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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 3, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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oakland teachers have decided to end their strike. what it means for students >> right now at 11:00. the votes have been counted. teachers decided to end their strike. what that means for students tomorrow. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening, thank you for joining us. >> a bitter back and forth battle is now over. the teacher strike in oakland lasted 7 days. he's live at the oakland teachers union headquarters where votes were tallied tonight. it was a close one? >> well, i can tell you that this vote does mean that teachers and students will be returning to class tomorrow but there was a large and vocal group that actually opposed this
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deal. school will be in session monday morning. >> the members have ratified a contract. throughout the day, union members cast their ballots in downtown oakland it includes a 3% signing bonus and 11% raise over 4 years. the union was asking for a 12% raise. also an offer to reduce class sizes at high needs next year and all schools the following years as well as support staff like counselors and therapists and bonuses and raises for nurses but a sizable group still opposed the plan to consolidate schools. you want me to go back to school and look my students in the eye and say i took a pay raise but your school is going to be
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closed? no. >> 58% agreed saying this contract was a win for teachers, students and support staff. >> it's part of the district moving forward and union moving forward it helps all of us. >> the school board has to ratify the deal. >> and tonight the school superintendent issued a statement saying she is thankful the strike is over writing in part, this strike was very difficult for our community. that being said it's clear how much we all value our teachers. we are pleased that the members of oea ratified the contract. now the board is scheduled to meet tomorrow. they were supposed to meet on friday to consider cuts going into the next school year but that meeting was postponed because of the on going strike at the time. >> thanks very much. coming up we'll see if teachers
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in san ramon are going on strike. on friday, 98% of public schoolteachers voted to authorize a strike if an agreement can't be reached. a meeting is planned for this wednesday. now to our other top story, another strong storm is looming. >> tracking today's rain totals and that next group of storms coming this way. >> right now, still some scattered showers around east bay hills in san francisco and along the peninsula and that's a sneak preview of the morning commute. generally light showers moving on by but what has our attention is this storm off to the west. tapping into tropical moisture out of the south and it looks like it's going to be impacting more of central and southern
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california in terms of the potential for heavier rain. so unlike last week when we're adding up rain in the double digits for the north bay, it looks like 2 to 3 inches in the north bay hilltops and given how saturated the soil is we might see elevated rises on local creeks and streams. >> new at 11:00, weather considered a factor in a car crash. a car struck a power pole and it could impact tomorrow's commute. it's the very busy intersection off highway 17. marianne is live with new developments. >> well, that accident happened around 6:30 tonight and the car crashed into this pole you see here behind me and right now pg and e crews are actually setting up and preparing to repair that pole tonight and that could take several hours.
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a car hit a power pole and flipped over. the driver who was the only one in the car suffered only minor injuries. police suspect the wet roads may have played a role in the crash. when the car hit the power pole, nearly 1,300 people lost power. tonight just 28 homes and businesses are still without electricity in campbell. a big section of camden avenue was shutdown. now it's been reopened but another shutdown is looming tonight and into the morning as crews gear up to replace the damaged pole. so the key will be now, how long those repairs are going to take because if it takes more than just a few hours, then an entire section of camden avenue could be closed tomorrow morning and that could really create havoc for monday morning commuters. reporting live in campbell, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you.
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an important week ahead for north bay flood victims. today they got some much needed help. department of insurance staff met with people that live and work in sonoma county effected by the recent storms. dozens of people stood in long lines and filled out paperwork and waited for a chance to hear from experts about where to go from here. some have a damaged home to go back to. others have nothing. >> i'm officially homeless. i only have the clothes that i have on my back. >> but luckily she's alive and she's safe. >> and my cat is safe too. >> well, staff from the california department of insurance will be set up in the old bank of america building all week. one other note, the school district remains closed for tomorrow. you can stay informed and know what's coming days in advance. download our app and find a complete forecast for your community. >> here's the best story you're going to hear tonight, maybe all week. two young girls are home safe
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tonight that have been missing since friday. before they got home, we have a new picture of the 5 and 8 year old girls they were treated to cokes and pizza at the hospital where they're being checked out. what a weekend they've had. the two were found safe this morning about a mile and a half from their home in benbow. authorities say the girls were not hurt and they were in good spirits. the two wandered away from home on friday afternoon. thanks to some survival training they got in 4-h once they realized they were truly lost they stayed in the same spot and they waited for help. >> that's what these girls did. they stayed in this location since friday night and they got under some bushes. they got dry. and they waited there and, you know, for search and rescue and our search and rescue finally got to them and we located them this morning. >> these girls had some training and they remembered it and knew what to do. more than 100 first responders were out there looking for the
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girls including crews from sonoma and napa counts. crews were able to spot granola bar wrappers. >> a memorable story. there's a lot at stake this week for president trump with two committees demanding documents and another committee meeting behind closed doors with michael cohen. tomorrow the house judiciary committee will request documents for more than 60 people within the president's administration and business including his son, donald trump jr. lawmakers are investigating whether the president tried to get kushner a top security clearance over objections from intelligence leaders and white house officials. then on wednesday, the president's former attorney michael cohen will be back before the house intelligence committee. a private meeting will center on possible trump campaign ties to russia. adding to the president's problems, another committee is expected to ask the irs to
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turnover years of the president's personal tax returns. mr. trump continues to deny any wrong doing. >> happening tomorrow, the man caught on camera punching a conservative activist on the u.c. berkeley campus is due in court. he's the man throwing the punch. he's said to be formally charged with assault. that's him. he was on campus representing a conservative group called turning point. in the middle of his cpac speech he brought him on stage. he told him to sue them all. u. u.c. berkeley is calling his reaction to the handling of the assault inaccurate. spread across sproul plaza were many of the universities 10,000 plus student groups representing a full array of believes,
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interests and engaged in advocacy and outreach. all of them supported and welcome by the campus administration. >> the city of san francisco will hold a public memorial service at city hall for jeff adachi tomorrow. the 59-year-old died last friday. sources tell our investigative unit early autopsy reports show he had extensive heart disease. though questions remain, officers made at least two trips to the apartment where adachi was found but they haven't said why. the woman that made the 911 call still has not been located. she's a columbian national. investigators are not commenting on adachi's cell phone which was reportedly missing. >> still to come, the rides of march. tesla about to unveil something new this month. >> and speaking of driving, a big set back if you make your way to the mcarthur maize. the change coming that could mean more time in traffic. >> but first, tornadoes claim nearly two dozen lives in
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alabama. tonight thousands of people without power. we're tracking the latest developments. >> right now our storm ranger mobile doppler radar still picking up scattered showers at this hour. more of that for tomorrow morning's commute before wind and rain make a big come back. the time line on the stronger storm when we come right back. kn wet weather returns to the bay area as you start your work week monday. plus-- mike will be keeping an eye on your morning commute as you head out the door. join us monday morning from
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♪ ♪ with the chase mobile app, jason wu could pay practically anyone, at any bank, all while putting on a runway show for new york fashion week. ♪ ♪ he could. or, he could make it even easier - and set up recurring payments to his neighbor. for cat sitting. (meow) whoa. you've groomed her, too. (cell phone vibrating) and now she's ready for the catwalk. life, lived jason's way. chase. make more of what's yours. after a tornado ripped through the western part of the state earlier today. you can see the damage here. at this hour, thousands of homes have no power. a state of emergency has been declared across the entire state. and alabama just one of several states dealing with severe winter weather.
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new at 11. a very early warning for commuters who drive past, or powerful storms in the south. >> it's amazing the amount of devastation that storms can do. >> a tornado touchdowned in eastern alabama today, trees knocked down, buildings left in ruin. playgrounds mangled. a state of emergency has been declared. search and rescue operations have been launched. >> this just came on so quick and changed so many lives that, i mean, it's really sickening to watch but i'm grateful that my family is okay and there's a lot of people out here that their family is not. >> near macon, georgia another twister touched down. devastation in it's wake. also heavy downpours lead to flooding. in birmingham alabama a woman had to be rescued when her car was surrounded by water. in mississippi roads were closed in yazoo county and residents had to leave their homes and
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find higher ground. heavy snow in the heart land. travel was tricky. highways were empty. the snow was so heavy, the gateway arch was nearly hidden by flurries. a reminder from nature that winter is not over. >> new at 11:00, a very early warning for commuters that drive past or through the mcarthur maze to get to work. a major rebuild of the maze could shutdown parts of the interchange for well over a year. this is a live look. it needs more vertical clearance to meet guidelines. this is expected to start in april of 2022 so it's down the road. could also force drivers down streets to get around the closures. it's already notorious for back ups even on the weekends. >> tesla is on its way to unveiling it's newest car. ceo elon musk announced on twitter today the model y will debut on march 14th. it will be unveiled at the los
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angeles design studio. test drives will also be available at the event. the new cross over suv is bigger than the model 3 and it has a slightly lower battery range. >> i like that dark picture they had of the car there. >> just the hint of the car to come. >> another landmark in space exploration as the spacex dragon capsule made it to the international space station. >> 250 miles above earth. the first commercial spacecraft hitting it's mark. >> soft capture of the dragon space capsule to the international space station. >> then another dramatic moment. astronauts make their way into the unmanned vessel. >> there he is. human beings inside. >> they met a mpassenger sittin
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in the corner giving everybody back home a look at the spacecraft of the future. all following a spectacular launch from the kennedy space center just 27 hours before. >> live view of the falcon 9 rocket. there's a lot riding on the six day demo before it heads home on friday. if all goes well, the next will launch two astronauts as early as july. >> we may push a button or two to demonstrate that we have the capability to intervene if we need to but the vehicle is pretty much going to do the work autonomously like it did today. >> boeing isn't far behind with it's own unmanned launch planned for next month as a new space race sets off. >> two sacramento police officers that shot and killed stefen clark will not be
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charged. the mall was closed for planned protests. several small protests broke out. protestors say they wanted to show support for the clark family. >> we want to be no longer dehumanized. >> we're here for him and his family and the entire black community and any other community that faces the injustice that we face of any sort. >> clark's family filed a wrongful death suit against the officers and the city of sacramento. >> former secretary of state hillary clinton was honored in selma. at the breakfast, clinton was given the 2019 international unity award and was inducted into the women's hall of fame. she spoke about the importance of voting rights, civil rights and the state of democracy. the event was part of the observation of the bloody sunday march in which peaceful demonstrators were beaten back by alabama state troopers in 1965. >> a man is alive tonight and he can thank taco bell for that. we don't start off a lot of
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stories for that. 36-year-old jeremy taylor got stuck in his car in a snowstorm in central oregon and he survived for five days and he did that by eating taco bell hot sauce packets. he let it run for a few minutes today and warm up a little bit. his dog named allie was in the car with him. we're not sure what allie was eating. could it have been the hot sauce thing too? the two were found safe and sound. and taylor joked hot sauce saves lives. >> do you know what, that makes the case for keeping those condiments in your car. >> when you clean it out, you think about throwing them out. not anymore. >> all right. let's throw our attention over to rob. >> top that story. >> i can't. some showers out there tonight but again, the heavier rain probably holding off to the middle part of the weekend. the good news there in the 7 day forecast. those rain totals we don't think were going to be on par with what we had last week but
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outside right now, showers not leaving the bay area. you can see a few here east of san jose. a few more around palo alto. here you go. still isolated showers and we'll probably see that into your morning commute. in fact, maybe even into the early afternoon. as we pass lunchtime, around the santa cruz mountains, the hilltops here of napa county. still a chance of seeing a few showers as we start the day tomorrow and maybe through midday. cloudy skies the first half of the day. 3:00, starting to see partly cloudy conditions and by 6:00, changing over to partly cloudy skies and showers starting to shutdown but this is not much of a break as you're seeing there on the 7-day forecast. especially come tuesday and wednesday. so morning temperatures will be in the 40s. highs tomorrow with mostly cloudy skies staying in the upper 50s and some more mild low 60s around san jose. then our attention turns to what happens tuesday into wednesday. this time looks like a lot of the moisture is going to stay just to the south of the bay
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area so the rainfall projections here have been pretty consistent, taking most of the heavy rain off to the south and for the bay area, top rain totals up here in sonoma county, probably 2 to 3 inches. it was this time last weekend when we're looking at some of the projections that were about 9 to 10 inches of rain and that's exactly what happened. now we're looking at 2 to 3 based on expectations right now. so northbay hilltop, santa cruz mountains, as that falls pretty quickly on wednesday morning, that could be briefly enough to get some creeks and streams running high. now for the russian river last week, that crest just below 46 feet. based on the rainfall estimates you just saw, the crest later this week would be 25.9 feet. so 6 feet below flood stage but again it's the smaller streams that could see some rises early wednesday morning as the system comes on through and it does move through pretty quickly by wednesday afternoon. we change over to scattered showers and watch out for the wind speeds. wednesday morning could get
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gusts up to about 45 miles per hour. so we'll be watching that storm. the 2 to 4 inch range for the north bay and santa cruz mountains and thursday and friday just more off and on showers and then more rain saturday night into sunday. >> then more rain. >> rob, thanks. >> the sun is coming soon. rob, thank you. >> coming up, wowing the crowd on world of dance. local competitors taking the national stage. we'll show you their moves, how they did and we're going to hear from them. >> and more now than ever we're talking about dollar stores. why so many are popping up but is everyone happy about it? that story is next. tonight.
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the "junior dance company" appeared on world of dance tonight. "jdc" is from san jose. >> the junior dance company appeared on world of dance tonight. jbc is from san jose. our neck of the woods. they scored 87.3 points. there's j.lo doing a move. that sent the girls. they were loving that. so they're going to go to the next stage of the competition and a highlight for the girls, j.lo mimicking one of their moves. nbc bay area caught up with the girls as they rehearsed in their studio. the girls practice four hours a day and their hard work has certainly paid off. >> meeting the judges was so surreal and being on the world's biggest tv stage was amazing. >> well, you can see jbc compete again. they'll be on next sunday on nbc bay area. >> if it seems like there's a
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dollar store on every corner, it's not just your imagination. there are now more dollar stores than walmarts or mcdonald's in the united states. >> that gives you some context right there. >> yeah. >> but in oklahoma, one official is trying to slow their growth. ron mott explains why. >> in north tulsa dollar stores are easy to find. drive or walk in any direction and you're likely to run into one. >> dollar general wanted to go in where? >> right here. right behind. a stones throw away. >> what's harder to spot especially in her district are places selling fresh food and meat. healthier fare than what is typically found at dollar stores. >> i shop at discount dollar stores when i need something that they provide. what i am concerned about is the proliferation of them and the ultimate effects that they have on communities. >> still dollar store parking lots are often busy. >> it's cheap, it's convenient. it saves me from going to
11:26 pm
walmart. >> the two largest chains, dollar general and family dollar which also operates dollar tree declined our request for an on camera interview but in separate statements they said they help customers save time and money. dollar general saying it has added fresh fruits and vegetables to one of its north tulsa locations. there's ten dollar stores in her district. more than any other part of town. so when dollar general wanted to open a few hundred yards from this family dollar she protested winning enough support for a six month delay with restrictions on how far apart they must be. around the country, similar concentrations, particularly in urban areas. dollar stores often serving as the only option in america's food deserts. >> katie has been driving that point home with a mobile grocery store. >> we gave away over $45,000 worth of free fruits and vegetables last year. so that tells me that people do want to eat healthy. >> the work is paying off.
11:27 pm
a new brick and mortar grocery store now on the way. nbc news tulsa. >> coming up, stopping the strike. oakland teachers and the district finding compromise tonight. what they're getting as everyone heads back to class tomorrow.
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this is why we plan. ♪ ♪ you never cease to amaze me, maya. see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. tomorrow. the votes have been counted and oakland teachers have decided to end their strike. throughout the day union members cast their ballots. the contract includes a 3 percent signing bonus and an 11- throughout the day, union members casting their ballots. the contract includes a 3% signing bonus and an 11% pay raise over four years. the union had been asking for 12%, not 11. also includes an offer to reduce class sizes at high need campuses next year and then all schools the following year, but there were many that still oppose the district's plan to consolidate schools to save money. >> my school is on the chopping
11:30 pm
block. it will be closed. do you want me to go back to school and look my students in the eye and say i took a pay raise but your school is going to be closed? no. >> the voting is over. the school board still has to ratify this deal. the board is scheduled to meet tomorrow. >> the south bay commute could be rougher than normal tomorrow morning. a car had the a power pole in campbell. crews need to repair the wires. right now camden is open but police say at some point tonight or tomorrow morning, the intersection will be closed as pg and e crews finish the repairs. the driver of the car is okay. we'll be keeping an eye on how the repairs effect traffic tomorrow. we'll track the latest on social media and our live coverage continues in the morning. today in the bay starts at 4:30. >> the recent rain is being blamed for a deadly crash in the north bay. wet roads contributed to this collision. this is in cloverdale earlier today, a white suv. inside three adults and a child. it went off the road and slammed
11:31 pm
into a tree. it was totalled. one is dead and two others are taken to a hospital. >> highway 116 closed for four hours at mud slide and trees took out pg and e equipment. they're having all kinds of trouble these days. cut power to 4,000 customers. tonight everyone's power is back on and the highway is back open. >> we're getting our first look at the man who police say plowed his car into a crowd of bicyclists yesterday in new orleans. he's the son of a new orleans police officer and is now facing numerous charges including vehicular homicide. investigators say they believe he was driving under the influence when he hit people across the span of three busy street blocks. two people died. seven more are in critical condition. >> a gas pipeline explosion shook up a community in
11:32 pm
missouri. the early morning blast happened west of st. louis. you can see flames raging in the distance, shooting into the air. a local sheriff's office shared this video. it took nearly 40 minutes for the flames to die down after the gas was cut. fortunately nobody was hurt. >> things are looking even more dismal for california's scaled back bullet train project. the original goal of a bullet train from san francisco to los angeles was not realistic. but he voiced support for a route from bakersfield. and now los angeles times is reporting that according to analysis of the state rail authorities financial records, that's not realistic either. the paper says the cost is estimated between 16 and $18 billion. rail authority can only count on 15 billion by 2023. california's high speed rail project up in limbo what lies
11:33 pm
ahead? where are your tax dollars that are earmarked for it? our investigative unit looks into these questions and more. during our 11:00 newscast tomorrow. >> still to come, veterans are fighting for their lives here at home. they say exposure to toxic chemicals on their own military bases is killing them. >> coming up, we'll show you the battle veterans are waging against their own military to get some help. abroad..but some
11:34 pm
believe they )re slowly dying from toxins they inhaled, day after day, overseas. now, they )re waging a battle veterans believe they're slowly dying from toxins they inhaled day after day overseas. >> now they're waging a battle against their own government to get the medical care they need.
11:35 pm
>> these massive mounds of garbage are known as military burn pitts and for soldiers stationed in iraq and afghanistan, these around the clock trash fires were the preferred method of getting rid of garbage for years. now thousands of veterans say they're still suffering from their exposure even after returning home and blame the burning trash pitts for the fight of their lives. >> in the fog of war, soldiers can't always see every threat that is unless it's billowing from their own military base. >> it was so huge and black. >> this veteran asked us to protect his identity because of the sensitive nature of his work as an intelligence officer. he spent a year stationed at the military base in central iraq. he recorded hours of home video to help him remember life in the army. >> that's smoke from our trash pile here.
11:36 pm
>> but now there's so much he wishes he could forget. >> the fire just keeps -- you don't really see the fire but you see the smoke because you know the fire is there because all you do is you see this black plume of smoke and you see it for miles. >> when something, anything needed to be discarded, it was tossed into the flames. >> refraj rigeratorrefrigeratort threw jet fuel on top of it. burn it all day long. >> what was the smell like? >> you could just taste it, it was like this sickening -- it was like this sickening thing that kind of burnt the back of your throat like all the time. >> you would actually cough up blood at times? >> oh, yeah. yeah. >> at just 39 he recently had a pacemaker put in because of a slow heart rate. he also suffers from chest pains and incurable lung disease that makes it difficult to breathe. >> feels like somebody is reaching into my lungs and squeezing them.
11:37 pm
>> is there any chance that the health problems you're experiencing now might be the result of something else? i doubt it. i was healthy when i came into the army and now i have a plethera of problems now. >> veterans showed increase signs of respiratory problems including asthma, chronic bronchitis and other diseases. >> pollution from burn pitts can effect your health. >> while the va's own websites and research raise the possibility of health problems, they say there's no definitive evidence linking burn pits to long-term illnesses. they often have their claims denied by the v.a. >> they're either becoming 100% disabled or they're dying.
11:38 pm
>> california congressman ruiz spoke to us from d.c. >> we need to make sure that our veterans have access to the va. that they're not treated like they're making symptoms up. like they're crazy. >> he's a doctor of 18 years and he's pushing legislation that would guarantee medical care for veterans exposed to burn pits. a kind of automatic approval is how the va treats vietnam veterans exposed to the dangerous chemical known as agent orange. >> this is our agent orange but they don't care. >> it's unclear how many veterans have been exposed but the v.a. received 11,000 medical claims relating to burn pitts. only 2,300 were approved. air pollution in iraq and afghanistan may actually pose a greater danger than exposure to burn pitts. >> during your service, you may have been exposed to airborne hazards. >> and while the v.a. admits there's toxins in burn pit
11:39 pm
smoke, they say most effects are temporary. >> and goes away once you are away from the cause. >> in some people it might be making them sick. i think who is it making sick? how many people is it making sick? and what is the sick? what is the sickness? those are still questions that we don't have good answers for. >> the department of defense never answered our repeated requests for an interview and still has not released a comprehensive list of what the military burned and when. >> if we don't know what was burned then we won't be able to identify the health risks in order to outreach to our veterans. >> what is that lack of information from the department of defense tell you? >> it tells me that they don't want to be forth coming. it tells me that they're trying to skirt away from accountability and responsibility. >> more than a decade after returning home from iraq, this veteran says he is still suffering. his tattoo tells the story. >> so this is, you know, me dying in the burn pits and then
11:40 pm
you have the flames from the burn pit and the smoke from the burn pit that's coming up. >> what is it about the burn pits that you wanted to sort of memorialize. >> i honestly feel like that is what lead to everything that's wrong with me. >> congress heavily restricted the use of military burn pits about a decade ago. back then there were more than 270 burn pits in the middle east. today only 16 are burning. incinerators replaced them but the military still uses burn pits when other options cabn't e used. >> if you have a story tip for anyone in our investigative unit, give us a call 888-996-tips or visit >> still to come, more and more americans are buying electric vehicles. does this mean -- what does this mean for classic cars? one man wants to keep them going
11:41 pm
by retrofitting them. we hit the gas on that story next. >> and plan on some showers if your morning commute. attention turns to this storm offshore that could bring the potential for heavier rain. the time line on this when we come right back.
11:42 pm
♪ [baby crib musical mobile] millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke. and some of them can't do anything about it. but you can. protect your family. visit
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cinequest starts on tuesday, and runs for 13 days. this year, the festival boasts 600 unique experiences in cinequest starts tuesday and runs for 13 days. this year the festival boasts
11:44 pm
600 unique experiences in the generes of film, television, dance, fashion, music, virtual reality and the list goes on. cinequest is expected to draw more than 100,000 people to venues in san jose. there's also two events at century downtown 20. >> americans love their cars but with growing concerns about the environment, nearly a million americans are now driving electric vehicles with sales skyrocketing. 81% last year. >> now there's a new twist on the electric car craze. harry smith explains. >> something like 70 years ago this was volkswagen's idea of a pick up truck. >> punch it. let's scoot. fast but noisy no. it's been given a new life. as an ev. electric vehicle. >> i have to confess, i haven't stopped smiling since i gotten
11:45 pm
behind the wheel of this thing. >> the great confession. >> michael is a man who embraces both the past and the future. he loves classic cars, but only to a point. so he retro fits them to connect to the 21st century. >> so a 1954 volkswagen now with this electric motor. what kind of top speed are we talking about? >> over 100 miles per hour. >> his is a hot rod shop with not a piston in sight. gear heads find this heretical the results are remarkable. >> we're not here to make it environmentally friendly. we're here to make it drivable. environmentalism is a whole byproduct. >> the electric motors give a giant power kick to whatever they're put in.
11:46 pm
like this dune buggy. the reporter on board while aware his life was in jeopardy could not contain his glee. >> unbelievable. >> he has a garage full of cars to convert and a backlog he figures will take him five years to work through. >> we just like to have fun and take care of things that have taken care of us for so many years. >> gas is dead, he likes to say, and green, while nice, also happens to mean go. >> it really feels cool. >> harry smith, nbc news, san marcos, california. >> that looked like a fun ride. >> brings back memories there, some of those cars. >> memories of a dry march are far off in the distance right now. >> not going to happen. >> convertible would not be the car. >> good idea. >> let's take a look at what we have outside right now. storm ranger mobile doppler radar still picking up scattered showers to finish off the weekend. this is the way tomorrow morning's commute is going to
11:47 pm
shape up. a few showers around mountainview, saratoga and we will continue to see this pattern into tomorrow morning with cloudy skies to start. and as we head into the afternoon we'll begin to see a few breaks in the clouds but also may still see a few lingering showers even into the afternoon. so the morning begins with temperatures in the upper 40s. mostly cloudy start. a few scattered showers into the afternoon. highs in the upper 50s and low 60s so relatively speaking everyone seeing less than a tenth of an inch of rain but late tuesday and wednesday a different story. the storm coming in will have a lot more moisture provided by an atmospheric river boost but unlike last week, a lot of the more significant moisture states to the south of the bay area. so right now estimates are in the 2 to 3 inch range around sonoma county. so by march standards, significant storm. just nothing on par with what we
11:48 pm
had last week. thank goodness for the central bay area and south bay, half inch to maybe 1 to 2 inches is the estimate there for the santa cruz mountains. we'll probably have heavy rain at times. another thing to watch wednesday could be the wind speeds. across the coast, we might see wind advisories posted for wednesday morning as the gusts here in the purple could be getting close to 45 miles per hour. so from wednesday into thursday, if you like the weather we had this weekend, thursday and friday is going to look very similar, scattered showers still off and on at times as we approach the weekend and right now at least for the start of saturday things look dry. maybe we could get into the afternoon with dry weather. that would be nice change. but by 11:00 saturday night, there you go. more rain coming back into the forecast every 2 to 3 days. the pattern that started seems like the second week in february continues there in the 7-day forecast but the main impact of
11:49 pm
that tuesday and wednesday tomorrow might be rain heavy enough to cause some localized issues on that wednesday morning commute plus the wind. we'll have to watch that closely midweek and then more rain midway through next weekend. >> tomorrow is the best day of the week? >> well, it depends on how much you like a few showers? we're good to go. monday, thursday and friday. no dry days. >> all right, rob, thank you. >> turning over to sports now, brody has a look at some sharks action. >> good sunday evening. brody brazil here at the xfinity sports desk. it was a historic day for a cal women's basketball player bus the a's taking on the angels. also the warriors reportedly have an interest in a former player of theirs and then there's the sharks taking the ice tonight in san jose, going up against chicago as san jose continues a 4-game home stand. how did they finish? highlights of that coming up next in sports. [music playing] (sashimi) psst. hey, you!
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>> the sharks are hoping to deliver results, especially p y playing at home. they tried for another w tonight against chicago, a rare sunday night hockey tilt from the tank. first period, no score. the nice pass from tim. slips it by cam ward. 1-0 san jose. second period now tied at 1. throwing this puck toward the net. meyers out front to redirect it. sharks go back up one. but third period, chicago tied it up again until san jose unties it for good. finding him in the slot. san jose retaking the lead and later at the third, it's the same 3-2 score. setting up burns for what looks to be the goal except it's
11:53 pm
carlson out front. sharks would also have another empty nether and win the contest 5-2. spring training action down in arizona, the as taking on the halo's. third inning, no score. you recognize that swing, you know it's mike trout. he does this a lot. 2-0 angels. very next batter, are you kidding me? that's one of the most dynamic hitting duos in all of baseball. albert pujols also leaving the yard as the angels go on to win 4-1 was the final score. they put together quite the effort for her final regular season pac-12 contest. she is the first player in 17 years to record a 30-30 game. at least 30 points and 30 rebounds for one individual. if you watch basketball you know that's just unheard of.
11:54 pm
she became the second player ever to have 30 consecutive double-doubles. that is dominant. the nation's leading rebounder and tied the conference record for boards in a single game. those two teams have a rematch coming up in the pac-12 tournament. that begins thursday from las vegas. meantime in the pro ranks, the warriors got a much needed win in philly against the sixers. steph curry made critical buckets down the stretch but teammate doesn't believe curry gets the recognition he deserves and he had some high praise during a postgame interview. >> when you sit down and have serious conversations that's when -- he's the second best point guard ever. argue that. >> all right. in other warriors news, according to a report the team has interest in a reunion with
11:55 pm
their former center. he spent this season playing in his home country of australia for the sidney kings of the australian national basketball league. in that name he was named the entire league's mvp and defensive player of the year. he most recently played 23 games last season in the nba of course with the l.a. lakers. by the way, the warriors host the celtics on tuesday night and the sharks don't take the ice again until thursday when they host montreal. that's all for sports here on a sunday. more news after these messages.
11:56 pm
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heroes" come out to help rai a sunday morning fun run in the east bay saw dozens of super heros come out to help raise money for those effected by parkinsons disease. the super heros ran in union
11:58 pm
city this morning at mark green's sports center that started an exercise program. it offers yoga, dance, and boxing classes. all proceeds from the classes and the run will help people suffering from the disease. this is the fifth year of the super hero fun run and walk. >> you're all super heros to me. that's a great cause. >> tomorrow we're going to have a what? >> still a slight chance of showers. that's as dry as the forecast gets. >> rain every day. >> rain at times and more showers thursday and friday. let's hope the first half of saturday. >> so first half of saturday folks. mark your calendars. >> have a great night and a great week. >> thanks for joining us. this week, we're in
11:59 pm
12:00 am
philadelphia with billie jean king, pioneer for equal rights and one of the most influential figures in sports history. >> you have to win. you have to win. >> during our 2014 interview, the 39 grand slam winner reflects on the year she dominated tennis. >> we got a 35-pound gift voucher for winning wimbledon. >> the indescribable pressure of her battle of the sexes match. >> rosie says if you lost it would have set women back 20 years. >> i totally agree. >> and the profound effect her victory had on newly passed legislation. >> it just shifted. i wanted the hearts and minds of people to match up with the legislation. >> in


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