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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 2, 2019 5:00pm-5:29pm PST

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wnload doordash. first order, no delivery fee. a live look at dublin. the next storm. it )s comin right now at 5:00, a break in the rain, looking out live at dublin right now. but the next storm to make it even greener is coming soon. the north bay is cleaning up. people in guerneville cleaning up. the teachers strike may be over, but other teachers may be out of the classroom. what parents need to know. the news at 5:00 starts right now. good evening, everyone, i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm anousha rasta. the bay area is waterlogged. enjoy the break if you've gotten it. this is new video of a tree down
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and blocking roads on inverness avenue. you can see workers there chopping that tree up to get it out of the way. meteorologist rob mayeda tracking the weather for us. rob? >> still seeing a few scattered showers out there, more so around the tri valley, as you see in the doppler radar, scanning across the bay, down towards palo alto. thundershowers off to the east of the bay area. tonight you want to keep the umbrella on stand by. rain totals generally less than a tenth of an inch, however, look what's coming our way. we could return of an atmospheric river pattern. we'll see who has the potential for flooding into tuesday and wednesday. and the look at heavier rain in about 15 minutes. >> as the floodwater recedes,
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residents are coming back to their homes in guerneville and other river communities. they're seeing the damage first hand, beginning to dig and clean it all up. we're getting preliminary numbers now, christie smith joins us with how it's all going. >> reporter: as you can imagine, these residents have had a very long, hard day up here. and now the hard work really begins. you drive around up here, and you see scenes like this one. people removing their water hadd logged items that were damaged in the flood. mark pulverman says water reached four feet in his dad's garage. today they've moved furniture stored here outside and are beginning to clean. >> i don't think it's going to be finished for a long time, because there's also damage, right? so we've got water and mud everywhere. >> reporter: behind the home, the russian river has receded,
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but it left debris scattered on the property. and to get by, they now carefully pass red tape. >> impinging on the lines. and they're worried about the lines coming down. >> reporter: sonoma county says initial estimates show $155 million in flood damage county wide. about 1900 homes impacted and nearly 600 businesses. >> about six feet of water. >> reporter: today some told us they're grateful for help from the community. places to dump ruined items are set up as the red cross distributed cleaning supplies to property owners and residents. tim is helping his sister. >> this is not her first rodeo with the flood. it's happened bef up. but it's st a lot of work and whatnot. >> reporter: work on all levels. today county teams continued assessments of properties. and at the rio theater, they pumped out water and are trying
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the first steps to dry out. >> the next two days are going to be really critical to get the mud out, start the drying and get it all going so we can actually have guests here again. we're making really good progress. >> reporter: and we're back here live. all day we've seen people removing items from their property, hosing down their properties. tomorrow afternoon, sonoma county is hosting a community recovery meeting at el molino high school. christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> good news for people up in n flooding. and before that, a levee had broken. here's video from the skyranger earlier when the highway was closed. pumps have been working around the clock to move the water.
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people are evacuated from their homes in san anselmo because of an armed standoff. it all started with a report of shots fired. officers believed suspect, the man, is believed to be alone in the home and no injuries have been reported. nearby homes, again, are being evacuated in this area. >> well, tonight, as one teacher's strike ends, another may be just getting under way, nbc bay area's marianne favro joins us with new developments. >> oakland teachers have tentatively theiring which 90% of the students did not go to class. teachers will take a formal vote tomorrow at noon. here are the details of the tentative agreement. teachers are walking away with a 11% raise over four years. the agreement would limit class sizes and put a halt on charter
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schools. the district superintendent said it will help ensure more teachers stay in oakland. a much different story in san ramon where teachers are on the brink of a possible strike after stalled contract talks. 98% of teachers there voted to authorize a strike if their contract talks are not resolved. they are asking for smaller class sizes and more pay. the district says teachers' salaries are near the top of their region and reducing class size by one student across all levels would cost the district at least $5 million. a community ts comingneing that teachers will update parents on what to expect if a strike date >> we'll k new details tonight. a man is arrested in on popula mountain view trail last month. michael adonis, the man you see
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in this mug shot right here was arrested yesterday at a home not far from stevens creek trail. police responded to reports of a fight between a man and woman who were roommates. officers noticed that adonis matched the description of the suspect and had bite marks from the attack. they say he had only been staying at the home for a few weeks. the victim says she was walking on the trail when the suspect grabbed her, pushed her in the bushes and started punching her in the face. another couple distracted the suspect. disappointment and anger. a community reacts to no charges being filed two sacrto clark. ann marie shubert made the announcement this afternoon that no laws were breckoken when he killed in his grand parents' yard.
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police responded to a call about broken windows. body cam video shows police telling him to show his hands which he didn't do. and there was a reflection that police thought was a gun muzzle. she understands the outrage in the community. >> they executed my son. they executed him in my mom's back yard. and it is not right. however, the d.a. has shown us time and time again throughout her terms who she is and what she stands for, which is not fairness or justice. >> clark's family has filed a wrongful death suit against the officers and the city ofcrament. a tragic story involving a young cadet from concord. peter suh died from injuries he suffered while skiing. he was found unresponsive by a fellow skier last saturday
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afternoon. a memorial service and private funeral will be held at west point next week. a memorial will be held here in california later. he graduated in concord. president trump took the stage at the c pac conference in maryland. the president was given a very warm welcome. after going through a turbulent week on everything from north korea to his former attorney testifying before congress. in the middle of his speech, trump president trump singled out and brought out on the stage hayden williams, the conservative punched on campus. you see the video there. videvice >> sue him, but he's probably got nothing, but s file a lawsuit. forever. but sue the college, the university. [cheers and applause] and maybe sue the state. >> suspect is facing charges. williams and the suspect are not
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students at cal. earlier in the speech, the president took aim at the new green deal movement. >> no planes. no energy. when the wind stops blowing, that's the end of your electric. darling? darling, is the wind blowing today? i'd like to watch television, darling. >> the democrats' green new deal plan does call for a drop in greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels. it does not ground airplanes or rely only on renewable energy. still ahead on nbc bay area news at 5:00. spacex reaching for the stars. what had elon musk speechless. you heard from president trump. next hear from a possible opponent. bernie sanders' strong words on the current president. at redfin, we charge you a 1% listing fee.
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and because is america's #1 brokerage site our agents get more eyes on your home so you sell for thousands more than the one next door. don't get stuck in the past. sell with a redfin agent. leap for commercial space travel. a big step for space x, a giant leap for commercial space travel. earlier today, a falcon rocket carrying the newest capsule for astronauts blasted off in florida. >> two, one, zero, ignition, liftoff. >> on board, a life-sized test dummy. his name is ripley, name comes from the alien movies if you
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remember those. i do. if all goes well, ripley should reach the international space station on sunday. musk says he hopes the capsule will be ready to carry people later this year. >> frankly, i'm a little emotionally exhausted. because that was super stressful. >> but the mission is not over yet. space capsule still must complete the mission, docking with the international space station and splashing down go the atlantic ocean on march 8th. a $2 billion grand opening of sorts in san francisco for patients and employees at the bay area's newest hospital campus. of sutter's old hospitals tom the new campus this morning. the move cet the 11-floor facil. nbc bay area caught up with the first patient to move into one of the new hospital's
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state-of-the-art private rooms. he says he couldn't be happier with the move and the new digs after spending more than five months at another campus since may. >> you know, we all wish we could be at home, you know. home is comfort, but this is amazing. it's like a hotel. and i think it helps with healing, you know, when you're in a place where you feel comfortable. >> the building includes some of the latest seismic safety features like something called wall dampers that absorb some of the shock during earthquakes. senator bernie sanders returned to his roots to kick off his presidential campaign. sanders holding his first rally inbrooklyn, new york. his birthplace, and he didn't hold back on his thoughts about president trump. >> who is the most dangerous president in modern american history. >> the vermont senator says he expects to win the democratic nomination and then beat mr. trump for the white house. still ahead on nbc bay area
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news at 5:00. out to sea. the brand-new boat ready to set sail off the san francisco coast. >> right now our storm ranger mobile doppler radar still picking up showers. and we're tracking when more significant rain will be making a come back in your seven-day forecast. the u.s. coast guard hd
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a new ship to its fleet. the coast guard cutter robert ward the u.s. coast guard has added a new ship to its fleet. >> the coast guard cutter "robert ward" was commissioned today in san francisco.
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the cutter is designed to intercept drugs and migrants and conduct search and rescue. it will patrol all of california coastal regions and international wraters off mexic. >> it looks like a beautiful day in san francisco today. >> sunshine and showers, a mix of everything. you'll need sunglasses and an umbrella to wrap up the weekend. temperatures in the 60s. at times feeling a little muggy out there. can't see most of the golden gate bridge, disappearing into the low clouds and drizzle. highs today generally in the 50s. on the hayward side it's in the sunshine right now, high of 63 and a few sprinkles around the east bay and san jose. beautiful green hills to the east. that is the benefit of all the mobile doppler radar, still seeing showers that extend down to palo alto and a few near milpitas.
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and you see how the moisture has moved off to the east as we transition to a few more scattered showers. the same trend for your sunday. a few sunny breaks. you can see not a big amount of bra rain coming down between now and 9:00 tomorrow morning. tomorrow. >> we'll see high temperatures tomorrow similar to what we had today. upper 50s and 60s around san jose and the same blend that we saw this afternoon, a few passing showers. notice mostly cloudy skies and mainly right rain showers as we head towards 5:00, 6:00, and for more significant rain, notice the time stamp here tuesday into wednesday. right now if there's good news for the bay area, it's focussed
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on central and southern california. last week we saw this on the north bay. if that holds up as things look in the extended forecast, the big rains that could come in as we get into tuesday and wednesday right now, looks like down the coast, san luis obispo to santa barbara. we do expect an inch or two of rain out of that. thursday into friday, we catch a bit of a break, and we certainly need it. and more rain possible as we head into next weekend. head into next weekend. we'll have more
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it )s something that, for many, takes a lifetime to learn. the power of paying it forward. it's something that for many takes a lifetime to learn. >> that's right, but not a 15-year-old high school freshman from gilroy, she's not only learned it, she's an expert at it. ying field of tonight's baykno christopher high school in gilroy. >> that felt good. >> reporter: there is an athlete who stands out from the rest. though it's not just how 15-year-old ella rodriguez stands that sets her apart. it's what she stands for. that be being the power of paying it forward. >> to bring something like this powerful into someone's life is life changing. >> reporter: ella was nine
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months old when her foot was amputated due to a birth defect. it never slowed her down as a little girl, but there came an age, nine exact, when being different weighed her down. she wanted a friend who looked like her, and she knew just who to ask for to. >> dear santa, i don't really kn a new friend that has a prosthetic like me. >> reporter: when ella's mom saw the letter she posted it to facebook hoping someone who could help would see it, and they did. a member of the challenged athletes foundation saw the post and within a couple weeks, ella was at a triathlon surrounded by kids just like her. >> we were just being kids for the night and it felt completely normal. >> reporter: they also gave ella her first running leg, and well, she hasn't stopped since. she cheers and plays wheelchair
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basketball. it not only brought her to the world of sports but out of herschel. >> it's affected me into a way i can't put into words. at this year's caf fund raiser, ella was there to present a boy on her basketball team with his very own custom wheelchair. setting him off on a path she knows love. >> i'm going to cry, because it means, it meant so much to me when i was 9 years old that i can't even fathom what it's going to mean to him. >> to be clear, ella didn't raise the money for her teammate's wheelchair, but she did nominate him to the foundation where they granted him the money for that wheelchair. >> great story. we'll be right back. [phone ringing]
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being transformed bringing the past to life. the san francisco u.s. mint is being transformed into a popup museum to celebrate the city's history. >> it's the fourth annual san francisco history days. and there are morencluding this right here where kids can look through some homemade periscopes. this is for people of all ages to experience the past through pictures, paintings, activities and historic films. it runs through sunday. >> so you can be inside for that. the question is, do you need to be inside at all? or is it going to be sunny and beautiful now that we've hit the month of march? >> that's why the weather app that we have with radar. >>na >> that is the cleanest segue into promoting that app i've ever seen. >> the mers caper case setting
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weather app. the umbrella and sunglasses wrap up to the weekend. monday, it looks like showers will be gone then, but tuesday and wednesday another chance for rain. down towards big sur. let's see if we can get a dry weekend coming in. a lot of little leagues starting. looks like saturday. more rain. so that february wet pattern just continues into march as the snow adds up in the sierra and rain continues adding up here. >> there are some people in the north bay who are glad it's focussed in the south. >> that's right. thanks very much. thanks for watching. nightly news is next. >> we'll see you then. tonight, a winter storm sweeps across the country with
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another on the way. mother nature's one-two punch puts millions at risk from floodwaters out west to heavy wet snow creating dangerous conditions to the east. where is the next storm headed? we have a live forecast. playing to a friendly crowd after a rough week, president trump goes on the attack. and the democrats, they are going to do whatever they do if they get into power and it won't have a damn thing to do with whether or not we approve our national emergency. >> but did the president contradict one of his most famous campaign lines? a milestone in space travel. an unmanned test flight showcasing the private craft that could carry american as


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