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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 5, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PST

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is making following the historic flooding, and the preparations under way for the next storm. plus -- >> it isn't about president trump. it's about the division of power. on capitol hill, it's president trump against congress. a live report from washington on the battle over his proposed border wall. and a good tuesday morning to you, as we begin "today in the bay." thanks so much for starting your morning with us. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kris sanchez in this morni morning. >> this light rain may have an impact on your morning commute, where we have started to see some of the rain coming down. zooming into the north bay, it's been fairly light as it's moved towards healdsburg, and calistoga, and it may be quite heavy an pacifica, extending
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toward the south city areas, we'll be tracking about and will have a timeline. mike, you have three things going on in the south bay? >> i do. first, but we have what's going on on the storm ranger. stick around with us we'll keep you up to date. no net effect here near h e hostetter. someone called in with a big pothole in the middle lane there. marcus, back to you. thanks, mike. we go to continuing coverage of the historic flooding in the north bay. today will fall in the guerneville area. the schools there are set to be open. one sign of progress, mail
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delivery begins again today. most deliveries will continue tomorrow in the guerneville area. most post offices will reopen as well, but the office in guerneville is still being repaired. all new for you this morning, we're getting a sense of just how much damage that flooding did to the economy. sonoma county gave initials of about $35 million in damages. we will still be under a microclimate weather alert tomorrow morning. that means we will be on early and will be in full force as the storm rolls through the area. join us for a special edition of "today in the bay" starting tomorrow morning at 4:00. all right. in washington, it is president trump against congress. democrats turning up the heat to try to prove corruption. now some republicans are turning against the president on the border wall with mexico as well.
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tracie potts is live in washington with details on both stories. this is a bit of a shift, tracie. >> a handful of republicans going against the president. we could see his first veto this week, defending him declaring him an emergency to use money from the military to build a wall at the border. argued, obviously without success, that the president not take this route. >> reporter: the senate is poised to reject it. they like the wall, but don't like him going around congress. >> it doesn't about president trump, it's about the division of power. >> reporter: congress doesn't appear to have the votes to override a veto. meanwhile. committee led by democrats is seeking documents from 81 trump
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soaks, including son donald trump jr. and son-in-law jared kushner. >> we have to investigate and hole hearings and late out for the american people if the administration is involved in abuses of power or obstruction of justice. >> reporter: will the white house cooperate? >> i cooperate all the time. the beautiful thing, know collusion. it's all a hoax. >> reporter: investigate? yes. impeachment? not yet. >> the last thing we need to do is make mihm a martyr. >> reporter: they're seeking information on his family family's business and possibly ties to russia. with those people who have been contacted by the you dishary committee, have shall indicated they will operate. others say they won't without a subpoena. >> thank you, tracie. doctors say a british patient may be the second ever person to be cured of the hiv
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virus. bone marrow stem cells three years ago from an hiv-resistant donor. he kept coming in for tests. now all traces of it is virus are gone. scientists want to stress this doesn't mean a cure, but it could be a major turning point. controversy in an east bay community, to vote on one city what they want to do. they want to add surveillance cameras to the public intersections. bob redell is live with us in piedmont. >> reporter: it's concerns about invasion of privacy. the city of piedmont has at least three so-called public safety cameras here he intersection of grand and oak lend. they only record video, not audio, but local law enforcement
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said they've used video the to investigate and prosecutor crimes. police say they now want to add cameras to five more locations. you can see the map we put together, you can see on the tv screen, the proposed locations are major intersections throughout the city of piedmont. >> i think it's a hard argument to make on a public intersection that it's an invasion of privacy. if it only takes pictures when somebody is running a red light or something like that, that's fine. >> if it makes people more accountable, i'm all for it. however, you know, it depending on how far it looks. think it's invasive also. there's two sides of is the story. >> reporter: they installed 39 automatic license plate reading cameras at various intersections throughout town.
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snows only record license plates. that information has been used to track and find stolen vehicles, so why these cameras in addition? they report a wider angle, and not just people committing crimes in cars, but on foot as well. the city says it won't be used to record areas where there's a reasonable expectation of privacy, and it would not be use in the nfcment of federal immigration laws. there is going to be a meeting about these public safety cameras tonight, put on by the city of piedmont at 7:00 at the veterans memorial building here in town. reporting live here, rob redell, "today in the bay." a sacramento man is facing more than 100 years in prison, baas users reportedly convicted him in a drunk driving crash
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that filled two fathers and their sons. it's a crash that happened on interstate 80 back in san pablo. the only survive was this young man, who pitches on cal's baseball team. the four people who dire were darrell and joe horn and troy and baden biddle. the "east bay times" reports that the jurors convicted fred lowe, the driver, a five-dime dui offender, and prosecutors said he had at least a dozen drinks in his system when he crashed. san mateo workers will be on strike today and tomorrow. that group includes more than 900 employees, but we don't know how many will actually take part. the county says it still hopes to avert a strike, but during the strike, the county plans to maintain essential services. happening today the mutt view city council is reconsidering its cannabis ordinance just months after
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crafting it. the council allows two retail stores and two delivery dispensaries just last year, but the council with a new makeup will consider amending the ordinance, though it's not clear how they want to do that at this point. the city council meetings tonight at 6:30 in mountain view at city hall. a new round of wet weather moves in later today. caltrans is being extra-cautious. crews in monterey county will close highway 1 south of big surbetween mud creek and paul slide. this is because of mudslide concerns. we'll have to watch some roads and watching out for the potential of downed trees. we're already see some of the light showers, and in parts of the north bay, it's time to
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break out the rain gear. as we look at healdsburg, windsor, moving toward calistoga, and also some heavy rain moving through the south city area towards burg game. it's coming down at about a tenth of an inch of rain per hour, so we'll see more intense waving throughout the day. mike, you're track ago couple crashes. >> that's right. we're showing you the radar activity, just keeping track of that rain coming on the peninsula. it's northbound 680 at hostetter, just north of berryessa. right around the capital expressway, and there's a crash off the road. the build is happening at the toll plaza, just slightly. back to you. thank, mike. still ahead here on "today in the bay," stopping chases with technology, how police will soon
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uses self-driving cars to their advantage when it comes to pulling over criminals. >> a little robot says good-bye. it's very sad. we'll bring it to you. also ahead at 5:25, a search for survivors in the south after deadly twisters touched down, leaving behind a path of devastation and destruction. what's better than having fast,
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we are ahead of a storm, and in wall nunut creek, we are sti dry. storm ranger is starting to show some rain, and we'll track this storm, coming up in less than five minutes. i see things jamming up middle of the incline. we'll follow the speed sensors, but they may need to turn the metering lights on a couple minutes early. we'll check the toll plaza coming up. happy mardi gras today. tesla stock has fallen more than 11%. amazon says it will open up another amazon go store, those are the cashier-less store. google says it took a close
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look at a particular group of employees software employees level 4, and discovered that the pay between men an women. we do know that tech companies are under pressure to make sure there's equal pay for equal work. not with a bang, but a whimper, the nsa apparently ending the controversial phone-tracking system put into place by george w. bush. it cause add huge uproar when it was first uncovered. the "wall street journal" now says the nsa no longer using the system, and the trump administration will likely let it wind down. have you seen this robot? it's called a jibo it is super cute, but the company that makes
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it has gone out of business, and jibo owners report their robots have announced they're going to go away as the servers shut down. they tell the owners we've enjoyed the time together, thank you very much for having me around. isn't that the most awful thing, the kitchen robot says, you have i have to go down, and it tips its head. obviously the problem is our smart gadgeting is smart from the close. so if the company thattous the serving in the cloud, the device didn't work. >> now it's just a paperweight. just marie kondo it, kid it and send it on its way. google's way-mo is testing the feature, but "los angeles
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times" is just now reporting that the company tested that feature with actual police, firefighters and ambulances. last year that company published a law enforcement interaction protocol saying the car is designed to pull over and stop when it finds a safe place to do so. also, like at this scaly surprise for people who live in a retired community, of course in florida. video of the huge alligator is going viral this morning because he's a celebrity. this guy's name is larry. he's known to the people who live in that community. he has his own facebook page, probably has more followers than me. he has a name plaque on a bench. people know the rules. love larry, but don't feed him. keep your children and pets away and keep your distance. you don't have to tell me twice.
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and watch out for mo and curly, too. >> yeah, where are his friends? >> i think just don't feed the alligators. >> even on a bad day. >> i'm glad we don't have to worry about it too much here. >> unless someone has a pet out walking in the rain today, and we'll see some of those waves of showers coming through. the seven-day forecast is at the bottom of the screen. our storm ranger is getting lower to give us the detail on what's happening. here's a look at where some of the heaviest rain is coming down, right where our radar is parked, so you see the yellows and oranges, and that's going to be the case today, as we see this area of low pressure, this storm moving in, but look at where the atmospheric river is.
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you see the long line of clouds. it's not connected to the storm, so that's good news for the bay area. our rain will not be really heavy this time around, but we are going to get some rain, and it starts out this morning. here we are at 7:30. we see rain covering anywhere from san francisco over toward oakland on northward. we may see a bit of a break in the south bay, the trivalley, but we'll see some rain at some point today, off and on, peninsula, parts of the east bay, going into everliy afternoon. some off and on showers, mainly starting out light. some of the rain getting heavier, and by early tomorrow morning, most likely around this time, there could be some spots that really start to pick up on some of the that rain, some gusty winds as well, and it's still going to be windy tomorrow with some spotty showers throughout the morning into the afternoon, and then the system moves on by thursday. during that time, we're looking
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at anywhere from about a half an inch of rain in san jose up to over an inch of rain in san francisco and in parts of the north bay. we're also going to see some decent sierra snow, another 2 to 3 feet of snow in some of the higher elevations. our temperatures will be in the mid to upper 50s. it looks like a break on friday. another quick-moving system moves in on saturday. we spring forward on saturday to finally some sunshine in the forecast. heading over to mike, ugetting some reports on the bridge. >> that's right, the bay bridge is a concern. and the rain is a concern for many people across toward the san mateo bridge. no impact on the commute flow, green sensors all over. and starting back at antioch, brentwood and out of the alta month pass, we're looking at the build here. there was a crash here in the numb by the way one lane i don't
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want any interrupt for the hov lanes. over here i saw things jamming up right there. it kind of smoothed itself out over the last couple minutes, so i think maybe they have turned on the metering lights. over here at mast transit, b.a.r.t. is a way to report that. 23 trains or mo, and no delays for any of these agencies. so we'll send it back to you. >> thank you, mike. coming up on "today in the bay," sisters found alive in humboldt county and sharing their story. >> i knew how start a fire, because i watch a lot of tropical paradise movie. >> what the rescue crews also say about the little girls this morning. don't you wish you could just getting away from all this rain. i'm asking you on facebook, where would you go to escape
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this weather? we are back with you in two minutes with more fantasizing and more news.
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5:24 for you, back to the developments in the deep south this morning. some of the hard-hit communities working to recover. just look at the damage right here. alabama took the brunt of that storm. the deaths still stand at 23, dozens hurt, and many are still missing. we now know the twister was an ef-4, which means the winds were up to 170 miles an hour. this morning survivors are trying to clean up. >> it's not a time to hold back, but just let everybody in and help you out. >> it's the scariest things i've ever been through. >> if the second one had come
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through, the whole house would be gone. >> gabe gutierrez is in eastern alabama this morning, with details on some of the youngest of the victims. >> reporter: we are tracking the latest developmenting in the deadly torn outbreak. dozens of people are still until accounted for here in eastern alabama. the national weather service says that the tornado that ripped through this neighborhood was ef-4. among the dead a 10 years old bow, and 6 years old girl, the governor signing an expedited emergency declare acationdeclar. we'll have the latest coming up on "today." all victims have been identified, three of them from southern california. last night we learned the name of the fifth victim, david
5:26 am
coronado, on the right with the mayor of coronado. the mayor confirmed that news in a facebook post last night. two of the four victims, were from san diego, kyle forty is from colorado spring. the kenyan pilot also died. this morning we're hearing from two sisters, just 5 and 8 years old, found alive after spending two nights lost in the wilderness. >> the also girls ghost lot in the woods around their remote house. they say they yufd the survival skills from their 4-h program, from camps, and from tv to stay alive. my sister cried the whole nights, so i told her to think happy thoughts of our family.
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>> i was so happy that i hugged daddy and mommy so tight. >> so cute. >> 5 years old that little one. hundreds of rescue workers searched the area, they found granola bar wrappers and a little girl's footprints that steered them in the direct. they were smart enough to stay put. they knew just stay still. >> the rescuers giving them all the credit that they stayed still. i'm so happy they were found. >> i need to watch more survival tv, apparently. >> they knew more than some of us. >> true. more ahead, protests ends in arrests. a live report on the new demands being made in sacramento, just days after prosecutors announcing they will not charge officers in a high-profile shooting could case. plus a search for suspects
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after a shooting inside a mall in richmond. now at 5:30---
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the bay area is bracing for an incoming storm. we )re in a microclimate weather alert. right now the bay area is bracing for another incoming storm. a live lookout side in san francisco. you can see cloudy out there right now as we're anticipating the rain to head into the bay area.
5:31 am
you can see it here on storm ranger, the rain moving into san francisco hire's that live look outside in palo alto. for now 101 is dry, but we'll start to see light showers moving in. we'll be tracking that, we'll talk more about that. mike, what is happening at the bay bridge? >> the backup behind me, it's there, isn't it? we saw it bulge, but all lanes are filled in and out.
5:32 am
so we'll track that very light rain right now. there will be changes. back to you. >> thanks, mike. to a developing story at the state's capital. protesters took to the streets angry at the district attorney's attorney to not charge the police officers in the shooting. pete, with all of what's going on, what's next here? >> good morning. there were dozens of arrests last night during the protest, but we're hearing reports there could be another protest later tonight when it comes to the d.a.'s decision regarding the fatal shooting of stephon clark. but we were going to show you some video from last night when the protest took place in east sacramento. according to sacramento police, they say about 85 people were arrested with 84 taken in on charges related to failure to disperse. they say one person was
5:33 am
arrested, but later released after officers determined he was a journalist. this stems from the decision by the district attorney to not charge the officers. clark was reportedly running from police when he was shot in his grandmother's backyard. the d.a. says officers didn't break any laws. investigators only found a cell phone on stephon clark at the time. the family of stephon clark is calling on the state attorney general to prosecutor those officers. we'll see where that goes. we no a protest may be planned for tonight at the sacramento police department. peet suratos for "today in the bay." police are looking for a group of men after a shooting in the hilltop mall. it all started with an argument in front of a store called the
5:34 am
shoe palace. one man was shot and expected to be okay. police are combing through surveillance video, looking for information. victims of recent northern california wildfires are hoping to get answer from pg & e about compensation commitments in the light of its recent abruptly filing. yesterday they answered tough questions from wildfire victims and from creditor. pg & e says it is promising to compensate victims if it's determined to be liable. as soon as today a group of san francisco medical marijuana dispensaries may learn if they can become retail supervisors. supervisors are considering grandfathering in a handful of dispensaries that missed deadlines. some had to immediate new
5:35 am
operational codes before applying to convert. the ordinance being voted on today would give them more time. san jose state university plans a meeting on campus later today. about 13% of students who attend san jose state are homeless. student advocate who call them the sysu student home alliance are urging people to call the university president to address the problem. the group held a rally yesterday. among the things they want, 12 dorm rooms to serve as emergency housing and ten parking spots for students who have to live in their cars. today you have a chance to tell b.a.r.t. what you think about proposed fare increases. there's a meeting at the fremont station tonight. the agency improved increases ending in the year 2020. leaders want to extend that program until 2028, so that we all pay a little more every two years. b.a.r.t. also has an online survey where riders can weigh in
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as well. san jose's most popular film festival gets under way today, running for 13 days. it boasts over 600 unique experiences in film, division, dance, fashion, virtual reality and more. cinequest is expected to draw more than a 1uz theme, and there are a few events also at redwood downtown century 20. >> it's so great to see that go from a small independent film festival as to what it is now. san mateo bridge, looking at the traffic westbound, eastbound, there's lighter traffic. you can assignments see daump roadway. there's mist and a little drizzle reporting in the storm ranger radar. let's focus on the traffic flow. so far very light, green sensors all the way around the bay. the top of the screen we're
5:37 am
looking at west 37. it's open in novato, with the change of the weather, though, it could get flooded potentially again. right now it's fine. right now we want to take a live look here. you can see at least the roads are finally clear. most of the recent storm there. there's also more of that wet weather and snow on the way. that winter storm which begins for the sierra later this morning between now and thursday, the highest elevations may see up to 3 feet of new snow, which is really a good things for those going up there. that's why you go. >> it's just so rough getting there. >> that's been the problem. >> if you're not on the road by this afternoon, it may be a little downhill trying to get there. the snow will be coming down. it's going to be windy, and we're also seeing the rain rolling into the bay area this morning. so it's kind of working its way to the east. we're going to have a wes
5:38 am
commute this morning as the latest storm moving through, and we'll see some off and on showers, as we get closer to the weekend it look like that storm moving out and therele be a chance of rain on saturday, but at least now we're seeing more drying in the forecast on friday as well as sunday, as we get ready to spring forward. friday is looking pretty good, but it's going to be chilly, and in the san francisco area, the highs only reach 53. for the trivalley, we will see mostly cloudy skies, especially for saturday and sunday with highing reaching up to about 60 degrees. we'll talk about what's going on today, as this rain arrives. that's coming up in about three minutes. looking forward to that, kari. more for you on today on the bay. as more rain moving into california. the places where people are
5:39 am
being told to get out. hillary clinton will not get into the race. we'll have the latest in politics. ariana grande and starbuck are teaming up this morning. i bet you can get. [phone ringing]
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and continue through the day. storm ranger is starting to fill in as we see the storm arrive. we'll take a closer look in less than five minutes. happening now evacuations in some southern california neighborhoods. this is ahead of that storm some people were mentioning. many areas under evacuation sustained major damage from the recent wild complain fires. the areas in the red, these are all places where the thomas wildfire burned in 2017, including montecito. a ruling could signal a big change for people who are arrested? san francisco. an oakland federal judge says that people arrested in the city cannot post cash bail if they haven't been arraigned. the decision eliminates a bail excel for people who are arrested. the ruling comes as two women claimed their civil rights were violated, because they were arrested on grand theft and assault charges in 2015, but could not pay bail, and the
5:43 am
district attorney decided not to pursue charges, but in that time one woman lost her job. new details, a federal judge is blocking a trump administration push to keep certain funding from sanctuary cities. the "examiner" reporting that the judge knock downed some -- the administration also argued when oakland's mayor warned people about the coming i.c.e. raid, she compromised the safety of officers. this ruling impacts a whole lot of places here in the bay area. oakland, we mentioned there, but others including local sanctuary cities. every county except for marin and solano are sanctuary counties, and in these communities, law enforcement limits cooperation with -- members of the california
5:44 am
gop will meet today in sacramento. new way california is hosting the second annual summit to talk about republican-based policies going forward. former governor schwarzenegger is expected to be there. president trump now knows he won't be facing hillary clinton in the next election. scott mcgrew, surprisingly, she uss for her for sure she's not running. >> we had assumed she probably wasn't. we would have probably noticed, but last night she want not running for sure. the uer senator and secretary of state says she will work to help the democratic candidates who are running. "the new yorker" reports that fox news gave then candidate trump a heads-up on some of the questions being asked, specifically about i treatment of women. that's the debate where megan kelly and trump exchanged words.
5:45 am
the same report said a report found out about the payoffs long before the rest of us knew, in fact a year before the "wall street journal" exclusive, but was told by fox news management to quash the story. the senate will soon vote on whether to stop the president's emergency order, the one that will take money away from the military projects to build the wall. the senate majority leader acknowledges it will pass. >> i think what is clear in the senate is there will be enough votes to pass the resolution of disapproval, which will then be vetoed by the president, and then all likelihood the veto will be upheld in the house. >> the republicans voting against the measure aren't necessarily against a wall, they're against the president spending money that congress didn't authorize. too much presidential power,
5:46 am
they argue. if the president sets a precedent that a democratic president would feel free to do the same. a new book about president trump is already hitting the best sellers list. ariana grande is dominating the music world. new this morning she may also have you saying "thank you, next" to your next coffee order. she posted a jeer is of back-and-forth tweets. we'll spare you the details, it's complicated, but mostly pictures of clouds with cryptics captions. business insider got ahold of internal documents saying that starbucks will start offering a cloud mcacchiato, and then
5:47 am
saturday a any store playlist features grande's music. i wonder if it only comes in a grande size. >> they should have just called it an ariana grande. >> you deserve to be on the marketing team. no, i just heard from groans from many of our viewers [ laughter ] >> did you hear that? >> oh, dad joke, mike. no joke about this next round up rain? >> yes, we're in the thick of it as we're startings to a lot of green on the radar. this is going to be the case all throughout the day, but then maybe getting heavier. as we get a look at what's happening here, pretty much covered about a light steady rain, and then we get a closer
5:48 am
look where it's starting to get heavier, and then sausalito over toward the bay bridge, you can sea the rain at about a tenths of an inch of rain per hour. anywhere where it indicates heavier rain, it is mostly light for the peninsula, as it starts to move in, and we are going to see this having an impact on your morning commute, as you have to turn on the wished weepers. this is what the storm looks like on a wider scale. you can see all of the clouds and what we have to work through before this storm is out of here, but the good news is that the atmospheric river that usually enhances the rain is not connected to this. it's well to the south and we're not tapping into that, which would give you the potential of some flooding over the next couple days. so that's not expected, though it is a wet commute, as we have
5:49 am
a live look outside. the hour-by-hour outlook, at 11:00 we see the rain gel heavier for parts of the north bay, and then some breaks in between. going into tomorrow morning, there may be a heavier -- and then it makes its way farther into the north going into 8:00 to 9:00 for the east bay, then into the north bay. we may see a couple heavy waves of rain and then it tapers off going into wednesday into thursday, it's still going to be raining off and on, so the main story is we just have to be prepared for some quickly changing weather. looking at the possibility of about a half inch of rain for the south bay, into fremont as well as the tri-valley, but it will be heavier for much of contracontrast kosta county, but even with this amount of rain, it doesn't look like we'll see the major flooding event like we had last week.
5:50 am
this is the russian river at guerneville. we saw that going over 45 inches. well, this week looks like it stays below flood stage at 23 feet, i should say, for that flood event that was last week. so here we are with some off and on showers. by friday, it does taper off, and we're looking at our inland areas, in the upper 50s by friday. that's our day to get outside. there will be scattered showers on saturday, and then on sunday, as we spring forward, it would be in the upper 50s, low 60s early next week. heading over to mike, you're tracking rain and a new crash. >> i'll refrayed. we're not springing forward, we lose an hour of sleep. looking forward to the rain coming in. there's storm ranger, so that's what it looks like for the radar at the lowest level. over here we're also showing you the road weather index where it translates what the weather is like, and you'll have slick roads. on the peninsula slide, as the
5:51 am
build happens, all showing little bits of slowing right on schedule right now. watch those speeds. we do have a crash, the only crash of note, web 80, slows through hercules and is typically, right near san pablo, we may have one lane blocked. chp will give me more information on that. i will follow it closely. because it is a critical point at this time. now, as kari showed you, there's a little mist and drizzle here. i've been tracking this shot. over the last five minutes i've seen a couple cases where the brake lights tap all the way across the -- so i think there's mist on the mid span, because people tends to tap their breaks whether the rain hits the windshield. happening now, north korean leader kim jong-un is back home
5:52 am
after traveling from vietnam where the summit ended without any agreement. the summit broke down mainly because of the disputes over the extent of sanctions, belief that norm dao -- now both washington and pyongyang blame evest even other for the side, but. coming up, the growing list of states over a controversial abortion rule that's about to go into effect. plus fbi director christopher wray is in the bay area this morning. we'll show you the issue he will be highlighting today. also fremont sis good-bye to bike sharing. the reasons why coming up next, you're watching "today in the bay." happening today in fremont-
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more money goes towards an already costly new bridge. the city council will vote to give an extra (2-point-5 millin dollars for the now complete niles boulevard bridge. the city council will vote today to give an extra 2.5 million for the now complete niles boulevard bridge. there's been ongoing costs that are raking up since the construction wrapped up earlier this. it was megged for a seismic retrofit, but the construction
5:56 am
faced major delays. clocking in at about $12 million so far. also happening today in fremont, no more bikeshare program. lime has pulled out. last month the company told the city it is no longer providing shared bikes, instead only focusing on e-scooter, so today city council members will officially reject all the other protocols. they received proposals because they apparently did not meet the requirements. new this morning, at least 20 states are now suing the trump administration over the controversial abortion rule, as we reported yesterday, california was the first to file suit. a lawsuit claims that the trump administration is setting up obstacles for women seeking abortions. this is the issue, a new family planning rules prevex taxpayer-funded clinics to even
5:57 am
mention he abortion to its patients kris to have wray is a key did the note he special. cyberattacks cost billions every year disrupting work of hospitals, banks, even 911 services. critics say the plan for high-speed rail was designed to fail. >> earlier this months governor newsom seemed to derail the whole idea. our investigative you aren't has been looking into where the money has gone so far, and uncovered tens of millions in questionable spending here's our stephen stock. >> we reviewed hundreds of invoices submitted to the high-speed rail authority by private contractors and subcontractors. we found of those, $142 million
5:58 am
in your tax dollars is what's known in the business as disputed invoice. a disputed invoice is a questionable charge that state officials do notice think they owe. we found more than 600 disputed invoices in all, from 2016 through march of last year. we also found cost overruns, duplicate charges and bills for work that was never performed. an independence audit cutted at the request of lakers confirms what we found. >> the big problem here is the high-speed rail authority has been making it up as it goes along, and that's the danger point. >> reporter: the chief financial officer for high-speed rail defends the disputed invoices, telling us that more than 600 having flagged means, in his estimation, the system is working, and the authority is catching and stopping those questionable practices. he also admitted he didn't know
5:59 am
how many other questionable invoices get through a system. for a breakdown plus a video of the construction, watch our full report. go to all right. it is just a minute before 6:00 right now. stanford blood center is putting out an urgent call for type o-negative. less than a two-day supply remains for local hospitals. it's considered the universal donor because it can be used by patients with any blood type. the shortage is across the country because of the flu and also the cold season. we did some digging overnight. since october of last year there's been anywhere between 13 and 26,000 cases of the flu, including 41 children who died. this week a group of letter
6:00 am
carriers will receive an award from the national safety council for driving 1 million miles without getting into an accidents. well, that's equivalent to driving 334 times across the country or 40 times around the earth, but their travel -- coming up at 6:00, the rain doesn't seem to spot. at climate weather alert issued overnight. plus as the north bay braces for more rain, guerneville is showing new signs of life after the massive flooding, after the last soaker. coming up, how the small close-knit town is moving forward. and is providing brother watching you? an east bay city set to consider putting up cameras in the name of safety. "today in the bay" continues right now.


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