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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 1, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PST

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and new overnight, police officers in san jose spent the night investigating the death of a woman, a death they consider suspicious, and it has an entire neighborhood on edge. "today in the bay" continues right now. good friday morning. and thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. laura garcia is off. >> i'm marcus washington. vianey will have a look at the commute in a bit. first we start with the present forecast for today. no rain. >> we are enjoying the dry weather we have today. we know that's not going to last very long so make your way out the door, maybe headed to the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station, in the 40s, more clouds moving in as our next storm system approaches. we're seeing the rain up around portland and that system will be sliding down the coast, and bringing us some more showers. i'll talk about more about what you can expect coming up and vianey has a look at the morning drive >> we have a lot of green on the map, speed sensors are doing great. south bay, we haven't seen any pig crashes. aside from a couple overnight
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fender benders we haven't seen any this morning, a fantastic sign. a good commute through the peninsula, as well as the fremont area but i did want to give you an update on that crash reported earlier by chp northbound 808 near the embarcadero exit. it looks like one of the vehicles is blocking the number one lane, but tow trucks are on the way, so they should be able to clear this out with enough time, but i've had noticed speed sensors haven't showed any major slowing. with the volume of traffic starting to pick up in the area, you may want to head out to play it on the safe side. back to you. >> thanks, vianey. to historic flooding in the north bay, one of the big stories along the russian river this morning residents may be allowed to return to guerneville in just hours. this is so they can see the extent of the damage for themselves. the sonoma county sheriff's office says the town may reopen at noon to residents only, and at last check, more than 2,000 homes are flooded. in marin county, heads up for those drivers out there, the westbound lanes of highway 37 are still closed at atherton
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safe, and to put the historic flooding into perspective for you, lake shah ta is up 39 feet in elevation since the start of february. a live report from the russian river in just 25 minutes. as the oakland teacher's strike enters its seventh day, other teachers in contra costa may also hit the picket lines. teachers in san ramon are asking for more money. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in san ramon this morning. bob? >> reporter: we'll know by the end of business today whether or not the teachers of san ramon vote to strike. the deadline is tonight. 1700 teacher, those who teach at walt disney elementary and all the other schools in san ramon. this is video from last night, san ramon valley teachers association. that's the union that represents the teachers, they held a town hall with parents to share their concerns and explain their position. the teachers are fighting for
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higher pay, the current offer from the district is a 3% salary increase for this year. the teachers also want more nurses, librarians and counselors, and smaller class sizes. >> i want to mach sure the public understands we need more funding and education and our students cannot continue to subsist on the funding that is not really going into our schools. we have money in the state, and i think that we need to make sure that we all work together collaboratively to bring more funding. >> the district and teachers union are still in negotiations. as i mentioned, teachers have until 5:00 tonight to submit their vote on whether or not to strike. the association, that's the union, says it won't move forward with a strike unless 90% of the teachers are for it. now in oakland, teachers there will be headed back to the picket lines in a couple hours from now for day seven of their strike. there does seem to be a glimmer of hope this might get resolved
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soon. both sides negotiate until 3:00 wednesday morning, 5:00 yesterday morning, and what i'm getting at is no one walked out of those negotiations. the district has raised its salary offer to an 8% raids over three years, and a one-time 2% bonus. teachers are still wanting 12% over three years. the oakland education association, according to "the east bay times" they say negotiations are "bringing some progress." reporting live in san ramon, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> that's good to hear, bob. thank you. 5:04. president trump is back in washington this morning, after a quick stop in alaska. mr. trump used the brief visit to tout the united states' role in the nation's defense. now he is set to deal with domestic troubles, including congressional testimony from his former personal attorney. "today in the bay's" susan mcginnis is live in washington with more. susan? >> good morning, marcus. after facing kim jong-un for much of this week, president
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trump is back, now facing the fallout from testimony by michael cohen. president trump landed in washington hours after michael cohen finished three days of aexperiences before congressional committees. the president made an appearance on fox. >> we have an attorney, you're supposed to rely on your attorney. >> attorney/client privilege. >> it's also called reliance and he just was not much of an attorney, that i will tell you. i thought it was a terrible display of dishonesty, actually. >> in dramatic testimony this week, cohen painted his former boss as a racist con man who directed him to lie about extramarital affairs and about his business dealings in russia. >> mr. trump knew of and directed the trump moscow negotiations throughout the campaign and lied about it. >> on capitol hill, points of view on cohen fell along party lines. >> cohen's going to jail. why? for lying. >> we are moving into territory
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that is very perilous for the president, and cannot be ignored by the congress. >> congress sees cohen's testimony as a road map for future witnesses. >> allen weisselberg, ron lieberman and matthewic icacali. >> it doesn't seem that the president and his companions are out of the woods yet. federal prosecutors in manhattan are continuing their work. >> as are congressional investigators with the long-awaited mueller report expected any day. susan mcginnis, nbc news, washington. >> it is 5:06 now. back here at home, a south bay neighborhood this morning feeling rather shaken up by the discovery of a woman found dead inside her own home. here is a live look from the scene, where officers just cleared the area. this is a short time ago, the coroner took the woman's body away. police were called to the home yesterday afternoon on knollfield way in south san jose. so far, police are not saying anything about how that woman died, but they do say that there are homicide investigators on
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the case. there was a heavy police presence, and taped off streets, raising concern among the neighbors. >> normally this street is really quiet, so seeing this many police officers on our street is just kind of bizarre. >> the santa clara county coroner's office has not released the woman's identity, but police say there were no signs of forced entry. the campbell community coming together to remember a 17-year-old boy. kirk vasquez died in a car crash tuesday. a go fund me page is working to raise money for his family and so far more than $7,000 has been raised. vasquez was a student and baseball player at westmont high school and had committed to the university of the pacific to play baseball, after graduation. the cause of that crash is still under investigation. 5:07. attorneys will be back in court for another preliminary hearing, tied to the deadly ghostship warehouse fire. most of today's hearing is
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expected to be just procedural, but the judge may rule on a recent request for cameras in the courtroom made by a documentary filmmaker. the judge previously said she has concerns about allowing that, but said she may decide as early as today. the trial is still on track for april. 5:08. we're expecting to learn more today about a deadly tasing on the peninsula that left many outraged. last october, deputies tased 36-year-old chinadu okobi. during the confrontation in millbrae, that happened. since then, the district attorney's office has been investigating. the d.a. has also been withholding body camera video some believe could shed more light on what happened. we don't know if that video will be released today, but at 11:00 this morning, we're expecting to hear if charges will be filed. new details now about our recent winter storms and how they are helping the state wash away the drought. the u.s. drought monitor reports that 80% of california is now free of drought conditions.
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state water resource officials say that the vital sierra nevada snowpack is now at 153% of average. a measurement taken yesterday found 113 feet of snow compared to 13 a year ago. good news, kari. >> it is good news. we have a lot more water and snow on the way, and our russian river, the flooding around guerneville water levels are now falling below flood stage. good news, as we get a clean sweep on storm ranger and our morning commute from brentwood starts out with temperatures there in the mid-40s, road conditions are dry, no fog, things are looking good, as the sun kind of peeks out every now and then and our high temperatures today head into the upper 50s and low 60s. i'll be tracking that next storm for you with more details in a few minutes. looks like the commute is rolling pretty well.
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>> all right, looks like vianey, we're having trouble with your microphone there. looking at the commute for this morning, looking nice and green for us this morning. have a look at that, and look right here as we see a little trouble there in san jose area there, that's the crash there at santa clara street. those lanes are blocked there, southbound 101 and of course vianey will have a deeper look at that. right now not too many holdup this is morning. a small delay there westbound bay bridge there, ten-minute delay but san mateo bridge as well as dumbarton bridge all looking pretty good there. so we'll have a look at that coming up in a bit. >> hotdog, you are hired. >> thank you. coming up, we still have more for you "today in the bay." millenials have had a tough time breaking into the housing market, but those who have soon to be experiencing buyers remorse. up next, the reason why. it looks years, i didn't think i'd say it, tesla is selling the $35,000 car!
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i'll be shopping this weekend. i know! and still ahead, 90210 star luke perry is in the hospital after reportedly suffering a stroke. coming up at 5:25, the latest on his condition, and how his fellow "90210" stars are responding this morning. you're watching "today in the bay." what's better than having fast, reliable wifi with coverage throughout your home? how about having internet that can help you save on wireless phone service? xfinity gives you the fastest speeds for all your devices. plus, now that xfinity mobile is included,
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right now at 5:13, it's time to check out what's happening in the sierra. this is a live look at squaw
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creek. it looks beautiful with a new coating of snow. today is a break from the snow, if you're headed there, good driving conditions. by tomorrow, we'll see that snow coming down, and if you will be going to squaw valley this weekend, you might want to wait until monday to come back to the bay area, if possible. we will talk about next several storms moving into the bay area, that's coming up in less than five minutes. great advice, kari. also, folks don't forget the chains, if you're headed up to lake tahoe, a live look in oakland, we do have that crash right near the embarcadero exit along northbound 880, that cleared out but we're seeing more cars out there. i'll have an update on the crash in the south bay coming up. and good morning to you. it is the first of march, normally the first friday of the month is jobs friday, but because the way the calendar worked this month, we'll get the jobs numbers next friday. it's also the day tesla has to pay back nearly $1 billion loan. we'll talk more about tesla in a minute. san francisco's gap, the
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clothing store says it's going to split off old navy into its old company. google's youtube says it will no longer allow comments below video of children, this after a blogger discovered a very strange, very creepy system that pedophiles were using to communicate with each other in the comments section, and also just weird and disturbing comments towards the children themselves. ceo susan wojiewski will be on the show later this morning. >> first of all, we released and say these are community guide lines but we're constantly refining them, because the world is changing. when we make changes to our policies we consult with experts, whether they are experts in child safety, experts in law enforcement. >> the big announcement from tesla i mentioned the $35,000 tesla model 3 is finally here, and that shudder you heard across the bay area was all the other car dealers. the model 3 goes farther than any other electric car made by
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traditional carmakers and that has a cool factor. tesla is going to shut down many of the stores to save money. order the tesla 3 online. you can do that now, in fact. tesla does say it will keep some flagship locations open as a way to advertise, more than anything else. it's been quite a week for elon musk, capped off this saturday by the launch of the dragon crew capsule. it will be sent to the international space station without a crew inside. it's the first launch of the crew capsule. this should go really well, because spacex has been spending dragon san of capsules to the international space station for years, a slightly different model, the cargo capsule should go the same. you saw the falcon rocket on the pad. i want to show you something else in florida. this is the crew access arm, the bridge the astronauts will use to watch from the entry to the capsule. is that not the sex yiest arm
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you've seen? >> looks like the tram way to get to the airport >> absolutely, and in the past they've been this metal grate, painted orange and of course, spacex does it, it's going it to look like that. >> sleek. a majority of millenial homeowners have buyers remorse. according to a new study by 63% have regrets, the most common is not factors in unexpected maintenance or hidden costs. regrets aside, 79% of americans still consider home ownership a part of the american dream. if you haven't seen "a star is born" got a lot of hype around that movie or perhaps you want to see it again, here is another chance for you to see it on the big screen. we did some checking and several bay area theaters are showing the film. "a star is born" staring bradley cooper and lady go go returns to
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theaters for one week only, the special re-release also has 12 minutes of additional footage, including musical performances and new scenes. >> you can't wear your pajamas to the movie theater. >> or you don't want to be in there crying and everybody's looking at you, like. >> what's wrong with her? >> lady gaga did an interview, clarifying the rumors. it was a show. we made you feel what you wanted to feel. i don't know. >> she said no one is accusing me of having an affair with tony bennett. i've been on tour with him for three years. >> she is an amazing actress. >> don't go to the movies today, because this is your good day. >> you want to get outside, enjoy a little bit of sunshine we'll see and here is a look at all dry conditions we're seeing on storm ranger. we'll still have this going this weekend, as that next storm arrives. let's get a look at where it is now, because it's still across the pacific northwest. you can see some of the rain moving through portland. this will be sliding down the
5:19 am
coast, while also getting in on some of the clouds and the moisture from the next system that will be moving in. so as you start out this morning in concord, temperatures in the low 40s. a mix of sun and clouds, but then as we go throughout the day we'll see more clouds moving in with high temperatures headed up into the upper 50s and low 60s. overall, a nice and mild day. it's still going to be a little bit cooler than normal and as we go into tomorrow, here we are early, before you wake up, we're going to start to hear that rain hitting the roof and it's going to continue throughout the late morning hours, at least in terms of some of the heavier rain, it does become more scattered, going throughout the day, and it will still at any point in the day could drop rain anywhere around the bay area, so that will be something we'll have to watch, and then on sunday, it moves out. monday is looking dry and then the action in storm comes in on tuesday afternoon, into wednesday. and this is the stronger storm, with heavier rain, the atmospheric river that will bring us a couple of days of
5:20 am
rain from late tuesday into early wednesday, as well as thursday, and then by friday, it tapers off, but there will be another storm right behind that. initially, we're looking at about an inch of rain in the south bay and the santa cruz mountains, and about a half of an inch elsewhere across the bay area. the next storm coming in will bring in another one to two inches of rain, so there will be still some potential of flooding, the potential of some flooding on our creeks and rivers going into the middle of next week and we'll of course have more updates on that. vianey, the roads this morning have been pretty flowing very smoothly. >> they have and we're going to try this again. if you were tuning in earlier, my mike had a mishap, marcus, thank you for the assist in the traffic report. we're back in business. let's get to the accident in the south bay. an update on this, this could start causing some delays, the reason being is because lanes are blocked southbound 101 near the santa clara street exit, not one but two lanes are blocked.
5:21 am
there is a crash and debris and bumpers on the roads. a tow truck may be required, says chp, which is why we'll see slowing on our speed sensors. so far we're doing okay, no heavy delays yet. as far as your bridge drive times bay bridge 11 minutes, westbound 82 toward the san mateo bridge 12 minutes and westbound 84 toward the dumbarton bridge about ten minutes. a live look outside in san jose, we've got a smooth commute again. remember, we are seeing that crash near the santa clara street exit but it looks like a tow truck may be on scene. once they clear out the debris, we'll be back in business as far as that exit goes. we're going to see some delays in through that area, but overall, the bay area has done pretty well for our friday morning commute. remember in the east bay, along 880, we have some busy roads out there. i'll send it back to you. >> thanks, vianey. you beverly hills "90210" fans, listen up to the next story, the latest about actor luke perry's condition. he's in the hospital this
5:22 am
morning, after reportedly suffering a stroke. also we're going to talk about that reaction from his fellow "90210" stars. check out this video, "today in the bay's" bob redell is sharing on twitter, he says his dogs put it together for 7-year-old emma, who is asking all dogs everywhere to send her messages of love and encouragement in her fight against cancer. you can have your pups do the same. for more on how to send your video, follow bob on twitter.
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with brands that wow and prices that thrill, marshalls is never boring and always surprising. (horn honking) 5:24. how about a live look at the road in tahoe. we're cueing it up, the heavenly resort there, posting that video online. all the winter weather and snow means an extended snow season. heavenly along with north star and kirkwood say they plan to stay open through late april, maybe early may for some extra spring skiing.
5:25 am
but if you are headed to the slopes, let this next story be a warning for you. groups of teenagers are being hailed as heroes for rescuing that little boy. a man on a chairlift clinging to the young boy while the other boys watched in horror below until they jumped into action at a ski resort in vancouver. the group of five young skiers jumped into action using a piece of out of bounds netting that orange netting on the side, they helped cushion the boy's fall. it was hard to convince the little guy to kick off his skis, have faith and jump. >> i yelled up and said, you need to take your skis off, because if you fall with your skis on it's probably going to be worse, and then at one point okay, you need to trust us, you need to drop. he dropped and we caught him. >> look at that. the 8-year-old boy was not hurt. a spokes person for the ski resort said the company's president will meet privately with the rescuers to express his gratitude and hopefully give
5:26 am
them free passes for a very long time. >> that was scary there. 5:25. still no update on the health status of "beverly hills 90210" star luke perry who reportedly suffered a stroke wednesday. tmz first reported the news. paramedics were called to his southern california home wednesday morning. perry is currently under observation, and not in a coma. celebrities have been tweeting concerns. former castmate ian zuring told followers to "say a prayer" for his speedy recovery. "hope and fury" a powerful documentary is playing. >> the nation lost an extraordinary leader. >> the screening was held in oakland. it covers the history of the civil rights movement, and explains how dr. king actually used the media to the advantage of the movement of equality for
5:27 am
all. we spoke with bella davis, the first of aman american woman tv reporter on the west coast. >> media changed the world in letting you know that there was all of this going on, all of this punishment, all of this ill treatment of people, and nobody knew it except the folks in those little towns. >> and now we all know it. i was able to -- i actually was able to moderate the discussion afterwards. we spoke with belva davis, dr. amos brown, jabari gray, with youth radio media. we should also note this is an nbc comcast production. it's available if you have comcast on demand right now, you want to watch that after "today in the bay" this morning. such a great honor. it really was. coming up, top stories oen this friday morning, floodwaters that are receding in sonoma county. in a live report, the damage that folks who evacuated their homes are going back to. and it's not over just yet, not one but three storms headed
5:28 am
our way. meteorologist kari hall tracking at rifle of the first storm, which is this weekend. our forecast straight ahead for you. also, coming up next, vianey arana with a check of your morning commute as we look live at the bay bridge toll plaza. you're watching "today in the bay." a break in the rain for to-
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but don )t relax. we )re tracking three more stors the first day of march here and a break in the rain for us today. but don't relax. we are tracking, you heard me, three more storms headed right towards the bay area. and a good morning to you. thanks for starting your morning here with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez. laura garcia is off this morning. we want to get right to that forecast, because you know you have weekend plans, and you got
5:31 am
to know what to do. >> yeah, you need to pack around the umbrella, that's what we'll be doing this weekend, as we start out today with dry conditions. it will still be nice and dry throughout the afternoon. willow glen our temperatures are cool this morning, with some mid-40s, and we'll head up into the upper 50s by early afternoon. it's still not going to be as warm as we should be for this time of year, but we're also going to see another cold front moving in, as this system that we're seeing to the north moves into the bay area, brings us another round of rain, starting early tomorrow morning. so i'll be tracking that for you, hope you make some weekend plans, coming up. vianey, who is happeniat is hap the commute? >> it's getting busier not in the way we enjoy. i saw this crash pop up 808 near fremont as i was walking out here so i'll check on that. i've got an update and a new crash, along the peninsula along northbound 101 at the whipple avenue exit. it appears there was an earlier crash and now there's glass in the slow lane, which they're working to clear and as we inch
5:32 am
closer to the 6:00 a.m. hour, had is going to be a busy commute this morning, and a quick update on the south bay crash, and this one remember it was along southbound 101 at santa clara street, they're still working to clear out that debris from an earlier crash. head out the door now, starting to get busy out there. back to you. >> thanks, vianey. floodwaters are finally starting to recede in the north bay and soon people living in guerneville will be able to go home and see what the damage is. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos joining us live from guerneville, with the latest developments there. pete, looks like the roads have cleared, because yesterday you weren't able to make it to guerneville. >> yes, that's right, marcus. the past two days we haven't been able to make it to guerneville because of the flooding that we see in the area and right now, we're standing on river road in guerneville, not in forestville but guerneville. you can still see the car still halfway submerged in the water. you can only imagine how high the water was reaching. we're looking at these trucks here, where that water mark is on that truck, looks like where
5:33 am
we're standing over the road, the water would have been at least above my shoulders or at least around my nose in this area. you can still see that sign that says it is still closed off due to flooding. the sonoma county sheriff's department sent out a tweet they want to reopen the area fors rednts around 12:00 p.m. we've seen some cars going in there and i talked with law enforcement there, and they're telling me they're letting some people in, if they have their i.d. so we're waiting to confirm that to see if they'll let people in this morning. crews have been cleaning roads and assessing damage in that area as guerneville was underwater for the past few days. the russian river cresting to more than 45 feet, leading to some major flooding here in guerneville. another low-lying areas along the russian river but residents say they're used to the flooding in the area. that's what we always hear but they've never seen anything like this.
5:34 am
>> i think i had probably six feet of water come into my house yesterday, and i haven't seen it yet, so. >> we anticipate that area gets three feet, not nine feet. >> take you back out here live to river road and guerneville, the california governor gavin newsom declared a local state of emergency obviously for what we're seeing here as thousands of buildings are affected, but it looks like right now, residents may get a first look at their properties as early as this morning. we're live here in guerneville, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, pete. 5:34 right now. this morning, we have learned that one person died in floodwaters in humboldt county. according to the sheriff's deputies there, a man was trying to walk on his farm through a barn in four to five feet of water, when he got swept away by a fast-moving current. two other people tried to rescue him using a tractor, but the tractor stalled, and they were unable to reach him.
5:35 am
in a few hours the man charged with killing a woman at a b.a.r.t. station returns to court and we're expecting to find out the results of a mental health evaluation. john lee cowell is accused of stabbing 18-year-old nia wilson to death at the macarthur b.a.r.t. station last july. wilson's sister was also stabbed. cowell could enter a plea in the case today as well. also due in court today an australian man accused of vandalizing b.a.r.t. trains. matthew white who you see here is, is expected to be sentenced after entering a guilty plea, accused of painting graffiti on b.a.r.t. trains in millbrae, daly city and richmond and concord yards. he was arrested back in december at sfo. a doctor accused of selling prescriptions will appear in court. dr. pham made millions by selling prescriptions to his patients who were drug addicts.
5:36 am
according to investigators he is linked to five overdose deaths. the borderline bar mass shooter who killed 12 people last november had prescription drugs linked to this doctor. the opioid industry is under new legal fire. san mateo county expanding a lawsuit attorneys first filed last year. along with drug distributors, the suit includes open manufacturers. san diego attorneys meanwhile filed a new suit this week. they are hoping to have a seat at table as well, if a much larger class action suit eventually is filed, including jurisdictions from around the u.s., including the bay area. drug companies are being accused of doping customers with false marketing for a decade. >> in the search for markets the manufacturers created a market for opioids and pushed it into uses it doesn't belong >> experts say opioid related
5:37 am
deaths are starting to plateau but overdoses are still on the rise. cities and counties impacted by the epidemic want companies to pay for treatment facilities and rehab programs. 5:36. if you live in hayward, get ready to pay more to have your garbage and recycling picked up at the curb. rates are jumping 3% today according to the waste management of alameda county, the increase is aimed at offsetting the lost revenue because of tighter recycling restrictions in china. hayward houses a 35-gallon garbage container withere and wl see the monthly bill jump $1. happening today, the world's largest collaborative mural will officially be unveiled in the south bay. it's not often that you get to take in a record-setting work of art. here is the first look at that finished product. this is at first street and east
5:38 am
san carlos near plaza de cesar shah advise. 3x3 foot works for a 900 square foot mural. go to our website for the full story from nbc bay area digital journalist jennifer gonzalez. it is 5:38. i've driven past that mural and i want to say, shout out to all of the artists because it really makes a difference in the way that the city looks. it looks beautiful. it's amazing, plus great chance for instagram photos, tag the artist, give them credit when credit is due. an overall look at the bay area and i'm so sorry, we have a couple issues popping up. the first one is the latest, already causing some good delays along southbound 880 at whipple road. three vehicles are in the number two lane and speed sensors are starting to pick up yellow and red. slowing beyond the 92 interchange, and southbound 880 is a very busy stretch of highway, so make sure to head on out now and hit the road. we've got that crash along northbound 101 at whipple avenue. there is glass in the slow lane
5:39 am
along the peninsula. if you're driving along 880 northbound and southbound are rolling along slow, also on the peninsula and check of tri-valley road, there may be a delay of 11 minutes. we're not shy for the buzziness closer to 6:00. the metering lights are on at the bay bridge. >> the roads are dry so it's less white knuckle. >> as we wind down for the weekend we'd like dry weather but unfortunately there will be more rain rolling in. it will be off and on for saturday and there's a lot of games also some celebrations. there will be temperatures in the mid-50s, and then the rain starts to wind down on sunday. you may be able to enjoy sunday afternoon with a little bit of sunshine, and we have a little league baseball parade happening in martinez tomorrow and it does looks like there will be some waves of rain moving in, so this is still going on, just make sure you're wearing the poncho and all the rain gear.
5:40 am
it's also going to be cool with the temperatures in the low 50s. we also have the millbrae lunar new year festival happening at the civic center plaza, starts at 10:00 in the morning, and it will be off and on with the showers moving through, temperatures at about 56 degrees to start. if you're going to the sierra this weekend, heavenly is looking good. today is a good travel day. there will be a mix of rain and snow there, and then also some snow at some of the higher elevations, reaching up to 40 degrees there and you may be expecting a long time getting back to the bay area, if you head back on sunday, so you might want to wait until monday, if you can. looking at half moon bay, there will be a few clouds in the mix today, and temperatures in the mid-50s and some showers moving in, especially tomorrow, so not the best beach day. we know that those trails are still very sloppy, so if you're going to muir woods, it's going to be in the mid-50s with more rain moving in tomorrow. we'll talk about what's going on today, coming up in about three minutes. >> thank you so much, kari.
5:41 am
coming up for you here on "today in the bay," all and new for you this morning, we take an inside look at the brand new state-of-the-art opening of a hospital today, right here in the bay area. how this building can withstand a major earthquake. and a shakeup in the race for president. another candidate, we'll tell you all about it. former 49ers coach jim harbaugh upstaged during this live interview. this will definitely get your friday started right. we have more of this amazing video still ahead, on "today in the bay" for comfort food at a comfortable price, try my sourdough patty melt combo with fries and a drink for just $4.99. it's the perfect remedy for the uncomfortable things in life... like flying, the dentist ...and guys named ronald. i have my reasons. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo today.
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mike traffic tease . we're coming up on 5:44 this monday morning. it's a cool start in pleasant hill with temperatures in the low 40s and nice to see the sunshine but more clouds will move in as we go throughout the day as we reach "the upper 50s. this is our break from the rain. i'll talk about the arrival of the next storm in less than five minutes. >> and listen up, if 880 is a part of your morning commute we have a crash along southbound 808 at whipple road, blocking one of the slow lanes and looks like we're starting to notice some delays. i'll have an update how that's affecting your morning commute and look at bridge drive times coming up. new for you this morning, a new hospital will open its doors in san francisco this weekend, sutter health will open its california pacific medical center campus on van ness
5:45 am
tomorrow. it wants to meet the seismic requirements, the hospital is the first building in the u.s. to use the wall dampers designed to absorb the strong movement of an earthquake, but hospital officials say they are really just excited to provide services to the local community. >> excited to move to this location. we'll still be able to serve the neighborhoods that we're currently serving in a more central location here in san francisco. >> the 274-bed hospital will replace the campus currently on pacific and california, again, the official move-in date is tomorrow. >> i like that mural in there, too. 5:45 now. an oakland charter school leaders today plan to make an unusual request in the midst of the ongoing teacher strike in oakland. they want to stop the creation of any new oakland charter schools. this comes as striking teachers pin some of the district's budget struggles on declining enrollment, because of a recent boom in charter school enrollment and comes with the passing of a new state law this week calling for more charter
5:46 am
school transparency. there is yet another candidate who wants to take on donald trump. >> scott mcgrew, this time it's the governor of washington state. >> jay inslee is a democrat, former u.s. congressman, now the governor, video from his announcement this morning, professionally he's a lawyer, a prosecutor, like kamala harris. and he was heavily involved in the lawsuit to stop trump's travel ban. so we're going to add ins lee to the list of democrats running for nomination and keep an eye on this, but keep in mind, we are a long way out, more names will be added, several will drop out long before the big show. senate republicans asking president trump to come up with a list of military programs he'll cut to get money for his wall. the senate needs to vote on the measure to deny the president his emergency power to take money from current programs to build that wall. they want more information before they vote yes or no. other big question on capitol hill, who is next for a
5:47 am
hearing? testimony in this week's house committee hearing with michael cohen generated a lot of names. alexandria ocass know cortez particularly good in getting cohen to name names and give democrats an excuse to generate more hearings. it appears their plan is lots more hearings, not impeachment, not yet anyway, just lots of hearings. so who's next? well, maybe allen weisselberg, the chief financial officer of the trump organization. his name came up more than 20 times during the cohen hearing. the "new york times" this morning reporting president trump ordered intelligence officials to give his son-in-law, jared kushner, top security clearance even as the fbi, the chief of staff, the white house counsel all said he shouldn't. now, we don't know why the nation's top security officials are against him having the security clearance, but they put it in writing. we also know the president lied about this involvement. in an interview with maggie haberman of the "new york times," she asked, did you tell
5:48 am
general kelly, chief of staff, to overall security officials? no, said the president. i wouldn't do it. i was never involved in jared's security. we now know that is not the case. we are following everything that is going on in washington. you can follow me on twitter, i'm @scottmcgrew. 5:48 right now. as both of us can tell you, when it comes to live television, you just never know. >> you never know and the latest case in point, former 49ers coach jim harbaugh coaches from michigan and attended last night's college hoops game. that's where espn grabs an in-game interview which was suddenly video bombs, that's michigan's basketball coach not liking the ref's foul call or maybe he didn't like what harbaugh was saying, but we think espn was calling foul as well. i want to know what the other coach has to say about that. he has to be going, oh my goodness. >> more entertaining to watch that than what harbaugh was saying. >> you wonder too, why the
5:49 am
camera was so far away. how would he know they're doing this. >> he doesn't. >> across the court probably from the rafters. >> see where they put the video behind. >> there's a meme coming. >> oh, yeah. something else to smile about today, this weather we're having. a break from the rain >> it is so nice to have a break from the rain and water levels going back down in the north bay. here is a look at san francisco as you get ready for your drive. cross the golden gate bridge, everything is looking much better compared to what we've had all week long. here is a look at storm ranger, there's no rain now but we know this break won't last for long. several more storms will be moving in and the first one is moving across the pacific northwest, and will be sliding down the coast, while also drawing in a little bit more of that rain that will be coming in by early next week. so looking at our livermore school day forecast, expect it to be in the low 40s, as you walk to school, and it will be nice to see the sun, but there will be more clouds going into the afternoon, with our
5:50 am
temperatures reaching into the mid-50s. this is a live look outside in san jose, starting out with some clear skies, and as you look out the window, standing in front of the closet getting ready for the day, you need a nice warm jacket and jeans will be comfortable, too. mostly cloudy today, but then by early tomorrow morning, the rain starts to come down, and it may be heavy at times, especially across the peninsula and the south bay, but notice by 11:00, we're not seeing as much of that widespread, heavy rain. off and on rain to go into the morning and early afternoon as well as sunday, before this some moves out, and then we will have a stronger storm system moving in starting on tuesday afternoon into wednesday, and that will be another potentially flood event that we'll have to monitor. then looking at our rainfall totals with this first round, maybe about a half of an inch of rain to an inch, especially for the santa cruz mountains. higher amounts, and then next week, another inch or two of some rain. so a lot to watch here.
5:51 am
busy forecast with a few more storms rolling our way, but we'll be able to enjoy these breaks with a mix of sun and clouds today, and then again on monday. we'll have more updates on that and vianey has a look at the morning commute that's starting to get busy. >> very busy. i want to start with some good news. we've got a look at the bay area, crash at the peninsula, east bay and a crash in the south bay and all started to show delays but again, a little bit of good news, and this one a crash is cleared along northbound 101 at whipple avenue, not seeing any delays, so the peninsula is clear, smooth and steady. you don't have to rush to head out the door. but the east bay things are starting to slow down along southbound 880 at whipple road. we have three vehicles and the number two lane you can see the crash right here, and then just behind that, delays past the 92 interchange also in the south bay. looks like they haven't cleared out from that earlier crash, this crash happened i want to say about an hour ago, maybe even more, southbound 101 at santa clara street, the lane remains blocked, and that is starting to show some delays as
5:52 am
well. we can expect to see hopefully some clearing now that the tow trucks are there. we'll get an update in a bit and the metering lights are on at the bay bridge, ten minutes from westbound 80 toward the bay bridge. back to you. >> thanks, vianey. happening now, the u.s. is offering a $1 million reward for the capture of osama bin laden's son. bin laden was the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks and was killed in 2011. his son, hama bin laden has emerged as the leader of his father's terrorist group al qaeda. next and new this hour, puppies aban donned just feet from an open humane society in california. we'll show you where workers found them and the charges their former owner could face. plus -- >> skin-to-skin contact decreases the risk of infectious disease. >> the new technology which may soon make it easier for parents of babies in the nicu to hold their little bundles of joy with peace of mind. the bay )s bob reg
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
on twitter. he says his dogs put it together for 7-year-old emma who is asking all dogs everywhere to send her these are bob redell's dogs, on twitter, made this message for emma, who is 7-year-old asking dogs to send messages to help her as she fights cancer.
5:56 am
find out on bob's twitter feed. get in all your screen time. tonight kicks off the tenth annual national day of unplugging. we're talking about the cell phones there and that event is billed as a 24-hour tech detox, which encourages users to unplug from their devices and connect with themselves and their loved ones instead. so more than 60,000 people across the world participated in the initiative last year. new this morning, eight puppies y ies were found in a t can aside a humane society in southern california. >> someone put them in a tub like garbage feet away from the humane society facility which was open. animal control officers are trying to find the person who did this. officials say people usually stop inside when they drop off animals answer share information about their health. >> kind of shocked knowing that eight puppies were just left in this large tub outside our lobby.
5:57 am
if we are able to talk to the owners we can gather what treatment they received, what vaccines because that helps us better equip them when they come into a shelter. >> now the previous owner, if caught, could face a misdemeanor citation and hefty fine. the dogs will be available for adoption soon. and all new for you this morning, a big change could be coming for new parents. >> babies in the nicu that neonatal intensive care unit, across the country, may soon have the freedom to move around without bulky wires. researchers at northwestern university designed a pair of wireless sensors to replace all of the wire-based monitors that babies used to have to have, right now. the tangled wires can make it hard for parents to just hold their babies. >> if she didn't have the wires on her, maybe we could do g for a walk around the room, or the area, maybe we could spend a night upstairs together and just make the entire experience more enjoyable and more bonding with her. >> experts say bonding time
5:58 am
between parent and baby is critical for the baby's development. researchers say the next step would have involved testing these new sensors without the wired monitoring devices also attached to the babies. so if you are planning to sleep in this weekend, news flash! it is not good enough in terms of making up lost sleep. >> not at all, because a brand new study is saying everyone really talking about this from the strategy of catching up on your sleep during the weekend, it doesn't really work at all. the new study says extra hours of weekend sleep do not repair the damage done during the week. sleep deprivation leads to more snacking at night, weight gain and messes with hunger and hormones. experts recommend seven hours of sleep every night. hmm. i'm not good at that one. >> no, it's really hard. it's really hard. 5:58 for you.
5:59 am
>> this will resonate the duke and duchess of cambridge attended a workshop for a charity program which uses film, television and digital technologies to engage with more than 500,000 young people. look how cute they are. new this morning, a photo of queen elizabeth is sparking joen line controversy. the 92-year-old monarch was pictured smiling as she met with the king and queen of jordan but if you look closely, her hand there is badly bruised. many royal fans took to twitter expressing concerns. so far, buckingham palace spokesperson has not commented on that photo. >> i hope she's okay. right now at 6:00 for you, a suspicious death investigation in the south bay. what our crews saw overnight in one san jose neighborhood and how people who live there are reacting to the heavy police presence. a second teacher strike in the east bay, one school in contra costa county facing a key deadline this afternoon as teachers in oakland get an
6:00 am
update on contract negotiations of their own. and kari is timing out more rain in our forecast. "today in the bay" continues right now. and good friday morning to you. thanks for starting your morning here with us. i'm marcus washington >> and i'm kris sanchez, in for laura garcia. so we don't have just one storm that's headed our way. we have several storms, so today is your chance to get outside and enjoy the nice weather. >> we'll have a few breaks in between and at this point, it doesn't look like the next storms we'll see will be as strong as the one we just had to deal with, so that may be some good news, as you get ready to head out on this friday, but here is a look at the dry road conditions on highway 101, and palo alto. it's going to be in the mid-40s as you step out and even though we'll enjoy some sun early, clouds will start to move in ahead of that next storm system, that right now is moving across the pacific northwest. we'll be sliding down the coast going into tomorrow and the rain starting by early tomorrow morning. i'll have the time line and how much to expect coming up in about six mis.


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