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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 1, 2019 4:30am-5:01am PST

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or more touchdowns. get the immune support that gives you more. airborne gummies have 50% more vitamin-c than emergen-c... plus our crafted blend of vitamins, minerals and herbs. airborne. but d and a good friday morning to you. a break in the rain today but don't relax too much yet. we're tracking three more storms headed right here to the bay area. and good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia today. we get right to the forecast. i like you labeled each of the storms, get ready for it, get ready for it, get ready for it. >> we're relaxing today but there will be more rain on the way starting tomorrow, with rain that you're seeing up around portland, sliding down to the bay area, as we head into tomorrow morning. right now, we're waking up, walking out the door to some dry weather, a few more clouds starting to move in, and the clouds will continue to increase
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today, with some peeks of sunshine early, mid-40s, as you start out, but then we'll reach into the mid-50s by later this morning. so we'll take a look at all of our microclimates coming up. vianey, anything happening out there early on the roads? >> no, it's friday morning and the roads are finally, probably for the most part dry, with the exception of the storms we have on the way, but as i was making my way out to this report, i did notice an accident popped up and it looks to be along 880, so i will go ahead and check out the details on that, as far as the chp goes. as far as the rest of the bay area, we're doing pretty well. bay bridge toll plaza is already getting pretty busy. it is a friday morning so we're expecting friday morning commute to be a little bit more light than a monday commute but still plenty of folks trying to finish out the work week. back to you. >> thanks, vianey. new video this morning from the south bay, a enabled chansh by the discovery of a woman found dead in her home. police were called to the home
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on knollfield way in south san jose. only a short time ago, the coroner finally removed the woman's body. so far, police are not saying anything about how that woman died, but they did say homicide investigators were there, and they say that there were no signs of forced entry. in the north bay now, the water is quickly receding, however, the recovery process is going to take months. it is the worst flooding the russian river valley has seen in more than 20 years, and we now know that 2,000 homes are flooded. inside many of those homes, it looks like a major earthquake stru struck. a state of emergency is being declared. "today in the bay's" cheryl hurd reports from guerneville where sonoma county sheriff's office is working to reopen the town to residents this afternoon. >> an hour ago, we didn't have a sidewalk. >> rob holmes is no rookie when it comes to russian river floods. >> it was bigger than any of the ones that i've been through before. the one i was just living
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through, i feel sorry for my neighbors. >> his home was surrounded by ten feet of water. instead of evacuating, he decided to ride it out. if you see people in guerneville, they didn't get here by car. they didn't evacuate. one restaurant stayed open. >> two burgers. >> trees and floodwaters are still blocking roads. >> i think i had probably six feet of water come into my house yesterday, and i haven't seen it yet, so. >> thousands of people haven't seen what's left of their homes. when floodwaters overspilled its banks a few days ago, it swallowed up several communities. the only way to get around is by boat. >> we anticipate that that area is going to get flooded by about three feet, not nine feet. >> brian pettinghouse is seeing his forestville home for the first time. >> my garage door is open for some reason, it's not, i don't know why, so we're just checking
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it out. >> it's all part of life. what i might see is just stuff and things, and i'm alive. my aunt, my pet, my cat is alive. we got out safely. >> cheryl hurd, "today in the bay." >> 4:34. this morning we did learn that one person died in the floodwaters in humboldt county. according to sheriff's deputies, the man was trying to walk on his farm through a barn in four to five feet of water, when he got swept up in a fast-moving current. two other people tried to rescue him using a tractor, but the tractor stalled, and they were unable to reach him. as the oakland teacher's strike enters its seventh day, other teachers in contra costa county may hit the picket lines. teachers in san ramon are also asking for more money. "today in the bay's" bob redell live for us in san ramon, and bob, what's going on there? >> marcus, the 1700 teachers who work at walt disney elementary and other schools in san ramon have been voting since monday on whether or not to strike. the deadline for that vote is
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tonight. last night, the san ramon valley teachers association, that's the union who represents the teachers, they held a town hall with parents to share their concerns and explain their position. the teachers are fighting for higher pay. the current offer from the district is a 3% salary increase for this year. the teachers also want more nurses, librarians, counselors, and smaller class sizes. >> we have right now large class sizes, and that is not good for our students. we want to make sure our students are able to develop relationships with their educators, and our educators are able to do the best work possible to serve our students. >> the district and association are still in negotiations. teachers have until 5:00 tonight to submit their vote on whether or not to strike. the association says it won't move forward with the strike unless 90% of the teachers are for it. and in oakland, just west of where we're at, teachers there
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will head back to the picket lines in a couple hours for day seven of their strike. there does seem to be a glimmer of hope this might be resolved soon. both sides negotiated until 3:00 wednesday morning, and 5:00 yesterday morning. the district has raised its offer to an 8% raise over three years and a 2% one-time bonus. the teachers are still asking for a 12% raise over three years. according to "the east bay times" negotiations are "bringing some progress." reporting live here in san ramon, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> bob, hearing from a lot of parents there, hoping a resolution comes soon. thank you. in just a few hours the man charged with killing a woman at a b.a.r.t. station returns to court and we're expecting to find out the results of a mental health evaluation. john lee cowell is accused of stabbing 18-year-old nia wilson to death at the macarthur b.a.r.t. station last july. wilson's sister was also stabbed. cowell could enter a plea in the case today as well. also due in court today an
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australian man accused of vand laysing b.a.r.t. trains. mathy wyden is expected to be sentenced after entering a guilty plea, accused of painting graffiti on b.a.r.t. trains in millbrae, daly city and richmond and concord yards. he was arrested back in december at sfo. coming up here on "today in the bay," a bay area relationship coming to an end. gap and old navy splitting. the plans for the two companies moving forward. plus, could you go 24 hours without using your cell phone? something about the annual event that encourages people to take a mobile phone detox. for 50 years, cracker barrel
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good morning, i'm frank holland at cnbc global headquarters. here are today's top business headli headlines. wall street is set to open up higher. dow futures up 180 points. yesterday stocks slipped as a gdp report was offset by president trump's summit with north korea leader kim jong-un. investors today can expect data on manufacturing, consumer spending and consumer sentiment. big retail news. gap and old navy are separating up. they will become two independent companies by 2020. gap announcing the split thursday saying one company will comprise the old navy grand and the another yet to be named will encompass the namesake gap brand along with specialty brands like
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intermix, banana republic. gap company is expected to bring in $9 billion in annual sales and old navy already rakes in $8 billion in annual sales alone. you can get in all of the screen time while you can. tonight kicks off the tenth annual national day of unplugging. the event is a 24-hour tech det detox, encourages users to unplug from their devices and connect with themselves and their loved ones instead. it can seem almost impossible to completely unplug, it can be done. more than 60,000 people from all across the world took part in the initiative last year, but we want to definitely wait until tonight and not do it during "today in the bay," of course. back over to you, marcus and kris. >> i'm sorry, i didn't hear what you said, frank. i was on my phone. what was that? just kidding. >> i will respect the movement but not take part. >> not on a friday night. what if you have something cute on instagram. >> or dapper. >> cute is good. thank you, frank. >> thanks, frank. >> you're free to go.
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coming up on "today in the bay," kari hall tracking more rain for this weekend. >> yes, we're enjoying our nice little break today, as we are going to get some sunshine, but those clouds will quickly roll in. here is a live look in palo alto this morning, with our temperatures in the mid-40s to start. it will be a cool day. we'll talk about what's ahead with that next round of rain coming up. >> pretty well out there, we have a report though of a crash in oakland, so if you're traveling along northbound 880, i'll have details on a crash that may be blocking some lanes. looks like a tow truck is en route. i'll have all the details coming up.
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. it is just about 4:45 right now. we're looking live at the transamerica building. we can see it because the storm rolled out but there's another one, and another one, and another one on the horizon. we'll talk with kari in a little bit. as urban life encroaches on nature, it is nice to know everyone still follows the rules of the road, like these guys. these deer in colorado springs taking after the locals using the crosswalk and crossing on the green light. you hear that, that's a little kid giggling about that crossing. but good lesson, child, see how they cross on the green? >> that's pretty unique to see. >> it's cute. >> not running in the middle of everything. >> i've seen people walking on horseback alum rock roarea, use
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that in the crosswalk and hills as well. that's cute. >> cute. you want to go out on your horse today. >> take advantage because we are enjoying dry weather and temperatures are cool to start. it will be a milder afternoon, but we will also start to see some more clouds moving in. as you step out the door in napa and santa rosa, it is 42 degrees, and 46 in san jose. and martinez will also be in the low 40s this morning, but then we start to see those temperatures getting milder, going into late morning, early afternoon. we'll be at 57 degrees at noon, eventually our highs reaching into the low 60s in concord and antioch, and 56 in san francisco today. 56 in half moon bay and in palo alto today 59. here is a live look outside in san jose, and this may be your view out the window as you're getting dressed. we are going to need still a jacket to start out the day, and then maybe some jeans or pants, maybe it's casual friday at the office. we will see a lot of clouds today, and then here we are, early tomorrow morning, and the
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rain will be back, and this one starts out in the south bay, then kind of rolls to the north. we'll see the off and on rain through at least saturday morning, at about 9:00 to 10:00, before it starts to taper off. it does become more scattered throughout the day, but there will still be rain chances in the forecast at any point, anywhere across the bay area on saturday, and then still some lingering showers on sunday. we will see the clouds sticking around for sunday into monday, and then the next storm system moving in that will be here on tuesday into wednesday, and then of course, we were talking about it, there is another storm right behind that. it looks like at least for the next system moving in, rain will be a lot lighter, and more focused on the santa cruz mountains, and the south county, but we could still see about a half to three-quarter inches of rain for the north bay. when the next system comes in, we're going to add more rain on top of that. another inch to two inches with the atmospheric river. and if you are planning to go to the sierra, today is looking good, but tomorrow, the snow
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will be back, so today is your travel day, and then get there before that snow starts to come down and make plans to not come back until monday, because that's when we get our next break. and that's what we see also in terms of rain for the bay area, with some off and on showers for tomorrow into early sunday. monday is looking nice, and then on tuesday we'll be preparing for that next round of some heavy rain. so we'll have more updates on that and vianey, it's still good out there on the roads. >> it is, especially because it's dry, so folks, if you didn't learn anything from the last one in terms of getting the windshield wipers up to date and new tires, do that because we have more rain on the way. i was going to check on the crash along 808 in oakland and that's what i did, but first, here is a look at the overall bay area, the south bay is doing well. we have the peninsula, no crashes to report in through there or east bay for the most part, fremont is doing okay. we did see a crash just pop up and chp is reporting a crash
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along northbound 880 near the embarcadero exit. a vehicle may be in some lanes and also reporting a tow truck is on the way and is required along with a bit of a traffic hazard, which means there could be some debris out on the roads. as far as the speed sensors go, we're not seeing slowing on our speed sensors so hopefully since they're on the way, they can get this cleared out in time and doesn't look to be an injury accident which is great news to hear this early in the morning. let's look at the live cam in oakland. we can see some slowing on both sides of the northbound and southbound 880, so expect a high volume of commute in through this area, but hopefully they get that accident cleared out within the next couple of minutes. i'll send it back to you. >> thanks, vianey. 4:49 right now. in danville, dozens coming together to remember john moore, the 6-year-old was killed sunday. moore was a well-known businessman and former president of the danville rotary. candlelight vigil was held in his honor last night and his family says they still can't believe he's gone. >> i lost half of me by losing
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john. we had a wonderful 25-plus years, and we were planning on having a lot more fun. >> detectives say mark sipien murdered moore and drove to his parents home in imnoise where he shot himself. sipien dating moore's daughter years ago. moore's family filed restraining orders accusing sipien of stalking and domestic violence. a doctor accused of selling prescriptions will appear in court. dr. pham made millions by selling prescriptions to his patients who were drug addicts. according to investigators he is linked to five overdose deaths. the borderline bar mass shooter who killed 12 people last november had prescription drugs linked to this doctor. oakland charter school leaders plan to make an unusual request, in the midst of the ongoing teacher strikes, they
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want to stop the creation of any new oakland charter schools, this comes as the striking teachers pin some of the district's budget struggles on declining enrollment from a recent boom in charter schools, and it comes with the passing of new state legislation this week calling for more charter school transparency. governor gavin newsom is trying to increase california's trade with other countries, appointing lieutenant governor eleni koulakis with a new task of reopening trade offices. newsom wants to reopen a trade office in mexico first. california is the world's fifth largest economy, when compared to other nations. newsom's office says the state's gross domestic product is $27 7 trillion $2.7 trillion annually. this started with a simple request, texas veteran john cuba is turning 100 years old. he really wanted to just get 100
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birthday cards to celebrate, posting a sign online requesting the cards. guess what? you could say viral here because people have responded many times over, at last count he had gotten some 16,000 cards, along with gifts from around the world, including a nice bottle of whiskey. his birthday is actually tomorrow, so if you have that urge to write, go ahead, send it in. >> that's the best use of fedex i've heard, get it there by tomorrow for sure. coming up on "today in the bay," 4:52, turning something old into something new. facebook's plans to help repurpose an old rail bridge to ease traffic between the east bay and peninsula. but first, happening now, another democrat throwing the hat into the race for president. just a half hour, washington state governor jay inslee announced he is also going to run. inslee is making climate change the focus of his agenda. at least ten democrats have already announced they are also
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running, including california senator kamala harris. more news coming up after the break. our craftsmen begin each day... ...perfectly seasoning our hillshire farm smoked sausage.
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newark. the dumbarton carries about 80-thousand cars a day. but how about a train? there )s talk of re-building the there )s talk of re-building the dumbarton rail bridge, thanks to facebook. the last time the rail bridge was used, was nearly 40 years ago, by freight trains. details are still in the works. but the public got to hear about the project last night in fremont. the project aims to break ground in 20-22 -- a timeline that had that project aims to break ground in just a couple of years, aiming to ease some congestion between the peninsula and a time line, though, has people feeling skeptical.
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>> you know, i have a lot more respect for facebook getting things done than i do with the local government. it could be -- it facebook is really behind it and pushing it, yeah t will get done. otherwise we could go another 10 or 15 years. >> as of now the estimated cost for the bridge is about $2 billion. there will be another public meeting tomorrow in menlo park. the warriors right now probably glad to be done with the brutal road trip. last night in orlando, they wrapped up their fifth road game in eight days. they played the last four since saturday all east of houston. aside key shots from steph curry, fatigue set in, in the fourth quarter. aaron gordon lifted the magic 103-96, the win for magic there. baseball fans, get ready, because on nbc bay area tonight, the giants and the reds are live for you from scottsdale, madison bumgarner is scheduled to pitch. coverage begins on nbc bay area starting at 6:00. >> march 1st is baseball season.
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>> oh, yeah. >> kind of wild. time is flying. kari hall is watching that forecast, and better enjoy the day. >> yes, because we will have some more rain headed our way. here is a live look outside in fremont, as you get ready to head out this morning, we have some mid-40s. cool start and more clouds by this afternoon. we'll talk about that next storm arriving coming up next. and keeping a close eye on the roads but also the bridges. a live look right now at the san mateo bridge. we're starting to see more vehicles out there, a couple of fender benders. i'll have an update on the 880 crash near the embarcadero exit, coming up in a bit. and still ahead, president trump is now back from vietnam, but empty handed. his hands, though, are full of legal and political problems. coming up, in a live report from the capital, the continuing tallotal fallout from michael cohen's congressional testimony.
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nobody glows. he gets it. always the lowest price, guaranteed. book now at storms! the bay area bracing for more powerful storms heading right now at 5:00, not one, not two but three storms headed our way and the bay area braces for more powerful weather headed our way. we're tracking the storms so you can be ready for your weekend and next week as well. plus -- >> i think i had probably six feet of water come into my house. >> in sonoma county, floodwaters are receding and folks are taking advantage of the break from the rain to survey that damage and clean up. coming up, where that situation stands this hour.
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and new overnight, police officers in san jose spent the night investigating the death of a woman, a death they consider suspicious, and it has an entire neighborhood on edge. "today in the bay" continues right now. good friday morning. and thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. laura garcia is off. >> i'm marcus washington. vianey will have a look at the commute in a bit. first we start with the present forecast for today. no rain. >> we are enjoying the dry weather we have today. we know that's not going to last very long so make your way out the door, maybe headed to the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station, in the 40s, more clouds moving in as our next storm system approaches. we're seeing the rain up around portland and that system will be sliding down the coast, and bringing us some more showers. i'll talk about more about what you can expect coming up and vianey has a look at the morning drive >> we have a lot of green on the map, speed sensors are doing great. south bay, we haven't seen any pig crashes.


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