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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 28, 2019 11:00pm-11:33pm PST

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but the recovery might right now at 11:00, the water is quickly receding, but the recovery might take months. tonight, darkness did not keep some people away from the water logged homes along the russian river. nbc bay area sky ranger was overhead giving us a birds eye view. it is the worst flooding the russian river valley has seen in more than 20 years. >> about 2,000 flooded. the extent of the damage still not fully known, but we know it's officially a state of
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emergency. we begin with cheryl hurd who joins us in guerneville this evening. cheryl? >> reporter: when we got here about an hour ago, we couldn't see those windows, now you can, which gives you an indication how fast the water is receding. it wasn't ease getting into guerneville, a lot of the roads are blocked off and much of the town is under water. >> an hour ago, we didn't have a sidewalk. >> reporter: rob is no rookie when it comes to russian river floods. >> it's bigger than any of the ones i've been you there before. those cars were under the stree. >> reporter: his home was surrounded by ten feet of water. instead of out. if you see people in guerneville tonight, they didn't get here by car. they didn't evacuate. one restaurant stayed open. trees and flood waters are still blocking roads. >> i think i had six feet of
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water come into my house yesterday. >> reporter: thousands of people haven't seen what's left of their homes. when flood waters overspilled the banks a few days ago, it swallowed up several communities. the only way to get around is by boat. >> we anticipate that area is going to get flooded by about three feet, not nine feet. >> reporter: brian is seeing his home for the first time. >> my garage door is open for some reason, so it's not -- i don't know why. we're just checking it out. jus things. i'm alive, my aunt, my pet, my cat is alive. we fwo we got out safely. >> reporter: tomorrow, inspectors will be in town, and there be a major news conference tomorrow to let people know when they can go back home. reporting live, cheryl hurd, nbc
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bay area news. >> thank you, cheryl. so what is next? chief meteorologist jeff ranieri joins us now. jeff, a chance to dry out but more rain is on the way. >> looking at a brand new storm system. we'll get an update on the river revel. we have seen a considerable drop, the latest reading at 38.76 feet. we expect it to go below flood stage tomorrow morning and stay that way over the weekend. we know a lot of people are anxious to get back into their ho a damage, but you'll have to contend with rainfall tomorrow night. by 11:30, scattered rainfall developing. doesn't look too heavy tomorrow evening, but heavier rain will get here saturday morning. we'll let you know how much with this storm and another chance this weekend coming up. >> thank you, jeff. another notable town caught in this flood zone.
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this is a shopping district called the barlow, on the other side of laguna. that's a waterway that spilled over and flooded the area. it crested at 75 feet, that's six feet above the flood stage. our sky ranger was also over highway 37 in nevado. crews spent the day pumping water off of the highway. west bound traffic is still closed to 101 in marin county. it's not expected that west bound 37, not expected to reopen until next week. jeff and our weather team are closely checking all these water levels with the two other storms that are headed our way. jeff is tweeting updates 24/7. nine hours later, and police continue to go in and out of a home in south san jose. a suspicious death now a crime scene. this is near the 87 and 85
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interchange. and our reporter is live on scene with what we know so far. >> reporter: this afternoon, the san jose police department was called out to this home to check it out. you can see right there it's lit up by a flood light from the police department. when police entered that home, they found a dead woman inside. the street is blocked and taped off as investigators continue to piece together clues. nine hours after they were first called, they're still not releasing any information about how the woman in this home may have died. but the heavy police presence is raising curiosity and concern in the neighborhood. >> normally, the street is really quiet. so seeing this many police officers on our street is kind of bizarre. >> reporter: there are no obvious signs anyone tried to break in. and so far police have not released any information about who found the dead body in the house and who called for help. officers have been here since 2:00 p.m. this afternoon,
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creating a stir for some parents returning home from picking up their kids at school. >> nothing like this happens around here, especially midday. that's kind of scary to know that if i'm home it could have happened at any time. in the east bay, a candlelight memorial in danville to remember john moore. the 76-year-old was killed on sunday. he was a well-known businessman and former president of the danville rotary. his family says they still can't believe he's gone. >> i lost half of me by losing john. we had a wonderful 25 plus years, and we were planning on having a lot more fun. >> moore was murdered and the murder drove to illinois where he shot himselves. sipio dated moore's daughter years ago. there's trouble with the san francisco skyscraper and it's not the millennium tower.
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this time it's the sales force tower. two broken windows have some concerned. the global headquarters is across the street from the sinking millennium tower. jean elle joins us with the latest details. jean? >> reporter: the windows here at the sales force tower are double paned, and last week, the interior pane of windows broke, on two different floors on two different days, and they're looking to find out if it's routine maintenance or the signal of a much larger problem. the sales force tower dominates the san francisco skyline. now a little over a year after opening, it has an issue, two cracked windows. the department of building inspection says the inside pane of two double paned windows broke last week. a 12th floor window broke last tuesday, followed by a break on the 14th floor thursday.
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>> oh, goodness. >> reporter: people walking in the area say the development is alarming because of where the tower is. right across the street from the sinking millennium tower and next to the transbay terminal that's closed because of a cracked beam. >> the fact that the windows would break inside or outside, something's off. >> cracked window is not that bad, as long as it's not leaning. in a stant >> reporter: the department of building inspection came out yesterday to take a look, and have the property managers place temporary barricades in front of the broken windows. there is a plan in place to
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replace the windows in the next two weeks. jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jean. new at 11:00, oakland teachers could soon have some company on the picket lines. teachers are in the middle of a vote on whether or not to strike. a yes vote would allow the education association to call a strike if it can't reach a deal with the school district. tonight, the association held a town hall meeting to share concerns with parents. teachers want smaller class sizes and increased pay. >> we want to make sure that students arebl able to do the best work rs will have until ur students whether to strike. the association says they won't moch forward with a strike unless 90% of the teachers are for it. tomorrow marks day 7 of the strike in oakland. the negotiation sessions have gone all night and into the
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morning. teachers from across the bay joined oakland teachers for a rally today and marched to the office building and took over the lobby where negotiations were under way. the district confirms the latest offer is an 8% raise over three years and a 2% one-time bonus. teachers want 12%. president trump is back at the white house empty handed after leaving his vietnam summit with north korean's kim jong-un. the meeting between the president and kim was cut short after no agreement was reached. mr. trump says the regime agrees to partial denuclearization, but wanted too much in exchange. >> they wanted to denuke certai program. >> this was just the second time ever that a sitting u.s. president had met with the north korean leader. we are back in 60 seconds. up next, turning something old into something new. facebook's man to repurpose an old rail bridge.
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it i us between redwood city and newark. it carries about 80,000 cars a day, but how about a train? yes, there's talk of rebuilding the rail bridge thanks to facebook. the last time the bridge was used, nearly 40 years ago by freight train. details are still in works, but the public got to hear about it tonight in fremont. it plans to break ground in 2022. >> i have more respect for facebook getting things done than the local government. if facebook is pushing it, yeah,
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it will get done, otherwise, we could be going for another 10, 15 years. >> the estimated cost of the bridge is around $2 billion. there will be another public meeting saturday. we have new details on the pipeline explosion in san francisco earlier this month. that fiery explosion destroyed a popular chinese restaurant and prompted 100 people to be evacuated. this is right near the usf campus. a recovered gas mage consistent ruptured by a third party excavator. thankfully, no one was hurt. f speculation, pg&e believes it will be blamed for causing the fire last november in butte county. the fire, the most destructive in state history, gutted much of the county, including the city of paradise. 85 people died and more than 18,000 buildings burned down. today, with paperwork filed with the government, pg&e said "the company believes it is probable that the equipment will be
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determined to be an ignition point of the 2018 camp fire." sky ranger over a heartbreaking scene in san francisco. the search resumed this morning for the body of a woman buried in a landslide one week ago. bulldozers worked to clear the skin but no sign of the woman. in an interview, her boyfriend spoke about his loss. >> she's a really special person. >> reporter: holding back tears, shawn talks about what he misses most about his gift, keira sunshine scarlet. >> listening to her laugh. >> reporter: he says the 22-year-old loved the beach and last friday was walking with her friend and dog iris in san francisco when a landslide collapsed on top of them. the dog made it out and her friend was partially buried but pulled out to safety. >> it's hard for her friend right now. she's very -- having a very hard time. >> reporter: keira wasn't found.
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after 50 plus firefighters spent hours digging, the rescue effort turned into a recovery effort, and keira was presumed dead. just this past december, keira posted a facebook photo near the landslide area. >> i wanted to go there, but i -- it's really hard for me. >> reporter: today, u police kept dog walkers from the trail leading to the beach where recoveryhe recent storm. shawn shared some of her writing. he said she worked for a construction company and was raised in utah. in a statement her family described her as a beautiful, amazing, sweet woman. >> very sad for her friends and families. the district attorney will announce tomorrow whether he'll file criminal charges against four deputies. last october, those deputies
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tased the 32-year-old who died in the hospital. a car crashed into a marijuana dispensary. this is an international inseminary. deputies tried to stop the car because it was connected to a few robberies. that's when the car sped off. the driver and two passengers were arrested. and in san francisco, the red tape has been cut and the city is about to see a thousand new units. or as the city calls them, accessory dwelling units. they can be a converted garage or extension added to your home. last year san francisco's mayor ordered it as a way of easing the affordable housing crisis. today, the city made the deadline. >> all of the 919 units that were stuck in review were acted upon and that backlog is cleared. >> half are subject to rent control, while high tech has brought prosperity to san
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francisco, it's resulted in sky high rent. let's get back to sonoma county where the flood waters are receding but it will be a while before the communityks dry out. this video from guerneville, you can see a lot of those cars still under water. one of the more gut wrenching stories, we've been following scott simpson. he returned to his evacuating on tuesday night. rising water turned everything this his home upside down. even the refrigerator was tipped over. he moved in on sunday after losing his old house in the 2017 tubbs fire in the santa rosa area. >> what am i doing? am i doing something so tragically wrong that like this stuff keeps getting thrown at me. >> one of the only belongings that survived the fire and flood this buddhist symbol, a symbol
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of inner peace that he hopes will get him through this disaster. >> there's so many hidden dangers after a flood. you might have mold in the dry wall, so a lot of people will have to cut out the lower third of their walls to get that cleaned out. there's just so much of that stuff ahead. so we want this water to go down so people can get things assessed. it seems like with any kind of situation like that, you can't do it soon enough. we are starting to see the russian river dropping, a considerable drop from this time last night when it did crest at 45.38 feet. we're now down to 38.76. we exp i to go below flood stage tomorrow morning and stay that way through this weekend, dehat we have rain coming in. we also want to update you here, which brought also some major flooding here. this crested at 75.20 feet, now
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it's down to 71.07 and this will drop below flood stage friday, saturday, and sunday. where do we head from here? i don't see any rainfall for tomorrow. some sunshine for the south bay. a little sun in the north bay. once we hit tomorrow night, that's when our next storm system lines up. scattered rain possible at 11:30. we'll get into the heavier rainfall. that's going to set your nerves on edge in mamarin, napa, sonom counties, but nothing compared to what we went through. it's going to move in and out. so heavy rain at 5:30 in the morning. by the afternoon, it's gone. there is nothing showing this storm system hanging around. so you have to get through the morning hours. after that, you can get back to whatever you're doing there to try to get things in order up across the north bay. rainfall totals, anywhere from half an inch to maybe 1 and a
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quarter inches. we're looking at half to one inch and half to one inch here from the south bay over to the east bay. we may have some isolated flood issues because everything is just so water logged. a few trees may come down. the ground is just saturated. road closures in the sierra, just a tremendous amount of snow, fell. feet over snow over the past severaldays the good news, if you're heading up to lake tahoe, snow report tomorrow is a decent day to travel up there. you want to check the roidads. and once you do, of snow saturd sunday. the resorts are open, starting to dprogroom them, which is gre. just please be careful on your way. it's definitely going to be slick. on my extended forecast, more dry weather on monday. then we're still watching out for this possible atmospheric river event by next week.
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wednesday looks like the storm day. early estimate is one to two inches of rainfall. we'll narrow down the totals. it's just the way the atmospheric richver event happened. you've got the same rain forecast here for the inland valleys. so saturday, morning rain, after that, the rest of the weekend looks fine. hopefully next week's event stays to theth of usff. up next, a long awaited announcement from tesla. how you can get behind the wheel of a more affordable version of the model three. it )s something
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don't repair the damage done during the week. the sheep deprivation cause more snacking at night, weight gain, and experts recommend seven hours a sleep every night. youtube is addressing concerns over videos featuring young children. the video sharing website is turning off the comment section on most videos which feature kids 13 years or younger. a recent report illustrated how pedophiles use the comment section to communicate with each other. that prompted advertisers to boycott the sites. tesla is making good on its promise of a $35,000 model three. you can order the car now. the company is offering what it calls the standard version of the model three. the difference, a smaller battery that goes 220 miles between charges, and a slightly different interior. it starts out with $35,000. tesla says to make this option happen, it's closing show rooms
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and shifting sales online. up next, a bay area native helps bury the warriors tonight. we'll show you what he did. happening now, another recall, more than 500,000 cars for engine failures that could cause fires. the korean aumaker has recalled more than 2.3 million cars since 2015 for engine related issues. we'll be right back with more news. alright, let's talk perks!
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tonight. thereas no magic in orlando for the warriors tonight. >> five games in eight days, which is a grueling road trip, even if you're going the florida. and you play without k.d. and iguodala out of the lineup, that doesn't happen. warriors and imagine imagic, ths go cold and the magic heat up. this is aaron gogordon, he give orlando the lead. the warriors lose 103-96. bryce would have been nice,
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but not meant to be. bryce harper said no to the giants and is signing with the phillies instead. today, the 26-year-old agreed to a record deal with the phillies, 13 years, $330 million. the giants offered harper a 12-year deal worth $310 million, but harper said no thanks, i'm going with the bigger movie. so no bryce, but we have mad bum. tomorrow, the giants and reds live from scottsdale stadium right here. mad bum scheduled to pitch. our coverage begins with john miller at 6:00. vip screening in the east bay for a powerful documentary. that's next. what's better than having fast, reliable wifi with coverage throughout your home? how about having internet that can help you save on wireless phone service? xfinity gives you the fastest speeds for all your devices. plus, now that xfinity mobile is included,
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this week )s storms is still being felt. we )re back live in t a break from the rain. >> the aftermath of this week's storm is still being felt. >> plus, a first look inside san francisco's newest hospital. the new technology that will be used when the next big earthquake hits. the vip screening in oakland for a powerful documentary called "hope and fear," covering the history of the civil rights movement and how television played a major role. it explains how dr. martin luther king, jr., used media to his advantage to share his message. we spoke with belva davis, the
11:33 pm
first african-american female reporter on the west coast. >> the media changed the world in letting you know there was all of this going on, all of this ill treatment of people. and nobody knew it. >> she's a local legend here. our morng discussion toni ne this n comcast production. it is available on demand right now. >> powerful. >> should be nice. before we go, the weekend is here. we'll have a little bit of rain. >> it looks like tomorrow we'll stay dry. by about 11:00, we'll see that rainfall starting to move near the coastline. then on saturday morning, half inch to one inch, the heaviest from 1:00 a.m. to about 9:00 in the morning. we then clear out saturday afternoon which is a spotty chance of a shower on sunday. dry monday, and we could get
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into heavy rain next wednesday. about one to two inches of rain is possible. if you're going this yeanywhere weekend, one to four inches of snow. >> thank you, jeff. see you tomorrow. >> bye. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests --


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