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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  March 4, 2019 11:00am-11:28am PST

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breaking news. giants president is taking a leave of absence. this after friday's video surfaced of him and his wife in an altercation at a san francisco park. this is video of the incident originally posted on tmz sports and he called it a family member he has since worked out with his wife. that team is saying that he will taking personal time and the major league baseball organization is investigating. the giants put out a statement saying in part, quote, he has acknowledged his behavior was unacceptable, apologized to the organization and is committed to taking steps to make sure that this never happens again. head to nbc bay for continuing coverage and reaction of fans. mark matthews is looking into this story more and will have a
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complete report for you at 5:00. more breaking new this is midday hour. that luke perry and we know that he has passed away. the 52-year-old actor suffered a stroke last week and we learned that he was not able to recover. the '90s heartthrob was known as dylan mckay in "90210" and was starring in "riverdale." perry was also set to star in a movie called "once upon a time in hollywood. "a spokesperson says perry was surrounded by his two children, his fiancee and other family members when he passed. we want to thank you for joining us on this midday. >> our other sttop story, the oakland teachers strike is over. >> pete suratos joins us live from oakland tech with reaction and looking very different from what we got used to over the
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last week, pete. >> reporter: very different. good morning to you. you mentioned there first day back for students an teachers in the oakland unified school district. i'll be honest. when we talked to them about the deal that was reached, the reaction was mixed. let's talk about the over the w on sunday. so it will include a 11% pay raise spread out over 4 years for teachers busplus a 1-time 3 bonus and reduce class sizes. there's also a deal to reduce case loads for support staff of counselors and therapists and something the union was calling for in that seven-day strike. also calling for bonuses and raises for nurses, as well as a moratorium on new charter schools and another point that they got there is also calling for a five-month pause on school
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closures and consolidations. now, i did get a chance to speak with parents, students and a teacher here this morning about the deal. here's what they're saying. >> i had to keep her home. it was nobody here. nothing for them to do. i'm happy it's over. >> i know for those really desperate living hand to mouth i'm sure they're glad to be back at work but i'm not sure it's best thing in the long term. >> i haven't been to school in two weeks and i will miss a lot of work and the grade is dropping because of this. >> i personally don't think that -- no. i really feel strongly that our -- what we have in our tentative agreement is not going to keep teachers in oakland and that is not going to attract new teachers to oakland. >> how come? >> because it's still -- the pay is still really low. >> reporter: teachers casted their ballots on this yesterday. a majority of them obviously
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voting for it but about a third voting against this. as you saw there, mixed opinion on this deal but as it stands a deal was set to run through 2021. pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> thank you for that update. we'll continuing coverage now and will know this week if the east bay is closer to a second teacher strike. on friday teachers in san ramon authorized a strike if the union cannot reach a deal with the district. this wednesday, teachers will update parent what is to expect if there's a strike. turning to our microclimate forecast for keeping the eyes on the skies and we saw a lot of raincoats in oakland in pete's story. >> a live look. look at the backup. bay bridge toll plaza. there's clouds in the backgrounds. the area seeing more rain in the area. meteorologist kari hall is timing this out and when to expect the next big storm move
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in. >> we have seen the rain off and on throughout the weekend and this morning kind of remnants of that system moving out. we still did have some light idll dry now and every now and then the sun kind of peeks out from behind the clouds. in san jose, we are going to see our temperatures for the afternoon reaching into the low 60s and this is still cooler than normal but this is also a day to enjoy as we are not going to see much in terms of heavy rain. might be misting and drizzling with low cloudiness lingering overhead and the next storm system set to move in tomorrow and seeing the clouds reach in ahead of this. this is moving in with scattered showers starting out going into late tomorrow morning into the afternoon. with some lighter seeing itie a evening commute tomorrow into late tomorrow evening. scattered showers off and on and
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that will be the main story from tuesday to wednesday. and also, on thursday before this storm system winds down. so we'll talk more about what to expect and how much rain we may see coming up in the full microclimate forecast. >> all right. when you can't watch kari you can watch the radar on your own. download the free nbc bay area app for breaking weath straight to your phone, track the neighborhood where you live, where your work, where you're picking your kids up at the school, as well. all right. other weather news now, massive tornadoes in georgia and alabama left a swath of destruction and claimed the lives of nearly two dozen people, the storms struck sunday evening with little warning for people who had nowhere to go. gabe gutierrez has the from one of the hardest hit places today. >> reporter: the destruction in alabama is devastating. homes shredded, trees toppled, debris everywhere.
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om mul multiple tornadoes roared through. >> felt like forever and didn't last three or four minutes. >> reporter: overnight workers scrambled door to door searching for survivors. >> everything was wiped out. like there was nothing left. >> reporter: the national weather service says a possible ef-3 tornado with winds of up to 165 miles per hour and a track at least half a mile wide cut the largest path ofth death tol >> it is really bad. really bad. >> reporter: the storm sliced through this gas station. its owner al patel rushed to check on an employee. >> when he saw me, he came running and he hugged me and he was crying like, you know, like he was going to die. >> reporter: the relentless line of storms also stretched into georgia. initely rota t >> reporter: today, homes are leveled. lives are shattered and the deep south is reeling. now, here in alabama, the governor has extendsed ted the
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of emergency and now the concern is what they might find as they head out now that it's first light. back to you. >> all right. thank you. right now san franciscons are saying a final farewell to jeff adachi. he died suddenly last month. city pictures from inside ther. we know that mayor london breeds and other city leaders are in attendance. voters elected him in office in 2002. in all, he served five terms. we are also streaming that service right now. you can watch it on nbc bay a live look now at emeryvi building about a to the massive project that have people worrying about a bay area
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version of car-mageddon. the work would start april 2022. here's the cal trans map showing where it would happen. both directions of 80 and westbound 580 affected and they have to add clearance passes fos and closures for a year. we did talk with some drivers who seem they're mentally preparing for it. >> going to be hard for everybody. it's going to be bad but coming -- they have to do it. >> if they work at this time, our community is going to be jeopardized. pretty bad. >> they' via their web side so you don't have to show up in public. the president iss right now. scott mcgrew, the white house is facing issues. >> different con >> so many, guys, i made a list. nde house oversight committee, that's one o questiod
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michael cohen in public last week. ways and means may demand tax returns oftt investigating why the president overrode his own officials ordering them to give his son-in-law top secret clearance. thises a big one. the house judiciary. the committee chairman jerry nadler sent demands for testimony or documents to 81 agencies and individuals this morning including the trump organization, the trump foundation, the white house and the "national enquirer." president trump with another democratic challenger. former colorado governor john hickenlooper announced the hickenlooper on the list of candidates. i said this in the past. i won't dedicate a lot of time to democratic candidates until they sort themselves out. there are more names to be added to the board and some will drop out over the next few months, so for now there they are. >> you're close to needing a
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bigger screen, scott. a warriors super star curry latest assist could be the most valuable. he auctioned off a jersey to raise money for safe drinking water for children in kenya and in exchange, a local kenyan tailor hand stitched a custom jersey with her fabric for him to wear. >> that's beautiful. >> looks like it's big enough for me, too. coming up, much more. the future of high-speed rail in california is uncertain but millions of tax money has been spent. nbc bay area is following that money for you next. plus, a happy ending to a day's long agonizing surge in northern california. how a pair of little sisters just 5 and 8 the wilderness on their own. twos
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old.. are found alive in now on to details after two little sisters at 5 and 8 were found alive and well in northern california. >> that miraculous find comes after spending the night nearly two days lost in the wilderness. reporter miguel amalguer has more on a happy ending to a day's long search. >> whoo! >> yes! >> reporter: it's a reunion police are calling an absolute miracle. >> oh my! mile and a half from their home on friday the girls asked their mother to go for a walk. she said, no. but hum bolt county home anyway. >> the parents were obviously frantic, upset. >> reporter: the area is rural and remote. about four hours north ocould be deadly.
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>> it immediately gave concern to us when these girls who grew up in this area did not return home. >> reporter: over 200 volunteers and search teams scouring the ground and searching from above. but 24 hours later, no sign of the missing girls. family members left trying to hang on hope. >> they've grown up in the woods so i think they're going to make it. >> reporter: temperatures overnight in the low 40s and raining. police say they tried to build a fire for warmth. something they learned from their wilderness waiting under a bush where they had stayed since friday. a decision key to their survival. >> you get lost, you stay put. and wait for people to findr: t. they told stories to pass the time and drank water off nearby leaves. >> i think most of the people that came here today probably wouldn't have the survivability that these two girls demonstrated. >> reporter: this morning, they
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are safe. after a tearful reunion, their parents feared may never come. miguel amalguer, nbc news. and there you have it. the opening bell. new york stock exchange. where the dow drops more than 250 points. right at 263 points, down right now. stocks staged abelow a key char there and the trade resolution there could be a big change to e decide tonight whether to let the businesses set up shop within the city limits. if it passes, the city will not have a medical only cannabis policy. this past summer, san ramon approved 16 businesses for medical cannabis businesses. attorneys are responding to
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the unions of blocking a transparency law of january 1st requiring agencies to unseal certain personnel files. agencies around the state oppose this. numerous lawsuits have been filed including one filed last week by the poa. the examiner obtained that comment and it says in part our communities have a clear interest in reviewing records related to sustained findings of misconduct when they involve things like filing false reports or sexual assault on a member of the p an officer shoots a person. or at a person. while the future of high-speed rail in california i questions surrounding tens of millions of your tax dollars that have been spent. >> senior investigative reporter
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stephen stock has evidence of what he found. >> just some of what we found, we reviewed hundreds of invoices submitted to the high-speed rail authority for private contractors and subcontractors and founds $142 million worth of what is known in the business as disputed invoices. more than 600 disputed invoices in all. inspected audit conducted at the request of lawmakers critical of high-speed rail confirms what we found. just tbe owe. >> they made started things be. to try to keep the project built on time and on budget and they stumbled and i think that is costing them a lot. >> reporter: coming up tonight, we take you behind the construction of the rail line in the central valley and we talk to the chief financial officer of high-speed rail to follow the
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money. plus some of the disputed invoices and follow the money to where it's going. that's later tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area. >> all right. if you have a tip for the investigative unit, give us a call, 888-996-tips or go through tinuing coverage of historic flooding in the north bay, this morning the guerneville school district open until 3:00 today and spots in guerneville, forestville and monte rio and organizers want nontoxic debris. the batteries, medication, paint and pool chemicals. all right. we have seen some microclimate weather in the different weather shots. we see it gloomy behind you. >> yes. this morning it was sunny in the south bay and raining in the north bay and then san francisco. so that's kind of a weather to
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see over the next couple of days. at times raining off and on. here's a live look outside in palo alto. we hold steady in the mid to upper 50s with a light wind and this is our break from the next storm that will be movg as ouremar reach into the upper 50s to lower 60 seen the light moving through as the next storm reaches closer to the bay area. but there is a lot going on here on the satellite imagery. we have the swirl of clouds, this area of low pressure moving close to the bay area and we have a long line of clouds that's just to the south and that's targeting san diego. this is actually the atmospheric river and what happened last week? two systems just like this merged together and created some really heavy rain over the bay area. but this time around it looks like they're disconnected so we are not expecting this to merge into a big storm and cause an
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atmospheric river. at this point, though, we will still get some rain and won't have the let's go hour by hour as we see the afternoon. spotty light rain and then going to the day tomorrow we may see some of the showers moving into the south bay, down to the south county by early morning and then as we go through the rest of the day it is kind of taking a break until about 4:00 when the next round of rain starts to move into the north bay. and it's going to be scattered off and on, may get heavier going into early wednesday morning. here we are at 6:00 and we see some very heavy downpours to move through all across the bay area. and then it kind of tapers off. mostly some light showers and the main thing will be scattered showers. at any point between tuesday through at least early thursday before the system winds down and moves away from us. we are going to see during that time frame from tuesday to concord, do ossibility of
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close to an inch in fremont and maybe an inch in san jose and seeing of the north bay. so with an inch of rain, it looks like at this p not going to reach a major flood event like last week on the russian river in guerneville. we will stay below flood stage on the russian river with the current projected amount of rain and if you're planning to go to the sierra, we see that snow getting going as early as tomorrow afternoon and tracking that and also the rounds of rain we'll see throughout the week so i'll have another quick look at that forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, kari. coming up, a group of bay area dancers working their moves getting everything right for national television. better than me, of course. we'll tell you their hours and hours of practice paying off in a major way. >> i can't wait. happening now, aloha. book quick. southwest is offering flights to hawaii for less than $100 round
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trip. these are flights that are going to start march 17th. summer flights to theent approv southwest last month so here we are. we are back with you after the break. right now on twitter: i )
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sharing a really touching story out of )morehouse right now on twitter i'm sharing this really cool story, so a student in morehouse
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college could not find child care. he got to class with the baby and the teacher said, don't worry. i'll hold your daughter so you can take great notes. it's a great story there. check it out. that's @marcus washington on twitter. >> you helped this mother this morning, too. you didn't have to hold the baby, though. these are local gals showing off serious star power here on nbc bay area. the junior dance company of san jose appeared on "world of dance" last night with 87 points and move on to the next stage. a highlight for the girls? jennifer lopez mimicking one of their moves. that had to be thrilling. >> the bay area caught up with them rehearsing. they practiced four hours a day and their hard work paid nation world's biggest tv stage was amazing. >> you can see them perform on the show on sunday on nbc bay a >> wow. i'm sore just thinking about it. my body moving in
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tomorrow especially during the afternoon and morepdat on >> we'll see you back here tomorrow morning starting at 4:30 for "today in the bay." >> see you then!
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coming up on "california live," pinch the tail and suck the head. kim is going crazy on crawfish. >> and a live crawfish eating competition only at hot and juicy. then jess and i reveal two of our hidden gems. >> one of my favorite places in the valley. it's the japanese garden. >> they offer california wine and beer. they have live music and a designated kid area with toys, you guys. amazing. we want to see your videos. plus, the ultimate mommy survival kit. you won't believe what's inside. it's all happening right here, right now on "california live."
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