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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 4, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PST

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starts. the reason why the ydrive could get even messier. we have more on that project set to get under way. and a good monday morning to you. starting out the week all nice and fresh here. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez. laura is off for a few days. you probably don't want to talk about the maze. >> people are going to freak out. so stay tuned for the story. >> weather is great though. >> yeah, for today. we will have more storms throughout the week. we're taking a look at the next one that will be approaching, but we will have cry weathhave today. by tomorrow, the rain starts to reach in, so enjoy it for now. here is a live look at walnut creek. it is in the upper 40s. beal see some upper 50s by early afternoon with a mix of sun and clouds. i'll have the arrival and time line of that rain and mike
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you're tracking a crash in san francisco. >> 101 and 280, but it is not. we'll take you up to san francisco, 101 at 280 there chp did get a crash on the north bund side approaching the crossover. but the details didn't make sense, so they will travel through the area and i'll let you know. we're moving over here toward the reopen for highway 37, that is the good news for the morning. highway 37 through novato reopened, the flooding has cleared. and toward the aunt york bridnt you can see some slowing from the rio vista side. there are sad new developments overnight in alabama. it is the deadliest outbreak he of tornadoes since 2013. just look at all of this destruction here. this is left behind after two tornadoes ripped through. this is brand new video into our
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newsroom. this is near the georgia border. this area saw the worth of the damage and overnight the death toll rose to 23 people. the sheriff's i have on saying that the number didn't oes incl children and they expect the death toll to rise. listen to one gas station owner as he talks about an employee. >> he came running and he hugged me and he was crying like he was going to die. >> a preliminary assessment of that tornado put it at an f-3. in the week ahead, several congressional investigations will heat up in washington. and some experts say these cases could be more damaging to president trump than the russia probe. today in thenin the bay's traci is live with a look at what to
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expect. welcome back. >> reporter: it is good to be back. good morning, everyone. as i get back to washington, more drama here on capitol hill with a number of democratically led committees looking into president trump. everything from his personal finances tohat skyscraper that has company was trying to get approval to build while he was on the campaign trail. six house committees are investigation getting president trump, three are taking action this week. >> we've seen abuses of power and obstruction of justice, threats to the mueller investigation, threats to witnesses. >> i think congressman nadler decided to impeach the president the day that the president won the election. >> reporter: today nadler's committee will subpoena documents from 60 people including the trump organization's chief financial officer and donald trump jr. and a deadline today, the oversight committee wants documents explaining why the
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white house bypassed concern hes about jared kushner's background check and authorizing the security clearance. and the intelligence committee wednesday will hear more testimony from michael cohen. >> he has credibility problems and we are right to demand corroboration. >> reporter: they are looking into the trump tower deal in russia. >> it was a deal where refs pursuing help from the kremlin from putin himself at a time when putin was seeking relief from sanctions. >> there is not one bit of evidence to show any type of coordination, collusion, conspiracy, whatsoever between the trump campaign and russia. >> reporter: the president tweets these investigations are that raksme harassment and abuse of power and that he is an innocent man being persecuted. now, besides those committees i told you about, there are a few others that are looking
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specifically at the president's finances, but they are going slow about requesting his tax returns. one committee in particular has the authority to do that, but they haven't done so yet because they are trying to build a case. >> and they certainly have a lot of obstacles in building that case. thank you very much. >> also new details now, it looks like president trump may issue his first veto. enough republicans now say they will support a senate bill to reject the president's national emergency declaration, so this is his first controversial move to a reallocate money for that border security. rand paul says he will he join three other republicans making 51 no votes. east bay commuters, listen up. this next story will be a tough one. it may be years down the road, but it could be a major problem for commuters using a busy
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intersection. >> always gets worse before it gets better. and pete surratt test is joining us live. >> reporter: yeah, it will be a few years down the road, but we are talking about a rebuild of the mcarthur maze. depending on the time line, it could definitely haven a impact on your morning commute. this is a man to show you the affected areas. you can see on the split where it would take place. the construction would begin in 2022, the areas impacted as you see are two spots along westbound 80 and 580 and one spot along eastbound 80 and 580. caltrans wants to increase the vertical clearances at these spots to make the roult mote mo farkt for great vehic
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efficient for freight vehicles. they say without these changes, other drivers are being put at risk. now, we got a chance to interest to some of those drivers in emeryville to see how the changes could affect them a few years from now. >> it is going to cause some issues and problems, people getting to work, coming and going. it will be contained of hakind everybody. it will be bad, but if they have to do it, they have to do it. >> our community will be jeopardized. it will be pretty bad. >> reporter: drivers can weigh in on this on online public comment on the caltrans website through the end of march, so they will have time to give their opinions. but construction wouldn't begin until april of 2022. pete suratos, tod"today in the " bay." 5:07. happening today, franciscans will say a final farewell to their long time public defender
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adachi who died suddenly last month of a heart attack. he served five terms. mayor breed willorial service a today. and also today the man accused of sucker punching a conservative activist on the cal campus is due in court. zachary greenberg is expected to be formally charged with assault. cellphones captured that confrontation back on february 19th. hayden williams was representing a conservative group called turning point and the video shows him being struck a single time. neither the vehicle nim nor the subject are cal students. over the weekend williams appeared with president trump during his address to the conservative political action conference cpac in maryland. continuing coverage of the historic flooding in the north bay. this morning the guerneville district is staying closed.
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still cleaning up there. dropoff sites for flood debris are staying open until 3:00 today. there are spots in guerneville, forestville and monte rio. organizers want nontoxic debris. toxic debris would be batteries, medication, pacht aint and pool chemicals. remember this slide in 2017, it wiped out a stretch of highway 1 near big sur. caltrans is now advising people that the same area may be closed at some point over the coming week if this week's storms are as strong as projected. caltrans is supposed to send off an updated advisory a little bit later today, so we'll let you know. >> and we'll have another atmospheric river heading into southern california and it could reach monterey county as well. we'll see some rain moving in.
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and this morning maybe sprinkling a bit, here is a live look outside in oakland. if you are on your way to the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station, some low 60s. and so take in today, for the most part we'll be dry with highs they're 60. we'll talk about the next system moving in and mike now you're tracking a crash. >> a new crash in hayward and two other crashes did clear. one in san francisco, 101 at 280, that cleared. and so did the one coming across the antioch bridge from rio vista. over here highway 92, we do see a little slowing approaching the toll plaza. and that is where there is a crash reported. there may be a few vehicles involved. hopefully getting to the shoulder. the slowing hasn't shown up on the camera, that means it is not on the span itself, but it is reported as you approach the toll plaza. so we'll track it.
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it is tax time and have you filed your tax return just yet? all new for you, we have new information when it comes to those beloved refunds. >> elon musk has another car he wants you to buy. why it might be a bad idea. and a massive avalanche in colorado caught on camera. what's better than having fast,
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to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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mike traffic tease 5:13 and it will be a dry day is this aa. we'll have our temperatures reaching into the upper 50s. the next storm will be here tomorrow and i'll give you the time line of what to expect coming up in less than five minutes. and a shift at the toll plaza, cash lanes cleared up, but we have the faths track hav starting to build. and a happy monday to you. markets will open after a strong showing on friday. san francisco's the gap is going to buy gymboree. gap stock did well after the company announced that it would split off old navy. netflix pushing back after steven spielberg said that the oscars should change its rules to award best picture to movies
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that play primarily in movie theaters. netflix was in the running for best picture with "roma" which played in a few theaters, but mostly on television. "today" will talk more about this issue coming up. and president trump says he is close to making a deal with china ending the trade war. in the meantime, we have the latest trade data on friday showing america's trade deficit biggest its ever been. spapacex successfully to beinge it capsule. it proves that spacex can successfully deliver astronauts to orbit. elon musk says he will introduce yet another car this mosh month, the model y. it is suv crossover based on the model 3 sedan and the model 3 just fell in price to around
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$35,000. now, this price should spark a lot of interest in the model 3 except now there is a new model that maybe you want to wait for instead of buying the 3. do you buy the 3, do you wait for the y? this is actually something that they teach in business school. it is called the osbourne effect, i've talked about it before. here is the quick lesson. there was this computer called the osbourne, it was portable. i say that with air quotes. this is the early 80s today. it was super popular. the osbourne company says that we'll come up with something better and lighter coming up in just a little bit. so people stopped buying that computer and the company went out of business. what you why would you buy the current model if the new model is so much cooler. >> but elon musk knows what he's doing, so is it just arrogance? >> a little of that.
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so another one coming. >> and we see that all the time with iphones. >> that is true. >> we're suckers for it. >> thanks, scott. there is good news if you still have not filed your taxes just yet. refunds are now slightly larger than they were last year. the irs says that the average refund is up about $40. that is a reversal from the last three weeks of tax season when the refunds were about $186 less than last year. >> well, that is good news maybe for the tooth fairy. it is stuck in limbo. according to delta dental, the fairy paid about $3.70 on average last year per kid. that is down 43 cents from the previous year. this is the second consecutive year that the tooth fairy has tightened her wallet. >> mine has a loose tooth right
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now right in the front. >> so this year she's getting less. >> yeah, putting that change under the pillow will wake them up. this morning as you are heading out the door, it is going to be dry. for the most part we're looking at upper 40s help heading to the dublin b.a.r.t. station, mid-50s today. eventually up to about 60 for our highs. storm ranger is showing that we are dry this morning after that storm moved through. maybe a couple sprinkles here and there, but you will want to take advantage because it was such a soggy weekend. kind of rained off and on. and we haven't seen many breaks in between the rain. and the next storm system will be here by early tomorrow morning and the good news is that we have the steady stream of moisture with the pineapple express and atmospheric river pointing toward san diego, but it doesn't look to tap into that which normally enhances the
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rainfall. so whether he ge will get some t as much as would be possible if those two systems merged together. so today just a couple spotty showers here and there. and that system that we had over the weekend moving out. going into late tonight, it is mostly dry and then by tomorrow morning, we could start to see some of the showers moving through south bay. and it will be off and on, but not a widespread heavy rain. and throughout the day on tuesday into wednesday, then finally moving out on thursday, we are looking at the potential of getting about three quarters of an inch of rain to about an inch which is much less than we've seen recently. so we're not expecting any major flooding. as far as sierra snow, mostly in the heyest he wiighest elevatio will be significant, another 1 to 2 feet there. and we'll see showers off and organization temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s all week
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and we will see some waves of rain moving through even into your weekend. we have two bridges that i'm tracking. the first one, hayward side of the san mateo bridge. mostly green. a little slowing there and as well as at the bay brink. west 92 that crash is reported, the update though originally the crash was reported with 12 vehicles involved. and then down to five, two lanes blocked. now chp says one lane is blocked at the toll plaza. so okay getting in toward the bridge itself. but there will be a slowdown and a build at the toll plaza. oakla oakland's toll plaza is starting to build. highway 37 is clear in both directions. and we're looking over toward the auntioch bridge, they may have to come a traffic break to clear that crash. is we're tracking that.
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and again back to the bay bridge tomorrow pl toll plaza, the build is on. probably be seeing the metering lights. coming up, we'll take a look inside energy city's most expensive apartment. and we'll see how it compares to san francisco. plus a close call for you right here. a massive avalanche comes crashing down in colorado right in front of drivers. the fbi is expected to
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release new details today about the arrest of a deadly 5:23. the fbi is expected to release new details today about the arrest of a deadly bombing suspect in southern california. the explosion last may killed an orange county woman in the spa where she worked. two other workers also were
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injured. the man in custody is her ex-boyfriend. police think a man staged his disappearance to escape justice. kim gordon is a scottish man wanted in his homeland on 24 counts of rape. his son reported him missing a week ago. the investigation progressed and the son's story began to fall apart. >> one rumor is that he hitchhiked or they hitchhiked. we can't show how they got here a which is where facts don't start to match up, more questions start to get asked and that is how it really started to fall apart for them. >> gordon's son who returned to scotland thursday may be in some trouble as well. investigators are not ruling out responsible charges against him. the colorado department of transportation plans to survey the aftermath of a massive
5:25 am
avalanche. take a look here. the whole thing caught on camera. and you can see the video of the huge wave of snow coming down that mountain, this is on to the highway there. according to the person who took that video, most of that snow did not make to the road. and no one was hurt luckily. a second avalanche not long after that closed down both sides of interstate 70 for several hours. >> so scary. new for you this morning, an eye-popping apartment listing in new york city. you simply need $59,000 a month for rent. yeah, the selling points here, your chance to live someplace that otherwise would cost you million to buy. but $59,000 is not cheap. so this has some great views, but san francisco not letting new york have all the expensive finds. you remember this humble home we told you about last month? an 8500 square foot penthouse on top of the avery. it is $41 million.
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yeah, that is a price tag there. we can't figure out if it sold yis ye just yet, about this would make it the most expensive apartment's in the city's history. all right. one of basketball's greatest legends is always lighter this morning when it comes to his championship rings. >> but it is adding up to millions for young students. if you remember the sky hook won six championships as an l.a. laker and milwaukee buck. over the weekend, he auctioned off a large part of his memorabilia including four championship rings. and we now know that he netted nearly $3 million for his foundation assisting children in s.t.e.m. based education. >> 5:26. the sharks are a step closer to
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the top spot in their division. last night at the shark tank they played strong when it mattered with three goals in the third period. marcus sorenson broke the tie and sharks won 5-2 for their second straight win. way to go sharks. >> people will be wearing more teal. and coming up here, returning to the classroom. we'll be in oakland with a look at the deal reached between teachers and the district. plus found alive, the clues that helped lead rescue crews right to these two little missing sisters in humboldt county. and a live look, whoa, at the bay bridge toll plaza there. mike will have a look at that in a bit. good monday morning t.
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5:30. and it is the calm before the storm. today is dry, but as you see from the radar, another round of rain heading right toward the bay area. thanks so much for starting your monday with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez. we keep saying we need the rain to try to convince ourselves that it is okay if we get more rain. >> because we know one day it will suddenly be gone. and i know it was raining off and on all weekend, so today it is nice to have to drive to work without having to turn on your windshield wipers. that is a live look at 101. already a lot of people up and out. so as you get ready to head out, our temperatures will be in the low 50s. we will see mostly cloudy skies and some upper 50s today, but we're still a little bit cooler than normal as we only reach about 60 degrees today. we'll talk about that storm
5:31 am
approaching and we'll also talk about the weekend coming up. and we took a quick shot of this before the commercial and things were completely stopped includinghov lanes. pete sur ratos says there is no crash going on. the hov lines are move once again. so better news. just north of the antioch bridge, a helicopter is landing there with a head-on crash. so we'll give you updates as they reopen . we'll track that. within a few hours students will return to class in oakland after teachers came to an agreement to end their week long strike. today in the bay's bob redell is live for us. great news for us here, but not every teacher is on board with
5:32 am
this. >> reporter: correct. yes, the majority did vote to ratify, about a third of the teachers who voted against this deal later today the school board expected to ratify the deal as well. the deal includes an 11% pay raise spread out over four years, the union had asked for 12% over three years. plus a one time 3% bonus. the deal also includes an offer of reduced class sizes. and as well as reducing caseloads for support staff. there are also bonuses and raises for nurses. there is a moratorium on new charter schools and a five month pause on closures an conso consolidati consolidations. >> my school is on the chopping block, it will be closed. you want me for look my students in the eye and say i took a pay raise but your school is going to be closed? no. >> reporter: teachers cast their
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ballots yesterday downtown oakland. 58% voted for, 42% against the deal. the board is scheduled to meet today as i mentioned. they were supposed to meet friday over budget cuts, but the meeting was postponed because of the ongoing strike. school will resume in the oakland area starting today. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> glad that the teachers and students are going back to class. thanks. continuing coverage right now, we'll know this week in the east bay is getting closer to a second teachers strike there. friday teachers in san ramon overwhelmingly voted to authorize a strike if the union could not reach a deal with the district. this wednesday a community meeting, teachers will update parents on what to expect if there is a strike. it would impact more than 32,000 students. developing this morning, death and destruction in the deep south. and this is what is left behind
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after a series of at least two tornados that ripped through you alabama on sunday. 23 people are known to have died including an 8-year-old girl. >> they all said she's gone to heaven. she was only eight and it is very heart breaking. it feels not real. it really does. >> the hardest hit area is bhchltnear the georgia border and gabe guttierez is there with what happened. >> reporter: good morning. the death toll now up to 23 and think no the victims is an 8-year-old girl. authorities now fear that that death toll could rise. as you see behind me, the powerful winds just tore apart this gas station. and a few yards away a roof was torn off another building. the national weather service says that it is a possible ef-3 tornado devastating lee county with winds of up to 165 miles an hour. more tornado related deaths yesterday here in this area than
5:35 am
throughout the entire u.s. all of last year. now the search is intensifying for any survivors. search teams now going back to some of the hardest hit neighbors at first light. the governor here in alabama has extended the state of emergency, but this was a massive storm system. there were multiple tornados yesterday all part of the powerful line of storms. president trump tweeting his condolences overnight. back to you. >> thank you very much, gabe. this morning we're hearing more about what some people are calling an absolute miracle discovery in humboldt county. >> two little girls who wandered away from their home spent nearly two days in the cold and rain before being found. these little girls just 8 and 5 huddled together in a bush. a trail of granola bars led authorities to find them.
5:36 am
>> they had enough information that where they ended up friday night is where they stayed throughout this whole incident. and that is what we try to teach everybody. if you get lost, stay put and wait for people to find you and that's what they did. >> and you can hear authorities talk about the relief of finding those girls alive coming up for you on "today." back here in the bay area, the peninsula could see a strike beginning tomorrow. specifically with some san mateo coun county workers. human services unit plans to strike tomorrow and wednesday. but we don't know how many will take part. they do plan to maintain essential services. lapping today, advocates for worker protections will rally in the south bay to bring attention to wage theft.
5:37 am
rally coincides with the ramping up of a federal tried tied to the silvery towers project. prosecutors say the contractor held workers against their will and forcing them to work for little or no pay. the developer has called the accusations a publicity stunt. this is the same site though where a construction worker fell to his death last august. state lawmakers will outline a propose aimed at making college more accessible. they would make the second year of community college free, but only apply it is first time full-time students. an associates degree would effectively be free as they already get the first year at no cost. lawmakers plan to unveil the plan this morning. and also happening today, san jose state students rally supporting fellow students with no place to live. they have protest in the past by
5:38 am
holding tent city rallies. more than 10% of san jose state students are homeless. they have a set of demands that they believe would ease the crisis. today's rally is scheduled for noon on campus. a disabled man is suing the city of san diego and the scooter company for damages tied to an accident last summer. he claims that two children lost control and smashed their scooters into him as he was sitting in his wheelchair. he says that he suffered bruises and that his wheelchair was damaged. so now he is demanding rule changes as well. a recent uclucla study looked a those treated at two emergency rooms. and about 7 in 10 had fractures or head injuries. the number of injuries has gone up with the recent boost in scooter popularity. 5:38. a possible big change when it comes to recreational pot in san rafael. city council there set to decide tonight whether or not to allow recreational businesses to set
5:39 am
inshop in the city limits. if this passes, the city will no longer have a medical only cannabis policy. this past summer san rafael approved licenses for 16 medical can that business businenabis b. piedmont leaders are talking about adding a half dozen or so public safety cameras. supporters say they would be different that be the normally 40 license plate readers already deployed at 15 intersections. privacy advocates as you might guess are expressing concerns. we use traffic camera, but we don't get that detailed information of the license. so we'll keep those. here is highway 37, that is in full service this morning both directions after the flooding cleared. we'll see what happens later this week with the rain coming in. north of that rio vista side of the antioch bridge, we have a
5:40 am
helicopter landing because of major injuries. this is on the north side. but you may have access denied for a short period of time as the helicopter lands. we're tracking that for 160, that will be a problem to and from that part of sacramento county. we're tracking that crash, only one lane affected at the san mateo bridge toll plaza. no major injuries abo. and coming off the weekend with off and on showers, today in the so muc not so much. >> not so much today, but this weekend more rain. you can see it in the "7-day forecast," our temperatures in the changing much either. so with the kind of weather that we had between this last saturday and sunday, you can expect it again this weekend. and it won't be raining the whole time. you may be able to get out there in between the showers. but if you are going to the
5:41 am
sierra, you may have trouble getting there friday as the snow will still be coming down, but the rest of the weekend is looking nice. and for the area beaches, yeah, we'll be soggy friday, but also staying cloudy throughout the weekend. we'll talk about the temperature trend coming up. coming up here on "today in the bay," supporters voicing anger. the protests following the decision not to charge officers involved in the deadly high profile shooting in sacramento. >> andle be le it will be a bus in congress. i'll walk you through everything that is happening. and this is going viral. what is this? new internet challenge has parents throwing slices of cheese at their babies. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. grace, you get the beach house, just don't leave the lights on, okay? to mateo, my favorite chair. to chris, the family recipes. to craig, this rock. to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl.
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i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. mike traffic tease here is a live look at pal l palo alto. would he have we'll have dry day. and there is a crash on 101 coming toward us. we'll look at the live cameras. and new video this morning of yesterday's day long protest in sacramento.
5:45 am
stephon clark supporters voicing anger othver the decision not t charge the officers tied to his deadly shooting. it ways mosts mostly peaceful. officers climb that they fired after mistaking his phone for a gun. the family has filed a wrongful death suit against the city of sacramento. and president trump made the longest speech of his career over the weekend. >> more than two hours. >> and full of all kinds of new claims, questionable statements. one of the more notable claims is the president talking robert mueller, rod rosenstein and jeff sessions. take a look. >> now, robert mueller never received a vote. and neither did the person that
5:46 am
appointed him. and as you know, the attorney general says i'm going to recuse myself. and i said why the hell didn't he tell me that before i put him in? >> the white house has in the past denied that mr. trump makes fun of sessions' southern being a accent. president trump appointed two of them himself and he has another democratic challenger this morning. former colorado governor john hickenlooper announced his candidacy this morning. i say former. he was governor until about eight weeks ago. so hick enlooper goes on the board but i won't spend a lot of time on democratic candidates until they short elsort themsel. and the important thing to watch is all the investigations by the democratic house. there are several, each one has the potential of causing huge problems for the president.
5:47 am
and potential witnesses know if they lie, they could go to jail. the house oversight and reform committee you just saw that one was questioning michael cohen in public last week. ways and means may demand tax returns this week. house intelligence committee investigating why president trump overrode his own officied son-in-law top's kret cle secre answer. and jerry nadler will be subpoenaing 60 people for documents. and you can follow me @scott mcgrew. when you pose for a picture, you often say cheese. at last that's whatness people do. >> parents online, look at this, they are throwing cheese. at their babies. and then laughing at it. throwing cheese into faces of their babies.
5:48 am
it is a viral video challenge that started randomly after a year uploaded a video that sparked a lot of copycats. some people think it is cute, others are horrified, some even reported them to twitter as being too graphic. i just think it seems really unkind. like your baby trusts you and then you do that. that is not right. >> it kind of reminds me the whole captain banana thing and if you haven't seen that, it is like you put a banana near your cat and they get scared. it was weird. this is weird too. >> seems terrible. i hope you're not doing this. >> and at first i thought it was funny, but with the ones with no kids, i would. you parent s taught me somethin. and this morning you do need a jacket. but you can leave the umbrellas at home. we are seeing the temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s as you get ready to head out the
5:49 am
door. let's head toward concord, it will be around 50 degrees for the next couple hours. and we'll see a mix of sun and clouds today, temperatures at noon by 50. as we take look at the low clouds still hovering over san francisco. and as you are getting dressed this morning, you do need a jacket, maybe light long sleeves for the afternoon as our temperatures start to feel a little more uncomfortable and some pants or jeans will keep you comfortable as well. it is good that we can leave the brain gear at home today because we'll be picking it back up tomorrow as the new storm approaches. we can see the swirl of the clouds and that is the system that will be moving in. and then notice this long stream of clouds that are moving towards southern california and baja california, that is actually going to stay to the south of us. but if these two systems were to merge, that would be an atmospheric river and that would enhance the rainfall. at this point it doesn't look like that will happen, so that is good news. we are still going to get some
5:50 am
rain. here is a look at ttat the time. partly to mostly cloudywe see tm inching closer. and tomorrow we'll have spotty showers especially for the north bay. it will be off and on between late tomorrow into wednesday and then moving out by thursday. and during that time frame, we're looking at pretty much about three quarters of an inch of rain to about an inch. and with that amount of rain at this point we are not expecting this to reach over flood stage. we are looking at the russian river in guerneville, we know last week we had a major flood event. this week the forecast is for it to stay well below flood stage, so something that we'll be watching. and off and on rain continuing throughout the week. temperatures will be in the upper 50s to near 60 inland and for san francisco, also looking at more of the same with rain showers especially on tuesday into wednesday.
5:51 am
and then just kind of spotty the rest of the week. mike, you're taking us now to san jose. >> yeah, more headlights traveling through the area. this typically happens after a crash has everybody slam on their brakes and then there is the recovery. that is what is happening here i believe. north 101 just north of our camera, we did have a crash reported. a little bit of slowing he showing up, but that is kind of t the same area that where he normally see that anyway. 87 slows a bit as well heading up into downtown. this one crash at the san mateo bridge continues to show less and less of an effect as far as impact on the lanes, but you still have the backup at the toll plaza. and there may be paperwork and flashing lights there as well. the antioch bridge 160 may be shut down just heading north through the area.
5:52 am
there is a traffic break going on. we talked about a head-on crash over there on the rio vista side. so that is what is going on right there for 160. that is an issue. but the rest of the east bay coming in toward the bay bridge toll plaza, no problems. we see now fast track lanes showing good visible movement. this is recovery after the earlier whatever it was. back to you. happening now, the united states officially shutters its consulate in jerusalem. for decades it functioned as a de facto embassy for the palestinians. when announced by the secretary of state in october, that move infuriated palestinians fueling their suspicions that the united states was recognizing israeli control over territories that palestinians seek for future state. and coming up, developing now in kenya, four americans are among the dead after a helicopter crashed. we'll tell you what we're learning about those americans. and also melania trump is
5:53 am
hitting the road to promote her "be best" campaign. coming up, the stops on her tour. and the tooth fairy cutting back. we'll show you how much less money kids are getting these days for losing a tooth. that is coming up at 6:15. it's a deal so good, it will make everyone a fish lover. you get 100%, wild-caught alaska pollock breaded with panko bread crumbs
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5:55. a happy monday to you. you've probably seen this photo spreading on social media. a student at mooa college in atlanta couldn't find baby care, so he had to take it to class. and the instructor held the baby while instructing. >> that is how you treat a baby. developing for you now overseas, four americans have died in a helicopter crash in kenya. this happened late last night at the central island national park in the northern part of the country. the pilot who was kenyan also died. the cause of the crash is under investigation. just last month two americans were killed when a small plane crashed that also happened in northern kenya. former secretary of state hillary clinton was honored at the martin and coretta king unity breakfast. clinton was given the 2019 international unity award and
5:57 am
was also inducted into the women's hall of fame. she spoke about the importance of voting rights, civil rights and the state of democracy. the event was part of the observation of the bloody sunday march in which peaceful demonstrators were beaten back by alabama state troopers in 1965. from the first lady to the current one, melania trump is kicking off her "be best" campaign. she will visit a school in tulsa and a tech company near seattle. the be best i go "be best" inits on social media use, opoid use and bullying. her spokesperson says mrs. trump is trying to get her message out in a dchaotic political climate. >> i would say that she wishes the media would cover her messages more rather than what they focus on in this political atmosphere. it is frustrating because there are people dying of opoid abuse
5:58 am
and there are children committing suicide because of being bullied. and those are the kinds of stories that we wish were out there because i think that is what is affecting people in the united states. >> the first lady unveiled the campaign last year. she buiilled her first major stp to africa to promote the campaign. while the future of high speed rail is up in the air, our investigative unit found questions over your tax dollars that have already been spent. >> stephen stock has details of what he discovered. >> cost overruns, duplicate charges and bills for work that was never performed. that is just some of what we found. we reviewed hundreds of invoices submitted to the high speed rail authority by private contractors and subcontractors. and we found $142 million worth of what is known in the business as disputed invoices.
5:59 am
more than 600 dispute invoices in all. an independent audit conducted at the request of lawmakers who are critical of high speed rail confirms what we found. now, just to be clear, a disputed invoice is a questionable charge that state officials don't think they owe. >> they made mistakes, they overspent, and they started things before they should have to try to keep the project built time and on budget and they sort of stumbled and i think that it has cost them a lot. >> coming up tonight, we take you behind the construction and we talk to the chief financial officer of high speed rail to follow the money. plus we'll break down some of those disputed invoices and follow the money to exactly where it is going. that is later tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area. and if you have a tip for the investigative unit, call
6:00 am
888-996-tips or right now at 6:00, dozens killed in alabama after a powerful tornado tears through a town. >> very heartbreaking. it feels not real. it really does. >> a close knit community heart broken, among the dead an 8-year-old girl. the latest on the devastation. sgla chbd and back at home, we're bracing for another storm that will dump a lot of rain. we'll show you when it will arrive. plus -- >> it will be bad, but if you have to do it, you have to do it. >> reporter: car made geden comicom -- carmageddon coming to the bay area and catching a lot of driver's attention as they brace for a shear traffic nightmare. details on the construction plan coming up for you. good morning and thanks for joining us. i )m laura garcia. and i )m marcus washington.


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