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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 4, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> and i'm jessica aguirre. here is what it looks like in san jose. a mixture of clouds but there is some sun there. >> but that is about to change. in the 24 hours or so. meteorologist jeff ranieri tracking the storm coming our way. jeff? >> and it is the last thing we need after what happened last week with our devastating flooding in parts of marin and napa and sonoma counties. on storm ranger mobile doppler die from santa rosa down through san jose but a wider picture of what is happen in the pacific. we have two different things we're monitoring, the atmospheric river is again starting to take shape but all signs show this monthing into central southern california so that is better news for us. bad fuse there for the southern half as flood watches and warnings will be issued. our storm system will ride along the top edge of it and eventually that picks up our rainfall tuesday into wednesday. and again, this is on top of an extraordinary month when it comes to the rainfall.
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404% of normal in the gurn vial mountains and 45 inches and so spotty rain on tuesday. not a big deal. the heavier rain on wednesday's forecast. winds 20 to 35 could take down more trees and bring us power issues. we'll check on what this means for the russian river and guerneville at 6:19. and jeff is tracking the storm on his twitter feed. he already started. about 90 minutes ago he posted the sierra snow forecast. check out his tweets at jeff ranieri. new san jose homeowners want to hear and home buyers dread. there is a new report out that shows that property values in san jose jumped more than any other place in the u.s. over the past decade. more than $300,000. damian trujillo is live in san jose with a look at numbers,
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damian. >> reporter: that is absolutely incredible, jessica. the seller in this home for example just fixed it up and it is four bedroom, three bath on the market for more than $1.1 million. this home next door is about to go on the market and in both cases the sellers are sitting on small goldmines. >> we are going to change the garage door. we are going to replace some of the rafters. >> reporter: this realtor will spend a couple of weeks and about $15,000 to spruce up this home on vineyard drive in south san jose. >> we will redo the landscaping and take that hedge there. >> reporter: the owners bought the home in the '70s for roughly $35,000 and now the family will likely sell it for almost $900,000. >> it is really setting up a curb appeal because buyers are judging from the moment they park their car. >> reporter: and the last ten year as loan the online mortgage company lending tree said san
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jose tops the list of places that recovered the most since the last recession. lending tree said a san jose median home value in 2009 was $638,300 and ten years later it is more than $1 million. >> i'm not surprised. the growth over the most five years. >> reporter: and san francisco is second on the list followed by l.a. the jump is good news for existing homeowners, but also a bit alarming. >> scary. worry about the welfare of our whole city and if there is not enough money for people to live here then it is -- over time it will not be good for everybody. >> reporter: realtor christina gonzalez said many older homeowners are cashing in now and moving out to what may be the peak of one of the most expensive regions in the nation. and some analysts are now predicting a slowing of the market because the growth in value has drastically outpaced
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the growth in income. meaning the buyer pool might be shrinking. live in san jose, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> thank you so much. a troubling number of students at san jose state are homeless. 13%, in fact. certain activists who call themselves the sjsu student homeless alliance are encouraging people to call the university president to demand change. they want 12 dorm rooms for emergency housing for homeless students and 10 parking spots for students who live in their cars. we spoke to one student who despite having three jobs couldn't pay rent or tuition. >> at that time i was sleeping in my car. i was sleeping in the library. and sleeping outside at times. and i was taking showers in the school gym. and i was going to school and going to class trying to blend in. >> university said it is committed to fighting that problem and the school president will meet with the group tomorrow to discuss the issue. over but not done.
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the week long oakland teacher strike ended today but not everyone went back to class. students spent the day unleashk frustration on the school board accusing them of balancing the budget on their backs. robert handa was at the meeting and it was heating. >> reporter: the strike may be over but the anger remains. a lot of students staged a sick-out and students said they felt they were forced to do. >> we have to skip class to come here and they are trying to hinder us from speaking. >> we're here as a community wanting to graduate -- >> reporter: angry students swarmed to get close to school board members after they voted to make $22 million in cuts that includes a 4-year and 11% pay raise and 3% bonus to end the strike. >> she only cares about the
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financial- >> reporter: it is for justice and foster youth care and library and asia-pacific islander students. angry stunlds are threatening their own strike. >> we'll not stand for the foster youth case managers being neglected and we want our programs to help us graduate. >> it is a cop out so kids could go back to school and they could start making money again. >> reporter: many said the teachers contract left the students out. >> the teachers threw in the towel and there was more that could be done for the district and students. >> i think we're running in place and it is a good analogy because what the teachers got only kept up with inflation, running if place. >> reporter: the head of the teachers union said the fight to save programs is still on. >> we're united and we're going to continue this fight to make sure that our students get everything that they deserve. >> reporter: well emotions ran so high the school board moved the meeting to an upstairs room and emotions are sure to
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escalate when the cuts take place on july 1st unless the district could get state money from the governor's new budget in may. robert handa, nbc bay area news. and good news for people living near the russian river. you've got mail. recent flooding prevented packages from getting delivered and all that water too much. now the waters have re -- receded they will return, the post-season in guerneville is still being repaired an it is expected to open april 1st at the earliest. caught in the act. two men trying to steal electronics in palo alto on sunday. mike turner of oakland and steve turner of stockton. police got there they found a glass door smashed and two masked men carrying property down the stairs. then came the foot chase. the officer caught one suspect outside with a pry bar and a second man caught running through the parking lot and they believe the two are responsible
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for another burglary earlier that morning. larry baer taking an absence from the team after an altercation with his wife at the plaza in san francisco. video shows baer what appears to be grabbing the krl phone from his wife as she falls to the ground. the board of directors for the giants said baer acknowledged his behavior wasn't acceptable and considered himself a friend of larry and pam said a timeout is a good first step. >> he has to go into anger management program to show that he's arehabilitating himself and to show the public that he won't tolerate that type of behavior from himself or anybody at the giants. >> his time away from the team starts today. the giants executive team will handle day-to-day operations in his absence. he was a stand-out at del la salle high and on top of the
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class at west point and a con corn family is mourning the loss of their own child peter jo. and tonight the family is hoping the court will allow them to use his sperm to make the dream of him becoming a father a reality. jodi hernandez has more on what many call a landmark case. >> reporter: 21-year-old peter zhu of concord was just months away from graduating top of his class at west point and starting medical school when he died in a skiing accident this past week. his fellow cadets hiked to the spot where the accident happened on saturday. to pay tribute to their friends. >> pete was phenomenal, inspiring leader. and i know that it is not the end of his story because he'll continue to live on in our lives. >> reporter: his devastated parents are hoping to carry on their only son's legacy and petitioned the court to allow them to retrieve his reproductive fluids saying it was his dream to have five children. we are desperate to have a small
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piece of peter that might live on and continue to spread the joy and happiness that peter brought to all of our lives. they wrote. the court allowed them to do the extraction and it is unclear if they could use it to have grandchildren. >> while this family might have verbal consent, a fertility doctor might have a difficult time using the sperm without their son's written consent. >> reporter: reproductive specialist has been asked by clients before to use a dead loved one's sperm for reproduction and she said she'll be closely watching what is already become a landmark case. >> you want to bring hope to this family and you want to fill their -- the big hole that is in their heart right now. i don't know if using their son's sperm for embryo creation will do that. >> reporter: the family will lay him to rest later in week and be back in court at the end of the month. >> we love you peter.
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>> reporter: in contra costa county, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. well up next, two sisters, both little girls found alive in the northern california wilderness. for the first time we hear their own account of how they survived alone for two days. plus a frenzy over flights with southwest new service to hawaii means for anyone wanting to say aloha. even aboard another airline. and i know there are heavier round of rain on the way. i'll have the hour-by-hour forecast and an update on the russian river coming up in nine minutes. everyone's got to listen to mom.
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shelters..even tried to build a fire. just a couple of the details in a stunning survival story. it's hard to believe but they sang songs and found shelter and tried to build a fire. some of the details in a stunning survival story. two little girls lost in northern california woods for days.
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tonight we're hearing from the little girls themselves. nbc bay area marianne favro is in the newsroom and really, it is miraculous and those girls are super self sufficient. >> boy are they ever. since they are just 8 and 5. one of the things they did was they stayed calm. they also drank water off of the leaves in order to stay hydrated and they sang nursery rhymes at the top of their lungs so searchers could find them. >> reporter: an emotional reunion for two sisters. 8-year-old leia carrico and her 5-year-old sister caroline melting into the embrace of their mom and dad. they spent two cold and rainy nights in the dense woods south of eureka and they explain what they did to survive. >> we found shelter, a tree branch close to the ground and we had my sister's rain jacket to keep us warm. >> reporter: the girls learned some survival skills from their
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dad, 4-h and camping with family and episodes of the tv show "lost" and the sisters tried to make a campfire, among other things. >> when we woke up, we stayed in the same place so dad could find us. and there was a creek nearby, and we sang nursery rhymes on the top of our lungs the second morning. >> reporter: their mom feared the worst. a hundred researchers from napa sonoma counties had combed the area for more than a day without finding the girls. >> i felt like a nightmare and i couldn't wake. >> reporter: both parents searched for hours on end in an area known for steep terrain and mountain lions. finally two firefighters followed a trail of foot prints and found the two girls. they were hungry and dehydrated but in good spirits. >> i'm jodi hernandez so happy to have my girls back. after two nights alone and 30-degree weather with rain, it really is a miracle.
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>> reporter: well the sisters were taken to a hospital for observation where they received heating blankets and pizza and i'm sure parents have not stopped hugging them. back to you. >> marianne, thank you. and they say they haven't been paid and they're fed up. a grum gathered outside of a construction site in downtown san jose to highlight the issue of wage theft. and in today's case they claim the boss sub contractor joe hernandez exploits workers. some say they haven't been paid in more than a month and advocates spoke up they are afraid of retaliation. >> migrants were lured here to work in squalor conditions and not paid for the work they performed. >> we have reached out to hernandez for comment. we have not heard back. tomorrow the city of san jose is expected to take up a new proposal to crack down on wage theft. some very blunt comments for president trump coming from the people building california's
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high-speed rail. today the project chief executive said the president's threat to take back $3.5 billion in federal funds is, quote, legally indefensible and disastrous policy. the president twooetded he wants the money back after the governor suggested the project will be scaled back and developers say much of the money will be spent. we are learning that president trump and his daughter ivanka donated to kamala harris's campaign when she was drumming up support for state attorney general. bigging by the sacramento bee found donald trump gave her $5,000 when she ran for re-election they gave her $3,000 more. she later donated the trump money to a nonprofit supporting the rights of central americans. did you get a golden ticket? we're talking about the newest flights from the bay area to hawaii on southwest airlines. the company made a splash today announcing some flights as low as $49 one way.
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as you might imagine, they didn't last long. i have no skin in this game. i have to tell you scott budman, live at oakland airport, i'm impressed with $49 one way to hawaii. >> reporter: it is a low price and those who got their hands on them this morning will get to use them in a couple of weeks here in oakland. if you didn't, don't worry. we're likely to see more -- cheap tiepgt tickets to hawaii in the future. >> it is the cheapest way to get from here to hawaii. and online ticket sales went about as fast as a concert for a pop star. southwest airlines launching the service to the islands with one-way tickets at $49. >> reporter: i s >> i saw that. i plan to take advantage of it. >> absolutely. have a good deal to get over there and have vacation. >> reporter: but even if you miss the early ticket sales, hang in there. >> i'm tempted, yes.
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i would love that and the other prices to go down from the other airlines. >> reporter: airline watchers say other companies are likely to follow suit. >> most likely you'll see other airlines try to match or maybe even beat these prices. because they want to stay in the competition. >> reporter: but not everyone is ready to take southwest to hawaii. >> no, i think for a budget airline i would rather short distance only. i'll spend the extra money for a long distance flight. >> reporter: and even if you are ready to go, a warning. you may not be able to find all of that many seats per flight at that price. >> the consumer also has to remember there is maybe only a handful of seats on any flight that are going at this price. >> reporter: southwest said it will launch flights to hawaii from oakland on the 17th of this month. it will start from san jose next month. reporting lits reporting live in oakland, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> $49 to hawaii? >> man. >> you think more and more of
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places like hawaii when we're having the weather we're having. >> how much more rain can we take along the lower russian river which has been saturated. >> not much additional rain. the storm system that we do have coming our way over the next couple of days is definitely going to raise the water levels. but at this point, we do not expect major flooding. we'll have an update on that russian river coming up. we'll take you outside to our live sky camera network in walnut creek. this is looking back to concord. a lot of traffic as always. this time of the night headed out to concord. pleasant hill, and clayton and also antioch, bay .56 degrees and could you see it is going to be a chilly one. down to 49 degrees once we hit midnight. and we'll start off with 40s tomorrow. the big weather headline here that we are following is the development of another atmospheric river this week. now the change for us, at least as we head through the next couple of days, is the atmospheric river which you could see pointed right here looks like it hit more of central and southern california so flooding issues likely for
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central and southern california. we've got our storm system out here in the pacific. it is go to-- it is going to ri along the top edge and bring us heavier rainfall but not as much off to the south. so let's take you through the hour-by-hour forecast tomorrow. we'll get in on light to moderate rain for the commute so do expect wet weather. then in the break through the afternoon tomorrow. then eventually our storm system hits once we hit 7:30 at night and the rainfall begins to pick up. with some of the heavier pockets as we hit 4:00 in the morning on wednesday. so your early morning commute on wednesday looks like that is the heaviest rainfall. then we'll see that wet weather continue, some scattered areas of heavier downpours until about 9:00 in the morning. we'll wind up the rainfall totals at 6:48 tonight but what this means in the russian river in guerneville. about 23 feet by thursday based
6:22 pm
on the forecast to keep the russian river out of the flood stage through the storm system. we'll have more details and what is ahead for the weekend coming up at 6:48 tonight. a big-time unveiling. the big splash that warrior superstar steph curry delivered in contra costa county today.
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chase. make more of what's yours. alwould you like a desk chair, weekends off, or the bathroom code? yes, please! which one? it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines. steph curry from making hoop dreams come true today. the warrior had the day off but that does not stov steph curry from making hoop dreams come true. on hand at the contra costa to refurbish a flooring and there are custom made wal pads and game lines for multiple sports. >> i encourage to you use this space to your advantage. think big, dream big, have confidence in yourself, meet amazing people along the way. and just enjoy yourself. >> this is so cool.
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following the ceremony, the two-time mvp took a moment to test out that new court. hosting a clinic for the club's youth program. well a lost little parrot needs your help to get back home. firefighters rescued this scared pients-size creature of the weekend. stuck in a tree. the parrot appears to be an african gray parrot and has to be a pet that got out. if you have information, contact the milpitas police. launching their own investigation. move democrats are making to put new pressure on president trump. and remembering san francisco's public defender, the touching memorial service for jeff adachi. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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of his inner circle. right now at 6:30, a new investigation involving president trump and this one includes members of his inner circle. >> house democrats moving quickly now they have the majority. >> but trump seems unfazed and vowed to cooperate. >> before the midterms, democrats had repeatedly said there would be investigations into the trump organization and trump campaign and that is exactly what we're seeing now. but democrats insist they are not yet building a case for impeachment. >> reporter: today the house judiciary committee launching a sweeping new investigation into president trump, his white house and his campaign.
6:30 pm
requesting documents from 81 people and entities with ties to the president including the white house, fbi, members of the trump organization and campaign, even members of the president's family. asked today if he will cooperate -- >> i cooperate all of the time with everybody. and you know the beautiful thing -- no collusion. it is all a hoax. >> reporter: the democrat leading that committee, congressman jerry nadler said the investigation will delve into three areas, obstruction of justice, public corruption and abuse of power, all three of which could lay ground work for impeachment proceedings but nadler and other top democrats say that is not their focus. >> we don't need to make the president a martyr. but we should proceed with caution. >> reporter: this latest development signaling that even after special counsel robert mueller's investigation wraps up soon, the cloud over the white house will not lift soon. just late today three more top democrats announcing they have requested documents and white house interviews about any
6:31 pm
communication between president trump and russia's vladimir putin. as for the national emergency after passing the house last week, the senate is also poised to pass the resolution to block the president's declaration. four gop senators are siding with democrats but president trump has said he will veto it and go forward with diverting funds to his border wall. this case will likely end up in the courts. terry. >> thank you so much. california's latest lawsuit against the trump administration filed today. 19 more states are suing tomorrow. the attorney general xavier becerra announced the 47th lawsuit against the federal government and the issue is a new planning role shifting money from planned parenthood to faith-based groups. jennifer newsom said the president is attacking the bay area issue of gender equality. >> because organizations that provide reproductive services don't just protect women, they
6:32 pm
enable us to control our lives and pursue our own dreams on our own terms. >> they say it affects 4 million low-income nationwide and a million women in california. it is a break through in the battle against aids. an hiv positive man is the second known adult worldwide to be cured of the virus. doctors say it happened three years after the patient received bone marrow from an hiv resistant donor and there was no trace in that patient. scientists warn the case does not mean the cure has been found but it could be a landmark moment in the fight to one day cure that virus. gone without a trace. oakland priest being investigated for sexual misconduct is no longer in the country. the oakland police department said a missing persons report has been filed for father alex castillo. he's been on administrative leave as the oakland diocese investigates him for sexual
6:33 pm
misconduct against a minor even though he's left the country, so far the investigation has determined he has not committed any crimes in oakland. activists in sacramento say they are not taking no for an answer. they're appealing to the state attorney general to overturn a decision in a deadly police shooting. sacramento area ministers delivered the letter to the attorney general demanding a new investigation and prosecution of two officers that shot stefan clark after officers mistook his cell phone for a gun. on saturday the d.a. announced they would not be charged in the shooting. >> this should show us we need independent investigators on bli -- on police shootings in california because local prosecutors investigating local police is like a student grading their own paper. >> they want xavier becerra to announce whether he will
6:34 pm
prosecute. a vandalizing b.a.r.t. train and no time behind bars. he serves three years probation and served four months in jail. part of an australian graffiti crew and he pleaded guilty to tagging b.a.r.t. trains in millbrae and daly city and richmond and concord. police in australia recognize the art work which led to his arrest at sfo in december hes with about to board a flight back to sydney? and tributes pouring on in social media for luke perry who died today at age of 52. he suffered a massive stroke last week at a sherm man oaks home. his career took off as a break-through role as a heartthrob on "beverly hills, 90210" his current role is on the show "riverdale" and coworkers mourned him as a great friend and mentor and co-star. a reboot of 90210 is -- announce
6:35 pm
and talked about making appearances on the new 90210. jeff adachi was one of the most well-known and polarizing figures and one of the only elected public defender. whether you saw him as a crusader for justice or a thorn in the law enforcement, his impact was undeniable. sam brock reports on how his life was remembered today. >> reporter: many aspect of jeff adachi's memorial were traditional and telling. >> in the 28 years that i knew jeff, i never saw him run away from injustice. rather he ran towards it. >> reporter: other parts broke the mold. >> jeff used to say, we ain't no public pretender, we are some public defenders. believe that. >> reporter: those close to him said he plowed ahead in the pursuit of justice, something the mayor breed discovered at 15 years old when her friend was arrested. >> walking through the roughest
6:36 pm
neighborhoods, going wherever he needed to go because that was where the people were who needed him the most. >> reporter: but don't take the word of public officials. >> if it wasn't for him i wouldn't be standing here. >> reporter: kenneth humphrey is a 64-year-old who sat behind bars for a year for steeling $5 and a bottle of cologne and a landmark case to reform practices spearheaded by adachi. >> how are you going to remember jeff adachi? >> i can't forget him. i will never forget him. because he made it possible for me to be where i'm at today. >> to be sure. adachi bumped heads with law enforcement and while many members of the public attended the ceremony, police leaders largely stayed home. the 59-year-old leaves behind a wife, a daughter and a legacy that his brother hopes will transcend the stay of mourning. >> if you leave here today with
6:37 pm
anything, take a piece of his spirit and live your lives with the same passion and love as jeff lived his. >> reporter: in san francisco, sam brock, nbc bay area news. up next, steven spielberg taking on netflix. the silicon valley giant responding tonight. the war of words that could shape the future of films next.
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6:39 pm
you can see the standard slowdown as cars move into a live look at interstate 80 in emeryville. the standard slowdown as cars move into the macarthur maze could it get any worse and the answer is yes. yes it can. caltrans is prepping for a project that could make it worse. they need to reconstruct the maze. yes. the project would affect both directions of 80, parts of westbound 580. and caltrans said they have to adverse cal clearance to meet new code requirements and that
6:40 pm
won't start until 2022. so not tomorrow. detours and closures could last a year. we spoke with some drivers who said they are preparing for the worst. >> it is going to be hard for everybody. it is going to be bad. but we have to do it, they have to do it. >> if they're going to work at this time, our community is going to be jeopardy. it is going to be bad. >> caltrans is taking public comment through the end of the month. drivers can sound off in hopes of maybe shaping that project is executed. it is going to happen. you can comment on how you want it to happen. it is set to start in april of 2022. should netflix be able to compete in the oscars in the future? steven spielberg didn't think so and tonight netflix is responding. direct director is calling for a rule to prevent them from being nominated for oscars and said they should be recognized at emmy. it was nominated for ten a wards
6:41 pm
and they disagree calling it a service and a platform for all filmmakers and for the audience to have access to films. a big weekend for spacex, elon musk is announcing a different kind of launch. tesla will unveil the newest car. the ceo announced on twitter this is -- -- what we're seeing of the model y. it will debut on march 14th. it is going to be unveiled at the los angeles design studio. test rides will be available there at the event. the new crossover suv is described as larger than the model x with lower battery range. amazon about to unveil a third ghost store in san francisco. the cashier-less store doesn't have an opening but coming soon at the old chevron headquarters in market street. they sell grab and go food so there is no checkout line. customers grab what they want
6:42 pm
and the sensors charge them using the app on the way out. that is why they say go. the first two are both in the financial district. the announcement comes on the same day the giant announced plans for another new chain of stores designed to compete with target and walmart. i don't know if i want them messing with target. that is my go-to place. >> you're safe -- >> i love the target. >> we don't want to mess with you. >> no. i'm just saying. >> that is a fact. >> yes. >> all right. we do have new storm system on the way. you could see right now dry across the bay area. much-needed break. only a little bit of sunshine today. we'll talk more about the storm and how much rain in a few minutes. plus picking up the pieces. we'll take you to the deep south where entire cities are trying to recover from a deadly tornado. latest on the devestation in
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
alabama. a powerful tornado killed at least 23 peo we tip to follow the latest on the devastation in alabama. a powerful tornado killed at least 23 people there, including three children. first told but this yesterday.
6:45 pm
you could see some of the damage here. one county sheriff said it looks like someone took a giant knife and scraped the ground. jay gray shows us the power of the storm that swept across two southern states. >> reporter: a day later, the images are overwhelming. east alabama left in ruins. >> we lost children, mothers, fathers, neighbors and friends. >> reporter: right now teams are sifting through the rubble searching for survivors and victims. >> would you describe the damage that we have seen in the area as catastrophic. >> reporter: from what forecasters say was an ef-4 tornado with winds of 170 miles per hour. >> and i estimate the panel width at almost a mile wide to a monster tornado. >> reporter: ripping apart everything in the path. >> the next thing we know the wind starts ripping the house apart. we start seeing daylight because there is no roof.
6:46 pm
and then the ceiling fell -- well the ceiling fell on our heads. >> reporter: families who live through the storm described the horror. >> we got down on the floor and we were hugging each other and i told him, y'all just hang on and we were all holding on to each other. >> reporter: when the winds finally stopped, little was left. >> when i got there, it was everything -- everything was wiped out. there was nothing left. >> reporter: the landscape and lives here forever changed. jay gray, nbc news, smith station, alabama. >> it is devastating to see. well it has been a year since liquid nitrogen storage tanks malfunctioned to destroy eggs at fertility centers in san francisco and ohio. a cancer survivor katelyn ger bap was among some whose hopes were destroyed. a tank storing eggs malfunctioned at a facility center and at the san francisco
6:47 pm
fertility center. we investigated there is no authority to regulate the storage tanks because they aren't considered medical devices. >> for patients to step into the breach and ask the specific questions and hope that they get honest answers. >> that man and his wife started a service called fertility iq which could make up for what they describe as a void of quality information about the fertility process. they claim their already more than 300,000 families inquire about their services. >> i bet they have. jeff ranieri joining us now. and what we had last week, not to that degree but coming back soon. >> yeah, that is definitely a great way to put it. we are going to get some heavier rainfall as we head throughout the next 48 hours. let's take you into our microclimate forecast tonight and we did get a break. that is nice. we still have the cloud cover with us. but at least it wasn't those heavy downpours that we did have last week. now we're watching two different things here. we had the atmospheric river that is developing right now.
6:48 pm
this by all accounts at this point looks to hit central and southern california but i got to tell you, we're going to keep a close eye on it because it is only about -- about 150 miles that separate the rainfall from the bay area. a jog to the north and our fortu fortune -- could change but right now all about central california. the storm system out here tomorrow and wednesday along the top of the atmospheric river to increase our rainfall chances. let's get you a look at this and you could see by tuesday on the future-cast, watch the atmospheric river. right here as we put this into motion. you could see how it pushes to the south over santa barbara and southern california. so again, that is where the highest flood threat would be as we head through the next 72 hours. our forecast tomorrow, does show with that atmospheric river beginning to develop, we will get showers from it. right here across morgan hill and san jose and palo alto and moderate rain and pockets with that and it is the reverse of what we normally see.
6:49 pm
north bay is dry but again better chance for the morning commute in the south bay. we undergo a break as that atmospheric river moves to the south tomorrow afternoon. and then our storm system starts to line up by 7:30 at night on tuesday. and begins to bring some heavy downpours at 4:00 in the morning. so when the lot of us are sleeping on wednesday morning, it will be coming down and good. and then we'll hold on to the chance of scattered rainfall through the rest of the wednesday morning commute. but again, early commuters on wednesday, it will be the worst. rainfall totals bringing the highest elevations a lot of rax but we should stay under the 3 inch mark for the highest elevations. in the north bay and santa cruz mountains between one to about two inches and then right here for the peninsula and east bay and the south bay from half an inch to about three quarter inch average for the storm system. my skended forecast does eventually have sunshine. after the storm day tomorrow, we
6:50 pm
do see a lingering spotty chance of a shower on thursday. we get some sunshine in here on friday. that is going to be nice. there is a slight chance of a spotty shower on saturday so nothing to cancel your weekend plans over and then once we hit sunday and also monday it looks as if we should start to see a more additional sunshine come back in. temperatures for the moat part in the 50s through the -- throughout the next six to seven day forecast. and the sierra will get hit and one to three feet of snow is possible starting at 4,000 to 5,000 feet. so based on this storm system and how many days are left in that snow pack season, i don't think there is any way we could end the year at this point below average. >> that is good news. >> good news for the drought. it is been wiped out across most of the state. >> that is good news. >> jeff, thanks a lot. a familiar face might be returning to the warriors. indeed. colin resch talks with the team about the former teammate. hear from them next. warrior aga
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
steve kerr admitted at okay, could it be, is bogart about to be a warrior again. >> steve kerr admitted at practice they are interested in the 7-footer as a back up to
6:54 pm
demarcus cousins and what could that could mean in oakland. >> if this played out the way we expect it to, this could be another coup for the warrior's front office. big man who helped guide the team to the first nba title in four years in 2015 is expected to sign for the stretch run. yeah. andrew bogart can still play. just recently he made mvp of the australia national basketball league after averaging 11 points, 11 rebounds and three blocks per game for the sydney kings. >> i'm sure he'll add knowledge and wisdom because he's been part of the system before. but we look forward to having him on the team. >> which, while heil ohioly probab -- while highly probable, he needs to receive a clearance letter from sydney to allow him to play. steve kerr limiting the amount of information he could give. >> i'll just cut right to the chase and tell you that we have been talking with bogut and his
6:55 pm
representatives and nothing is official and there are things that have to happen and we can't really comment on it until it is official. first it does go through, a deal could be finalized by week's end. the warriors have kept their 15th and final roster spot open to sign a back-up big. bogut will certainly fit the bill. >> whatever works for us. that is bob and coach and front office to figure out and we trust whoever they bring in. as long as he do his job. >> they will get rim protection they've sorely lacks and a great seener and passer and defender and liked by teammates. if he could stay healthy, he could play a key role off the bench with the playoff as approaching in april. in oakland, colin resch, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. coming up at 11:00, from overcharges to mix-ups we investigate questionable charges involving tens of millions of
6:56 pm
your tax dollars on the high-speed rail project. we're go fog folld -- we're goio follow the money tonight at 11:00. >> right now we'll follow the weather. >> another storm system is moving in so tomorrow we get the spotty rain chance and best possibility is in the south bay. heavier rain once we hit wednesday morning from about 4:00 to 7:00 in the morning. wind gusts 20 to about 35 miles per hour. still could take down more trees and power issues. we do not see the major rivers going into flood stage so that is a little shred of good news and in the extended forecast spotty shower on thursday. best news everybody looking forward to is friday when we are expecting some sunshine. that will be nice. >> yay. >> what do you do when the sun comes out. >> it is a while. nothing comes to mind. >> those things called sunglasses. >> and for skiers, more coming. >> another one to three feet for the next few days. >> if you could get there. >> road closures and everything. >> that will do it for us. we'll be back here tonight at 11:00. have a good evening. >> hope to see you then.
6:57 pm
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