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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 4, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> we found shelter, a tree branch close to the ground. and we had my sister's rain jacket to keep us warm. >> reporter: the girls say they learned some survival skills from their dad, h-h, camping with their family and "lost." they tried to make a camp fire among other things. >> when we woke up, we stayed in the same place so dad could find us. and there was a creek nearby. we sang nursery rhymes at the top of our lungs. >> reporter: while they were singing their mom feared the worst. more than 100 searchers including some from napa and sonoma countys had combed the area more than a day without finding the girls. >> it felt like a nightmare, like i couldn't wake >> reporter: both area known for steep terrain and mountain lions. they found a tr footprints and found the two girls. they were hungry a spirits. well, their dad told us that i thought it was a miracle. he searched for them for 48
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hours straight. the little girls were taken to the hospital, but all they got there were heating blankets and pizza. so, it's so great they're back home tonight. back to you. >> such a great reunion. thank you, marianne. do you want to watch more of this interview? we've posted more clips of the sisters on our website, >> you're looking at traffic across the area. it's gray everywhere you're looking. the good news is it's also dry. a nice break from the wet weather we saw last week. much more rain coming, though. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri here. talk about that, jeff. >> definitely is a very complicated pattern we're looking at on top of all of that rainfall we had in february. check this out. guerneville mountains 404% of normal in february. we picked up 45.92 inches. that's well over that average of 11.37. and, of course, that's why we got into that disastrous river flooding on the russian river last week. here's the set up we're dealing with right now.
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we have another atmospheric river developing for california. the good news right now is everything is showing it hitting central, also southern california, and then we'll have a storm system riding along the top of this atmospheric river as we hit tuesday and also wednesday's forecasts. so a look right now at storm ranger and mobile doppler radar, it is you are dry as you can see from the north bay to the south bay, but we do have showers that will start to bubble up once we hit tomorrow morning. again, it's that northern edge of the atmospheric river. it doesn't look that heavy for tomorrow morning. but as we head through tomorrow evening, we'll start to see our rainfall pick up. full detail and the timing and totals coming up in about 15 minutes. >> thanks, jeff. of course, jeff will be tracking the storm on his twitter feed. in fact, he started 20 minutes ago. he posted the sierra snow forecast. do you know what it is? you can find out by checking out his tweets at jeff ranieri. >> students were back in class, but not all of them.
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hundreds spent their day unleashing their frustrations on the school board instead. nbc bay area's robert handa was at the meeting and live with what the students were angry about. robert. >> reporter: well, that's right. the strike may be over, but the tense atmosphere and anger remains. in fact, after the school board voted to cut some popular programs, emotions overflowed. >> we're here as a community wanting to graduate. >> reporter: angry students swarmed to get close to school board members after they vote today make almost $22 million in cuts to solve an ongoing deficit that now includes a new four-year 11% pay raise and 3% bonus to end the week long teachers strike. >> she only cares about the financial. >> reporter: the main cuts include programs for restorative justice, foster youth care, libraries and asian pacific islander students. angry students are now threatening their own strike. >> i was cutting from our programs going to benefit anybody? we will not stand for our j.v.
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being cut and foster being cut. these programs help us graduate. >> reporter: many said the teachers' contract left students out. >> we feel like the teachers threw in the towel and there is a lot more that could be done for the district and the students. >> i think we're running in place. it's a really good analogy because what the teachers got only kept up with inflation, running in place. >> reporter: the head of the teachers union defended the contract and said the fight to save programs is still on. >> the contract is a good contract and it's only the beginning and it's a fight that we are -- that educators in oakland are committed to. >> reporter: well, emotions ran so high the school board actually moved the meeting to an upstairs room. coming up at 6:00, more on when these cuts will take place and more on the student revolt. live in oakland, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, robert. in oakland, priests being investigated for sexual misconduct has abruptly left the country. the oakland police department
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says a missing persons report has been filed for father alex castillo. he's been on administrative leave as the oakland diocese investigates him for sexual misconduct against a minor. even though he has left the country, oakland police say so far in their investigation, it's been determined he has not committed any crimes in oakland. >> tonight, giant c.e.o. larry bayer is in a self-imposed time-out. the giants organization announced today bayer will step away from running the team. that is going to go on indefinitely this after the viral video showed a physical public altercation with his wife. this happened friday in an outdoor plaza in san francisco. that's where we find nbc bay area's mark mathews. there is no shortage of opinions especially in social media about what happened and what happens next. >> reporter: you're right about that, terry. this video that was shot by a bystander and then sold to tmz made its way around the world very quickly. and now there is a heated debate over what it says about larry
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bayer and his relationship with his wife, and whether or not he should remain the c.e.o. of the san francisco giants. on friday, larry bayer called this altercation regrettable. saying he was very deeply embarrassed and that he and his wife had resolved the issue. later that evening, a second statement offering a deeper apology and saying he would do whatever it takes to make sure that he never behaves in such an inappropriate manner again. on social media, bayer is being roundly condemned with many calling him an abuser who should be fired. in person, people here at the plaza were less judgmental. >> if we jump on each other every time we see somebody making a mistake, we don't leave room for growth and change. >> i think that's me personally, i don't want to judge him. >> reporter: we also showed the edited tmz video to the deputy director of a local violence prevention organization. >> is this unhealthy behavior?
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yes. do i know what their relationship looks like every single day? no. >> reporter: public relations strategist sam singer calls bayer a friend and thinks the leave of absence is a good first move. >> larry bayer's job is in jeopardy, but i don't think it should be if he takes the right steps. >> reporter: the right steps, according to sam singer, would be larry get himself in an anger management class to show the public he is rehabilitating himself and as singer said, that he will not tolerate this sort of behavior in himself or in anyone else in the giants organization. reporting from san francisco, mark mathews, nbc bay area news. >> mark, thanks very much. president trump today became the target of a sprawling investigation launched by house democrats. judiciary committee led off. members have requested documents from 81 entities with ties to the president, including his businesses and his campaign. congressman jerry nadler of new
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york leads the committee which will delve into three areas. obstruction of justice, public corruption, and abuses of power. president trump was asked if he'll cooperate. >> i cooperate all the time with everybody. and you know the beautiful thing? no collusion, it's all a hoax. >> late today, three more democrats requested documents, and conversations covering communications between president trump and vladimir putin. california's latest lawsuit against the trump administration filed today, 19 more states are suing tomorrow. state attorney general xavier becerra announced his 47th lawsuit against the federal government. the issue is a new family planning rule which will shift millions of dollars from planned parenthood to faith-based family planning groups. california's first partner, jennifer newsome, says the president is really attacking the bigger issue of gender equality. >> because organizations that provide reproductive services don't just protect the health of women.
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they enable us to control our own lives and to pursue our own dreams on our own terms. >> becerra says the new rule affects some 4 million low income women nationwide and a million women here in california. >> more than 13% of students at san jose state are homeless, so a vocal group is fighting for them on campus. >> do we want? when do we want it? >> now. >> student activists who call themselves the s.j.s.u. homeless alliance are encouraging people to call the university president to demand change. among the things they want, 12 dorm rooms to serve as emergency housing for homeless students. ten parking spots for students who live in tir one student who despite having three jobs, can't pay rent or tuition. >> at that time i was sleeping in my car. i was sleeping in the library and sleeping outside at times. and i was taking showers in the school gym. and i was going to school and going to class trying to just blend in. >> the university says it's
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committed to fighting the problem and the school'senwill group tomorrow to discuss this issue. >> still to come, a frenzy over new flights to hawaii at discount prices. and we mean discount. what this means, though, in the long run. >> plus, devastation in the south after deadly tornadoes ripped through the area. just how much destruction they left behind, we'll show you. >> another atmospheric river is set to hit california. we'll tell you what this means for the bay area. my full forecast and another check of the russian river coming up in nine minutes. acros.
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you )re looking what )s left of several homes - after tornadoes swept across alabama a deadly trail of destruction across the deep south, you're looking at what's left of several homes after tornadoes swept across alabama and on into georgia. 23 people are either confirmed dead or unaccounted for. at least three victims are children. the hardest hit area is a small rural community east of mome ef 4 tornado hit. thatmilen hour winds. they are searching for family and victims. they describe the horror. >> nbc connecticut thing you know, the wind starts ripping the house apart. we start seeing daylight because there's no roof. and then the ceiling fell -- well, the ceiling fell on our heads. >> the winds were so fierce, radar tracked debris that went
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as high as three miles above the earth's surface. >> in sacramento, activists are saying they won't take no for an answer. they are appealing to the state attorney general to overturn a decision in a deadly police shooting. sacramento area ministers delivered a letter to the ag's office today demanding an investigation and prosecution of two sacramento police officers who shot stephon clark last year. shooting happened after the officers mistook his cell phone for a gun. saturday, the district attorney announced the officers would not be charged in the shooting. >> this should know us that we need independent investigators on police shootings in california because local prosecutors investigating local police is like a student grading their own paper. >> the ministers want attorney general xavier becerra to officers by march 18th.rosecute that's the anniversary of stephon clark's death. >> tributes are pouring in on social media for actor luke perry. he died today at the age of 52.
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perry suffered a massive stroke last week at a sherman oaks home. he had a big breakthrough role as a bad boy heart throb on "beverley hills 90210." his beloved dad on river dale. coworkers mourned him as a great friend, mentor and co-star. a reboot of 09210 was announced. while perry was commit today river dale, he had talked about maybe making appearances on the reboot. legal adversaries came together to honor the life of san francisco public defender jeff adachi, a career that spanned decades. he built a reputation as defender of the poor and justice reform. statewide bail reform, and was credited with exposing abuses of power inside the san francisco police department. today he was remembered by those he worked with and those he fought for. >> most people want to measure the accused at their worst
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moment, but jeff wanted to measure people by their potential. >> how are you going to remember jeff adachi? >> i can't forget him. i will never forget him because he made it possible for me to be where i'm at today. >> just this year, california became the first state to end cash bail, an issue adachi had spent decades fighting for. jeff adachi was 59. he is survived by his wife and daughter. >> aloha,ever. southwest airlines unveiled new flights from the bay area to the islands for a great price. the flights leave from both san jose and oakland and in some cases just $49 each way. that's about a tank of gas. >> that's a deal. >> nbc bay area scott budman is live at oakland airport where passengers pounced on those deals. scott. >> reporter: yeah, janelle, those early online tickets this morning went about as fast as
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bruno mars' tickets to the coliseum. the good news is if you didn't get them in the first round, we are likely to see many more cheap flights to hawaii in the near future. some southwest passengers told us they've already snagged the cheap tickets. >> absolutely. why not have a good deal to get over there and have a vacation? >> others say they missed the web deals, but hope costs come down all over. >> i saw that, yes. and i plan to take advantage of it. >> reporter: you do? >> yeah, i'm going to maui this summer. >> intention, yes, i would love that. i love other price s to go down from the other airlines. >> reporter: airline experts tell us thefeaturing low as $49 will likely spread to other airlines. to see other airlines trying to match or maybe beat these prices because they want to stay in the competition. >> reporter: those flights to hawaii start here in oakland.
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later this month they launch from san jose in april. tonight at 6:00, a warning for those who plan to take the whole family to hawaii on those cheap tickets. reporting live in oakland, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> i guess i have to go to hawaii by myself. forget the family. just kidding. >> i have to watch the 6:00 news. >> yeah, i am definitely intrigued by that. >> i looked at the forecast for hawaii. they're in a rainy pattern the next 14 days. maybe try april and may. >> that's fine. you're like our travel agent. we have some w returning back here across the bay area. now nothing shows it nearly as wet as what we did and went through last week, but we are still goi tome heavier rain. so let's go ahead and get you into our microclimate foreca. there is definitely a lot happening here. we do have another atmospheric river that is developing now. the good news on this, looks like it's going to hit central and southern california, so that's good for us, bad for southern california where there
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will be some flooding problems out of this. looks like our storm system right out here, that's going to get here tomorrow and wednesday. it's going to arrive ride right along the top of that atmospheric river, eventually picking up rainfall. let's go ahead and show you how this is going to play out on our futurecast. you can see that huge tap of subtropical moisture that makes up the atmospheric river, river in the atmosphere. there's the storm system off to the north county. as we head through tuesday you can see how that's expected to lower down to santa barbara, southern california, and then we'll see our rainfall pick up here. so as we move through tomorrow morning's forecast, we do see the chance of some rain as that atmospheric river develops. kind of the top side of it, bubbling up some showers. does not look that heavy at 7:00 in the morning, but notice because that atmospheric river is to the south, the south bay would have the better bet of getting some rain. also right there through the santa cruz mountains. as we hit the afternoon, we'll see things in a little bit of a break, then once we hit tomorrow night things start to pick up
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around 7:30. but we really think we'll start to get in on some of that avier rainfall once we hit 4:00 in the morning on wednesday. and that would continue right there through your wednesday morning commute. rainfall totals on this definitely showing some of the highest across the mountains of the north bay, the coast, santa cruz mountains. so take a look at the key at the top. locate your city. and you can see right here through the flood ravaged areas of marin, napa, sonoma countys, you're really anywhere from 1 inch to possibly 2 inches. same thing here across the santa cruz mountains. and then for the peninsula, east bay, south bait, you're anywhere from a half inch to three quarters of an inch. the russian river in guerneville is expected to go up to 23 feet, but should stay out of flood stage, so that's at least a little bit of good news as the clean-up continues. my extended forecast has some sunshine eventually getting here by friday. a spotty chance of shower on saturday. and we get more sunshine once we hit sunday and monday. so again, storm day where we pick up the most rainfall is
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going to be on wednesday. just some spotty showers on thursday. and then we get some of that sun there on friday. so forecast -- it looks a lot better than last week, even though we still have some rainfall. >> i like it. looks pretty good. thanks, jeff. >> coming up, hollywood push back after netflix wins big at the oscars. the proposed rule change backed by a big director, the biggest director that may make a repeat impossible. ♪ [baby crib musical mobile]
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charges for work never performed. that's just some of what we found. we reviewed hundreds of invoices submitted to the high-speed rail authority by private contractors and subcontractors. and we found $142 million worth of what is known in the business as disputed invoices. more than 600 disputed invoices in all. an independent audit conducted at the request of lawmakers who are critical of high-speed rail confirms what we found. just to be clear, a disputed invoice is a questionable charge that state officials don't think they owe. >> they made mistakes. they overspent, and they started things before they should have to try to keep the project built on time and on budget, and they sort of stumbled. and i think that has cost them a lot. >> coming up tonight, we take you behind the construction of the rail line in the central valley, and we talk to the chief financial officer of high-speed
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rail to follow the money. plus we'll break down some of those disputed invoices and follow the money to exactly where it's going. that's later tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area. >> should netflix be able to compete for oscars in the future? steven spielberg doesn't think so, and tonight netflix is responding. legendary director wants a rule change to prevent streaming services like netflix, hulu and amazon from being nominated in the future. he believes they should be recognized at the emmy awards, not the oscars. emmy's, not oscars. roma produced by netflix was nominated for ten awards. los gatos based company called itself a platform for all film makers to share their work and spielberg has yet to respond to that. >> are you missing your parrot? a police department has it. we'll show you next. >> san
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much equity san jose tonight at nbers jose homeowners have gained in just the past ten years. that story and more tonight in our 6:00 newscast. >> a lost little parrot needs your help getting back home. firefighters in milpitas rescued the scared bird over the weekend after it was stuck in a tree. police say he or she appears to be an african gray parrot. if you have information that would help get this parrot back home, please contact milpitas
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police. >> oh, cute guy. >> he is so cute, but they can't survive on their own, so hope he finds his mommy and daddy. >> they're taking care of it. you got a few days. >> okay. >> heavier rain coming our way, you guys, once we hit wednesday. quarter to 1 1/2 inch range possible, close to 2 inches for the higher elevations of the north bay and santa cruz mountains. we do have sun in the forecast this week. by friday we'll get a little bit, also by next sunday and monday. >> but not straight out sun. you have it covered over. >> some partly cloudy skies, but that's the good news. we also did check on that heavier rain on wednesday. the good news right now, russian river and guerneville will stay below flood stage. the biggest flood impacts would be central, also southern can have. that's where the atmospheric river will be lined up for this one. >> thank you very much. thanks for joining us. "nightly news" with lester holt is next. >> we hope to see you back here at 6:00. bye, folks.
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breaking news tonight. the desperate search for survivors from the nation's deadliest tornado outbreak in five years. at least 23 people killed, entire neighborhoods wiped out. young children among the victims. what do you want us to know about your little girl? >> she -- she was perfect. she didn't cause any problems. >> did not have a mean bone in her body. she -- >> she was the air in my lungs. >> we're live in the disaster zone. tributes pouring in for "90210" and "riverdale" star luke perry. president trump. democrats launched the most sweeping


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