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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  March 5, 2019 11:00am-11:28am PST

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taking about police shooting of stephon clark in sacramento. california's attorney general is talking about the police shooting of stephen clark in sacramento. protests have broken out as the district attorney said the officers involved would not face charges. we have new information coming up in just a few moments. back here in the bay area, deja vu all over again. that rain in the bay area, our stormranger is giving us a clear view of the rain right there. we have issues of microclimate weather alert for you. >> this morning we are making sure that you know win >> nbc bay area's bob redell in
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the nssoak. but first we want team coverage kicked off with meteorologist kari hall tracking all of this. >> we are seeing widespread rain in the bay area as we head out for lunch and also running errands in the morning. it is very wet and then really heavy rain starting to come down in parts of northern marin and southern sonomaha we'll have to, a few of these waves through. more of a light and steady rain falling in san francisco and elsewhere across the bay area. and it looks like there may be a break in the afternoon and then heavier with some more intense cells moving in later tonight and this is the way looks hour bay and the rest of the bay area will see a break in those downpoursut 8:00 we see it going again with some more widespread rain and even a potential of some heavy downpours going into early tomorrow morning and time for that morning commute. so we'll be tracking this an also i'll let you know how much rain to expect. that's coming up.
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>> all right. kari, thank you. it may not be raining hard right now but it will later. let's go to bob redell live for us on the peninsula there where he spoke with people of the rain and the fatigue of it, all bob. >> reporter: fortunately, when the rain comes down in places like millbrae, we are not expecting it to the sandbag station and start filling up your own sandbags but we talked to a couple of people from here this morning who would really just wish this rain would stop. like jane. she for ride sharing service and caught her cleaning her car and noticed the mood of the passengers really changed ever since this weather became gray and dreary. >> people are ruder than usual. to me. like when i'm a lyft driver.
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>> sure. >> because of the weather? >> yeah. they get the car icky. you have to clean it out more often. >> reporter: you are ready for spr in spring. >> cranky. i don't like to commute in a wet, slippery lane. i'm trying to get through it. >> reporter: we know people in guerneville way up north in the north bay have it worse than those in the peninsula after the flooding of their homes. the russian river receded and there's a sign of recovery. school started back up this morning. so did mail delivery. most post offices in that reopen, too. the main office is being repaired. also getting a sense of how much damage that flooding did to the economy up there. sonoma county gave estimates of
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businesses sustained about $35 million in damages. reporting live here in millbrae, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> people preparing for the next round. with that storm, cal trance transis extra cautious and crews in monterey county closing highway 1 south of big sur between mud creek and paul's slide due to those slide concerns in that area. right now, we want to take a live look at mill valley an check out the rain. you see it. it looked like it stopped right now. the ground, it's coming down there. kari was talking about the rain in and out of some parts of the area. we are under a microclimate alert tomorrow morning and coming on early to make sure you're prepared and out in full force as the storm rolls through the bay area. you can join us for special edition of "today in the bay" starting for you early tomorrow morning at 4:00. breaking news o california state attorney general is releasing the findings of an
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independent criminal investigation into theho death of stephon clark. we have a live look at the podium there. the news conference did not start but we want to make sure you know we're there. the district attorney over the weekend announced that the office would not file criminal charges against the two officers who shot and killed clark last year as he was running from police. and he was shot in his grandmother's backyard. this video of last -- angry over the district attorney's decision to not charge the officers. according to sacramento police, 85 people were arrested, 84 were taken in on charges of failure to disperse. police say one person who was arrested was later released after officers determined he was a journalist. the d.a. says that the officers didn't break any laws as ce a vandalism suspect with a gun. but investigators say they didn't find a gun. they only found a cell phone in
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the hand. our melissa colorado is there and will have and at 6:00 tonig new details, at least 20 states are now suing the trump administration over its controversial abortion rule. california's the first to file a suit. lawsuit claims that the trump administration is setting up obstacles for women seeking abortions. here's the problem. they say that the new family planningents taxpayer funded clinics to even mention abortions to those patients. it's set to go in effect may unless it's blocked bay court. the senate is set to try to shut down president trump's state of emergency. >> scott mcgrew, they have the votes to stop it. >> they do. not enough to win in the end. the president's emergency order will take from military projects to pay for the wall. the house voted to stop it. now there are enough republicans in the senate voting to stop the order, as w sate majority leade
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mitch mcconnell. >> i think what is clear in the senate is that there will be enough votes to pass the resolution of disapproval which will then be vetoed by the president and then in all likelihood the veto upheld in the house. >> in other words, the house and the senate have votes to approve the measure but not enough to override the president's veto. now, the republicans voting against it aren't necessarily against a wall. they're against the president's spending money congress did not authorize. they say it's too much presidential power. of course, there is the danger if president trump sets a precedent a d meanwhile,keynote speaker a cyber security conference. he's expected to addre ass deal. cyber attacks cost americans llions of dollars every year. disrupting the work of hospitals, banks and even 911 services. scott budman is covering that story for later today.
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piedmont wants more surveillance cameras for street intersections in that city. three of them were installed on a trial basis and supporters say the devices would be different -- already at 15 piedmont intersections. police say these have been effective. residents, though, are voicing concerns over invasion of privacy issues and tonight you can let the city know how you feel about the plan. the meeting is at 7:00 in the veterans hall. happening today in fremont, more money goes to an already costly new bridge. the city council will vote to give an extra $2.5 the now complete niles boulevard bridge. there's ongng theon year. the bridge was pegged for a seismic retro fit after the 1989 earthquake but the construction faced major delays and is 20% over budget. clocking it at $12 million so far. a group demanding change at
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san jose state university plans to hold a meeting on campus later today. about 13% of students who go to san jose state are homeless. student activists calling themselves sjsu student homeless alliance are encouraging people to call the university president to address the problem. the group held a rally on campus yesterday. and among the things they want, they want 12 dorm rooms to serve as emergency housing for homeless students and they want ten parking spots that students that are homeless can use to live in their ack down on wage . that meeting starts today and coincides with start of accuse against their will. that contractor may face years inso convicted.
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council members plan to vote on a plan to expand protection for construction workers. a story of survival that is gripping the nation. two young girls in california found safe after days in the wilderness and the first tv interview, how the parents say they leaned on each other and made it out alive. scary moments for drivers in philadelphia. how things came to a violent end for the man behind the wheel of this vehicle.
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all i had to do was give my human "the look". with wells fargo's 3% down payment on a fixed-rate loan and a simpler online application, getting into my dream home was easier than ever. get your human to visit what would she do without me? a wrong-way driver in philadelphia. take a look at this video. this is new for us. police say that that m onnto a truck. this is near the city's -- took him to the hospital and in stable condition. he faces dui and drug possession charges. well, back here in
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california, the two little girls missing in northern california for two days back at home but now speaking out for the first time this morning. >> so the sisters wandered away from home and disappeared in one of the most remote and dangerous parts of our state. they slept in the woods in the rain and the cold and now they're safely home. >> miguel amalguer has more on how the pair said they made it out alive. >> reporter: after surviving 44 hours in the woods -- the girls are back home withhe sharing theirround and we had myfriday, the 8 to go on a water. and 5-year-olds their mom even though their mother said no, the girls wandered away from the rural humbolt county home. >> just so happy to have them back. it is a miracle. >> reporter: survives on granola bars, the girls used the survival skills they learned at
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wilderness training. >> i knew we had to find shelter fast. >> reporter: with temperatures near freezing, carolina was in part because they call it mountain lion country. >> my sisterhi our family. >> reporter: with over 200 volunteers searching for thest rescue helicopters circling above. they stayed in the same spot un bush. >> i raised super heroes. >> reporter: two days later,ch first clues, food prints and wrappers, bread crumbs leading them to the rescue. >> i felt a little nervous. and a little afraid. but i knew dad would find us. >> reporter: today back in the arms of their parents, search
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teams call this the miracle in the mountains. two little girls surviving two long nights in the wilderness. switching gears now to the markets there. ock weighed ongoing trade exchange. er negotiations of china and the u.s., along with strong earning high. withoen notoing to want r web side z u6mper with a national rent report and average rents for one bedroom parmtd in san francisco less than $3,700, an 8% jump over the last year and $800 more than new york city. the silver lining, though, a two-bedroom rental costs in san francisco those costs were flat. san jose came in third at about $2,500 for a one bedroom apartment. happening today, the
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mountain view city council will reconsider the can nnabis order. they voted in favor of allow dispensaries just in october last now the council will consider amending that ordinance. they meet tonight at 6:30 at city hall. >>he not have a choice when police want to pull you over. google is testing a feature to pull over when sirens start blairs. "la times" is reporting that the company tested the feature in 2017 with police, firefighters as well as ambulances. last year the company published a law enforcement interaction protocol saying that cars is designed to pull over and stop when it finds a safe place to do so. critics say that the plan for high-speed rail from san francisco to l.a.
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really was designed to fail. >> earlier this month, the governor appeared to derail the whole idea saying that there's not enough money to finish the job so our investigative unit is looking into where the money has gone so far and the unit uncovered tens of millions of dollars in questionable spending. here's stenreviewed hundreds of invoices submitted to the contractors and subcontractors and founds of thome 142 million of your tax dollars were part of what's known in the business as disputed invoices. dispute invoice is a questionable charge that state officials do not think they owe. we found more than 600 disputed invoices in all from 2016 through march of last year. we also found cost overruns, duplicatendills for work that was never performed and independent aud it conducted at the request of lawmakers
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confirm what is we found. >> the big problem here is that the high-speed rail authority is making it up as it goes along and that's the danger point. >> reporter: the chief financial officer for high-speed rail defends the disputed invoices telling us the fact that more than 600 of them have been flagged means that the system in his estimation is working. and the authority is catching and stopping those questionable spending practices by private subcontractors. he also admitted he didn't know how many other questionable invoices get through the system. to see a breakdown of some of these invoices, plus behind the scenes video of the constructioc bay we have been talking about the rain since this morning and happening now evacuations in some southern california neighborhoods. this is ahead of the coming storm. many areas under evacuation with
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major damage of the recent wildfires. that concern is mudslides. areas in the red where the thomas wildfire burned in santa barbara county in 2017 including montecito. let's go to the sierra. this is a live look at interstate 80 and you can see the roads are finally clear. from the last round of storms. but as we may have mentioned once or twice or maybe 100 times, the's more on the way. a winter storm watch begins this afternoon. this is what we use for drinking water in the summer but it's tough to choke down right now. >> yeah. we have had so much snow in the sierra and a lot of bay area rain within the past month to month and a half and so it's still coming down and i think a lot of people are starting to get tired of it. but we can't, we cannot do that
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because we know that one day suddenly this rain will be gone. here's a live look outside in san rafael as a lot of drivers out there have to deal with it. looking at the water droplets on the camera lens in emeryville and then soggy conditions in the south bay as the light rain continues to come down over san jose. we are going to keep those rain chances in to the afternoon and might be breaks inbetween, an opportunity to get out and runner rands, get some things done and now is not that time seeing widespread rain covering stormranger and even heavier rain across parts of the north bay and where we'll also see some of the heavier downpours and the rain adding up a little bit more than elsewhere. north of and then for san francisco a very light and steady rain. we are seeing that same intensity of the rainfall all up and down the peninsula and the rest of the day we start to see this energy coming in waves.
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as we take a look at the satellite imagery, see the makeup of the storm. definitely still a lot more of it that has to move through. as we go hour by hour, here's 1:30 and we see it with a chance outside. we see much more rain, scattered activity an a lot of yellows and reds on there and seeing the red that shows the most intense rain and potentially some gusty winds. this will be with us throughout the day tomorrow and tapering off thursday and looking at a
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of snow and we'll be reaseet watching and also the heavier downpours that will be here later on tonight. >> all right. thank you, kari. coming up, it's within really big surprise for a retirement community. really long, scaly surprise. that's larry the alligator. we'll show you who actually has more followers on facebook, larry or me. >> look, i follow you, not larry. >> thank you. happening now, papa john's founder is actually resigning from the company's board of directors. the two sides reached an agreement after a public battle. he stepped down as ceo after comments on a conference call on the nfl.
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papa john's received an investment of starboard in return for a nearly 10% stake in the company. we're cinequest runs for (13
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happening today, the south bay's most popular f festival is getting under way running for 13 days and this year the festival boasts 600 unique experiences in film,television,
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dance, fashion, music, virtual reality and more. what else is left? i don't know. it is expected to draw moren 100,000 people to venues in san jose and a few events at centur so a scaly surprise for people in a retirement community. where else? florida. this video of that huge alligator there. been going viral across social media but now it's going viral again. his name is larry, known as a celebrity among the people that live there in the community and now he has his own facebook page and even a name plaque on a bench. he is pretty popular there. >> getting comfortable. >> there's the plaque. don't feed him. keep your children away as well as your pets. and just keep your distance. now, if you were with us this morning, kris talked about who's my followers there? >> it's got to be larry. >> it's you!
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you have about 2,000 more followers than larry. >> hot dog. well, a first. >> carl the fog on twitter with a page and book and stuff. a lot more followers than me. >> for sure. >> don't forget we'll be on early at 4:00 tomorrow morning to be on your way. stay safe out there. >> have a good one. it's a deal so good, it will make everyone a fish lover. you get 100%, wild-caught alaska pollock
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it's a deal so good, it will make everyone a fish lover. breaded with panko bread crumbs and topped with tartar sauce. plus, hot and salty fries and a drink. for just $4.99! the $4.99 fish sandwich combo. >> jess is on a thrill ride on top of the l.a. skyline. television's new prescription for drama. >> she is lying. she wants drama. >> push those demons to the side. >> welcome to l.a. >> we have two of the stars of bravo's "married to medicine" and temperatures are to rise. plus, our ame
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choir a b surprise. >> and i wanted to have a little "american idol" reunion today and these g


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