with a positive outlook as strong as his determination, nathan made his journey public. he was smiling in the hospital after undergoing laparoscopic surgery and back at the gym just a week later applying his competitive spirit to an entirely new battle. the same drive that propelled him to the podium in the last three summer olympics. >> my goal ever since high school basically has always been the same. it's always just to train hard and see how fast i can go. >> reporter: while under a doctor's close observation, nathan is now back in the pool and working toward two new goals, grabbing gold again at the 2020 olympics, and bringing awareness to men's health by sharing his story. >> and he is here this morning to do just that. nathan good to see you. it's been just over a month since you shared this on social media. first of all, how are you feeling today? how are you doing? >> i'm feeling great. i'm feeling great, i mean, you know, all things considered where we were, you know, like i
8:42 am
said a month ago, like i'm back in the water. i'm training. my doctor's lifted all the restrictions. it's about getting back on track where we need to be. >> take us back to that moment, life is so weird. like on monday your life is totally normal, and then on tuesday everything just flips and changes. so you were feeling, nathan, like just something wasn't right in your body? what were you feeling? >> yeah, well, you notice something's wrong -- >> what was it? >> and then you start to watch it. >> down there something was swollen, it was hard. and then you kind of watch it for a couple of days. is this getting better? if it's getting better we can get back to track, but it wasn't. after a couple of days you got to call your doctor. you got to say hey, hopefully this is nothing, but we got to look into it. that's something i learned from my mom, who's a nurse, my sister, my sister-in-law are both physicians assistants.
8:43 am
i know if there's something wrong you got to check it out. >> you connect with the doctors. there's the progress, there are the discussions about treatment. what about the emotional impact in that moment? how did you deal with that? >> it's hard. it's hard. one of the reasons why i decided to say hey, and open up about this and be public about it was, you know, one thursday -third os are going to sit down with their doctor and they're going to say hey, we got your test results back and they're not what we hoped, and that's hard. that's not something they prepare you for in school, and you feel so alone and so isolated. the more i looked into it, there's so many people that go through it, too. i opened up about it. so many people that were saying hey, me too. i had no idea. >> getting that diagnosis is scary because i think even knowing that a lot of people will be fine afterwards, just hearing the word has to weigh on you. so you went right into the mode of let's take care of this. so what happened? >> yeah, i mean, basically, you
8:44 am
know, for testicular cancer, ultrasound is ultimately what the diagnosis tool is. you get the ultrasound results back, and when they're not what we hoped for, you schedule a surgery, but with the medical system it's a little bit of hurry up and wait. after surgery you have to wait a little bit for your pathology results and then after pathology results you have to -- you make more decisions. this isn't black and white. >> right. >> it is, hey, you know, given what we know, this is the outcome based off of, you know, this treatment path, this treatment path, and this treatment path. i had a lot of great doctors who were willing to sit down and spend a whole lot of time with me explaining what each meant, and we tried to make the best informed decision that we could. >> so in the past few months we're beating cancer, we're training for tokyo, and oh, by the way. there's also been another major development in your life. >> and her name is?
8:45 am
>> ali. >> is she here? >> she's here, yes, look at that. >> you guys newly married? >> newly married, yeah. in september! that looks like a beautiful moment. wow. >> it was. you know, it was awesome, and leading up to it, you know, it was cool because people were like, you know, you don't understand it yet, but life gets better with this person, and i was like how, but it did. it totally did, and i won't be able to explain it either. it's been such an awesome, you know, melding of two lives into one, and then you know, when this came it was certainly this moment of, you know, how are we going to defeat this together. from that moment on i was like this is -- >> let's talk quickly just about tokyo. you're going to be there, tokyo? >> heck ya, i'm going to try. [ laughter ] >> so you're training and the doctor is saying all is good? >> well, you know, like i had said, it's not black and white. there's still a chance this
8:46 am
could come back. >> right. >> very treatable if it does, we're on close surveillance, but heck ya. i'm in and out of new york today. i'm trying to get back to the bay area as soon as possible so i can hop in the weight room, so i can hop in the pool with my guys and start training again. >> adrian, we are cheering you on all the way. >> yes, we are. >> we will see you in tokyo. >> thanks for coming to hang with us. >> congrats by the way. >> he's a honeymooner. >> of course by the way, in case you hadn't heard, 2020 olympic games right here on nbc. carson. >> yo. guys, coming up, hi. valerie bertinelli, the chicken is supposed to be incredible. this is the recipe, you do not wa to miss it.
8:47 am
8:48 am
we are back with today food. and valerie.
8:49 am
>> she made us laugh out loud. >> you host a thousand cooking shows. >> only two. >> they're so good. family food showdown is good. this morning, a chicken dish. >> especially a chicken bake. >> i wish people could smell how good it smells in here. >> where does your love of cooking coming from? >> i've been cooking longer than i've been acting. i've been acting since i was 12. >> why? >> my noni, my mother and my great grandmother was a chef. it's in my blood. it's meant to be. i will shoal you this dish. it's really delicious and great for this time of year. >> a lot of ingredients. >> i would suggest making a lot of it. i think a great home tip is when you are cooking and you are going through the trouble, just make more. then you have leftovers. i'm one of the fans of leftovers. i got olive oil in here. a great trick, too. when you marinate any meat, get
8:50 am
a bag out and get it in a bowl. it will hold everything in there for you. i have white wine. >> i know. >> i have partaken. >> i will leave you a little. is that -- >> these are chicken thighs. i love -- you can absolutely do breasts. don't be afraid of a chicken thigh. it's so tasty. it has so much more flavor than a breast. there are breast men out there, but i happen to be a thigh girl. >> why not both? >> i have fresh thyme. i've got fresh onion. >> that's white wine. does it matter? >> use cabernet. you do suggest -- >> the cheap stuff. >> no. use the good stuff. >> i want to drink the good stuff. >> drink the good stuff and put it. because you will taste it in your meal. >> i thought that burned off. >> you want the good stuff in everything. i will marinate this for two hours. >> this is a marinade? >> there's lemon juice in here. that's why you don't want to
8:51 am
marinate it more than two or three hours. >> red pepper flakes. >> i go through this quickly. you can go online. you will have the recipe. >> that's putting graphics. >> you massage your chicken breasts. or your thighs. these are thighs. massage thighs or breasts. >> oh, my gosh, insane. >> i love it. >> you want to marinate that two hours, no more than two or three hours. here's a leek, what you want to do with leeks because they can get really -- i'm not going to say dirty, but they do get a lot of sand in them. >> gritty. >> you want to get them in some cold water and let them come apart, and then once they've been in the cold water for a while you got your leeks right here. then you add some potatoes, little ones, and then you add some of your red onion right over. >> simple. >> and then more olive oil. and then you get this into the oven about 425 for -- it will say on the graphic.
8:52 am
you get that in the oven, you want these nice and tender. >> so while that's happening, you're going to bring your chicken out, and you're going to let it come to room temperature. you want to get all those beautiful juices you just made, you're going to make that into your sauce. you want to keep all these -- >> i would have thrown that out, it's in raw chicken. >> you're going to cook it so it's going to be okay. you're very right, you don't want to ever eat something that's been on raw chicken unless you cook it off first and you want to save these yummy bits too. you're going to salt and pepper these guys. i'm not going to get to that. >> that's okay. >> you want to saute these. i didn't put it up high enough. you want that sizzling, and you want to really get two or three minutes on each siede. you don't have to worry about cooking it all the way through. that's going to go back in the oven. you're going to bake it off again. >> there's a lot of steps here. >> it's so worth it. when you put all that into it, you can taste it. >> are those bread crumbs at the end? >> those are bread crumbs at the
8:53 am
end. all these bits -- you saute them with some butter and get them nice and crispy. you want to then get mustard over these guys. put the bread crumbs back on. by the end, you're going to have this beautiful dish. >> oh, my gosh. >> and it's super delish. >> it really is. it's worth every -- yummy. >> they're crazy. >> why do i feel like everybody else's chicken is better than my chicken? >> really? >> chicken is hard for me. >> chicken is probably the easiest in the world to cook. >> you cook it twice and it's delicious, crispy on the outside. mine's rubbery and crappy. valerie, thanks so much. you're going to come back in the fourth hour, right? >> i'm going to come back. >> be sure to check out the series premier of "family food showdown." that's sunday night on the food network. we're bk in a moment. ac
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> so you can fill your cart without emptying your wallet. >> plus, the voice of the little mermaid looks back at the beloved movie 30 years later. that and more at >> my daughter just fell in love with that movie, "the little mermaid". coming up in the third hour, being t right now at 8:56, our microclimate weather alert continues with heavy rain still falling over the north bay and spotty showers elsewhere for areas south of the golden gate bridge. you may not see that rain until 11:00 or 12:00 and this line slowly sags across the bay area bringing rain to many more areas that haven't seen it in the past
8:57 am
24 hours. as we go into tonight, it makes it into the south bay and also the tri-valley with some heavy downpours that will quickly taper off by early tomorrow morning. but we will still keep a chance of spotty rain in the forecast through at least tomorrow afternoon. we'll be tracking this and the impact of the flooding in the north bay. let's also -- we'll have more updates throughout the day, laura. >> thanks so much, kari. president trump's former attorney, michael cohen, arrived on capitol hill just a short time ago. he's supposed to be grilled by lawmakers behind closed doors. questioning may last hours. an nbc source says cohen may admit president trump broke the law since becoming president. our full story on our home page. mountain view leaders get set to sit down with google to hear google talk about two more neighborhoods as well as 6,000 units. more news on our twitter feed including the proposed location of those nablds. as rivers and c
8:58 am
to rise overnight- our team will be on the air early watching out for any problems! join us for a special edition of today in the bay.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" live from studio 1:00 a.m. in rockefeller plaza. >> and a good tuesday morning, everyone. craig melvin here along side al and sheinelle and dylan jacob ro. >> washington bracing for a huge week back here. today the president's former lawyer and fixer michael cohen starting three days of testimony on capitol hill. a knowledgeable source telling nbc news that cohen will provide evidence of criminal conduct by president trump since he became president. nbc's kristen welker


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