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tv   Today  NBC  March 1, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PST

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11:00. join us for the midday newscast. have a fantastic day and a great weekend. party is already started. good morning. triple threat, snow and ice in the northeast making a mess of the morning commute with more on the way tonight and a larger, more dangerous winter storm set to sweep across the country this weekend. al's got the very latest forecast. blame game, overnight north korea pushing back against president trump saying he's responsible for that nuclear summit falling apart. and the president arrives back in washington to a firestorm, democrats and republicans ripping him for falling for kim jong-un's claims he knew nothing about what happened to a young american captive. >> the blood of otto warmbier is on the hands of kim jong-un. >> just ahead, will the president have to do damage
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control? the boss's orders, overnight a new report that president trump ordered top secret security clearance for his son-in-law jared kushner over the objections of top intelligence aides. straight ahead, the proof the white house chief of staff reportedly put in writing as the president denies he intervened. we're live with the latest. those stories, plus ready for launch, elon musk's spacex preparing for a historic test flight to the international space station that could mark the rebirth of america's space program. we're live on the launch pad. battle over neverland, the controversy intensifies over that hbo documentary on michael jackson. this morning, the film's director joins us live in studio 1a. and to the rescue, a young boy dangling from a chair lift at a ski resort when a group of teens springs into action. >> wow, they're heroes. >> we are going to hear from those quick thinking heroes
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today, friday, march 1st, 2019. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hi, everybody, good morning, nice to have you with us on a friday morning. we've got willie in for hoda, did you bring the snow with you this morning? >> i brought march and i brought snow with me, and after that last video i'm rethinking my ski trip this weekend. incredible. >> it's really incredible. heartwarming actually, we're going to start with this weather. a one-two punch of winter weather in the northeast. and now a larger storm taking aim at tens of millions coast to coast this weekend. so let's get right to al with the forecast. hey, al, good morning. >> good morning, guys, and thank you for getting your first weather from us. the northeast is going to have a one, two, three punch literally. march is coming in like a lion. this from our sister station wvit in new haven. as we look at the live radar, it's already dropped snow in new york just about out. this will drop one to three
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inches from here up into new england and then it's out of here. next season comes in. tonight into tomorrow, a coastal one making its way up the coast. it's not that potent, but by saturday morning it's bringing rain and snow to new york. then in new england, and then it's up and out. here's the one we're really worried about. we are looking right now at basically this storm system comes in from california brings heavy rain, possibly flooding and heavy mountain snows. then by sunday it redevelops down around the gulf bringing snow from colorado through kansas, missouri, indiana, illinois, on into the northeast. by sunday evening, yeah, this system as it pushes in depending on the track of this storm, it's going to cause some major problems. look at this right now. the weekend impacts, we're looking at significant snow from the rockies into the central plains. however, as we get into the northeast, here's where it gets on the tricky side. the american model brings the heavy snow from washington, d.c. down into the appalachians. if it moves a little further
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south, then that snow goes further south. northeast new england not so much. the european model on the other hand brings in heavy snow from the appalachians through parts of pennsylvania, new york, new england, we're talking four to nine inches of snow, and if this system moves a little further south that heavy snow moves further south into the i-95 corridor. and beyond all that, we also have to worry about heavy and significant flooding through the south from saturday to sunday, from mississippi all the way into the southeast anywhere from one to three to four inches of rainfall up to one to one and a half inches per hour. this is going to be a significant storm and a fast mover from coast to coast. back to you. >> a lot of that map covered in weather. al, thank you very much. we'll talk to you again in a minute. now to the political turmoil surrounding president trump this morning over his nuclear summit with kim jong-un. michael cohen's testimony on capitol hill and an eye opening new report about his son-in-law jared kushner. we're covering it all beginning
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with nbc's kelly cobiella. she's with us in new york this morning. good morning. >> a very difficult morning for the president today facing critics on all sides this morning. the north koreans and politicians here at home after that failed summit. >> this morning after that dramatic summit breakdown in hanoi, the u.s. and north korea now locked in a dispute over what happened and who's to blame. before leaving vietnam, president trump said he walked away from the talks because the north koreans demanded dropping all sanctions. >> they were willing to denuke a large portion of the areas that we wanted, but we couldn't give up all of the sanctions. >> as the president was headed back to the u.s., north korea's foreign minister held a rare news conference insisting mr. trump got it wrong claiming north korea demanded only some sanctions be lifted in exchange for closing its main nuclear site. with no agreement in place and
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no plans for future talks over the north's nuclear ambitions, president trump also dealing with the fallout and fierce backlash for his comments on otto warmbier, the college student from ohio who was imprisoned in north korea and died after 17 months in a labor camp. the president telling reporters he takes kim jong-un's word that the dictator isn't responsible for warmbier's treatment. >> some really bad things happened to otto, but he tells me -- he tells me that he didn't know about it. >> it's an abrupt shift in tone, at last year's state of the union with warmbier's devastated parents looking on, president trump condemned the north koreans. >> you are powerful witnesses to a menace that threatens our world. >> reporter: in washington the reaction was swift. republicans breaking ranks with the president placing blame squarely on kim. >> the blood of otto warmbier is on the hands of kim jong-un. >> president trump's former ambassador to the u.n. tweeting, americans know the cruelty that
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was placed on otto warmbier by the north korean regime. in an interview in 2018 his father insisting he carries his son's legacy. >> i'm the voice of otto because he can't be here. that was taken away from him by kim and his regime. >> the warmbier family released a statement saying in part kim and his evil regime are responsible for the death of our son otto. they are responsible for unimaginable cruelty and inhumanity. no excuses or lavish praise can change that. >> kelly, the president traveled halfway around the world, came home without a deal in hand, but it looks like lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are at least giving him credit for not taking a bad deal. >> yeah, both democrats and republicans are saying, look, it's better to just walk away than sign a bad deal. the thing is there's no future summit planned. there's nothing in the calendar. so the question is what happens next. the north korean foreign minister indicated we may be done, we may be walking away,
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but this morning a different message from north korean state media indicate that kim would be potentially willing to sit down with trump. we'll see. >> kelly cobiella thanks so much. >> thanks, kelly. a new report that claims the president overruled the objections of his own top security officials and advisers to get top security clearance for his son-in-law jared kushner. nbc's pete williams on that story this morning. good morning. >> good morning. as head of the executive branch, the president has the ultimate authority to decide who gets a security clearance and who doesn't, but it's exceedingly rare for a president to overrule the intelligence establishment and order one granted to somebody who's been deemed unqualified. >> he's very good at politics. >> reporter: the "new york times" reports that president trump ordered his then white house chief of staff john kelly to give a top secret security clearance to jared kushner, mr. trump's son-in-law and adviser. the times says that the president overruled the advice of security officials and white house counsel. the paper says that both kelly and don mcgahn, the
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white house counsel at the time wrote memos raising concerns about the order. the report contradicts what mr. trump told the times in january. >> i don't think i have the authority to do that. i'm not sure i do. i wouldn't do it. i was never involved with his security. >> reporter: late thursday the white house told nbc news, quote, we don't comment on security clearances. in january, nbc news reported that white house security officials initially rejected kushner's application after a background check raised concerns about a potential for foreign influence regarding his family's business, his foreign contacts, foreign travel and meetings he had during the campaign. kushner attended that now infamous 2016 trump tower meeting with a russian lawyer who claimed to have political dirt on hillary clinton. congressman adam schiff who chairs the house intelligence committee said this in a tweet. it's called clearance by nepotism and a serious abuse that endangers our security. >> a couple things, pete, i mean, first of all, the fact
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that top security officials apparently were concerned about extending this security clearance to jared kushner and then what's the impact of all of it? of course the president does have the authority to grant that clearance if he wants to. >> kushner will probably keep the clearance. the impact will be probably largely political. the house oversight committee, the same one that heard this week's public testimony from michael cohen, it's already begun an investigation. it will undoubtedly call witnesses, but that might not lead very far because any of these potential witnesses worked in the white house and will probably claim executive privilege. >> pete williams in washington, thank you. the president also is facing new fallout over three days of potentially damning testimony on capitol hill from his former lawyer and fixer michael cohen. nbc's white house correspondent kristen welker has that part of the story. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: now back at the white house, president trump is facing new criticism from abroad and here at home as his political and legal problems
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mount. after returning home from washington overnight, president trump, again taking aim at his former fixer michael cohen in a new interview. >> he's convicted. he's a liar. he's defrauded at a high level. he's got a lot of problems. >> reporter: and seizing on the fact that cohen said he had no direct evidence of collusion. >> he said no collusion. and i said it's funny he lied about so many things and yet he could have said -- he might as well lie about that one, too, but he said no collusion. >> reporter: during his three days of explosive testimony, cohen unleashed blistering attacks against his former boss. >> he is a racist. he is a conman. and he is a cheat. >> reporter: and cohen isn't done talking. he's now scheduled to testify for yet another day behind closed doors. >> i'm committed to telling the truth and i will be back on march 6th to finish up. there's more to discuss. >> reporter: republicans blasting cohen's credibility. >> i think yesterday was all
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about michael cohen being kind of sort of laying the predicate for the democrats and their crazy impeachment plans. >> reporter: democrats making it clear the investigations won't stop with cohen. >> he laid out a road map in criminality. committed by the president. it needs to be followed. >> reporter: and now the house oversight committee will likely talk with the trump organization's cfo allen weisselberg. a chief witness to the president's financial dealings. meanwhile, two republicans who sparred repeatedly with cohen wednesday now asking the justice department to investigate him for perjury, calling his testimony a spectacular and brazen attempt to knowingly and willfully testify falsely and fictitiously to numerous material facts. cohen's attorney calling that claim a sad misuse of the criminal justice system. while some democrats are dangling talk of impeachment. >> if you're asking me today if it seems more likely the president could be removed from office based on what we know, if it's more likely today than tuesday, i think the answer to
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that is yes. >> democratic leaders say that is too soon. >> impeachment is a divisive issue in our country. let us see what the facts are, what the law is, and what the behavior is of the president. >> michael cohen testified over three days this week, and some of that testimony opened new questions. i understand he'll be back on capitol hill next week. >> reporter: that's right. here's the bottom line. it's becoming clear top democrats are interested in talking to members of the president's inner circle in the wake of michael cohen's testimony, so he will be back on capitol hill next week, and overnight one top democrat on the house intelligence committee said they expect him to bring more corroborating documents but wouldn't go into specifics about that. lawmakers are also eyeing allen weisselberg. that's significant. he's the guy in charge of handling finances for the trump family business and cohen named him as helping to orchestrate those hush money payments. all a sign that democrats investigations are now ramping up on capitol hill and
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could last well into the 2020 campaign. >> kristen welker at the white house, thank you. lots to get to this morning including excitement in the air literally at the kennedy space center in florida. elon musk's spacex is set to launch a test mission of the rocket and crew vehicle it plans to put american astronauts in later this year. tom costello is at the launch pad. tom, this is a big deal. >> reporter: it's a very big deal. they're hoping american astronauts will lift off from american soil on a u.s. built rocket later this year and it would be, of course, the first time since the shuttle stopped flying. it would be with nasa supervision on a commercial crew vehicle. this is why this is important now. on top of that rocket at the very top is a crew vehicle called dragon. they need to make sure that that vehicle is safe before astronauts fly. this morning countdown to the rebirth of america's space program on launch pad 39a.
7:15 am
>> 3, 2, 1, liftoff! >> the same pad that sent apollo and shuttle astronauts into space. the spacex dragon crew vehicle should lift off very early saturday morning. this mission unmanned but if all goes well, astronauts could soon be headed to the space station in american rockets launched from american soil. nasa astronauts have been hitching rides on russian rockets since the space shuttle stopped flying eight years ago. >> this is what i'm working for, tom. we would like to have a crew up in station by the end of 2019. >> reporter: but for that to happen, nasa has to be confident the crew vehicle on top of the rocket is safe, so spacex is loading a pulseless passenger into the dragon for tomorrow's flight, a crash test dummy named ripley wired up to monitor the stress and g-forces an astronaut might experience from liftoff to or bit to reentry to splashdown.
7:16 am
overnight, elon musk tweeting out this photo of ripley inside the capsule, a much more high-tech version of the starman dummy that rode in a tesla during last year's spacex launch when i talked to musk. >> elon, in our lifetimes where will spacex take us or where will humans go in space? >> i'm very hopeful that humanity will have a base on the moon and a city on mars in our lifetimes. >> reporter: but for now the mission is to carry nasa astronauts to the space station, and spacex isn't alone. boeing also has a contract with nasa and has developed its own crew vehicle it will test next month. nasa's chief astronaut says it's all about trust. >> we can't do it by ourselves so we have decided to place our trust in spacex. we've decided to place our trust in boeing, and together we're going to be able to get back to space. >> all right, tom, i guess the big question is how do you go from this test to actually
7:17 am
getting humans in space? >> reporter: yeah, so they will test this vehicle, and they will -- it will go all the way to the space station, then come back and splash down. then they'll do a full analysis looking at all the data to see whether they think it's ready for a manned mission, and if it is, that manned test could come sometime over the summer. boeing is going through the exact same process. they could also lift off sometime this summer with astronauts. if you want to watch it live, you can get up with us really early, 2:49 a.m. east coast time. i don't think many of you will be watching with me, but we'll be watching here. >> tomorrow morning? >> is that like a saturday morning you're suggesting? >> live streaming on spacex. >> weekday you might have had had us. weekday we'd be close. friday night, you could roll it into a long night. >> an all-night rager. >> i think it's going to be a long 40 hours. >> it's cool, though, tom. how exciting. al's back with the rest of the forecast and i must say a
7:18 am
smart corduroy blazer this morning. >> it's corduroy weather right now. you don't get to wear this that often. we are looking at that heavy snow coming across the plains as another clipper comes there. we are seeing more snow moving out of the northeast and new england, but heavy rain along the mid-atlantic coast, and out west rain will be moving in at night which is dangerous especially given the fact we may see flooding in southern and central california. be on the lookout. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. you guys hungry? ♪ ♪ ♪
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good friday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. it's a beautiful start to the day, a live look at san jose, a few peeks of sunshine but the clouds will continue to roll in throughout the day and highs will reach into the upper 50s, and it's going to stay dry today, but rain returns tomorrow, starting out early in the morning, and going off and on throughout the day. also some spotty showers in the forecast for sunday. by monday, we'll get a mix of sun and clouds before the next storm comes in, and that will bring in some heavier rain, possibly another atmospheric river by the middle of next week. ook so happy about it. thank you, al. coming up, a new look at the troubling michael jackson documentary ahead of its debut this weekend. the pop star's family is fighting to stop it, and the film's director is right here. he'll respond in a live interview. youtube rolling out a big change to protect its young users. will it be enough? our conversation with the company's ceo, but first this "today" onis n
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good morning. 7:26 now. i'm kris sanchez. people who live in the areas hardest hit by the flooding in the north bay are finally going to get a chance to return home today. authorities plan to start allowing residents in at noon. our pete suratos is in guerneville, and he says people are already starting to return. the russian river crested at about 45 feet this week. guerneville's sixth highest level on record and its worst flooding in 20 years. governor gavin newsom declared a state of emergency already. the full extent of the damage we don't know yet. >> we are tracking storms head our way for this weekend, too, kari. >> this one looks to be a
7:27 am
little -- on top of already saturated ground. we have dry weather today but by early tomorrow morning, the next wave of showers will be moving in, and off and on throughout at least the early hours, before becoming a lot more spotty for saturday afternoon, and we still will have some rain chances in the forecast through sunday as well, before we prepare for another atmospheric river for the middle of next week. we have a break of rain today, and then spotty showers for saturday into sunday, and then more sun and clouds for monday. we'll have more updates and vianey has a look at the commute. >> and we're starting to see some issues popping up especially driving through the east bay along southbound 880, headed in towards the fremont area, we do have a crash. chp is reporting major slowing southbound 880 near tennison road. delays are backed up through hayward, along through the fremont area, your east bay drive times southbound 885 to highway 84 looking at 20
7:28 am
minutes. southbound 680 from 580 to vargas road 11 minutes and a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza it's a busy morning. we have more local news in a half hour.
7:29 am
7:30 am
we're back at 7:30. it is a friday morning and a snowy one for a lot of the northeast. that's a live look, ocean city, new jersey. not a beach day there. and al says actually, there's another big storm, and it's ready to race across the entire country coast to coast. we're going to get his forecast in a moment. first let's get to a check of today's headlines. new developments this morning in the wake of this week's summit between president trump and north korean leader kim jong-un. on thursday president trump said he walked away from the summit without an agreement because kim demanded the u.s. lift all of its sanctions. but overnight north korea's foreign minister held a rare news conference to dispute that claim. he insisted kim asked only for
7:31 am
partial sanctions relief in exchange for shutting down the north's main nuclear complex. now to florida where police are searching for a suspect in a dramatic hit and run crash. look at the kia minivan at the top of your screen, it takes a left into oncoming traffic. the van clips a car sending it airborne into a parking lot. it flipped at least three times. the 19-year-old driver of the audi was critically injured in that accident. amazingly and fortunately nobody else was hurt. the driver of the van fled the scene. big news from the baseball diamond, all star slugger bryce harper has agreed to a record 13-year $330 million deal with the philadelphia phillies. it's the large dooels st deal i baseball history. he spent his first seven seasons with the washington nationals. he's a six-time all star. harper was widely considered the top prize of this year's free agent class. and now to the continuing
7:32 am
fight over leaving neverland, a controversial new hbo adult ri set to premier this weekend. his estate has sued to stop it with his family claiming this is a one sided attack. we're going to talk to "leaving neverland's" director dan reed. >> i was like head over heels in love with michael. and he said he loved me. >> "leaving neverland" tells the story of two boys whose love for michael jackson brought them to his side resulting they say in a pattern of sexual abuse that went on for years. wade robson and james safechuck say jackson rehearsed with them how to avoid being caught and carefully groomed them for abuse. >> being with you. >> safechuck's mother says their entire family fell under jackson's spell.
7:33 am
>> he could be anywhere with anybody in the world and michael wanted to be with our family. >> reporter: jackson's family said they never believed the accusations against their brother, even those his sleepovers with young boys might have looked suspicious to outsiders. >> i think my mom told him for a while, but he said mom i would never hurt a kid. i would never do anything like that to anyone. he would tell my mom that. >> reporter: for two decades robson and safechuck said the same thing, robson even testifying under oath at jk s jackson's trial that the singer never touched him inappropriately. in his early 30s robson's story changed. >> i never forgot one moment of what michael did to me, but i was psychologically and emotionally completely unable and unwilling to understand it was sexual abuse. >> robson and safechuck say becoming fathers prompted them to speak out. both made their allegations after jackson's death.
7:34 am
both sued jackson's estate and media companies. those suits were dismissed and the suits against the media companies were being appealed. >> today is your birthday. >> reporter: but the ordeal they describe in "leaving neverland" looks to add a disturbing new chapter to a legacy already shrouded in controversy. >> secrets will eat you up you feel so alone. >> reporter: for "today," natalie morales nbc news, los angeles. >> we're joined by dan reed, the producer and director of "leaving neverland." good morning. a lot of people are talking about this film before it even debuts on television. it's interesting that it is having such an effect. in some sense we've heard these stories for years about michael jackson. what was it about your telling that you think is so compelling? >> i think it's because we have direct testimony from the little boys or the young men now who actually suffered the abuse, and i think that's the first time that that's happened. wade was briefly on the "today"
7:35 am
show in 2013, apart from that none of them have come forward on television. >> the jackson family has been very critical. the family says in a statement your film is a one-sided marathon of unvetted propaganda to shamelessly exploit an innocent man no longer here to defend himself. first of all, the film isn't about michael jackson. it's about wade and james who are alive. secondly jackson is dead, and he's not here to defend himself. we include the rebuttals he made while he was alive. he's recorded plenty of denials. we've included that in the film and given him a significant presence and his lawyers. as far as jackson's right of reply goes we have met that fully. >> what about when you first came upon these stories, here you have two young men who for a long time did deny that it happened, so how did you approach that as a filmmaker? did you come with skepticism? did you come sort of predisposed
7:36 am
to believe their new story? how did you deal with that fact? >> well, i've been making documentaries for 30 years, so i don't take everyone at face value. you have to remain skeptical while listening very carefully to what people have to say and once i'd interviewed wade and james, which i did at great length, i went to try to find anything in the record, in the investigations of 1993 and of 2003 to 2005, anything that would contradict or undermine their story, and i couldn't find anything. >> one of the other criticisms is this is about money for james and wade. >> have either of them been paid to be your documentary. >> not at all. >> others hope the case in your film helps their appeal where they've sued the jackson estate. >> it is a long shot. it is about money, it's about protecting an asset that would be, you know, at risk if people believed the claims. >> so let's talk about the film and what's in it. what do they say about how this
7:37 am
was possible? i mean these are two young men. where are the families? how does this happen? >> the film is about two families coming to terms with what they discover two decades later about the truth of the boys' relationship with michael jackson. you know, the mothers who are like key figures in my four-hour film describe how they saw jackson as a son. they felt great love for him. they accepted him in their home. they cooked for him, cleaned his clothes, you know, they really adopted him as one of the family. it's chilling because jackson inserted himself, ingratiated himself into these very ordinary families so that he could sexually abuse their children. >> we know how difficult it is for any victim of sexual abuse or alleged victim of sexual abuse to talk about it, to share it with the world. what was the moment for james and wade where they said okay, now, yes, i've testified on
7:38 am
behalf of michael jackson, i can't live with this anymore? >> i think a big moment for wade and wade kind of led the way, was having his own son. so when his son came into the world and he saw this child and he realized what it is to have a child in your care, and then he began to imagine michael doing the things to his little boy that he'd done to him to 7-year-old wade, and he became, you know, these images were revolting and disgusting. when he thought about his own experience with michael, he felt nothing. a deep attachment forms between the abuser and the victim, and the sexual relationship, even at such a young age becomes normalized and you think this is love. this earn, iperson, i'm special. the victim sees it as a good thing, doesn't see it as abuse. >> that brings me to a part of the film, i mean, people should be warned it is incredibly graphic. there's no euphemisms used whatsoever. why did you think it was important to be so detailed
7:39 am
about what exactly took place behind closed doors according to these young men? >> for many years michael jackson kind of hid in plain sight. he portrayed himself as someone who never had a childhood and therefore was lifrg oving out h childhood in the public eye. he said his interest in little boys was entirely intent and he dh admitted that he spent nights with them, but nothing happened. and so you know, for many years the public bought into this and everyone bought into this, and he was able to spend so much time in the company of little children without people thinking there was anything strange about this. >> had either wade or james told anybody in their lives whether a parent, a friend, or someone else about the abuse they say they suffered, or have they lived with this up until they sat down with you? >> so wade lived with it up until he disclosed to his si pso
7:40 am
therapist and that story is in the film and he came out on the "today" show in may of 2013, and james had come out to his mother in 2009, but was so terrified she might tell someone, he made her swear to keep that secret. the secret was kept for nearly two decades. that's very typical of survivors of child sexual abuse. >> it's a fascinating piece of work. it airs sunday and monday on hbo. >> sunday and monday. >> thank you very much for being here. we really appreciate it once again. it's on hbo. coming up, our conversation with youtube's ceo on the sweeping changes the company is making. plus, the health scare facing actor luke perry, everything we know as he recovers in the hospital, and the well wishes are of course pouring in. the jonas brothers are back, the new music they just dropped overnight. and then the fashion designer who purportedly introduced prince harry and
7:41 am
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7:45 am
panera. food as it should be. 7:44. snow covered city this morning. >> yes. >> a little dusting even right here on top of our studio. who's going to shovel it, carson? willie? al? >> i did shovel this morning. >> you did? >> al's been up shoveling. >> throw down a little salt. in new york city if somebody slits on yo slips on your sidewalk you're responsible. 20 to 30 degrees below normal in the plains. bismarck 16, that's 14 degrees colder than usual. grand island, nebraska, 15 degrees colder. minneapolis will see only 22 degrees. on saturday, green bay, wisconsin, you're going to be 27. st. louis eight degrees cooler than usual, even denver looking at 30, that's 20 degrees colder than average. as we move into next week, that cold air spreads east. by tuesday it's 16 in cleveland,
7:46 am
22 cincinnati, 36 in d.c., boston will be 29. we'll be in the 20s here in new york city. so whatever makes its way up the coast sunday night into monday is going to be hanging around for a little while. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. our break from the rain continues, but it will be short-lived, with our high temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. rain returns early tomorrow morning, and it will be heavy before sunrise and then it becomes a little bit more light and scattered throughout the day. we are going to still keep those rain chances in the forecast through sunday, and then a mix of sun and clouds on monday. we may see another heavy rain event moving in by the middle of next week so we're enjoying our break from the rain today. >> and that's your latest weather. >> we're just readjusting a little bit. >> what's happening. coming up, a new move by youtube to keep your children safe, turning off comments on
7:47 am
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good friday morning. right now at 7:56, we wake up to a nice sunrise, with a few clouds in the mix over the south bay. we'll continue to see more clouds moving in. in campbell we'll reach into the upper 50s, a little bit cooler than normal and we'll see the rain returning early in the morning. some scattered showers will be with us through at least the early morning hours, and then become a little bit more light and scattered going into the afternoon. but at any point tomorrow, we could see some rain moving through, so you need to be prepared, and your weekend plans for some rain, and then on monday, we'll see a break in the downpours before some heavier rain moves in between late tuesday night and wednesday. this could also bring us another inch or two of rain in parts of the bay area. but overall, we are looking at the floodwaters in the north bay to recede and this shouldn't affect the heavy flooding that we've seen in the north bay, but
7:57 am
we may have more impacts by the middle of next week. let's get an update on the commute from vianey. >> we have a hot spot in the east bay along southbound 880, a crash along tennison road. the number two lane remains blocked and unfortunately we're noticing now there are delays in both directions, northbound 880 and southbound 880, just as you get ready to approach that crash at tennison road. if you head out the door now, it looks like we see major delays or southbound 808 and northbound bay bridge toll plaza. it's a busy commute. flooded residents in the north bay are finally getting to go back to their homes as health and hutility teams are going in to assess the damage. more than 2,000 homes are damaged a cording to early estimates. you can link to the latest at the top of our home page. the oakland teacher strike is in day seven as contract talks appear to heat up. another east bay school district facing a strike of their own. san ramon teachers have to cast
7:58 am
their vote today. you can get updates on our twitter feed. more local news in just a half hour. ♪ no hormones!
7:59 am
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8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, in like a lion. a massive cross country storm is headed for the east coast this weekend bringing along heavy snow and rains to tens of millions in its path. how bad will it get? al's got the latest forecast. plus, under observation. actor luke perry recovering in a california hospital this morning after reportedly suffering a stroke. just ahead, the latest on his condition and the well wishes pouring in from fellow costars and friends. and no comments. youtube announcing a big change to protect younger viewers amid growing scandals over security.
8:01 am
is it enough and will it work? youtube ceo speaks out about the big challenges they're facing. "today," friday, march 1st, 2019. ♪ >> from sunny south florida -- >> to snowy new york city! >> from new jersey! >> it's jane's birthday! >> hi logan and lima! >> the national ms society here on "today"! >> doing our morning routine of washing the "today" show. >> julia turns 50 -- >> today! >> good morning, everybody. so nice to have you along with us. it's a bit of a snowy, cold scene on the plaza. cozy at home. if you want to send a my "today" plaza, have you heard about this, willie? >> it's sweeping the nation. craig and hoda have the morning off. but thank you for the video
8:02 am
shoutouts. if you want to see yourself in that open, share it with the my today plaza hashtag. >> and extra credit for super cute babies. let's get to the news at 8:00. march is coming out of the gates strong. a triple threat of storms that could disrupt weekend plans coast to coast. al's got it all mapped out for us. >> good morning, guys. you can see there is already snow blowing our skating rink. the snow continues to come down. you can see that snow. it's been persistent here in the northeast. it's going to just miss boston. the heaviest stuff moves out. as we look at how much snowfall we're looking at, this system is going to push to the north. we've got another system now making its way along the coast. tonight into tomorrow, that's going to bring some heavier snow from new york on up into new england. in fact, we're talking about anywhere from 4 to 8 inches of snow just north of new york city, connecticut, rhode island, on into new england. we'll watch that very closely. now, here comes the next system.
8:03 am
this one could cause flooding rains for parts of california. heavy snow through the rockies. then it continues to move east. it's a rocket sled on rails bringing snow from kansas all the way into st. louis. then into south into chicago, indiana, on into the northeast. into sunday, soaking rains down to the north. now, here's where it gets dicey. this system starts to make its way up the coast and bring more snow there. depending on the track, the amount of snow will vary. we do all the models agree, we'll see know from the central rockies into the central plains. as we move east, the american model keeps the snow down to the south. roanoke may be involved. but the european model brings heavy snow from central pennsylvania all the way into new england. and just north of new york city. if this system moves a little furs south, that'll draw in the colder air and that will mean more.
8:04 am
heavy rain bands in the south up to an inch and a half per hour. flash flooding likely. this area has seen heavy rain in the last couple of weeks. so this is a big impact storm literally from coast to coast. back to you. >> a rocket sled on rails kind of day. thanks very much. president trump is facing pushback this morning over his comments about his summit with kim jong-un. and the death of american captive otto warmbier. kelly cobiella is back with a closer look. >> good morning. yeah, this morning the north koreans are disputing the president's account of why those hanoi talks broke down. president trump said he walked because the north koreans demanded dropping all sanctions. north korea's foreign minister claiming that north korea demanded only some sanctions be lifted in exchange for closing its main nuclear site. president trump also dealing with fierce backlash for his comments on otto warmbier, the college student from ohio who was imprisoned in north korea and died after 17 months in
8:05 am
labor camp. the president telling reporters he takes kim jong-un's word that the dictator isn't responsible for warmbier's treatment. in washington, republicans breaking ranks with the president placing blame squarely on kim. some of the president's critics saying it's yet another example that the president is siding with dictators over his own advisers and intelligence. the north koreans have always denied torturing otto warmbier. this morning, no comment from otto's family on the president's words. >> difficult for the warmbier family to have to be put through this again. thank you. a new report says the president overruled intelligence officials and his own white house counsel last year and ordered top security clearance for jared kushner, his son-in-law and senior adviser at the white house. it was then-chief of staff john kelly who got that order to grant the clearance anyway. "the times" says kelly was so upset, he wrote an internal memo
8:06 am
about the whole incident. that report contradicts president trump who told "the times" in january he played no role in kushner's clearance. nbc news reported last month white house security experts had raised red flags about potential foreign influence over kushner. delta and american airlines have been hit with hefty fines for keeping passengers waiting inside planes on tarmacs for too long. maybe you've been one of those passengers. under federal rules, travelers on domestic flights cannot be on the tarmac for more than three hours without a chance to deplane. the limit is four hours for international flights. american was fined $1 million for violating the rules 13 times since 2015. delta fined $250,000 in the last two years. a brilliant maneuver by a group of teenagers saved a young boy dangling from a ski lift. kristen dahlgren has the incredible rescue. >> reporter: high anxiety
8:07 am
gripping skiers on a mountain in vancouver, canada. an 8-year-old boy dangling from a chair lift more than 20 feet above the ground. >> that is insane. >> reporter: a man seen desperately holding onto the boy, unable to pull him back up. other skiers watching the whole thing unfold. but soon the boy's cries for help was answered. >> they pointed to the lift. i saw the kid dangling. >> at one point, it was just one arm. >> the five friends racing to grab nearby fencing to make a safety net. >> i was like, i don't know what's going to happen to him. but i really just kind of knew that, like, we could do this. >> then the ultimate trust fall. >> wow. they're heroes. >> reporter: the teenagers clapping and cheering once he was on the ground. >> it was all over to quickly. but it was just three brilliant
8:08 am
ideas all put together and we saved the kid that way. >> reporter: the ski resort telling nbc news their quick thinking and immediate actions are commendable. adding the boy who fell wasn't hurt. it's not clear what caused the boy to slip off the lift in the first place. the incident is now under investigation. the resort says it plans to give the teens complimentary season passes for their heroism. as for the group of friends, they're just glad they could help. >> it's interesting to be called a hero. it's -- i don't think it's really settled in that we, like, saved a child's life. it's pretty incredible. >> reporter: for "today," kristen dahlgren, nbc news. >> i love those little dudes. >> and using the netting, stroke of genius. i think it was hard for him to let go. thank goodness he did. hoda is off but that does not mean we're not doing a morning boost. a young soccer fan in england, a chance to walk on the field with
8:09 am
his favorite team was the ultimate dream. here's how a boy named harry reacted when they got him a chance at the mascot as a president. >> oh, my god! >> he's going to get to wear the football uniform and walk side by side with his favorite player before the game. it's the experience of a lifetime. harry, he's ready and so grateful coming in for the hug. >> that is awesome. i wish my kids would react that way when i give them a christmas present. >> maybe your present needs to be better. >> excellent point. coming up, youtube's new crackdown on dangerous comments aimed at children. what the company's ceo had to say to us about some major changes. and then the latest overnight on the health scare that has luke perry in the hospital this morning. first these messages.
8:10 am
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8:13 am
should fire, this time for inappropriate comments on the site aimed at young children. >> nbc's morgan radford joins us with more on the problem and what's being done to fight it. good morning. >> that's right, good morning. in fact, we've been there, done that. we've been familiar with going down the youtube rabbit hole. you start on one video and end up somewhere completely different, and unfortunately among its billions of clips, there's a darkness in the comments section that youtube is trying to combat in an effort to protect children from online predators. >> reporter: this morning youtube cracking down on its comment section, after critics claimed pedophiles are using the platform to prey on kids. the google owned company announcing thursday it's disabling comments on videos featuring kids where predators might be lurking and getting rid of any channels that might be trying to harm children. the company also revealing it will be able to identify two times as many predatory comments with its updated comments classifier tool. measures that youtube says are
8:14 am
critical for keeping young people safe. the significant changes coming after several companies announced they were pulling their advertisements from the site, concerned those ads were running alongside predatory comments. >> i'm making this video with only one intention, and that is to bring awareness to this. >> reporter: the company facing mounting pressure after youtuber matt watson revealed last month that pedophiles were using the comment section on videos featuring children as part of a soft core pedophilia ring. >> what this is is child exploitation. >> days later an explosive investigation by wired magazine showed how predators were using the comments section to sexualize children, often doing innocent things like playing twister, doing gymnastics or swimming in pools. those videos, which sometimes had hundreds of thousands of views included disturbing and inappropriate comments. youtube's ceo susan wojcicki recently sitting down with willie to discuss how the site
8:15 am
polices its content and updates its guidelines. >> when we make changes to our policies we usually consult with experts, whether they are experts in child safety, experts in law enforcement, emergency room people, first responders, like understanding where's the best police to draw the line. ♪ >> reporter: for over a decade youtube has provided viewers with an up close look at the world around them. even serving as a career launching pad for some of the world's biggest stars. now it's facing one of its toughest challenges, protecting children from a danger hiding in plain sight. >> among those advertisers who have reportedly pulled big bucks from youtube include disney, nestle and epic games. they don't want their branding and their messaging along side nefarious predators. what's interesting is a lot of these critics said when you click on one of these videos
8:16 am
youtube's algorithm will suggest similar videos ask that's what they're trying to clamp down on. >> it's algorithm draws these things? >> i interviewed susan wojcicki. conspiracy videos are not promoted. they know this is the existential threat. 500 hours of video is uploaded per minute to that site. policing is very difficult, and they're grappling with that right now. you can catch my entire interview on sunday today, and our library of sit-downs for free on apple podcasts or wherever you get yours. al, let us get a check of the weather, big morning for you. >> that's right. here's a bonus, if you will, with all the heavy rain we've been seeing in california, there has been a super bloom of gorgeous poppies in the hills in
8:17 am
lake elsnor. the poppies, anyway, what's interesting is not only is this a bonus and really beneficial bringing people there, but the drought in california is now almost wiped out so far since january 1st, 21 inches in eureka, california. san francisco 13 inches, los angeles over almost 4 1/2 inches above normal. san francisco 4 inches above normal. eureka almost 9 inches. 80% of california was in drought on december 1st. look at this, by today there's literally 2% of drought stuck up in northern california. they're going to see more heavy rain over the weekend, and that's going to cause a problem with some flooding. we'll be watching that very closely. otherwise some snow coming across the plains, and we're watching this double barrel low that will cause problems in the northeast and new england late tonight into tomorrow, and then of course that storm comes in from california and rockets across the good morning, i'm meteorologist cary hall.
8:18 am
a little while longer of dry weather. we're seeing clouds move. it's going to stay mostly cloudy. the rain gets here during the overnight hours. and is will be heavy before sunrise before it tapers off with lighter scattered showers throughout the day tomorrow. it will be wet at times as you make plans for your weekend activities. we have some off and on rain. temperatures in the upper 50s. a break on monday and then more heavy rain possible by the middle of next weelk. t weather. now to the well wishes pouring in this morning for luke perry. >> that's right. the 90210 and riverdale star was hospitalized after reportedly suffering a stroke. he's just 52 years old. >> beverly hills 90210, an instant hit turning its young actors into '90s idols, perhaps no one more than luke perry. >> mans the guys your friend. you've got to show him some respect. >> the show made him a star and gave him fans for life. many shocked to hear what happened wednesday when a 911 call sent paramedics rushing to
8:19 am
perry's los angeles home. a spokesman for perry wouldn't confirm the 52-year-old suffered a stroke saying only he's under observation at a hospital. strokes can happen to people of all ages, although the majority of stroke victims are 65 or older. this medical issue, though, not the first perry's had to face. in 2017 he revealed doctors found precancerous tumors during a colonoscopy and shared how important checkups are in a psa. >> anytime you can get people to come together for a good kauds in the right way to help other people is a good things. >> friends and co-stars coming together to support perry. no word can express what my heart feels hearing today's shocking news. shannen doherty sharing a hug from their old show, adding my friend holding you tight and giving you my strength. you got this. >> hey, you stopping by the site later? >> perry stars in the hit cw
8:20 am
show riverdale, but on the day he was taken to the hospital, news broke of a beverly hills 90210 reboot. perry had yet to sign on but told al he was open to the idea when he stopped by in 2017. >> i very much would be interested in doing it at this time. >> now the crew who grew up together on television rallying around one their own and a potential return to an iconic role. morgan chesky, nbc news, los angeles. >> he's got a lot of people rooting for him. >> i think we all said the same thing. he's 52 years old and had a stroke. wishing you well, luke perry. hope he recovers quickly. let's turn to carson. >> first the internet nearly broke yesterday when the jonas brothers announced they're coming back. there's speculation they were going to be teaming up to release new music and the news was confirmed with a little help from james corden. >> hey. >> hey, man. how are you? >> good, bro, how are you? >> that you think so much. >> do you mind if we -- >> sorry, one sec.
8:21 am
>> oh, sure. >> hello? do you mind if we pick somebody up? all right. cool. >> hey, man, how are you? >> what a treat. >> this is lovely. how's everything? >> it's good, man, really good. >> do you mind if we listen -- oh, i am so sorry. i've got to take this call. >> sure, sure. >> is that all right? sorry. >> oh, yeah, okay. we're like two minutes away. >> making a pickup? >> yeah, yeah, if that's all right. >> yeah. >> hey. >> hey, guys. >> hey, dude. >> hey. >> how are you, man? all good? >> yeah. >> nice to see you. wait. hang on. is what i think is happening, is it happening? >> yep. we're back. >> and there you go. after six years, the band is back together. the group also announced that at midnight they're going to be releasing their first single called "sucker" along with a music video for the song, and
8:22 am
without further ado let's check out the jonas brothers ♪ i'm a sucker for you, say the word and i'll go anywhere ♪ ♪ i'm a sucker for you, i'm a sucker if all the subliminal things i know about you ♪ ♪ and you're making the typical me break my typical rules ♪ ♪ it's true, i'm a sucker for you ♪ >> you hear that 200 times on your local radio station, you'll love it. >> all the jonas brothers significant others are featured in that video. no word on when they're going to maybe drop an album. if they're looking for a place to practice, get that old mojo back together, how about the plaza here in the summer. isn't that a good idea? >> yes, yes. >> jonas brothers we'd love to have you. a new documentary apollo 11 is out featuring never before seen footage from that mission that took place 50 years ago,
8:23 am
and in an exclusive clip we got a glimpse at the tense moments leading up to the launch. >> the six-minute mark and our countdown for apollo 11, 5 minutes, 52 seconds and counting. go for launch. >> verify, go for launch: >> sr over, go for launch. go for launch. >> pretty coolings righ, right? it puts you right there. color corrected? yeah, right? apollo 11 took michael collins, neil armstrong and buzz aldrin to the moon, close to 6.5 million pounds. apollo 11 opens exclusively nationwide today. it's going to be in theaters everywhere starts friday march 8th. someone get al roker off the floor. >> imax, baby. >> all year long we're going to be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. ben affleck set to be here
8:24 am
live in studio 1a on monday for an exclusive interview. his new movie "triple frontier" is coming out on netflix in a month. we're looking forward to catching up with ben on that. that's monday right here on "today" in studio 1a. we've all competed for a spot on that couch. the same can be said for dogs. a husky named bandit noticed his son sleeping next to their owner, and he tugged the puppy until he fell off the couch. bandit wasted no time in taking his son's spot. that's the way it goes down. >> the big dog ruled. >> come on. >> bye bye. >> oh, look at this. no one's sitting here. >> you snooze you lose. just ahead, fashion designer, friend of meghan markle, misha nonoo is here. she's going to add some style it our live. we've got a check of your local news, your weather, and these messages.north bay flood victim
8:25 am
8:26 am
being allowed to return to their homes today. good morning, 8:26. i'm marcus washington. north bay flood victims are being allowed to return home today. they plan to allow resident this is at noon. he says that he's already seeing people return. also today health experts and utility crews are assessing the damage across the county. the river crested at 45 feet this week. the governor has already declared a state of emergency ask we know the flooding damaged more than 2,000 homes, but the full extent is not yet known. your morning commute today. some issues this the east bay. >> the east bay is going to be a hot spot. the rest bay area is doing okay.
8:27 am
we have typical slow iing in th south bay. now another one popped up on the way out here. the first is a stalled vehicle on southbound 88. that's blocking the right lane. look at those delays. we're talking about the point at this point. we have one along southbound. the number two lane is blocked. the southbound side is the toughest commute this morning. the northbound side sleems to slow. we're seeing two issues. but again we're starleting to notice the drive times taking a toll on that. southbound 880 to highway 84, 21 minutes. that's a slow drive out there. we'll have another local news update in 30 minutes.
8:28 am
sarah's last tuition payment, sent off. feeling good? oh yeah. now i'm ready to focus on my project.
8:29 am
♪ ♪ this is why we plan. ♪ ♪ you never cease to amaze me, maya. see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch.
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8:30 now, it's friday morning, it's the 1st of march, 2019. we say hi to a great crowd out here on our plaza. oh, lots of cute babies out here this morning. hi, i just got -- oh, my gosh. >> what's up? >> i just fell in love with this baby over here. oh, my gosh, how cute. >> good crowd out here in the snow. here we are. thank you for letting me borrow this jacket. >> look at this face. is this the baby you're falling in love with? >> this is my baby. >> that's baby caroline. >> hi caroline. >> and parents laura and clint.
8:31 am
where are you guys from? >> we're from georgia. >> this is her first snow. >> first snow. >> get some squeezes in there. >> clint, what's on the docket in new york? what are you guys going to do? >> we talked about going to see some museums and getting around and eating a lot of good food. >> she's doing great. she doesn't know what the white stuff in the air is, but she loves it. >> you've got the gear down. >> she's so smiley. she's a doll. >> just so you know, that's how savannah first got veil be careful. >> right off the plaza. >> we have misha nonoo in the house. she is the person who reportedly introduced prince harry and meghan markle, is so that's exciting. we'll talk a little bit about that, and get her three essential wardrobe staples. they never go out of style. you can mix and match them. plus, want to get organized?
8:32 am
need some help in the kitchen? our tech expert walks you through some of the year's best apps. >> very cool, and also, hey, when you're going to eat, you got to eat. doesn't matter where you are. we've got the story coming up behind a slice of pizza that created a viral star at this week's hearings on capitol hill. >> icon. and coming up on the third hour of "today," we're going to wrap up our abandon series, sheinelle's trip to an old iron factory that now has an amazing rebirth, it's going to be pretty cool. all right, let us get a check of the weather, you've got a lot going on. >> yes but first. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by marvel studio's captain marvel. discover what makes her a hero in theaters march 8th. >> we've got snowy weather in new england tomorrow, a flood thet ba threat back in california. as we move into sunday, sunday, severe storms down through the
8:33 am
lower gulf, heavy snow in the mid-mississippi and ohio river valleys. bitter cold weather in the plains, sunshine for the pacific good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. dry weather continues a little while longer. despite the cloud cover we're seeing over the bay area. ask we will see some showers returning late tonight into is early tomorrow morning. you may hear some of the rain hit i hitting the roof and then it's going to become a little bit more light and scattered going into saturday. but rain chances continue into sunday as well. and we'll be tracking all of this with the potential of some more flooding rain by the middle of next week. we'll have more updates on that. >> and that is your latest weather. a lot of students here, national athlete training month. back to you guys. >> okay, al, thank you. coming up next, her creations are worn by hollywood royalty and actual royals. here she is designer misha nonoo. she's right here, she's going to
8:34 am
style us. first is is "today" on
8:35 am
8:36 am
we are back, 8:35 with celebrated fashion designer misha nonoo. she's the first fashion designer to debut a runway collection on instagram. ahead of her time. you've seen her creations on stars like meghan markle. we're going to talk to misha about it all in a minute, but first a little bit more about the designer. >> reporter: fashion designer misha nonoo is known for her simplicity. >> creating the foundation of a woman's wardrobe. it's thinking about what is going to ease her pain points in the morning, how she dresses from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. >> from button ups to jumpsuits, each piece has been designed to mix and match creating kits of three to eight classics. >> it isn't about the look, it's about the woman that's wearing the look, and the clothes are just the supporting cast of
8:37 am
characters. >> over the years her creations have been worn by famous faces, including meghan markle. nonoo's love of fashion began as a child, far from the runways of paris, milan and new york where she eventually landed. >> i grew up in the tiny little island of baja rain which is in the middle east. one thing i loved was my school uniform. i had this little navy blue uniform with a pale blue shirt and i would always add my own tweaks to it. i realized you can create your own personality in how you dress. >> reporter: and adding her own tweaks is exactly how she launched her business. >> for me the way that i was going to be able to tell the story of the brand was to completely change directions, and in that sense it was going to be by, you know, becoming my own retailer. i think people had come to slightly expect me to do things a little bit differently, but i still think that people probably think i'm a little bit crazy. >> she's not crazy.
8:38 am
misha nonoo good morning, it's nice to have you here. >> thank you for having me. >> of course so many people have become familiar with you because you are friendly with meghan markle, of course now the duchess of sussex and some people think that you're the one who brought harry and meghan together, that you introduced them. >> i don't discuss personal relationships at all, but very happy for them. >> yeah. she just had her baby shower recently. she must have been glowing. >> she certainly looked it. >> she's incredible. >> tell me about your fashion line. so you're kind of like the staples, that's the mix and match. what are you bringing to it that's different? >> for me it's really how you think about building a foundational wardrobe. we all have some of these things already whether it's your perfect black blazer, trouser, white shirt, and it's really thinking about how you get the maximum mileage out of those pieces. don't buy things or don't invest in things that are, you know, in my mind one-off pieces, really thinking about things you're
8:39 am
going to be able to wear day in, day out and get a lot of use out of them. >> it was kind of like your uniform, as a little girl you wore a light blue shirt in your school uniform. >> and here i am. >> still wearing it. we have some good models that i think you're going to actually recognize. let's first start with i think dylan. >> yeah. >> there she is. >> she's strutting out. that's her cat walk. >> yes, perfect runway. >> tell us about this. this is actually outside what your normal style would be, dilly. >> very much so. >> really? >> so i think the reality with something like this is that a lot of women could wear it, different heights, different proportions. you have a little bit of leg showing. you can wear this, when i always talk about what you wear, you have to be able to wear something from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and beyond. it's wearing versatile pieces. you can wear this to the office. you can also wear it out on a date. the black blazer i think is a strong piece. you can wear the black blazer over all the different looks. >> we have morgan on the right here. we have sheinelle in the morning. >> this is the naomi campbell
8:40 am
walk. >> back up and do it again. >> one more time. >> okay. you ready? >> the girls are going to stomp in. >> you got this. >> there we go. a white shirt, you can wear this with the same -- you can wear the white shirt also if you think about it back to the black skirt. you can throw this blazer over the white shirt. your cashmere sweater tucked into trousers. would you mind -- do you guys mind switching? >> oh, really? >> you can just -- >> don't put it on, just on the shoulders so you look chic like that. but then you also have your black trouser. now the black trouser is great. at that length you can wear it with a high heel the way i'm wearing it or with a sneaker if you want to travel in it. so having those basic pieces that you can all switch around, those versatile building blocks in your wardrobe. it's also a way to be more sustainable. a lot of people now really care about being sustainable and how they choose their fashion choices. and buying better, wearing longer is really the linchpin of
8:41 am
what i think about. i think having a wardrobe that equips a woman from day tonight is really empowering. who has the time in the morning, we were talking about it, you're up very early, for most people saying you're doing a school run or you've got a dog or whatever it is, we have a million things we have to deal with. you don't want to fuss around in the morning with your wardrobe. >> we have the black blazer, the white shirt, the black pants, what are the staples other than those that you think every woman needs in her wardrobe to mix and match? >> i also think a jumpsuit is a really great way to think about going from cocktails into even black tyie galas. a scarf is really important, perfect denim can be so flattering, and it's also about the accessories. when you have these beautiful basic building blocks, essential items, you can have your great jewelry or earrings. sheinelle was saying should i put my earrings on? yes, absolutely. have a little bit of bling. that's what makes it you. >> are sheer stockings back in?
8:42 am
>> yes, i love a sheer stocking more than an opaque tight. i think it's a little hint of sexiness. when you dress things up and dress them down you make them your own and bring your personality to it. >> it makes a lot of sense. it's nice to have you here. models you were excellent. >> we love it. >> thank you. >> thank you misha. >> they look fab. if you want more on these looks, go to, and we're back with top apps to download this year. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:43 am
8:44 am
colonoscopy, colonosco >> from food to family, travel to tracking there's always an app for everything and here to download the year's must have app is our tech expert. always good when you're here. i'll show you my phone. it has apps galore on it.
8:45 am
what's the key to finding apps you know you'll use. >> dedicate thoirm passion. identify what your goals and priorities are and find apps that help with you. i have five different ones. >> what's this first one. what's the family organize center >> this is family management at its best. if you have kids, a family, you know what it's like to have a master calendar. share your calendar with all family members. dentist appointments. after school games. every family member can be in one place. track their location. you can get notifications when they leave certain areas. left school or left camp, you can get a notification on your phone. >> we have a white board in our kitchen color coded. this is that times 100. >> you can put in, edit. even grocery lists. get kids involved.
8:46 am
we're out of milk. add that to the grocery list. >> what do you have for travel? >> at your gate. this is in airport delivery to your gate for anything you want to shop for the airport. you open up the app and you can shop at all the stores inside the airport. >> you're kidding me. >> phone chargers, coffee, doughnuts. >> a runner will bring this to your gate. i shoupd the end segment right here on this. it's called at your gate. it's in five airports. laguardia, jfk, newark and san diego and minneapolis. >> have you used it >> incredible. 15 minutes. >> can you get food? >> anything that's selling in the airport. >> i can get a beer. >> i don't know. i have to check that out. what else >> habit share. for those people that need to create better habits to achieve their goals. you're look at my chart seeing all the different habits i'm
8:47 am
trying to do everything for rehearsing for my tv show to meditation. i can share my habits. so now i can see that with other people we can communicate and text each other to give each other motivation. >> is this under the category of mindfulness. >> absolutely. but it's about having a support system. like having a coach that's your friends. if you want to go to the gym and do that five days a week have your friends track your habits. only way to get goals done. write them down and get an accountability partner. >> you have that cycling class with that board in front of you. what else? >> this is food. everyone that loves their food and wants to cook. video recipes by master chefs giving you step by step instructions in great crystal clear video.
8:48 am
500 recipes. they add more every single day. >> who is the curator of this >> all these master chefs are. so many master chefs. whole backlog of master chefs. you can take courses to learn, it to cook more mexican dishes. >> this is useful because the internet is a wild, wild west and you need that curation. >> that's the problem. there's so much information and how do i know what's right for me. >> one minute left. >> this is another one that finds in mindfulness. the zen garden as opposed to madison square garden. all my apps are grayed out. no color on the screens. this is done intentionally to reduce the amount of times i use my phone. it's reducing my screen time and reduce until pulses for me to use the phone. the favorite is watching of
8:49 am
notifications. all those dings you can group them to say only give them to me only every half hour or 2:00 and 5:00. >> an app to keep you off your phone but you need to be on your phone. dog chasing its tail. check out the all new "today" app, fantastic. download it. text "today" to 66866 and a pizza guy that stole the show on capitol hill.
8:50 am
8:51 am
carson is over in the orange room with a viral moment during the chaos in washington this week. what do you got carson? >> all of us were glued to tvs on wednesday for the michael cohen hearing. it was just outside the committee room that an unlikely star emerged. during a live report on cbs, this young man was spotted in
8:52 am
the background just scarfing some pizza directly from the box. also the clip captures that exact moment that he discovered that he was on tv and then he makes his way out of the shot. and i'm going to keep eating. a version of the video was shared online, 2.5 million views later, hallway pizza guy. >> love it. >> has taken over the internet. here we go, rob writing the hero we never knew we needed. adam adding we've seen -- we've all seen hallway pizza guy at some point, and this one has high hopes for the future saying hallway pizza guy 2024. #america. hallway pizza has been -- >> bring that over here. >> i was going to say keep walking. >> hallway pizza guy happens to be eating pizza from a chain. the name of the chain is & pizza. there's their twitter account. they've got hallway pizza guy. they're running an ad now which you can see here, hallway pizza there. they've got the special there. they're announcing this with a promo online and the whole nine
8:53 am
yards. hallway pizza guy is officially a thing now. at first a lot of people thought that was a capitol hill intern who was caught on camera. now reports saying he's a student at georgetown university who just showed up to watch history unfold and had no idea that he would be part of history. >> that's even greater because he's just like you know what i'm going to do? i'm just going to order a whole pizza right now. >> at first i thought who eats a whole pizza and then i remember myself in my 20s. i ate a whole pizza for lunch. as i touched it it was like cold to the touch. which actually i'm not usually that judgey about pizza. birthday cake, how about that? >> we could have some birthday cake or smear it with some smucker's on top of there. we've got nice folks to celebrate this morning. let's spin the snumuckers jar. happy 101st birthday to dot crouch, a world traveler from hickory, north carolina. she has visited all 50 states and four continents. next we have grace pavone from
8:54 am
melrose, massachusetts. an active lady at 100. she's worked as a school crossing guard for more than 30 years. happy 100th birthday to harold aaronson of charleston, south carolina, serving his country during world war ii. we salute you for your service. edward murphy, 100, a golfer from duluth, georgia. he says the secret to longevity, wearing that great hat. i love that and staying active. marjorie ludlow of bridge hampton, new york is 101 years old. volunteered at her local hospital for three decades. and happy 100th birthday to edward weber a veteran from plantation, florida, been married to the love of his life ethel for 75 years. thank you for your service, sir, and congratulations for the two of you and happy birthday. >> i love those birthdays. it's a great country, thank you, al. >> always a smile. >> let's get a look at what's coming up tomorrow on "today." >> good morning to you guys. we have a remarkable story from harry smith. this one is about a man paralyzed from the neck down, but thanks to some incredible
8:55 am
technology he's now back on the ski slopes. >> wow. >> fantastic story. >> that looks amazing. >> and don't forget, it's slash what? >> all day. >> if you love stories in the morning, you're going to love them all day. maria shriver is opening up about what she does every day to tune out the noise and find happiness. >> plus, everything we know about the beloved book series "the baby-sitter's club" is getting a new lease on life. coming up on "today" on our third hour, it is super food friday, and we've got some special guest taste testers joining us to sample a few of joy bauer's favorites. it's march madness, so she has her top seeds for march madness. >> top seeds, i get it. >> maybe hallway pizza guy needs tonorth bay flood victims are
8:56 am
being allowed to return to their homes. author good morning to you. 8:56. i'm marcus washington. north bay flood victims are allow ed allowed to return to their homes. authorities plan to open that area at noon, but they are saying he's seeing a thunderstorm of people return. also today health experts and crews are assessing the damage across the county. the russian river crested at 45
8:57 am
feet. the governor declared a state of emergency. and we now know flooding damaged more than 2,000 homes. but the full extent of the damage is not yet known. happening now, pete is talking with flood victims. he'll have a full report in our midday newscast. you can get more information on our home page. also the oakland teacher strike now in its seven day and the contract talks appear to heat up. another east bay school district is is also facing a possible strike. san ramone have today to cast a vote. we're posting updates online. new tweet storm from president trump going after michael cohen. more details on our feed.
8:58 am
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click, call or visit a store today. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today," live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and a good friday morning to you. welcome, i'm al. we've got sheinelle and dylan here. craig is off today, and it's march 1st. >> can you believe it? >> march 1st already. >> boom. and it's coming in like a lion throughout parts of the northeast and new england. a lot of snow. of course we just wrapped up heart health month. now this is colon cancer awareness month. it really is when you look at the numbers, it's pretty striking. according to if everyone over 50 got screened it's estimated 6 in 10 deaths could be prevented. >> six in ten. >> over


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