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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 27, 2019 6:00am-6:58am PST

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a very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. mike inouye is coming up with traffic but first meteorologist kari hall is tracking the storm for us. >> the storm is moving farther south but we have main concerns for the north bay with the flooding, rising creeks and rivers. looking at storm ranger right now, it's not as widespread in terms of the rain that we are seeing right now on the doppler radar and moving through parts of the peninsula with at times heavy rain here and there but not as widespread once again. and this storm will give us some breaks here and there, going into the afternoon, so as we go hour by hour, still some rain chances, even in the north bay, as we go through the 8:00 to 9:00, even 10:00 hours, and then approaching noontime, there soon will be hit or miss rain around the bay area, but we will start to see this tapering off, going into the evening commute, so i'll be tracking the impacts of all the heavy rain we've seen from the past couple of days and
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mike, you're taking us to the south bay. >> that's right, kari. you're talking about the south bay getting the rain now, as it had not been for the majority of this storm, we'ring looking at wet roadways and a series of crashes. there's at least two different ones, if not three, as you head south from saratoga down in toward downtown san jose, right about the 17 interchange, where we had a couple of crashes in the lanes cleared counter commute. your northbound commute looking great, really light. even though the roadways you could go at speed limit i suggest you slow down a bit. traction is an issue, a number of spinouts reported around the bay. over here 280 at hickey, we had the southbound side, crashes may still be on the shoulder. we're marking them down as areas of note. a big area of note surface street, a major road here, this is ygnacio valley road off of civic, not far from the b.a.r.t. station. much farther north is tree boulevard, that will take you past civic drive to the south,
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mt. diablo boulevard. consider those at alternates. kris sanchez is out there, and kris, be careful. you had live power lines down. >> reporter: there were live power lines down valley boulevard. we heard the wood chippers there, we think they are chopping down that tree and from this vantage point, even though we're far back the high power lines down across the roadway as well. let's show you the map here, ygnacio valley road between north civic drive and walnut boulevard that is closed and right now it sounds like it could be up to 14 more hours before this is resolved. this is video from right after that tree fell down. it's dark because a tree brought down the power lines, the ground was electrified, as mike, you mentioned, creating major hazard for drivers and first responders. pg&e is here on scene. by the way, this is a look at
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the pg&e outage map right now, that area in orange is the affected outage, and that is about 500 customers who are in the dark, even right now. we did talk with someone at pg&e, and they say they are working to restore that power to everybody right now. this situation serves as a reminder, though, when we see trees coming down in these storms that have high wind and a lot of saturated ground because of all of the rain, we don't know what's underneath. so you don't know if there's a big pothole, a sink hole or live power lines, and certainly we saw folks trying to come in this direction without knowing, and it is dark out here, when these lights are out. so if you come upon a tree that's down, make sure you just steer clear. in walnut creek, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> a lot of work, and good advice. thank you. >> 6:03. mandatory evacuations remain in place for people living near the russian river. it's expected to reach its highest level in more than two decades. >> just an hour ago the sonoma county sheriff's department tweeting this out, guerneville
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is landlocked. you cannot get into or out of town. all roads leading to the community are flooded. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us live in forestvillehi couldn't get to guerneville. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura and marcus. we didn't make it to guerneville. we showed up here just before 4:00 a.m., they kept us here in forestville, and i think you just sent that tweet by the sonoma county sheriff's department saying guerneville is landlocked. the sign behind me here at the cornerer of river road and saying the road is closed due to flood so long folks cannot get into or out of guerneville. i want to show you a map of all the places along the russian river that are forced to evacuate. you can see on there, more than a dozen cities, in fact, school districts are closed today as expected, and that could continue into tomorrow. of course parts of guerneville are definitely underwater and if and when it hits 46 feet, parts of downtown guerneville could
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even flood, so here is what the sonoma county sheriff's office is saying about this situation. >> people around here are really resilient. we flood out here all the time. once a year, once every other year it floods out here. people know the numbers, they know 32 is flood stage. they know 36 to 38 is not a big deal. it starts getting ail big deal at 40. when they hear 46 people take it serious and we are, too, and we hope people heed our advice, take precaution and get out of town. 'a smart thing to do right now. >> reporter: taking a live look at burke's canoe trips. this area usually floods, we saw that a couple years ago in forestville. it's already dealing with it this morning. we know the national guard is on standby as well for all this, guys. we'll continue to monitor things and provide another update in the next half hour. we're live here in forestville, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thank you. the russian river not the only place we're watching in the
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north bay. the napa river flooding as well. these are areas of concern. the napa river itself take a look at the live pictures right now, actually set to crest at 11:00 this morning. bob redell is there, he's going to join news our neus in our ne hour. in marin highway 37 shut down to atherton road. flooding caused the road closures. weeks ago a rain caused a levee to break, blocking westbound lanes for days. checking in with kari right now, so these areas really hit, the storm is kind of moving out but still the ground is so saturated. >> we had seven, eight, nine inches of rain in parts of the north bay, so all of that water has to go somewhere, even though as we track it on storm ranger, we see some of the showers have moved to the south. we are going to see it starting to drain into the low-lying areas, the rivers and the creeks and the water levels continue to rise, even after the heaviest rain has moved through. the napa river in downtown napa once again expecting to crest
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later on this morning, within the next couple of hours, and that will be about a foot and a half over flood stage, causing some of the agricultural land in the area and the riverbank to erode, and then for the russian river in guerneville, we are expecting downtown flooding, this will be cresting at 10:00 tonight, and we are already seeing it above flood stage, so it will be several hours in the massive flooding that we are seeing there will flood most of downtown guerneville, and we know that those evacuation orders are in place, so there is a shelter at sebastopol center for the arts. we haven't seen flooding at this historic level since 1995, so this is really something that something should take seriously and we will have all of the updates on that. you can keep an eye on the rain from your desktop and our storm ranger will also be a place where you can see where the rain is falling at the time.
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you can see our truck, just click on that, and it will scan and give you a closer look at what's happening where you live. this is the same storm ranger i'm using here on the air to track this storm, that's at >> thanks, kari. 6:08 for you right now. in washington, d.c., president trump's former personal lawyer, michael cohen, will testify in the public session. here say live look on capitol hill as you can see the reporters out there waiting to see what cohen will say, as well as present. he is appearing before the house oversight and reform committee this morning. >> all of this will be playing out as president trump is in vietnam. president trump and north korean leader kim jong-un are starting their second summit in hanoi.s" mcginnis is live in washington with more on both of these developing stories. huge day,umt is officially unde way. the two leaders having dinner tonight, starting their conversation, most of it will preendent trump going into this sounding at least very optimistic. he plans to sell kim on the idea that north korea could be an
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economic powerhouse, the likes of which in vietnam is enjoying right now. nobody believes that north korea will engage in any denuclearization, so that goal is sort of off the table, even if kim does end up making overtures. we will find out more tomorrow. we expect some kind of a signing or some kind of a statement coming out at the conclusion of that. meanwhile, while that is going on, we have michael cohen, president's former attorney, giving live testimony in less than an hour, starting here on capitol hill. he's expected to bring a dump truck of information about his years with president trump, including information that he believes incriminates the president in criminal activity. he's going to be presenting actual checks signed by the president, signed by alan the organization, having too with the hush money payments, one of them to the porn star stormy het knew and directed trump moscow negotiations through the campaign, and lied about it, it will also say the president knew
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about the wikileaks dnc emails that were dropped, and lied about that. he also will say that the president never directly told him to lie to congress but that lying became normalized under trump, and that it was just sort of implicit, and the president made very clear that that's what he was supposed to do. the white house is saying this is all pathetic, that cohen is being given a chance to continue his lies. the president tweeting this morning, he was disbarred for lying, and that none of it has to do with him, and that he's just doing it to reduce his sentence. marcus and laura? >> it will be interesting to see what he has to say. thanks, susan. you'll be able to watch the hearing on nbc bay area. the nbc news special report starts at 7:00 a.m. breaking news for you, overseas, tensions between india and pakistan escalating this morning, this after pakistani forces shut down two indian military planes over a dispute in the kashmir region.
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both pilots are detained, one injured. pakistan's military says the planes were flying over a long-established boundary line in the himalayas. the latest incidents following recent shelling by indian troops over the same border, killing six people. these are the first kashmir related military strikes since 1971. right now at 6:11, we are seeing breaks in the north bay but spotty showers throughout the day. as we look at the rest of the area, storm ranger just tracking some off and on light rain, getting the kids up and out the door for school this morning in rain that may come down quite heavily for a little while and stop and the sunomor rain. lmer at the been been.ike, we don't see the rain falling. slick roadways, and traffic
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visibly moving for the fast track crowded but this is not bad for the bay bridge with these conditions out there. a smoother drive slowing down the east show freeway. highway 37 remains closed both directions between atherton and 101, and that will continue for the morning at least, we'll track that. the south bay sees some rain, no major crashes, but a series of them at south 280, may see some activity on the shoulder, between saratoga and highway 17. a smooth flow of traffic around the rest of the bay as well. there is the peninsula, with palo alto, a little rain on the lens and on the road. back to you >> thanks, mike. our weather coverage continues on social media. we have crews across the bay area keeping an eye on historic trees, and power outages. as you're on the go, be sure to follow nbc bay area on twitter for updates. we'll bri y latest information on the storm's impact. facebook knows what you did, but soon there will be a way to delete that history.
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i'll tell you about it, when "today in the bay" continues. ((
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right now at 6:15, it's still windy, with some times of light rain moving through fremont, as you get ready to head out the door. we'll see the rain off and on, even some breaks with some sun peeking out every now and then. temperatures reaching into the low 60s. this storm is finally pushing to the south, but we'll still be left over with some scattered
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rain today. i'll be tracking that, we'll talk about what else is ahead, coming up in less than five minutes. >> and oakland 880 shows a smooth drive, but a shaky camera. that wind definitely an issue for bridges across the bay. wet roadways definitely a factor for your drive, tri-valley times are not too bad. and a very happy wednesday to you. stocks were lower tuesday on slowing sales from stores like home depot. commission. de until march 11th to explain thi misled people about how many cars tesla is making. musk had not gotten approval from tesla lawyers before he sent this out, and the sec says that violates an earlier agreement he made with the government. musk could be found in contempt. facebook says it will let you start deleting information it gathers about you when you surf the web. the company says a clear history function will roll out sometime
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later this year. a good reminder, facebook often tracks you when you're not using facebook. president trump of course in we'll talk more about that washington, his trade representative, robert lighthizer will testify before korng. a potential trade deal with the chinese. he's under pressure to hurry up. mr. trump wants a signing ceremony with chinese president xi in marla goe, florida. and fed chair jerome powell will talk to congress today about the economy. yesterday chairman powell said the american economy continues to grow, but warns about headwinds specifically with the trade war in china, and the danger of brexit. it's a good example of when we talk about things that don't sound like they involve you, what does brexit have to do with me. >> right. >> it could very well slow down the world economy. >> the economy, yes. >> it could very well have an effect on your job. >> very much so, thank you,
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scott. 5:18, talking about the big storm to hit the bay area. a live look outside this morning, a soggy commute for a lot of people out there. look at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's backed up. the roads are slick out there, at the richmond-san rafael bridge. no flight delays to report so far from sfo, and in san jose, finally the rain hitting the south bay. it was mainly centered north yesterday. kari's been tracking the storm for us. >> now that the storm pushed to the south, we are seeing some dry air being drawn into this storm, and it's cutting off a lot of the heavy rain that we were seeingefinity some great ,r miss as we get a closer look at the east bay, for the most part we've seen a half to an inch of rain since this storm started, and we've seen the rain coming down around walnut creek, and san ramon, that will be moving over toward mt. diablo, where we picked up about an inch of rain there. as we see the wider view of this storm, still some rain to the north of us, that has yet to work through the bay area, even though we will see some breaks, we are still not going to see
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this rain completely done for the day. so going into the 8:00 to 9:00 hour, some spotty showers for the east bay, the peninsula, as well as the south bay, and you still do see some rain chances in the north bay, sonoma county, and in those areas, we've measured five to eight, even nine inches of rain in some of those spots. and then going into the evening commute, it won't be as widespread, but there still may be some quick-moving showers passing by, as the storm system winds down. ddio for most of us, anywhere from about a tenth to maybe a quarter inch of rain. for travel conditions to the sierra, those snow levels are0 it will continue to snow throughout the day today, and even into but friday afternoon, we should catch a break, additional snowfall totalless s look to be to three feet of snow in those higher elevations. we will see a break in this rain going into thursday and friday, but by late friday night there will be a new storm arriving, this one doesn't look as strong.
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could still bring us some scattered rain throughout the day on saturday, tapering off on sunday, and then possibly another atmospheric river moving in between monday night and tuesday, that's something we'll be tracking with our temperatures holding steady in san francisco in the upper 50s. mike, you still have those traffic alerts. >> that's right, kari. this one on the peninsula again. second one for this area, this time a little farther south, headed north up toward 380, you see that cut over there. folks are headed over toward the airport from perhaps san mateo county. up approaching san bruno avenue. all lanes are currently blocked by a crash, i think they have a crew getting there, should be able to clear lanes shortly but that is a or headed up there right now and trying to get over toward 101 or 280 toward the city. keep that in mind. the east shore freeway moved smoothly and backup at the bay bridge toll plaza lighter than expected conditions there. highway 37 has the closure between atherton and 101
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continuing this morning and we're tracking that situation as well. the rest of the bay shows a smooth flow of traffic. looking at a little bit for the south bay and also coming across the san mateo and dumbarton bridges, remember overnight chp talked about gusty conditions all around the bay. the east shore freeway only 33 minutes to the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza, but again, across the spans, windy conditions for many folks. and also a note, some flooding reported in the north bay, some of the park and ride lots for golden gate transit so check the site, for the latest information on which lots arcted. back tu. "today in the bay's" bob redell s veo of the napa river on twitter. it's expected to crest a little later this morning, around 10:00 or @bobnbc for updates. to you, but you never ordered it. so do you have to pay for it? theission says no. federal laws prohibit mailing unordered merchandise to consumers and then demanding payment. as for the product?
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the ftc says it's yours. you have a legal right to keep it, as a free gift. if you have a consumer complaint, let us know, the number is 888-996-tips or online at
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powered by nbc bay area storm ranger. welcome back, everyone. 6:25. nbc bay area has been certainly tracking the storm for you. you see the radar in the upper left screen there, where the rain is still coming down in the
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bay area making mafor a soggy view. our team coverage continues at 6:30. a follow-up to an attack at uc berkeley. this man in black pants attack a victim last week there as part of a coneverybody i group turning point usa. the chancellor condemned at tack. today you can weigh in on the impact airplane noise has on your neighborhood. complaints have been skyrocketing across the bay area in recent years. the santa clara county community roundtable meeting on that issue is being held at 1:00 this afternoon in san jose. >> a lot of kids are up headed to school and in los gatos some of them are getting there via a new bus service.
6:26 am
>> the town of los gatos launched a pilot program for paid bus service with the intention of reducing congestion around four school campuses. the families have to pay $180 per student per semester. the pilot will continue through next school year. parents are sold so far, saying it's a huge, it's he parents to be able to drop their kids to school and they can go together with their friends. >> about 100 students are signed up for the school bus program. the town of los gatos will decide whether to make it permanent at the end of next year. team quofrage of weather continues at 6:30. there is flooding at two north bay rivers, next the evacuations and how high those rivers will rise. plus an urgent warning for anyone trying to get to the sierra. the problem the tahoe area is dealing with. and at 6:45, bombshell testimony. this morning, we know what president trump's former lawyer will tell congress in his opening statement, the crime he claims the president committed.
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and because is america's #1 brokerage site our agents get more eyes on your home so you sell for thousands more than the one next door. don't get stuck in the past. sell with a redfin agent. live look at radar -- powered by storm ranger. right now at 6:30, a live look at the radar powered by nbc bay area's storm ranger, as you can see, we are in a microclimate weather alert. >> take a look at some of the dramatic scenes coming out of the north bay. highway 37 in novato is closed again because of flooding. >> and now to the napa river, you can see just how fast that water is increasing there, the
6:30 am
water rising. bob redell is live this morning. and our pete suratos is further north at the russian river. he had to move once already this morning because the floodwaters just keep rising. we'll talk to him about that, in just a moment. a very good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. nbc b nbc bay area has issued a microclimate weather alert. "today in the bay's" meteorologist kari hall is tracking that for us. >> finally it's moving. we've seen it sitting over the north bay for a couple of days and finally it's pushing to the south and starting to break up. we're not seeing the widespread heavy rain that we saw, but we have light showers coming through, but the area where it is falling has kind of shifted. we see the off and on rain for parts of contra costa county, and as you get ready to head out the door, the roads are wet and we have some gusty winds. going down to the south bay, some light rain, but it has picked up in just a little bit for the santa cruz mountains. so this storm now starting to push to the south, and we're seeing some of the heavier rain moving out of the bay area, but
6:31 am
we will still have some rain chances threw the day. we go hour by hour and see off and on showers for the north bay, so we may not see this completely coming to an end until later on this evening, and at any point today, could you see some showers, a little bit of a break, maybe even the sun coming out before another round of rain moves in, but notice by the evening commute, we're not seeing as much of this rain on the radar. i'll be tracking this for you, we'll talk about how much rain we measured and how much more we may see additionally on. of that. >> much to touch upon. we are looking at a slowdown starting to recover north 280 at san bruno avenue. we have one lane open now, that is the good news. the bad news, i don't think they will eight get more lanes open for another half hour, possibly 45 minutes headed north toward the cross over 380 and 101. this thanken is aissue north daly city out of san mateo, getting toward the airport. get over toward 101 if you can. the rest of the bay shows a smooth drive, but we take you
6:32 am
over here southbound 680, a crash leaves one lane blocked, still slowing down through lavorna and slowing here at south 680 headed toward tree slick roadways, the rain falling down and ygnacio valley road the closure may last all day probably another 12 to 14 hours. a big tree fell down. live power lines, ygnacio valley road closed between civic and wal walnut. kris sanchez is following this. back to you. the massive flooding just keeps increasing there, the russian river expected to reach its highest level in more than a quarter century. >> and that's why mandatory evacuations in place for surrounding areas, including shutting down numerous schools in sonoma county, a map showing how many people are impacted this morning. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos there in forestville for us live. pete, i understand you try to make it to guerneville, it was
6:33 am
too dangerous and you had to move from locations this morning. >> reporter: good morning to you guys. i'm having a hard time hearing you, we're here in forestville, kept several miles away from guerneville. i want to get to this right now. forestville fire in this area, we know they left not too long ago because they're going to deal with an issue in guerneville, so we have them placed here but a little bi roa were on this morning at 4:00 a.m. there was absolutely no water there. you can see the russian river is definitely rising as that whole road is water. those cars there we'll probably not see them more than likely in the next hour as we continue to deal with the situation as the russian river continues to rise here near guerneville, where we're standing on river road in forestville. i want to direct our viewers to a tweet sent out by the sonoma county sheriff's department saying guerneville is
6:34 am
landlocked. you cannot get into or out of town. we're showing you why that is the situation. of course when the russian river hits near the 46-feet mark, we are going to see parts of downtown guerneville flooding. that's safe to say, because we're in forestville, and we're seeing what the situation is like here, and i want to show you guys some new video, this was right before our live report, forestville fire h homes in the area. i'm working to confirm information on exactly what they're going to check out. you can see based off of the video we showed you live not too long ago as well as this at ts trying to evacuate this area as fast as possible. >> at 42 feet, it comes in our downstairs, and we think this flood, what we've been given so far will go to about the doorja doorjamb. >> feeling kind of powerless over it. there's not much you can do. >> reporter: taking you back out here live, you see forestville
6:35 am
fire here, we know the sonoma county sheriff is staffed up for this, national guard son standby. water is rising really on both sides here in forestville, they can expect a busy day ahead for crews here in guerneville, and forestville. we're live here in forestville, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> certainly soggy out there. thanks, pete. the russian river is not the only place we're watching in the north bay. the pounding rain there caused the napa river to swell and this is forced shutdown of some parks and streets. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us from downtown napa, where the river is about to crest. bob? >> reporter: yes, laura and marcus, it might not crest as much as originally thought. national weather service was thinking the napa river was going to hit roughly 27 1/2 feet. right now it's just over 26 feet and the latest from the hydrograph predictions says it might only go up a few inches more which would be great news for the town of napa. we're right behind the hog
6:36 am
island oyster company, this is a riverwalk front that you could see is flooded here, as the napa river is making its way through the downtown area. we caught up with at napa police officer in the early hours, they've been out here, the city has been out here, the fire department out here, checking for flooding in the surrounding areas. the officer was concerned about what the river will do when it peaks. worried it could overflow and flood some of the main streets in the town. ba lake park flooded an area north. another park along the riverbanks is shut down. so far that's about it. napa river flood protection district upgraded protections along this waterway several years ago. it was a big project. the later storm is putting it to the test. >> great to see that it's functioning as designed, which is a big plus, and everyone seems really excited just to see it doing what it's supposed to be doing, which is providing flood protections for downtown napa, as well as it's a recreation area, 99% of the time of the year in the summer.
6:37 am
we have concerts here, jazz concerts, we host earth day, but this time of the year in the winter it's a flood control channel. >> reporter: napa fire captain was just out here within the past five minutes at the area we're standing, just trying to keep an eye on the river and he actually expressed some relief. it was his impression that this might be as high as it's going to be, that it's going to crest and hopefully start going down soon and that would jibe with what we're seeing on the national weather website showing the hydrograph readings we're a few inches below wha is supposed to be the peak level. reporting live in napa, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> some good news out there this morning. thank you, bob. all this rain we've seen in the bay area means so much snow up in the sierra. this is a live look, believe it or not, at interstate 80 at kingvale, of course on the way to lake tahoe. if you're thinking about driving that way, you can't. no cars there, because 80 closed
6:38 am
from colfax to verity, so it's making for a tough commute or you're just snowed in. >> a good excuse, there'snghe sy for the sierra. this picture telling the tale in the east bay. the bay bridge lightening up a little bit for the volume but the volume of traffic toughn the east sheer frwaeter over there but on the peninsula with north 280, only one lane is open, as you approach 380, folks getting toward sfo will have a problem. you might want to get over toward res of the bay is a smoother drive, slow across the san mateo bridge, just because of the volume, watch the dumbarton bridge as well. all of our bridges overnight had wind advisories, but right now, looks like it's pretty steady. >> okay. so all this rain i mentioned the snow, we saw that live picture from 80 moments ago, a lot of people love to head up there now. >> to see the snow walls, snow tunnel as we call it.
6:39 am
it's going to be really amazing to see, if you can get there, but right now it's still snowing and travel will be tricky, not only today, but tomorrow as well. so this storm system winding down, just want to get you out the door with a look at what you'll see, as you get ready to head to work. still some off and on showers, so it's not quite time to put down the that will bring in some more scattered showers. this one doesn't look as strong, and it won'to want to make sure you're prepared for that, and have a way to get inside in case you get ka ugt caught in one of the showers. s. if you plan to head to the sierra, that's a look at squaw valley, blanketed in a fresh coating of snow. there will be a little bit of a break on friday, especially early, but that next storm system coming in will bring that snow right back to the sierra, between friday night and saturday. santa cruz will see mostly cloudy skies on friday, and it will be cool, still kind of
6:40 am
breezy, and the scattered showers back in on saturday and sunday, if you do plan to head to jyosemite, tricky trying to get there with some of the road closures and covered with snow. we will see those high temperatures reaching into the low 40s on friday, and then off and on snow showers on saturday, but sunday is looking like bit. if you are gng way, so we will see some scattered showers there, and also those y, in our temperature coming up in about three , than. 6:40. next and all new another problem forever the dmv, the embattled agency is poised to run out of money. the impact it will have on your future trips to the dmv. big day for the president, nuclear negotiation and former personal lawyer is in congress where he'll show off canceled checks from the president. we'll tell you what they mean, coming up. also out to the big board this morning, the dow industrials lose 30 points.
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you're watching "today in the bay."
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nlgsds are. right now at 6:43, in the south bay mostly light and roads wet. in campbell we'll reach into the low 60s today. some off and on showers and breaks in between, too. here is a look at storm ranger showing some lighter rain and finally a break for the north bay. for now, we'll talk about what's ahead, coming up in less than five minutes. >> just like we talked about, kari there, is san jose and the water blurring out our camera. 101 traffic is moving well on slick roadways. up in walnut creek the top of the screen is highway 24, folks splitting off from southbound 680, look how slick and soupy it is on the freeway. kris sanchez is out there on a major road through walnut creek with a problem overnight still
6:44 am
going on. >> reporter: hi there, mike. a power pole came down when a tree fell on it. pg&e crews have shown up with a new power pole so they're working to resolve the situation. still the walnut creek police department expects this road could be closed for another 12 to 13 hours, talking about ygnacio valley road between walnut and north civic drive. video is dark because the power was knocked out in the area. the ground was electrified, creating a major hazard for drivers and first responders an at this point, if you're watching us via livestream on your phone or following on twitter, the reason you are in the dark is because about 500 homes and businesses pg&e customers lost their power when that line came down as well. so we will keep tracking this for you, we'll send it out on social media, in case you have somebody who can't watch us on tv. in walnut creek, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> got to be frustrating for a lot of people waking out without
6:45 am
power. thanks, kris. >> 6:45 for you right now. today marks day five of the oakland teacher strike. still there's no deal in sight. oakland superintendent claims that strike is costing the cash-strapped district $1 million a day. the oakland unified school district says only 6% of students have been showing up for classes during the strike. tonight, the oakland school board district, board of education will discuss the ongoing strike during its meeting. today may very well be one of the most important days in donald trump's presidency. >> so far anyway, scott mcgrew. >> so far. the president in vietnam, marcus, his former lawyer will tell congress trump committed crimes, and congress is voting to end trump's self-declared state of emergency, all of it today, very busy. let's start in vietnam, that's where the president is meeting with north korean dictator kim jong-un, this is the second meeting between the two. at the first meeting, president trump said north korea had agreed to disarm its nuclear
6:46 am
and have reporters giving us we the second summit, information also have a special report at 7:00 a.m. to bring you the testimony from trump's former personal lawyer, michael cohen. we have the draft copy of mr. cohen's opening statement and it is full of things that will end up in u.s. history books. cohen plans to say about trump he is a racist, "he is a conman. he is a cheat," a direct quote precisely. he used this spelling of conman, we'll be precise the way we write it when we quote him. he also plans to tell congress he has canceled checks signed by donald trump that he will show congress and also talk about the moscow deal. cohen and trump lied when they said the deal was over long befothe big question is, did tr was no deal. trump said over and over there cohen says he interprets that as an instruction to say the same thing.
6:47 am
i have no deals that could happen in russia, because we've stayed away. we could make deals in russia very easily, if we wanted to. i just don't want to because i think that would be a conflict. >> we're going to hear a lot about what the president said, but keep your mind on the criminal things, the racist things will come out today. it's the criminal things that will really count, for instance, the moscow deal, and a possible connection to wikileaks. cohen will say trump nuwcie leaks would publish the democrats' hacked emails ahead of time. a republican congressman deleted a tweet aimed at cohen threatening to reveal information about his personal life and offering to chat about it before his testimony today. congressman matt gaetz from florida says he did not mean this as a threat. again the man who knows so many of president trump's secrets but a man who has admitted he's lied under oath in the past will go before congress and the tv cameras at 7:00 a.m. our time.
6:48 am
>> i was just reading the statements, it will be a doozy. thank you, scott. new this morning, another looming problem for the dmv. an account used to fund 95% of the agency's expenses may soon become bankrupt. according to "the sacramento bee" a nonpartisan group predicts the nearly $4 billion account will collapse in a few years. a deputy legislative analyst says the state will be unable to pay down its debts, maybe as soon as 2021. the department is now dipping into reserves. he says if lawmakers do not take immediate action, it could translate into longer wait times, or higher fees. >> you don't want to wait longer in the lines out there. all right, looking at the weather out there today, the rain continues to pour down. >> yes but now the focus of where the heaviest rain has been is kind of shifting to the south, so the north bay has taken a break, but we still have some rain chances in the forecast. let's get a look at storm right now, before you head out the door, we are seeing some spotty
6:49 am
showers, seeing drier air drown into this atmospheric river, so it's not as heavy and widespread as it was earlier. as we get a closer look at contra costa county right now, the rain is off and on. even as you head out for your drive, it's going to be wet, and then you turn on the windshield wipers and off, turn them back on and off, that's the kind of drive you'll have this morning. here is a look at the south bay, we're starting to see the rain coming back into downtown san jose. it's been raining over los gatos and parts of the santa cruz mountains, where we're still adding up on the rainfall totals, even as the system pushes to the south, we are watching for the potential of some flooding in the north bay, and still some parts of norther sonoma county. looking live at san rafael this morning, it is so nice to catch a bit of a break, but let's talk about the rainfall totals. we always talk about venado and the area where there's a rain sensor and it's known for its enhanced rainfall, and northern sonoma county, yeah, check that
6:50 am
out, 21 inches of rain. we've had 12.5 inches of rain in mt. veeder, san anselmo almost ten inches of rain. we have video of the sandbagging around that area as they were to move in, and of course the flooding was the main concern around the downtown area so the businesses and the homes are all prepared for that potential of some flooding and that'sing c somethe have to continue to monitor as water levels continue to rise. back to rainfall totals, impressive numbers here especially in the north bay with yountville measuring nearly nine inches of rain. a live look in san jose, where we're just starting to add up on the rainfall totals. we've only gotten 0.1 of an inch of rain and in the santa cruz mountains 3.5 inches of rain. rain chances stay in the forecast for today, but do become a lot more scattered, another 0.1 to 0.25 of an inch of rain. we'll catch a break tomorrow as light, about well as friday and another weak are system moves in on saturday. we could be tracking another
6:51 am
atmospheric river on tuesday of next week so i'll keep you up to date on that. mike, you've had a lot of spinouts and traffic alerts. what is going on now? >> telling folks be careful. here is part of the 0.1 of an inch for san jose on our lens. it's a little blurry. make sure you have washer fluid and the wipers are in good order. as the sun comes up, reminder if the wipers are on steady and happen to be where you are, keep the headlights on as well. that is the law. we are looking at northbound routes starting to build, slowly, subtly building. san jose pushing up toward the rest of silicon valley. no major closures in this area, looking at a watch from patchy spots with higher water, big puddles in the lanes just off to the left there. moving a smooth drive across from the east ba in toward the peninsula, 84, 92. the san mateo and dumbarton bridges have wind advisory, so have the rest of the bridges overnight but haven't heard of major issues. the traffic alert one that's outstanding right now for the peninsula northbound 280, down
6:52 am
to skrus one lane just one lane 380. an earlier crash just one lane open there. the rest of the bay scholes a smoother drive. highway 37 still closed there between atherton and 10 1this is the closure, ethan is our live reporter and going to let us know if they open during the show. back to you >> thank you so much, mike. 6:53. breaking news overseas, tensions between india and pakistan escalating this morning. this after pakistani forces shot down two indian military planes over the disputed kashmir region. both pilots are being detained. back stand's military says the planes were flying over a long established boundary line in the himalayas. the latest incidents follow recent shelling by indian troops over the same border, killing six people. and next here on "today in the bay," flooding and evacuations in the north bay. dangerous waters, and they are rising extremely fast. here is picture of the russian river in guerneville. nearby homes already flooded.
6:53 am
authorities launching boats and our nbc bay area crews continue to be told to move back because of those rising waters. they're going to bring us a live report coming up in two minutes. 6:54 right now. you're watching "today in the bay." welcome back.
6:54 am
6:55 am
before you head out the door, here are the top stories on )today in the bay ) -- welcome back, before you head out the door, it is 6:56 and here are the top stories on "today in the bay." we're putting the radar powered by nbc bay area's storm ranger on the screen so you could see what is happening where you live. the rain is falling in many places but it's moving out of the north bay. >> however, there are still many concerns this hour about that area, mandatory evacuations in place for certain spots. the russian river is seeing
6:56 am
historic flooding, in the banks of the napa river, are also swollen. >> we have team coverage in both places. "today in the bay's" bob redell is in napa, but let's start with pete suratos in forestville, where things are changing quickly. pete? >> reporter: things are moving quickly. you got water rising on both sides of us here in forestville. usually when we're in guerneville we're covering this, we can get to guerneville, but that's not the case here. you can see behind me off river road, at 4:00 a.m. we were doing live reports at this area that you're seeing, obviously we had to move as a result of a flooding coming in from the russian river. we do know that guerneville has been landlocked so you can't get in or out, because of the obvious reasons that i'm showing you. mandatory evacuations are in place and they expect downtown to flood as a result of all this. we know the national guard is on standby. you can see the flooding is only taking place here in forestville, so we can expect a
6:57 am
s throughout the day. we're live in forestville, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> pete, thank you. now to napa, where the napa river swelling and shutting down parks and streets. >> bob redell is live in downtown napa where the river is about to crest in just about an hour. bob? >> reporter: marcus and law camera, right now the river is running around 26 feet, that's about a foot above food stage, we're by the hog island oyster company. our marker is the park bench and the river has been staying within that area, hasn't been going too much over. initially we thought the river would go up another foot and a half according to the national weather service but we've been tracking their hydrograph online and they indicate they might go up another few inches. a napa fire captain was out here moments ago and looking at the river and his thought was this might be as worse as it's going to get. that's a sign of relief. reporting live in napa, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> that will be much needed relief there.
6:58 am
thanks, bob. we are certain to see some rain backing all of just a bit in the north bay, which is of course great news. but we will still have spotty showers off and on throughout the day as the system winds down. here is a look at storm ranger, a lot of the rain shifting toward the south bay, as well as the santa cruz mountains. make sure you're following me, i'm @karihallweather tracking storm and if you have any questions about the forecast where you live, follow me on social media. >> thanks, kari. what about an update to traffic on highway 37? >> ethan our photographer is out there, we take to you the live shot. he talked to chp and westbound will be closed probably for days. >> highway 37. >> definitely, that's a long-term over there. this is actually walnut creek where this closure will last all day, looking at another 12 hours, where the tree came down at ygnacio valley road at civic center. these are the aftereffects of the storm. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay." we'll be back at 7:25 with a live local news update.
6:59 am
>> injoin us for more informati at 11:00. thanks for joining thus morning. congress. we want to have stations around the country join us so we will stand by just a moment. this is where the eyes of the political universe are at this hour, a hearing room on capitol hill where michael cohen, former personal lawyer to president trump will now take extraordinary hearing where he is prepared to testify to his years working for donald trump, what he knows of donald trump the man, the businessman and the president. he is prepared to allege criminal conduct by trump while in office. and he will claim that he implicitly was instructed to lie to congress on behalf of donald trump. there are explosive claims in the testimony he is about to
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